Interview With Jennipher Frost of America’s Next Top Model 3

by aurora

Jennipher was fun to watch on ANTM! From her spunky move last week where she wrote “ANTM” on her booty to her feisty arguments with Ann and Eva, Jennipher added a very human element to the show. Find out how she feels about her shorter hair, her tiffs with the other girls, and much more!

Hi Jennipher! Going into the competition, what did you feel was your strongest asset physically?

My height and my bone structure in my face.

Once you moved in, were you surprised at the amount of drama going on in the suite?

No, I wasn’t at all! You take 14 girls and put them together, and there’s going to be drama! Especially when we’re all competing for the same thing.

Has it been difficult to adjust to the new shorter haircut?

A little! I haven’t had hair this short for 4 or 5 years. The maintenance level is nice though, and there are so many more things I can do with it now.

Did you know they would end up cutting your hair>

Oh yeah, I knew from day one. I knew it was coming. I thought it would still be longer though, like the middle of my back. I didn’t think they’d go right to my shoulders. They were joking the whole time though that they were going to shave my head bald.

Watching the show on television, has there been anything that’s surprised you? Anything that was going on that you weren’t aware of?

Not really. The only thing was Tocarra – I knew about her problems with her family, but I was surprised at the emotional breakdown with Tyra. She never mentioned that. But that’s the only thing that surprised me. I pretty much knew what was going on.

When it came down to you and Kelle, did you think that you’d be the one leaving?

I had that feeling, I just knew I was going home. I knew it all day, that I was leaving and there was nothing I could do about it.

Were you surprised at the judges’ reactions last week when you wrote ‘ANTM’ on your butt?

I actually was! They made it seem much worse on TV than it actually was. They made it seem like it was some sort of prank, that I wasn’t taking things seriously.

What prompted you to do that in the first place?

They kept asking me to show more of my personality, to have more spunk. And that was me being me. I figured the dress didn’t cover my booty, so I’d do something with it!

The judges and photographers kept saying they felt you weren’t ‘working it’. Do you feel that you had enough direction from them so you could give them what they were asking for?

A lot of the time they’d tell us something like “hold your chin up” or little things like that. But no, we got very little direction. I think the whole idea was to see what we could do on our own, what kind of raw talent we had. They asked us a few times to look at fashion magazines and try to copy what the models were doing.

Do you feel you were edited fairly?

Honestly, no. They cut so much out that the audience can’t get the full idea of what I am like, or any of the other girls for that matter. Like the booty thing – they edited that to make it look like I was pulling a stunt rather than letting my personality be seen.

What about the other girls? Is anyone getting overly positive or negative editing, in contrast to the way they really were?

I think so. Eva gets props for everything she does. And Amanda doesn’t complain at all about her eyesight. She never uses that as an excuse for anything, but they made it look like she did.

You and Ann had quite a battle on the show last week. Have the two of you resolved your differences?

With Ann things are cool, yes. It was just a matter of us being under pressure and we let off some steam. It was miscommunication in the heat of the moment. We sorted ourselves out the next day and we’re cool with each other.

With Eva, I really don’t care. We’ll never really get along with each other.

Will you stay in contact with any of the girls?

Yes, quite a few of them. I talk to some of them every day, and some of them every week. I made a lot of good friends there.

Are you still planning on modelling?

Definitely! In fact I’m moving to New York soon and I’ll be living with Leah.

Anything else you’d like to add about the experience?

I really enjoyed my time living in luxury!

Thanks for your time Jennipher, and good luck with your career!

Thanks a lot!

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Interview With Amy Henry of The Apprentice

by Carrie

Amy Henry has been busy since her time on The Apprentice. She has a book out called What It Takes: Speak Up, Step Up, Move Up : A Modern Woman’s Guide to Success in Business, she’s providing commentary on season two at, and she’s appearing on television giving her thoughts on this season as well. Keep reading to find out more!

Hi Amy! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today.

What is Donald Trump really like?

Smart, charming, funny, a joy to work with.

What was your favourite experience on The Apprentice?

Being surprised by my sister on a trip to Mar A Lago.

If you could come up with a task for the show, what would it be, and how would you evaluate the teams?

Maybe have them create and market a new game at a fair. I evaluate people based on a) solid team work skills, b) creativity and c) performance under pressure.

Can you tell us a bit about your book, “What it Takes”? What can readers expect to learn from it?

It gives readers words of advice on employing more aggressive strategies to move up in the workplace by understanding that competency is not enough.

I noticed on your website that you’re going to be writing another book. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Not yet…still in progress.

What other plans do you have for the future, career-wise?

I am traveling full time as a professional speaker sharing my stories with business men and business women around the country.

What do you think of the second Apprentice season? Have Trump’s dismissals been fair, and are there any contestants who you think will make if to the end?

I’ve only agreed with one of Trump’s dismissals so far. Catch me weekly at 10:50 EST on Thurs and Friday and again on Keith Oberman on Friday evenings with Nick Warnock to see our appraisal on who should be the next apprentice.

Thanks again Amy!

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PIGGIES! – Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 6

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off the episode with Rory throwing a hissy fit to the girls. Not really much of a hissy fit, but more of a “I’m going to throw a hissy fit soon, watch out” fit. He says that the ladies made a mistake in letting him know that originally he would have been gone before Bubba, and he needs to push them not too far, just far enough. Scout says something about Rory being “on a pity poty, he needs to wipe his ass and move on.” Right Scout, right.

Lea is excited about having women in the tribe. Chris looks at Julie, and says that “a pretty girl like her can slip under the radar, make the final 5, and suddenly BAM she’s final 2.” YES! CHRIS I LOVE YOU! Finally, somebody IN THE GAME that sees the Jenna M-Darrah-Amber-Jenna L as the threat they are! GET RID OF JULIE! Please, for the love of God and all that is holy! GET RID OF HER. (Nothing against Julie, I like her, but if another young female that is slipping UTR slips all the way to the final 5/4/3/2 I’m going to shoot myself.) Julie says that the Yasur tribe is more passive-agressive, and she’s enjoying her time with the men. Twila says they just have to keep winning immunity to ensure her and Julie’s safety.

Before the reward challenge, Rory gives a speech to the Yasur women. He apologizes for the “things he said to you girls in his mind” because when he gets angry he gets hurtful. He then proceeds to say that when the men see that Bubba’s gone, they’ll think that he sold Bubba out, so he has to be with the Yasur women now. Their side is his side, but he’s not going to slave around camp if he doesn’t have a shot to stay at the next TC. He then, in confessional, says that the speech he said was so cheesy, he will be surprised if any of the women bought it.

We then see the reward challenge! And Chris and Lea are shocked to learn that Bubba’s been voted out. (Earlier discussion of “everybody loves Bubba” is shot down.) So then Jeff explains the challenge. They’re herding PIGGIES!!!!! Oh my god, the piggies with colored mohawks were so cute. And the squealing! I would have been giggling and laughing the entire challenge if I was there. 5 people have to catch two pigs a piece, and 1 person is the gatekeeper. So the challenge begins, and we get great happy challenge music. No dramatic music, just a comedic score as we see people dive around in the mud for piggies. Lopevi gains a lead on Yasur as Eliza has trouble getting down and dirty for her team. As Sarge comes out to grab the last two piggies for Lopevi, he lumbers towards the pigs and for some reason the music from Deliverance begins to pop into my head. I have no idea why. Maybe it was all the squealing pigs. Anyway, Lopevi wins the reward of steak and eggs!

Twila says that Lopevi kicked the girls’ ass, they were too afraid of getting their fingernails dirty. Sarge is on “Cloud 9.” (HEY SPOILER WORLD, this is a CLUE! Obviously, Sarge said the number NINE meaning it’s a hint that he gets NINTH PLACE. Right? RIGHT? I’M A GENIUS! …Note the sarcasm.) And the Lopevi tribe agrees that if they were Yasur, they’d be pissed at Eliza and vote her out. Over on Yasur, Leann says that the piggy challenge was a hard challenge to lose, and they lost it because Eliza refused to get dirty. Ami and Eliza have a heart to heart where Eliza trashes Scout because if Scout were gone, Eliza could be the sole hindrance in challenges. GREAT THINKING ELIZA. Rory is giddy, because Eliza is becoming a thorn in the side of the team, and he needed a crack in the women’s alliance, and lookie lookie! He found one in Eliza.

