Celebrity Fit Club – Episode 3: No Excuses, Just Lose IT!

This is the third episode of Celebrity Fit Club. At first, I didn’t want to watch it. I was afraid that it would be too much like the Biggest Loser – even the title of that show irks me.

I’m overweight. I’ve been overweight since I was 4 years old. I’ve lost weight; struggled with bulimia and gained it back – plus. When I was pregnant with my first child, I think I ate for 20 instead of 2. I haven’t lost the weight. In fact, I gained a lot more, especially when I discovered I had an illness named Fibromyalgia.

I used food as a friend, not as nourishment. That’s probably true for many people. It’s not easy for me to talk about his issue, but I figured that since ANT was hosting the show that it would be entertaining and engaging. I knew ANT conquered a weight problem of his own and decided to see what the deal was with the show.

Basically, two teams of celebs work with weight loss experts Dr. David Katz, hypnotherapist Marisa Peer and fitness dictator, I mean trainer, Harvey Walden IV. The first team is lead by Judge Mablean, of Divorce Court. They’re called Ralphie’s Angels. Kim Coles, formerly of In Living Color and Living Single, Wendy “Snapple Lady” Kaufman and Ralphie May, the comedian, round out (forgive the pun) this team.

The second team consists of Daniel Baldwin (of the “Baldwin” acting dynasty – Alec, Billy and the other one!), Mia Tyler, a plus size model who’s Liv “Lord of the Rings” Tyler’s sis and daughter to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, rapper Biz Markie, and Joe G (Gannascoli), of the Sopranos.

Hey, no one said they’d be “A”-list celebrities, but they sure are an interesting, and, at times, sweet bunch.

It looks like they rented the house where they meet for their weekly weigh-ins from the producers of Last Comic Standing, which both ANT and Ralphie May were on.

Last week, Ralphie’s Angels (Judge Mablean’s team) lost more weight than Daniel’s team – the East-Siders. This week it looks like Judge Mablean’s team may have the edge since Ralphie’s pants are practically falling off of him and Daniel’s been struggling with back problems, so his exercise regimen has been off.

Of course, Daniel is not one to take losing lying down so he and his team resorted to dirty tricks. Kim Coles mentioned at the end of the last episode (which I’ll be watching in a few days if I get my episode reminder from http://www.vh1.com and then “remember” to watch!) that she was feeling “hormonal”. Her menstrual cycle was coming.

TMI (too much information!) perhaps, but it’s true that a woman retains fluid and craves certain foods, most notably chocolate and salt, due to the hormonal fluctuations at that “time” of the month. Trust me, if I could eat chocolate-flavored salt or salt-flavored chocolate during that week-to-ten-day period; well, I’d be happy!!!!!!!!

Everyone knows too that we retain tons of fluid. Personally, I’ve been known to retain 10 – 20 lbs of fluid at this time. Yup! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! No excuses, y’all.

Well, Daniel and his team decided that they would send Kim chocolates as she went about her day-to-day routine. They kept sending her baskets and leaving the treats just about everywhere. They loved to send her Almond Joys because they are her favorite!

She knew it was them, but did it work? Hmmm. Kim told the panel that she resisted the candy; though she had only lost 1 lb. in this two-week time frame. She said she knew she didn’t do well because she was having some ‘man trouble.’

The panel told her that was an excuse. Harvey, the fitness dictator, told her that you “can fart” or “take a dump” and lose more than she did in this time period. Graphic, yes. Disgusting, yes. True – I don’t know, but I’d hate to take a 2-lb s&*t myself.

He said she was just making excuses and he wasn’t hearing it. He said that ‘self-discipline is ½ the battle!’

I think that self-discipline helps, but it’s not ½ the battle. There are a multitude of factors involved in weight loss. Personally I think the target goals of weight loss for each contestant are TOO MUCH, TOO FAST! 1-2 lbs per week for most people is healthy. Not 4-6 lbs per week as these ‘experts’ seem to be prescribing! Oh well! UGH!!!!!!

In the next few weeks, Harvey wants Kim to lose about 5 lbs, which is actually reasonable. She could do it. She has already lost 8 lbs, so she should celebrate that and not get too discouraged.

Next up is Joe Gannacoli, or Joe G. After the ‘fit’ test last week, they sent him to a cardiologist. Harvey was worried about him. He had a stress test, hooked up to an EKG. His fiancée says she won’t marry him until he takes his health more seriously.

He quit smoking and the panel applauded him for that. His fiancée said, in a video segment, that he wasn’t the nice, funny and sweet Joey anymore. (how can he be, when she’s saying to him – I love you, but – you’ve gotta change for me to be with you! Just my opinion!)

In the last two weeks, Joe, who’s been having a hard time handling his life without smoking, gained 12 lbs. Smokers often gain weight when they first quit; however, the panel is concerned with such a rapid gain. Joe G. tried to say that some of it was muscle. As a fat person, I cringed. Thanks, Joe, for using a classic ‘excuse’. Suck it up and own up to the fact that you ate too much. You can’t deal with your problems until you are HONEST about them.

I must say that the severity of the panel and the way they treat the contestants at times makes it hard for them to be so honest, not to mention the fact that they weigh them on a scale in front of everyone. It’s a public weigh-in, which always reminds me of a ‘cattle call.’ It’s a bit denigrating.

The show segways into the team challenge for this section of the “club”. The two team captains had to sit in a chair, with a bottle/vase in between their legs. Their team mates would take turns filling up a pitcher with water and pouring it into the bottle. The trick? The team mate who’s pouring the water is blind-folded and can only be guided by the voice of their team captain.

They’re testing the teams’ communication abilities. Cut to Ralphie’s Angels which has Judge Mablean as the captain. She talks about how she’s always calling her team to motivate them and help them. She’s a bit on the preachy/annoying side and Wendy, the Snapple Lady, is about to snap.

At one point, Mablean tilted her judge. Daniel called ‘foul’, which was funny considering he masterminded the dirty trick of sending Kim Coles the chocolates. Mablean’s team lost anyway. Daniel, Biz Markie, Joe G and Mia Tyler won elliptical trainers. I want one. They’re soooooooo cool.

Mablean said she felt devastated that they lost. She takes her role as team captain very seriously. She is trying to lead by example and hired a personal trainer to whip her into shape. It’s sort of funny when they show a call between her and Kim Coles. Kim’s eating a huge salad. She tells Mablean it’s a big salad and Mablean’s like, “Kim, you can’t eat a huge anything.” Kim’s all like – “But it’s a salad. Just greens.”

