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Queer Eye For the Straight Guy

Ray, We Salute You: Queer Eye For The Straight Guy Episode 3.1
Burgers Plus Brian Plus Jets Equals Romance: Queer Eye For The Straight Guy Episode 3.2
‘ello, My Name Is Simon: Queer Eye for The (British) Straight Guy Episode 3.3
Dr. Darin’s Magical Mystery Scavenger Hunt: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (In Britain) Episode 3.4
Recapping the Romance: Queer Eye for the (Romantic) Straight Guy Episode 3.4 and a Half
Omigod! It’s Charles Manson! Or Is It Brud?: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Episode 3.5
Moody Motor Man Michael: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Episode 3.6
Weep No More, My Alex: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Episode 3.7
John Stinks!: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Episode 3.8
Kord–The Making of A Commentator: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Episode 3.9
The Best Little Frat House in Texas: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Episode 3.10
Reunited and Joe Feels So Good: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Texas Episode 3.11
Scott the I’m Not Wearing Rhinestones Cowboy: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Texas Episode 3.12
Jim’s Guide To How Not To Kill A Lobster: Queer Eye Episode 144
Patrick’s Mambo Italiano Make-Over: Queer Eye Episode 150
Lee The Feel Good Wonder Dad: Queer Eye Episode 201
Hector’s Happy Homecoming: Queer Eye Episode 202
And Baby Makes Three (Unless You Have Quintuplets!): Queer Eye-Paolo Episode 203
How To Bone Your Bat: Queer Eye–Red Sox Episode 204
Some Good Luck For Gary: Queer Eye Episode 207
NAKED JIM (nuff said): Queer Eye Episode 208
Coach Pat Slam Dunks: Queer Eye Episode 209
Michael’s Big Top Barbeque: Queer Eye Episode 211
Danny, You’re Not Fired, But You’re Still Not Hired Either: Queer Eye Episode 212
Motorcycle or Engagement Ring, Which Spells Romance? – Queer Eye Episode 220-A
From Drunken Proposal to Dazzling Wedding: Queer Eye Episode 220

Queer Eye For the Straight Girl

Hurry, Rebekah! Date!: Queer Eye For The Straight Girl Episode 1.-1 (Sneak Peek)
Nicole H (and the H Stands for Hotness): Queer Eye For The Straight Girl Episode 1.1
Melissa and The Great Walnut Caper: Queer Eye for The Straight Girl Episode 1.2
Hair’s Tamara: Queer Eye for The Straight Girl Episode 1.3
Samantha’s Happy U-Haulin’ Barbeque: Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Episode 1.4
Laura, What’s That Smell?: Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Episode 1. 5
The Very Unnecessary Make-Over of Kristen: Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Episode 1. 6
Getting to Know You Repeatedly: Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Casting Special
Witch Doctor Kim and Her Rockin’ Violin: Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Episode 1. 7
Luz Lets Loose: Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Episode 1.8
Deena’s Pre-Natal Tea Party: Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Episode 1.9
Hoses and Poles and Sandi, Oh My: Queer Eye For The Straight Girl Episode 1.10
The Tale of Pippi Laurenstocking: Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Lost Episode ?.?
Kim K Kan’t Kook (But She Sure Can Cackle): Queer Eye for the Straight Girl Lost Episode ?.??

Project Greenlight 3

“Feast” – Project Greenlight 3, Episode 1
“The Joy of Pre-Production” – Project Greenlight, Episode 2
“A Continuation of Pre-Production” – Project Greenlight, Episode 3
“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” – Project Greenlight, Episode 4
“The Beginning of a Disaster” – Project Greenlight, Episode 5
“Mutiny on the Bar Set” – Project Greenlight, Episode 6
“It’s a Wrap!” – Project Greenlight, Episode 7
“Redemption” – Project Greenlight, Episode 8
“The Finale” – Project Greenlight, Episode 9