On Lopevi, it’s nude sunbathing time! We are treated to Julie naked, which gets the guys going, and Twila just shakes her head. Julie says “I flirt all day long, it’s just how I am.” You know, she’s only 4 years older than me…hmmmm….call me Julie, if you aren’t dating Ethan by the time the show’s over! Sarge now gets all mushy about Twila, he says that he could go to the races or drink a beer with Twila, heck he’d even dress her up in a dress and take her to dinner! Sarge, aren’t you married? For shame! Anyway, he throws a deal to Twila, since him, Chad, and Chris are only three, and 4 is better than three. Twila isn’t sure if they’re saying the same thing to Julie, but she’ll trust them for now.

At the immunity challenge, the Survivors are gonna be put to work. They have 8 tiki idol pieces they have to move across a rope through a bunch of obstacles above and below water. Once all 8 are on the beach, the two people not in charge of swimming with the idol pieces are going to assemble the idol to win immunity. Ami and Chris are first, and Chris slowly edges ahead of Ami by the end, gaining about a one-obstacle lead on her. Sarge and Rory are next, and while Sarge lengthens the lead slightly, by the time they reach the beach, Rory has hauled ass enough to basically tie it up. Julie and Leann (who is, I think, Julie in 10 years…I think Burnett invented a time machine as a twist for this game…we’ll find out at the reunion I bet) are head-to-head, and while they stay even, Leann gets stuck at the underwater portion, and she just can’t cut it. Julie finishes, and Leann tries and tries, but John flies past her, finishes with the last two pieces, and Chad and Twila assemble the idol and Lopevi wins the fourth challenge in a row.

Back on Yasur, Leann has broken out the “pity pot” and says that she hates letting her team down, the challenge was just draining, and she feels guilty because if she doesn’t go home, somebody else is going home because she lost the challenge for them. After talking with Eliza and Scout though, she says she “feels like the best loser ever.” Honey, if you want to be the best loser, you need to gain 100 pounds or so and head over to NBC. Now, I’m not quite sure what happens next, but I believe what happens is Lisa asks to go with Ami and Scout to get food and Ami decides that she wants to vote Lisa out because of it. When on the food hike, Ami says she’s voting for Lisa right to Lisa’s face. Lisa swears on Scout’s Bible hands that she’s loyal to the women, but Ami has mysteriously turned into Adria from BB5 and has gone psycho-nutbag. Rory and Scout talk later and Rory says he adores Lisa, he’d rather vote out Eliza. Scout agrees, but says there’s a tiff between Ami and Lisa. Rory asks what the tiff’s about, and Scout says “Hell if I know.” SEE? SEE? Even Scout, who was PRESENT for the argument doesn’t know what the hell Ami is thinking. Rory, however, is ecstatic, his name isn’t coming up for TC, he’s just happy he’s staying.

At TC, Jeffy asks the usual questions. He mentions that the tribe Scout pick has sucked and not won a single challenge. Ami talks about voting based on loyalty. Eliza says that any person she’s given her word to, they can trust her. When Rory calls her out, saying that he’s never gotten her word, she says “You can trust me Rory!” “Little late for that now.” He retorts. Yay Rory! He’s getting more likeable with each episode. He also says that “he’s in a hot spot and his ass is hanging out.”

In voting, Lisa votes for Rory, saying that she is proving her loyalty to the women. Ami votes for Lisa without a word. Scout votes for Rory, saying she doesn’t want to vote for someone else. Rut roh. And yup, in the end, power-tripping Adria…, Ami, gets her way and Lisa is voted out.

Next week: Julie and Twila “scheme” and Rory is in trouble at Yasur. Wait, wasn’t that the preview for THIS episode?

Lisa’s final words: She says she’s trustworthy, not sure of the reason she was voted out, but it’s obvious Ami had power over the women.

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Forgiveness – Starting Over, 10/21/04

by LauraBelle

Forgiving isn’t something any of us like doing, but to move forward with our lives, we must do it. Otherwise we spend every day in hatred and sadness, and that’s not a fun place to spend any time, let alone every day of our lives.

When Kim was searching for a place inside her from which to pull forgiveness, Iyanla gave her Psalm 139 to read while she journaled at night. She’s simply writing and reading, but this night changes Kim’s life.

Kim wakes up the next morning a new person. She says that while she was writing she listened for the first time in her life. The voice she heard back was God’s. The Psalm basically says, “Show me what I need to see,” and God showed her that night.

Jennifer wakes up angry and not close to forgiving. Iyanla has given her a new routine to follow every day, and it requires her to wake up at 6:15. The first thing she is to do on her new schedule is to work out. After this she is to shower, but she is only given a total of fifteen minutes to shower, get dressed, and finish getting ready. Next, Jennifer is to read and write in her journal. The allotted time for this is much more than she is given to get ready, and this just doesn’t make sense to her.

While Jennifer is journaling, Josie is feeding Chloe, and Sinae is roasting a marshmallow over the stovetop, of all bizarre things. Kim begins redoing her Mission Boards representing what she would like out of her relationships with her sister, her stepmom, and her stepdaughters. She says now she has listened, understood, and really got it. Maybe it’s just me, but Kim looks absolutely stunning today. No matter how much makeup she had before, she was never so beautiful as she is right now.

Sinae shows Rhonda her homework which was to draw a posterboard-sized map of her school. Rhonda tells Sinae it’s time now to test her independence at school. She will bring the map, and show Rhonda around the school.

Iyanla and Jennifer meet after Jennifer is done journaling. When she complains about her new routine, Iyanla tells her a daily routine is good for discipline and safety, and that you keep your mind, body and spirit healthy with a routine. Asked if she has written her intention for the day, Jennifer says yes, and her intention is to practice being herself, and forget about what she is “supposed” to do.” She finally got it this morning. Jennifer says she wants to be happy, and not feel like she’s dragging around five hundred pounds of burden. Iyanla tells her her daddy is her biggest burden. Very slowly and deliberately, she tells Jennifer, “Your daddy isn’t coming back … ever.”

In the kitchen, Kim tells Towanda, “That prayer wasn’t a prayer for wimps,” referring to the psalm Iyanla had her read the night before. She tells her she asked God to show her who she is, and what she needs to to. She feels that at one point in her life a disconnection happened with her brain and her heart.

Iyanla is still with Jennifer, and tells her when her dad left for prison, she was a twelve-year-old girl, and how she’s a twenty-two-year-old woman, acting like she’s still ten. She needs to introduce the twenty-two-year-old to Dad, that he would want to know her. Jennifer asks what if she does not want to believe that, and Iyanla tells her that is the ten-year-old talking, and asks what the twenty-two-year-old wants. Jennifer’s immediate reply is that she wants to be happy. “I need to take responsibility for my actions, feelings and self,” she says. Iyanla tells Jennifer that instead of feeling angry about Mom and Dad not being there for her, to think about who was there … herself. Iyanla also asks if she has celebrated the fact that she is still there. Her last powerful words are, “Shut your mouth, get in line, and let’s move.”

Sinae and Rhonda arrive at La Sierra University, and Rhonda asks Sinae to show her all of her favorite spots by using the map. Sinae says, “I don’t need the map,” and directs Rhonda into the History Majors building where she spends most of her her time. Since the School of Business is close to the boys dorm, Sinae calls it the place to find dates. She also says there’s a park there where the boys take girls to make out. She admits to being in the park with two boys before. In the Housing office they pick up forms for Sinae to fill out to apply for off-campus housing, furthering her independence.

Jennifer and Iyanla are still talking, and this time Iyanla pushes further. Earlier Jennifer had sent her dad an audio tape of herself, but it was returned because the inmates aren’t allowed to receive them. Iyanla suggests transcribing the tape to a written letter. She plans to write as a twenty-two-year-old and tell him she’s sorry it has taken so long for her to forgive him. There is another person Jennifer wants to forgive, and that’s her friend, Jessica. Jennifer stopped talking to her because Jessica’s boyfriend treats her like crap.