Mablean got on the scale. She only showed a 2-lb. loss. She was crushed. She had been working so hard. Perhaps too hard. Both Dr. Katz and Harvey noticed that she had more muscle definition. It seems that she had increased her weight training. The weights she was holding were double and, in some cases, almost triple, the size. She did, indeed, gain some muscle unnecessarily. Harvey warned her about using too much weight.

(note* it’s better for women to do more reps than to add more weight as we want to add definition not bulk; to look toned, not like the “Governor of California” as ANT quipped!)

It’s Daniel’s turn. He said that he’s having too many problems with his back and his knees. His opponents think he’s playing at being injured. He actually herniated a disk

(OUCHIE! For those of you who don’t know, a herniated disk occurs when the soft stuff between the bones in the spine presses on the nerve endings around your backbone. It’s very painful and can lead to more severe problems.)

Despite this setback and the fact that he couldn’t exercise very much, he lost 7 lbs. He has lost a total of 15 lbs since beginning the “Fit Club” and is well on his way to the 30 lb. goal he has set for himself.

Here’s another segway. We see the teams in session with Harvey. He brought his boxing dummy, “BOB”, and told the celebrities to think of someone they were angry at and channel the anger as they hit “BOB”. Only one celeb picked Harvey to be angry with. That was Mia. She and Harvey have had run-ins already.

Wendy was mad at her best friend, Michael, who died last April. He was too young to die and she misses him terribly. Ralphie beat up cancer because his dad succumbed to the disease (while Last Comic Standing 3 was airing! See the article about that episode here!)

It’s Ralphie’s weigh-in time. He talks about how he’s a sexy fat guy. “I’ve always had a way with the ladies.” He’s cute. I must admit. I find him attractive and my husband knows it too. Ralphie’s galpal, the pretty Lahna Turner (also a comedian), thinks he’s sexy and talked about his fan mail. He gets it from women and men – the so-called ‘chubby chasers.’

Ralphie told the panel that he’s sore from working out so much, but he’s working hard. He tackled seven flights of stairs a day. He also noted that his sex life with Lahna has improved. He lost 3 lbs. He was supposed to lose 16 due to his size and his plan. However, he didn’t make an excuse. He said he felt upset because his pants were much looser, but wasn’t going to say it was because he gained ‘muscle.’

Harvey and Dr. Katz told him they could see changes. He looked more toned and his face appeared thinner so he should look to his accomplishments and not get discouraged. So far, he’s had a total overall loss of 15 lbs.

Biz Markie was supposed to lose 12 lbs. He said he was very busy, working day and night. He lost 6 lbs. only. Dr. Katz told him he could do better. He knew it. The panel noted that he’s changed his lifestyle and that’s good. He admitted that orange juice tasted too sweet to him now and his taste buds were changing. When Marisa asked him what he’d do when he got to his ideal weight, he replied, “I’m gonna walk around outside in a G-string.” (Biz, I wish you the best, but please, reconsider!)

Harvey told everyone that Biz’s loss demonstrated that diet and exercise do go hand-in-hand. You need both to lose weight.

Wendy was up next. She had a great improvement in her fitness assessments. She can do more push-ups and crunches. She also has a great attitude. She admits to the panel that she hates getting up on the scale in front of everyone. I can relate to that.

She lost 7 lbs. 10 was her target, but she’ll take it. She’s happy with it. She started tearing up and told the panel that food is NOT as important to her as it was 3 weeks ago. Harvey wants her to be a ‘studette’. Her new goal now is 5 lbs. Her total loss if 14 lbs so far.

Mia has her chance now. She won the last challenge for her team – it was a swim challenge. As a result, she got the chance to be turned into a Celebrity Fit Club action figure. She was glad to have a ‘chunky’ doll out there to rival Barbie. You go, Mia! I agree.

She was supposed to lose 8 lbs. She lost ½ lb. She was upset. She said she did what she could and she measured herself. She’s gone down a pant size and has lost inches. Dr. Katz told her she hasn’t committed to the program yet, though. They want to see her do that.

Mia, who, as a model, has probably seen her share of eating disorders, said she could see in the past few weeks how the ‘obsession’ starts and she doesn’t want to ‘go there.’ The therapist says they’ll work on that, but she could work harder.

She gets a video message from her hubby, Dave Buckner. He’s sweet and tells her how much he loves her and that he knows she’s ‘gonna kick a$$.’

Harvey, her nemesis, told her he wasn’t going to beat up on her and he wants her to hang in there. ANT showed Mia her doll. It looks so cute. She joked – look how big my boobs are. ANT showed her his doll too. He asked if she wanted to trade. She said, no, but I know you wanna trade shirts! Mia’s doll had a sequinned bustier.

Now that the weigh-ins happen, each team goes outside and gets on big scales (like the legal scales, a teeter totter shaped thingy). Mablean’s team wins the challenge; they lost more overall. Joe G’s 12-lb weight gain really hurt Team Baldwin.

Next week, the teams have to trade the weakest member of their team to the other team.

******Email me at panndyra@realityshack.com if you wanna chat about this show or weight loss. If you want to flame me because I’m fat, please think twice unless, of course, your ‘flame’ is original or super-funny and no, these aren’t funny:

You’re fat
You’re a whale
Fat b&*&h

You get the idea, right?

Real World Philadelphia, Episode 19 – Midnight at the Oasis

by DrivenAmbition

It’s that time again folks, but this time the show didn’t open with scenery. For the opening of the show, all we see are the crazy seven packing for that adventure-filled trip to Fiji.

Something interesting was the conversation that Shavonda had with the ever un-trusting Shawn. Basically, the conversation was all about Shavonda getting permission from her, shall we say, associate, to skinny dip. When she asked he simply said, “I don’t want them to see you naked” I wonder if he brands his property.

The next day, the roommates got onto the bus, and they were off. When they reached that beautiful place known as Fiji, they were greeted with what I call the Fiji song.

Their first stop was far from a resort. It was rustic, primitive, and not as chic as it seemed. The shower came out of a bucket, and the bathroom was a community one. But the sights more than made up for it.

The first night in Fiji, they go to a bar. Way to be creative; Philadelphia definitely doesn’t have any bars.

Sarah, that vixen we all know and sometimes love, couldn’t wait to, for a lack of a better term, get laid. Enter Freddie, a tall British guy, with (as Sarah described them), nice teeth. When Sarah finally did get him to her room, he was willing to do everything except have sex; did she fall for another gay guy, I think so. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again, ever the optimist, Sarah decided that since Freddie was a no-go, Freddie’s friends would have to do. Finally after Anna Nicole Smithing her way into another man’s arms, she snags him – but when Shavonda comes into the hut to ask a question, guy number two flees the hut like a bolt of lighting. For that night Sarah decided to quit while she was behind.

