The Other Woman – The Bachelor 6, Episode 6

by LauraBelle

The women courting The Bachelor, Byron Velvick, are no different than many other women out there – they don’t want to share their man. They don’t want to be cheated on, and they don’t want to be used. Dating under the stresses of being on national television makes these issues worse, not better.

As the show opens, Byron and the four women – Mary, Cheresse, Tanya, and Cindy – are moving out of the mansion. All of the dates from hereon out will take place traveling – either to exotic locations, the women’s hometowns or Byron’s. Chris addresses the women and tells them this week they will all be going on different fantasy dates. He gives them each an envelope which, if and when they choose to share it with Byron, invites the two to spend the night in a fantasy suite together. It will be up to the women to decide if they want to forego their individual suites on their fantasy dates, and spending the entire overnight with Byron.

Mary gets the first date and meets Byron in Whistler, Canada. Byron is interested to see if Mary will finally open up as she’s usually so guarded. Mary wants to be sure she keeps this night separate from the past fantasy date she had with Bob Guinney in a previous Bachelor that didn’t turn out so well. Mary says she’s excited to show Byron how much she loves the outdoors as they find they’re going to take turns going down a zip line. As Mary takes off down the zip line first, Byron says she is nuts, as she does every acrobatic move she can think of, sliding down the line. Byron takes a much less adventurous turn on the zip line, and Mary says, “I enjoy a man who can be a big kid at heart.” Obviously that was her attraction to Bob, who had to be one of the most immature Bachelors.

Afterwards, Mary and Byron set down and talk in what looks like a giant tree house. They admit to feeling quite comfortable with each other. Discussing possible future wedding plans, Mary admits she would love to get married in a place like that, at the top of a cliff. She, and everyone else, notices the walls she built are starting to come down, and she and Byron share a toast with the words, “Here’s to the start of something wonderful.”

Mary and Byron meet up again for dinner at the Fairmont Hotel. Byron can appreciate the difficult position she is in, as he knows how she was hurt earlier by Bob. Byron tells Mary it was so nice to see her open and playful on this date. Mary opens up further, and says she doesn’t want to start something off on the wrong foot, but she’s worried about getting hurt again like she had been with Bob. She doesn’t want to stop him from being intimate with the other women, but she doesn’t want past history to repeat itself. Byron, who has said earlier he hasn’t watched past Bachelor series, seems to know exactly what she is fearing, and what Bob had done. Byron says he didn’t come on the show to see how many women he could be romantic with, seeming to obviously refer to Bob. Even Chris has mentioned in interviews that Bob was quite open with the women, outright telling them he was going to sleep with and make out with as many women as possible. Mary says if he chooses to share himself with other women, then he doesn’t choose her. Mary then moves on, and presents Byron with the invite to the fantasy suite, and whispers in his ear, “I’m so lost in you.” As they head upstairs in the suite, they both feel they made the right decision.

The next day Byron finds himself in Vancouver, Canada for a date with Tanya. They are going to spend the afternoon riding through the park on Segways. Tanya tells him it was hard waiting to see him; she was used to seeing him every day. Byron tells her she was so cool on the date they had in the water car, to not mind getting soaking wet. Tanya tells him it can only get better. They meet for their dinner at another Fairmont hotel for a private candlelit dinner on the rooftop as they watch the sunset. Tanya says this is the furthest she’s ever been from Texas.

Over dinner, Byron and Tanya begin to talk about a possible future. She thinks it’s great that he’s going so far as to discuss where they would live if they got married. She then says she has something she needs to get off her chest, and admits to Byron that in the very beginning when the twenty-five women chose which bachelor they wanted to vie for, Tanya had chosen Jay. Byron says that original vote isn’t going to be what he takes into consideration when choosing the women. She appreciates his feelings, but just didn’t want him to see it on television when the show airs. I’m thinking it will be some of the previously ousted women that won’t want to see their actions on TV, like Jayne, for instance.

Byron moves on and says he thought great things about her from the start. She never seemed to take part in the ugliness and gossip like the others. They move their date to the piano lounge where they enjoy a private solo song. Tanya feels it’s very intimate and romantic, and offers Byron the fantasy suite card, which is met with a resounding, “Yes!” In the suite, they both let their guards down, and Tanya says there is so much energy between them. Byron feels all his troubles disappear with Tanya in his arms.

The following day, Byron meets Cheresse in Sausalito, California. She tells him it took so long to see him, and she’s so glad they will now have twenty-four hours together, is excited to take it to the next level, and hopes he is too.They are going boating for their date, and she says she is pretending they are on vacation. Sounds like two high school kids pretending to be married when their parents are out of town. Cheresse feels lucky and says she has had so much fun. This isn’t boding well for her, though. We aren’t hearing anything about how he feels, only her.

After sailing, Cheresse feels if this keeps going well she will be getting the final rose. They meet for a private dinner, and talk about Byron’s first marriage. She doesn’t feel his previous marriage is a problem, as she knows he is at least open to marriage possibilities. Byron is honest about the day he got married, and says he cried and was sad, as he knew life was going to get harder. Cheresse asks if Byron has been to the fantasy suite with the previous two women. He admits he has, and she makes the difficult decision to not use the fantasy suite, saying that in the real world, if this was their third, fourth or fifth date, she would not be going to a suite then either, and she wants to stay true to herself. Byron says that’s the key, to be herself. He kisses her goodbye at her door, and says her decision will not alter his decision in the end on who to keep.

Byron meets Cindy for the last fantasy date in Sonoma, CA at yet another Fairmont hotel. He ought to have a boatload of small Fairmont toiletries by this point. Byron admits to only getting further confused after the three previous wonderful dates. He knows he and Cindy will have a lot of laughs, but wants to find out if there is a future there. She admits to some insecurities over whether he is falling for the other women. Oddly, they don’t do some fun adventure thing, but instead sit down right away. She gives him a gift, swedish fish and night crawler candy, wrapped in clear plastic, that she feels the odd need to point out that she wrapped all by herself. Good for you. Ah-ha, here is the adventure, as they enjoy water massages together. This consists of a person dragging them through the water on their back.

After, they get together in their bathrobes to discuss the following evening, and she gives him his choice of three dresses. As he meets Cindy for the date, he seems to be happy with his choice. They go to dinner at a winery that has a beautiful long candelit hallway. It is clear they are totally into each other as they kiss multiple times and discuss their chemistry together. There was no doubt in my mind that she would be extending the fantasy suite invite to him. In the limo back to the Fairmont, Cindy screws up the kissing and asks Byron about his ex-wife. She says she’s seen a picture of the ex. Byron can’t understand why this is even a topic for her. She admits to asking because she is insecure, and says the only reason she asked was because she wanted to get to know him. He feels like she’s challenging him. Cindy apologizes, but you can tell the mood has been altered. Cindy feels it was their first fight. The suite is beautifully decorated with rose petals all over, and a bubble bath drawn. As they close the doors to their fantasy suite fun, and we are all well aware of what they’re doing in there, I don’t think Cindy will make final two. I think it’s more of a fun thing, and not necessarily someone he is in love with.

Back at the Bachelor mansion, the four women walk in holding hands, and each feels they enjoyed a special connection with Byron on their fantasy dates. Byron tells the women he is faced with an extremely difficult task, and goes on to choose Tanya, Mary, and Cindy, eliminating Cheresse, and making her wonder, I am sure, if it was due to her not inviting him into the fantasy suite.

