What’s Hot on TV Friday and Saturday – Stand Up to Cancer

This is an important one. Everyone knows someone who lost or won a battle with cancer. Many people know several. My father won his battle this summer. Celebrities are putting on Stand Up to Cancer tonight to support research, it’s being carried on all the major networks, as well as many of the cable channels. Catch up with your favorite shows you may have missed at TV-Links.


1. NASCAR Racing: Nationwide Series. Virginia 529 College Savings 250 from Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, VA. 6:30 PM CT ESPN

2. Stand Up to Cancer. Celebrities supporting cancer research, with performances by Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, and Tim McGraw. 7:00 PM CT All Major Networks

3. America’s Next Top Model. Aspiring models get makeovers, and one refuses to pose in a nude photo shoot with photographer Tony Duran. 7:00 PM CT CW

4. 20/20. Discussions of Maureen Orth’s Vanity Fair article about Scientology and Tom Cruise, celebrity marriage and divorce, senior citizens who fight back, and life-altering moments caught on tape. 8:00 PM CT ABC

5. Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse. In the first half hour, Angela convinces Marcus to spend the weekend with her. In the second half hour, Angela starts driving Marcus crazy. 8:00 PM CT TBS

6. Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. In the first half hour, Hannah’s sister thumbs her nose at her enjoyment of classic style, and Delaina’s sister wants her to find something conservative. In the second half hour, the staff runs in circles trying to meet Jessica’s list of demands, and Monique breaks the rules of the shop. 8:00 PM CT TLC

7. America’s Most Wanted. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

8. Boss. Watch tonight’s show live with T.I. and Kelsey Grammer on T.I.’s Facebook page. 8:00 PM CT Starz

9. Dateline NBC. A bitter feuud erupts between a stepmother and stepdaughter after their husband/father, a wealthy hotel heir, is murdered. 9:00 PM CT NBC

10. Lost Girl. Trick reveals to Bo his deepest secret, Bo finds out there’s no turning back and has to take on a battle that could decide Fae’s fate. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

11. I Found the Gown. In the first half hour, Florencia looks for the perfect dress, Devon looks for a vintage designer-label, and Lillie arrives for her fitting. In the second half hour, three brides look for dresses that meet with high standards and tight budgets. 9:00 PM CT TLC

12. Real Time with Bill Maher. Panelists include Steve Schmidt, Jim VandeHei, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Christine O’Donnell, and David Simon. 9:00 PM CT HBO

13. Strike Back. After stealing the nuclear triggers from Stonebridge and Scott in remote Algeria, Knox’s task man Karl Matlock and sniper Jessica Kohl resurface in a seemingly unrelated Capetown kidnapping. Section 20 discovers interesting information about Peter Evans, the victim’s father, who has mysteriously flown to Capetown. A new third party interferes with the mission and both Scott and Stonebridge make costly mistakes. 9:00 PM CT Cinemax

11. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The guests tonight include Matthew Perry, Meghan McCain, and OneRepublic. 10:35 PM CT NBC


1. 2012 U.S. Open Tennis. Men’s semifinals. 11:00 AM CT CBS

2. PGA Tour Golf. Third round of BMW Championship from Crooked Stick Golf Club in Carmel, IN. 11:00 AM CT NBC

3. College Football. Penn State at Virginia. 11:00 AM CT ABC

4. College Football. Miami at Kansas State. 11:00 AM CT FX

5. College Football. Auburn at Mississippi State. 11:00 AM CT ESPN

6. College Football. Central Florida at Ohio State. 11:00 AM CT ESPN 2

7. College Football. Purdue at Notre Dame. 2:30 PM CT NBC

8. College Football. Air Force at Michigan. 2:30 PM CT ABC

9. College Football. Florida at Texas A&M. 2:30 PM CT ESPN

10. MLB Baseball. Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox. 3:00 PM CT Fox

11. College Football. Wisconsin at Oregon State. 3:00 PM CT FX

12. College Football. Washington at LSU. 6:00 PM CT ESPN

13. NASCAR Racing: Sprint Cup Series. Federated Auto Parts 400 from Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, VA. 6:30 PM CT ABC

14. College Football. Nebraska at UCLA. 6:30 PM CT Fox

15. College Football. Georgia at Missouri. 6:45 PM CT ESPN 2

16. 2012 U.S. Open Tennis. Women’s Finals. 7:00 PM CT CBS

17. 9/11 Emergency Room. Emergency workers helping at the World Trace Center on 9/11. 7:00 PM CT TLC

18. My Cat From Hell. Two cats aptly named Bitten and Chompy, and a vicious cat who doesn’t like its owner’s home’s new addition. 7:00 PM CT Animal Planet

19. Puppy Love. When a single mom (Candace Cameron Bure) reluctantly adopts a puppy (Bug Z) for her lonely daughter, she finds herself in a custody battle with a handsome ballplayer (Victor Webster) who claims the dog was his first! 8:00 PM CT Hallmark

20. Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s: An Extra Slice. In the first hour, Tim and Jenae fight, Charles tries secure his place, and Robbie has to make a business decision. In the second hour, Robbie gets busy with the grand opening, Andre gets suspended again, and Tim worries about Charles’ girlfriend’s intentions. 8:00 PM CT OWN

21. Tanked. Memorable tank builds, and the crew talks about working alongside family. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

22. My Fair Wedding: Unveiled. Season premiere. Burlesque bride-to-be Sophia knows what she wants for her big day, which, among other things, includes tassels, feather fans and no compromises. Much like the red latex dress she intends on wearing at the ceremony, there is very little give. The man in her life is fully supportive of her non-traditional ideas; unfortunately, he’s not her fiancé. He’s Bobby, the Man of Honor, and he has decided to usurp David as wedding planner. 8:00 PM CT WE

23. The Vow. A newlywed’s wife awakes from a coma, and he tries to restore her lost memory to rebuild what they once had. 8:00 PM CT Starz


Big Brother 14, Sept. 6 – Make Tough Decisions, and Always Play Hard

The big question on everyone's mind tonight is if this will finally be the week for Frank to go home. This is their shot. He finally didn't win Power of Veto. Get him out of there, or he'll be sitting there against them in final 2.

After Dan took Jenn off the block and Ian put Joe up in his place, Joe is hoping Ian is being truthful about him just being a pawn and that at the end of the week it will be, “Bye-bye Frankie.” Jenn is relieved, saying it's like getting that dream apartment in NYC without it costing you an arm and a leg. Her closest ally is on the block though, so it's still go time.

Frank just needs three votes to stay and notes he's been working with Dan, Danielle, and Jenn since right after Dan's funeral, so he should have the votes. Dan thinks it's been a good week for him, as he added Jenn as an ally, and Frank remains clueless that he's the real target. As long as he stays clueless, Dan is going to get a lot closer to the half million dollars.

Frank asks Dan about being golden, and he assures him he is. Frank says it's all great for him then, as Joe goes home, and it's something he's been worried about anyway. Dan just thinks it sucks, because they can't plan the next win. Frank doesn't think it will be bad, as Danielle has already said she'll put up Ian and Jenn. Dan asks what happens if Joe pulls off a miracle and ends up staying. Frank points out the obvious, that that would mean Frank is going home.

Dan realizes he let something big slip and tries to cover while he's peeling a potato. Frank doesn't want history repeating himself of the last time he was on the block with Joe. He wants assurance that Dan still wants to take him to the end. Dan just tries to bury himself in the potato. Frank brings up how many times he's gotten burned, trusting someone new, only for him to end up on the block the next week.

Joe goes out to talk to Ian on his hammock, because he wants to make sure Frank is still the target and he's just the pawn. He asks if he should go on a campaign to Jenn, but Ian thinks if he just lays low for a week, he'll be golden. Ian tells the DR he wants to assure Joe that he's not going anywhere if he keeps his mouth shut this week. If he speaks up too much, he could turn the others against him. If anyone could screw it up, it would be him.

Ian and Joe compare Frank to Houdini with his number of escapes, but Ian points out that Houdini ended up dying young. Joe knows they can't let it slip by to have Frank in this position again. They bring up how great it would be for a tie, and Ian says he'd love to have that kill and have Frank's blood on his hands. Last time he misfired and shot a girl (Ashley). This time he'd have the twelve-point buck.

Dan explains to the DR that he plays this game like football. He always has to be a few steps quicker and smarter. Looking at the memory wall, he realizes his margin for error in the game is pretty tight. He's in good shape, unless Joe wins HoH. He needs to check in with him to see where his head's at. Joe, already in bed, tells him he would put up Shane and Danielle, as he knows he can't go to final two with them. Joe just threw out names, though, telling the DR the only person he really cares about putting up is Dan.

Dan walks back into the bedroom thirty minutes later and climbs into bed. Joe perks up and tells him that Dan followed him in there once he went to bed. Dan asks, “Who did?” Joe replies, “Dan.” “This is Dan.” Joe's response? “Whassup?” Oops. Dan tells the DR that he knows Joe thought he was Shane. In his head he was thinking “Am I talking to Barney Rubble? Because all that's upstairs is a box of rocks.” He's now worried that he can't trust Joe not to repeat all their conversations and wonders if the Quack Pack should just vote him out this week. Oops.

Julie Chen goes live to the houseguests tonight. She tells them that it's another double eviction and that two will be evicted tonight.

Frank gets the shot first to plead his case and tells everyone he's figuratively pouring one out for Mike Boogie. He wishes he were still there and figuratively makes a toast to the others still there. Everyone knows he's not competing in the next HoH, so he sees it as a reason for keeping him, as it means he might be on the block next instead of them. Most importantly, when you're down in the game like him, you're very vulnerable. If they reach their hand out and pull him up, he won't forget it.

Joe says he knows he's the single biggest threat in the kitchen, but he loves Frank to death and can't wait to hang with him on the outside. It's been an honor to meet everyone, and he cherishes every bit of time he's had with them. They have to vote with their heart, and he thanks them for what they do right now.