Landon and Shavonda knew that something was going to happen in Fiji, but much to the dismay of Landon, nothing happens that night. While cuddling and kissing, we hear Landon tell Shavonda, “I Like You”, but Shavonda doesn’t answer. He then offers her a place to stay, and she declines. Gee, first Landon has to give up alcohol, now Shavonda. Oh well, better luck next time.

The next day we were able to see more of that beautiful scenery, and then we hear that sound that makes us want to smack someone. That’s right, the judgmental Mel judges again. This time she tells Sarah about what all of the hut boys were saying about her, and that for a lack of a better phrase, they were saying that she was easier than third grade arithmetic.

Later that day, Sarah and her pal Willie walk along the beach discussing Mel and all of her problems. At the end of the walk, they decide that Mel is judgmental. No kidding.

This week the show actually had a moment in which I was moved. Mel, Landon and Shavonda, attend a small ceremony, that was definitely the highlight of the show.

Perhaps what I consider to be the most dramatic part of this episode is when Mel flirts with the same guys who she claimed were talking about Sarah. This obviously upset Sarah, and back at the hut, the two battling broads have it out.

Meanwhile, in Landon and Shavonda land, the couple tries the romance thing again. This time its Shavonda that does the talking, “I want to, but I’m scared”. Then we hear more kissing noises, and then Shavonda leaves.

The next day, the temperamental roommates we love leave the huts behind to peruse a resort. While at the resort, the roommates take showers, eat, and change clothes, while Mel and Sara make up. Fiji, so far, has been paradise for everyone except the roommates. Is anyone going to have sex? I guess we will have to wait and see, but so far the drama has been reminiscent of Real World Las Vegas; have we found another Trishelle in Sarah?

Return of the Donald – Episode 1 Commentary

Return of the Donald: Apprentice 3 Demands Your Attention!
By: Tony Roach

Donald Trump claiming his love for New York, candidates sporting bow ties, Carolyn glaring at the contestants…I know what you’re thinking, “The Apprentice is back already”? I swear that’s Kelly (season two winner) in the candidates suite still packing his bags, and was that Ivana pulling up her pants unaware that season three has already begun. Not even two months after the finale of The Apprentice 2, The Donald is back along with his sidekicks for the third installment of this popular reality series…and no it’s not the same old sixteen-week job interview. College graduates playing guitar, a dog urinating on a contestant’s leg, someone actually dropping the F-bomb while talking to Mr. Trump. Welcome to season three of The Apprentice.

This season The Apprentice seems to have much more to offer than the previous season two. The eighteen candidates are now divided up into two distinct groups; “Book smarts vs. Street smarts”. Magna Corp. (book smart) consists of nine candidates with college degrees, while Net Worth (street smart) consists of nine candidates with a high school diploma. The season three contestants seem to breathe some life into the NBC hit that showed a slight decline in ratings with season two. While the previous two seasons were enjoyable, the premiere of The Apprentice 3 introduced us to eighteen contestants that you can actually relate to. In the past two seasons, us loyal viewers have been use to the stoned face professionals who think that showing no emotion will land them the job as Mr. Trump’s right hand man, or woman. However, this season the candidates look as if they are actually having fun. Even Carolyn and George cracked a smile for the camera every now and then. The usual back stabbing and manipulating has not yet begun. Instead, the producers of the show have treated us to some laughable moments and may have found the key to drawing the viewers right back into the boardroom.

The tasks remain pretty much the same and the premise of the show has not changed much. The losing team is still invited back into the boardroom “Where someone will be fired!” Instead of having the option to take three people back into the boardroom, the project manager can only take two of the contestants back in, like it was in the original Apprentice. The boardroom still remains suspenseful and Carolyn and George seem to be more comfortable in stating their opinion to Mr. Trump and the contestants. In the last season of The Apprentice some hasty boardroom decisions were made, but that was not the case in this season premier. We said goodbye to Todd, which I thought was the correct decision and witnessed George and Carolyn stick up for the amusing Danny, who the team was ready to sacrifice. The only downfall I saw in tonight’s episode was the constant referral to the Net Worth team as “only having a high school diploma”. In fact, at one point The Donald asked Magna Corp. if they were embarrassed to be beaten by high school graduates. For many a high school diploma is an accomplishment and I felt that it was little degrading to the Net Worth team, who triumphed in their victory!

Overall, I feel that The Apprentice 3 premiere was a success and proved capable of remaining one of televisions hottest reality shows. At first I thought that it might be to soon for another installment of bickering entrepreneurs fighting to be reality TV’s next success story. But with smart casting and endless promotions NBC and Donald trump shoved The Apprentice back into our faces and left us wanting more. I even thought Carolyn was looking pretty good! So now The Donald is back and so are the rest of us for another three months of “first time ever” and “most intense boardroom yet” campaigns, but I know that millions of viewers will still tune in each week to see who will succeed, who will fail…who will be the next Apprentice!

E-mail comments to Roach@realityshack.com

Wickedly Perfect Episode #3 – The Great Outdoors, Domestic Diva Style

by Heather

It is day seven at the estate and Dawn is franticly organizing the kitchen, perhaps in an attempt to show her fellow Team Artisan teammates that she’s useful enough to keep around a few more episodes. (Dawn was nearly ousted in episode #2). In the middle of Dawn’s frenzy, host Joan Lunden arrives in the kitchen to announce this week’s challenge. The teams are to set up campsites, domestic diva style. They will also prepare a meal for the judges in the great outdoors. For the individual project, each contestant must make a gift for the judges using a fold-out paper map. Each team has a $5000 budget which they will have one hour to spend at Sears. Each team will also get an additional $500 to spend on groceries, and whatever is left, they must divvy up to buy supplies for their individual projects.

Joan also announces that Crafty Beavers teammate, Denise, will be moved to Team Artisan to even out the number of people on each team. Mitch, who argued constantly with Denise as Crafty Beavers teammates, must be thrilled to see the opinionated contestant go.
The Crafty Beavers, sans Denise, head off to do their shopping. Unlike in the past, the team is running like a well oiled machine. Mychael says there is a different energy, like everyone has put their egos aside. Amy agrees saying the Crafty Beavers are running smoothly.

It’s a different story for Team Artisan. Kimberly suggests preparing Cornish game hen but Margo insists on ‘keeping it simple’ with turkey burgers. At Sears the teammates keep changing their minds about which supplies to buy. Margo is clearly irritated with the team’s lack of ability to make decisions.

