Sister Act – Starting Over, 10/14/04

In group this morning, Jennifer is exhausted from dreaming about “the butcher people” all night. She dreamed they chased her and she had to break their knives. Iyanla asks if it might be the energy of all those issues leaving her space, and Jen says that’s exactly what her mother said when Jen called her at 4 AM to tell her about the nightmares. (Oh, you mean the mother that’s never there for you?)

Sinae is a little nervous about her mother coming. When asked how she thinks her mother will feel about her newfound independence, she says she doesn’t care. They explore ways to make that seem kinder for mom.

Kim is called up front, which she hates because she does not want the group to talk to her about her issues. Iyanla notices she is all doodied up, glittering and shining, and Kim assures her it doesn’t matter. Kim is told she has earned two steps: self-awareness, and removing the mask. (Lesson learned: dig in your heels and refuse to do the assignments. You’ll get the grades anyway.) Iyanla narrates that Kim’s toughest steps are still ahead. She dismisses the group and tells Kim, Jen and Towanda they will meet later to talk about sisters.

Billie, Sinae’s mom, arrives and knocks, then lets herself in. Rhonda is there and there’s lots of baby talk, then they go to normal voices after Sinae leaves the room. Billie is happy because Sinae is getting some training that she could not give her. Billie said Sinae’s pediatrician (!) had told her the blindess would be harder on the mom than on Sinae.

Iyanla has Kim, Jen and Towanda together and they are discussing “what is a sister”. All 3 describe an idyllic, unrealistic view of what sisters are, even though none of them has ever seen that kind of relationship for real. Iyanla muses that they have been able to establish a bond among themselves but have somewhere disconnected from their own sisters. Their assignment today will be to take a moment to think about their sisters and come back later to share.

Sinae is taking Billlie to meet Natalie, the young college student she had gone out with last week. She wants her mom to see that it’s possible for a young woman to live independently. Rhonda tells Billie that Sinae will use the bus & taxi to get them both there. Billie looks at Sinae and says, “Your’re not going to lead us into the street against a red light?” Sinae responds that if her mother wants to go out into the middle of the street, she’s welcome to it.

Josie is about to meet with an image consultant to help boost her self-esteem. Rhonda narrates that at this point, Josie may see the consultant’s suggestions as criticism. It turns out she does. It seems like every time the woman reminds Josie that she doesn’t like herself, it just makes Josie think of WHY she doesn’t like herself.

Billie and Sinae get to Natalie’s apartment and Billie is impressed by how cute it is. Natalie shows them a website & chatroom for visually impaired people and they talk about things like public transportation and shopping online. Billie says she’s convinced Sinae can make it on her own – just send over a U-Haul and she’ll be gone.

Jen, Towanda and Kim are shown imagining what their sisters might be thinking.

Josie and the image consultant are going through her clothes. Josie wears her hair in her face to camouflage chubbiness and doesn’t wear makeup because it might get on Chloe and also she does not want to look available. Josie narrates it’s hard when someone you’ve known 5 minutes can tell you don’t give a crap about yourself. The consultant gets Josie to pull back her hair, tells her she has gorgeous eyebrows, skin, lips, what are you waiting for?

Kim meets with Dr. Stan who asks if she’s aware of how she might be contributing to the demise of relationships. Kim says yes but then we hear her say her sister is difficult. She gives an anecdote which, if true, is quite horrible: she gave bracelets to her nieces for Christmas and arrived home on day to find them on the porch of her house. Turns out one was too small and the other turned the girl’s skin green. Kim’s oldest daughter called and berated her aunt, who swore at the girl and hung up. Dr. Stan says he finds that hard to believe unless the sister has significant issues, and Kim assures him she does. Dr. Stan asks, if you make a move and she’s unresponsive, what do you do? “Flip out?” offers Kim, and he says “no, you say `job well done Kim’, and let it go.”

The image consultant leaves and Josie just feels like crying. I hope she can learn not to do this as Chloe gets older because it just seems like she is always mad or hurt while holding the baby.

Josie and Jen go with Sommer to the gym. Josie had told the image consultant she was trying to lose weight but couldn’t think of anything she was doing toward that goal, so she has left the baby with someone at the house to go and work out. She thinks everyone is staring at her and Jen jokes that evidently fat people don’t come to the gym to get skinny. A guy stops to talk and even Sommer notices he’s flirting. Josie protests that he wasn’t, and Jen jokes that she should go on a date and lighten up. Josie quits working out while they banter about whether she should date, since she’s a mom and all. Josie narrates it’s fun to get hit on for the first time in 4 years.

Sinae is leading Billie around town. She narrates that her mom’s worried she’ll take off and not need her any more. They find a cozy lounge where Sinae can ask some questions Rhonda has prepared. They’re still talking baby talk but not as bad. In response to one of the questions, Billie says she wants Sinae to have children and call her for a ride to the park. Sinae wonders why she can’t just take them on the Access Bus and Billie laughs and says she hadn’t considered it, then asks “but can’t you only have one companion?”

Back at the house, Josie narrates she was starting to feel like Queen of Punishment again when the dating issue came up, but now wants to go back.

Billie is telling Sinae she knows she can do fine without her but does not want to be left out.

Iyanla has Jen, Kim and Towanda sitting in a circle with only candles for light. She tells them she is about to share an important story.

Josie meets with Dr. Stan and they talk a little about dating. She’s now wearing makeup and her hair is brushed. She tells him she was hit on and feels flattered. She says it made her self-esteem higher and he tells her that if you get into a position where your self-esteem can be dictated by other people, it’s a roller coaster.

Iyanla tells the 3 sisters her story: She had an older sister who taught her everything. The sister was a dancer and they would go to dance classes all over the country. As they got older, Iyanla doesn’t know what happened, but they just stopped speaking. After a long time she got a call that her sister was dead. Not only was she dead, but she had left instructions not to tell Iyanla. Iyanla could not imagine what she had done to deserve this. She went to the funeral home and did all the things her sister had done for her: painted her nails, put on eyeliner, dressed her. She was hurting because of all the wasted time that she wasn’t with her sister due to arrogance, ego, unwillingness to say she’s sorry and ask what was wrong. She tells the women they do not want to know that pain. “If you ever see your sister lying stiff and cold, you realize what she did doesn’t really matter.” She asks them what each one would like to say to her sister. Towanda says being hurt is taking the easy way out instead of telling Tamar she was humiliated when Tamar signed a recording contract knowing Towanda was out there trying to get a project to do with her. Jennifer says she felt like her sister should do what Jen was doing because Jen’s way was the right way. Kim relates that her mother just wants her and her sister to be in the same room, since right now they can’t even stand to be in the same room with each other. Iyanla tells them they must each write a note, doesn’t matter what, and mail it to their sister.

Billie and Sinae share a hug goodbye. Sinae narrates – in a grown-up voice- that they will always have a strong bond.

Doctor Stan is telling Josie that using other people for a mirror about how you should feel about yourself doesn’t work. He asks her to tell him what’s pretty about her and she tells him she has pretty eyes. He says that a man can see that, but it won’t boost her self-esteem because she already knows it. He says if she can see what people like about her, it will be a good model for Chloe.

The 3 sisters are writing their notes. Kim is hoping to take satisfaction in being the first one to reach out. She asks for an open line of communication. Jen and Towanda apologize to their sisters.

Hot For Teacher-Starting Over, 10/13/04


The biggest difference from Season 1 is that the Life Coaches know what goes on among the women when they are not watching. The second biggest difference is that the Life Coaches are shared. So today Iyanla describes to Jen how ducks pull stuff out of their tear ducts and wipe it all over themselves to waterproof for the day. She wants to know how Jen protects herself, and Jen says whatever she does, it’s the wrong thing and everyone gangs up on her. She doesn’t know how to take care of herself so she’s always in trouble. Iyanla wants to know if Jen has asked for help and Jen says no. “This is not home,” Iyanla reminds her. “It’s about you.”

Vince the mobility specialist is going to train Sinae for emergencies. She’s wearing a really cute black dress with blue fishnets. He’s going to time her. She’s stoked.

Iyanla has Jen closing her eyes to go back in time and remembering her dad yelling at her mother. She couldn’t stop him from yelling or from dealing drugs, which to the children, meant he was never there to protect them and they were stuck with no transportation all the time. (I dated a cocaine addict for a year and I can so relate to this. Stood up all the time, always borrowing your car, scheming you out of money, picking fights so they would have an excuse to disappear. His kids are a mess.) Back then, she hoped he would die.

Sinae is racing around the house without a cane, collecting flags while Vince shouts at her through a megaphone. She motors around the house in a minute, 26.

Back to Jen and her regression therapy. (I wonder why Iyanla plays the shrink role in the house. I feel like it could be dangerous.) Jen remembers an instance where dad was gone for a week and mom spent the time just calling around trying to find him. She’s mad at her mom for staying with him and accepting bad treatment, and also that her mom always felt sorry for her sister Krista who threw fits to get what she wanted. The mom never did anything for Jen.

Sommer goes shopping with Andy, her mentor. This is the first time we meet Andy, who is 4 years post-op and maintaining a healthy weight. Sommer is mostly a big poop in the clothing store. She hates jeans, colors, shirts that fit, anything feminine. Andy tells her she’ll be bummed if they don’t find anything and Sommer says she won’t be surprised. Sommer invites Andy to the gym later.

Iyanla is trying to sort out why Jen thinks her mom could have left her dad, when she loved hiim, was crippled and sick with 2 kids. Jen says she still feels this way. Iyanla points out that he’s gone now, and Jen retorts that her mother stayed married to him. She has Jen close her eyes and relive the night the S.W.A.T team came to get him. She was at the tabel when they knocked. She answered the door and there were 10 of them. She was relieved because cops are safe and at least now it’s over. When they leave with her dad the house is a mess. Nobody spoke, they just cleaned up. A week later she went to see him in prison. He never came home after that. (Um, he’s still in jail. She still thinks these dysfunctional people could have flown through walls for her or something.)

Vince sets up another drill for Sinae and this time Sinae has to save Kim. She’s blindfolded over her glasses and crawling around on hands and knees. (Yikes, the fishnets!)

Iyanla and Jen are looking at posters they have made for each of Jen’s family members with long lists of what they do wrong. Jen acknowledges there are times when she does those things too. Iyanla tells her she can rewrite the story, make another choice. Jen just seems confused. Iyanla asks her twice, “Are you really ready to heal this?” And Jen replies meekly “yes” both times.

Back in the clothing store, Andy has convinced Sommer to at least try on some things.

Iyanla tells Jen she needs to take charge of her life instead of spending energy controlling “this”. She tells Jen that today they will be enlisting the help of some friends and there will be some soul-searching.

Sommer is trying on clothes. She likes the jeans but the tops feel too clingy. (They’re fine.) She ends up buying 3 out of the 17 things she tried on. Andy tells her they will look at undergarments next time.

Iyanla is giving Josie, Towanda and Sinae their marching orders. They will be trying to move Jen out of the place where she seems to be stuck. She gives them each a poster and tells them to hold it in their consciousness. (I think this means “memorize it”) Sinae will be the mom in a wheelchair, Towanda will be the dad, Josie as Krista will “bring the attitude.” At first, Jen will not be told what is going on.

Sommer and Andy go to the gym. Marcus likes Sommer having Andy because Andy is a winner. Sommer likes the competition.

Jen’s 3 “family members” are plotting their strategy. they are going to try to behave as Jen has described on the posters. Josie narrates it’s worth putting herself at risk. Sinae is excited that this could lead to a major breakthrough. Towanda is psyching herself up to be hateful and mean. Jen comes around and Towanda tries to act hostile. Jen knows something is up and does not take the bait. Kim narrates that she too, thinks something’s going on. Sinae and Josie join in the act and Jen is trying to figure out if they’re serious, but knows they must not be. Towanda narrates this is hard because she cares about Jen’s feelings. Towanda and Sinae (who is not using the wheelchair yet) pretend to fight and then turn on Jen. Jen narrates that they might have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. She tells them they’re nuts.

Sommer has her meeting with Marcus to discuss nutrition & behavior mods and she narrates that she has a crush on hium. He doesn’t help matters by kissing her goodbye. I guess it’s a good motivational tool.

Jen asks Iyanla if she enlisted everyone to be mean to her today. Iyanla doesn’t answer but instead gives Jen a “shawl of protection” so she can feel safe to say whatever she wants. Jen giggles that by the time this is over, she will have a lot of stuff on. Iyanla hints that the necklace of labels might actually come off today. She introduces Jen to the 3 “family” members.

Sommer tells Rhonda about her shopping trip. They discuss discipline, which to Sommer means sticking with something you need to do even when you don’t want to do it. Rhonda points out that Sommer DOES want to lose weight and asks “Are you sure?” Sommer says yes, particularly because she has announced this as a goal and can’t be seen failing. Rhonda points out that by controlling, she’s actually rebelling. Sommer is afraid to be ridiculed and tells a story about being in 7th grade with a crush on a boy. She would dress to impress him but the more she tried, the more he made fun of her. Rhonda assures us we all have this, and that Sommer is still trying to impress that 12-year-old boy. Emotionally she’s still 12, still trying to find love and using food to get it. Discipline is a choice; commitment is a choice.

Iyanla tells Jen the time has come to hear her own voice. She gets to tell them all off while Iyanla silently arranges them into little tableaus, occasionally coaching them in a response to what Jen is saying. Jen says that because her mother wasn’t there, now she doesn’t let anyone be there. She wants to forgive them but not for them, for her. Actually the exercise seems as cathartic for everyone else as it was for Jen. Josie is haunting as the kid sister with the cold blank stare. When they are done, Iyanla rips through Jen’s necklace, one tag at a time. They all hug and Jen says this is the first time she feels like she has made any progress toward her goal and is excited to see what happens next. The show ends with Iyanla cradling her and whispering “You did good.”

I DID Tee a Puddy Tat – Starting Over, 10/11/04


Iyanla comes to the house early and goes into the bathroom with Kim. She has Kim get out all her makeup in the order she would put it on, and asks Kim to describe her routine. Kim tells her about all the products she uses and why. Iyanla snorts at the idea of using concealer. (At this point I am wishing rosacea and broken capillaries on Iyanla. Not forever like me… just maybe a week so she will see what it’s like. And what is the big problem with makeup anyway? Didn’t she bring in makeup people to tart everyone up for the glamour shot, and didn’t Rhonda then tell the women these photos are who they really are? I mean pick a problem already!) So anyway, Iyanla wants to explore why makeup has caused fights in the house, and how being picture-perfect may be a factor in Kim’s chain of broken relationships. She has Kim look in the mirror and tell herself she has beautiful eyes. Kim acknowledges her face is pretty and that she has had an epiphany: Everybody’s a critic, she can’t look to other people to validate herself, and she will now dress appropriate to herself. Translation: “I won’t change, don’t make me.”

Towanda’s on the phone forgiving her husband for threatening divorce the day before. He can’t remember saying it. (Um, maybe cause he didn’t???)

Iyanla is telling Kim that makeup is a smokescreen to hide and protect the person inside who’s afraid she will be hurt. Iyanla shares that as a woman of color, she has to filter media information or she would believe that only blonde caucasian women are beautiful. She wants Kim to use this morning’s group session to ask for feedback. Kim thinks it will be criticism but Iyanla assures her it really is feedback. She makes Kim repeat “There’s something I do that breaks off relationships.” “You are fighting for your life, Kim.” Iyanla tells her.

Rhonda comes to see Josie to talk about Josie’s habit of reacting in a volatile way. She has a poster that’s half black and half white, and has Josie write the word TRUTH across it first in white, then in black, to show her that you can only see half the word. She tells Josie that in her world, every person is either black or white – bad or good, and she cuts people out of her life based on this rule. They go through each person in the house. Kim is bad. Towanda, good. Jennifer, good. Sinae, bad. Sommer, bad. Then Josie gets to mix the white with the black to make grey and write the word in grey so she can see the whole word. She will practice grey today.

Towanda is getting ready to confront her biggest demon of all, anger. She works on her book with Iyanla and they decide that since Towanda’s mother had been urged not to have children (doesn’t say why) but wasn’t trying not to get pregnant, all her pregnancies were surprises and Towanda was a big baby, so an even bigger surprise. Iyanla shares that she found out a lot about herself by looking at her beginnings. Her own mother was the Other Woman, so Iyanla “marinated in that shame” all her life. She shows Towanda a photo of her middle daughter. Iyanla says Jamilah (I think this is the name) lived her whole life in a rage that came from the circumstances of Iyanla’s pregnancy. It seems Iyanla had debated the idea of abortion until she was 5 months pregnant and the knowledge of this ate her daughter alive, that she died of cancer at the age of 31. (It is unclear to me whether Jamilah is supposed to have known it from pre-birth or whether Iyanla actually told her kid she was almost an abortion. Also, this will be news to the millions of cancer patients & survivors, that you gave it to yourself by being angry.) She says Jamilah surrendered to the cancer rather than just trust herself and be pissed. (More news, you can cure it yourself if you’ll just start thinking right! I am rapidly losing respect for Iyanla. In fact I think she’s a nut job.) Tonight Towanda will be meeting with an anger therapist. She doesn’t want Towanda to end up like her daughter, who didn’t feel she could say anything to her mother and that her mother would survive. Towanda narrates that it’s scary to separate your mind from what’s in your heart.

Later Towanda tells Kim about the anger therapist and Kim acts really blown away, like this is the most astounding thing she has ever heard. Then she gets hold of herself and says she would be afraid of what might come out in anger therapy. Towanda is afraid she herself might hurt somebody.