Starting Over, Season 2

Sisterhood – Starting Over, 11/29-12/01
The Empowerment of Self-Defense – Starting Over, 12-15-04
The Fragility of Self Esteem – Starting Over, 12-16-04
Destiny – Starting Over, 12-17-04
Focus on Catty – Starting Over, 12-20-04
Here I Am – Starting Over, 11-10-05
The Process of Healing – Starting Over, 01-11-05
Who Am I – Starting Over, 01-12-05
Feel Like A Woman – Starting Over, 01-13-05
Forgiveness – Starting Over, 01-14-05
The One About The Broom – Starting Over, 01-17-05
I’ve Created A Monster – Starting Over, 01-18-05
“Flank Is For Skanks!” – Starting Over 01-19-05
Meeting Each Other or Meeting Ourselves? – Starting Over, 01-21-05
Daddy’s Little Girl – Starting Over, 01-24-05
“It’s YOU! It’s Always You!” – Starting Over, 01-25-05
Giving and Receiving – Starting Over, 01-26-05
Knockin’ Down Those Walls – Starting Over, 01-27-05
“The B Word” – Starting Over, 01-28-05
The Queens of Denial – Starting Over, 01-31-05
Holes and Gaps – Starting Over, 02-01-05
I Am A Ship – Starting Over, 02-02-05
“Memories of Yonder Years” – Starting Over, 02-03-05
“Our Whole Life Is Sad” – Starting Over, 02-04-05
“It’s Like A Movie I Don’t Want To Watch Anymore” – Starting Over, 02-07-05
The Dawn Is Breaking – Starting Over, 02-08-05
God’s Gift – Starting Over, 02-09-05
Halfway Down The Stairs – Starting Over, 02-10-05
The Passions of Extraordinary Cassie – Starting Over, 02-11-05
Gimmee Two Steps – Starting Over, 02-14-05
“Love Each Other Through All Our Junk” – Starting Over, 02-15-05
Discovering Information – Starting Over, 02-16-05
“Shirley, You Can’t Be Serious!” – Starting over, 02-17-05
“5, 6, 7, 8. Is She Gonna Graduate?” – Starting Over, 02-18-05
“You Just Gotta Get Out There Sometimes” – Starting Over, 02-21-05
Other People’s Expectations – Starting Over, 02-22-05
Passions and Fantasies – Starting Over, 02-23-05
“I Don’t Know Who I Am” – Starting Over, 02-24-05
Perspective Shifts – Starting Over, 02-25-05
“He Called Today” – Starting Over, 02-28-05
What Are You Waiting For – Starting Over, 03-01-05
Warning: Children At Play – Starting Over, 03-02-05
Sabotage! – Starting Over, 03-03-05
The Opening Heart of Renee – Starting Over, 03-04-05
“You Did Really Good, Baby” – Starting Over, 03-07-05
Dropping the C Bomb – Starting Over, 03-08-05
“C-Word Monologues” – Starting Over, 03-09-05
“Come To The Edge” – Starting Over, 03-10-05
Fork In The Road – Starting Over, 03-11-05
“There Is So Much Healing Going On Here” – Starting Over, 03-21-05
“Shame – Let It Go To Waste” – Starting Over, 03-22-05
Opening Up – Starting Over, 03-23-05
Everybody Falls Down; Only Winners Get Back Up – Starting Over, 03-24-05
”Farewell Cassie…and Say No to Big Bangs” – Starting Over, 03-25-05
”Don’t Compliment Me” – Starting Over, 03-29-05
“Go Away Green-Eyed Monster” – Starting Over, 03-30-05
“Forget the Poisonous Apple; Avoid the Toxic Person!” – Starting Over, 03-31-05
”Cinderella Goes to the Ball” – Starting Over, 04-01-05
Judgment Day – Starting Over, 04-04-05
First Impressions – Starting Over, 04-05-05
Cootie Exterminator – Starting Over, 04-06-05
Bad Girls! – Starting Over, 04-07-05
“What The Heck … Go For It Anyway …” – Starting Over, 04-08-05
Body Image – Starting Over, 04-11-05
Swan Song – Starting Over, 04-12-05
Runaway Bride – 04-13-05
The Importance Of Family – Starting Over, 04-14-05
Defense Strategies – Starting Over, 04-15-05
Daddys’ Little Girls – Starting Over, 04-18-05
What’s In Your Box? – Starting Over, 04-19-05
Mother And Child Reunion – Starting Over, 04-20-05
Grief and Loss – Starting Over, 04-21-05
Fear And Loathing in the Starting Over House – Starting Over, 04-22-05
Overcoming Childhood Trauma – Starting Over, 04-25-05
Choosing Sides – Starting Over, 04-26-05
All Tess All The Time – Starting Over, 04-27-05
Taking Responsibility – Starting Over, 04-28-05
Compassion for Alison – Starting Over, 04-29-05
Do You Believe In Magic – Starting Over, 05-02-05
Fighting For Alison – Starting Over, 05-03-05
Special Episode on LOVE – Starting Over, 05-04-05
The Password Is … Wheat Grass – Starting Over, 05-05-05
The Grass Isn’t Always Greener – Starting Over, 05-06-05
Devastating News – Starting Over, 05-09-05
Loving BooBoo – Starting Over, 05-10-05
The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Starting Over, 05-11-05
Shaking Things Up A Bit – Starting Over, 05-12-05
Magic Vs. Reality – Starting Over, 05-13-05
Going To The Chapel – Starting Over, 05-16-05
Take The Risk! – Starting Over, 05-17-05
It’s All In The Timing – Starting Over, 05-18-05
Success! – Starting Over, 05-19-05
The Worst Pain Imaginable – Starting Over, 05-20-05
And They Flew – Starting Over, 05-23-05
Going For The Gold – Starting Over, 05-24-05
There’s No Place On Earth Like The Starting Over House – Starting Over, 05-25-05

Growing Up Gotti, Season 2

Growing Up Gotti, Season Two — Premiere: Horror in the Hamptons
Growing Up Gotti – You Want What To Pop Out of Her Cake? — Season 2, Episode 3
“No Help at All!” Growing up Gotti Episode 4
“It’s a Rap!” – Growing Up Gotti, Episode 5
Victoria’s Secret (Admirer) – Growing Up Gotti, Episode 6
That’s Amore – Or Is It? – Growing Up Gotti, Season 2, Episode 7
Growing Up Gotti – Team Gotti is 1:1, Season 2, Episode 8
Growing Up Gotti Episode 9 – Face It
Growing Up Gotti Season 2, Episode 10 – It’s Snowing Men!
Growing Up Gotti, Season 2, Episode 11 – The Big O
Growing Up Gotti, Episode 12 – Manly Defeat
Growing Up Gotti, Episode 13 – U Gotti Be Kidding Me!
Family Feud – Growing Up Gotti, Season 2, Episode 14
Sleeping with the Fishes – Growing Up Gotti Season 2, Episode 15

Nashville Star 3

There’s No Shortage of Talent in This Country – Nashville Star 3, Premiere
Have We Told You About The Sick Girl? – Nashville Star 3, Episode 2
How To Shoot Yourself In The Foot On National TV – Nashville Star 3, Episode 3
Big J, little j, What Begins with J? Next Week’s Loser! – Nashville Star 3, Episode 4
How Could A Prayer Meeting Go This Horribly Wrong? – Nashville Star 3, Episode 5
The One Where Anastasia Wakes Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed – Nashville Star 3, Episode 6
What’s Wrong With Being A Girl? – Nashville Star 3, Episode 7
Homecomings in the Homestretch – Nashville Star 3, Episode 8
The Cowboy, the Rockabilly, or the Teen Queen? – Nashville Star 3 Season Finale