The teams head out into the wilderness where they have 24 hours to set up camp. Team Artisan gets to work on their site which they name “Camp Rustic Elegance”. One of their first priorities is to build a bathroom with plywood and decorate it with colorful cloth drapery. The ladies also set up a comfortable sleeping area using air mattresses topped with an eclectic mix of pillows. Darlene digs up some indigenous plants from another area of the forest and landscapes the campsite. We see Margo’s softer side with a misty-eyed divulgence that she needs to win this competition because she’s the sole provider for her three children.

Over at “Camp Beaver” the teammates have constructed a Moroccan-themed campsite. Heather builds a wooden dance floor which will be used for the entertainment portion of their challenge. Mychael starts preparing Cornish game hen, while Mitch makes deep-fried trout and tarter sauce.

The judges arrive first at Camp Beaver where they are served champagne in coffee mugs. David says this is camping fashionista style. Heather is annoyed when Mitch takes over the hosting duties, showing the judges around the camp. They seem to be impressed until they walk inside the tent, and the judges find sleeping bags unmade. Mychael’s Cornish game hens are a hit with the judges. Bobby says he’s impressed with the wide variety of food that’s been prepared. During the meal the judges say Mitch seems to be the most versatile member of the Crafty Beavers, and that they haven’t been impressed by Amy. The team finishes the outdoor challenge by doing a silly version of River Dance on the wooded dance floor.

Now the judges are off to Camp Rustic Elegance where they are greeted by the teammates wearing matching red flannel shirts. Each judge is given one of the shirts to wear. David uses the make-shift bathroom and seems impressed. When they sit down to eat, David is concerned that the turkey burgers aren’t cooked well enough. The team members sing a campfire song for the judges and give them personalized blankets to take home.

Everyone meets back at the estate where David praises the Crafty Beavers for their ‘amazing’ table dressing. However, Candace lambastes the team for their messy sleeping quarters, adding Amy was the only one with a neat cot. Bobby says making fried fish was a poor choice for the outdoors when it could have been grilled. David complains that he saw tacky electrical tape on their tent’s canopy.

As for Team Artisan, the judges agree that their campsite had great style and made for a comfortable environment. Candace mentions that Margo’s turkey burgers were a bad choice. Kimberly smirks because Cornish game hen was her idea but she got over-ruled by Margo. Kimberly makes it clear to the judges the bad meal was all Margo’s fault.

0-2 Team Artisan got lucky for the first time this week with Camp Rustic Elegance. The judges chose them as the winners. That means a member of the Crafty Beavers will be voted off the show. The judges choose Mychael’s survival kit and Heather’s photo album as the weakest individual projects. Out at the rock garden, Heather pleads with her teammates to keep her around. Confidant Mychael tells the team she loved working with them. In a surprise upset (at least a surprise to me) culinary wizard Mychael is unanimously voted off by her teammates. Tim tells Mychael his vote was not personal, but a strategic move to help him win.

Interview With Julie Berry of Survivor: Vanuatu

by NiceGuy286

Hi Julie! Thanks for speaking with us today! Congratulations on your accompishments in Vanuatu – we all really enjoyed watching you on the show.

What was your main motivating factor in applying to be on Survivor? Did you watch any of the previous Survivor seasons before you applied?

I LOVED Survivor prior to my application and watched most if not all (skipped some Thailand)! My motivation was random. The same week I sent in my video, I had also recieved my acceptance to the peace corps days after. I thought at the tme that I could rock survivor out … everything about it turned me on to the experience.

What, if anything, did you do to prepare for Vanuatu?

I read A LOT of travel books, studied the food and resources avaliable. Mainly I worked out like a beast, and ate french toast every morning, ate high protien foods. Talked to myself a lot at night; once I got the “yes” sleep was replaced with anticipation.

Looking back at how things went down after the merge, do you think the decision you and Twila made to rejoin the women’s alliance was the best move to have made at the time?

“At the time” is the key phrase in that question … yes!!! I went with the best offer that was given to me, and what I saw. The guys would have gotten rid of me first if I stayed with them.

Ami seemed to be the running things in the women’s alliance. Was the editing responsible for how that came across to the viewers or is that the way it actually was?

What you saw was factual, but what you didn’t see is A LOT!! That is what people have to remember! Ami had nothing to do with my “strategic self”. Ami to me was a fun play partner … I was tied to Leann(gave her my word) and as a result, Ami was a secondary alliance because of her alliance with Leann. Ami was much more likable to me, and as a result I wanted to work with her more then say Scout, or Twila. But ironically, I never talked “strategy” with Ami; she was running her corner and everyone else was running theirs.

Going back to the final tribal council, Chris seemed genuinely sorry for what he did to you when you were voted out. At the time, did you really believe that he was sorry or did you think he was just faking it to get you to vote for him?

Yeah, I mean I think he “felt sorry” for me, and yes I know he genuienly likes me, but I was way over my head emotionally compared to him. I think he bullshitted perfectly that last tribal and his charm did win my vote and ultimately the game.

You were quite obviously upset with Chris at the final tribal council but things seemed to be better between the two of you at the reunion. Are you still on good terms with Chris?

We said from the beginning it is like a brother sister relationship, and it will always be that way … definitely on good terms with Chris, talk to him all the time.

How accurately do you think you were portrayed on the show? Anything happen on the island that you wish was included in the show?

Well first off I am much funnier then any edited job could cover, and well, let’s face it – there is such little room for “fun” on Survivor. I was very ill in the beginning, and I am not as meek as I might have come across. I am a positive person, and the fighting takes priority. Tons I wish could have been shown, mostly the laughing, fun, and friendships.

Was there anything surprising that you learned about yourself while on the island that you will take with you?

Mind over matter. I know I had that strength, but it can always be tested! More importantly, I discovered where my line of friendship and moral code was drawn in myself and in comparison to 17 other strangers.

Since Vanuatu ended, what have you been up to?

Full on love affair, it’s a full time job you know!! I moved to LA, just bought a car, have my little cozy apartment, and living and loving!!

Have you kept in touch with anyone from Vanuatu?

Yes!!! Of course – Leann the most– she is also moving out to LA. Chris, Ami, Chad, Mia, Eliza … the list goes on … but those are the people I really feel close to.

Now that you’ve done the Survivor thing, what are your plans for the future?

I am going to get my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in a year or so. Jeff started a charity insprired through my childhood called, “The Serpentine Project” that will play a huge roll in both of our future plans. It is for children who through whatever circumstance have had missed opportunities and through our charity we plan on enabling growth and development for those children.