Yet, Byron says after the elimination that he admires Cheresse’s integrity, and that her decision about the fantasy suite did not affect his decision. It was based on the fact that their immediate first attraction had waned. For herself, she thought they had fun, and that he couldn’t possibly have been having that much fun with the others. In the limo, normally mild-mannered Cheresse says, “That’s really [expletive] up.”

I do think, at some point, he will regret that decision to let Cheresse go. I think his attraction to Cindy is just that, attraction. Two of the remaining women have extreme issues thinking of Byron with other women. Mary is having the same problem she had with Bob, not being able to accept he can be with other women, despite the fact that this is a reality television dating series. And this is the second time Cindy has brought up Byron’s ex to him. He should realize that is a huge warning sign. I am placing my pick here, and I feel final two will be Mary and Tanya, with Tanya getting the final rose.

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Stop That Or I'll Go Blind – Starting Over, 11/3/04


Starting Over comes on at 3PM here, which was the time of George Bush’s victory speech. Luckily he decided not to spend the entire afternoon gloating, so we didn’t miss the whole show.

When the show comes on, we have Rhonda and Sommer discussing freedom. Sommer reverts to sadness and hurt, but doesn’t stand up for herself because anger is not comfortable for her. Rhonda tells her that anger can be used in a positive way, and encourages her to keep an anger journal.

With Iyanla, Kim is still feeling rejected because Towanda and Jen heard back from their sisters but she has not. Iyanla speculates that Kim’s sister may be taking time to figure out what to say. She narrates that she hopes Kim can learn to give and love with no expectation of a reward or recognition. Iyanla reminds Kim that she is the one with the new skills. Towanda, Jen and Kim are to paint a vision of their relationship with their sisters, then they will come together and make a plan to move toward that vision.

Dr. Stan meets with Josie to talk parenting. He gives her advice on what to look for in a daycare or sitter. He cautions her that soon Chloe will begin mimicking what she hears, including swearing. They talk about values and Josie tells him she doesn’t want Chloe to see anyone naked. He asks if Chloe can see a man naked and Josie says only in magazines and sex education. Before then, she thinks she might see a naked man, but not from Josie. Dr. Stan asks, if Josie’s not going to be responsible for that, then who is? And she gets even more flustered. Dr. Stan narrates that Josie’s trying so hard to not have Chloe repeat her mistakes, that she’s gone too far. He tells Josie he wouldn’t want Chloe to react to her conservatism by rebelling at 13. Then he tells Josie that little kids masturbate. She won’t even entertain the notion. He tells her he just didn’t want her to get freaked about it, and the concept totally upsets her.

Later she tells Towanda about it and Towanda is shocked into a stunned silence. Kim comes in eating a snack and Josie asks if she knows that her daughters touched themselves because it felt good. Kim nonchalantly says oh yah, I already knew that because of an incident that happened. Josie, incredulous, demands to know if it had been confirmed by a doctor and Kim says it was. Jen narrates that Josie’s just being a drama queen. She jokes that maybe Josie is about to have a breakthrough. Josie leaves the room in a huff. “I think I’ve been scarred.”

It’s time for the three sisters to have their meeting. Jen and Kim think their sisterly relationships will start with a simple conversation. Towanda suggests that Kim send her sister a card once a week and Kim chimes in “maybe once a month,” which amuses Jen a lot.

Josie’s discussing parenting with Rhonda now. Josie tells Rhonda she doesn’t like it when the housemates says “bitch” in front of Chloe or sing “hootchie mama” songs to her. (I guess screaming and the effie word is ok?) They role-play what Josie would do when she disapproves of how someone is handling Chloe. Rhonda pulls out a baby doll and pretends to cough all over it, smoke a cigarette and play with scissors. Josie protests mildly but doesn’t move to take away the doll. Rhonda admonishes Josie not to beat around the bush or worry about what others might think.

With Dr. Stan, Sommer is working on identifying emotions. She says she recognises her emotions but doesn’t show them. They explore emotional eating and he helps her see that it never does reduce the stress. She narrates that he is pissing her off because she doesn’t think she has these issues. he tells her the food is a reward for pain, and she agrees with him.

The three sisters are comparing their drawings. Towanda’s is of herself and her 4 sisters as stick figures, with words written all around them. (Why is her brother never part of the picture? I should think he’d be the one with the issues.) Jennifer did not draw a picture but instead made a list. Kim used a photograph of her sister and brother and drew positive icons around it of things they could do together after they make a fresh start. Jennifer narrates Kim is still not getting it and is wasting her time. Kim tells them she learned from Iyanla that her sister has emotional problems. Towanda asks, if you were in a room together who would leave first? And Kim says she would, because she doesn’t want to “get into it.” She feels she has it harder than the others because they are on speaking terms with their sisters but she has “not spoke (sic) to my sister in five years.” She narrates the only way to forgive and forget would be with an act of God.

Sommer and Dr. Stan continue their conversation about food issues. He explains that sometimes our bio-chemistry might tell us we’re hungry, but emotionally we can make ourselves wait. They explore her emotions around food and her parents. He leaves her with some thoughts for the future: 1. Know your history; 2. Understand your triggers; and 3. Know what you’re trying to do when you use food to suppress emotions.

In the kitchen, Josie tells Towanda not to sing the hoochie song anymore and to point out if Josie does it too. Towanda takes it well.

Sommer, on the phone with a friend, says she cries every day and now realizes her parents did the best they could, but it wasn’t enough. She’s in the process of tearing down everything she knows about herself, and it’s like admitting they didn’t do a good job with her, that she’s being disloyal to them. She narrates she has little anger flags going up all over, that everything she has thought about herself was wrong, and it’s like having a catfight with herself.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty – Starting Over, 11/2/04


Iyanla checks in with Jennifer after the “incredible anger work” of the day before. Iyanla tells Jen she has a highly sophisticated defense mechanism, that she has figured out a way to shut down and drop out in stressful situations. She observes that Jen’s anger is “wired up with humiliation” which was what triggered her to be able to talk about it, if not to physically release it. They laugh at the glimpse they have had of Jen’s inner “heinous bitch”. Another day, they will work on forgiving people and moving through the humiliation.

Maureen’s crying on the phone with her daughter Cara. Cara has also been thinking of Joe & Linda, her dead siblings, as a result of the far. They agree nobody in the family has properly grieved their loss.

The women meet in the loft. (I don’t know how many more times I can stand Iyanla’s “Hi ladies, how ya livin’!” Is that a California thing?) She hands out hand mirrors and tells the women to introduce themselves to themselves. She wants them to learn healthy self- talk. She has the women repeat a phrase of forgiveness or desire and each woman has to supply the last word. Maureen has no trouble looking in the mirror but can’t think of anything she likes about herself right now. Iyanla lets her off easy, saying it will take more time to be in touch with, and express, those feelings. Sommer, wearing a cute new outfit, tells her reflection she does not like her confidence. She clarifies that it’s LACK of confidence that she does not like. Then she can’t look at herself, even when Iyanla begs her, “Look at her and ask her – she needs you right now.” Iyanla orders her to make the choice to look in the mirror, and Sommer can’t do it, even to tell herself she’s ok. Iyanla asks what her hope for the future is, and Sommer says “My hope is one day I can look in the freakin’ mirror.” After moving on to Josie, who forgives her reflection for all the mean things she’s said to it, Iyanla dismisses the women and their mirrors, saying “talk to yourselves – just don’t tell anyone I told you to do it!”

Rhonda talks to Maureen about the value of the items that were lost in the fire. Maureen ticks off an impressive list of her collections: Erte’s, Tiffanies, and other important art, along with 5K worth of crystal vases. Rhonda tells her there is a reason why she collected things and for how she feels about losing them – and for Maureen, it’s hard to feel at all.