Dan is up first to vote. He votes to evict Frank and gives a shoutout to his website. Danielle votes the same, and Jenn votes out Joe with a heavy heart. Shane votes to evict Frank. No chance for a tie. The beast is out.

Julie reveals the vote. By a vote of 3-1, Frank is evicted. Dan says sorry to him and tells him he's a great competitor. Frank appreciates it very non-sincerely and only hugs Jenn on the way out. Frank gathers up Ted and walks out the door to many cheers. Ian hugs Jenn and apologizes.

Julie tells Frank he looks shell-shocked. He admits he was. He was a little worried, as it was deja vu for him depending on Danielle and Dan, and once again they lied to him. It was expected, but he's bummed. It's tough. Dan put his hand on the Bible and swore his allegiance to him. He's kicking himself for even trusting him a little. but he lost the POV so there wasn't much he could do anyway. He doesn't think the alliance was ever legitimate, and on the block for the sixth time, they weren't going to let him off the hook.

Julie wonders if being too trusting was Frank's downfall. He believes it was, but after the double eviction, he didn't have anyone else other than Jenn, and he knew he had to trust others to make it further in the game. Julie points out Frank spent years trying to get in the house, then spent weeks trying to stay in. Frank says it's been tough, having been on the block since week one and fighting every time. He fought just as hard to stay as to make it there. He wouldn't have changed anything but a few things at the end.

What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Impractical Jokers

Yea! It's Impractical Jokers night. No, I don't mean it as a political joke. But after a serious night of watching the Democratic National Convention, you can unwind by watching fun worthy of belly laughs on truTV as a group of guys try to force each other into all sorts of embarrassing conversations with the public. Catch up on your favorite shows you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. Live! With Kelly and Michael. Katie Couric, James Marsden, Carli Lloyd, and Alex Morgan are the guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. America's Got Talent. The top three acts from Tuesday night are revealed, and Train performs. 7:00 PM CT NBC

3. Wipeout. The obstacles include Surf's Up, Wipeout Subway Car, and the Caregrounds. 7:00 PM CT ABC

4. 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. From the Staples Center in L.A. 7:00 PM CT MTV

5. Big Brother. Either Frank or Joe will be voted out, and then the rest of the hour will follow a Fast Forward format as a second person will be eliminated before the night is through. 8:00 PM CT CBS

6. Rookie Blue. During a hospital ER visit, a violent pedophile escapes and abducts a girl, Andy has to make a serious decision, and Chris thinks over the possibility of a transfer. 8:00 PM CT ABC

7. The Next. Gloria Estefan performs at a Cubs game, Nelly's contestant gets ambushed on a date, and four Chicago contestants perform. 8:00 PM CT CW

8. Four Weddings. Lori starts her celebration with a salsa and rumba dance, and Shannon's theme of Jersey Shore keeps the guests fist pumping throughout the night. Tracey as not just one or two, but three gowns at her nuptials on the red carpet, and Tatyanna goes with a coral decor. 8:00 PM CT TLC

9. Trip Flip San Francisco. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

10. Project Runway The designers sell goods on the street to earn the cash to buy fabric for the challenge. 7:00 PM CT Lifetime

11. Braxton Family Values. The pressure is on as Trina hustles to get ready for her “Party or Go Home” music video shoot. Meanwhile, Traci, who still dreams to be a singer, brushes up on her vocals and sisters throw her a surprise birthday party. The girls worry about Miss E’s health and stage a diabetes intervention. 8:30 PM CT WE

12. Democratic National Convention. From Charlotte, NC. 9:00 PM CT Major Networks and News Channels

13. Sullivan & Son. Steve's aunt, a grifter, shakes things up at the bar. 9:00 PM CT TBS

14. Impractical Jokers. Season premiere. 9:00 PM CT truTV

15. The First 48. And unidentified body is found dismembered and burned in a field in Dallas, and detectives ask for the public's help. 9:00 PM CT A&E

16. Extreme Tours. Touring Tornado Alley and Kentucky caves, searching for radioactive remnants in Chernobyl, and exotic dishes in New York City. 9:00 PM CT A&E

17. Late Show with David Letterman. The guests tonight include Howard Stern and Jason Aldean. 10:00 PM CT CBS


Survivor: Philippines – Preview – You Take the Good You Take The Bad

Welcome back from a long summer Probstphiles, we are in for the first Quarter Quell (Hunger Games Spoiler Alert within) in Survivor History. Season 25 leaves the comfort of Samoa and Nicaragua for the first time in a very long time – in fact, Season 18 in Tocachins was the last time the show ventured anywhere else. But here we are in the Philippines. Fun personal story – this one pretty much describes the lack of attention I gave to my studies in college. I had to write a research paper in my senior year on American imperialism in the Philippines. I procrastinated through a beer-stained haze for many weeks and did my usual last second cram to bang it out. However, in the days before spell check (yeah, I am that old), I wrote about American imperialism in the Philappeans. That’s right. All over the paper, the cover page, everywhere, I misspelled the place the paper was about. Still got a C+ somehow.