Rhonda tells Sinae to catch the bus at 12:30 at a certain corner, and meet her at the address she is giving her on a note. Sinae says she could walk there; it’s close enough, and she knows the way. Rhonda insists on the bus. Sinae waits at the bus stop, and admits to some fear, because the people at school don’t know her sight is poor enough to use a cane, and she doesn’t even know if this bus will take her to the address given to her by Rhonda. She will need to ask the bus driver.

Iyanla and Kim finally meet. Kim says, “I asked, and I am humbled.” She tells Iyanla she was answered by journaling and prayer. She did no thinking, only listening for three hours. She learned the way she acted was not pleasing to God, and that she can’t have a relationship based in anger. God told her he would take her as she is. He told her he needs her to do his work through her. Iyanla tells her he answered her questions because they were appropriate. Kim’s old refrain of, “Why me?” was not an appropriate question.

Kim tells Iyanla that she was stuck on emotional safety before, but now she is ready to completely give up control. She shows Iyanla her new inspired Mission Boards for her sister, stepmom and stepdaughters, and Iyanla says she is speechless. She says the boards are open, honest and heartfelt, and says, “See what a difference a day makes when you let God in?” She ends the session giving Kim an assignment in unconditional love and giving. She wants her to give or do something for every woman in the house, and explain to them why she wanted to do or give that one thing to them.

Sinae catches her bus as planned, and arrives at an ice cream shop to meet Rhonda, who has been joined by Rusty and his guide dog, Rowdie. Despite being sight-challenged, Rusty is a student and teacher, and received his Master’s Degree at Sinae’s school. Sinae, Rusty and Rowdie go inside to have a little ice cream and swap stories. Sinae admits to him that she was afraid to admit her blindness and use her cane at school, but not anymore. She says Rusty makes her feel so at ease, and she is happy to be building a support network.

Kim sees Towanda in serious pain with André gone, and wants to find a way to help her, to give to her, for her assignment. Towanda is so down, she can’t think of any way for Kim to help. Kim moves on to Josie and Chloe and tells Josie she wants to set up a college fund for Chloe to be sure that she has the same chance at college that Josie received from her grandma.

Kim finds Jennifer stressing over making the call to Jessica to ask for forgiveness. Kim sits with her and encourages her every step of the way. Jennifer makes the call and tells Jessica, “I never really blamed you.” She apologizes and says she doesn’t want a guy to come between them. Jennifer makes note after the call of how extra kind Kim is today.

In her final act of giving this day, Kim gives her Tiffany necklace to Towanda. Towanda keeps saying, “No, not your necklace,” but Kim insists, saying that Towanda has the matching bracelet, and if Towanda wears it onstage, she’ll know Kim’s heart is with her.

Watching Oprah years ago, she said forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting your pain, it means acknowledging the other person’s pain. Jennifer did just that, calling Jessica. When Kim does this as well with her sister, it will be an amazing moment.

I Was Clocked By The Mute! – The Bachelor 6, Episode 4

by LauraBelle

Watching many Reality TV shows, at some point I begin to wonder if these people are always like this, or if it’s just their TV facade. The same goes when people begin to flip out; you wonder if it’s just their intenseness on the show. Tonight’s Bachelor doesn’t do anything to clear this up.

Cynthia feels it’s important to get some time alone for her and Byron, since she hasn’t had a date with him yet. She makes a pitcher of Sangria, and takes it to him. Over their glasses of Sangria, she tells Byron she wanted to get to know him, but not in a competitive way. She thinks things should happen naturally. (Like dating a man along with seven other women, and being herded like cattle at the end to see if he chooses you is natural?) Byron says he is intrigued as he sees more to her than just the cover of her book.

The date envelope arrives, and the lucky recipient is Tanya. Andrea gets jealous right away, and says, “It’s hard to watch him with the others.” Tanya is excited because she wants Byron to see her for who she really is, and Byron wants to see where she’s at in her life, in regards to a marriage and kids.

As Tanya is waiting for Byron she admits he didn’t tell her anything about where they were going. When Byron picks her up, it’s in a cute little red sports car, and he says they’re going to drive around where he grew up in Newport Beach.

Once they reach the beach, Byron floors it, and drives the car right into the water! Tanya is shocked until she realizes it’s an amphibious vehicle built for just such a thing. She is totally soaked from hitting the water, but says she’s not going to let that ruin her time. He is unexpectedly happy with her overall attitude about the whole thing.

After driving under a bridge where he used to fish as a kid, they reach land for a romantic dinner for two. Tanya looks beautiful and unlike the drowned rat I know I would look like in that situation. Asked what her type of guy is, she says she’s looking for one that will also be her best friend. Byron says he’s looking for two people making each other’s lives better, instead of one telling the other what to do.

Back at the house, the other women are sitting in the Living Room and talking. Krysta says it feels so different to be part of only seven women sitting around chatting than it did when there were fourteen women sitting around chatting, waiting for Byron and his date to get back. Cheresse says it feels different for her since her date was so long ago. She had had the first alone date. Andrea says it seems different for her as well since her date was just two days ago. The other women challenge her to tell her feelings, and she admits to thinking she’s falling in love with him, shocking many of the other women in the house.

Byron and Tanya come home from their ate, and the women sitting in the Living Room can hear them kissing. Andrea shakes her head, and you can tell she is definitely feeling like he is cheating on her. Byron walks in after he said goodbye to Tanya, and is surprised to find the women sitting there. He makes some small talk, and rushes back to his bungalow. Byron realizes the women heard him kissing Tanya, and is hoping there’s no lipstick on his face.

Mary is chosen for the next alone date, and they will be getting messages together. Cynthia doesn’t like that she hasn’t had a date with him yet, and decides Byron just likes brunettes with small boobs! Yea, that means I’m in the running! Byron takes his shirt off for the massage, and Mary says she’s not complaining.

Mary tells Byron right off the bat she doesn’t feel he’s spent enough time with her. Byron delves right in and asks if Mary felt she was in love with Bob. Mary, still smarting form her Bob experience, says she believes a lot of things. Byron then asks what she is looking for in a guy, and Mary says she is looking for a guy who is honest, loves life, to cry and laugh with, and that would be a good father. All standard answers. They admit their attraction for each other, and share a kiss. Now getting feelings for Mary as well as many of the other women, Byron says he is confused, because it’s so overwhelming.

It is time for a third date, and Byron chooses Elizabeth, which is so beautiful she reminds me of Vanessa Williams. A helicopter arrives and takes them to the Aquarium of the Pacific. They walk through one of those tunnels where sharks sim overhead, and sit at a table set for them near the end. It looks amazing, but I wonder if I would be able to eat in that situation.

Elizabeth asks Byron what intrigued her about him. He answers he liked the questions she asked early on (an answer trying to escape the question, if you ask me). Asked what he would do if they were together and they butted heads, Byron says he would leave for awhile to cool off. Elizabeth makes a toast to a new beginning.

Byron shows up at the house later with a bag and his dog, Sabrina, and announces they’re having a slumber party. He has brought with him champagne and pajamas for everyone. He looks around him and says there’s not a woman in the house who will look bad in PJs. Jayne is not liking this idea at all, and is very uncomfortable.

Byron attacks Krysta with silly string, and then shares a can with her, and they both attack the rest of the women. They all begin playing truth or dare, and choosing dare, Andrea has to give Byron a striptease dance. She originally has reservations, but does it anyway. Andrea asks Jayne, who chooses truth, if she has thought of kissing Cynthia. Jayne says emphatically, “No way!” and adds no offense to Cynthia. The only thing missing at this point is the group seance. Light as a feather, and stiff as a board.

All are dancing very suggestively, and Mary gets put off, and is visibly upset. Byron pulls her outside, and Mary explains it was very deja vu-ish for her, reminding her of the dance she did for Bob. She tells Byron she doesn’t want him to make a mistake with her. He says he told himself from the beginning if someone wanted to leave, he wouldn’t stop them, but wants her to stay. They hug, and she tells him, “You’re so cute.” He answers back that he thinks she’s cute too. The question remains if this was all a ploy on Mary’s part.