Now everyone is gathering in the loft and Kim narrates she is quite sure she is going to die. She is surprised to learn everyone else in the room has had at least one broken relationship. They all describe one and Iyanla observes that it’s all about what THEY did to YOU. She tells them there needs to be a distinction between the value of the person and their behavior. She asks, “Do I want to be right, or do I want to be healed?” She tells the women Kim will take this divine opportunity to ask them for what she wants and that she guarantees they will support her. Then she leaves. Kim asks them all to tell her how her behavior may be causing breakdowns. Towanda says that when she’s hurt she gets an attitude and there’s no talking to her. Kim agrees that she lets things build up. Sommer starts to tell her that it affects all her senses, but then Kim interrupts and Sommer does not finish. Jen tells Kim that “all of us could prove you wrong” but that Kim would still feel right. Josie basically agree. Kim tells them that she doesn’t say how she feels, then blows up later. She tells the women she needs support but only wants to hear it one-on-one, never in a group. They end with a group hug, Chloe in the middle. (Yuck, 5 different kinds of perfume! She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t grow a third arm from all the fumes!)

Josie meets Rhonda at a place that looks like Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market. They go into Kip’s Toyland and Rhonda tells Josie to barter for a toy and Rhonda will videotape her. (Why not use the cameras that are already rolling?) So Josie picks a package of rubber ducks and tries to dicker on the price, but the store only gives discounts to schools. (Um, pre-production, where were you?) Rhonda tells her she didn’t succeed because she was slouching and going along with the refusal.

Kim emerges from the group and Iyanla gives her a standing ovation. Kim says she knows she hears only what she wants to hear, but that she stuck up for herself today by asking for feedback only in one-on-one. Iyanla points out that Kim is trying to control how she receives information, but that it will be ok for now. She makes Kim repeat “I am aware that in relationships I try to control how other people will behave.” Kim mutters something that sounds like “cheeky” and then says “I didn’t mean that, you know what I mean.” Iyanla says no, she does not. Now Kim wants to know how Iyanla functions after the loss of her daughter, since the idea of losing loved ones to death is something that frightens Kim so much. Iyanla says she wonders “why?” every day, but at least she can come and be here. By helping to save others, she can help herself.

Back to the Farmers Market where Rhonda is upping the ante. She takes Josie to All Spice Teas and tells her she must get someone to give her something for free. Josie picks some tea and asks for a free sample. When the person tells her he has no way to make tea, she gets him to promise her he will if she can find hot water.

Kim and Towanda are talking about Iyanla. Towanda narrates that her life is going to be amazing. Kim is saying they were brought together for a divine purpose. Jen interrupts and tells Towanda she will be joining her in anger therapy.

At the tea shop, Josie miraculously appears with 2 styro cups (One for herself and one for him) and he gives her a free sample to drink. SHe narrates that they talked “like two grey people”.

Jen and Towanda meet Judith Milburn, the anger therapist. She gives Jen a baseball bat and shows her a rectangular cushion, covered in vinyl or leather, about as high as a kitchen table. She has to wail on it and use her voice. Jen says she doesn’t know how to yell or scream because it makes her feel like she’s being like her dad. So she kind of wimps out. But Towanda is ready. She starts with her father, pounding to emphasise the words. “WHY did you HAVE to LEAVE with that UGLY WOMAN! She LOOKS like a TWEETY BIRD!” She asks for gloves and keeps on going.

We see Kim taking off makeup and saying she is starting to feel like she can heal, and if she can make it, anyone can.

Towanda’s still going. She has beaten up an old boyfriend and who knows who else. She’s also mad at God for causing pain. She beats God to “TAKE it AWAY so ME and MY HUSBAND can BE HAPPY!” When she’s done she feels clean inside and relieved to have had a safe place where nobody got hurt. She narrates this is only the beginning of her being angry. “Get ready,” she sighs.

Finale Faux Pas

I had a dream last night. Yes, and it wasn’t the good type where Jeff Probst is oiling me up with cocoa butter. (Hey, I have a right to my fantasies, don’t I?)

Anyway, the Last Comic Finale came to me in a dream. Here’s the ultimate spoiler since NBC has decided to CANCEL the show before the FINALE was aired. UGH! Talk about “pulling out too soon”. These guys need some little blue pills. Geez.

In my dream, Triumph the Insult Comic dog was humping the Taco Bell dog. NBC decided it was too risque for Prime Time TV and decided to put in another episode of “Father of the Pride”….this was the one where “Siegfried” makes it with an old lady to keep her from turning Las Vegas into a respectable town.

Alonzo Bodden and John Heffron were offered a deal to star in a new NBC show called – Law & Order – Criminal Comics Unit. Dat Phan will be starring on the Apprentice next season because they need ‘another Asian guy’ on the show.

Tammy Pescatelli will join the cast of “Joey” because they need to add some authenticity and she’s Italian. ANT will come between Siegfried and Roy on “Father of the Pride”. He’ll also get a recurring gig as the sixth “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” He can makeover Jay London.

Ralphie May will get to host “The Biggest Loser” because the fat jokes just about write themselves and well, since NBC sticks by that tired old SNL, they’re not immune to taking low-blows and pot-shots, are they?

Yes, NBC…do you hear me, I’m mad?

Each of these comics did what you asked of them. Jay Mohr and the producers felt that running the seasons together like that was unfair. And it was. John Heffron didn’t get time to enjoy his title like Dat Phan did.

Alonzo deserved to win. Yes, Alonzo Bodden won y’all. Unfortunately, season 1 was laid out to dry. There were too many restrictions on material and well, you cut off more than the Achilles heels of some of these comics.

What you did was unconscienable (I know it’s spelled wrong, so sue me!) and irresponsible!!!

What’s the real reason you didn’t air the finale? Sure, ratings might have been low, but why PULL the very last episode? Especially considering you stuck with Next Action Star through the damn movie.

It’s a slap in the face to the talent on the show and well, you owe them an apology. You owe America an apology! So what if I was watching the Yankees/Red Sox game last night. I would have switched over to see who won.

You also owe Canadians an apology. They don’t get Comedy Central! My goodness. NBC now stands for the Nincompoop Broadcasting Cuckoos. Yes, I’ll bring it down to the sandbox.

You give Trump free reign. That’s insane, but I guess cocky and arrogant is your style. Well, I used to watch your network, but now I’m rethinking it.

It’s very apropo that Rolaids donated the prize money. Y’all suck.

— Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos. That’s my opinion. I will watch NBC, but only Joey & The Apprentice — until something else good comes on…but that’s it. I swear. and an occasional episode of Father of the Pride. — Send comments to
🙂 😆 :roll:

captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 5

HA! HA! The mighty Prognosticator is back on track! The women dominated again last week and the only blimish on my record remains JP’s unfortunate exit a few shows ago. The only bad thing about last Thursday’s episode is that John Kenney sneaked through the cracks again and is still roaming around Survivor island. Am I the only one who wishes HE would fall in the fire? He smiled when he said that he had never watched the show before, and the main reason he wanted on was to meet girls. Please vote him off now!!

This week our castaways true survival skills will be put to the test when an earthquake rocks Vanuatu. However, the biggest skake-up will occur at the reward challenge when they are instructed to “drop your buffs”. Yes, the dreaded tribal switch is upon us. I won’t spoil the new tribes for you, but expect Lopevi to dominate both the reward and immunity challenges. The new Yasur tribe will likely dump LISA out of the game.

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at

Shade o' Grey-Starting Over, 10/12/04


The show opens on Towanda happy, but a tiny bit nervous, that her husband is coming to visit the house.

The women gather in the loft and Lynnell pops in. Lynnell is from season one. She is going to run an exercise called “Feeling knotty.” At first I thought it had something to do with the hand-crocheted black poncho that she was wearing as a one-sleeved blouse, badass babe that she is… but this will be a repeat of an assignment she and Hailey had to do in the house. (Hailey’s not there because she was “tied up”, nyuck nyuck) The women will have to be tied together in twos for 2 and a half hours. Lynnell will help with Chloe while Josie is tied to Kim. Josie is looking unhappy. Sommer will be tied to Towanda. Jennifer will be tied to Sinae. Jennifer narrates that this will be difficukt because Sinae has been getting on her nerves lately. Kim narrates that this will be hard for Towanda, to be tied to the Other Woman. Jennifer is feeling impatient with Sinae because Sinae is making spoon-size pancakes which is too slow. Kim and Josie practice going up stairs and get along well. They go outside and discuss their common parental issues.

Towanda is laying across the arm of the chair (she looks sad like Snoop Dawg) while Sommer chats on the phone. Another shot of Josie and Kim. They’re not really trying to move around, just sitting and talking. Then a shot of Sommer and Towanda talking. Sommer is listing the ways they are different from each other. Towanda narrates she’s a lot more understanding of Sommer and realizes she doesn’t mean any harm when she says awkward things.

Jen and Sinae are yelling at each other and the other women, but I notice they have on matching t-shirts.

The women return at the end of the exercise and Lynnell frees them. Dr. Stan comes in and Lynnell makes her exit. Josie tells him she has a lot more respect for Kim and she “takes back” all the bad things she said. She says they shared a private conversation that will keep them close. Jen knows she needs more patience and is quick to blow up because she thinks she’s always right. Dr. Stan tells her she’s invested in being right. Dr. Stan reminds them that healthy relationships require a lot of respect and each giving the other credit. Or in Josie’s words, “a lot of shade o’ grey.”(?) He tells them it’s the same in their relationships with men. He asks them all what is a real man, and Kim says one who can show emotion but still be a man. Jen says they can cry but not all the time, over nothing. All the women think men should not cry with them over movies. Josie refuses to discuss men because she doesn’t see how it relates to being tied together. Dr. Stan re-iterates these are important principles for any kind of relationship. Here I am noticing that they have really gone too far with the background music this season, and it is really getting in the way.

Rhonda meets with Sommer and Josie. She tells them they have both been co-dependent in relationships because they have never loved themselves. She asks, “Have you ever looked in a mirror and thought, wow! I get to be ME today!'” She wants to send them on a “love hunt”. They will interview strangers downtown and ask people how they love. Josie says this is too invasive and people will not want to share. Rhonda tells Josie she’s the one that doesn’t want to share, and says she’ll see them at 8:15 tonight.

Towanda calls her “Mommy” to ask questions for her book. Was she planned? Just like her dad, her mother thinks this is a very funny question. What kind of baby? “You put the C in crying.” Towanda tells Mommy that her dad told her she was a mean child, and the mom hems and haws but agrees. Towanda is amused by her mother’s reactions.

Sommer and Josie are getting ready to leave, Josie hollering that she does not like the assignment. Sommer wants to know why Josie’s getting mad at her for it, and Josie says she’s not. “Well, you’re yellin’ at me.”

Towanda reads her autobiography to Iyanla. It’s written in the third person. She wrote that she was named by her brother who had wanted a dog. Her mother told her she always wanted attention. She never felt she had enough attention and this would make her angry. Towanda never had a chance to be “the baby” because her mother became pregnant for Trina so soon. Iyanla tells Towanda that because her parents had wanted a boy, she is “wrong sexed”, so she has come forward in life with a sense of wrongness, a need to always be right; and that because the next child came so quickly, Towanda never had her “moment”.

Kim has called her friend on the phone. Joan is going to have radical surgery for possible colon cancer. Kim is devastated and narrates that she is about to lose another close person. But with Joan and later in the episode, she is very sympathetic.

Josie and Sommer are not having much luck getting people to do their survey, even with the promise of a free “love pop” lollipop.

Back to Towanda with Iyanla, who is saying it’s possible that Andre did not marry the real Towanda because she has never shown herself to him, and that he might not like the real thing. “Don’t allow him to be the reason you stay small, cause if he’s supposed to be with you, he will.” Iyanla narrates that she hopes Andre can deal with it.

Later Towanda listens while Kim talks about her friend. Kim is angry with God that he would let this happen to Joan.

Josie and Sommer are still getting rejected, then a few people stop to participate.

Towanda meets with Dr. Stan and they talk about her marriage. She feels great that Andre’s coming to visit. She tells him she trusts him as much as she can trust a man, but that every man will cheat eventually. He asks what she would be giving up by believing that SOME men cheat SOME of the time. She says being right, and being in control. Dr. Stan tells her that if she lets down her defenses, She might trust more and love more and possibly even reach the highest plane of love.

Sommer and Josie are hearing some stories of love. One guy says he met his girlfriend when he bit her at a party. She tells him no, he scratched her, and he changes his story. They have been together 3 years. Another man talks about being a single dad and tried to be there for his child.

Towanda is telling Kim Dr. Stan must think she’s crazy. (In the background someone is yelling “Ow! Ow!” It sounds like a little kid, but Chloe is not old enough to say words, so maybe it’s a battle of the network baby talkers?) Kim says she’s not, but doesn’t understand why Towanda believes cheating is inevitable for her husband, yet she herself would never consider it. Towanda narrates she’s just happy in the relationship, for now.

Here we are invited to join the Starting Over “texting club.” ( Is there cake?)

It’s Kim’s turn to meet with Dr. Stan. She tells him that when her children came to visit, the house “flipped”. Dr. Stan wonders if Kim feels that whenever she’s happy, she will have to pay with some kind of tragedy. She agrees. They talk about the church. Her family is catholic and when her parents divorced, they were not welcome in church anymore. Dr. Stan observes that Kim is in a war of the Gods, a Kind God versus a Punishing God. He tells her she hasn’t truly embraced her religion if she still embraces a Punishing God.

Everyone’s together having pizza. Josie was pleased because she was more aggressive than she had planned to be, and people responded. Sommer was happy to learn that getting into a relationship is not always a huge production. Rhonda asks them all “what is love?” Kim says it’s a soft place to fall, but not easy to maintain a relationship. Rhonda agrees it’s easy to fall in love but hard to keep a relationship. Josie reminisces that with her grandma, she was confident and didn’t need to constantly be reminded or test the other person to see if she was loved. Rhonda tells her she needs to start believing there is enough love. She doesn’t believe the old adage that you need to love yourself before anyone else can love you. Josie is crying now because she realizes that she puts a lot of effort into finding people who remind her of her grandmother. Rhonda asks, “How long is the Queen of Punishment going to continue this? 20 years like me?” Joise realizes that being so loyal to Chloe and the memory of her grandma makes it impossible to love anyone else, and that love shouldn’t hurt so much – she hadn’t thought love would hurt this bad, so bad that it makes her sick. Rhonda wonders, what if love was the answer to the hurt , and what if the hurt is really the lack of letting more love in, because you feel constricted by the love you are already holding. Josie agrees she could let more love in to add to what she feels, without replacing it. Now Sinae is crying because she doesn’t think anyone can love her since she is a burden. “How can you love me if I have to ask you to read me something?” The women are all shocked that Sinae doesn’t know how privileged they feel when she asks them for help.

Towanda calls her husband to wish him a happy 8-month anniversary. He tells her he doesn’t do “that month to month thing.” “Can’t you just humor me?” she asks. So he does. “You’re so insensitive, ” she murmurs and when he says “huh?” she sighs and says, “Nothing.” She narrates that she will be a new person, she’s planning to say what she feels and not worry about hurting the person’s feelings, even if it’s her husband. (Ok. Maybe next time.)

Survivor: Transylvania, Episode 5

by Dolliac

Survivor: Transylvania
Episode: 5 – Finally

Last Time On SURVIVOR…

The old BOBALNA tribe lamented their second visit to Tribal Council…

Cory Confessional: Well, last night was Tribal Council number two (*he holds up two fingers to the camera*)…it’s just never fun being there.

While on the old ZAPOLYA, Tiffany, Delilah, and Stacey tried to figure out as much as they could of their competition from the other tribe…

Tiffany Confessional: It was probably smart to get to know the other people’s names, ‘cause we don’t have a clue as to what’s gonna happen with us – when we’re gonna merge, if we ever will merge, if there’ll be a switch, if something might happen where we have to interact with ‘em, and – the two other girls and me got to talkin’, and we really just tried to figure out as much as we could.

Before the Immunity Challenge, a TWIST surprised the Survivors…

BOBALNA: Delilah, Jamie, Laura, Tiffany, Theo, and Wayne

ZAPOLYA: Brittnie, Chad, Charlene, Cory, Norm, Pamela, and Stacey

And BOBALNA continued it’s losing streak as Norm beat Wayne in the guano-eating contest…

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA wins Immunity!

At it’s third Tribal Council in a row, the new BOBALNA tribe sent a surprised Tiffany home…

Tiffany (as a vote for her is turned over): I knew it.



*The newly formed BOBALNA tribe marches back into the camp after their first Tribal Council together. While the others are putting their stuff away, Delilah sneaks away to speak to the camera*

Delilah Confessional:

Well, we jus’ got back from our Council meetin’, and, well – it, umm, it was actually a bit of a su’prise to me that Tiffany left. T’eo actually tol’ Tiffany n’ me before we lef’ t’at it was goin’ t’a be Wayne t’at was leavin’, so we voted for him – but, t’at wasn’t t’a way t’ings ended up going.

*While the others settle in for the night in the tower, Theo approaches Delilah as she sits alone, wrapped in her sweater by the camp fire*

Theo [to Delilah] (as he sits down next to her): I’m sorry. I had a change of heart.

Delilah [to Theo] (upset): Hey, it’s no big deal, right?

Theo [to Delilah]: But it is kind of a big deal. I just wanted you to know I didn’t deliberately try to fool you or anything…

Delilah [to Theo]: T’eo, five minutes befo’e Tribal Council you promised me we we’re goin’ to get rid’a Wayne – YOU were t’a one who tol’ us t’a vot’ for him!

Theo [to Delilah] (quietly): I know…

Delilah [to Theo]: Wha’ was t’a point of t’at? You should’a jus’ told Tiffany she was leavin’! It would’ve been nicer t’an jus’ waitin’ until t’a final vote came up like a slap in t’a face.

Wayne [to Theo] (from the background): Is that true, Theo?

Theo [to Wayne] (trying to cover himself): What – no…no, of course it’s not.

Delilah [to Theo] (laughing): Oh, so I’m jus’ lyin’ t’a y’a for no reason now, am I?

Wayne [to Theo]: Man, you’re lying to me, aren’t you?

Theo [to Wayne]: I…

Wayne [to Theo]: I see.