Anyway, the show returns with some stunt casting and a new way of bringing back some old friends. Following in the footsteps of Rob/Russell and Coach/Ozzy, the show now brings back three former players. However, instead of iconic players such as those four, we go more conceptual. There have been several Survivors whose adventure was cut short thanks to an injury or illness, but not because of a choice to quit. This season, three of them get another shot at the prize. Over the years, these players have been evacuated from the show:
• Season 2 – Michael fell into the campfire
• Season 8 – Jenna quit to see her dying mother (I count this one)
• Season 8 – Sue quit after accusing Richard of sexual abuse (yeah, I’ll count it too)
• Season 12 – Bruce had intestinal blockage
• Season 14 – Gary had allergies to many bug bites
• Season 16 – Jonathan punctured his leg
• Season 16 – Kathy started to have a breakdown
• Season 16 – James sliced open his finger
• Season 18 – Joe injured his leg
• Season 19 – Mike had a concussion
• Season 19 – Russell passed out from dehydration
• Season 24 – Kourtney broke her arm
• Season 24 – Colton had intestinal issues

Of this group, many of the candidates for return are not really all that interesting. Does anyone even remember much of Gary and S19 Mike? Last season’s injuries happened to recently for production, or else surely Colton would be back. The only ones I think would have been deserving of return for varying reasons would be – Michael, Jenna, Jonathan, Bruce, James, and Russell. And I have had enough of James – much less a fourth go-around. Lucky for the show, they got three of the other five to come back. As much as I would like to see Jenna come back – her All-Stars return ended too soon and for tragic reasons – she did win already, so it is not too awful to have her stay home with Ethan. And Bruce was cool, but not all that memorable.

What we get are the returns of Michael Skupin, Russell Swan and Jonathan Penner to the beaches of Survivor. Cool. All three really got screwed by their injuries – especially Skupin and Swan. If you recall back to Australia, we were heading for the merge and Skupin’s Kucha tribe was in the lead and poised to go to the merge up 6-4. This was the second season and the Pagonging of Pagong in Season 1 was repeated this season (with the exception of the ousting of Jerri in the middle of the S2 Pagonging) post-merge. It is safe to say that if Kucha led 6-4, Ogakor would have been decimated. Colby would be a footnote, and Top Shot would be hosted by Rudy. Amber would not have been on All-Stars, and Rob would be married to Kim Powers. And Skupin would be a million dollars richer.

In Samoa, Russell Hantz dominated that season and became a CBS reality show franchise. However, after the first few episodes, it was Russell Swan who was poised. He was the clear leader of Galu, and Hantz’ sabotage of his own tribe had led to a massive Galu lead before Swan passed out during a challenge and scared the living beejeezus out of Probst. Galu went to the merge leaderless, but up 8-4. Swan would never have let the mutiny on Erik happen and at that first merge vote, Natalie would have been gone, and I think Swan would have been in great shape to move on (unless he became the target of Hantz’ 2nd idol, and was unable to prevent that blindside).

Penner is another story. Let me just say, first and foremost, that I am an unabashed Penner fan. He is up with Boston Rob as two of my favorite Survivors ever. He played one of the most interesting games of Survivor ever in Cook Islands – where he was both hero and villain from certain points of view of the viewer. And hated by all members of both tribes. What was incredible was that it all came down to a split second decision when he mutinied with Candice. To me, the villain there and in the season was always Candice, not Jonathan. But she got brought back as a Hero in S20. Go figure. Well, Jonathan got backed into a corner where if, at the merge, he didn’t flip tribes he was a goner, but if he did, he was likely a goner in a couple of votes later. His talks with Yul were some of my favorites.

In S16, he was in a decent place where after the fans and faves intermingled he was in a nice alliance. Then he got hurt. Is it unfair that he gets a third chance, but Bruce, Mike, etc. only got one? Perhaps. But he’s Penner. And he makes good TV.

In addition to our three returnees, we have two bits of stunt casting as well. Former National League MVP Jeff Kent takes his place on Survivor. For those who are not baseball fans, Kent was voted the best player in the National League in 2000, and he played the game for 17 years. He was most famously a teammate and adversary of Barry Bonds. Kent finished his career with 377 home runs and a career .290 batting average and is a strong candidate for the Baseball Hall of Fame as one of the best second basemen. Now he’s playing second fiddle to Jonathan Penner.

Joining Kent is Blair Warner. That’s right, actress Lisa Whelchel has been a longtime fan of the show, but we all know her . as the beautiful, spoiled rich girl on “The Facts of Life.” No word yet if Tootie, Jo, or Natalie will be her family visit if she gets that far.

Of the interesting show tidbits this season, the tribes will be split into three, presumably to both account for the three returnees and to halt the growing trend of First Day Five-Person Alliances dominating the season. Also, the hidden idol will be in plain sight. This is actually barely a change when you think about how easy it is to find them.