Jennifer accompanies Sommer to the gym. Marcus asks Jen how she’s doing and she answers him with her mouth full. Marcus notices Sommer has a lot of energy and she tells him she doesn’t at the house, only around him. After a while she does get lightheaded and he suspects it’s because she’s not exercising outside the gym, and still eating badly. They go over her food diary (I would be so tempted to fib in the diary, but she’s honest, bless her!) He marks her naughties with a highlighter and tells her he is going to be watching closely from now on.

Towanda has written a gardening chapter in her biography. She tells Iyanla that as a child, she did help “Mommy” grow vegetables. They talk about getting over the pain of divorce and what it is Towanda’s really angry about. Iyanla asks why forgiveness is so hard, and Towanda repeats it’s because of the pain – but this time she adds the thing she has finally realized is holding her back: judgement.

Maureen, with Rhonda, acknowledges that her collections were substitutions for her losses and children. (yeah but she has such good taste! I wouldn’t begrudge her.) Maureen, sobs that the things she would miss most, and hasn’t found yet, are two Kleenex tissues she had been saving. Right after each one died, she wiped their noses as a last nurturing gesture. (By this time I am weeping too!) Rhonda narrates that Maureen has begun the grieving process – but we’ve already been told 10 times that Mo is always able to cry when she thinks of Joe and Linda.

Iyanla tells Towanda they will now confront the next big chapter – infertility. (Ha! Did I not predict this! I am high-fiving myself!) Even though tests have shown neither she nor Andre has a problem, she has still not conceived.Towanda has been artificially inseminated, and it didn’t work. Those who have been paying attention know exactly what’s coming here – Iyanla tells Towanda her unhappiness has created a “seed of doubt” and ruined her CREATE-ivity. Towanda agrees wholeheartedly. (Apparently the fact that they have been married less than a year has nothing to do with it?) Towanda has come to the realization that she can’t have her father because of her stepmother, and can’t have a baby because of who knows what. Iyanla has her forgive herself for all the things she doubted she could have and for judgements against her father. Then they trace Towanda’s silhouette onto a large mirror. Towanda’s assignment will be to fill in the outline with a garden of positive things.

Rhonda is waiting for Sommer outside and she has brought -yum!- 120 pounds of fat in a big glob. She says Sommer has just been going through the motions and slacking. The women watch from inside and Kim clicks about how disgusting it is. Maureen is nonchalant: “It’s just chicken fat.” (I wonder where she got it. I worked in a chicken plant in college and there’s like 4 ounces of fat that you could actually pull out of a dead bird.) Anyway, they talk about feelings Sommer’s been avoiding. When she was 6, a doctor said she needed to lose 20 pounds but her parents were afraid to make a big deal of it so they did nothing, hoping the problem would fix itself. As a result, she felt rejected, stupid and lonely. Gaining weight is one way to stay invisible. (Ironic, isn’t it? But I can tell you from experience, it’s true. One glance up&down, and you’re dismissed.) All this time, Sommer is shoveling the fat onto the picnic table. She doesn’t want to do anything beyond that and Rhonda taunts her for not wanting to change her destiny. “Damn you,” Sommer sighs, and gets some garbage bags.

Maureen meets with an insurance guy to sort out the fire losses and try to recover some money. She didn’t have anything specifically insured, but he says she can recover damages, especially since the fire was probably her neighbor’s fault. He gives her tips on how to prove she owned some of the stuff, and also how to go about replacing treasured family photos. He reminds her that others may have versions of some of the mementos, even if they’re not duplicates. He shows her his fireproof memory box. It has all his important papers and family treasures. It’s what he and his wife grabbed when they went through an earthquake. Maureen can’t picture herself starting over to fill up a whole box with photos and documents, but he assures her she will get through it.

Sommer finishes loading up a wheelbarrow with fat and Rhonda helps her carry it up the stairs and out to the trashcan. Rhonda narrates Sommer will have to confront her issues in order to heal the wounds. She warns Sommer she does not want to go through all of this only to have her return to her old ways. They wrestle with the sloppy mess and finally get it dumped in. (Now some poor city worker will to deal with a 120 pound trash can full of fat!) Rhonda tells Sommer she will be speaking to Dr. Stan and Iyanla about her, and that Sommer has to do everything they ask from now on.

Towanda is showing her mirror-painting to Iyanla. I am completely creeped out watching this. Towanda is bouncing up and down, grinning like a rictus, flipping her hair and talking baby talk. “Isn’t it preeeeetty?” Iyanla’s thrilled, she says Towanda has changed and so has her song. (I suspect Towanda has simply decided she’s homesick, and is pulling out the stops so they’ll graduate her.)

The women are going out to dinner minus Josie, who has decided she doesn’t want to spend money on food or a sitter. At Frankie’s, the ladies think the waiter Dino is hot, and Sommer, wearing her “Good girls do bad things” shirt, flirts with him. The others tease her for flirting and she goes along with it. The drinks flow and we hear Jen yell “You wanted to get laid!” Towanda and Kim totter away to give Sommer’s phone number to Dino. He indulges them as they do some kind of drunken “mrowwwwr” cat thing. He looks embarrassed, but the receipt comes back with a message on it: “bad boys do good things.” Sommer’s nervous but thrilled, and Towanda sings “you’d better call, you’d better call.”

Maureen calls her daughter and tells her she’s making lists of lost items and what each one meant to her. Cara has found pictures of the living room that might help with the inventory. Maureen’s doing some serious crying now, and this isn’t even about Joe & Linda, so I think the floodgates are open now.

Later in the hot tub, Towanda coaches Sommer on how to behave in case Dino calls. Sommer narrates she’s aware she’s changing as a woman. We hear Towanda say, “you have so much potential.”

Big Girls Do Cry

Tonight was all about the self-esteem beatings these women have faced since the beginning of the competition. Most of these ladies have had to hear harsh criticism. I know that’s the industry, but it’s still harsh.

As a little girl, I wanted to be Miss Universe. Unfortunately, I’m short, have a little bit of acne (still at 31) and struggle with my weight. The ANTM judges would have a huge field day with me, wouldn’t they? I’ve also struggled with an eating disorder — Bulimia, just like Cassie.

Tonight’s episode focused a lot on the challenges that Toccara, a gorgeous woman of size, who wants to be the first black plus-size supermodel. I want that for her. I’m rooting for you, girl.

Now, onto the review….had to vent.

Anne starts off PTSD’ing over her near-miss last week. She and Kelle were the final two. They were both told that they were pretty, but not photogenic. Harsh.

This week the girls have to go on “go-sees” where they meet with clients who decide if they’re what that client is looking for to present their line. Anne likes this because, “I’m pretty in person.” She’s a bit anxious about her photos.

Tyra gives the ladies some portfolios made up from the photos they’ve taken in the competition thus far. Of course, that explains why Anne feels so nervous.

In one day, they are meeting with some of NYC’s top designers:

*Nicole Miller
*Diane Von Furstenberg
*Marc Bouwer
*Nanette Lapore

The ladies are judged on a ‘score’ card. The winner gets a fab-ooooh prize, as usual. Tyra tells them to bring a pair of heels and a pair of flats. All do so, except for Amanda. At Nicole Miller, she borrows a pair of shoes that are 1 1/2 sizes too small. After the meeting with Nicole, she goes shoe shopping in between go-sees. Anne, Eva, Cassie and Toccara go along with her.

They end up being late for the next session with Nanette Lapore, who is very upset at their lack of professionalism. I agree that it was unprofessional and wrong, but she seemed to be even more upset than I thought the situation warranted (and I’m anal-retentive!)