Theo [to Wayne]: Let me try to explain…

Wayne [to Theo]: Explain what? I mean – man, this just sucks!

Delilah [to Theo]: T’eo, you’d better get y’a stories straight or you’ll back yourself int’a a corner.

Delilah Confessional:

Comin’ back from Council and feelin’ totally – betrayed and – well, t’a tell y’a t’a truth, I felt like a fool. He pulled t’a wool over my eyes…but t’en he gets caught. Totally trapped by Wayne.

Theo [to Wayne]: Let me just explain it to you…

Wayne [to Theo] (impatiently): I’m waiting…

Delilah [to both]: I don’t t’ink t’is is somethin’ we need to get mad about. T’eo, we know you don’ wan’ t’a hurt any of us, but we’d just like to have a little bit’a truth comin’ from y’a.

Theo [to Wayne]: I know…I know…and the truth is, Wayne, I did tell them to vote for you – but I didn’t ever really have any plan of going along with it.

Delilah [to Theo]: Darlin’, you should’a just come t’a me and tol’ me.

Wayne [to Theo]: But why? Why get me more votes? Why not just have it unanimous for Tiffany?

Theo [to both]: Do you know what it’s like to look somebody in the eye and tell them that you’re the one making the decision to take them out of the running for a million dollars.

Wayne [to Theo]: No, I don’t, but I DO know what it’s like to see your name come up for elimination and it’s NOT a good feeling.

Theo Confessional:

I said to myself the second I came into this game – play honestly. Do whatever you have to do to win the million dollars, but play with honesty and be upfront with people. I didn’t do that, and now I’m paying the price for it.

Theo [to Wayne]: And I’m sorry for that – I just couldn’t tell her – and I knew it was because of my vote that she was leaving – I just couldn’t do it.

Wayne [to Theo]: Man, you’re a coward.

Theo [to Wayne] (angry): HEY, don’t you EVER call me a coward!

Wayne [to Theo]: Why not? That’s the way you were acting! Face facts here, buddy, you couldn’t tell Tiffany because you didn’t have the balls to do it!

Theo [to Wayne]: You know what – I SHOULD be honest with people – Wayne, if we lose again my vote goes TO YOU!

Wayne [to Theo]: Oooh I’m shakin’ now! It’s not like I don’t have about twenty of ‘em against me ALREADY!

Delilah [to both]: Gen’l’men, please – there’s no need to get upset about this.

Theo [to Delilah]: I think I’ve got a right to be pissed off here! My wanting to protect Tiffany’s feelings makes me a good person, not a coward, so FUCK YOU, WAYNE!

Wayne [to Theo]: It makes you a pansy ass, whiney, crybaby coward! You might’a wanted to protect her feelings, but you still voted for her! Apparently that’s not registering up in that brain of yours!

Delilah Confessional:

T’ere sayin’ all t’is stuff, but honestly, for wha’? For what purpose? Where is t’is goin’ t’a get us? How is t’is goin’ t’a help t’a tribe?

*Delilah pauses for a second to scratch her head and fan off some flies*

Delilah Confessional (rolling her eyes):

Men. Pffft…It’s t’a same all around t’a world – just one big sausage fest!

Theo [to Wayne]: Look, can we just agree to go on without fighting?

Wayne [to Theo]: What’s the point? We already pretty much hate each other.

Theo [to Wayne]: But we’re a team – we’ve got to operate together, even if we don’t really want to.

Wayne [to Theo]: Man, screw that – it’s not a team when your “teammates” try to get your ass voted out. When they don’t have the honesty to come up to you and tell you, ‘hey, I told them to vote for you ‘cause I wasn’t man enough to tell ‘em I’m voting for ‘em’. Man, that’s not team – that’s – that’s just a bunch of bullshit! You’re full of bullshit, and I won’t stand for it.

Theo [to Wayne]: Jeez, is it possible to calm you down for a second? I’ve been trying to tell you I’m sorry – I didn’t mean for you to get offended – I honestly did not know you were going to take the votes so poorly…

Wayne [to Theo]: How was I supposed to take them? Each time you get a vote – it’s a slap in the face. It’s a show of support that says somebody wants YOU in particular – not the other people – YOU – out of the game for good. I don’t think that’s something you take lightly.

Theo [to Wayne]: I’m sorry.

Wayne [to Theo]: You’re damn right you’d better be sorry.

Delilah Confessional:

Oh Wayne – get over it. It’s not t’a end of t’a world – you’re still here, t’a oth’a person is gone – stop y’a whinin’.

Theo [to Wayne]: But I’m not a coward…

Wayne [to Theo]: You might not think so…

Delilah [to both]: You know wha’? I’m goin’ t’a bed. I can’t stand t’a hear any more of y’a bickerin’. Wayne, I’m sorry t’a have t’a vote for y’a – it wasn’t personal. T’eo, not’in’ is gon’ be held against y’a from my position. With t’at, I bit you adieu!

Theo Confessional:

We really were getting nowhere. There was no point in arguing anymore – it all seemed so trivial – so, I guess we all did kind of get our feathers in a bunch for nothing. It was nice to let out some steam and be completely honest with one another, though.

Wayne [to Theo]: If you promise me – lookin’ right in my eyes – that you’re gonna be honest with me from now on – I promise you I’ll try harder to keep my temper in check, alright?

Theo [to Wayne]: Believe me – I just WANT everything to be totally honest from now on. I’ve been tryin’ my hardest to stay that way, but the game has been takin’ over me – I just lost my sense of direction for a bit.

*As both men turn to walk towards their tower, they shake hands, then retreat for a night of rest*


Pamela Confessional:

I hate having all these new people in my camp.

*The camera shows a shot of Pamela finding Norm in her regular tanning location*

Pamela [to Norm]: Move!

Norm [to Pamela]: What?

Pamela [to Norm]: Out! Out – Out – Out!

Norm [to Pamela]: Why? What’s wrong?

Pamela [to Norm] (whining to the others around them): Chad … make him move!

Pamela Confessional:

Before the switch everything was just how I wanted it – people knew what was mine – what was theirs, who sat where, who ate what, what not to touch, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda – WELL, all these new people just get in my damn way! I hate them!

*The camera cuts to Stacey and Cory as they start drinking out of the tribe’s canteens. Stacey, knowing whose is whose, grabs the correct canteen, whereas Cory accidentally grabs Pamela’s*

Stacey [to Cory]: Oh my gosh, put it down – FAST!

Cory [to Stacey]: What? What’s wrong with it?

Stacey [to Cory]: It’s Pamela’s – if she finds out you’ve been drinking out of it…

Cory [to Stacey]: She wouldn’t mind – we’re cuddle buddies!

Stacey [to Cory]: You don’t understand – she does that because she loves guys – if she finds out you’ve been drinking out of her canteen she’ll go berserk!

Cory [to Stacey]: Are you serious?

Stacey [to Cory]: YES! Now put it down – she’ll be able to detect your scent!

Pamela Confessional:

I’ve got everyone sufficiently scared for their safety, which is good, but still – people make mistakes and it pisses me off when these mistakes impact me. I mean, we’re already in hell, I smell like ass, and I haven’t had my smokes in like…a YEAR…that’s enough to make anybody a little on edge, but then to have to deal with somebody sitting in my spot or getting their germs all over my stuff – it’s disgusting and it pisses me off!

*Brittnie accidentally spills a little bit of water as she drinks from her cup next to Pamela*

Pamela [to Brittnie]: Good heavens, you beast! This isn’t a splish n’ splash, keep it in your damn mouth!

Brittnie [to Pamela]: Sorry, the cup has curvy edges and it’s hard to keep it…

Pamela [to Brittnie] (interrupting): Oh just go away…

Brittnie Confessional:

At first I was actually offended by what she was saying, but – to tell you the truth, I think she’s probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever been around in my life.

*The camera switches to a picture of Pamela spitting out rice that’s not cooked to her specification*

Pamela [to everyone]: This tastes like horseshit!

Brittnie Confessional:

She is, without a doubt, the most vile person I’ve ever met in my entire life. There are actually no redeeming qualities about her. She curses…

*The camera flashes to Pamela swearing as she slaps a mosquito on her arm*

Brittnie Confessional:

She’s rude to other people…

*Pamela and Brittnie sit alone under the warm sun, soaking in the rays*

Pamela [to Brittnie]: Do you have an eating disorder?

Brittnie [to Pamela]: WHAT? Are you kidding? I’m hardly under-weight.

Pamela [to Brittnie] (laughing): HA! HaHa! Just kidding, fatty!

Brittnie Confessional:

And she’s – well, she’s not what some people would describe as a “lady”.

*The camera cuts to Pamela sitting on the side of the ZAPOLYA tribe’s lake as she watches the tribe’s three men, Cory, Chad, and Norm, bathe…*

Pamela [to the camera] (grinning): I’ll take one of each!

Cory Confessional:

Pamela is the Anna Nicole Smith of the game. She’s over the top, she’s loud, she’s – she’s just everything you’d expect someone that comes from the walk of life that she comes from to be. At first it kind of takes you by surprise, but she’s so funny that after a while you just forget she’s even there sometimes…

*Cory pauses and rethinks his last statement*

Cory Confessional:

Alright, so maybe you don’t forget she’s there – but – the personality –it just eventually becomes kind of normal. It’s just what you come to expect from her.


*Instead of the regular poem the Survivors receive for treemail, a lit torch stands alone by each team’s mailbox with a tag that reads “Through The Fire”*


Norm [to Brittnie]: So we’re doing something involving torches?

Brittnie [to Norm]: And fire…

Norm [to Brittnie]: And fire…man, this stuff blows! I don’t do fire! I don’t do guano! I hate these challenges!

Brittnie [to Norm]: I know…we’ve just got to get past a couple more.

Norm [to Brittnie]: Yeah, I hope the others kept Wayne so he can screw this one up for them, too.

Brittnie [to Norm]: Go easy on the kid — you don’t have to like him, but don’t trash him while he’s not even here.

Norm [to Brittnie]: Why not? He serves no purpose but to fail and complain.

Brittnie [to Norm]: But he’s also a human being.

Norm [to Brittnie]: A screw up is more like it…

*Brittnie rolls her eyes and walks back to camp with torch in hand*


Jamie [to Laura]: Well this should be interesting.

Laura [to Jamie]: Jamie, these challenges freak me out! I just don’t like fire! It’s not something that should be messing with!

Laura Confessional:

If these challenges are designed to test us of our fears – well, it’s working, ‘cause I am, like, DEATHLY afraid of fire. I don’t know why, but, like, I just hate being around it.

Jamie [to Laura]: They aren’t going to put us in a situation where we can get hurt – don’t worry.

Laura [to Jamie]: Don’t worry? That’s fire – you can’t control fire! I don’t know if I can do it…

Jamie [to Laura]: Look, you HAVE to do it or you let the team down…

Laura [to Jamie]: You don’t understand…like, I will seriously freeze in place!

Jamie [to Laura]: Why is everything such a big deal? It’s a challenge – we have to do it or we lose. If we lose we go to Tribal Council and vote out the reason we lost. You want to be the one to leave if we lose?

Laura [to Jamie]: No.

Jamie Confessional:

These people – it’s like you have to push them to do everything. I’m sick and tired of hearing ‘I don’t want to do it’ or ‘I’m afraid’! Either suck it up or go home, ‘cause I’m sick of hearing about it.


*Both tribes meet at the opening of a small, dark alley*

Jamie [to everyone]: Are we supposed to go down there?

Wayne [to Jamie]: I think so.

Jamie [to Zapolya]: You guys go ahead…

Stacey [to Jamie]: No, no, no – you guys are fine…you go ahead on in…

Wayne [to Bobalna]: Fine, come on guys…

*The BOBALNA tribe reluctantly makes their way into the cramped alley. They continue to walk until they find an opening that leads to a large courtyard where Jeff Probst waits*

Brittnie [to Pamela] (from behind the Bobalna tribe): They got rid of Tiffany!

Pamela [to Brittnie]: YES!

*Brittnie laughs*

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys! Take your places on your mats.

*The Survivors do as told and make their way onto their respective mats. Once in place Jeff once again begins speaking*

Jeff Probst: Light ‘er up, boys!

*Suddenly, out of nowhere, the night air is filled with fire as the building directly behind Jeff ignites in red and yellow flames*

Jeff Probst: Behind me is an abandoned building that used to be used as a prison for gypsies and thieves. Once you enter the house you will find a large living room with stairs leading up to the second floor, a back exit that leads to a basement, and a meeting room to the side of the stairs.

Laura [to Jeff]: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Jeff Probst: In the house there are six stations set up with alarms. They are located in the, and pay attention here, basement, top of the stairs, meeting room, back exit, upstairs office, and, also in the basement, the prison cell. This is a race. Whichever team is able to complete the task of sounding off all alarms by pressing the sounding mechanism located right next to the alarms the fastest wins. Sound good?

Pamela [to Jeff] (laughing): I finally get my smoke!

Jeff Probst (laughing): BOBALNA, one person is going to be running twice for your team, and ZAPOLYA, since you are up two members you’re going to be sitting somebody out. Decide who that is and then we’ll start.

Norm [to Jeff]: We’ll be sitting out Brittnie!

Brittnie [to Norm]: Norm, we – we didn’t even discuss this – I wanted to participate in this one!

Norm [to Brittnie]: Sorry, we can’t take the chance. You’re too much of a liability.

Brittnie [to Norm]: Fine. Whatever. Go.

Jeff Probst: Alright, ZAPOLYA – actually, Norm has decided to sit Brittnie out. BOBALNA, you will be running the course first. Whose our first runner?

Jamie [to Jeff]: I am!

Jeff Probst: Jamie – are you ready?

Jamie [to Jeff]: Ready!

Jeff Probst: GO!

*Just as Jeff Probst finishes saying the word Jamie is off and into the house. Surprised by both the heat and smoke, Jamie takes a second to adjust to his surroundings before running for the closest alarm located in the downstairs office. He runs to it quickly, slaps the buzzer, and heads back outside. Once there he tags off to Laura*

Jamie [to Laura]: I got the downstairs office!

Laura [to Jamie]: Okay.

*Laura, noticeably fearful, runs towards the stairs – the one thing she has a good view of. Once there she rushes to the top, slaps the buzzer next to the alarm, and runs back down, tagging off to Delilah*

Laura [to Delilah] (catching her breath): Top of the stairs…

Delilah [to Laura]: Okay…

*Upon getting the tag off, Delilah runs into the house. After figuring out where the entrance to the basement was, she runs down the stairs as quickly as possible and looks for the holding cell. Although the air is thick with smoke, she is able to find the cell and set off the alarm. Within seconds she is at the exit of the burning building and tagging off to Theo*

Delilah [to Theo]: I did t’a cell in t’a basement…

Theo [to everyone]: I’m going for the basement…

*Theo, following in the same tracks as Delilah, makes his way down the basement steps and finds the alarm in the basement. After buzzing it, he makes his way back to the exit and tags off to Wayne*

Wayne [to everyone]: I’m going for the upstairs office!

*As Wayne runs into the house, Theo turns to Delilah as both struggle to catch their breath…*

Theo [to Delilah]: The air is filled with smoke – I couldn’t breathe!

Delilah [to Theo]: I know, but we got t’a do t’is – I’d rat’er be uncomfort’ble for a few minutes an’ have Immunity t’an be sittin’ at camp waitin’ for t’a Council.

Theo [to Delilah]: Yeah, you’re right.

*After a few more minutes the BOBALNA leg of the race is complete*

Jeff Probst: Alright, well done BOBALNA – fantastic job by you all – that must’ve been tough to get through. Wayne, was it difficult?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Oh yeah! You can’t breathe, you can’t see – I don’t know how firemen and women do it!

Jeff Probst: How about you, Laura – was that as bad as you expected?

Laura [to Jeff]: The rush of heat as you first walk in is amazing – it’s something I was totally unprepared for. I DEFINITELY, like – I CONQUERED my fears with this one! It was seriously — …I…(she begins to cry a little bit) – I’m kinda proud of myself!

*As Delilah and Theo hug and comfort her Jeff prepares the ZAPOLYA tribe for their run through*

Jeff Probst: Alright, ZAPOLYA – same rules apply for you all. You’re going to be looking for the six alarm stations. I’m NOT going to reveal the BOBALNA tribe’s time, so you’re going to have to keep up with the pace in your head. Whose running first?

Chad [to Jeff]: I am, thank you.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Chad – Ready?

*Chad nods*

Jeff Probst: GO!

*The camera fast forwards to Chad running out of the building and tagging off to Norm*

Chad [to Norm]: Basement cell…

Norm [to Chad]: Gotcha…

*Then to Norm tagging Stacey, and then to Stacey tagging Pamela, Pamela to Cory, and finally Cory to Charlene…*

Charlene [to Cory]: Which ones left?

Cory [to Charlene]: Top of the stairs…

Charlene [to Cory]: I’m on it…

*Charlene races into the house only to be knocked back by the immense heat…*

Charlene (to herself): Oh my gosh…this is horrible!

*Charlene runs towards the stairs, but before she’s able to make it up very far she slips and falls. As she gets back up she rubs the ash out of her eyes from the landing, but the damage is done – with the combination of stuff in her eyes, smoke, and confusion brought on by heat Charlene becomes disoriented*

Charlene (shouting): I – I can’t find it – I can’t see ANYTHING!

Jeff Probst (from outside): Do you want us to come in there and help?

Charlene (shouting): No – I think…I think I got it…

*Within a few seconds the sound of a loud siren fills the air and Charlene is able to make her way out of the burning house*

Brittnie [to Charlene]: Are you okay?

Charlene [to Brittnie]: Oh yeah, I’m fine now – it was just so HOT in there!

Brittnie [to Charlene]: Let’s get some water in your eye – it looks like there’s some stuff in it.

Charlene [to Brittnie]: Oh, I fell when I was going up the stairs – it’s just a little bit of ash.