So, without further ado, our new (and old) crop of Survivors. As always, the bio info is courtesy of the CBS Survivor website and the Dalton Ross gallery on Entertainment Weekly website.

What’s Hot on TV Tonight – First Lady Returns to Letterman

First Lady Michelle Obama returns to Letterman tonight. Last week she was a guest, and this week she's reading the Top Ten List. It's guaranteed to be a classic. Check out your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. Live! With Kelly and Michael. Meredith Cieira, Demi Lovato, and Amar's Stoudemire are the guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. Big Brother. The veto competition and PoV meeting. 7:00 PM CT CBS

3. NFL Football. Kicking off the season, Mariah Carey and No Doubt perform at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, then the Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants. 6:00 PM CT NBC

4. Oh Sit! Twelve daredevils go head-to-head through obstacle course-type eliminations, and Eva Simons performs. 7:00 PM CT CW

5. So You Think You Can Dance. The final six perform with All Stars, and AXIS Dance Company performs as well. 7:00 PM CT Fox

6. Royal Pains. Hank tries to diagnose two illnesses that seem unrelated, Evan supports Paige through a difficult time, and Divya's new boyfriend looks for help from Jeremiah. 8:00 PM CT USA

7. Ghost Hunters. The Old City Jail, that housed America's first female serial killer, is investigated. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

8. Democratic National Convention. From Charlotte, NC. 9:00 PM CT Major Networks and News Channels

9. The Soul Man. Season finale. Barton's ex arrives in St. Louis, a blackout causes a storm, and Lolli could be pregnant. 9:00 PM CT TV Land

10. Paranormal Witness. A widower and his new wife get attacked while in their bed, and his dead wife ends up being the suspect. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

11. Dateline on OWN. Criminal activity caught on hidden camera. 9:00 PM CT OWN

12. Top Chef: Masters. This week the chefs will battle it out (literally!) facing off in a boxing ring to serve their critics and boxing champ guest chef of the week, Sugar Ray Leonard. The winner of the first match competes against the winner from the second match in a third match for the win (and $10,000!) The losers from the first and second match face off one last time to determine who will be sent packing. 9:00 PM CT Bravo

13. The Real World. Brandon takes a drug test, Chelsea is invited to St. Thomas by Trey, and Marie and LaToya get lost. 9:00 PM CT MTV

14. The Exes. The gang crashes a party aboard the yacht of Phil's boss, and Eden goes into labor. 9:30 PM CT TV Land

15. Late Show with David Letterman. The guests tonight include Emma Watson, Julie Chen, and Matchbox Twenty, and First Lady Michelle Obama reads the Top Ten List. 10:35 PM CT CBS


What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Democratic National Convention

Tonight the Democrats get a chance to answer the Republican responses from last week with a convention of their own. What will be the highlights? Catch up with all the TV you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. Steve Harvey. Series premiere. Ali Fedotowsky is the guest, and stories include advice for the worst dater in America, how to stop a mom who shares too much online, and a robot comic. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. MLB Baseball. New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays. 6:00 PM CT ESPN

3. America's Got Talent. The second twelve semifinalists perform. 7:00 PM CT NBC

4. Hell's Kitchen. The final two are determined, with renowned chefs evaluating their final dinner-service menus. 7:00 PM CT Fox

5. High School Moms. A student deals with self esteem, weight issues, and a son with behavioral issues, and a first-time mom-to-be tries to fix her relationship with her mom. 7:00 PM CT TLC

6. MasterChef. The final three discuss their experience and create a dish that shows their personality and passion, and the final two are chosen. 8:00 PM CT Fox

7. White Collar. The team investigates museum heists that seem to target rare artifacts. 8:00 PM CT USA

8. Face Off. The artists create a traditional Chinese New Year dragon to function in a dance routine.. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

9. Coma. Part 2. A young medical student finds sinister events at the hospital after a surprising number of patients who are otherwise healthy are put into comas during routine procedures. 8:00 PM CT A&E

10. Beverly Hills Nannies. Season finale. In the first hour, a nanny's life falls apart easily. In the second hour, Ross Matthews reunites the nannies and the moms. 8:00 PM CT ABC Family

11. Flipping Out. Season premiere. The exciting designer series Flipping Out returns for its 6th season following well-known house flipper and interior designer, Jeff Lewis! This season, the demanding décor expert manages to turn the lives – and homes – of everyone around him upside down as he wrestles with a growing business, new staff members, crazy clients and plans to start a family of his own! 8:00 PM CT Bravo

12. Mysteries at the Museum Special. Don Wildman reexamines the most peculiar tales in the Mysteries at the Museum archives. Whether it's a plaster cast of the original Siamese twins, the unexpected discovery of 36 perfectly preserved corpses, or mysterious creatures from the extreme depths of the ocean, these are some of the most outlandish artifacts to be found in American museums. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