How have the other Survivor ‘alumni’ reacted to your relationship with Jeff?

The Vanuatu cast are very supportive of us; for one, most of them know us on a deeper level, and saw the foreshawdowing before either of us did. They are all quality people, and for them knowing me, they know that it is serious and for real.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying to be on Survivor?

If you actaully make it on then you don’t need any advice; you’re picked for being you so just be you. They are looking for rich character. Besides that, watching it on TV doesn’t show or can not show the struggle you will face … and that is why this show rocks.

Thanks again for your time Julie, and best of luck to you and Jeff!

Flank Is For Skanks! – Starting Over 01-19-05

by LauraBelle

Leave it to funny girl, Denise, to come up with today’s title. She’s always good for a sound byte or two, but this one takes the cake, or pie, I guess.

Candy and Denise begin their day arguing about meat. Candy is making carne asada for dinner. Denise has decided she wants to us up the hamburger meat she bought, so wants to make herself a hamburger on the grill. Denise doesn’t know what the heck carne asada is, and why Candy, of Puerto Rican descent, can’t just say carne is beef in Spanish and asada is a special way of preparing it with a marinade is beyond me. When asked, she says it’s flank steak, a really good cut of beef. The sets Denise off because of the attitude attached to Candy’s comment, and Denise is off making flippant comments about flank steak and Candy’s need to cook it, and why it’s so much better than her hamburger. Eventually she comes up with the winning sound byte, “Flank is for skanks.”

Rachael is making a banana creme pie, and never having made it before, asks Candy for help. Candy takes it upon herself to dole out the responsibilities for it, and asks Denise to cut up the bananas for it. Denise does as told, but by the time they get ready to serve the pie, the bananas have begun to turn brown, since they have been sitting out for about thirty minutes. Candy gets upset, won’t use Denise’s bananas, and re-cuts some on her own. This infuriates Denise, as she doesn’t see what the big deal is over a few brown spots on the bananas. Off camera Candy is referring to Denise as Miss Clairol Redhead. Everyone retires for the evening and the editing shows the storm and thunder outside; we can all read the foreshadowing into that one.

The next morning everyone is to meet early for a special group meeting. Denise is late, and no one can understand this as she personally has three alarm clocks, one of them set an hour earlier, and for some reason Denise only pays attention to the clock set an hour earlier. Eventually she is ready and they travel together to a gymnastics gym. All of the women take turns jumping on the trampoline. Bethany says she has never done this before, but I’m not sure how she would remember if she had or not, since she didn’t even know what a Christmas tree was. Denise breaks out some old moves, and is quite good. She must have been in gymnastics at one point when she was growing up.

After their workout, they gather back at the house for Group with Dr. Stan. He would like to discuss depression today. He notes how they all came out of the gymnastics session in a good mood, and says this is because of the endorphins our body releases when we involve ourselves in physical activity. He asks the women how many of them have ever been depressed, and most of them have. He explains there are two different types of depression, situational and clinical. He says Cassie has suffered from both throughout her life, and this is where part of her confusion comes from, never knowing what she is depressed about. Denise opens up and says she tried to commit suicide when she was twelve because she was depressed that her parents were going to get divorced. Dr. Stan says that people that are often depressed are very poor problem-solvers. This is what makes them stay in bed with their covers over the head. He explains a good way to get past this is to force yourself to get up and do something, and get some of the endorphins released, feeling an accomplishment. Sometimes Dr. Stan irritates me, but this time, he is making very much sense.

Rachael and Iyanla have a one-on-one in the hills of CA. I am dying to know what is up with Rachael and the blankets. She is always walking around with one draped around her. Even outside here, while probably just some type of shawl, it still looks like a blanket at first. Perhaps on some level, it is some need to feel safe and warm. I would think that was going against Dr. Stan, as instead of getting up out of her depression, doing something and facing her day, she’s dragging her shroud and blanket with her. Rachael opens up to Iyanla and says she has never shared all her pain with her family or anyone else, only a checklist of the things she has been through in her life. She is angry with her mom, she realizes, as her mom had promised her she would never leave.

Iyanla then goes back to the house for a one-on-one with Candy. Iyanla talks about the conflict she sees with her. She talks quietly and seems full of sweetness, but when push comes to shove she can be quite rough, and loses that femininity. Iyanla wants to know where it all went awry, and believes it stems from her childhood, her father programming her to believe femininity wasn’t good. Candy explains the pie/banana incident, and is expecting Iyanla to agree with her side. Iyanla wants to know why Candy took it upon herself to direct people in making Rachael’s pie, and asks what gives her the right to take over like that. Candy doesn’t understand why everyone wouldn’t want the pie to be perfect. Iyanla explains these aren’t her children, and they also aren’t inmates at a prison, and calls Candy a control freak, saying that controlling people is brought on by a fear of being vulnerable. Iyanla winds up the session with Candy telling her she wants her to begin a workout program

Dr. Stan is meeting with Denise, and he wants to help her find ways out of that depression. He suggests they work on that problem-solving, as she definitely has a problem with that. He suggests if she had a strict schedule to keep to she wouldn’t feel that boredom. He cites a study that showed that college students that hold down a job get better grades than college students that don’t have jobs.

Candy goes on to meet with personal trainer, Marcus, who had previously worked with Sommer. She chooses to work on the treadmill with him. Later a nutritionist arrives, and gives the women some food hints, such as staying out of the middle aisles of a store, as that’s where your processed food are. Stick to the outside where the dairy, meat, grains, fruits and vegetables are. I had never thought about it before, but that makes perfect sense. She discusses the benefits of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. She also tells the women Omega 3 Fatty acids found in fish are great for lifting depression. She leaves the women with a book on foods that are meant to help them feel better mentally and lift their spirits. She also leaves them with instructions for them to plan a meal together. When Candy offers to organize it, the nutritionist shoots her down right away. She says Denise will be doing the organizing, and Candy will only be in charge of the dressing.

After their dinner, Denise and Candy try to resolve their differences, but nothing comes of this as they only repeat the same things they have been saying since Candy moved into the house. I am hoping these two do one of those complete turnarounds and see each other differently by the time one of them graduates. It would certainly show they had resolved the problems from their past, for Denise to accept someone that was controlling like her father, and for Candy to allow herself to be vulnerable.

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“Not Your Average Hamburger” – The Apprentice: Season 3, Episode 1

– By Cori Linder

“Not Your Average Hamburger” – The APPRENTICE: Episode 1

Take some expensive meat, slop on 18 ambitious (and a few eclectic!) young candidates, add a billionaire, put it next to a Burger King point-of-sale machine, and you have yourself the 90-minute premiere of this season’s “The Apprentice.”