Toccara has troubles fitting into most of the designers’ clothing. She faces harsh criticisms on the go-sees and it’s starting to undermine her self-confidence.

Norelle is also having a hard time with confidence. She says “I’m not the prettiest here.” She also feels goofy and not as elegant as some of these other girls.

At Marc Bouwer, Cassie gets extremely offended when Marc tells her that her hips are too big for modeling his line. Another designer also mentioned that “she’s not exactly a size 2!”

I HATE THAT! I do understand the industry, but that’s perpetuating a stereotype and also potentially harmful to a young woman who already has an eating disorder. No, they don’t know that she has it, but this is the sort of attitude that has ruined the lives of so many models — famous, infamous and otherwise.

At the end of the day, Yaya won the competition; Norelle came in last (and that added greatly to her anxiety!)

Toccara feels as if she has to work twice as hard as the other girls to even be on the same level. She’s scared because ‘you just don’t see a lot of big girls in high fashion.’ Being a trailblazer is tough and it takes a great deal of strength, but I think Toccara (who was chosen as the Covergirl of the week for the second week in a row by the audience) has that potential.

Norelle calls home for encouragement and talks to her amazing mom, who’s just so supportive and loving.

The girls eat dinner at an Aussie-inspired restaurant called the Sunburned Cow. They eat kangaroo. Afterwards, Anne and Norelle kiss in the limo. Yes, they kissed, guys.

Amanda, Eva, Anne, Norelle and a few others hit the hot tub in the apartment. Yaya kicks them out of her room because she’s “having a party” with her friends. Yaya has lots of great qualities, but she acts a bit superior at time and I’d like to see less of that. Yes, she’s intelligent and speaks many languages (so do other people!), but that doesn’t make her better than others.

Cassie is still dwelling on Marc Bouwer’s comment on her thighs. She wants to go home to Oklahoma. I wish they’d send her. She obviously doesn’t want to be a model in New York.

The next day, they have a photo shoot. Miss Jay introduces a scary looking woman (Jay Manuel in drag!) Cassie, who’s from Oklahoma, was a bit shocked at seeing Jay all done up as a woman. Jay said he was illustrating a point about transformation.

This photo shoot would include 2 shots; each shot would feature the girls in a different persona.

Davide (pronounced Dah-veee-dayyyyyyyy) was the photographer. (Note: Cassie also got some bad news from home the night before. Her uncle, Mike, is ill and may die. Now, that makes her want to go home more, but she doesn’t want to be the girl to quit. I think she already has, but don’t tell her.)

Toccara and the stylist have some serious issues with each other. Toccara is usually so positive. She cried at this shoot and argued with that stylist. The first outfit did make her look like she worked at Home Depot. It was nasty and not at all attractive like some of the smaller girls’ outfits were.

Toccara did get comfort from Yaya, which I was glad to see. She also admitted that she was upset most with herself for letting them get to her.

After the shoot, Norelle curled up in bed with some comfort food. She’s afraid she’s going home.

The judges, of course, have lots of opinions. They did a mock go-see as the House of Je’ Ne Sais Quoi. When deciding on eliminations, Tyra put it to Janice and told her that she “sees a lot of discrimination” against Toccara. Cat fight! I would’ve loved it if Miss Tyra clawed at Janice’s big, collagen-injected lips.

In the end, it was Cassie who was eliminated.

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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 8

It’s time for the merge!! After weeks of playing a team sport, tribal councils what seemed like every day, and trying to memorize two extra faces, we finally are down to an individual game. I am so happy to report that the newly departed John K. will not be seen again until late December. The All-Stars hangover is gone, and with a record of 6-2 it’s time for me to make my move.

Coming into the merge, it is clear to see that the two tribes leaders are Sarge and Ami. It will be interesting to see if they are the new targets or if they still continue to control the game. The immunity challenge seems to favor a strong female and the most likely choice is Ami. The women have a 6-4 lead in numbers so the key to the vote will rest in Twila’s hands. She should vote along with the guys and vote off JULIE BERRY.
Congrats to the 9 remaining survivors for a guaranteed spot on the jury!

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The Roller Coaster to Recovery – The Swan 2, Episode 2

by aurora

This week we meet two new contestants who will undergo drastic makeovers for a chance at making it to the pageant and becoming The Swan.

First up is Gina Davis (no, not [b]that[/b] Geena Davis). Gina is a mom of three from Daytona Beach, Florida. She’s almost completely deaf, with only 10% hearing in one ear. When Gina was a child the other kids made fun of her, calling her ‘retarded’ and ‘deafy’, and throwing chewing gum into her hair. As a result, Gina retreated into herself and became very shy and insecure. She says that it’s not her hearing loss that makes her feel disabled, it’s her nose, lack of chin, and extra weight (of which there isn’t much).

Gina’s husband, undoubtedly a contestant himself for the “Complete Jerk of a Husband” award, has “anger-management” issues and calls Gina names. She says that they haven’t even kissed each other in ten years, and she hates it.

The panel of experts come together to discuss Gina’s transformation. They want to give her back her confidence and teach her to stand up for herself, and of course there’s a whole bevy of surgical enhancements to undergo including what appears to be a very difficult nose job. Gina’s treatment will include:


* nose job
* chin implant
* liposuction
* fat transfer to her lips
* lasik eye surgery


* breast augmentation
* tummy tuck
* liposuction


* gum recontouring
* zoom bleaching
* deep cleaning
* DaVinci veneers


* 1200 calorie per day diet
* muscle toning to lose 10 pounds
Our second contestant is Lorrie, a 34-year old police department volunteer and mother of four. Her self-esteem has taken a beating her whole life, starting when her mother used to call her fat and useless. And the second trophy of the evening goes to Mommie Dearest, who wins the “Crappy Mom” award. Who treats their kids that way? Lorrie responded by eating more and more, and gained a lot of weight.

Lorrie married her husband, who was her first boyfriend, after being with him for only two months. Her weight finally got to her so much that one day she decided she’d had enough. She cut out the fat and started exercising, resulting in a 120-pound weight loss. The downside? A lot of excess skin that had been stretched to the limit and refused to tighten up. Lorrie says that she looks like she’s melting.

To make things worse, Lorrie’s husband died of liver disease in 2002, leaving her alone to take care of herself and her children. She is still grieving his death.

The experts decide that Lorrie will need a “full body life”, which will be divided up into three different series’ of surgeries. Poor girl! She’ll also undergo a face life, nose job, and various other procedures outlined below. Host Amanda says that Lorrie will be undergoing more surgeries than any other Swan before her. Ouch.

The therapist wants to work through the trauma of Lorrie losing her husband, as well as allow her to get her anger out towards her mother.

Lorrie’s treatment will include:


* full face lift
* nose job
* brow lift
* upper lip lift with fat transfer
* upper/lower eyelid lift
* fotofacials to even skin tone


* full body lift
* breast augmentation
* liposuction
* tummy tuck


* gum restructuring
* bleaching
* deep cleaning
* veneers


* 1200 calorie per day diet to take off another 10 pounds

Both women go for consultations with the surgeon, Dr. Haworth. They discuss the procedures and make plans for surgeries. The doctor says that Gina’s face will be difficult because it is asymmetrical, while Lorrie will have to recover from three different stages of surgery. The women seem to be ready to get things started, however.

At the dentist, Gina gets her cleaning and veneers done without incident. Lorrie is told that an infected tooth at the back of her mouth will have to be removed, and this startles her. The dentist talks her down (“it’s just one little tooth!”), and after an icky-sounding pop the tooth is gone.