Inside the house, Elizabeth says Byron pulling Mary out is a real buzzkill for their party. Jayne is very put off and complaining loudly. She appears drunk. The other women notice Jayne’s change in behavior. She tells Byron they should all create drama now to get the same attention Mary just received. Byron thinks Jayne has some great qualities, but is questioning this outburst. Byron says he feels the slumber party was the right thing at the wrong time, and leaves to go back to his bungalow. I’m thinking with all the tension, Bachelor producers were thinking it was the perfect time.

The women gather around the hot tub, and Krysta sneaks off to take two glasses of champagne to Byron’s bungalow. Jayne wants to know what’s up with Byron leaving and goes to find him as well. She barges past Krysta and gets Byron to come to the hot tub with her. Krysta has another great sound byte and says she was, “clocked by the mute.”

Jayne dose nothing but harass Byron when he comes out to the hot tub. She tells him he stopped the whole world because he eventually chose Mary over the rest of them. Byron is obviously taken aback and feeling attacked. He doesn’t know what to say or do.

The next morning, Andrea and Jayne are feeling paranoid, and they they hear lots of whispering in the bathrooms. The other women are outside talking, and Cheresse wants to know what happened last night. She was upset by the Jayne drama early on, and left before the hot tub incident. After it is explained to her, Cheresse wonders whether he is just a nice guy or is attracted to psychos. She wants to point them out to him and say, “That bitch is crazy! That bitch is crazy! That bitch is crazy! That bitch is crazy!” The women mock Jayne be doing a sendup of her going from a sweet dog-walker to a gun-toting maniac.

At the Rose Ceremony, there is no private chats first. The women are all lined up and waiting. Byron only has six roses to give to the eight women. He reiterates again he is looking for his soul mate and begins choosing women. He presents roses to mary, Tanya, Andrea, Cynthia, Cheresse, and Jayne, eliminating Elizabeth and Krysta.

Elizabeth says this hurts, as she was wanting to get to know Byron more, but it gives her hop thre are decent men out there looking for th same things as her. Krysta says it sucks, and that she must have misjudged the situation. Byron made the wrong decision, and it will be tough to get over him. With her tears it appears there was tender girl inside ll along.

Andrea continues to be over the top, still believing she is Byron’s one and only, and Jayne certainly showed another side to her. Yet, Byron keeps these women around. I think Andrea really is that much out there, but I do believe this show has brought out a very negative side to Jayne that isn’t normally there. And if I know the Bachelor producers, they will continue to exploit this.

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Which is Sexier … Bunge Cords or Ice Fishing – Starting Over, 10/20/04

by LauraBelle

Everyone has different opinions on what is sexy, whether it be body types, clothing, actions, etc. Peppered through the show today are clips of men describing what they consider sexy. Asked what the sexiest thing they have ever done is, one man says, “played hookey from work to write my girlfriend a fourteen-page love letter,” another says “buy my wife a stock portfolio”, and still another says kissing his woman in the airport, with one of his reasons being he knew he was going to get some. Asked what average everyday things are sex, a few different men mention strawberries, and another mentions bunge cords. Asked about a sexy outfit, one may says a white t-shirt, and the airport kisser says a farmgirl outfit. Asked about a sexiest body type, one says round an soft, another man says athletic, and one lucky man says a pear shape. I say lucky because I think half the women in America will now be looking for this man. Asked what is sexy and what is sexier, one man says passion is sexy, and compassion is sexier, and the airport kisser says ice skating is sexy, and ice fishing is sexier. Finally asked what personality traits are sexy, confidence and sensitivity are mentioned and the airport kisser says being quirky is sexy. Really? Never would have figured a guy that thinks ice fishing is sexy could like quirkiness as well.

We are allowed to see Rhonda, Iyanla and Dr. Stan having a conference about today’s show. Dr. Stan believes all the women in the house have issues with sex, especially Josie and Sommer. Iyanla feels they confuse sexuality and sensuality. They are working against the attitude that “good girls don’t have sex.” Heaped on top of that feeling is that talking about sex always makes people uncomfortable. Dr. Stan says his idea for today’s show is to have the women go on a scavenger hunt for what they find to be a sexy item, and they will have to bring it to a group session with him later.

Towanda is saying good-bye to André at the airport (I wonder if they’ll see the airport kisser there looking for a quirky woman to ice fish with). She wanted to tell him not to go, yet she knows she has to through this alone. He is the type of person to need to see it, and she feels he now understands her need to be in the Starting Over house more. While Towanda is still out, Kim places the letter André had written and two bags of Skittles on Towanda’s bed. Kim says André needs to express his love.

A hot man in a tux enters the expected group meeting and hands them a special message from my. The women are to meet at Target for a steamy assignment. Josie is glad because she can now buy diapers. Meeting Amy at Target, the women are split into two teams, and find they are are to find unexpectedly sexy things under fifty dollars. The team that finds the ten most unusual sexiest items in fifteen minutes wins the items from both teams. The team of Josie/Kim/Jennifer finds chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, squeezable peanut butter, shampoo, lipstick, candles, Twister, a blindfold and a camera. The other team of Sommer/Towanda/Sinae finds whipped cream, tights, chocolate, baby oil, and Twister. Amy pronounces Josie/Kim/Jennifer the winners based on having the ingenuity to think of the camera.

After their shopping trip they bring their items to group with Dr. Stan. Jennifer isn’t happy, as she says it’s like talking about sex with your dad. Looking through the items, Dr. Stan asks about the shaving kit. Kim says she thinks having her husband shave her legs is very sexy. Looking further, Dr. Stan finds a greeting card, and Kim says that’s for an unexpected love letter. She keeps the secret that Towanda still has André’s letter upstairs for her. Digging deeper, Dr. Stan pulls out a blindfold, and asks if it is scary. Sommer says it is because you would have to trust to use it. Asking the women if they would use all these items they found, the majority of the women say mostly everything, but are hesitant on the peanut butter and blindfold. Dr. Stan points out that the thing about all these items is they they bring up anxiety, and we need our anxiety up to be aroused. That’s why new partners is exciting. He ends group by telling the women that there is a basket downstairs with questions about sex, and he would like them to share their ideas about them through the day.

Iyanla and Kim are meeting for a private chat. Iyanla identifies that the three broken relationships that Kim wants to mend are all familial – her sister, stepmom, and stepdaughters. Asked what she would need to do to forgive her sister, Kim says first she needs to forgive herself. Iyanla tells her there needs to be communication for there to be forgiveness. From her stepmom and stepdaughters, Kim is only seeking acceptance. Iyanla points out that it has been forty years since Kim’s parents’ divorce, and she still hasn’t forgiven them. Iyanla then shows Kim a “Mission Board” she made for her relationship with her own daughter. When she would struggle to understand her daughter, she would consult the board to remember what she was seeking from the relationship. She wants Kim to do three separate Mission Boards for her sister, stepmom and stepdaughters.

Sommer meets Rhonda at Sarah’s Lingerie Shop. Rhonda is hoping getting better fitting lingerie will improve Sommer’s image of herself. She is introduced to Sarah, who is a professional bra fitter. Sommer still doesn’t want to look at herself in the mirror, despite learning that with her eighty-one pound weight loss, she has gone from a 42DD to a 36D. Sommer tells the fitter it feels tight, but she is used to everything being too big on her now.

While she is still out bra-shopping, the others meet in the kitchen for lunch, and to discuss the sex questions in the basket. Josie leaves to go eat alone by the pool, as she doesn’t want a confrontation. Jennifer says, “Josie brings the group down,” and adds that she has been crabby all day. Kim decides they need to confront her. Perhaps this is why Kim is in the house to mend relationships. Everything to her needs a confrontation.