The Starlet

Pretty Doesn’t Mean Actress – The Starlet, Series Premiere
Attack of Courtney The Crack Monkey! – The Starlet, Episode 2
Donna-The Prima Donna! – The Starlet, Episode 3
“I’m not your #*@%! Friend. I’m the #*@%! Starlet!” – The Starlet – Episode 4
“Weep No More My Lady! Please!” The Starlet, Episode 5
“You Are The Starlet!” The Starlet – Series Finale

The Simple Life 3

“Which One Is the Engine?” Simple Life Episode 1
“Fly the Friendly Skies with Paris and Nicole” – The Simple Life 3, Episode 2
“I See Dead People’s Ashes!” – The Simple Life 3, Episode 3
“Paging Dr. Nicole!” Simple Life – Episode 4
Lights! Camera! Action! – The Simple Life, Episode 5
“P Stands for Poo and Pervert” – Simple Life, Episode 6
Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! – Simple Life – Episode 7
“I see…I see no Clothes in Your Future!” The Simple Life – Episode 8
“Don’t Shoot Bambi!” – The Simple Life – Episode 9
“Would You Like Fries With That?” – Simple Life Episode 11
“911, That’s Hot!” Simple Life – Episode 12
“Give Me Ten Years, And Then I can French Kiss You.” The Simple Life – Episode 13
“Hippie Pebe and The Traditional Bride” The Simple Life – Episode 14
Friends Forever – The Simple Life 3 Season Finale

Celebrity Fit Club

Episode 1 – Let’s Get Physical
Episode 2 – Butt Crack Attack
Celebrity Fit Club – Episode 3: No Excuses, Just Lose IT!
Episode 4 – You Are The Weakest Link, Good – Bye
What’s With All This Drama? (Episode 5)
Episode 6 – Danny Boy
Celebrity Fit Club – Episode 7: The Snapple Lady Snaps
Celebrity Fit Club Finale – So How’d They Do?

The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best

Tea at 10,000 Feet – Rebel Billionaire, Premeire Episode Part 1
It’s A Giant Buddha! – Rebel Billionaire, Premiere Episode Part 2
Oh No I’m Bleeding! – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 2
My Flirt Break Is Over – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 3
Oops, I Did It Again – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 4
One Wedding and a Tarmac – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 5
Over-Bimboed – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 7
Lost in Space – The Rebel Billionaire, Episode 8
Recap In Disguise! – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 9
Adventure of a Lifetime – Rebel Billionaire, Season Finale

The Bachelorette 3

Bringin’ on the Heartbreak – The Bachelorette, Episode 1
“Every Breath You Take…”, The Bachelorette 3, Episode 2
“How Do You Say ‘Wacko’ in French?” – The Bachelorette 3, Episode 3
Ain’t No Woman Like the One We’ve Got – The Bachelorette 3, Episode 4
More Fun Than Barbaritos – The Bachelorette 3, Episode 5
“This Episode Brought to You By…”, The Bachelorette 3, Episode 6
Some Questions Answered – The Bachelorette 3, The Men Tell All
The Most Disappointing Bachelorette Yet – The Bachelorette 3, Episode 7

The Will

Tension Tension Tension! – The Will, Episode 1

Who’s Your Daddy

Reunited and It Feels So Good – Who’s Your Daddy, Episode 1

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss

The Big Fat Hoax Begins – My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, Premiere
“Soup’s On!” – My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, Episode 2
“FYI, You Work For A Jackass!” – My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, Episode 3
“Sell The Crap Out Of This Crap!” – My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, Episode 4
You Know What They Say About Paybacks – My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, Episode 5

Wickedly Perfect

How Do You Like Them Apples? – Wickedly Perfect, Episode 1
Wickedly Perfect Episode #2 – Battle for the Better Dinner Party
Wickedly Perfect Episode #3 – The Great Outdoors, Domestic Diva Style
Wickedly Perfect, Episode #4 – Living Works of Art
Wickedly Perfect Episode #5 – Running a Bed and Breakfast
Wickedly Perfect Episode #6 – The Remodeling Challenge
Wickedly Perfect Episode #7- Antique Treasure Hunt
Wickedly Perfect Episode #8- No Walk in the Park
Wickedly Perfect Episode #9 – Big Apple Season Finale

Contender Commentary – Episode 5, Demons, Drama and More Depression

Contender Commentary – Episode 5, Demons, Drama & More Depression

by Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos –

The East has been getting killed. The West has been oh-so dominant. It’s a kick in the pants – or a different low level spot for the East Coast boxers. They have won just one challenge. Najai chose his fight – with Sergio “Latin Snake” Mora – and he lost. The East Coast is down 4 boxers. Four boxers in four matches. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Peter Manfredo Jr. returned to the competition last week after tasting his first defeat in pro bouts – ever – against Alfonso Gomez the first week. Peter’s ego may have suffered the hardest blow though. He’s not himself. He seems down. He seems defeated and well, the West has picked up on that quite easily. He knows he’s a target.

When the East loses the urban obstacle course challenge, it’s no surprise to anyone that Miguel Espino picked Peter Manfredo. Miguel’s a well-conditioned fighter. He’s not perceived as one of the best fighters, but he may be one of the hardest workers and he’s in great shape. Miguel wants to fight Manfredo for several reasons. Most of all, he wants the fight of his life and one he can be proud of. He envisions winning and has his head on straight.