Now, many of you might be asking how the third season differs from that of its predecessors. Simply put, not much. Of course, the biggest change is that Mr. Trump has pitted the “Book Smarts” group against the “Street Smarts” group in the battle of education versus experience. But, little else seems to have changed: the teams live together in a posh suite, they participate in challenges, the losing team has to face the boardroom, George and Carolyn continue to delight in their positions as the Trump cronies, and the Donald still has his infamous hairstyle (one would think an upcoming wedding would inspire a new flip of the bangs). There are, however, a few subtle changes in the show, such as the addition of “The Music Man” played by Danny, 39, a “book smarts” team member, who seems to loosen up some of the stiffs.

Rather than reading through all the candidate bios, let us plunge right into the events of the show, for as you should know by now, the Trump card has a way of making the most educated and eloquent person turn into a blubbering fool in the Donald’s presence.

In case anybody was unaware of his past glory, Mr. Trump began the show reminding us that we “know everything about [him]” and that he is the “largest real estate developer in New York by far.” For some reason, these comments seem less arrogant and more endearing. Perhaps, it is the way he robotically reads them off the teleprompter.

Entering the Boardroom:

One by one, suitcase in hand, enters the candidates into the waiting room. At this point, they silently size each other up, having no idea they will soon be divided by education level. They all seem to be extensions of Season Two’s cast: Perfect hair, nice suits, great postures… But then strolls in Danny in his “leisure suit” and carrying a guitar, and it is at this point, when the show feels a bit more fun.

Once again, we join the boardroom. Meet George and Carolyn, the “eyes and ears” of Mr. Trump. Is it just me, or do they both look younger, with whiter teeth? Fame has a way of doing that to people.

This season’s twist: Although each group has about the same IQ and age, half of them have only high-school diplomas while the others have college degrees. Interestingly, it’s the high-school group that makes more than three times the income of the other group! (Many are probably still paying off their college debt.) Mr. Trump declares that it is his mission to find out if practical experience is more important than academic knowledge. They learn that like last season, the project manager on the winning team has immunity during the next challenge.

Back at the Suite:

The suite (as Mr. Trump affectionately refers to as “hell”) is beautiful…and pink. The candidates celebrate, divide themselves into groups, and then determine their team name. Already there is a rival brewing between the two groups. But “Street Smart” John, 32, is confident that they will win because they “have nothing to lose.” It seems that pride and self-respect don’t matter much in this case. John further points out that he read Mr. Trump’s book and that sometimes “attitude and experience” surpass education.

You know you have an interesting group when Danny—the comic relief and corporate cheerleader—declares to the “Book Smarts” team that he wants to be the CMO (Chief Morale Officer). “Unbelievable!” he shouts and soon breaks out in song.

One note about the “Book Smarts” team: Two of the candidates look very similar to certain celebrities:

– Bren: A cross between Danny Bonaduce (Partridge family) and the little red-haired, bow-tie boy in the “Problem Child” movie

– Stephanie: A modern-day Marcia Brady

After songs and rah-rah’s, the “Book Smarts” team (Danny, Stephanie, Verna, Kendra, Erin, Michael, Todd, Bren, and Alex) decides on the name: “Magna.” “Unbelievable!” they cheer again. Why are they saying this?!!

The “Street Smarts” team (Chris, Craig, John, Brian, Tana, Tara, Kirsten, Audrey, Angie) decides on the name: “Net Worth.”

The Challenge:

Next comes the challenge: Each team will take over a Burger King restaurant in New York and launch a new hamburger. First, they need to pick from one of the six new hamburgers, create a name for it, market it, and manage the restaurant. The team that earns the most revenue wins the challenge.

NET WORTH Project Manager – Always one to speak first, John volunteers to be the project manager because he’s basically done everything with regards to restaurant management. There’s something about the way he nonchalantly handles his tie and talks down to his students that tells me he has studied this game from the inside out and would be the perfect person to write an “Apprentice For Dummies” book.

MAGNA’s Project Manager – Because he had run a restaurant before, Todd becomes the project manager. Already, this team is excited to look at this challenge from a deep analytical perspective. Danny and Marcia…oops, Stephanie…volunteer to do the marketing and promotion. Another cheer of “unbelievable!”


NET WORTH Strategy – They decide to market the “Western Angus” burger. John delegates the tasks, and the group decides to offer a vacation trip to Las Vegas. Brian joins the ladies to purchase cowboy attire and even negotiates a free Viking hat. “Now that’s negotiation, baby!” he says.

They meet with the Burger King Representative. Purchasing the Las Vegas tickets turns into a bit of a fiasco, however, when Tana and Kristen venture into a dirty apartment and encounter a dog with an incontinence problem.

All the ladies effortlessly work the registers and use their charm and enthusiasm to sell burgers.

MAGNA Strategy – They decide to market the “3 Cheese” Burger because Verna, 31, insists that she has “an expertise in this area” because “fast food is her favorite food.” Todd cuts Danny and Stephanie from the group so that they can “go be creative” and work out marketing and advertising ideas. He then appoints Alex as restaurant manager who puts two people on the point-of-sale (POS) stations and the rest on sandwich-making. Todd sits in the booth studying his notes (while continually yelling out praises) and the other members train on the registers. Where’s Todd’s management? Alex asks.

Meanwhile, when discussing the campaign with the Burger King representative, Danny and Stephanie are almost clueless with regards to marketing strategy. At this point, Danny’s humor, along with his guitar, disappears.

More people continue to stream into Burger King, but the Magna team only has two people operating the POS registers. Because Todd did not participate in the training, he is mostly useless.

The promotional scheme turns into a disaster, and Danny presents himself as a homeless street performer.

In the Boardroom:

George announces that Magna sold 139 units of their item for a total $553.22. Carolyn said that Net Worth sold 182 for a total $596.96. Net Worth WINS! As their reward, they join Mr. Trump (and his fiancé) in the wine cellar of the 21 Club.

The Magna team must face the boardroom. Who will be fired? Danny or Todd? With Carolyn’s comments that the “promotion was horrific” and that she “had never seen a worse promotion ever,” one would assume that Danny would be asked to leave. However, team member Kendra made an important point that Danny was not the reason the team failed and that it was Todd’s lack of leadership skills that led to their downfall. Mr. Trump agreed and fired Todd.

Final Thoughts:
It would be interesting to find out how much Mr. Trump’s decisions are based on the show’s ratings. For example, is he more prone to keep candidates on the show longer if they cause more drama? Also, maybe next season, NBC could mix things up. Perhaps, Mr. Trump could force the candidates out of their nice suite and make them live in something more challenging.