13. Top Gear. The guys travel from Portland to San Francisco without the benefit of filling up, and the toughest off-road machine in the world. 8:00 PM CT HISTORY

14. Dance Moms. Abby gives each dancer a solo to help her decide about Nationals, Melissa signs her girls with an agency, and Kelly helps Brooke with her singing aspirations. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

15. Democratic National Convention. From Charlotte, NC. 9:00 PM CT Major Networks and News Channels

16. Covert Affairs. Arthur makes it a top priority to bring Simon in, and Annie requests the assignment. 9:00 PM CT USA

17. Collection Intervention. Joe and Rebekah who own 30,000 comics, and Dahveed discovers his toy-selling business isn't going well when Elyse arrives to help him earn a profit. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

18. TV Guide Magazine's Top 25 Best Oprah Show Moments. Moments 17-14. Oprah and Gayle King's road trip, Oprah's 50th birthday party, and an interview with Michael Jackson's kids. 9:00 PM CT OWN

19. Abby & Brittany. n the first half hour, as graduation nears, Abby and Brittany travel to Windy City for a last weekend together, and get around on Segways, eat deep-dish pizza, and view the city from the 103rd floor. In the second half hour, it's graduation day, and Abby and Brittany get ready to cross the stage to get their diplomas. but have to finish one last student-teaching assignment. 9:00 PM CT TLC

20. Counting Cars. In the first half hour, Danny and Kevin land in hot water when a motorcycle pullover doesn't go well, and a woman brings in her recovered IROC-Z and leaves with a solution to bust the thieves. In the second half hour, Danny and Shannon honor fallen troops with a custom motorcycle, and Danny and Kevin push it hard to acquire a 1971 Monte Carlo. 9:00 PM CT HISTORY

21. The Week the Women Went. The men get their daughters ready for the Miss Sweet Carolina Pageant, and a domineering mom confronts her son's fiancée at the women's camp. 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

22. All the Right Moves. Travis and Kyle have to perform at a dance convention, and Teddy tries to keep Taja from quitting. 9:00 PM CT Oxygen

23. Teen Mom. Reunion. 9:00 PM CT MTV

24. The Burn with Jeff Ross. Anthony Jeselnik, Natasha Leggero, and Todd Glass help Jeff roast the week's topics, and then he roasts people who park in handicapped spots illegally. 9:30 PM CT Comedy Centralp>25. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The guests tonight are Kevin Hart, Rep. Ron Paul, and Robert Cray. 10:35 PM CT NBC


Top Chef Masters 4 – Episode 6 – They’re Sexy And They Know It

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah.

Once again, sorry for being tardy this week. This time, I actually have a culinary excuse. I have decided to reboot P90X this week, and this time, do the Tony Horton suggested meal plan. The only problem – I am one of the world’s worst cooks. Yeah, I know, the irony of this column is overwhelming at times, but that’s the case. I spent this week basically trying my wife’s patience as we made about four recipes per night of various sauces, soups and other dishes. One thing about this plan – 3000 calories per day of healthy food is a boatload of food. And thank goodness for all of those calories – after cooking and exercising deep into the night each day for a week, I was exhausted.

So, I didn’t get to watch Masters until Sunday night this week – and boy, what a strange episode it was! It had Stone flirting mercilessly with the guest judge, and it had an odd and deeply intriguing fight between Lorena and Yeo. It also featured the Masters’ version of Restaurant Wars – as it would be far from interesting to see these chefs battle over opening a restaurant, since all of them have done just that 10 times over. It’s a novelty for regular Top Chef because those chefs are not usually restaurant owners. So, a little twist on the challenge and we had this week’s Thai challenge.

Quickfire – Top Chef is bringing sexy back. Lorena even helped out the theme by giving us a literal “Bowm Chicka Bow Bowm” song. It seems Dita Von Teese is the “epitome of sexy.” I don’t think I would have gone there – not in a world where Scarlet Johansson exists. But she’s pretty sexy. And as it turns out – incredibly – she’s also the first really good stunt celebrity casting they’ve had. It seems that Dita knows her food. The challenge is to make a sexy dish using tons of traditionally sexy ingredients – oysters, chocolate, champagne – and others which could be sexy if you’re creative enough. Five grand and immunity are on the line.

CC starts by chanting “sugar, sugar.” I would have liked it if he sang instead. Other chefs were busy destroying the arsenal of blenders. Art began to question his sexuality thanks to Dita, and Lorena broke out some impressive knife skills. As someone who has chopped a lot of veggies this week, I can appreciate how hard that is. Kerry is making a tuna salad – and I instantly scoffed at the notion of tuna being sexy. I would be proven wrong later. Takashi began talking about sweet and slimy sexiness and I started to get uncomfortable again.

Dita begins her tasting with Stone – which would later have to be accompanied by a couple of cigarettes – by dropping a line about how the tease is important, but you need a payoff in the end. Yowza.