I found myself saying – bye, bye, bye to Manfredo again. Peter goes to chat with his pretty wife, Yamilka. They were high school sweethearts and you can just see how much they care for and about each other. If all else fails, she may want to consider trying out for America’s Next Top Model. Just a thought! Their little girl is cute and has just the right amount of sass that I like to see in a little girl – she reminds me of my 2 ½ year old.

Yamilka tells Peter to change his attitude. His thinking is stinking and will get him defeat. In truth, I felt throughout this episode, that Peter’s biggest foe was not Miguel but himself. That made this challenge a little less epic, I think. I mean, the personal human drama, was very high, but in a way, Miguel was almost irrelevant to the process.

The fight was not a wash-out. In the end, Peter did win. It was a unanimous decision, but not by much. The points were 48-47 across the board. Miguel was upset. He cried a lot. He wanted to give his dad and his sister more than they have. All the boxers do.

I feel terrible when these guys lose because they all seem to feel like it’s the end-all for them. I don’t know how hard a life boxing truly is, but I’d like to think that if they continued to try, they may get a shot somewhere, somehow. Didn’t the light-heavyweight champ who had dinner and played poker with the West say he made his own chances by continuously winning?

I know – that’s NOT an easy route either, but even if the Contenders don’t win, they have still earned our respect and hopefully a chance at a better future. I don’t want to sound too Paula Abdul American Idol-ish. But …

You’re all so talented and you’re special and you should keep reaching for your dreams.

At least, the East will earn a reward next week. I wonder how sweet it will be – and how the West will feel about their decision to bring Manfredo back. He is, as Sylvester Stallone said, “the man to beat.” I’m still thinking Ishe has a shot, but Manfredo’s my sentimental favorite, y’all.

Anyway, it’s too soon to tell, right?

Here’s to great TV in such an unexpected place. Another great episode from the next biggest thing in Reality TV!

Product Review: The TarshiBAR (created by Michael Tarshi of “The Apprentice”)

product review tarshibar created by michael tarshi of the apprentice

By: Cori Linder

It is not your ordinary chocolate bar: No billion dollar corporation manufactured it and no city in Pennsylvania was built around it. It was, instead, created by an ambitious young man who just happened to walk through the doors of Reality TV only to find himself welcomed into (and then eventually shunned from) Donald Trump’s boardroom in this season’s “The Apprentice.” Michael Tarshi, bored one day in “solitary confinement” during the show, thought up a delicious idea that would take a candy most people loved (and often overindulged on!), infuse it with his own ideas, and create a chocolate bar company that would have delighted Willy Wonka. The end product is the TarshiBAR—a milk chocolate bar that embraces all that is attractive about Reality TV: creativity, authenticity, and flavor.

The TarshiBAR is marketed as a “smooth, rich, milk chocolate bar” that promises to “make love to your stomach.” (Those who take this slogan literally might have been eating too much chocolate lately.) The product packaging is simple, with a picture of Michael next to his quote, “I designed the TarshiBAR to feed the chocolate loving masses. With this bar only good will come, so eat, love, and enjoy.” For self-proclaimed chocoholics, this is a welcomed invitation to feed their addiction while blissfully paying no attention to the bar’s high fat content and calories. (If this nutritional information distresses you, opt for a salad.)

The chocolate bar is a cross between Hershey and Godiva chocolate, with a closer relationship to Godiva. It has a nice silky-smooth texture and a subtle rich taste that enables one to take a bite and then take another one without feeling that it is too rich or too dry. The advantage (or disadvantage depending on how you look at it) is that you can eat the entire chocolate bar without feeling sick and, perhaps, be compelled to devour a second one.

It would be interesting if, during next season’s “The Apprentice,” the team challenge was to create a commercial promoting the TarshiBAR. Maybe the teams would fare better than they did with using a cucumber. Just some food for thought…

To order the TarshiBAR, visit Look for future TarshiBAR flavors that incorporate nuts, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and caramel.

***Cori Linder is a freelance writing consultant and can be reached via or her website at

Interview With Deltrice of The Road to Stardom With Missy Elliott

Interview With Deltrice of The Road to Stardom With Missy Elliott

Age: 23
Hometown: San Francisco
Occupation: Clothing Designer

By: Chantae Benson

What motivated you to audition for the show?

I’ve always wanted to do reality TV, yet this was even greater, like a door opening that could lead to good things for my career.

Do you have any prior experience performing? If so, how does it compare to performing on the show?

Yes, I’ve performed a few times on different shows. My true skill comes from the church where I learned to sing and perform at the age of three. That training helped but there is really no comparison.

What was going through your mind during the live performance prior to the winner being selected?

I was thinking that it was a great possibility that one of the others would win so it was my turn to prove to them, show them that I was a true talent, so I went hard.

What was your expectation of the show? Did the show meet your expectation or disappoint you in any way?

I figured it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the industry and myself and I’m thankful for this show doing exactly that.

What was your most memorable experience on the road?

My most memorable experience on the road was not shown, I went to the church in New Orleans and sang with the wonderful Karen Clark, one of my idols.

How do you feel about the way your character was depicted on the show?

They tried to make me look extremely soft on TV. because of my emotions I was slightly irritated by this yet that’s TV.

Is there anything that you wanted fans of the show to know about you that may not have been reflected during the show?

That I care and love hard and am very strong minded and I am not such a B**ch.

How have grown through this experience?

I am a stronger performer; I’ve learned there is no limit to what one can do if they believe.