Brittnie [to Charlene]: Okay.

*As Brittnie checks up on Charlene, Jeff checks the stopwatch and compares the two tribes times*

Jeff Probst: Once again, we had another VERY close race – both tribes did very well and I think you all deserve a lot of credit for completing the course without many problems.

Norm [to Jeff]: Yeah, Yeah – the results.

Jeff Probst: Alright, first the BOBALNA tribe. You guys completed the race in a total of 8 minutes and 27 seconds.

*The camera switches to a shot of the nervous ZAPOLYA tribe*

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA, you guys finished in…

6 minutes and 54 seconds…meaning, once again you have won Individual Immunity!

*The camera cuts from a joyful ZAPOLYA to a defeated and hurt BOBALNA. The camera lingers as Laura walks away, hands in the air, crying. Delilah sits alone, rubbing the ash and soot out of her hair, while Theo and Wayne appear angry. Only Jamie appears unfazed by the news. He sits, by himself, scratching his head and waiting for the words he’s come accustomed to hearing…*

Jeff Probst: BOBALNA, tomorrow we’ll have another date at Tribal Council. ZAPOLYA, Congrats!


Laura Confessional:

Well, yesterday was our big – kind of do or die Immunity Challenge, and umm…well, we ended up losing, again, to the ZAPOLYA tribe.

*The camera shows the BOBALNA tribe moping around camp as they wait for the time the train for Tribal Council will arrive*

Laura Confessional:

It’s, umm, it’s like, this one strikes a little bit closer to home because now, we’re, like, now it’s down to either Wayne or myself since we are the last two original BOBALNA members and…it’s…it’s kinda sad knowing that you’re probably the one that’s leaving.

Laura [to Delilah] (by themselves looking at the campfire): Do I even have a shot of sticking around?

Delilah [to Laura]: Well I’m votin’ for Wayne again, so you’ve got at least two votes backin’ y’a up, darlin’.

Delilah Confessional:

Me votin’ for Wayne…it’s jus’, t’ere’s really no oth’a option from my perspective. I mean, I could say, y’know, yes, T’eo lied to me – but he’s too strong for us. Jamie, he’s been doin’ good – Laura, she’s help around t’a camp, and I am not about to vote for m’self, so – Wayne is t’a only one left. He’s a good person, he is, it’s just t’at he’s t’inkin’ only of himself right now.

Laura [to Wayne] (in the woods): So it’s one of us…

Wayne [to Laura]: It sucks serious donkey balls that it’s come down to this, but – I mean, this is really the only way, I guess…

Laura [to Wayne]: So you’re voting for me?

Wayne [to Laura]: Yeah. Are you voting for me?

Laura [to Wayne]: Yeah.

Wayne [to Laura]: It’s all good. And look, it’s nothing I’m going to take personally.

Laura [to Wayne]: I know – I know, it just sucks that it’s either or, you know? If it were my choice I’d get rid of Jamie, but obviously that’s not going to happen – so…we’re given lemons and now we’ve gotta make lemonade.

Wayne Confessional:

Knowing that it’s down to either Laura or myself leaving…it makes me uncomfortable because we were pretty close with each other on the old BOBALNA, but now that I realize it’s either her or me – the survival aspect starts to come into play. You can either sacrifice yourself for your friends or you can look out for your own good, and my strategy throughout this game has been to look out for my own good.

Wayne [to Theo]: I honestly don’t think there should even be a question…I bring so much more strength to the tribe…

Theo [to Wayne]: Yeah, you do…

Wayne Confessional:

But because I HAVE been a target at a few Tribal Councils before this, I approach the situation very cautiously. What I have to do now is play up my worth to the tribe and make sure they all realize how important I actually am to helping this tribe function.

Wayne [to Jamie]: So I figure the worst possibility is having it a 3-2 vote for Laura. I think the girls are probably going to stick together, so – I think it should be okay.

Jamie Confessional:

At this point Wayne is sort of scrambling because, even though he won’t admit it, he feels vulnerable at Tribal Council tonight. He’s not a fool, so it’s easy to tell that he’s not hiding it very well – he’s been pretty twitchy all day, and now that it’s getting closer to that time he’s sort of scrambling to make sure he’s got all his loose ends tied up.

Wayne [to Jamie] (holding his hands as a scale): It’s like…this and this…I mean, Laura is actually a pretty strong girl, but she’s not bringing what I am to the tribe physically.

Laura Confessional:

Wayne has been acting pretty cocky these last couple of hours like he’s got everything in the bag, but, like, he doesn’t really know where…everyone stands, you know what I mean? Like, he’s been working all these people, but I’m not too too sure that they’re buying what he’s selling, so…I predict he’s leaving 4-1 tonight.

*Laura pauses for a second to blow the hair out of her face*

Laura Confessional:

I just can’t honestly see it going any other way. Nobody likes him enough to keep him around.


*The Survivors make their way into the meeting chamber and take their seats, with torches behind them, in their wooden thrones. As soon as everyone is seated Jeff begins his round of questioning*

Jeff Probst: So Wayne – this is your fourth consecutive Tribal Council and you’ve gotten votes at each one up to this point. Do you think tonight will be any different or do you think you’ve finally won these people over?

Wayne [to Jeff]: You know, I honestly don’t think I’m going to make it through a Tribal Council without getting a vote – I just don’t think it could happen.

Jeff Probst: Is it because you have enemies or is it because of your bad luck in challenges – what’s causing you to get these votes?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Well, the first time was me screwing up the challenge – then it slowly changed into people just having me as the only other option. I’ve been lucky, though…

Jeff Probst: And why is that?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Because I’m still here. I’ve actually done something a lot of people can’t claim to have done, and that’s beating the odds. So far I’ve got six votes against me and I haven’t really been in THAT much danger of being voted out…

Jeff Probst: Do you think you’re going to last to the end of the game?

Wayne [to Jeff]: If you’re asking me if I think I’m going to win, the answer is no. It’s not that I don’t WANT to win, it’s that I don’t think I CAN win at this point.

Jeff Probst: Where do you see yourself finishing?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Hopefully somewhere in the mid to late jury. I’d like to be here for as long as possible.

Jeff Probst: Laura, as one of the two remaining original BOBALNA members – do you feel vulnerable tonight?

Laura [to Jeff]: I actually feel more vulnerable tonight than I’ve ever felt before, but, I, like – I don’t know how to say it – I don’t think I’ll be going, but I think I still may be at risk later on down the line, you know what I mean?

Jeff Probst: So you think you’ll make it through this Tribal Council?

Laura [to Jeff]: I really do – I was thinking about it earlier, and we have all talked it over, and I just don’t see any other way it could really go.

Jeff Probst: So whose going if it’s not you?

Laura [to Jeff]: My money is on Wayne. He’s my vote and I know I’m his vote, so – we’ll just have to see what these people next to me think!

Jeff Probst: Jamie, how do you decide who to vote for when you’ve only had a chance to know them for a short while?

Jamie [to Jeff]: Well now you’re just assuming it’s one of them that’s leaving…

Jeff Probst: So somebody else is a possible target?

Jamie [to Jeff] (laughing): No, nobody else is a target – I just don’t think you should jump to conclusions.

Jeff Probst: Funny.

Jamie [to Jeff]: Well, to answer your question – we’ve all talked this over. It was a group decision between Theo, Delilah, and myself and we came to a conclusion as to who we need and who we don’t need.

Jeff Probst: So whose leaving?

Jamie [to Jeff]: I wouldn’t tell you if you paid me.

Jeff Probst: So why are they leaving?

Jamie [to Jeff]: The person that’s leaving tonight is leaving because their time here is up.

Jeff Probst: Fair enough. Theo and Delilah – would you say the three ZAPOLYA members have a solid alliance here or is it just for tonight’s vote?

Theo [to Jeff]: I think I speak for all three of us when I say that it’s a temporary situation to save all three of our skins, but it’s also just sticking with, like, going and staying true to the people you’ve been with the longest.

Jeff Probst: Do you think that’s fair, considering they didn’t really have a say in the way the tribes were laid out?

Theo [to Jeff]: This game isn’t fair.

Jeff Probst: Very true. Very, Very true. Well, it’s now time to vote – Laura, you’re up first.

*Laura Votes*

WAYNE. You know this vote is coming and I know one is coming from you. I respect you and the way you stepped it up a notch there at the end, but it’s all a little too little too late.

*Wayne Votes*

LAURA. Hey babe, it’s either you or me. Nothing personal.

*Delilah Votes*

*Theo Votes*

______. To better the tribe later on down the line.

*Jamie Votes*

________. So close, yet so very, very far.

*Once Jamie has returned from voting Jeff begins*

Jeff Probst: Once the votes have been read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll go tally the votes…

*2 minutes pass as Jeff tallies the votes…*

Jeff Probst: I’ll get to it…

First Vote…


*Laura smiles*

Second Vote…


Third Vote…


*Wayne chuckles as he looks over at Laura and playfully gives her a push*

Fourth Vote…

Fourth Person To Leave The BOBALNA Tribe…


Wayne [to everyone]: Ahh, you guys had me! You totally had me!

Jeff Probst: Wayne, you’ll have to bring me your torch.

*Wayne, after giving everyone farewell hugs and handshakes walks to Jeff, torch in hand, and waits to be extinguished*

Jeff Probst: Wayne – you’ve made it through fifteen days, but sadly your journey ends here.

Wayne [to Jeff]: I’d rather it be here and now with these people than with any of the others.

Jeff Probst (snuffing): WAYNE, the tribe has spoken!

*Wayne, after turning to wave everyone goodbye, walks towards the large wooden doors and into the hallway of darkness*

Jeff Probst: Obviously by the look on all of your faces this was not an easy decision. Remember, you’re almost at the merge, but not yet. You’ve got one more Immunity Challenge to go. Don’t give up now. You can head back to camp.

Next Time On SURVIVOR…

Laura struggles for her life in the game as the last original BOBALNA standing…

Laura Confessional: It’s a shitty position that I’ve been put into, but – I guess this is just like a test of how good a player I really am or something…

While Norm ruffles some feathers on ZAPOLYA after he makes a sexist remark…

Brittnie [to Norm]: Don’t you EVER talk to me like that again, do you understand?

Norm [to Brittnie]: Bring it down a notch, woman!

Brittnie [to Norm]: Excuse me? Did you just call me “woman”?

Norm [to Brittnie]: I DID! Bitch!

*The camera focuses on Stacey and Chad’s mouths as they drop open after hearing Norm*

And an Immunity Challenge tests the Survivors will to advance…

*Laura and Delilah standing on top of a spinning disk in the center of a lake*

All leading up to another EXPLOSIVE Tribal Council that will have EVERYONE talking…

Man’s Voice: I’m probably one of the strongest people in this game and they’d be fools to even think they could advance without me. We don’t know if there’s a merge, when there’s a merge, how it’ll happen, etc. Through ME they are winning.

That’s Next Time On…SURVIVOR!

Wayne’s Final Words:

Well, even after seeing my name come up twice I thought I was still going to stick around, but, it looks like you guys decided Laura was a little bit more important to the success of the tribe than I was. I can respect that, and I wish you all the very best of luck. It’ll be nice to FINALLY take my head out of the game and sit back and relax while you all sweat it out. Umm…that’s about it. Good Luck to most of the people left and it’ll be fun to see what the future holds for all of us! *Holding his luxury item, his teddy bear* Say ‘Goodbye’, Mr. Frumples…*waving the bear’s arm* “Bye Bye!”

Tribal Council Voting:

Wayne: LAURA
Laura: WAYNE
Delilah: WAYNE
Jamie: WAYNE

Burberry Barbie -Starting Over, 10/8/04


Towanda’s Board of Review continues. The tears are flowing, but not freely, and the life coaches want to know why it’s now ok to cry. “Because I’m being so honest” is her reply. Iyanla tells her she’s still controlling and that she should “cross your arms, fall back and just let it rip.” She does, and the group watches her cry for a while. The Life Coaches quiz her about control for a few minutes and she finally gets it down to not wanting to be alone if people decide she’s not perfect and then don’t like her. Iyanla is disappointed that even though Towanda is priveleged to be in the house with these “6 angels” to support her, Towanda would still assume she is unsafe. (Um, maybe she thinks someone might diss her the way she was dissing Sommer?) They give her a grade of C and tell her she needs to take some risks. Iyanla tells her she will “Not support you in your emotional and spiritual suicide.”

Later she sits with Kim, who is cheering her on, in full makeup I might add. Iyanla comes in and Kim leaves so Iyanla can give Towanda a hug and a new assignment: write your autobiography. It will be called “Here I am.” She wants Towanda to start at the very beginning because Iyanla feels there will be important information there. “Somewhere in there, you learned that it isn’t ok to be who you are.” Then Towanda is shown on the phone telling her husband about her assignment and we hear him say he wouldn’t do it. She tells him she’s lonely and asks him if he is lonely, if he misses her. The answer is an emphatic NO. Andre tells her she made the decision to go up there, and he’s just dealing with it, doing projects, moving on. She tells him he sounds pissed off and he tells her that “If you keep doing that, when you come home there’s going to be some papers in the room because you’re getting on my nerves.”

Cut to the next morning. Apparently Kim has woken Sommer up to scream at her. By the time we see them, they’re sitting on Sommer’s bed. Kim’s in nothing but a towel (well, I guess ya gotta be an exhibitionist in the first place to want to be on reality TV, right?) Sommer’s makeup bag is open and scattered and Kim is telling her that now HER makeup is in KIM’s bag. Josie is stomping around her bedroom because she was awakened by the yelling. “Can’t somebody see that they’re both wrong? Kim’s not a saint.” Towanda is trying to stay out of it. Back downstairs Kim is demanding to know why her makeup is in Sommer’s bag, that she was set up, and “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.” Sommer now says she never accused Kim of stealing, that she knew maybe Kim had just used the eye shadow and dropped it into her own bag, and that some of the housemates suggested maybe Kim’s daughters had used it thinking it was their mother’s. Josie comes downstairs and tells them to drop the subject because they’re too loud. Kim tells Josie to “stay in your own world”. Next we see Josie in the kitchen hollering that this was her one day to sleep in and it got ruined, that the subject of makeup should be “over”, and “I’m gonna burn everybody’s makeup bag, for real!”

Towanda is at the computer concentrating on her book.

Sommer meets with Rhonda who tells her she must make a commitment to her health. Sommer admits she cheated when dieting before her bypass surgery, not really wanting to try, for fear of failure. Rhonda reminds her that she gave up, which should feel worse than failure.

Kim is coming into Josie and Towanda’s room looking for validation. Josie tells her “please don’t come into my room to gossip” and is told to mind her own business. She tells Kim she’s just trying to be a Burberry Barbie. “I’m not going to do this dance with you, Josie,” Kim says, and Josie is waving Chloe’s bottle and hollering “don’t bring all that negativity here.”

Back to Sommer, who is exploring some of her weight issues with Rhonda. Sommer knows some of her friendships were bad, but she is afraid to be alone. Being thin will be a nightmare because she will feel like she’s competing with other thin women. Rhonda tells her the weight is an excuse, and wonders, if that’s taken away, what will you be worth?

Back to the Kim and Josie show. Kim says the makeup issue is already solved, yet Josie is butting in. Kim, Sommer, Jen and Towanda are now lining up against Josie. Sommer narrates it’s not even about makeup – it’s about trust. Kim is telling everyone she felt the cold shoulder when her kids were there, and that Snowden noticed nobody made eye contact with her.

Rhonda rounds up Jen and Sinae. “Who wants to come out and play?” She introduces the concept of interdependence, being connected to someone without having to do everything for them. Sinae is sent inside to call and invite her mother to the house. (You have not lived until you’ve listened to two grown women discussing “interdependence” in baby talk.)

Then we see Towanda sitting at a table telling Sinae her husband is threatening to divorce her if she doesn’t come back home. (Wha….?)

Rhonda wants to know why Jen refuses to color with paints or magic markers. Jen has an aversion to dirt and they discuss the imaginary rubber gloves she wears all the time. (ooh, that reminds me of a funny scene from Animal House!) Rhonda gives Jen an assignment to be “the Fun Queen” and will lead the group to a fun night out. She gives Jen a slip of paper with the destination on it, which is to be a secret. “Some of us are gonna have a hard time with it,” predicts Jen.

Towanda is on the phone with her father. (Apparently she can’t even stand to speak directly to him, because she is reading her assignment to him from a pad of paper. She does take care to emphasize the word “honestly” as though she wants him to know she is already expecting him to lie.) She asked if she was a planned child. Michael laughs at the very idea. She asks him what his worries were about having children, and he says he was concerned about providing a good home. About labor and delivery he says he was always afraid because men weren’t allowed “back there” and he never knew if his wife would live or die. He tells her she was a mean child. His memories are mostly of his daughters as a group, not individuals. He tells her they were always “My queens”.

Sommer is happy to be going to a gym to escape the tension in the house. She meets Marcus the trainer, and they go over her health history. Marcus narrates that Sommer might believe she can eat anything just because the quantity is restricted. Sommer tells him she doesn’t want to be “the skinny fat.” She wants muscle definition.

Jennifer is asking Rhonda to let her take the necklace of cards off. Rhonda says it will take a change of heart and a change of resistance to get it off. Jennifer whines that she hasn’t complained in 2 weeks (unless you count the times she DID) and that it’s not fair Kim got a reprieve and she can’t. Rhonda narrates that Jen sees Iyanla’s leniency with Kim as a reflection of her own mother and sister. Jen yells that maybe she needs to start throwing tantrums too. Rhonda wants Jen to get so pissed off at things that are not fair, that she will make the difference herself.

Marcus says Sommer has good goals and they will focus on inches and energy, not poundage. He has her do posture exercises on a ball and she is having trouble looking in a mirror because it reminds her how far she still has to go.