Art – Ile Flottante – Chocolate Vanilla Sauce with Strawberries and Brittle Bits Dita shows her cred by instantly identifying the dish as an Ile Flottante. He wants to dive into a giant vat of it. Naked. And awesomely, Stone is flustered by her comments. It’s really funny. Dita later added that it was a bit too chocolaty.

Lorena – Tuna Telitaas with Avocados and Arugula – Stone thinks that is a lot of cilantro. Dita thinks it was delicate and light, but not sexy. She would be too worried about getting anything in her teeth.

Takashi – Chilled Oyster and Sea Urchin with Yuzu-Truffle Vinaigrette – Dita said this is made out of three of her favorite things. She calls it cold, fresh, slippery and sexy. And Stone flirts even more with her. Seriously, give these two a show. That’s good onscreen chemistry.

Yeo – Chawanmushi, Caviar, Tempura Asparagus and Love Apple Salad – These are more things that Dita loves – she equates it to soft caresses followed by a quick smack. Excuse me while I get a cold glass of ice water.

CC – Foie Gras and Figs in Rose, Fig and Champagne Sauce – Dita wants to lay around and feed figs to, well, I think most everyone watching inserted themselves into this scenario.

Kerry – Seared Tuna with Uni, Soy and Aromatics – She is sexually excited over the uni. She adds that when you’re out seducing, you don’t want a heavy meal. Damn. Dita Von Teese, ladies and gentlemen. She sure can deliver the promises.

The bottom two is Art and Lorena. Art’s was a wise choice, but not a true Ile Flottante. Lorena’s wasn’t sexy. Kerry and Takashi make the top two – with Kerry’s giving her the ability to “go all night.” Holy crap. Takashi’s “felt good sliding down her throat.” No. words. Takashi gets the win, the cash and immunity.

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs will be concentrating on Northern Thai flavors by visiting the famous Vegas Thai restaurant, “Lotus of Siam.” They must make a Thai inspired dish as they create their own Thai restaurant – each of them creating at least one dish on the menu. Lorena is worried about the challenge, but Yeo has confidence since she used to live in Thailand. They must be ready to serve in 12 hours. Yeo speculates that Lorena and Art would not be good at this challenge because she is not sure how good of a line cook they would be.

Before shopping, they go and visit Lotus of Siam and get a feast from the little old Thai lady who runs the place, Shuipan Chutmera. And her very cute granddaughter, who I am hoping is at least 18 years of age after commenting on her cuteness. Or else, I feel really badly about myself. Lorena sees a coconut soup which makes her realize that Thai and Latin cooking are not all that far off from each other. At Whole Foods, Kerry seems to be buying the entire meat and fish station, asking for “all that, all that, all that.” There is some drama/comedy as Kerry tries to communicate via two-way with CC to explain that they can’t find raw peanuts or duck.

The chefs break down the job responsibilities and Art and Lorena are basically assigned the job of the front of the house. This stems back to Yeo’s comments about their line cook experience. Lorena is not pleased about this and tells us in confessional that she has plenty of line cook knowledge. This leads to the clash in the kitchen between the ladies. It is presumably about Yeo’s displeasure over Lorena’s mise en place and Lorena’s reaction to Yeo’s attitude. However, what I think happened here was Lorena was steaming over being sent to the front of the house and she took it as a slight. And she blamed Yeo for it. I am sure Lorena has had to deal with that kind of thing her whole life – a woman in the kitchen, especially an attractive one, has probably been dealing with respect problems from Day One. And we watched it manifest on cable TV. Fascinating.

Anyway, back to prep. Kerry is trying to make taro palatable. He calls it simple, but only if you’re a master. So…not simple. Glad this isn’t Top Chef: Simpletons. The other dynamic with Kerry is that he has elected to be the expeditor except that he is not being all that aggressive. Now, CC and his big mouth…that’s an expeditor. And as we see later on, the service troubles the group had would have been solved with CC calling the shots.

Shuipan and granddaughter Penny join Bert, Lam, Stone and Alan Systma, the young critic from last year who looks like Michael Ian Black. Less funny though.

Lorena – Pisco Chicken Soup with Galangal, Cilantro and Lime – Alan thought there were too many garnishes, as her chilies were all over the dish. Shuipan liked the dish though.

CC – Sirloin Steak Larb Tartare – CC has taken the flavor of larb, although I chuckled because I thought he said lard. Shuipan thinks that for an American, this dish was good. Ha! Lam thinks it is beautiful, with a great clean beef flavor.

Takashi – Yellow Curry with Shrimp and Crispy Noodles – Penny and grandma praise the curry.

Art – Cashew-Crusted Chicken, Crispy Rice Salad with Lemongrass-Lime Vinaigrette
Lam didn’t feel enough of a Thai inspiration. Alan thinks the vinaigrette was the saving grace.

This is where we have some drama. Yeo and Kerry are serving the last course and need to send it out together. However, Kerry isn’t ready, so Yeo needs to scrap her duck and re-cook in order to make it work. However, doing so, she winds up with awfully rare duck. And gets rather pissed.