The night before the surgeries, Lorrie gets nervous and calls home for some reassurance. Her kids step up to the plate and tell her they love her and miss her. At least there are some supportive relatives in this episode.

Dr. Haworth explains that the first stage of Lorrie’s surgery will include the buttock and inner-thigh lift, which are risky and rare procedures because of the scarring and risk of infection, but Lorrie is an extreme case. She makes it through the surgery just fine and starts her first road to recovery.

Lorrie’s second surgery consists of most of the facial procedures, and that goes well too.

Meanwhile, Gina is also calling home for some last-minute support. She tells her husband (through an interpreter) that she loves him and he replies…well, he doesn’t. Way to be supportive, moron.

Dr. Haworth explains that Gina’s face is rather awkward for him because nothing lines up the way it should. He says it will be the most difficult nose job he’s ever had to do. Gina yelps as the anaesthetic is administered and seems frightened, but everything works out well during surgery.

During the recovery process, Gina can’t seem to reach her family. A hurricane has ravaged her home and they have been relocated. She finally gets in touch with her mother who delivers the news – the roof on their house has blown off and there is extensive flooding. Gina breaks down and asks her mom if she should return home. Her mother insists that she stay there and take care of her dream first. Excellent, another supportive relative. Good to see!

Lorrie heads back to the surgeon for her last round of procedures. She’ll finally lose all of the excess skin that is hanging from her stomach, and she’s excited. Dr. Haworth compares the surgery to taking a billowing parachute and turning it into a form-fitting dress.

Gina sits outside and considers leaving the program and returning home to her family. She gets a surprise visit from Merline, the Swan contestant from last season who has deaf parents. Gina expresses her concerns for her family, and Merline tells her that if she leaves now she might be able to help them immediately, but if she stays in the program and works on herself first, she’ll be able to help them for the rest of her life. This is exactly what Gina needed to hear, and she renews her commitment to the program.

Lorrie is also feeling blue and wants to go home to be with her kids. She says that she’ll have to give up on her dream, but she can’t take being away from them any longer. Add to that the pain from her multiple surgeries, and this is completely understandable. She packs her bags and goes off to call her family. She cries and tells her sons that she’s leaving the program, but they convince her to stay. It really must have been tough for those kids to hear their mom so upset, but I give them huge props for knowing how important this was for her.

It’s finally time for the big reveal. Amanda gathers the panel of experts together and they discuss how far Gina has come. We get the obligatory recap of what Gina was like only three short months ago, as well as a surprise – the doctors have found a new hearing aid for Gina that has restored her hearing to almost normal! She says this is the first time she’s ever heard her own voice. I wonder why this was left until the end, because some speech therapy/voice coaching would have been a fabulous addition to Gina’s treatment.

Gina is brought in and she looks good. Her new blonde hair is a bit startling and it looks like her face needs some ‘settling’ yet, but overall it’s a great transformation. Her figure is stunning and her newfound confidence is more glaring than host Amanda’s plunging neckline. Good for you, Gina!

Gina goes to the mirror and Amanda draws back the curtain. Gina is overwhelmed and screams “Oh my God!” (note to FOX – the subtitles here were really not necessary). She says that she feels like a movie star.

Lorrie is up next, and the panel is impressed with her determination and ability to come through the extensive list of surgeries.

Lorrie comes in and the difference in her appearance is startling. She looks at least 20 years younger. Her dress is a little strange, but it really doesn’t matter. She looks flawless.

At the mirror, Lorrie is in awe of her new self. She says that she’ll never lack for confidence again, and mentions how tiny her tummy is now. She points to her new breasts and says, “And these…!”, to which Amanda replies, “I know!” Lorrie thanks the panel and gets her kudos from them.

Now we get to find out who’s going to move on to the pageant. I’m almost not concentrating too much on this, since it’s completely obvious that Lorrie will be moving on. Right? Wrong. Gina is going to the pageant. Well, honestly, good for her. It’s hard to deny that she deserves it – she worked hard and really does look great. But Lorrie just looks so completely different, carries herself differently, and has gone through so much to get here. I think Lorrie will end up in the wildcard spot at the pageant. At least I hope so.

Lorrie’s kids and friends are brought in and they all think she looks amazing. Hugs all around. Gina can’t stop smiling, and stands with Amanda as the show ends.

Next week two more Swans will start the program – Erica, who wants to gain the confidence to pursue her dreams and ‘be somebody’, and Christina who has low self-esteem and will resist the experts’ help. Stay tuned!

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Interview With Omarosa

by Carrie

Omarosa – you don’t even need to hear her last name to know exactly who I’m talking about. Such is life when you become notorious for being the villian on the uber-successful ‘Apprentice’!

Lady O is making an appearance on Oxygen’s Girls Behaving Badly on November 9th. She plays a nurse who is working the waiting room from hell, full of patients with highly contagious and visible ailments. We asked her about her experience with GBB, and much more!

Hi Omarosa! I’ve read the preview of your ‘Girls Behaving Badly’ appearance and it sounds very funny! Was it fun for you to play a nurse? What was the whole experience like for you?

Yes it was very fun playing a nurse. I was honored to be invited to join the cast for this episode. I have such respect for the health care industry mainly because my mother worked for many years in this area and provided care for many patients. I always enjoy new challenges.

Were you at all nervous that the ‘mark’ on Girls Behaving Badly would recognize you? Was there any time during filming that you thought she had caught on?

We were very concerned that the mark would recognize me. I worked with the production team, wardrobe and makeup to try to slightly modify my appearance. I enjoyed putting on the nurses outfit, pulling my hair back and wearing those comfy shoes. I am always in high heels in the office so it was big change.

Are you planning on doing more acting in the future?

I look forward to doing more acting in the future. I am a theatrically trained actress and have been on the stage since I was 13. So I am very comfortable about taking on new roles and diving into different characters. I am also training with an awesome coach who is helping me with new techniques that focus on television and film.

People obviously had very strong opinions of you from both sides of the fence. Looking back, are you glad you took part in The Apprentice and became part of Pop Culture History or has some of the negative feedback been enough to make you wish you hadn’t participated?

The Apprentice has changed my life in many positive ways! I am grateful to have been selected out of the thousands of applicants who applied to be apart of this groundbreaking show. In life there will always be individuals who will try to bring you down with negativity. I refuse to allow them to affect my spirit or my ambitions.

How does your husband react to all the attention you’ve been getting recently? What’s his opinion on this whole situation?

My husband is very supportive of the my current situation. Fame is a very interesting phenomenon and I am blessed to have my husband with me every step of the way to help me deal with it.

What has been the biggest change in your life since you became a household name?

The biggest change has been dealing with instant celebrity. It causes you to alter the way you have always done things. Simple things like going to the movies or to the dry cleaner have to be planned.

How have people reacted to you when they see you on the street? How do you deal with the attention?

I get the photograph and the autograph requests and lots of questions about Donald Trump and his hair. I enjoy meeting new people and have no problem handling the onslaught of attention that I get.

I had read that you were planning to create a clothing line. Are you still going ahead with that?

I have assembled an awesome design team and we are working to build a very unique line. I am aiming at a 2005 presentation.

What would you like to say to your detractors?

To my detractors I simply say “thank you”. Because of their constant scrutiny I am even more motivated and determined to accomplish all of my goals. I was once told that the best revenge is success.

Do you feel that the way you were edited on The Apprentice has led to being misunderstood by the media?

Oooh YES!!! I am totally misunderstood by many people, but some of the greatest mind and figures in history have too been misunderstood. My family, friends, clients, students all know the true Omarosa and they love and support me. In the end that’s all that matters to me.