The women all meet with Dr. Katz. Josie is complaining that things that have already been let go are being brought up again. Dr. Stan agrees it isn’t about makeup so much as trust, self-esteem and confrontation. They discuss the process and how people can be told to stay in their own world, but sometimes worlds collide. Josie admits she lashed out at Kim from anger. Doctor Stan reminds Josie and the others that any discussion will blow up if you can’t stay on topic and refrain from consulting others. He ends the session with the admonishment “no more makeup.” (Way to belittle someone’s issues, sexist jerk)

Jen is having fun teasing the others about where they might go that night. They think it’s camping. She tells Kim she can’t bring “Louis” (her Vuitton bag). Jen narrates that Towanda is already sad, and that nobody’s going to be really happy about where they are going. It turns out to be Turbo track, and they are all happy about it except Towanda who is openly brooding. They are going to do the one where you get to drag race in giant slot-cars. Sinae asks the attendant for tips so she can “whoop on them.” In the end she does win and they all, except Towanda, shout “You won, Nay Nay!” (I wonder if her nickname is “Sha Nay Nay”?)

Back home, Towanda tells Kim she is really stressed, that her husband has issued an ultimatum and she will be waiting for him to calm down. She narrates that this is the lowest time ever in her life. (What is she up to??)

Survivor: Transylvania, Episode 4

by Dolliac

Survivor Transylvania
Episode: 4 – Shit Happens

Last Time On SURVIVOR…

Wayne felt the sting of the BOBALNA tribe’s first Tribal Council…

Wayne Confessional: I know you’re supposed to take your mistakes out here and reflect on them so that they make you stronger, and I’ve been trying to do that, but I saw my name come up two times last night and both times that it came up – I just got weaker and weaker

Pamela and Tiffany had it out on ZAPOLYA…

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Listen here, hag, you don’t tell me what to do, okay?

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Excuse you – what did you just call me?

The Immunity Challenge had the Survivors hunting for keys…

Delilah (shouting with excitement): I got one!

And ZAPOLYA continued their winning streak by capturing their second Immunity win…

Theo [to the rest of ZAPOLYA]: WE did it!

And at Tribal Council, a surprised Chris became the third person to leave the game…

Chris [final words]: Umm…wow.



Cory Confessional:

Well, last night was Tribal Council number two (*he holds up two fingers to the camera*)…it’s just never fun being there. It’s like forty five minutes in hell. It’s hot, it’s dark, and to tell you the truth – it scares the crap out of me. I don’t like going there and I don’t want to be there for a long, long, long, long time.

*Cory wakes up on the dirt floor of the BOBALNA tower and nudges Wayne with a playful elbow*

Cory [to Wayne] (whispering): You made it through!

Wayne [to Cory] (whispering): I been sittin’ here thinkin’, and that was probably the most scared I’ve been in a long while.

Cory [to Wayne]: We need you – just remember that. You’re a lot stronger than people around here are giving you credit for.

Wayne [to Cory]: I appreciate that, bro…

Cory [to Wayne] (quietly laughing): Man, don’t start talkin’ like Chris – we got rid of him so we could understand what everyone was sayin’ around here!

Wayne [to Cory]: You’d better keep it down or you’re going to wake the others up.

Cory [to Wayne] (whispering): What’re they gonna do? Vote me out?

Charlene [to Cory] (from behind him, but very groggy): If you don’t give me ten more minutes of sleep I’ll write your freakin’ name down, now shut up!

Cory [to Charlene] (laughing): Oh be quiet back there!

Cory Confessional:

The way things are set up right now on BOBALNA – it’s a pretty good situation for me. I’m probably one of the last people to go, if not THE last one, and we’ve gotten rid of the thorns in our sides. We’re a powerful tribe.

Wayne [to Cory] (very quiet): If we go again, to Council, I mean – am I the one?

Cory [to Wayne] (cautiously): I don’t know – for me, it’d be a toss up between you and a few other people.

Cory Confessional:

With Wayne – you can’t tell him too much because he’s always so paranoid. If you give him any little piece of information, he takes it and runs with it. I don’t want the rest of the tribe knowing how I feel about them and what my strategy is – that’s my business – so I’ve been cautious in what I’ve been letting slip out.

Wayne [to Cory]: Who’re the others?

Cory [to Wayne]: I’m not sure, man – ask me when we end up having to go again.

Charlene [to Cory and Wayne]: You two – didn’t we just talk about this? I’m gonna come over there and beat you both up!

Wayne [to Cory] (imitating Charlene): Oh my gosh – pillow fight!

Cory [to Wayne] (laughing): Man, we don’t even have any pillows!

Cory Confessional:

Wayne’s actually a fun person to be around when he’s not busy moping around the camp. The way I look at it, he’s actually got a couple of more Tribal Councils before his time is up, but he doesn’t need to know that. So long as I keep him close to me while he’s paranoid about the others – I’ve got a voteproof vest in him. He doesn’t need to know how important he actually is.

*Cory, Chris, and Charlene all walk quietly out of the BOBALNA tower as not to disturb the other sleeping tribemates. Once outside the discussion changes from sleep to alternatives for the next Tribal Council they have to attend*

Wayne [to Cory and Charlene]: So I’m still wanting to know – am I next if we have to go again?

Charlene [to Wayne]: I would vote Brittnie out before you, to tell you the truth. Brittnie and Laura, actually.

*Wayne and Cory’s mouth’s both hang wide open in surprise*

Charlene [to Wayne and Cory]: What? They’re good people, but they aren’t as strong as the rest of us.

Cory [to Charlene]: But I thought you and Brittnie were like…really close.

Charlene [to Cory]: We are…but we’re in this to win Challenges and they aren’t really pushing us over the top.

Cory Confessional:

Charlene saying that she would vote out her two friends, Laura and Brittnie before Wayne was actually probably one of the biggest shocks I’ve had up to this point in the game. It’s not that I’m opposed to the idea, it’s just that I didn’t see it coming.

Wayne [to Charlene]: I love that you said that – you have no idea how much of a relief that is!

Wayne Confessional:

Her saying that I had at least nine more days did nothing but put a huge smile on my face. I love this game more than – I don’t know—more than…almost anything, and – it sucks because I’ve been in a crappy position since the get-go, but now – man, it’s amazing, because that gives me that renewed sense of hope that’s going to keep me going!

Charlene [to Wayne] (grinning): It’s not a problem – but don’t you say a word.

Wayne [to Charlene]: Promise!

Charlene Confessional:

Telling Wayne and Cory that I was planning on voting for Brittnie or Laura at the next Tribal Council was total strategy. The three of us have an alliance and we want to see where we stand with the “big strong” men of the tribe, so we came up with the idea of approaching them and seeing if they would be willing to vote us out.

Wayne Confessional:

Brittnie or Laura – I never would’a expected it.

Charlene Confessional:

And what do you know? They walked RIGHT into our trap. Now we’ve got a pretty good idea of where we stand – or…well, actually more like we have a good idea of where they stand. I’m still not sure where I play into their plan.

Wayne [to Cory and Charlene]: It’s good that we’re planning – just incase, you know?

Cory [to Wayne]: Yeah, I guess it is.

Charlene [to both]: Sure is.


*Tiffany and Stacey sit alone outside their shelter as the others are off doing their own thing for the day*

Tiffany [to Stacey]: I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of Pamela.

Stacey [to Tiffany]: Yeah, I understand.

Tiffany [to Stacey]: She doesn’t do a damn thing around this camp..

Stacey [to Tiffany]: I know…

Tiffany [to Stacey]: She only cares about herself…

Stacey [to Tiffany]: I know…

Tiffany [to Stacey]: And I’m willing to bet that she’d sell us all out in a second if it came down to her or somebody else…

Stacey [to Tiffany]: I know…

Tiffany [to Stacey]: Am I the only one who sees it?

Stacey [to Tiffany]: No, you’re not – but she’s really pretty good in challenges, and once you get to talking with her, she’s actually pretty funny.

Tiffany [to Stacey]: Are you kidding me? That pile of botox and silicone? I didn’t know plastic could have a personality.

Stacey Confessional:

Tiffany is just an all around paranoid person, and so right now she’s building up Pamela to be worse than she actually is.

*The camera switches to a shot of Pamela looking disgusted as she sits alone in a pile of dirt*

Stacey Confessional:

Pamela and Tiffany just aren’t the type of people that get alone. Pamela is very materialistic. She loves money, and she loves looking beautiful, and she loves having power and being dominant. Tiffany loves being different and unique and being one of the bad boys, so – of course there are going to be conflicts there. They’re polar opposites.

Tiffany [to Stacey]: Let me tell you, if we end up going to Tribal Council again – hopefully we won’t – I want to get rid of her as soon as possible, ‘cause let me tell you, she serves NO purpose to any of us.

Tiffany Confessional:

Plain and simple, she’s a pain in my rear end. I couldn’t care less if you got who knows how much money, and I could care less, you know, how much plastic surgery you got to make yourself look good – you know? I ain’t nobody to criticize about doin’ stuff to your body, ‘cause who knows how many tat’s I got on myself – but, what DOES bother me is when people don’t care. And she ain’t giving a rat’s ass about any of us. She’s out here for herself and herself only, and that’s not somethin’ I will support. We’re a team, and she’s not thinkin’ like a teammate.

*As the girls continue to talk, Delilah comes and sits down next to them and starts to eat her afternoon ration of food*

Delilah [to Tiffany and Stacey]: Wha’ ch’all doin’ here, ladies? Gossipin’ about t’a men?

Tiffany [to Stacey]: What did she just say?

Stacey [to Tiffany] (both Stacey and Delilah laugh): She’s just asking if we’re gossiping about the boys.

Tiffany [to Delilah] (embarrassed): Oh, you know it!

Delilah Confessional:

My accent makes it ver’ hard t’a understand me sometimes. It’s really my own fault ‘cause I’m use t’a talkin’ so dang fast, but t’en I come out here and I’m hard t’a understand. It’s embarrassing, really.

Stacey [to Delilah]: So D, you were in beauty pageants before this?

Delilah [to Stacey]: Oh yes, I did a lot’a pageant work before t’is. Very compet-itive stuff – keeps y’a on y’a feet.

Tiffany [to Delilah]: That must’ve been good training for this – give you a good sense of people’s characters.

Delilah [to Tiffany]: Oh yes, t’at’s one’a the benefits.

Tiffany [to Delilah]: So whose the biggest phony out of the group?

Delilah [to Tiffany]: Out’a just our tribe or t’a others?

Tiffany [to Delilah]: Both.

Delilah [to Tiffany]: On our tribe – T’eo jus’ seems too good’n pure, y’a know what I mean? I have got t’a know him the leas’, and he’s puttin’ up this image of Superman. I don’ t’ink it’s really all that accurate.

Tiffany [to Delilah]: What about the others?

Delilah [to Tiffany]: T’a one darker girl, t’a one with the big eyes, she seem like she could be trouble – and t’at one guy wit’ t’a dark hair – I t’ink he’s Hispanic?

Stacey [to Delilah]: Oooh, Laura and Wayne?

Tiffany [to Stacey]: Is that their names? I haven’t paid attention to that.

Stacey [to Tiffany]: Yeah, Laura – I’m not sure what she is, but she’s the short exotic looking one.

Tiffany [to Stacey]: Mmhmm.

Stacey [to Tiffany]: And I think Wayne is the Hispanic one – the guy who messed up the challenge a while back.

Tiffany [to both girls] (laughing): You mean our good luck charm?

Stacey [to Tiffany]: Yep, him.

Tiffany Confessional:

It was probably smart to get to know the other people’s names, ‘cause we don’t have a clue as to what’s gonna happen with us – when we’re gonna merge, if we ever will merge, if there’ll be a switch, if something might happen where we have to interact with ‘em, and – the two other girls and me got to talkin’, and we really just tried to figure out as much as we could.

Delilah [to Stacey]: Is t’at t’a one t’at looks like Marilyn Monroe?

Tiffany [to Delilah]: No, that’s Charlene – she sat out on one of the challenges, so I remember her.

Tiffany Confessional:

So we got them all figured out. Laura is the exotic looking one who seems kind of stupid, Norm is the oldest guy on there, Cory is the handsome one with the hat that he wears all the time, Brittnie is the porky redhead, Charlene is the beautiful blonde, and Chris is the wannabe rap-star.

Tiffany [to both]: So who left last night?

Delilah [to Tiffany]: Wayne seemed on edge.

Stacey [to Tiffany]: I don’t think Laura is all that smart. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went.

Tiffany [to both]: So Amanda is the one they voted out?

Stacey [to Tiffany]: I think so.

Stacey Confessional:

It was fun! We had all of those guys pegged with different personalities and stuff like that – I’m sure we’re all completely off from how they really are, but I like the people we came up with in our head (laughing) – I’ll bet they’re more entertaining than the actual people.


Expect The Unexpected
Is The Motto Of This Game
Hopefully You Aren’t Too Comfortable
Or We’ll Be Putting Out Your Flame


Norm [to Brittnie]: So what does this mean?

Brittnie [to Norm]: Sounds like some sort of twist. I don’t know – everything’s been too normal around here and I think they’re going to try and throw some twists at us.

Norm [to Brittnie]: What kind of twist?

Brittnie [to Norm] (with a wink): Why guess? Surprises are so much more fun!


Chad [to Jamie]: So we’re lookin’ at some sort’a twist, eh? Interesting. Interesting, indeed.

Jamie [to Chad]: You’re a pretty weird person, aren’t you?

Chad [to Jamie]: Indeed. Indeed.

Jamie [to Chad]: Right. So…twist, huh?

Chad [to Jamie]: It would appear that way, would it not?

Jamie [to Chad] (laughing): Let’s go tell the others.


*Both tribes march on to a large green field inhabited with nothing but Jeff Probst behind a small table. Once at their mats, Jeff comes out from behind the table and begins to talk*

Jeff Probst: Hey Guys…lookin’ good. ZAPOLYA, getting your first look at the new BOBALNA minus Chris.

*Tiffany quickly turns to Delilah and Stacey*

Tiffany [to both] (whispering): They got rid of Vanilla Ice!

*Both girls laugh as Jeff begins to speak again*

Jeff Probst: So, you guys have been out here for fourteen days – Laura, how’re you guys holding up?

Laura [to Jeff Probst]: This isn’t, like – this isn’t something my body is used to, so I’m hungry, but – it’s like, it’s all good. I’m up for anything.

Jeff Probst: You’re hungry?

Laura [to Jeff] (laughing): I think I’d kill most of these guys for a hamburger!

Jeff Probst: Are any of you other guys hungry?

*Everyone else quickly nods*

Jeff Probst: Well I’m glad you brought your appetite. As you all know, we’re here in Transylvania, and Transylvania is a place surrounded by fear – so we decided to test you all and see how much you really want to win.

Brittnie [to Jeff]: What do you mean?

Jeff Probst: Today is the Survivor gross food challenge.

*Cory and Pamela laugh as others like Stacey and Delilah look disgusted*

Laura [to Jeff]: We aren’t eating hamburgers, are we?

Jeff Probst: Nope, sorry to tell you you’re not.

Laura [to Jeff]: So what ARE we eating?

*Jeff holds one finger in the air to indicate for the Survivors to hold on a second. He reaches under the table and puts things on the top. First comes a bottle of milk.*

Jeff Probst: Goat milk.

Delilah [to everyone] (laughing): I’m not drinkin’ anythin’ that comes from a goat – that’s just a rule I live by in life.

*The next thing out from under the table is a plate with large chunks of mystery meat*

Jeff Probst: Various meats from dead animals found all over this area.

Jamie [to Jeff]: You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

*Jeff reaches under the table, but before putting it on the top he pauses and explains…*

Jeff Probst: Now, before I show you guys this – Tiffany, what’re a few animals you’d associate with Transylvania?

Tiffany [to Jeff]: I don’t know – umm…wolves, vampire bats…

Jeff Probst: Hold it right there…did you say bats?

Tiffany [to Jeff] (covering her eyes): No! No! No! No bats!

Jeff Probst (laughing): Final item – collected from caves all around this area, our last item…

*He plops the final jar on the top of the table*

Jeff Probst: Bat guano!

*Some of the Survivors laugh, others cringe, but one thing is for sure – all the contestants are thoroughly grossed out*

Chad [to Jeff]: So are we eating all this stuff like a buffet or do we just have to have one item?

Jeff Probst: This is going to be mixed up in a blender and you’ll have our “Transylvanian Twisters” as we like to call ‘em.

Chad [to Jeff]: Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

Jamie [to ZAPOLYA]: Alright, guys – this is gross but we can do it – GO ZAPO…

Jeff Probst (interrupting): OH, one other thing!

*Jeff reaches under the table on last time and pulls out a large gold vase with beautiful porcelain designs up the front and sides*

Jeff Probst: Who wants to reach in there first?

Jamie [to Jeff]: What’s in there?

Jeff Probst: Reach in there and see.

Jamie [to Jeff]: It’s not a big snake or anything, right?

Jeff Probst (laughing): Reach in and find out.

*Jamie walks over slowly and after a few seconds of pausing, reaches in and grabs a light cloth. He pulls it out and is surprised to see…*

Jeff Probst: A new buff!

Stacey [to Jeff]: Oh man, Oh man, Oh man! I know what this means!

Jamie [to Jeff]: So…wait…this is gold. So, I’m on BOBALNA?

Jeff Probst: That’s right – everyone else, drop your buffs. We’re having a tribal switch. Wayne, come up here.

*Wayne comes up and draws another gold buff*

Jeff Probst: You’re staying on BOBALNA – go introduce yourself to Jamie.

*Wayne walks over to Jamie and after a friendly handshake they begin to talk*

Jeff Probst: Chad, you’re up next.