You and Jessica developed a strong friendship during the show. Was it difficult performing against her knowing that one of you would have to be eliminated?

Yes and no because we knew what it was we agreed from the jump, that we’d go to the end together and that’s what happened.

What are your future plans? Do you still plan on pursuing a career in the music industry?

I just wanna sing. I am doing shows and things of that nature. I will continue to record and either on a label or no label, I’ll be heard.

How can fans of the show contact you?

They can hit me at

”Farewell Cassie…and Say No to Big Bangs” – Starting Over, 03-25-05

”Farewell Cassie…and Say No to Big Bangs” – Starting Over, 03-25-05

By: Cori Linder

Although it looked for a while that Cassie would not meet her son during her stay at the Starting Over house, I was still holding out for a miracle. Maybe the SO staff was saving the son as Cassie’s ultimate graduation gift. From yesterday’s preview, it seemed this was possible.

It is graduation day for Cassie! It is a bittersweet day because she had to let some important things go in order to obtain other things. In group discussion, they look at Cassie’s new self-portrait, which shows a butterfly in the clouds and symbolizes Cassie’s newfound hope and happiness. Everybody acknowledges that she definitely has grown. Rhonda informs Cassie that she gets to change her hair color to any shade she wants (some of us remember the horror Cassie experienced when she went from bleach-blond hair to natural-looking hair).

Candy receives a call from her son Louie, who is currently having a “vacation retreat” in jail. He says that he’s innocent but is tempted to plead guilty to burglary in order to satisfy a plea bargain. “What do I do?” he asks. It’s very hard for Candy not to make the decision; she realizes that it’s his life and therefore his decision.

Meanwhile, Cassie tells the hairstylist what she wants…the problem is she doesn’t know what she wants. Just go brunette, Cassie! Then, you’ll just be past the whole blond hair thing! Later, Cassie arrives home and her hair looks a shade darker.

Rhonda takes Vanessa to a youth gymnastics center, which is hard for Vanessa because she wants to be at that place in her life again. She meets with Jane Whittaker, a former gymnast, to gain a new perspective on gymnastics and life. Jane teaches Vanessa about trust and that she has her whole life ahead of her.

Candy is upset about the whole son issue but knows deep down she did the right thing. Iyanla affirms her choice.

Denise and Kim come to the house to help Cassie celebrate. Rhonda hopes that Cassie will never lose her feeling of self-worth. Rhonda says that throughout the process, Cassie found Cassie and turned from hopeless to faithful. She looks like she’s in pure heaven as everybody shares warm wishes with her.

Cassie’s gift is 10 hours of private tutoring with Kaplan to pass the math portion of her GED. She will also receive an educational scholarship worth $3,000 to become a licensed vocational nurse.

For the first time in the show, Cassie receives a SO diploma. But then, a fabulous surprise…(I’m now knowing that it won’t be her son)…John Davidson enters and serenades her. Too bad he can’t date her. He then hands Cassie her trophy, which reads “An Incredible Woman.” Incredible indeed!

The Results Are In, Finally! – American Idol 4 – 3/24/05

The Results are in Finally American Idol 4 3-24-05

by Annie

It’s the results show and 31.5 million votes have been tabulated. According to Ryan, no one is certain of the future and everyone is on edge.

After a quick review of the week we are introduced to the second group-song done by the contestants. This is the second of the three that the viewers will get to vote on to decide which becomes a single. The music starts and right away we recognize the familiar tune “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”. This is a beautiful song to begin with so my hopes are high that we’re in for a harmonious treat. Bo, Constantine, Nadia and Carrie start it off and they don’t disappoint. Then Nikko joins in and it’s all down hill from there. It’s not the contestants’ fault that it sounds so bad. Whoever did the arrangement should be focus of blame. My friend asked me “Is Anwar singing a different song?” It sounds like they all are. At one point you see Anthony covering his ear. Can ya blame him?? I’m glad Donny wasn’t in the audience to hear this one!

After a cute look at the microscopic contestants in another Ford commercial, the suspenseful elimination process begins. The first BIG surprise of the night – Nikko is safe! Can you beeelieeeve this?? Paula must be spending a lot of time text messaging.

Next we learn that Constantine, Carrie and Bo are safe.

Nadia is the first to get sent to the bottom three group. So much for the Mohawk!

After Jessica is told that she is safe, Mikalah learns what we already knew (or were hoping for). She joins Nadia in the bottom three group.

Scott is fervently saying a prayer and it’s answered. He is safe. Anwar, Vonzell and Anthony are the last to learn their fate. Anthony is sent to join Nadia and Mikalah. But he is soon sent back to join the other contestants deemed safe.

After much suspense, Mikalah is told she is going home. She sings “Love Will Lead You Back”, looking much more relaxed than we’ve seen her in awhile, but, it was still bad. The female contestants are fountains of tears. Buh-bye, Mikalah.

Whoa! That was a close one for Nadia! It just goes to show how fickle the viewers can be!

Everybody Falls Down; Only Winners Get Back Up – Starting Over, 03-24-05

Everybody Falls Down; Only Winners Get Back Up – Starting Over, 03-24-05

By: Cori Linder

One’s heart can’t help but break for Cassie because it must be so hard not to reach your official goals (meeting her son and passing the GED) in the Starting Over house. But, as Rhonda reminds her, Cassie has accomplished so much more; specifically, she doesn’t let shame control her life anymore. Now, Cassie is at a crossroads: She can either view her time in the Starting Over house as a failure or see it as a learning experience and self-improvement process. It seems that Cassie will choose the latter.