Your website,, has undergone several changes in the past year or so. What can fans expect to see there in the future?

My website is constantly evolving. I hope to get my updates up more frequently and add more photos to the site. I don’t want to make it to busy though. I like the simple elegance of the site and will try to maintain that as I provide visitors the information that they are looking for.

Thanks very much for your time Omarosa! Looking forward to seeing your appearance on Girls Behaving Badly.

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Pandora's Box – Starting Over, 11/1/04


THE EPISODE NO ONE SHOULD MISS!!!! is what we are told today. We pick up where we left off Friday, with the women advancing into a room in a line. We hear Jen say “The trauma is that the bat is here again.” It’s a baseball bat and a cushion on a platform, similar to what she and Towanda used in their fist anger session. Iyanla’s in charge. (Based on what I have seen in the previews and knowing this equipment is used to make the women scream and swing a bat, I am horrified to see that Chloe is there.) Jen is to go first. She picks up the bat and is made to repeat a pledge that she will not harm herself or others. There’s a recap, reminding us that Jennifer feels abandoned and rejected, and that until she gives herself permission to express her anger, she won’t be able to express joy either.

Cut to Rhonda and Dr. Stan talking for the camera. They note that anger often comes up as something else like frustration, then turns inward, then back out as frustration, and over and over in a circle. On the plasma screen, Jen doesn’t want to swing the bat. Rhonda says she’s scared to look stupid, or to admit she has the ability to hit something in rage. She turns it into embarrassment.

All the women take turns saying what makes them angry, to try and inspire Jen. Josie says she doesn’t like being ignored and that Chloe’s father has so much power over her life. Kim says it’s when you make yourself vulnerable and people stab you in the back for it. Towanda says she gets mad at ” a liar and a cheater and an adulterer and an adulteress.” Then they are all talking at once while Jen continues to whine and pound halfheartedly. (Did I mention she is swinging a baseball bat?! And there’s a baby sitting right behind her in a high chair?!) She still can’t get into it and Iyanla gets up to give her pointers. Rhonda and Dr. Stan observe that Jen is just not connected to the seriousness of what has happened to her, that at least she’s mad about doing the exercise and that all the women are afraid of their anger. Dr. Stan says that at some point they have all tried to express anger in a healthy way to “unsophisticated” people, namely men, and it backfired.

Meanwhile Iyanla is accusing Jen of only staying with Jack so she can have someone to vent on. Jen’s just pounding softly and rhythmically and trying not to give in. Iyanla taunts her, telling her she picks and chooses whom to be angry at. She points out the crap Jack has done to her and wonders why it’s not a problem. “I don’t let it ruin my life,” Jen explains and Iyanla shouts, “You don’t HAVE a life, baby!” She tells Jen to “bring the bitch out” and Jen stops pounding altogether. Iyanla, disappointed, gives the others a turn. Iyanla gets up (and now I’m even madder because we have already seen how Towanda gets with a baseball bat, and the baby is STILL THERE PEOPLE!) Iyanla narrates that things that would make a normal person wail like a baby, have no effect on Towanda. Rhonda observes that Towanda has two parents, yet feels abandoned. Towanda starts wailing on the cushion, screaming about “The daddy”. Sommer breaks down, saying she’s afraid of anger. Dr. Stan says she feels threatened and something traumatic must have happened to her. (I’m sorry, but she reminds me of when I was a kid about to get walloped by my mother – I would always cry pre-emptively, hoping she’d go easy on me. I think Sommer’s feigning hysteria because she does not want to be seen sticking her butt out and waving that bat.) Rhonda observes Sommer has a lot to be afraid of, what with no drinking, and trying to quit smoking. Iyanla tries to get her to take a turn (Don’t the Bitch have somebody she’d like to whack a time or two?) Sommer complains that her arms are itching and narrates that maybe she’s just one of those weird people who have pain but not anger.

Iyanla encourages all the women to summon their inner bitch, whatever her name may be – Shaquanda, Nay-Nay… “she will CUT you.”

Kim takes a turn and wails about having to raise herself (I thought she said her mother was always there for her?) and that she was robbed of a childhood. Iyanla narrates that Kim projects her emotions onto other people and refuses to take responsibility for her anger, making up stories in her head to keep being the angry victim. “If people are afraid you’ll blow up, they will not tell you the truth.” Kim whacks til she’s breathless, and we go back up to the loft for the play-by-play from Dr. Stan and Rhonda, who talk about the importance of having a physical release and the getting counseling to talk about anger.

Josie’s next. She starts in right away screaming about Chloe’s father and whacking with the bat while the baby sits right behind her, watching. We hear Dr. Stan say that if the baby was older, this would be traumatic, but right now she thinks it’s a game. (Oh yeah, a funny game in which a baby could get whacked with a baseball bat! And are we to believe that when Chloe reaches a certain age, Josie’s habitual screaming and swearing will suddenly stop?) He’s happy because Josie’s is the purest form of raw anger we’ve seen so far. Finally, mercifully, Iyanla signals Towanda to take the baby out of the room as Josie, oblivious, gets wild with the bat and really loses herself in whacking. “She’s mine! Not yours!” (Gee, I could swear they were trying to get her to include him in Chloe’s life last week.) When she’s finished she stands there crying and Iyanla holds her. (I feel like a lot of dangerous attitudes just got reinforced here.) Sommer comes in and joins the hug. Josie narrates that she relates to Sommer being scared of other peoples’ anger because when her dad was raging, she never knew if she would get hurt.

Iyanla explains to Jen that just below her anger is the hurt, and the way to the hurt is through the anger. We can ignore the hurt but it sucks the life out of us. What hurts Jen the most is being humiliated, like when kids picked on her about her family situation. She gets up to try whacking again, this time with her favorite mantra “It’s not fair.” This seems to work, and she manages to get pretty worked up. Kim is weeping on the sidelines and Iyanla is crying too by the time Jen’s done. She apologizes to Jen, saying “You’ve done really well with nothing and nobody.” Iyanla says there’s no way to make it any different and now Maureen is crying, with Towanda rubbing her back. Iyanla holds Jen and they cry together. Jennifer narrates that it’s hard to admit she has some anger, but she does feel she has let something go. Iyanla asks the group how they feel and they tell her it was draining. No, she corrects them, it was uplifting. “Get a new language.” They do a group hug and Iyanla makes up a funny “Starting Over” song.

Don't Look a Gift Sock in the Mouth – Starting Over, 10/29/04


It’s time for Josie to take her mom from the motel to the airport. All in all, Josie feels it was a good visit.

Kim and Jennifer were asked by Iyanla to get up early this morning. Neither knows why. Iyanla calls Jen on the phone and tells her to look behind the bar, where a canvas and some paints and brushes are hidden. Jen’s assignment is to paint a picture of what anger looks like. Jennifer is miffed. “I don’t know why everyone thinks I have this anger issue.” She thinks the other women in the house are the ones who need this exercise. Kim narrates that deep down, Jennifer is angry. Jennifer doesn’t know if she will be able to complete the task.

Josie helps her mother pack and Nancy carries Chloe to the van and buckles her into the safety seat. Josie drives to the airport.

Back at the house there is a visitor for Kim. He is captioned as “mystery man.” He’s got a long-stemmed rose and a tray with 3 breakfasts to choose from: a cinnamon bun, a bowl of cereal and a croissant garnished with grapes. Kim chooses the croissant and grapes and Mystery Man hands her a note from Iyanla which reads: IS THIS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU? “Do you get this?” Kim asks Jen. “No,” Jen replies. “Do I get MY assignment? No.”