*Chad draws a ZAPOLYA buff*

*Charlene draws a ZAPOLYA buff*

*Pamela draws a ZAPOLYA buff*

*Norm draws a ZAPOLYA buff*

Jeff Probst: Four in a row – Theo, you gonna make it five

*Theo draws a BOBALNA buff*

*Laura draws a BOBALNA buff*

*Stacey draws a ZAPOLYA buff*

*Cory draws a ZAPOLYA buff*

*Delilah draws a BOBALNA buff*

*Brittnie draws a ZAPOLYA buff*

New Tribes:

BOBALNA: Delilah, Jamie, Laura, Tiffany, Theo, and Wayne

ZAPOLYA: Brittnie, Chad, Charlene, Cory, Norm, Pamela, and Stacey

Jeff Probst: Okay, everybody you all can now switch to your new tribes.

*The survivors, after giving farewell hugs to some, move to their appropriate mats and wait for instructions from Jeff*

Jeff Probst (looking over card with names on it): Looks good. Alright, now we’re going to be having these “smoothies” in pairs, so somebody from BOBALNA is going to have to go twice. The ZAPOLYA members will be choosing who that person is. First match is Laura vs. Charlene.

Laura [to Jeff]: Are you serious?

Jeff [to Laura]: You know it. Stand in front of the table.

*Both women exit their respective team mats and walk to the front of the table and watch as Jeff pours the milk, meat, and guano into his blender. After a few seconds of blending, he takes the lid off the top and pours it in two very large glasses*

Jeff Probst: This isn’t a race, so we’re just looking for the both of you to finish it.

Charlene [to Jeff]: Aren’t you going to have any?

Jeff Probst: No, I’m good.

Laura [to Jeff] (whining): This is SO totally, like, the worst thing I’ve ever had to eat in my entire life! Gag me!

*After a few minutes both women have their shakes down. After plopping their glasses onto the tale they open their mouth’s widely to show that none of the shake remains*

Jeff Probst: Alright, you two are good. Next up are Delilah and Pamela.

Pamela [to Jeff]: There doesn’t happen to be any vodka in goat’s milk, is there?

Jeff Probst: No.

Pamela [to Jeff]: Damn.

*The camera fast-forwards to show both Delilah and Pamela chugging their shakes, then to Tiffany and Brittnie, Theo and Stacey, and finally Wayne and Chad. All seem to do well, with the exception of an occasional gag here and there, but all miraculously manage to keep everything down*

Norm [to Jeff]: So who do I get to go against, Jeff?

Jeff Probst: You guys can either decide as a tribe or you can make the decision individually, but you can pick any of the new BOBALNA members.

Norm [to Jeff] (with a sinister smile): I’d like to go up against Wayne.

Jamie [to Norm] (from the background): Norm, that’s not a good idea – go with one of the girls.

Norm [to Jamie]: No – I want to go up against Wayne.

Wayne [to Norm]: You’re an ass, I just hope you know that.

Norm [to Wayne]: It’s okay, I’m a doctor – I have the right to be.

Wayne [to Jeff] (laughing): This guy is incredible – can we just get this over with?

Jeff Probst: Alright, Norm and Wayne, since this is the tie-breaker situation you’re all going to be doing something a little different.

Norm [to Jeff]: How different?

Jeff Probst: Well, we’re not really going to make you chug that whole shake – that’s just nasty, right?

Wayne [to Jeff]: No, you’re being too nice to us – I think I’d rather have the shake or whatever that thing is.

Jeff Probst: Since you two are the big strong guys for your team, you’re going to be eating…

*Jeff reaches under the table to grab two different plates for both Wayne and Norm…*

Jeff Probst: Pure bat guano.

*The camera cuts to the faces of the other Survivors as they move back in shock, then switches to a picture of both Wayne and Norm standing with their mouth’s hanging open in disgust*

Wayne [to Jeff]: You’ve got to be kidding.

Norm [to Jeff]: That’s disgusting…I won’t do it.

Jeff Probst: Come on guys, just a big pile of protein.

Wayne [to Jeff]: That’s the grossest thing anybody has ever had to eat on TV…you’ve got to be kidding.

Jeff Probst: Nope.

Wayne [to Jeff]: Absolutely disgusting.

Norm [to Jeff]: You’ve got to be kidding, right? Just make us drink a really big shake.

Jeff Probst: Sorry boys. That is a quarter pound of bat guano on the plate. Whoever finishes it first wins Immunity for their new tribe.

Jamie [to Wayne] (from the background): You can do it, Wayne!

Jeff Probst: You both have to agree. If either one of you forfeits, the other tribe wins Immunity.

Norm [to Jeff]: I’m doin’ it.

Wayne [to Jeff]: Me too.

Jeff Probst: Alright gentlemen, time begins….NOW!

*The camera zooms in as both Norm and Wayne begin eating the quarter pound of bat guano. After the first bite both men gag, but are strong enough to continue on*

Laura [to Wayne]: You got this!

Pamela [to Norm]: You lose and we’ll vote you out!

Tiffany [to Wayne]: Prove him wrong, Wayne – show him you’re tougher than he thinks you are!

*After a few minutes of eating both men looked drained and nauseated. Although discouraged by the taste, they continue on taking tiny bites from the large portion*

Tiffany [to Wayne]: Come on, Wayne – you’re almost there! Just throw those other few bits back and we’ve got this!

*Norm, looking over and seeing how little Wayne had left, goes into panic mode and starts shoving everything on his plate down his throat. After a few seconds both men are almost done until Jeff announces…*

Jeff Probst: NORM wins Immunity for the new ZAPOLYA!

*Wayne, surprised and disheartened, throws his plate off the table and lets out an upset scream. Norm, trying to rub it in, turns to him and, with a grin, says…*

Norm [to Wayne]: I guess the best man won this time. Don’t worry about it.

Wayne [to Norm]: Screw you, man – screw you and the rest of your little sheep over there.

Norm [to Wayne]: Now Wayne, there’s no need to get hostile. You lost. You’re a loser. Just accept that.

*Wayne walks away from the table and away from the tribes and out towards the empty field. After a few seconds he comes back and Jeff Probst prepares to see them out*

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA, you guys have won Immunity, so BOBALNA, we’ll have a date at Tribal Council tomorrow night. You guys can head back to camp.

*The newly formed Tribes head off into the sunset. With the ZAPOLYA tribe, an overwhelming sense of joy and relief fills the air as they proudly march back to camp holding the Immunity idol, while on the other side, the new BOBALNA tribe walk slowly with their heads hung low, a sense of defeat and pessimism surrounds them*


Chad Confessional:

Well, we get to the Challenge today and what do you know? It’s a TWISTA!

*The camera cuts to a picture of everyone on the new ZAPOLYA tribe as they hug. The former ZAPOLYA members then begin to show the former BOBALNA members around the camp site and show them their shelter*

Chad Confessional:

It needed to happen, because some of those drones on our old tribe were boring! They’d just sit there and do nothing. Where’s their sense of adventure? This is Survivor! I think everyone should have the attitude of being alive, and they just weren’t thinking like that. If these new people are as boring as the old ones I’m thinking of voting myself out!

Chad [to Brittnie]: Why hello Ms. Brittnie, it’s just absolutely lovely to meet you!

Brittnie [to Chad] (laughing): Well aren’t you just the perfect gentlemen!

Chad [to Brittnie]: It’s always a delight to meet such a beautiful lady such as yourself!

Brittnie [to Chad] (laughing): Your name wouldn’t happen to be Don Juan, would it?

Chad [to Brittnie]: No, but I had a cousin named Leonard.

Brittnie [to Chad] (laughing): Wow…alright. So what’s your name again?

Chad [to Brittnie]: Chad, but you can call me The Captain.

Brittnie Confessional:

The first thing once I get to the new ZAPOLYA camp – Chad introduces himself to me, and let me tell you – he’s a pretty freaky guy.

Chad Confessional:

I test people. I’ve said it a million times – I don’t want to be around people that I can’t have fun with, and I have fun with people who don’t take themselves too seriously. If people are totally weirded out by me, there’s no way we’re going to be able to have fun – so when I first introduce myself I try to be as off the wall as possible. That’s what happened with Brittnie, and she actually passed the test.

Brittnie [to Chad]: So, Captain, how about you show me around?

Chad [to Brittnie]: Well I’d just be delighted!

Chad Confessional (with a devilish grin on his face):

I think this group is going to be a lot more fun than the last one.


*The camera watches as the new losing tribe walks back to their camp. The new members; Delilah, Tiffany, Theo, and Jamie, are all impressed with the tower and the other luxuries around camp*

Tiffany [to everyone]: Well, this is kind of a crappy way to start out as a new tribe – but, let’s pick up the pieces and move on.

Laura [to Tiffany]: There isn’t much else we can do, really.

Laura Confessional:

The twist TOTALLY screwed both Wayne and myself over because now, we’re like the minority.

Laura [to Theo]: It’s so neat to finally get to see you all here. I’m used to thinking of you guys as the competition – it’s gonna be, like, a shock to be competing alongside you all!

Theo [to Laura]: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Laura Confessional:

I went from having an alliance of three that was strong with Brittnie and Charlene to being alone with WAYNE of all people. Like, I don’t dislike the guy – he’s really nice, but, I mean, come on now…he’s obviously been on the edge for quite some time now, and I think he might try to take me with him.

Laura [to Delilah]: I just don’t want to be taken out because I was a BOBALNA. I don’t think that’s fair after all the work I’ve put into this.

Laura Confessional:

I’m not going to give up, because I’ve worked, like, I’ve worked my ass off to get this far, and I didn’t work that hard to get voted out fourth or fifth. I’m going the distance.

Laura [to Tiffany]: I just want you to know that – if you decide to keep me around, I’m, like, I’m not the type of person whose going to go back and burn you, you know what I’m saying?

Tiffany [to Laura]: I know – it’s just hard to make a commitment when it’s such a bad situation. I mean, I could say I won’t vote for you – but I’m not really the decision maker, you’ve gotta understand that.

Laura [to Tiffany]: I see.

Tiffany [to Laura]: Don’t be disheartened or anything – just understand that it’s still a game.

Laura [to Tiffany]: Oh, I understand that – it just sucks that it’s happening to me so suddenly.

Tiffany [to Laura]: I’m not trying to be the bitch here. I’m just telling you – it’s a numbers game. Right now the numbers aren’t really in your favor.

*After nodding, Laura walks back to the tower where she finds Theo looking around*

Laura [to Theo]: Am I going?

Theo [to Laura]: I don’t know, honestly. I haven’t made up my mind about the vote yet.

Laura [to Theo]: Can we make a deal?

Theo [to Laura]: What kind?

Theo Confessional:

Up to this point I had been pretty stand offish about making alliances and deals – stuff like that, but now, here, with the switch and all – I feel like I pretty much HAVE to to ensure my survival.

Laura [to Theo]: So long as you don’t vote me out I’ll go with you for anyone.

*As they talk, Wayne approaches*

Wayne [to Theo]: Am I going?

Theo [to Wayne] (laughing): Why do you guys assume I even have a clue?

Wayne [to Theo]: Because you’re the type of guy who looks like the leader – you’re bound to have a clue.

Theo [to Wayne]: I have an idea, but I’m not sure how I’m going to vote.

Wayne [to Theo]: How are the others thinking of voting?

Theo [to Wayne]: It’s down to the two of you, but – hey, look, don’t get put off by that. You’ve both got a good chance because I’m not committed to anything yet and I don’t have any intention of going along with Tiffany and her plans.

Theo Confessional:

Last night it just bugged the crap out of me when Tiffany comes up to me and starts talking about how we have to keep ZAPOLYA strong and get rid of the two BOBALNA people first. I mean, I know she’s thinking and what not, but why give these people we barely even know the shaft?

Wayne [to Theo]: So who is the weakest person here?
Theo [to Wayne]: Either Laura, Delilah, Tiffany, or Jamie.

Laura [to Theo]: I’m not weak, I just haven’t been able to show how strong I actually am yet.

Wayne [to Theo]: What about Delilah? She’s not going to be able to help a lot, is she?

Theo [to Wayne]: Nah, she was in beauty pageants, they’re bred to compete – this is cake for her.

Wayne [to Theo]: Then what about Jamie?

Theo [to Wayne]: It sounds sexist, but I’m apprehensive of getting rid of a male right now.

Laura [to Wayne]: Then why don’t we just get rid of Tiffany?

Theo [to Laura]: I don’t know – she’s really strong.

Laura Confessional:

Right now I’ve been working on getting Theo to vote out Tiffany with us. I don’t know if he’s going to go along with it or not, but I really hope he does. She’s one of our weakest and getting rid of her will secure both Wayne and I another three days.

Wayne [to Theo]: I think we should give some more consideration to Delilah. If Tiffany is so strong, what does Delilah really bring?

Theo [to Wayne]: Nah, man, she’s too nice and she hasn’t been weak in the challenges. You’re just going off of appearances on her.

Theo Confessional:

Wayne has REALLY started to bug the crap out of me. He’s constantly poking at you, trying to find out information, and it really sucks. Honestly, I’d rather vote him out than almost anybody on this tribe. He has shown he does poorly at the challenges, he’s VERY snippity and snide, making rude comments, stuff like that, and now – now he’s pretty much telling me who to vote for. No. Sorry, but it’s not gonna happen. It’s between him and somebody else in my mind right now. I don’t know – I’ll have to talk things over with Jamie before we leave, but Wayne is a definite possibility.


*The newly formed BOBALNA tribe makes their way into the Tribal Council area. First Theo, then Laura, Jamie, Delilah, Wayne, and Tiffany. They all place their torches behind them and quickly sink into their Council thrones. After everyone is seated, Jeff begins to speak*

Jeff Probst: First of all, Congratulations to everyone on making it this far into the game. You’ve made it past our first twist – but keep in mind, there are many more along the path to the million dollars. Jamie, how are things working out on your new tribe?

Jamie [to Jeff]: Things are pretty good, you know? We’re all still pretty new, but I think we’ve got each other’s name’s down for the most part.

Jeff Probst: Have you formed alliances with any new people?

Jamie [to Jeff]: Well, seeing as how we only gained Laura and Wayne there wasn’t really a whole variety of people to chose from, you know, so it’s just like we’re getting to know these new people that happen to have been switched to our tribe.

Jeff Probst: But you were switched to their tribe…

Jamie [to Jeff]: Whatever. It’s basically the old tribe with a new name and two different people.

Jeff Probst: Laura, how does that make you feel? Do you really feel like you’re the new guys and they’re the veterans or is it the other way around?

Laura [to Jeff]: I’m actually kind of upset with the way he, like, the way he said the things he said, you know what I mean – he made it seem like he’s running the show here.

Jeff Probst: So does what he just said change your opinion of him?

Laura [to Jeff]: No, I, like, people, you just get these ideas of how people, like, how they really are in your mind…and, it, like, he has lived up to what I thought he would be.

Jeff Probst: Tiffany, would you say old tribal lines play a part in the way you’re voting tonight?

Tiffany [to Jeff]: You know what? I’m not going to lie about this. Laura and I were having a conversation earlier, and she asked me to form an alliance with her…

Laura [to Tiffany]: Umm, yeah, and I would appreciate it if you kept that to yourself…

Tiffany [to Jeff]: And I told her, you know, I think we could’ve been great friends if we started out on the same tribe together, but – when push comes to shove, this is a game about advancing as far as you can – and I’m not going to advance in an alliance with one person – and you know, I’m sorry Laura – you’re a great girl, but it really does come down to old loyalties.

Jeff Probst: Now Tiffany, that was a pretty direct thing to say there – is it safe to assume that you’re voting for Laura tonight?

Tiffany [to Jeff]: You can assume I’m voting for Laura, if you’d like, but you’ll be wrong.

Jeff Probst: But you will be voting for a former BOBALNA member?

Tiffany [to Jeff]: Yes.

*Wayne rolls his eyes in the background*

Jeff Probst: Well that narrows it down to one person…

Tiffany [to Jeff]: Yes, Wayne.

Jeff Probst: So, is there anything you’d like to say to him before you vote for him?

Tiffany [to Wayne]: You know, it sucks that it ended up like this – but, it’s the way it works out sometimes. I’m sorry that it had to come out like this, and I think you’re a really fun guy to be around – but you just need to lighten up.

*Theo nods in the background*

Jeff Probst: Now Theo, you’re nodding your head as you’re saying this…are you planning on casting a vote for Wayne as well?

Theo [to Jeff]: I don’t think any of us are sure at this point what’s going to happen. I honestly couldn’t tell you whose leaving tonight, but I do know who I’m voting for.

Wayne [to Theo]: Come on, man – you can’t tell me you’re gonna vote me out so you can be left on a tribe with a bunch of weaklings.

Theo [to Wayne]: I didn’t say a word about who I’m voting for, so…just calm down.

Laura [to Jeff] (almost teary eyed): You know, Jeff – it sucks, because I’ve been working my ass off, doing things I’ve never even, like, imagined doing before, and now I’m being told it’s all going to end because ‘sorry, you’re from the wrong team!’ That’s a bunch of crap…

Jeff Probst: So plead your case!

Laura [to Jeff and everyone else]: Keep me! I’m a good, loyal, trustworthy person who you can rely upon to be a hard worker and have a team spirit. Sorry Wayne, but I won’t give up in challenges, and I have every intention of keeping my performance on full blast. This game means so much to me!

Tiffany [to Laura]: Laura, I feel bad about what I said – I didn’t mean for it to come off as rough as it did.

Laura [to Tiffany]: But the point is still there! If I’m not gone tonight I’m gone the next time we’re here – it’s just what happens!

Tiffany [to Laura]: I wish it could be different…

Laura [to Tiffany]: But it’s not…it’s not…

Jeff Probst: You’re all very connected to this game, but unfortunately it is time to vote. Delilah, you’re up first.

*Delilah Votes*

WAYNE. You act like you’re a real tough guy, but y’a only really care abou’ lookin’ good in front of t’a camera. I wish t’ings could be different – I’m soundin’ like Tiffany now (laughing), but – you jus’ don’ care enough about team, and t’at’s what we need right now.

*Wayne Votes*

TIFFANY. (rolling his eyes) I wish things could be different.