Until next time…

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I've Created A Monster – Starting Over, 01-18-05

by LauraBelle

Webster’s defines Strength as “The power to resist strain or stress; durability” and Weakness as “A personal defect or failing,” yet ask any one of us what it means, and we will all have an entirely different answer, just as the women on Starting Over do. they have come here seeking help; that in itself personifies strength to me.

Rhonda brings a basket of goodies to today’s Group session. She passes it around and everyone pulls out Chinese handcuffs, and slips them on their two forefingers, locking them together. Rhonda asks them to pull their fingers apart, and as they do, they only become tighter. When tugged at gently, they loosen and come off. Rhonda explains when we try to be strong, we are actually being weak, but in allowing ourselves to be seen as weak, we are actually being strong. All the women nod, knowing Rhonda is right.

First thing in the morning, the women hear salsa music coming from the front of the house. They gather, open the door, and find a man and woman salsa dancing. Cassie spontaneously grabs Candy and starts to dance with her. The dancers call out to Candy and present her with flowers and a note from Iyanla. Candy had talked her first day about her boyfriend being upset the last time they danced, as she kept trying to lead. The flowers are an obvious reminder of her goal to “Feel Like A Woman.”

Rhonda tells Cassie in a one-on-one she thinks it’s great she is progressing so well in her goal to obtain her GED, but she thinks it’s now time to also concentrate on her other goal – reconnecting with the son she gave up for adoption. Cassie emphatically agrees. Asked if she is still wanting her GED to prove to her son she is a good person, Cassie says no; she’s doing it for herself. Rhonda has a hard time containing her excitement for Cassie. We didn’t have to hear these words from Cassie, though; we can all see it every time we look at her that she is becoming stronger and stronger.

Later, Cassie meets with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to discuss her next step in searching for her son. Cassie tells her she last contacted the adoptive parents four years ago, and found he was never told he was adopted, and the adoptive parents didn’t feel then was a good time, as he had ADD. The social worker suggests Cassie write a letter to the adoptive parents, asking if he has been told yet, and to use an intermediary to set up a discussion with them.

Cassie pours her heart out in a letter, asking if her birth son has been told, and vowing not to come between him and the the adoptive parents. She reads the letter to Rhonda who approves. Cassie also adds her idea for intermediary is Rhonda, who is very flattered. They will set up a meeting between the Social Worker, Rhonda and Cassie to explore possibilities. Strength seems to be pouring out of Cassie today, as she is feeling every bit of her success so far.

A large box is delivered for Candy. It is from Iyanla, and includes a pair of dancing shoes with a note telling her to shop with Renee for a dress to wearing dancing tonight. She is very excited about the dancing, but not so much the dress. Denise says she is happy Candy has more shoes now, as she’s the only woman she knows with less shoes than her husband. She adds that Cassie’s sneakers look like elf shoes because of the curled toes.

Candy likes the store she and Renee go to, as it is for full-figured women like herself. It seems she tries on nearly every dress and skirt in the place. Renee has just the right amount of discriminating taste to help Candy with the choices, as far as not the right color or too matronly. Finally Candy and Renee both settle on a shirt/top/blouse combo, and everyone is happy. After purchasing, the clerk gives Candy an envelope from Iyanla that says she shouldn’t open it until she is at home with the other Starting Over women. Once everyone is collected, they find a small audio tape player, that when played, says all the women are going dancing tonight.

Still searching for a way to humanize her abusive father, Denise realizes she created some of the monster in her mind. She says in a one-on-one discussion with Rhonda that she doesn’t really “know” her father that well. Rhonda instructs her to call three people to get more information. She starts with her Aunt Arlene and Uncle Alan. Arlene is her father’s sister, but isn’t home, so she talks to Alan. He tells Denise he never had a problem with her father, and that they always got along.

Denise calls her mom and gets more information than she bargained for. She finds out he used to be quite the playboy and a great dancer, quite different than the other men her mom had dated. They had nothing in common. Her mom then drops the bombshell. He had another woman pregnant at the same time as Denise’s mom. His parents forced him to marry Denise’s mom because she was a better catch. It was then that he began being verbally abusive.

Denise has another one-on-one with Rhonda and shares the information she has learned. She has so many memories now flooding back to her. She only now remembers being in the Bahamas as a family, and being mesmerized watching them dance together. When her aunts told her he was always getting letters of paternity suits, she wonders if he never stopped being a playboy. She was told he had problems in school, and now remembers she and her sister helping their dad read the paper and write, and thinks maybe he had been dyslexic. Now when she helps her Italian-born husband she realizes she is doing the same thing. He was never abusive until he was forced to get married. Rhonda urges Denise to now compare notes with the best source … her sister. Denise, not having a good relationship at all with her sister, is not delighted at this prospect.

Finally the women are all dressed to the nines and go to an Arthur Murray dance school for some group lessons in salsa dancing. Candy is paired with the instructor, and the other women in the house are paired with male students. At the end, the instructor asks for a special dance with Candy, and she is enjoying every moment of feeling like a woman and letting the man lead. After this, he also asks for a special dance with Denise. He asks if she has done this before, as she is quite good, and she says no, but her father was a good dancer. For the first time, she sees him as a person and not horrible.

Candy, Cassie and Denise all allowed themselves to be seen as weak today, and are all now that much stronger in the process. Candy allowed herself to be led, and had quite a good time. Cassie now knows she doesn’t have to be the perfect person to reconnect with her son, and Denise allowed herself the vulnerability to see her father as anybody but a monster. They came into the house clinging to that little bit of hope they had to change their situations around as strength, and now are bolding facing things they had never dreamed of.

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Interview With Chad Crittenden of Survivor: Vanuatu

by LauraBelle

RS: It’s great that you joined Survivor as a role model for others with disabilities. How do you feel about the comments from others wanting to vote you out early, fearing a sympathy vote if you made it to Final Two?

Chad: The only person that had felt that there would be a sympathy vote – or at least the only one with the naiveté or nerve to say so – was John K. I did know from the beginning as I planned my strategy that I would probably have very little chance of going to the final 3 or 4 without winning a string of individual immunities. Not because of sympathy, but because I knew I’d play the game well and with integrity. If I’d have made it that far, I also would have won immunities with my “disadvantage” and that may have given me greater respect rather than sympathy. For these reasons it would have been hard for anyone to bring me with them to the final few as I’d have been hard for the jury not to pick.

RS: What do you feel is tougher – being a contestant on Survivor, teaching elementary school, running a triathlon nine months after the loss of your leg or being a full-time dad?