Cassie’s assignment is to create a celebration/memorial for her son because she now has to put everything behind her and move on. She shares her poem “In the Heart of You…” with Allison who then presents Cassie with a gold broach.

Allison has her own struggles with living life. (Is it just me, or do her facial mannerisms remind one of Ashley Judd?) She meets with Iyanla and learns she has little lies “squatters” that control her life. Allison admits she struggles with a poor body image. Iyanla asks her, “What if your body never changes?” Allison realizes she must accept herself as she is, for if she continues to tell herself something negative, her body will believe it. Iyanla says Allison’s cancer has given her a greater purpose. To help improve Allison’s body image, Iyanla tells her she will be meeting with Bonnie St. John, a former Olympic skier, who lost a leg but continues to live a full life.

Bethany also has a poor body image (external and internal) and is horrified that she must meet with a gastroenterologist to find out why she gets really sick whenever she eats. She’s embarrassed and really doesn’t want the world to know all this about her. I don’t blame her, for stomach problems are not a fun topic of discussion.

During group discussion, Iyanla tries an experiment where the ladies have to do a task with the wrong tools. The lesson is that everything has a purpose and is inherent in who you are. If you don’t pursue it in the right way, then you lose its purpose. The goal is to use your purpose in the best way, with the highest principles (i.e., courage, freedom, trust, blessings).

After group, Allison meets with Bonnie who shares with her that the joy of life is really the process of working towards it. Sometimes you have to try things to figure out who you are. So, both of them will be venturing past their comfort zone to go roller-skating.

Meanwhile, figuratively speaking, Rhonda drags Bethany by the hair to the gastroenterologist. “Stay grumpy and mean,” says Rhonda as they open the doctor’s office door. Bethany doesn’t need to put on a façade. The doctor tells them he will run a wide variety of tests on Bethany, which increases her anxiety.

Having more fun is Allison. She and Bonnie are having a blast skating, and Bonnie tells Allison that everybody falls, but the winner gets up—often faster than the others.

With a really positive attitude, Cassie hosts her ‘Celebration of Hope’ to honor her son and to also let go. She reads her poem, “In the Heart of You” and focuses on the things she now has of her son, such as photos, a blanket, and a drawing. (At least she was able to obtain these!) It takes courage to walk away, she says. Each housemate shares her hope for Cassie and then they all let the hope balloons fly.

Finally, good news for Cassie…she will be graduating! Tonight, they will celebrate and Cassie will have the prom she never had. They get to dress up in prom dresses (dated from the early 80s). I suddenly missed the 80s decade with its fun foo-foo dresses and big Aqua Net hair. Richard Steinmetz from “Passions” will be Cassie’s date—he definitely didn’t come from my high school.

At the prom, Cassie is delighted to see Denise and Kim. Surprise! Cassie will be prom queen! It was a close race between her and Denise.

Cassie realizes she’s come such a long way and has really let go of the past. Hooray, I say.

Building a Box, Swallowing Tobacco, and Being a Wise-Guy” – The Apprentice 3, Episode 9

Building a Box, Swallowing Tobacco, and Being a Wise-Guy” – The Apprentice 3, Episode 9

By: Cori Linder

Many marketing firms would tell you to think outside the box; however, in this week’s episode of “The Apprentice,” it is the actual box that will be valued. Just don’t spit tobacco in it or insult it.

When the Net Worth team members return to the suite, everybody seems happy that John is gone. Erin verbally pats herself on the back, “I do good in the boardroom…I know how to speak like a rational human being.”

Angie is closely scrutinizing her team members, acknowledging that Erin is a good contender. She considers herself the hypothetical mother of toddlers Stephanie, Erin and Chris who play around and giggle in their ice-cream.

Craig is ready to be the project manager, for he is the only one who hasn’t been one yet. Then, in an odd move, he shares a heart-to-heart with his team members. He wants to pray, they think, but then again, he doesn’t seem to communicate very clearly.

The challenge:

“I love to build things for a living,” says Mr. Trump to the group decked out in yellow hard hats. They learn they will work with Home Depot (the fastest growing retailer in the U.S.) and create a do-it-yourself clinic at Home Depot. The Home Depot executives will judge them on product involvement, customer involvement, and originality. The team that creates the best clinic wins.

Assigning project managers:

On Net Worth, Angie wants to be project manager, for she believes that “Home Depot is the happiest place on earth.” Apparently, she hasn’t been to Disneyland. Erin immediately vacates her team member position for she is more knowledgeable about beauty queen crowns than crown molding.

On Magna, project manager Craig pushes the idea of creating a toy chest in the do-it-yourself workshop. It’s all about the innovative approach, he says. But, his team argues, it’s just a box! They have no faith in his idea. “We’re inches away from ‘You’re fired,’” says Tana, complete with The Donald hand gesture.


Net Worth will focus on creating a raw material kitchen island. Erin is more inspired to design a high heel. Angie is disappointed in her team because she believes they are acting like children and treating it as a play project.

Meanwhile, at Magna, Craig asks the team not to call the product “the box.” The team sarcastically tosses out some other names, with the best one being “pet coffin.” Craig is upset that his team isn’t jiving with the box and thinks they have basically turned against him. They have bad attitudes, he says. Eventually, he approaches Bren and Alex, convincing them to be more positive. “I hope it turns out to be a magical box,” says Bren.

Net Worth makes their presentation. Erin is in charge of promotions and marketing because she can’t pick up a hammer. “Great energy,” the Home Depot executive says. But then, Chris teaches the workshop, messing up everything, including building the shelf upside down. The executives are disappointed that a 15-minute job turned into a complicated time-consuming one. Perhaps this team should have built a box.