Kim moves on to show Iyanla the work she did on her Mission Boards. Iyanla sees that Kim practically copied everything from Iyanla’s Mission Board, then realizes instead of writing where she would like those relationships to go, she writes all the bad things she feels about them right now. Iyanla, horrified, shocked and appalled, gives her until the following day to redo them.

The new bra now purchased, Sommer and Rhonda are having a chat. Asked if she feels sexy now, Sommer said she still has a ways to go for that. She has to be able to look at herself first before she can feel sexy. Rhonda tells her that her homework is to list what parts of her on the inside she feels are sexy. Then tonight, she will be the emcee for a Starting Over house Fashion Show. It doesn’t matter what they wear, as she will be introducing everyone by their sexy traits she sees in them on the inside. When she is done with everyone else, she will then introduce herself the same way. Sommer hates this idea, and breaks down with Rhonda. On the way out of the store, she thanks Rhonda for her new bra, saying she doesn’t even think her own mom ever did that with her.

Iyanla is now meeting with Towanda and says she liked meeting André. She thought he was a nice guy and a real charmer. Towanda says that having him there was the best. Iyanla asks what she learned, and Towanda replies she learned a lot, and that she depends on his strength. Iyanla wants to know where Towanda’s strength is. Towanda says it is there, just a lot smaller than André’s. Iyanla points out that Towanda says their relationship is wonderful, but there seems to be a lot of dishonesty. Both Towanda and André withhold the truth from each other. If they both do that, it’s a dishonest relationship. I would have added in something about his immature behavior and how he only sees the physical traits in other people, but that’s not Iyanla’s style.

The group in the kitchen confronts Josie when she comes back inside after finishing her lunch. Josie says it’s not a good day for that. Jennifer argues it’s never a good day for Josie, and that when she gets pissed, she just shuts everyone else out. Josie says she just doesn’t want to be “here,” and when asked to define “here,” she reiterates, “Here. I’d like to go home.” She then goes on to tell them she feels ganged up on right now, and if they want to talk to her about it, please do so individually. Jennifer says, “I just want to understand you.” Josie says again that she feels ganged up on. They all tell her they just want to help. She says, “I just want to feed my daughter and get the [expletive] away from you.” On Starting Over they like to say a breakdown means a breakthrough. If that’s the case, Josie is headed for a doozey right now.

Iyanla is still talking to Towanda about her and André’s relationship. Iyanla asks if she’s comfortable with the dishonesty. Towanda says most of the withheld information is family stuff between the two different families. Iyanla suggests it’s elsewhere. She shows Towanda how she says he is stronger, yet believes he’ll leave her someday for another woman. She tells Towanda she wasn’t her new self with André, and that is dishonest.

Jennifer takes Josie’s suggestion and talks to her one-on-one. She tells Josie it’s not her intention to attack her, she just wants to shed a different light on it for her. Josie says she’s glad Jennifer is thinking about herself, because she knows it’s one of her goals. When Jennifer tries to rebutt this, Josie says you treat me differently than everyone else. Jennifer points out she treats Josie differently because she cares about her very much. Jennifer says Josie is getting defensive and aggressive. Josie yells, and says, “No, this is aggressive!” Jennifer says she’s just tring to understand. Josie tells her “You don’t need to understand me, because I don’t try to understand you!” Jennifer tells Josie, “You shut me out, because you don’t want me to care.” Josie sees what she’s doing, and calms down. She is repeating the pattern of pushing everyone away.

The hot guy in the tux shows up again, and Sommer informs the other women about their fashion show. The hot guy will walk each out as Sommer introduces them. She introduces Kim first, saying she is sexy because she is so uninhibited. Towanda is next up, and Sommer says she is sexy because her smile oozes sensuality. Sommer says of Sinae that she is sexy and sensual in a freakish short of way. Josie is sexy without even trying. About Jennifer, Sommer says she is sexy because her voice is so innocent and endearing. Lastly, about herself, Sommer says, “She is sexy because she’s usually smiling, and she’s open and honest.” In the end Sommer says it became easier to see herself as sexy once she found similar quantities in the other women.

Towanda finds the Skittles and love letter on her pillow. She tells Kim this is André’s very first love letter to her, and the Skittles represent the two of them at the movies – they always get Skittles. Towanda tells her she now knows she needs to bust her ass in the house, as she knows André is supporting her. I think André’s gifts just undermined all the work Iyanla did with Towanda this day. After this, it will be hard for her to see anything unhealthy about it. Kim goes to bed struggling to figure out what she is looking for out of her own relationships.

In the end, I believe all were feeling a little sexier, not necessarily on the outside, but on the inside, where it really counts, well to all except Hugh Heffner. Hopefully they will all steer clear of the airport kisser – he loves women with quirks.

captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 6

In the words of Queen, another one bites the dust! In a shocking vote that surprised everyone in the spoiling community, my hometown boy Travis “Bubba” Sampson was voted off the Yasur tribe. It seems that every time there is a tribe swap, someone in a strong position always pays the price. Can the rest of the “flab five” survive without their token Price Is Right junkie?

A down-and-dirty reward challenge will have our survivors going hog wild, literally. In a challenge where physical strength is important, Lopevi will have a huge advantage. The immunity challenge is in the water so it should be a toss up, but the rejuvenated Lopevi tribe will complete the weeks sweep. Before tribal council, Rory’s speech to the women will probably save his Survivor life and the next castoff will be … LISA.

On a personal note: Go Red Sox! Yankees suck!

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Don't Touch That Button – Starting Over, 10/19/04

by LauraBelle

Every single one of us has buttons that we push on others, and on ourselves that we allow to be pushed. The burning question is why we allow ourselves to be treated this way, and burden others with the same treatment.

Towanda’s husband, André is still visiting, and they are sharing the guest room. André is in the bathroom, and tells Towanda that he has a surprise for her, and she’ll have to wait for it. He adds in a few sexual innuendos, and finally opens the door and throws the wet towel at her. They both laugh at his play, but the only person I know that would be amused by this is my eleven-year-old son, and I think that says volumes.

Josie and Jennifer are watching Sinae play with Chloe, and Sinae keeps repeating over and over that Chloe will be a Super Model and every other label that is synonymous with being a successful woman. Jose and Jennifer are besides themselves with frustration. Josie proclaims that Sinae is pushing her buttons, and Jennifer writes on a note shown to Josie, “I can’t take it anymore!”

Shortly after, everyone is in the kitchen, and Sommer announces she is leaving to go work out. As Sommer leaves, Andre makes a rude comment that she must not work out that hard. He knows why she is in the house as Towanda talks frequently to him on the phone about her roommates. this makes his comment even more rude. Even more rude is the fact that Towanda again finds him amusing, and doesn’t tell him not to insult her housemate, only mentioning that without her at home he has lost his audience. Me thinks this is why he threatened her with divorce papers if she didn’t come home.

Rhonda walks in and asks André what he thinks of Towanda being in the house. He just says, “it’s different” and adds that he thinks she has lost weight. Does he ever think about anything other than someone’s looks? When Rhonda asks for any insider information on Towanda, he says she is stubborn, and that you have to break her. Rhonda, and probably most of the viewing audience, identifies this right away as controlling.

Rhonda and Josie have a chat about Josie’s commitment to the house. Rhonda says Josie is good at getting it intellectually, but not good at getting it “here,” as she thumps her chest. She tacks on a warning that if Josie doesn’t get it soon, she will have to leave the Starting Over house. After Rhonda shows her tapes of her dealing with two experts assigned to help Josie – the animal trainer and image consultant – Rhonda asks her if she is proud of her behavior on the tapes. Josie, seeing her own rudeness, begins to make excuses about her fears, etc. Rhonda helps her realize she should have shared her fears instead of acting this way. She also tells Josie, “No wonder you feel so alone; you won’t let anyone else in!” Josie is then instructed to call these experts and ask how she could have behaved better or been more open.

The others are still in the kitchen, and André has Towanda perform a sexy move for the other women. They must be a hoot at parties. Kim tries to immitate the move. Sommer, the woman who had an affair with a married man, says that Andre is a lot of fun. I don’t think she’d say that had she heard his nasty comment about her weight. Sinae tries to do the sexy move as well, but can’t put herself into it as much, so instead says she’s being Kim. Kim is upset that she always seems to be Sinae’s scapegoat. She knows Sinae is angry at Josie and Jennier, but can’t vent to them since she is worried they won’t like her anymore.