*Laura Votes*

TIFFANY. Screw that ‘I wish things could be different’ bullshit. You’re a good person, but so am I, and so are a lot of other people out here. We deserve a chance based on our merits, not tribal stuff.

*Tiffany Votes*

WAYNE. I’ve been impressed with your work ethic, but you really should’ve applied more of that to the challenges. Best of luck in real life!

*Jamie Votes*

_______. Your time is up.

*Theo Votes*

_______. You have no idea how much it sucks for me to have to do this, because you are SO strong in our challenges, and I have underestimated you at times, but – I’d just feel like a fool if I voted for anybody else. You’re a good person – keep your head up high, and don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re very paranoid…get that under control. I’m surprised you were able to make it through the first part of Council without having a panic attack. I guess you just got a little to sure of yourself.

*Theo sits back in his throne and Jeff begins to speak*

Jeff Probst: I’ll go tally the votes…

*2 minutes pass as Jeff tallies the votes*

Jeff Probst: Once the votes have been read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. You’ve come a long way – now let’s read the votes…

First Vote…


Second Vote…


*Tiffany, nervous before, stares angrily into the fire*

Third Vote…


Fourth Vote…


*Wayne laughs to himself as Jeff continues…*

Fifth Vote…


Tiffany [to everyone] (pissed): I knew it!

Sixth Vote…

Third person voted out of the BOBALNA tribe…

Fourth person voted out of the game…


Jeff Probst: Tiffany, you’ll have to bring me your torch.

*Tiffany slaps her knees and stands. After hugging Delilah she grabs her torch from behind her and walks over to Jeff whom awaits her with his snuffer*

Jeff Probst: Tiffany, the tribe has spoken *snuff*.

Tiffany [to everyone]: Sucks to go out like this, but it’s been a pleasure.

Delilah [to Tiffany] (bawling): Bye Tiff!

Tiffany [to Delilah in particular]: Stay strong guys.

*Tiffany walks down the dark carpet led path and makes her way into the darkness…*

Jeff Probst: This Tribal Council goes to show you that you can never be too sure of what’s going to happen. Power switches from person to person very quickly – remember that. You can head back to camp.

Next Time On SURVIVOR…

Delilah feels the sting of the surprising Tribal Council…

Delilah [to Theo]: T’eo, five minutes befo’e Tribal Council you promised me we we’re goin’ to get rid’a Wayne – YOU were t’a one who tol’ us t’a vot’ for him!

Wayne [to Theo] (from the background): Is that true, Theo?

Theo [to Wayne] (lying): What – no…no, of course it’s not.

The Survivors are forced to face their fears in the most dangerous challenge ever attempted on the show…

*A shot of Charlene running up a flight of burning stairs*

Charlene (shouting): I – I can’t find it – I can’t see ANYTHING!

And one Survivor’s journey finally ends at another surprising Tribal Council…

_____, the tribe has spoken.

Tiffany’s Final Words:

You know, I can sit here and talk about how crappy it is to be taken by surprise at Tribal Council like that, but what would be the point? I did it to myself by getting too cocky towards the end. I was worried for 99% of the game and the second I let my guard down it hits me like a ton of bricks – but you know what? Shame on me for letting my guard down. You have to be on top of everyone and everything 100% of the time in this game if you plan on succeeding, and I wasn’t able to do that. I don’t hold any grudges with any of you all, because I had an amazing time out here. Wayne, I wish you could’ve finished up and ate your shit quicker than Norm, but – hey, shit happens, right? Theo, you told me you weren’t going to lie to me, but I never trusted you anyways, so this doesn’t surprise me. Laura, you seem nice, and I’m glad you get to go farther – you’re just kind of weak to me. Delilah, you’re a true friend, but don’t do like I did and let your guard down – keep it up all the time. I know you can do it, because these people mustn’t be half as tough as beauty contestants, but…you know what you’re doing. Umm…I don’t have much more to say. Keep up the good work, everybody. Don’t get too hungry. Win lots of challenges. Take home Immunity. Last as long as you can and I’ll see you all later!


Tiffany: WAYNE
Delilah: WAYNE

Survivor: Transylvania, Episode 3

by Dolliac

Survivor Transylvania
Episode 3 – Life Is Like A Bag Of Candy– You never Know When You’re Gonna Get Voted Out.

Last Time On SURVIVOR…

Amanda was feeling the heat of living in the forest for four days as nature began to take its toll on her body…

*Shot of Amanda puking behind the bushes*

A conversation between Theo, Chad, and Tiffany was overheard by the rest of the ZAPOLYA tribe…

Tiffany [to Theo and Chad]: So, do you think maybe we should start an alliance?

And a counter alliance was formed by Jamie, Delilah, and Stacey.

Stacey Confessional: It wasn’t who I would’ve picked right off the bat, but an alliance is an alliance!

At the Immunity Challenge Wayne threw in the towel costing BOBALNA the win…

*Wayne [to himself] (during the challenge): Damn it!*

And at their first Tribal Council, BOBALNA chose to send the increasingly weaker Amanda home…

Jeff Probst [to Amanda]: Amanda, the tribe has spoken. *Snuff*



Wayne Confessional:

Well, last night was our first ever Tribal Council as the BOBALNA tribe, and umm, it was a lot more intense than I had picture it to be.

*The camera goes to a shot of Wayne adding wood to the preexisting fire, then stopping to take a breather and chat with Chris*

Wayne [to Chris]: They tried to get rid of me, man.

Chris [to Wayne]: I know, dogg, I know. I just be thankful you’re still here, you know what I’m sayin’?

Wayne [to Chris] (sarcastically): Yeah, I guess.

Wayne Confessional:

I know you’re supposed to take your mistakes out here and reflect on them so that they make you stronger, and I’ve been trying to do that, but I saw my name come up two times last night and both times that it came up – I just got weaker and weaker. Smaller and smaller, you know? So, it’s hard to live with these people when you know that they’ve all given consideration to voting you out. It’s just not easy.

*Laura, Chris, and Wayne stand around the campfire, staring into the flames quietly as the morning sun comes up behind them*

Laura [to Wayne] (after minutes of silence): What they did wasn’t personal, you know.

Wayne [to Laura] (coldly): Say that after you see your name come up a few times.

Chris [to Laura]: You know, you might wanna take a hike for right now, I don’t think this is the right time, you hear?

Laura [to Chris and Wayne] (as she stands to leave): Whatever. I was just trying to help.

Laura Confessional:

Wayne’s problem is that he’s, like, he’s not thinking from other people’s perspectives, you know? He’s, like, he only takes things from the way he’s looking at things, and so he feels like he’s the victim n’ all that, when in reality it was totally the other way around.

*The camera switches to a picture of Wayne with his head resting on top of his folded arms*

Laura Confessional:

He let all of us down by quitting. It would’ve been totally different if he had just, like, if he had just messed up on the challenge – something like that could totally happen to any of us, but for him to, like, quit on us half way through – how do you respect that?

*Switch to a picture of Wayne slowly rubbing his face*

Laura Confessional:

He’s lucky he didn’t get votes from the rest of us.

Wayne [to Chris] (almost happier now that they’re alone again): I just don’t want to be around most of these people.

Chris [to Wayne]: I know, dude, but you gotta stuck it out. You can’t let ‘em see it get to you like this, understand?

Wayne [to Chris]: I guess.

Chris [to Wayne] (beginning to get frustrated): Look bro, you seriously need to stop with this whining and moping, okay? I ain’t down with that. I’m tired of hearin’ you bitch because you got two votes – so what?

Wayne [to Chris]: Who are you to talk to me like that? You aren’t in my position!

Chris [to Wayne]: ‘Cause I didn’t put myself in your position. You either need to suck it up like a man or leave.

Chris Confessional:

Two words for that boy; “Move” and “On”.

Wayne [to Chris]: I think I just want to be alone right now.

Chris [to Wayne]: I understand, but you’re gonna have to chill somewhere else. This is the tribe’s place, you can go off and find your own place to think, a’ight?

Wayne Confessional:

Honestly, I don’t understand what I did that was so terrible. I threw in the towel on a challenge we wouldn’t have won anyway. We were already two or three cages behind and they’re acting like we would’ve had it in the bag had I not stopped. It wasn’t like that. Now, after I’ve been punished for something that’s so inconsequential it’s not even funny – they have the nerve to tell me I need to go somewhere else if I want to mope around. Well screw them.

Wayne [to Chris]: Whatever. I thought you’d be somebody I could come to when I needed support, but you’re not, so whatever. Go off with the rest of the tribe and have a great time.

Chris [to Wayne]: You know it ain’t like that. All I’m sayin’ is that I’m not down with you feelin’ sorry for yourself. I’m not sayin’ you have to go, but either snap out of it or change the subject.

Wayne [to Chris]: Am I the next to go if we end up at Tribal Council again?

Chris [to Wayne] (annoyed): Dude, I don’t know. That’s not what I meant when I told you to change the subject.

Wayne Confessional:

This just hasn’t been a good last couple of days, to tell you the truth. Very hard on me both mentally and physically, and now that I know I don’t have a lot of people backing me up – it kinda trips me out, you know? It’s just never any fun having to be an outcast, and that’s what I feel like at this point.

*Wayne gets up from his spot around the campfire and walks back to the shelter. Before he can get there, however, he is met by Norm who had just emerged from the tower in hopes of finding breakfast. As they pass each other, Norm offers a taunting, almost cruel goodmorning*

Norm [to Wayne]: Are you thankful to see another day here?

Wayne [to Norm]: What’s that supposed to mean?

Norm [to Wayne]: Oh nothing. Just congratulating you on making it past our first Tribal Council.

*As Norm finishes talking, a barely awake Charlene exits the shelter and begins to walk to the campfire. Upon hearing what Norm had just said she quickly speaks up to Norm by jokingly telling him to…*

Charlene [to Norm]: Jeez, stop being such a dick, Norm. Leave the kid alone.

Wayne [to Charlene]: I’d still like to know what you meant by that?

Norm [to Wayne] (in a condescending voice): I should’ve known it would’ve gone over your head. How’re you doing this morning, Char?

Charlene [to Norm]: I’m fine. Still tired, but fine.

Wayne [to Norm]: So you voted for me?

Norm [to Wayne]: You know I did.

Wayne [to Norm] (holding back his frustration): I can respect that. I just hope you realize that this means war.

Charlene Confessional (laughing):

Heaven help us – Wayne is on a rampage!

Norm [to Wayne]: I’m not the one you want to be messing with right now, son, you understand?

Wayne [to Norm]: First of all, I’m not your son. Secondly, screw you.

Charlene [to Wayne] (annoyed): Wayne, what the hell? Calm down.

Charlene Confessional:

Just drama, drama, drama. Jib Jab, Jib Jab, Jib Jab – that’s all that boy does – talk and cause more and more drama. He needs to learn when and when not to speak because he’s just digging himself into more and more holes with that mouth of his.

Norm [to Charlene]: Don’t worry about it, Charlene – now I know what to say to the camera as I’m writing his name down.

Charlene Confessional:

And then, of course, Norm has to come back with this HUGE slap in the face – totally trying to start an argument. Now, I’m not a betting woman, but I’d put money on those two bumping heads later on down the road.

Wayne [to Norm]: Unbelievable. Un-freakin’-believable.

Charlene [to Norm and Wayne]: Alright guys, jokes gone on for too long. You need to just get over this, okay – we’re still a tribe and we can’t function if there’s a gap in our unity.

Wayne Confessional:

It just got to the point where I think I was actually digging myself into an even bigger hole by talking to people (*As Wayne is giving his confessional, the camera switches to a picture of Wayne walking away from Charlene and Norm to behind the tower*), so I decided to just take some time and cool down.


*Tiffany and Chad carry in a huge load of twigs they just gathered from the forest beyond their shelter and plop them on the ground next to the campfire where Pamela sits, sunning herself after waking up from her afternoon nap*

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Care to give us a hand?

Pamela [to Tiffany] (almost blowing her off): No, I’m fine, thanks.

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Maybe I didn’t phrase that right – a little help, please!

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Oh, what for? You guys are doing a great job! You don’t need me in there messing stuff up!

Tiffany [to Pamela] (in disbelief): Yeah, wouldn’t want to mess up your manicure or anything!

Pamela Confessional:

That bitch made fun of my nails – she had to go down!

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Oh bite me, Trailer Trash.

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Look, quit running off your mouth and get over here and help us.

Pamela [to Tiffany]: What’s the point, it’s not like I’m any help anyways?

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Correct, but we can still use you – so get your rich ass over here and start breaking up these twigs with us.

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Listen here, hag, you don’t tell me what to do, okay?

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Excuse you – what did you just call me?

Pamela Confessional:

My nickname for Tiffany up to this point has been Tatoozor, since she’s pretty much transformed herself into a big, ugly, tacky painting, but “hag” works pretty well, too.

Pamela [to Tiffany] (playfully inviting a fight): You heard me – HAG!

Chad [to both]: Ladies, ladies, ladies – let’s calm it down here, shall we?

Tiffany [to Chad]: No, she called me a hag!

Pamela [to Tiffany]: And you are!

Chad [to Pamela] (shooting her a glare): PAMELA! Quiet over there!

Tiffany Confessional:

Pamela’s personality and my personality just don’t mesh well together, so we haven’t really gotten along since the first day we were out here, but – she actually really pissed me off when she started saying stuff to me after we had been working so hard all morning.

Chad [to Tiffany]: Maybe you ought’a run inside – see what the others are up to, eh?

Tiffany [to Chad]: Whatever. Feel free to kick her ass while I’m gone.

Chad [to Tiffany]: Will do, now go.

*Tiffany wipes off her hands in the general direction of Pamela and then heads inside the tribe’s shelter leaving Chad and Pamela alone to talk*

Chad [to Pamela]: What’s happening up there in that scary little brain of yours?

Pamela [to Chad]: Look, I haven’t had anything to pollute my body in FAR too long and I’m a little crabby, alright?

Chad [to Pamela]: Well keep it up – I love it!

Pamela [to Chad]: What?

*Chad does nothing but wink at Pamela and then turn to leave*

Chad Confessional:

I like to screw around with Pamela’s head as much as possible. She’s already a few wheels short of a wagon, but by toying around with all the stuff she’s thinking about I really hope to accomplish…

*he pauses for a moment to think of the right way to phrase what he’s thinking…*

Chad Confessional:

I guess I don’t really want to accomplish anything – screwing with her head is just a fun form of entertainment for out here.


Flip Over, Turn Upside Down
You’re Trying to Find The Key
If Your Tribe Succeeds
The Reward Is Immunity


Chris [to Cory]: I ain’t got a clue what they’re talkin’ about. You?

Cory [to Chris]: I think you and I are on the same page.

Chris [to Cory]: Well, whatever it is, we gonna win, y’a hear?

Cory [to Chris]: Gotcha.

Cory Confessional:

Chris just bugs me sometimes. I don’t know if it’s the constant slang or it just seeming like he’s trying to be something he’s not – I don’t know, he just gets under my skin.


Pamela [to Stacey]: Damn it – more keys?

Stacey [to Pamela]: Looks like it.

Pamela Confessional:

These “Immunity Competitions” or whatever the hell they are – I hate them. I hate them with a passion. Why can’t we just vote somebody out every three days and not have to worry about getting all dirty in the challenges? It just seems like such a waste of energy.


*The Survivor tribes march their way into an abandoned Transylvanian village filled with oddly constructed, dilapidated old gothic structures. Once reaching the entrance of the largest of all the buildings, they head forward, although unaware of where their tribal mats are, and search for Jeff Probst. Both tribes head up the exterior set of rickety stairs to find Jeff Probst perched against the rails, waiting for their arrival. Behind him lies a dark corridor with a floor laid with huge slate tiles. After both tribes arrive at the top of the stairs Jeff begins*

Jeff Probst:

Welcome, guys, to your third Challenge. Today’s challenge is one that will require team work, speed, and the ability to think on your feet. Behind me is a huge tunnel lined with hundreds of slate tiles. On the bottom of sixteen of those tiles are keys. Eight are orange and eight are yellow. Your goal is to, as a team, find all of your eight keys, put them in the locks on the wall, and unlock every lock. First team to show me all eight locks that have been unlocked win Immunity and avoid going to Tribal Council. Sound good?

Everyone [in unison]: Sounds good!

Jeff Probst: Survivors Ready? *Everyone nods* GO!

*Both tribes race into the hallway as fast as they can and begin to turn over tiles. Before long people begin to find keys…*

Chad: Got one!

Brittnie: One for BOBALNA!

Delilah: Found anot’a!

Wayne: Got another one!

*The survivors who had at that point found keys rush over to the locks on the walls and begin sticking their keys in. After trying several times on different locks, each Survivor finds the correct slot and unlocks their locks*

Jeff Probst: TWO for BOBLANA, TWO for ZAPOLYA! This is dead even, guys!

*As time goes by more and more of the survivors get frustrated as they’ve yet to find a key*

Chris: I ain’t got none of here!

Laura: I can’t find any, either!

Jeff Probst: PAMELA for ZAPOLYA gives them the lead by opening their THIRD lock!

Norm: Got one!

Jeff Probst: NORM, tying it up – THREE for both ZAPOLYA and BOBALNA.

Laura: I’ve got another one! I found one!

Jeff Probst: LAURA, giving BOBALNA the lead – FOUR to THREE now.

Cory: I’m right behind you, Laura!

Jeff Probst: CORY coming from behind and increasing their lead to FIVE! FIVE BOBALNA, THREE ZAPOLYA.

Delilah: I got anot’a one!

*Delilah runs over to the wall and unlocks the first lock that she tries*

Jeff Probst: Alright, Delilah catching ZAPOLYA up! FIVE to FOUR, this is anybodies race!

*The camera flashes to various shots of the survivors flipping over tiles. Jamie goes through a whole row in almost ten seconds*

Jamie Confessional:

It got harder and harder as the challenge went along because people were throwing tiles everywhere and so you couldn’t tell what had been checked and what hadn’t.