Magna, however, is progressing nicely. They are involving families in building and decorating the box. The team realizes that they didn’t give Craig enough credit; however, although he had a successful idea, he couldn’t communicate it.


The Home Depot executives said in a do-it-yourself task, the customer should be doing most of the work and that Magna did an excellent job involving everybody. Magna wins! Their reward is to board the G-Force One airplane that will go through a series of twists and turns, enabling them to find out what weightlessness is all about.

There are no chairs on this plane—only a padded floor where they can sit comfortably. Too bad that commercial planes haven’t caught onto this…perhaps, a Yoga room in the back of the plane? Soon, the team is floating, and I am reminded of the scene in the “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” movie when Charlie and his Grandpa are floating in Wonka’s bubble room.

Alex makes a funny (and ironic) remark that Erin and Stephanie are ‘space cadets’ but they’re not in space; instead, they are grounded and one of them will be fired.

COMMERCIAL BREAK…Would you guess that Home Depot is offering a “The Apprentice” do-it-yourself presentation enabling you to build…yes, you guessed it…a box! I’m suddenly regretting the expensive toy box I just bought for my son.

Angie is thinking strategically. She doesn’t think Trump will fire Erin because she’s “created electricity” with him. However, she eventually tells Erin she’s bringing her into the boardroom. Erin is confident she won’t be fired because she thinks that everything she says is accurate and poignant and that her team members will dig themselves into a grave.

In the boardroom…

In the boardroom, Angie feels very strongly that they lost because Erin signed herself off the task. George and Carolyn also agree that Erin was terrible. In his usual yelling and enraged state, Chris agrees.

Trump tells Angie she made a lot of bad decisions. But, it’s the tobacco issue that is really bothering Mr. Trump. They are all amazed (disgusted, really) when Chris says he swallows the tobacco. Chris, no wonder you’re always so angry?!

Angie brings Erin and Chris back into the boardroom. Mr. Trump wants to fire Angie but he says he will listen to Carolyn and George’s advice to keep her. Chris and Erin battle it out to stay. Chris, yelling again, says he will quit tobacco if Mr. Trump will keep him in the show. Mr. Trump tells him he has an anger management problem (it’s definitely clear that Mr. Trump has little respect for Chris).

When Mr. Trump tells them he is following George and Carolyn’s advice to keep Angie, Erin unwisely says, “Do you have to listen to them?” “No,” says an infuriated Donald. “But, I will.” Carolyn says, “That’s a dumb statement.” A lesson learned: Don’t insult The Donald’s right-hand people. Mr. Trump fires Erin immediately, saying she’s too much of a wise-guy.

In the Cab of Shame…

Erin says her inability to use a power saw cut her off at the knees. However, I think she’s referring to the wrong tool: It’s her tongue that sliced her chances.

Until next time…

Quotes of the week:

“I don’t know anything about Home Depot…As a former beauty queen, I know what a crown is, but I don’t know what crown molding is.” – Erin

“They’ve gone from being my adopted children to being my red-headed stepchildren…they’re just pathetic.” – Angie (commenting about Erin, Stephanie, and Chris)

“You sound like Paris Hilton.” – Mr. Trump (responding to Erin’s statement that she doesn’t know how to pick up a power tool)

***Cori Linder is a freelance writing consultant and can be reached via email at or via her website at

Drama, Check. Modeling, NotSoMuch. – America’s Next Top Model 4, Episode 4

Drama, Check. Modeling, NotSoMuch. – America’s Next Top Model 4, Episode 4

by Carrie

Is it just me, or is this season of ANTM not dishing out the actual modeling stuff this season? I’m all for some drama, but it seems like that’s all we’re getting – and it’s not even real good, juicy drama. The competition is falling flat, and I’m not just referring to Rebecca passing out last week.

As we join our model wannabes this week, Brandy is upset (no! not Brandy!) because she had apparently mentioned that she wanted to use the phone after dinner, and now all of a sudden everyone else wants to use the phone as well. The rest of the girls had worked out a system where each person would get a chance to make a phone call, but that’s not good enough for dear Brandy.

TyraMail eventually arrives, and the girls head off to a dance studio. They get a crash course in ballet and are told to be aware of themselves, their bodies, and how they look at all times. Naima is impressed that the dance instructor noticed she has had ballet training. Good for you, Naima.

After ballet school, the girls head out to a restaurant to have some ‘girl time’. Isn’t their entire stay there pretty much ‘girl time’? Anyway, Tiffany announces that the new Tiff doesn’t drink any longer, then proceeds to down four glasses of Chardonnay rather quickly. She leans over and hurls, causing most everyone else to head for the other side of the room and stare at her. These girls seriously don’t know how to handle a vomiting drunk? C’mon.

The next morning it’s off for another meal, but this time the girls meet the world’s first black supermodel, Beverly Johnson. Boy, that’s a long title to have to carry around. Beverly gives them all advice, and Tiffany feels that she looks a bit like her. Brandy asks Beverly about attitude, and gets the standard “a model has to always keep her wits about her” response. Or something.

With Beverly’s advice still fresh in their minds, the girls are off on a photo shoot. They arrive at a tennis court, where they are told that they will be modeling for a sportswear catalogue. The director of the shoot has been told to be as difficult as he can, and he pulls this off beautifully. Hidden from the girls, Jay Manuel is watching the shoot as it progresses. No one enjoys the shoot, but all of them are able to contain themselves – even Brandy, who admits that she was close to hammering the director with a racket.