Iyanla takes Andrew for a private chat. She had earlier given him a questionnaire to fill out about how he feels about Towanda being in the Starting Over house. Iyanla tells him that Towanda being there will make her a better wife/person/friend. She then asks André why she won’t share herself fully with others. He explains it has a lot to do with her family’s celebrity status, and they both agree she is controlling. When asked how Towanda controls him, André says she withholds information from him, something Iyanla has experienced herself. Both Towanda and André grew up in controllling households, but André can’t see that he himself controls, he only sees that Towanda still does it. When Iyanla asks what he does when he feels controlled, he says he walks out instead of yelling. Iyanla gets him to realize this is the same thing Towanda’s father used to do, and that she revisits that pain every time he does it. If he truly wants to help her, he should make sure she knows he is coming back once he cools off. Iyanla believes that André isn’t being entirely open, and if she had been given to the chance to see his behavior in the house with the other women, I think she would see another whole different side to him, one that wold explain even further Towanda’s and his relationship difficulties.

Meanwhile Towanda and Kim are in Towanda’s room, playing with Chloe, and to Towanda is keeping an eagle eye on Iyanla and André’s conversation on the balcony, despite saying she trusts him to be honest. Holding Chloe, she mentions how badly she wants a baby after watching André hold her. I hope someone there tells her to get her relationship straightened out before she has a baby.

Rhonda holds a group session, and puts Sinae in the love seat right away. She asks Sinae how her relationship changed with her mom after their visit a few days earlier. Sinae admits that her mom now sees Sinae doesn’t need her help anymore. Rhonda notes that it’s interesting that Sinae’s mom had said the change was that Sinae didn’t want as much. Rhonda reveals that Sinae has earned her second step, “Redefine Mom’s role.” Asked if she feels like celebrating, she says she needs a new outfit. Rhonda, being a little snide today, tells her to take care of that herself.

Rhonda points out one of the changes was that Sinae’s mom used to push her buttons and Sinae chimes in that she doens’t anymore. Opening the discussion up to the others in the group, Kim says her sister pushed her buttons, and towanda said her sister, Tamar did as well, with little things like insults. Asked to name a roommate that pushes their buttons, Sommer names Josie for when she’s upset. Towanda says Sommer because of when she shuts down. Sinae puts it to Kim, saying she pushes buttons when she’s in a bad mood and takes it out on others. Sinae gets singled out by three as a button pusher – Kim says it is when she gets mad about stuff I didn’t do, and both Josie and Jennifer pinpoint their buttons were pushed by Sinae the night before when she ratted them out to Towanda and André for trying to pull a prank on them.

Rhonda gives them all buttons, and instructs them to write on them what makes their buttons get pushed by others. They will wear them all day. The purpose of this is so they will see that they allow their buttons to be pushed, and don’t take responsibility for it, blaming others instead. Good luck with that one, Rhonda. I expect some roommates to understand it much better than others. I don’t think Sinae, Sommer or Josie will have an easy time with this lesson.

André’s brother, Perry, who lives nearby in LA, comes for a visit. When introducing him, the first thing André does is lead him to Kim, and instructs Perry to check her ring out. Perry responds that even “Stevie Wonder could see that!” Kim notes it’s odd that André had said the exact same thing about her ring.

While Towanda is complaining to Perry that she hasn’t gotten enough time to spend with André, André and Kim are secretly shopping. Kim is helping him with his plan to surprise Towanda with a romantic evening including a dinner, flowers and a special letter he’ll write for her. He picks out cornish hens to make, saying that’s one of her favorites. On the way home, Kim tells him she thinks this will help her.

Sinae and Rhonda are having a one-on-one. Rhonda asks if she is suprised to be named by three different people as their button-pusher. Sinae points out that it is all over the prank the others tried to pull the night before, and says it is because she stands her ground if she believes in something. Taking the prank a little too seriously, Sinae? Rhonda asks why she tattled, and she isn’t sure. She then asks Sinae why she likes it in the Starting Over house. Sinae sites it is because of the amazing women she has met, facing her fears, and overcoming challenges. Rhetorically, Rhonda then proceeds further and asks, “Then why did you push those buttons?”

The other women are in the kitchen with Perry, while Towanda, unbeknownst to her surprise is preparing a dinner of fried chicken. Coincidentally, they are talking about André cooking, and Towanda says rarely cooks, and only knows how to cook one thing, cornish hens. We now know why he believes that to be her favorite. Walking in and seeing Towanda cooking dinner already, André hides the food he bought, thinking he’ll just make it the next day to surprise her, and instead just gives her the flowers. Perry then immediately needs to go home to his house to pick something up and wants André to come with. Towanda doesn’t want him to go, since dinner will be done soon, and she doesn’t want to miss out on any more time with him. She reluctantly lets him go, after he promises to be right back.

Josie calls the animal trainer and apologizes for acting that way the day before. She follows her instructions and asks what she could have done, noting she was scared and didn’t know what to say or do. He tells her to just be honest, and don’t blame others like the animals. Josie and Rhonda meet for ice cream, with Rhonda letting Chloe have her first taste of flavored ice cream. Telling Rhonda about the phone call, Josie says, “the experts had more to say than I cared to hear.” Rhonda, not believing that Josie understands fully, asks her what she learned. Josie says she learned that if she wants to stay, she should give herself and others more credit. Rhonda lays it on the line and says she wants effort. Josie will continue to be mediocre, be a C student, will never earn more than minimum wage, and won’t get the home she desire if she doesn’t believe in herself. I think it’s going to take a lot more than that, Rhonda. She needs a huge metaphoric slap in the face. Rhonda asks if mediocre is enough. Josie says no, and then the lightbulb goes off. She now realizies she has been acting blasé, and when arriving at the show, she named that as her worst nightmare. She is going through her life acting like her worst nightmare. Let’s hope this was enough of a slap.

Perry calls Towanda and tells her his car is broken down at his house with a hole in the radiator hose. She tells him dinner is at six o’clock. Perry says they’ll be there in time. When they still don’t show, she is growing more and more pissed. She says they have wasted two hours of her time. The women decide to eat without the two brothers. The phone rings again, and it’s André this time. He is still stuck. Towanda hangs up with him, calls a cab, and then informs him a cab will be there to pick him up. After dinner the women wait outside for André to arrive in the cab. Towanda has big plans for how she’ll confront him when he gets there. Instead, she just coddles him, they spend time in the hot tub, and later hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on their door. Both of these two need that metaphoric slap.

Towanda has done nothing to show André the new side to her. All she has done is fall under old habits. He controlled her by leaving when she was preparing him dinner, and she controlled right back by calling him a cab and demanding he come back. They spent the whole day pushing each other’s buttons. They both act this way as that’s what they know. Towanda has learned a new side to herself, but hasn’t learned how to express herself to others yet. This one has a lot of work to do still, Iyanla.

You Win Five Pounds of Lard! – The Biggest Loser, Premiere

by aurora

Welcome to The Biggest Loser, where the person who loses the most weight becomes the biggest winner. Or, as the announcer introduces us to the show, “These 12 people have one thing in common: They’re Fat.” Way to be subtle there. Already I’m feeling sorry for the contestants, and we haven’t even met them yet.

In the opening shots, we see the twelve contestants walking down a path, while hearing sound clips from each one. Lisa says it’s hard being overweight because you’re limited to what you can wear – you always have to worry about your ‘chub-roll’ hanging over and you have to wear granny-panties to suck you in. Matt has never been thin, and he’s worried that if he loses the weight then people won’t see him for who he his, they’ll only see him because he’s cute. Ryan wants to be an old grandpa instead of dying from a heart attack at 65. Gary is there to get healthy after getting some bad test results from his doctor. David sees himself as an attractive, confident man, but realizes he needs to lose weight. Kelly Mac wants to walk into any store and buy anything she wants. Lizzeth wants to get skinny and look drop-dead hot, as well as become a role model for the rest of her family. Kelly M admits that no man has ever told her that they don’t want to date her because she’s too fat, but she always wonders if that’s the real reason. Dana wants to prove to herself that she can live a healthy lifestyle.