Josie drops her mother off at the airport. Nancy’s wearing makeup and her hair is pulled back in a pretty braid. She kisses Chloe. “Bye, Sugar Bear.” She’s proud of Josie, and Josie narrates she believes the near future will consist of them supporting each other.

Kim’s trying to figure out Iyanla’s note while Jen begins painting. She decides to draw a line down the center of the canvas and paint a pretty picture on one side, then on the other side, something to show the explosive anger she admits to having.

Time for a loft meeting, without Josie who’s not back from the airport. Sommer’s on the lo-o-o-ve seat – the chair right beside the Life Coaches that’s reserved for whomever’s on the spot that day. The plasma screen comes down and Sommer has earned a step- “reality check”. Rhonda asks Sommer what her reality checks are, and Sommer says food issues, mainly that she didn’t know she had them. Another was anger – turns out Sommer is not that happy after all and does have anger. Rhonda goes around the room and asks the women how they all relate to this. Towanda says for her it means she doesn’t know everything and isn’t always right. Jen says she doesn’t forgive people and holds grudges, so she can’t love anyone. She believes she has forgiven her father, but Rhonda’s not so sure. “Do you smile when you think of your dad?” No. “Do you feel loved by him?” Yes. “Do you want anything from him?” No. Rhonda just gets this spooky smile on her face and says, “Congratulations. You’re close.” Back to Sommer, the next step will be to meet challenges. They go around the room again and Towanda wishes Sommer could take a compliment. Sommer narrates that she always thinks it’s insincere because nobody could possibly mean anything nice they say about her. Rhonda observes that this might be due to body image problems, and Jen remembers that getting ready to go out, Sommer didn’t want to try to look good, in case she got rejected. “What are we waiting for?” Jen demands in a rare moment of lucidity. Sommer’s “challenge” (I think this is the new word for “assignment” will be to spend some time with Linda Arroz, a plus-size model who is also a makeover consultant. The woman all applaud the idea of Sommer getting some clothes that fit.

Jen finishes her painting. The happy side has a tree, the sun and green grass. The angry side has a red blob contained within a field of white canvas.

“Mystery Man” returns. (At least this one gets to keep his shirt on.) He presents Kim with another rose and tells her she must choose one of three tasks: Make lunch or a snack for all the other women; clean the pool (she’s disgusted with that one right away); or create decorations for everyone’s bedroom. Kim chooses to make lunch for her housemates.

Sommer goes shopping with Linda and she is more enthusiastic. (I wonder if Linda is less of a threat because she’s big, unlike Sommer’s mentor Andy, who’s several years post-op and maintaining a thin body? Anyway, Linda seems very sweet and they get along well.) Linda shows her how to choose clothes to create an optical illusion. She narrates that Sommer really doesn’t have a preferred style, but she’s happy to work with that. She wants Sommer to try for softness with strength, pretty with an edge. Sommer gets a little apprehensive at try-on time because she’s afraid she might choose something that turns out to be too small and make herself feel bad. Linda keeps her on track, even though she refuses to try touching the fabric of a blouse she has on, because the top is form-fitting and Sommer doesn’t want to feel her body.

Jen shows her artwork to Towanda, who wants to explore it with her. Jen shushes her and tells her not to analyze it because Iyanla will be “psychologizing it” later on. Towanda wonders how Jen will prepare for her meeting with Towanda and Jen tells her she does not prepare and has done well so far. In confessional, Jen admits she is in denial about having any anger.

Kim has everyone in the kitchen and each one in turn, tells her what to prepare for lunch. It’s leftovers from the fridge, and Jen narrates that Kim has chose this because it’s the easiest. Each housemate has to stand there and show her which piece of leftover meat, how much potato salad, et cetera. Maureen stands there while Kim does a p-b and potato chip sandwich for her.

Meanwhile, Sommer has discovered to her surprise that putting on clothes that fit, makes you look at the shape of your body. She narrates she’s feeling good for the first time in a long time. With the help of a clerk who’s a dead ringer for Star Jones, She and Linda leave the store with 3 bags of clothes.

Jen brings her painting to Iyanla. Jen repeats that she feels like she’s not angry “but you guys keep telling me I am. Iyanla points out you don’t have to be angry to be harboring anger. She notes that Jen’s picture of anger is very contained, but anger isn’t usually like that. Jen says this is where she gets confused and Iyanla orders her to “stop claiming confusion.” Jen backs up and says she doesn’t know how to pinpoint what her anger would look like, unlike someone who goes around kicking animals. “I hear anger and I…” We see her pull her body back and sigh. “Don’t edit!” Iyanla prompts, but it’s too late. Reined in again. They go through a printed list of anger symptoms like irritated, bothered, annoyed, critical, controlling, isolated. Then Iyanla asks which traits fit her mother’s anger and Jen picks out depressed and withdrawing. For dad, it was yelling, stomping and temper tantrums. She thinks her own is a combination on the two. Iyanla reminds her that her housemates have said she’s not really conscious or aware of her anger.

The show is interrupted here by a special report from our local affiliate, announcing the Red Sox will not be coming here for a parade next week.

When we get back to the show, Sommer is showing off some one the new clothes she bought. Rhonda shows up and Sommer models a few things, the women telling her she looks slim and Rhonda squawking buzzwords. (“Own the room! Own the room! Awwwk!”) When things quiet down, Rhonda asks if Sommer might be willing to put on some lipliner and possibly risk rejection. Sommer narrates that she’s now more available – to the idea of going out and talking to people.

Kim meets with Iyanla and thanks her for the roses. Iyanla shows her a table covered with presents. Some gifts are wrapped and some are not. She tells Kim she can have 3 items from the table. Kim chooses a Bible first because she says she wants to read it. Then she chooses a stack of what looks like towels, saying someday she’ll have grandchildren and give it to them. The third choice is a little harder. She doesn’t want cash or a big shiny ring because they don’t mean anything. She’s not thrilled about a wrapped present because she doesn’t like surprises that she can’t control. In the end she chooses the biggest of the wrapped boxes and Iyanla gleefully narrates it’s a nice package with something not so nice inside. It turns out to be a pair of dirty socks and Kim says now she KNOWS she doesn’t like surprises, and it wasn’t the best choice. Iyanla points out there could be someone out there with no socks and maybe Kim could wash these to give to them. There are no good choices or bad choices, she tells Kim. There are only choices, and they all have consequences.

Jennifer’s assignment is now to ask her housemates where they have seen her angry. Josie narrates that Jen has anger inside and she has grown comfortable with it. Jen’s just angry that she has to talk about anger.

Iyanla and Kim are talking about the other choices of the day. We don’t really get an explanation for the different breakfast choices, but Iyanla asks what she did for the other women and Kim tells her she made chicken, steak, potato salad. “You cooked all of that?” Iyanla asks, and Kim says, “I baked it. Well, it was left-overs.” Iyanla clucks her disapproval and Kim protests that it’s what everyone said they wanted. “But it was YOUR choice, not theirs,” Iyanla points out, explaining that all choices are conscious, unconscious, or by default. They go over the choices she has made in relationships. Kim says her relationship with her sister is by default, but with her stepmother and stepdaughters, conscious based on things they did to her. Iyanla tells her that living by default means being a victim, and “choice is the only power you have.”

Jen has the other housemates around the table and they are reminding her of times when she was angry. She tries to get them to describe the anger itself, and they do finally get around to it. She announces that she has to invite them all to a gathering at 7PM but she doesn’t know what it’s for.