Chad: Each of the things you’ve mentioned take guts, commitment and especially endurance! Teaching elementary school is very tough the first couple years but it becomes much easier and funner as you get better. The triathlon was great, until the run … but that was only a few miles. Full-time dad was tough at first as well, but now I have my routine down, it is pure joy! I would have to say Survivor was the toughest. The days were long and you really did suffer. Chris and I kept a calender, and first thing in the morning, he’d mark off the day we were on – just wishing the days away! It really is that bad when you’re there – basically lacking food, water, sleep and warmth.

RS: How bad were the living conditions in Vanuatu, for you to actually argue over who slept closer to the fire?

Chad: I know lots of us have said it – but the freezing cold nights really take a toll on you. Us guys didn’t have blankets until the merge. That was very tough, and the little things like your sleeping position around the fire was really big. It meant getting at least some sleep compared to interrupted sleeplessness.

The argument with Bubba had to do with a prime sleeping spot next to the fire which was sloped and was on the windward side of the fire pit. Other positions around the fire meant you were rolling down hill with only a bit of your body exposed to the fire or you were in the spot where smoke wafted in your face throughout the night. Being in “First Class” as we called it, meant that you were at an angle where the blood wasn’t flowing to your head, your whole body was parallel to the fire, and there was NO smoke. One could actually sleep well. So YES the conditions were THAT bad!

RS: Is there a comparison you can make to the Kava to something the rest of us may have drank at some point – both in taste and effect? How much of it did you end up drinking?

Chad: The Kava was the most hideous taste you can imagine. The only way I can describe it would be muddy water mixed with Novacane. It literally made you sick as you chugged it down – which you HAD to do. The effect was strange. You feel light headed, but not confused or incapacitated mentally. Your body, however is a mess. Muscle coordination is all messed up, and I had a hard time walking. In that sense (balance and coordination-wise) it is like being very drunk.

Chris and I drank one of those bowls (a coconut bowl – about 12 oz) with the women for TV purposes only. The Chiefs wouldn’t normally do that as part of their culture. I talked about this on the CBS website – so its okay. Chris and I were escorted back to the Chief’s area
after drinking Kava with the women, as they went to help prepare the feast. With no cameras or audio, the Chief’s son offered us more Kava, but this time it was some extraordinarily potent stuff. We couldn’t turn down his offer (out of politeness – believe me). We drank 2 more big bowls of that stuff on a peanut-sized empty stomach. Needless to say, at a mere 145 pounds at that point, I was tossed.

RS: Why did you not sunbathe nude alongside Julie and Sarge?

Chad: Ha! I was really surprised Sarge did that! When in Rome … I guess. I got enough flak for just being there next to Julie when she took her Bikini off and her backside was showing. Of COURSE I wasn’t sneaking little peaks now and then … C’mon! Plus my white bum may have overexposed the cameras.

RS: How do you think the outcome of the game could have changed, had Julie been voted out instead of John, or Ami voted out instead of Rory?

Chad: At those points in the game, us guys at the Lopevi tribe were not thinking down gender lines. Julie swears to me even now, that her mind wasn’t made up to stay with the women till the actual merge, and I know Twila was with us for sure until her mind was changed as the women formed their block. John K. would have gone with the women in a blink as he really hated the rest of Lopevi which had
alienated him and the other guys we voted off. I would have liked if Ami went instead of Rory though – as I would probably have lasted a bit longer.

RS: What was your honest perception watching the show, seeing the women sneak the chicken wings in, and only offering the men the bones to gnaw on?

Chad: At the time – it would have been a HUGE deal. We would have not only felt betrayed because we missed out on food, but it was a selfish thing for them to have done. However, as I watched I was a bit surprised but laughing. It was 2 chicken wings each – I mean really – how much meat IS that? After the women ate their wings, they devoured the bones with as much wolf-like slobbery as us men!

RS: You stated at the reunion show you felt Chris was perhaps the best Survivor player ever, can you tell us why you feel this way?

Chad: Chris didn’t seem to have what it took at first when he blew that balance beam challenge. But as the game went on, he proved to be a hard worker, a well-perceived diplomat, and a very tough physical competitor. His greatest strength though was his ability to manipulate the situations he was in to his advantage. It was incredible to me watching the show on TV how he totally convinced people of things or gained their total trust, just to do with he wanted with it.

What really sealed it for me though, is at the very end when he convinced Twila that at the final Tribal, when the Jury was commenting and asking questions to base their decision on, how he “wasn’t gonna hold back” and that he was going to let them know how he felt (implying that he was going to be totally unapologetic). Twila believes him, doesn’t take any crap from them, and makes no apologies, thus sealing her fate. Chris turns right around, makes apologies, kisses butt and wins votes. Twila was absolutely furious over that and still won’t talk to Chris to this day. As a student of the game, I’d say Chris had the best all-around game ever.

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Surreal life Season 4, Episode 2 Surreal Life Day Care

by Tweetwara

SOOOOOOOOOOO, after all his antics, Verne wakes up and discovers the mishaps of the night before (Oh HOWWW embarrasing!)

The cast is given the opportunity to watch 10 children and raise 100 dollars per child (1000 dollar total) for charity. The catch is, they have to keep the kids happy and if a kid cries to go home they have to let them go home and they lose 100 for each child that doesnt make it the full 4 hours. This was a challenge for most of the house guests because none of them have children. But they know how to take care of children somewhat… right?…

The children each arrive with name tags and some info about themselves. Some are very happy, while others are in tears. Verne knows that some of the children are going to be frightened of him because of his size, which happens. It is really cute when one little boy explains “well he didnt grow”.

The house guests run around and play with them. Adrienne got a lot of slack for over-doing it with them, but being that some of the cast were taking one too many breaks I think she was doing what is necessary for taking care of that many children. Two children are sad and cry for their parents and have to leave along with a brother of the little girl who left because it was a package deal. Another little boy falls and goes home, so overall they lose 4 kids and 400 dollars.

The cast all give their hand in helping; Adrienne runs around and plays with them, Jane does face painting and make up with them. The other house guests help out too except for Verne, who stays out of the way because the children are bigger than him and keep beating him up everytime he comes around.

In the end the remaining children leave happy and leave a HUGE mess which everyone but Verne helps with cleaning. Verne’s size was sort of a factor but it was more about the laziness then anything else.

That night Chyna decides to be Flava Flav and stay up all night and keep everyone else up in the process claiming she usually doesnt go to bed until 7AM. The others are less than thrilled with that.

So stay tuned for more whacky-ness at the Surreal life house! :five:

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