Caroline Rhea, the host, welcomes the group to the show. (And on a side note, my husband said “It would have been better if it were Sally Struthers.”) She says she knows they’re all here for different reasons, but there’s no easy way out. No stapling, sucking, or cutting. This is about changing their bodies the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise. She warns them that there will be temptations along the way, but if they make it to the end they will walk away a whole different person.

Before moving on, Caroline wants them to address their past. Behind her are huge piles of food, each with a contestants’ name on it. These are foods that they ate last week. Each person seems to be grossed out at the sheer volume of the food. Caroline invites them to say goodbye to their comfort foods. Ryan sees five donuts lined up in front of his pile, and digs in and eats one. Hell, why not – it’s the last donut he’ll eat for a long time. The rest of the group is less sympathetic however.

Caroline then takes everyone into the 24-hour fitness gym, which features a mammoth scale with a huge screen which blares their weight. Andrea admits that the scale terrified her, calling it a “big mamma-jamma scale”. Caroline says “Don’t worry, you don’t have to weigh in until, um…right now.” She tells them to go change into their bathing suits and come back. At this point I’m feeling so badly for these folks – not only do they have to weigh in on national television, but they have to do it in a bathing suit. Yes, I do realize they were aware of the point of the show before they went, but having to actually face this is enormous.

After changing, the contestants emerge in their swimsuits. Loads of closeups from the camera crew on various bulges and rolls – is this necessary? Aaron, who didn’t look heavy at all in his tank top, is sporting a pair of man-boobs which he is obviously embarassed about. Each person is weighed and measured, and the results are:

Gary – 227 pounds
Lisa – 236
David – 250
Dana – 175
Matt – 310
Lizzeth – 167
Kelly M – 242
Ryan – 330
Andrea – 215
Aaron – 261
Kelly Mac – 223
Maurice – 436

Maurice says he wants to show America that “just because you’re large and in charge doesn’t mean you’re lazy”.

Caroline now takes the group to another room, which is lined with 12 refrigerators with clear glass doors – one for each person. Inside each one is their personal favourite foods, or as Caroline puts it, their biggest enemies. There’s ice cream, pizza, fried chicken, cake – you name it. Maurice kisses his fridge after waxing philosphical about fried chicken. Caroline points out that there are six people on each side, which means they have been divided into two teams. Each week the team who loses the least amount of weight collectively will have to vote out one of their own members. She adds that whoever ends up the biggest loser will walk away with $250,000. She then warns them to go and get a lot of rest, because tomorrow the trainers are coming.

The Blue Team, made up of Aaron, Maurice, Gary, Dana, Andrea, and Kelly Mac, seem to be very laid back. They’re joking around and having fun, while the Red Team (made up of, well, everyone else) are already talking about calling people out for eating donuts. Lisa says privately that if anyone gets on her case about what she’s eating, it’ll push her to eat more.

Maurice says that his first impression of some of the people was that they don’t stand a chance. He knows that at 430+ pounds, he makes some of the others look skinny. Aaron says that while Maurice will likely be able to lose weight quickly, he will be able to make his body work for him better. David thinks that Ryan will bust into his fridge first, while Ryan thinks that they should automatically boot the person who loses the least amount of weight that week.

The next morning the trainers arrive. Jillian Michaels, a fitness trainer from LA, is in charge of the Red Team. She says that she likes to push people hard, and likens her team to her army. She takes her team to the gym as we meet Bob Harper, a fitness trainer from Nashville. His philosophy is that burnout is never an option. His main focus is to make it fun and to get results. He doesn’t want to run them into the ground or push them beyond their limits. He introduces himself to his Blue Team, and takes them outside.

Jillian says that working out with her can be tough, and often people throw up and cry. Charming. She gets her team moving right off the bat, barking orders like a drill sargeant. Meanwhile, Bob is talking to his team and finding out what makes them tick.

The Red Team is outside running and lifting weights, and Lisa breaks down in tears. She tells Jillian that she doesn’t feel good, and Jillian talks her down. “You’ll cry, you’ll feel sick, you’ll puke – and then you’ll move on.” She tells Lisa to focus, and to say “I can lose weight”. Lisa gets past her exercise block and moves on.

Bob takes the Blue Team into the gym, and has them do various cardio activities. Dana complains a lot and keeps asking if she can stop or slow down, and Bob confesses that Dana will be a challenge. Gary says he was very close to vomiting.

Outside with the Reds, Matt says something about his morning cigarette, which prompts Jillian to reach into his pocket and take out his smokes, break them, and throw them on the ground. She makes him promise he won’t smoke any longer. Ryan snitches to Jillian that Dave smokes too, and she tells him that at the end of the day it’s all about getting healthy.

Over at the Blue Team, Aaron excuses himself to vomit outside. The group rallies around him though, and Bob is impressed that they all got a feeling of success.

The Red Team will be eating on the Eat Less Diet. The goal here is to burn more calories than you take in. They’ll be eating high fibre, low calorie, and low carb. Jillian says they’ll be getting more fibre and more green vegetables to help them feel full, as she feels the portion control will be the most difficult thing. She also warns them that if they cheat, they’d better not lie to her about it.

Bob’s Blue Team is eating the Eat More Diet. The idea here is to deal with hunger before it happens by eating 4-6 planned meals per day, focusing on high volume, low calorie, low carb foods (which sounds an awful lot like South Beach to me). Bob makes them a salad, and Maurice says that when Bob brought his plate over, he was looking around for the rest of it. He dubs the diet the “Eat Not Quite Enough” plan.

The following morning, everyone wakes up sore. Dana says that she got up in the middle of the night to pee and thought that she ‘didn’t have legs’. They all go down to the dining room, where a huge breakfast spread is laid out. There’s bacon, sausage, french toast, pancakes – the works. Kelly M asks if she can just lick a pancake and put it back. Someone pipes up that the only thing they can eat on that table is the plant centrepiece. Maurice sits down and eats seven pieces of bacon, as the rest of them choose whole-grain cereal and fruit.

Time for the first challenge! The teams meet up with Caroline at a race track, and find out that they’ll be pulling race cars down a drag strip. At each of the designated spots, they will have to switch drivers – but the catch is that the doors don’t open, forcing the contestants to crawl in the windows. What are they playing for? Well, five pounds of lard of course! Yeah, I was thinking “huh?” too. The five pounds of lard will be added to the losing team’s weight at the weigh-in, which could make a difference in who wins and who has to send someone home.

The race is on, and both teams are neck-and-neck for the entire thing. The Blue Team ends up winning by about three feet, and they celebrate loudly. Maurice says that they already had the Red Team beat, but now their morale is down as well and that makes him happy. Matt is scared that Jillian is going to be mad that they lost.

Lisa sits in the kitchen crying, saying that she’s hungry and she doesn’t know what to eat. She thinks she just over ate chicken because she doesn’t know how many ounces it was. She thinks maybe she’s just not eating enough and her blood sugaar is low – she doesn’t know. She sounds broken and exhausted. Enter Jillian, who tells them that the next three days are going to be hell. Privately she tells us that they have to burn 3000 calories per person. She doesn’t want them to sleep, she just wants them to round-robin in the gym. When someone speaks up and says “We’re not going to bed?”, she asks them how badly they want this.

The day before the weigh-in, every person on the Red Team is exhausted after working out for five hours straight, and Jillian is pushing them very hard. Matt says that the longest he’s ever worked out was an hour with a video at home.

The Blue Team is working out just as hard, but I guess watching Bob being sympathetic and understanding with his team doesn’t make as good TV as Jillian yelling at her army.