Meanwhile, Iyanla calls a meeting with Rhonda and Dr. Stan in the loft. Based on “what I’m seeing, feeling, sensing from Jennifer”, Iyanla thinks she’s in trouble. When things get difficult, she gets a placated (sic) grin, smiling and laughing. They need to break through or Jen won’t make it in the house – or if she does, something bad will happen in the future. Iyanla wants to get her together with the other women in a situation where she can feed off their rage. Rhonda observes that Sommer is also in denial, that she eats her anger with food. They believe Josie is ready for a release and will be a good example for Jennifer. Rhonda calls it “Joke joke anger anger hide hide hide.” They want to see if Towanda can access this part of herself.

Then we see the women standing in a line looking at something while the Life Coaches get ready to watch them from the loft, on the plasma screen. Iyanla sighs that if Jen does not get in touch with her anger tonight, she doesn’t know what she will do with her.

Meet William Drayton – The Surreal Life 3, Episode 9

by LauraBelle

I’ll be honest, Flav-A-Flav has not been my favorite celebrity in the Surreal Life house, but I kept hope that deep down he was a good person. I can no longer hold out hope.

As the show opens, there is love all around. Flav-A-Flav and Dave Coulier are in the kitchen hugging. Flav-A-Flav says he thinks it’s great to build a family relationship with five other people he previously hadn’t met. The two of them discuss that three of the other housemates, Jordan Knight, Ryan Starr, and Charo are already awake, but a fourth one, Bridgette Nielsen, is still asleep in Flav-A-Flav’s bed. Dave seems only half surprised about Bridgette, both that she’s still asleep, and that she spent the night in Flav-A-Flav’s bed.

The Surreal Life Times arrives and the celebrities learn that they are headed to a photo shoot with a headline that reads, “Entire Cast Gets Shot.” They are told to put on outfits that show how they want to be seen. Bridgette announces she is going to take a shower, and Flav-A-Flav calls out, asking if he can join her. Dave answers for Bridgette, and says with a smile, “Sure you can!”

Flav-A-Flav says he likes everything about Bridgette, but Bridgette doesn’t like everything about him. In particular, she doesn’t like his gold teeth. He decides to toss out his alter ego, “Flav-A-Flav” for the shoot, and go as “William Drayton,” which happens to be his given name. He says William is all business, no gold teeth and no clock around his neck. He wants to wear a suit, and believes once the world sees both sides to him, he will become even bigger.

As the entire group is on their way to the photo shoot in the Surreal Life van, Flav-A-Flav announces he is now William Drayton. Ryan says she still doesn’t like him, saying there’s “no fricking difference.” Bridgette just seems even more smitten than she usually is.

Before they get to their photo shoot, they need to stop and buy William a new suit. Ryan is bored sitting around waiting, and can’t believe they are all doing this just for him. Bridgette says she respects Flav-A-Flav for music, but for just hanging out, she prefers William’s company. Ryan stands by her last observation; she feels he’s the same – loud and obnoxious.

The group arrives at Photo Perfections for what Ryan describes as “Glamour Shots-type” photos. They get the idea to all wear black hats, and everyone does but William. He feels sophisticated William in his suit will look moreso in flowered hats, rather than stately black ones. Ryan feels likes she’s “part of the Addams Family” standing there in that group. I liked the fact that they brought the puppy with them; he’s part of their family, no matter how you describe it.

After their shoot, they arrive back home, to a chorus of, “Thank God we’re home!” Entering the front door, they are stopped, and told that a talk show, complete with with audience and called “Dirty Laundry” is being filmed there, and it is being hosted by Sally Jesse Raphael. Jordan, Dave, and Bridgette are astonished, and apparently had no idea this would happen. I begin to wonder if they’ve ever seen the show, and if not, why are they there? Why in the world would you go on a reality show, and not know what you’re getting yourself into? Not that they’re the first ones. It’s the same thing for the oddball people that arrive on Survivor, not having seen the show, and not understanding the need to manipulate the others to get through the game. I’ll be the first one to admit I’m not a huge risk-taker, but that just seems like a no-brainer to me, finding out what I’m getting myself into first, especially if I’ll be televised doing it. On the contrary, William is excited, and transforms himself back into Flav-A-Flav. complete with gold teeth.

The housemates are introduced onto the makeshift stage, one by one, with Jordan saying it’s like the Jerry Springer show, and ryan saying she’s ready for things to hit the fan. Flav-A-Flav tells Sally first it was hell, but now they’re all getting along. Ryan agrees that they all get along with each other and that she likes everybody. Sally asks Ryan if she’s sure she likes everyone in the house, and shows many different clips of Ryan getting upset at Flav-A-Flav and his hijinks and saying she thinks he’s totally gross. Searching for a reason, Ryan says her feelings are backed up because he said some rude things to her during their “date” at the pool, and was disgusted with him asking if she was a virgin, but fans of the show know she had these feelings way before their pool date. Flav-A-Flav tells her it would be the luckiest day in her life if he got in bed with her. This just turns my stomach, making me lose taste for the remainder of my Halloween chocolate; I can’t imagine how Ryan feels about it.

Bridgette defends her man and explains that although he gets on her nerves as well, she doesn’t think he’s gross, and she likes to hug, cuddle and kiss him. That’s final for me; no more chocolate. Bridgette adds, nearly seeming like she’s taunting Sally for a reply, that they slept together last night. Of all odd things to say, Flav says he’s “not any bigger than a pack of Certs.” Now, Sally, myself, and the whole Dirty Laundry audience thought he was referring to his male genitalia. I though that was an odd thing to admit to when you’ve already been attacked on the show for being gross. Once Flav-A-Flav catches on, he corrects it, and says his body is no bigger than a pack of Certs, not just a particular part. Whatever, he’s already put that indelible image in my mind.

After seeing clips of Bridgette and his budding romance, Sally asks Flav-A-Flav if he loves everyone on the panel. He replies that he does, and goes further to say he loves everyone in the whole room, even though he doesn’t know them. Sally warns everyone that the following clip will be extremely hard to take and proceeds. What we are treated to is a clip of Flav-A-Flav beating the tiny puppy because he pooped on the floor. Not just scolding him, or tapping his nose slightly, beating him after he already rubbed his nose in it. After seeing this, Ryan says, “I wanted to get out of the chair and beat the hell out of him.” Ryan, you’re not alone. Flav-A-Flav says he wants to punch himself in the face, and will never do that again. Dave believes that Flav-A-Flav is sincere and truly sorry. Flav-A-Flav says he will now be very kid and spread the love to everyone and everything. Whatever, I just can’t listen to that drivel anymore after watching that.

When asked who the most withdrawn is, all of the houseguests agree that it’s Jordan. After they show clips of Jordan distancing himself, piling boxes up in his doorway, etc., he explains his actions by saying he was conned into doing this show by his management and record company. Thought he didn’t want to do it originally, and was withdrawn earlier, he is glad he did it now. He further explains that he is a private person, and this took him out of his comfort zone. Charo says it’s the best thing anybody can do. Dave feels that if “Jordan came to some great epiphany” than it’s a good thing. They all hug and end the show. Flav-A-Flav ends the show off camera saying that if this group is a family, Ryan is the bratty little sister.

I cannot hold out hope any longer to find anything redeeming about Flav-A-Flav or William Drayton. I believe, as Ryan does, that they are one and the same. I don’t think he felt as free to express himself vulgarly as William Drayton, so he created his Flav-A-Flav alter ego to have a ready-made excuse, believing he could pop back into William Drayton whenever he needed to be seen as a good person. He learned this episode, as did we, that there is no longer a separation between the two. Flav-A-Flav has leaked out onto William, and I think William will have a harder time cleaning the flavor off than he realizes.

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