Jamie (an excited shout): I GOT ONE!

Jeff Probst: We are officially tied up, ladies and gentlemen! FIVE locks open for BOTH ZAPOLYA and BOBALNA.

Stacey: Not any more we’re not!

*Stacey rushes to the wall and begins trying locks. After a few unsuccessful attempts she finds the correct lock and opens it*

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA takes the lead – it’s SIX to FIVE, still anybodies game!

Norm: Found one!

Theo: Me too! Come on ZAPOLYA, only one more!

*Both Norm and Theo race to the wall to begin trying locks. After one unsuccessful try, both men get their keys to the correct lock*

Jeff Probst: SEVEN ZAPOLYA, SIX BOBALNA! This is going to be close!

Wayne: I’ve got one! I’ve got one! YES!

*Wayne rushes to the wall and unlocks the correct lock on his first try. Without even acknowledging his accomplishment, he runs back to the floor and begins to flip more tiles*


*The camera switches from a shot of Jeff to Laura, who flips over one of the last remaining tiles to find a BOBALNA key…*

Laura: I’ve got it! I’ve totally got it!

*But before she even has a chance to rip it off the back of the tile, Jeff Probst quickly announces that…*

Jeff Probst: CHAD wins Immunity for ZAPOLYA!

*The entire ZAPOLYA tribe erupts into a fit of cheers and excitement after the announcement became official by Jeff. Hugs are shared all around with everyone jumping and clapping. Chad walks to Jeff proudly and once again regains the Immunity idol*

Jeff Probst: BOBALNA, you know what this means – our second date together at Tribal Council.

*The camera flashes to the disappointed and upset faces of the BOBALNA members. Laura wipes off her forehead, while Wayne covers and rubs his face. Charlene and Cory stand, silent, with their arms over each other’s shoulders*


Theo Confessional:

After winning our second Immunity Challenge in a row – it’s an amazing feeling! It’s victory and pride and honor all wrapped up in one.

*The camera shows the group of seven Survivors as they reenter the campsite after competing in the challenge and coming out the victors*

Stacey [to everyone]: I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I’m on top of the world right now!

Tiffany [to Chad]: You were on fire out there, Chad – how many did you get?

Chad [to Tiffany]: I think two or three. We all did well.

Jamie [to everyone]: Delilah got two that I can remember – that’s awesome!

Delilah [to Jamie]: We won it because we got somet’ing they don’t ‘ave – unity!

Stacey [to Delilah]: You’re right. No matter how many little arguments we have around camp, we’re lucky enough to be able to put ourselves together enough so that we can come together at Challenge time.

Tiffany Confessional:

I’ve always been the type of person who is always heavily paranoid, and I feel like my time may be coming if we lose a challenge, but man oh man – it feels totally awesome to win that challenge! It was our second, and we only need one more win to ensure that we go to the merge even in numbers! It’s practically a guarantee at this point and we’re only nine days in!

Jamie [to Pamela]: You did good out there today.

Pamela [to Jamie]: Leave me alone. I’m tired.

Jamie [to Pamela]: Can I have a hug?

Pamela [to Jamie]: Get bent.

Jamie [to Pamela]: I’ll take that as a maybe.

Jamie Confessional:

Pamela puts up this façade like she’s always upset or in a bad mood, but when push comes to shove I think she’s really a warm person – this is just her little strategy, to make everyone dislike her so much that they want to keep her around for the final two. It’s pretty smart, but with us – we may just get rid of her to lighten the mood around camp.

Tiffany [to Jamie]: Why is Pamela always in such a bad mood? She seems happier now that we won the challenge, but she’s still being a bitch!

Jamie [to Tiffany]: No telling. Maybe that’s just the way she operates.

Tiffany [to Jamie]: Well she can operate herself on out of here for all I care! She’s been getting on my nerves for the past couple of days!

Jamie [to Tiffany]: Yeah. Just take whatever she says as playful kidding – nobody can be that evil.

Tiffany [to Jamie]: You’d be surprised.


Wayne Confessional:

Well, yesterday we ended up losing our second challenge in a row. Umm…it’s, well, this is probably the end of the road for me. The others haven’t been telling me whose going and nobody seems to want to make any deals with me besides Chris, but he’s pretty far out of the loop, too – so…I think this may be the last day of my time in Transylvania.

*Wayne and Chris sit in the BOBALNA tower and chat while the others are away working*

Wayne [to Chris]: Is it me?

Chris [to Wayne]: I don’ know. They won’t tell me what’s happening.

Wayne [to Chris]: They probably don’t want you to tell me that I’m the one whose leaving.

Chris [to Wayne]: Maybe so. I don’t know, bro, just don’t let this get you down. There’s always time to flip stuff up, you know what I’m sayin’? Get in there and show ‘em how valuable you are!

Wayne [to Chris]: I think they’ve already made up their minds…

Chris [to Wayne]: So you’re just gonna sit back and let ‘em vote you out?

Wayne [to Chris]: What am I supposed to do?

Chris [to Wayne]: Go down fighting.

Wayne [to Chris]: It’s been hard. I’ve been fighting the whole time I’ve been here.

Chris [to Wayne]: That’s your problem, man. You need to lighten up, yo. Just go up to ‘em and be like, look, here’s the deal, I’m an asset to the team and you’re gonna need me for strength type stuff in the future, y’a hear?

Wayne [to Chris]: But they think I’m a quitter.

Chris [to Wayne]: But you showed ‘em wrong today, man. You did well in the challenge and nobody was blaming you for the loss. I think you’re making a bigger deal out of your screw up than they are.

*Wayne, without saying a word, stands and walks to the exit of the tower. He drips down the short stairway leading up to the tower and finds Norm, Charlene, Laura, and Cory all chatting away*

Wayne [to all four]: Can I talk to you guys about something?

Norm [to Wayne]: Yes I’m voting for you at Tribal Council, goodbye.

Charlene [to Norm]: Norm, let the kid finish.

Wayne [to the other three]: Am I the one leaving tonight?

Cory [to Wayne]: We haven’t decided yet, but when we come up with an answer we’ll let you know. There’s no point in having you go after being blindsided.

Wayne [to Cory] (laughing): It’s only a blindside if you aren’t expecting it – I am. I’ve been expecting it for the past two Tribal Councils.

Laura [to Wayne]: Who would you suggest we get rid of if it’s not you?

Wayne [to Laura]: Either Norm, Chris, or Brittnie.

Norm [to Wayne] (laughing): Like that’s gonna happen.

Laura [to Wayne]: Why?

Wayne [to the three]: Because I bring more to the table than they do. Norm and I are pretty much equal when it comes to strength, but he’s a big damper on morale. He’s in this for himself and himself only – I’m willing to look out for the team.

Norm [to Wayne]: You’ve got some nerve kid – we’re all in this for ourselves.

Wayne [to Norm] (calmly): I’m not talking to you, okay? I’m speaking with the three people who are willing to hear me out.

Cory [to Wayne]: Why Brittnie or Chris?

Wayne [to the three]: Because I’m stronger than they are, plain and simple.

Charlene [to Wayne]: Which of the three would you want to see go?

Wayne [to the three]: I would say Norm, but that’s not going to happen. I know it wouldn’t.

Norm [to Wayne] (laughing): You’re damn right it’s not.

Charlene [to Norm]: Hey – pipe down or it might become a possibility.

Norm [to Charlene]: But…

Charlene [to Wayne] (interrupting Norm): Can you leave now so we can talk about all this?

Wayne [to the three]: Alright.

*Wayne walks away and the four get into a close circle and begin to speak*

Norm [to the three]: He’s SO out’a here.

Charlene [to Norm]: Can you please leave, too?

Norm [to Charlene]: What do you mean “Can I please leave”?

Charlene [to Norm]: If you’re going to keep up with your anti-Wayne crap you need to leave, because it’s not helping us.

*Norm sits back, partly in shock from being told off, and part to hear what the others have to say*

Cory [to the others]: I think we should check with Brittnie before we make any decisions.

Laura [to Cory and Charlene]: Definitely, she’s got a vote in this, too.

Cory Confessional:

Going into this Tribal Council I would say there are actually a lot of possibilities for people who might get the boot.

*He pauses to hold up four fingers*

First is Wayne, who knows what hot water he’s been in for the past couple of days because of his attitude. The only thing that’s keeping me from wanting to vote him out is that he’s actually a pretty strong guy when he’s not throwing in the towel, and I can’t pull all of the weight in the challenges by myself.

Second person I’m thinking about voting for is Brittnie. We all love her to death and she’s probably the sweetest and most competent person on the tribe, but she’s just not physically as beneficial to have around as somebody like Chris or Wayne or Norm.

*He pauses a second to wiggle around his third finger*

Third person is Chris who we all have such a hard time figuring out. We call him Eminem because he talks pretty funny, but aside from that – what do we really know about him? I mean, he’s a guy, so he’s just naturally stronger than most of our women, but he actually hasn’t performed all that well in the challenges. With him it seems like the main problem is finding out if his head is any empty shell or if he’s just holding his tongue and is really this master of strategy.

And fourth…

*He uses his middle finger to represent the fourth person*

Norm. Norm is probably one of our greatest assets as a tribe, and as a doctor he can really be beneficial down the road if any of us are injured or stuff like that, but – man, talk about an ego. That guy is quite possibly one of the most pompous people I’ve ever met in my entire life and it’s really starting to get on people’s nerves.


*The Survivors all make their way into the Tribal Council area of the castle and have their seats relatively quickly. After everyone is seated Jeff begins to speak*

Jeff Probst: Alright guys, second time in a row – Brittnie, what happened?

Brittnie [to Jeff]: We were just a little bit disorganized and took a little longer in finding the keys. It wasn’t really any of our faults, though, because we were literally seconds behind.

Jeff Probst: Had you won, would you feel more comfortable with your place in the game?

Brittnie [to Jeff] (rolling her eyes): Are you kidding me? That’s a no brainer! You always feel safer when you can avoid going to Tribal Council – it’s no contest.

Jeff Probst: So would you say you’re vulnerable at this point?

Brittnie [to Jeff]: I wouldn’t say that I’m vulnerable just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a little bit down the road I start to get a target on my back.

Jeff Probst: And why is that?

Brittnie [to Jeff] (laughing): Because I’m not a big, strong, burly macho man!

Jeff Probst: So you think the males in this game are going to pick off the “weaker” females?

Brittnie [to Jeff]: I don’t know if that’s what’s actually going to happen, but I feel like it’s a definite possibility.

Jeff Probst: Laura, as one of the tribe’s three females, how do you feel about what she’s saying – do you think the women are going to be picked off by the men or is there another plan going on?

Laura [to Jeff]: As for what’s happening tonight, you mean, or for the rest of the game?

Jeff Probst: Either one…no, both.

Laura [to Jeff]: Well I can guarantee you that it’s not a female going tonight, I know that much, so, like, that kind of goes out the window for right now. Umm…later on down the line, I mean, yeah, it’s bound to happen, but, I mean, everybody has to go but one, right?

Jeff Probst: Right.

Laura [to Jeff]: So we’re all going sometime sooner or later. Well, like, I mean most of us.

Jeff Probst: Wayne, how does that make you feel, what she just said?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Which part?

Jeff Probst: That she’s 100% positive a woman is not leaving the game tonight. Does that surprise you?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Not at all. I’ve been kind of building myself up for getting voted out, and that just pretty much cements it.

Jeff Probst: So you think you’re the one that’s going?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Yeah, I do.

Jeff Probst: Chris, what about you? Any worries for tonight?

Chris [to Jeff]: Naw, man – it’s all good. I think we all have a pretty clear idea of who the person leaving is, so…it ain’t no big thang.

Jeff Probst: So you’re confident it’s not going to be you?

Chris [to Jeff]: I’d put money that I’ll be around for at least a couple more days, understand?

Jeff Probst: How about you, Norm? You’re a guy – any worries about leaving tonight?

Norm [to Jeff]: Maybe a little bit more than I had before, but I’m still pretty sure that I’ll make it through to see tomorrow.

Jeff Probst: Would you be surprised if it is you?

Norm [to Jeff]: Yes. I think it’d be foolish to get rid of me at this point. I’m too valuable.

Jeff Probst: Charlene, what do you think about what’s going on here? You agree a man’s going tonight?

Charlene [to Jeff]: There’s always the possibility that something surprising can come up, but – to be honest, from what I can see it’s a guy whose getting his torch snuffed in a little bit.

Jeff Probst: Do you agree with Norm that he is too valuable to lose at this point?

Charlene [to Jeff]: Most of the people on this tribe bring something good to the table, Norm included, so I think it’s safe to say he’ll probably be safe for the time coming.

Jeff Probst: Cory, care to give us an idea of who might be taking the walk tonight?

Cory [to Jeff]: Well, the ladies have made it pretty clear that a guy is leaving, and it’s not me, I can tell you that much, so – it’s down to either Chris, Wayne, or Norm.

*The camera flashes to a look of surprise on Chris’ face to hear his name brought up as a possibility for the vote*

Chris [to Cory]: You’re thinkin’ about getting rid’a me?

Cory [to Chris]: Nobody is safe, man.

Norm [to Cory]: You’d better be careful the way you phrase stuff, son, or you’re going to get yourself into some trouble later on down the road.

Cory [to Norm]: I think I can speak for myself, thank you.

Jeff Probst: Well ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to vote. Charlene, you’re up first.

*Charlene Votes*

_______. No real reason other than you’ve been doing very little around camp and haven’t been helping us to the full amount in the challenges.

*Cory Votes*

_______. You’re a good kid, but you’re still just a kid, and we need adults on this team.

*Norm Votes*

WAYNE. You knew this one was coming. Take care, man.

*Wayne Votes*

NORM. It’s me that’s going tonight, but at least I can say the last thing I did was send a vote in your direction.

*Chris Votes*

WAYNE. Looks like it’s one’a the boys that’s leavin’ tonight, and to tell you the truth – I’m kinda sick of hearing you bitch about everything. Suck it up and be a man, a’ight? Learn to get over the little stuff, ‘cause you ain’t goin’ nowhere in life if you’re stuck dwelling on the small stuff.

*Brittnie Votes*

*Laura Votes*

Jeff Probst: Once the vote has been read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll go tally the votes.

*2 minutes pass as Jeff tallies the votes*

Jeff Probst: After tonight you’re down to six. Make sure you’re able to keep at least five members on your tribe so that if we merge at ten it’ll all be equal.

First Vote…


*Wayne rubs his forehead in nervous anticipation as Jeff turns around the next vote…*

Second Vote…


*The camera goes to a shot of Norm as he rolls his eyes and then looks over at Wayne*

Third Vote…


*Wayne does nothing but smile and nod while looking directly in front of him*

Fourth Vote…


*Chris looks around at the others, surprised and upset to see his name come up on the ballot*

Chris [to everyone]: What the hell?

Jeff Probst: That’s TWO votes WAYNE, ONE vote NORM, and ONE vote CHRIS.

Fifth Vote…


Chris [to everyone]: No, there’s no way. No way, uh uh!

Sixth Vote…


Chris [to everyone]: No, man, you’ve gotta be kidding me, yo – this is a bunch of crap!

Seventh Vote…

Second Person Voted Out of BOBALNA…

Chris [to everyone]: I can’t believe it – this can’t be happening!


Jeff Probst: Chris, you’ll have to bring me your torch.

*Chris, still totally shocked, picks up his torch from behind his throne and walks over to Jeff. With a look of disbelief in his eye he places his torch into the slot and watches as Jeff extinguishes his flame*

Jeff Probst: CHRIS, the tribe has spoken.

*Chris, still amazed, throws his backpack over his shoulder and walks out of the Tribal Council area*

Jeff Probst: Obviously Chris didn’t see this one coming. In this game you’ve always got to make sure that you’re on top of everything one hundred percent of the time. Don’t let what happened to him happen to you. You can head back to camp.

*The Survivors stand, grab their torches from behind their thrones, and walk out of the elaborate Tribal Council set and back to their cold night at camp*

Next Time On SURVIVOR…

A twist catches everyone off guard…

Stacey: Oh man, Oh man, Oh man!

As the Survivors Have a Tribal Switch…

Chad [to Brittnie]: Why hello Ms. Brittnie, it’s just absolutely lovely to meet you!

Brittnie [to Chad] (laughing): Well aren’t you just the perfect gentlemen!

Some Get Along…

Jamie Confessional: I feel much more comfortable here than I did on the old ZAPOLYA.

While Others Don’t…

Tiffany [to Laura]: I know – it’s just hard to make a commitment when it’s such a bad situation. I mean, I could say I won’t vote for you – but I’m not really the decision maker, you’ve gotta understand that.

Laura [to Tiffany]: I see.

Which All Leads Up To A Tribal Council That Will Have EVERYONE Talking…

Laura: It’s pretty clear to me who needs to go.

Theo: I don’t think any of us are sure at this point what’s going to happen!

And a Surprise Vote That Rocks Both Tribes…

*A shot of Delilah with her eyes bugged out*

Jeff Probst: _______, the tribe has spoken.

Chris’ Final Words:

Umm…wow. Well, obviously I didn’t see that coming. Check it out, it’s like this – those people didn’t care about anything other than themselves and it’s like – I guess I didn’t go out’a my way to talk to them or nothin’, but not once did they let it be known that I was in danger – not once. Man, I’m just so, man – I’m totally stunned by this. Umm…I came out here to show America that it ain’t gotta be one type’a character that’s good, and yo, you know, diversity is the spice of life, and that’s where it’s all at, but – I don’t know, man, this is just a load ‘a shit. I don’t deserve to be here, I should still be in the game, but whateva, they wanna play it like that, then they can play it like that. Have fun stabbin’ each other in the back. Chris, out.


Chris: WAYNE
Wayne: NORM
Charlene: CHRIS
Laura: CHRIS
Brittnie: CHRIS

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