Kelly Mac says that everyone is anxious about the weigh-in, while Lisa is just tired and cranky. Lizzeth is scared of going home, and scared to stay there. If she goes, she knows it’s because she didn’t try her hardest – but she’s scared of staying because every night she’ll be crying for her family. David admits that he’s not there to get buff for ‘chicks’, because he has a beautiful wife at home. Kelly M hopes her body will hold up because she desperately wants this. Ryan adds that is frustrating because he could be working his butt off the whole time, but if his team loses it’s all for nothing.

It’s time to weigh in, and Caroline says that the Blue Team started off with a total weight of 1537 pounds, while the Red Team started off at 1535 pounds. It’s time to put the Eat More and Eat Less diets to the test.

The weigh-in results are:

Gary – 12 pounds (the result made him want to head back to the gym)
Lisa – 10 pounds (usually takes her 2 months to lose 10 pounds)
Maurice – 13 pounds (he’s disappointed and thought he could do better)
Lizzeth – 3 pounds (she’s enbarassed and wanted to cry)
Kelly Mac – 13 pounds (she’s excited because she felt she worked hard)
Matt – 22 pounds (he’s astounded and looks like a 12-year-old girl who just won a truckload of Barbies)

So far, the Blue Team has lost 38 pounds, and the Red Team has lost 30.

Dana – 5 pounds (she’s nervous)
Dave – 10 pounds (he doesn’t get a comment)
Aaron – 20 pounds (woot! He’s speechless. I like this guy. Go Aaron!)
Kelly M – 15 pounds (she starts to cry and her confidence and drive to win is strong now)
Andrea – 6 pounds (she doesn’t get a comment either)
Ryan – 19 pounds (he feels a great sense of accomplishment and that makes the time away from his family worth it)

After adding the five pounds of lard from the challenge, the Red Team ends up with a total loss of 74 pounds, while the Blue Team lost 69 pounds. That’s pretty impressive no matter how you slice it, but the Blue Team now has to eliminate one of their own.

Maurice can’t believe that his team lost. Aaron says that the tough part of this game is that you build support and then you have to possibly eliminate part of your support system. Gary is in the kitchen with some of the Red Team members, and for some reason he lashes out at them for asking him how he feels about losing. Some parts of this scene must have been edited out, because it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. He explains to Andrea that they think he’s with them, but he isn’t. He says that Maurice only lost one more pound than he did, so he’s a clear choice for him. Andrea says the determining factor will be who really wants to be there for a life change. Dana knows that if it comes down to who loses the most weight she’s obviously gone because she’s not going to lsoe as much weight as the rest of them. Kelly Mac tells the rest of the group that she really doesn’t want to go home. Cut to a sequence with sappy theme music that shows the various Blue Team members working out. Dana says she came here to lose 30 pounds, and she’s not going home until she does that.

The Blue Team files into the refrigerator room carrying covered silver platters. They sit down in front of Caroline, who welcomes them to their first elimination. She asks Aaron how he feels, and he says he’s shocked and surprised. He feels badly because he thinks the rest of his team worked harder than he did because he had to stop several times. Caroline asks Dana if she thinks she deserves to stay since she lost the least amount of weight. She does, because she wasn’t expecting to lose a whole lot at the start anyway. Andrea thinks she deserves to stay because she knows what she has to give and she can benefit her team.

Caroline says it is now time to “cut the fat”. (groan) Maurice is first. He lifts the cover on his platter to reveal his vote for Gary. Aaron explains that he’s voting the same way every time with a clear head, and reveals his vote for Dana, telling her that she doesn’t need to lose much, and since she’s so young she can go home and do this for herself. Andrea votes for Dana as well, and Dana votes for Andrea explaining that she feels like a hypocrite because she’s voting for the person who lost the least amount of weight after herself. That’s three votes Dana, one vote Gary, and one vote Andrea. Gary also votes for Dana, which eliminates her from the competition. Kelly Mac’s vote is not revealed.

Caroline tells Dana that she is not the biggest loser, and asks her to leave. She explains that Dana is no longer a part of this game, but advises the team to stay strong and keep up their team spirit.

Dana says that Bob has changed her life, and wants to thank him. She has nothing but good thoughts to leave with. It sucks that she got voted off, but she respects her team’s decisions even if she doesn’t agree with them. She has every intention of going home with everything she’s learned, and will stick to her diet. The next time America sees her, they’re going to break their neck when they turn their heads. A caption at the end of the show reveals that after returning home, Dana lost an additional 15 pounds, got a new job, a new boyfriend, and a new lease on life. Good for you, Dana!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show. I was afraid that the editing would exploit the contestants in the name of ratings, and it does seem that they’ve done that to some extent. But the feelings and heartfelt expressions from the contestants themselves are the saving grace of this program. I felt embarassed and humiliated for them, but their sheer determination and raw honesty made me root for them as well. Let’s hope, for their sake, that NBC has the decency to run the entire series instead of cancelling it at the last minute.

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Grandma Never Wears Tight-AssClothes Like You Do

It’s fashion week, people. Victoria, the ultimate clothes horse, is in her glories. They do say that Fashion Week in NYC is like the Superbowl (at least, in some circles– not mine, though!)

Victoria’s publicist – Matt Rich – wants Victoria to take part in the festivities. She’s intrigued by the idea, but is sort of put-off by how short the dress that the designer of the Rosita & DiSarno line, which wants her to model for them, is.

The boys are also wanted by a designer — GUIDO — (I can’t make this up, folks!) Matt tells her, “Don’t let the name put you off.” They do clothes the boys would actually wear.

Heck! I thought that before he gave the disclaimer.

Victoria wants to make sure there’s extra security and her boys will be protected. Matt assures her and she says she’ll ask them, but doesn’t promise anything to him.

At home, Victoria asks John via phone. He’s like, “Nah. I’m not gay.” Victoria wants to broaden his horizons and thinks it may not be a bad idea to have the boys do this after all. Frank says no. He’s shy so I wasn’t surprised at that. Carmine was intrigued by the idea, but the wanted someone to do it with him.

The boys were no help. Victoria tells the publicist it’s a ‘no-go’. Matt Rich talks with MAURITSIO, who looks like Nole Marin, the sometime judge on America’s Next Top Model. Mauritsio is a fashion promoter and he tells Matt that the boys need to do this. Victoria promised, although we never get confirmation of that, now do we? Then, he tells Matt to fix it or the boys will be ‘blacklisted’ from fashion week, or something like that.

(OH NO! I can’t stand the drama. Help me!)

Matt’s mad that he’s left holding the bag. I hope it’s a designer bag (ha, I kill me!)

He tells Victoria that they need to do this and to think of their futures. Futures in what? Modeling — God no. That would give my children and/or siblings enough reason to NOT do this.

After a lot of wrangling and some arguing, Carmine walks down the runway. He looked good. He was able to walk without training …. WOW! He must be a natural! Where’s Miss Jay when you don’t need her!!! Okay? (Nah, I love you, Miss Jay. Anyone who can walk in heels like you do and look fierce doing it, deserves two snaps!)

Victoria says the boys are “the toast of the town”. They made an appearance at a local street fair and almost caused a riot. They love the attention, but it can be a little unnerving. Some girls ripped off their clothes as they were making their exit. One of their entourage, says, “You guys are like the %%%*($$ Beatles!”

I’m sure John Lennon and George Harrison turned over in their graves at that comparison.

The next night is Victoria’s show. The boys don’t want to go. Matt’s sending a car for Victoria at 3:30 pm and one of the boys at 4:30 pm. These boys don’t know how lucky they are. C’mon. It’s FASHION WEEK!

Victoria has to leave and she puts Jen in charge of staying on top of the boys. She made sure they got there. Gotta give her credit.

As Victoria’s being primped and fawned over before the show, she’s worrying about the dress — it’s too short. She knows the boys aren’t gonna like it.

She’s right. John tells her it was too short and tight. Victoria yells at him and says, “you’re not my father or my husband.” John points out that Uncle Pete tells grandma what to wear. And he adds a dig, “I guess it’s different because grandma never wears these tight-ass clothes like you do.”

Now, that’s a visual I could’ve done without.

—- Panndyra Out. Email me at if you’ve got comments, okay? I apologize to all the models who were hurt in the writing of this review. Save our models — and our hair gel.


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