The real drama is unfolding in the makeshift dressing room, where Brandy decides to lash out at Tatiana. They squabble for a bit, and Tiffany appoints herself protector and big sister to Brandy, giving her advice and telling her to tone it down a bit.

The girls are brought back to the court where Jay comes out and reveals that the director was really a nice guy and that this was all a test to see how they would handle pressure. The director gets to choose the person who dealt with him the best, and Naima is the chosen one. She gets to go out for dinner with a “special guest”, and picks Tiffany and Kahlen to go with her.

The special dinner guest is none other than Serena Williams, professional tennis star extraordinaire. Serena gives Naima an autographed tennis racket, and then reveals that she’s designed a line of clothing. She offers to judge the girls’ runway walks, and tells them all that they’re very good; even Kahlen, who looks like she’s walking in 35-pound shoes. Stomp stomp.

For their next photo shoot, the girls will be portraying the twelve signs of the zodiac while being suspended from a harness. Brandy gets her makeup done and then has to wait (gasp!) for her hair to be done. She complains that the hairstylist is making her wait because he has no idea what to do with her hair. Personally I think they made her wait on purpose so she’d flip out and add some more drama to the show. Because apparently viewers can’t get enough of Brandy’s whining.

The shoot itself is rather uneventful. Lluvy, as Pisces the fish, is dolled up in horrible sequins, makeup and hair, and has a difficult time responding to direction. Noelle is afraid of the harness and doesn’t give the photographer much to work with. Rebecca looks stunning as Virgo the virgin, but doesn’t have enough facial expression to take a fabulous photo. And Brandy of course serves up the ‘tude as she is forced to go last yet again.

Beverly Johnson joins the judging panel this week as the girls find out that they’re being judged on their tennis court photos. The pictures are all awful, save Naima’s. The zodiac shots are much better, and the judges like most of them. Tyra calls Lluvy’s photo “the worst picture in the history of America’s Next Top Model”, however, so we have a good idea of who the bottom two will be this week.

As confirmation, Tyra hands the photos out, leaving Lluvy and Brandy as the last two. Lluvy is told that her photo was awful, and Brandy hears that her attitude has changed dramatically from the bubbly, happy girl they met in the semi-finals. Lluvy gets to continue on because the judges “see a bit more potential” in her.

Brandy writes a note to Tiffany, who is in tears, and expresses her disappointment and anger towards everyone else as she packs her things and leaves.

Next week, Michelle appears to catch some sort of flesh-eating disease, much to the horror of the other girls. Darnit, Panndyra always gets to recap the good stuff! 😉

Check out our interview with Brandy right here.

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OOPS!! – American Idol 4 – 3/23/05

Oops! American Idol 4 3/23/05

by Annie

Someone made a big *oops* with the Tuesday night episode this week. So on Wednesday night, we got to see an additional hour of American Idol. The performances were merely a replay from the previous night, complete with the triumphs and mistakes.

The show opens with a pan of the audience cheering and waving their signs, one of which says “Don’t fire the phone guy.” Ryan explains what happened and it somehow seems he’s trying to convince us that this is a significant historical event. Just sounded like a big OOPS to me!

The first repeat is Anthony Federoff. I just have to say he is getting hotter every week. It’s obvious he’s been working out! When the film stops rolling, Simon mentions that Anthony needs more sex appeal (shaving off the peach fuzz might help). I’m definitely looking forward to Anthony’s improvements.

The next repeat is Carrie, sounding and looking as gorgeous as ever. In the previous night’s episode Simon predicted that she will not only win the title of American Idol but go on to sell more records than any other American Idol. Ryan questions Paula about that statement. Paula says it’s too soon to make such a statement and that it’s not fair to the other contestants. Personally, I think she is really good but there is nothing unique about her.

When I first watched Scott sing Tuesday night, I closed my eyes to filter out everything but his melodic voice, so I missed the removal of his hat and glasses. Wednesday night I kept my eyes open and I could clearly see these moves were done out of emotion and not theatrics. I like this guy (more so when my eyes are closed). Simon adds that he didn’t think it was a fantastic vocal. He’s right. It wasn’t Scott’s best.

It then comes time for Bo’s repeat of “Time in a Bottle”. Randy was critical of this performance the first night but says, after watching it again, that he liked it.

Cover your ears – it’s Nikko time! I didn’t understand why the judges liked his version of “Incomplete” the first time. And they liked it even better the second time around. Go figure.

After the reshowing of Vonzell’s performance, Simon says she is growing on us. I agree, I like her better every week.

Constantine, I think I love You. No, really, I do! But I’m still left just as puzzled after seeing the second showing of this as I was the first time. Simon repeats that this song is too far out of character for him. Paula says many of us (including herself) had Keith Partridge posters on their walls (it was Bobby Sherman for me!) and that this performance was “tongue in cheek”. Um, okay. Whatever. I’m just confused.

Nadia is next. She says the Mohawk was in honor of Mario. It’s just plain ugly to me and very LaBelle-ish! The judges reiterate – the performance was not good. Simon says he doesn’t understand what Mario has to do with this. Neither do I.

Mikalah is next. Everything we loved about her is gone. My local radio station claims she performed badly in order to go down as one of the worst performances. They claim she wants to be voted out and will soon be in a sitcom. Hey – it beats having to hear her sing again!

Were Anwar’s shoes hurting him? His trepid stroll over the catwalk looked a bit odd. I’m not a fan of his Stevie Wonder voice. Simon said he was inconsistent, lazy and not that good. Finally, someone agrees with me.

It was a treat to see Jessica again and Simon tells her she has one of the strongest voices in the competition.

I think we all know who is going home tonight. Are there any suggestions for the name of Mikalah’s new sitcom?

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