Kerry – Braised Pork Belly with Chinese Mustard Greens and Taro Root Puree – Alan thinks that there is nothing not to like. Stone thinks taro is mainly just for spackle, but boy, Kerry made it tasty. Shuipan said this one was the closest to Thai style of them all. Which guarantees a win for Kerry, right? Right?

Yeo –Seared Duck Breast with Green Pineapple and Massaman Curry – Bert thinks the duck is frighteningly rare. So much so that he actually sends it back. Alan agrees about the chewy meat. Shuipan thinks the herbs needed to be harsher.

All six face the critics and Bert tells them they made good dishes but not all were with the signature flavors of Thailand. CC and Kerry make the top. Alan tells CC that it was nicely constructed, but wisely held back on flavor. Lam tells Kerry there was thoughtfulness on the garnishes, and Stone adds a comment from a diner that it was “Thai meat and potatoes.” The win and ten grand go to CC. Kerry is still without a win, and yet is now in the Final Five.

Lorena, Yeo and Art hit the bottom. Welcome to third place, Takashi! Art is not surprised to be there. Stone says it was plain, simple, but boring. Bert thinks he put “Southern jazz hands” on the dish. That’s awesome. I just picture the Savannah production of “Guys and Dolls” now. Lam tells Lorena she had a problem with garnish, but good chicken. Stone said the chilies needed to be cut to infuse the flavor. Yeo tries hard to avoid blaming Kerry for her issues but the critics push her. Alan did like the smokiness of the eggplant, but Bert said the dish felt more French than Thai.

The critics confer with Bert thinking that Lorena should not have poached the chicken separately, it felt like two dishes. Alan said the garnish error was an amateur move. Stone thinks Yeo was an inch from being the best, but that duck. It seems Kerry’s fears about being the cause of her demise were unfounded. He was possibly the cause of her not winning the challenge outright. Alan thinks Art struggled to translate his style, and Lam thinks it was just too bland.

Art and his personality get the heave ho. He will be missed. However, bland and boring is often the kiss of death on this show. He and Lorena have a tearful farewell and Art vows to one day open a restaurant with her. I hope it is here in DC – because I am there!

Quickfire Hits
• Sometime in between last week and this week, it seems that Wolverine got his claws into Lorena’s wardrobe. Did that not look like claw slashes across her shoulder?
• It was as if Stone was having way too much fun with the food/sex analogies. A “sensual feel in the mouth?”
• CC thinks foie gras oozes sex. If he could manage to infuse that into a dish, he’d make a lot of money.
• Did Art really dream about chocolate? He should have dreamt about Thai food.
• It is somewhat disconcerting to hear Yeo talking about burlesque. It’s almost as if someone replaced the script of the first half of this episode with that of the Real Housewives.
• Did Yeo demand that one of the other chefs not call her Jesus?
• One of those Thai dishes contained pork blood. Well, I think I would bypass that entrée on the menu.
• Extra scene – Kerry and Yeo make up.

Next week – – Sugar Ray Leonard. And Stone going the full Michael Buffer.

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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – A&E Bids Adieu to Tony Scott with Coma

After Tony Scott's death last month, A&E has a fond farewell with a two-night event of Coma, the production Scott developed with his brother Ridley Scott. RIP. Catch up with all the TV you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. Live! With Kelly. Season premiere. No guest cohost? Howie Mandel, Ana Gasteyer, and Trisha Yearwood are the guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. Stars Earn Stripes. Season finale. A surprise shootout ends with two celebrities being dismissed, leaving the others to infiltrate an enemy village to get back solent intelligence, and after a final mission, the winners are chosen. 7:00 PM CT NBC

3. Bachelor Pad. The contestants compete in trivia and karaoke, and one is left to choose between strategy and loyalty. 7:00 PM CT ABC

4. The L.A. Complex. Connor gets life-altering news, Nick wants to be inspired in places that are unexpected, Raquel is overwhelmed, and a handsome stranger romances Abby. 7:00 PM CT CW

5. Hotel Hell. Season finale. Chef Ramsay lends his help to the River Rock Inn and the Roosevelt Inn. 7:00 PM CT Fox

6. Switched at Birth. Bay comes back with a new boyfriend, and Daphne starts a new job. 7:00 PM CT ABC Family

7. Little People Big World: Down Under. The Roloffs travel to Australia, Zach brings his girlfriend, and Jeremy comes home to find the family has changed. 7:00 PM CT TLC

8. Major Crimes. Major Crimes and the FBI partner on a homicide case, Provenza opens up to a suspect, and Rusty attends his first day of school. 8:00 PM CT TNT

9. Coma. Premiere. a young medical student finds sinister events at the hospital after a surprising number of patients were are otherwise healthy are put into comas during routine procedures. 8:00 PM CT A&E

10. The Real Housewives of New York. The St. Barth’s trip continues, and the ladies are still buzzing about LuAnn’s rumored affair with a mystery man. When LuAnn denies ever having Tomas over late-night, Ramona decides to take matters into her own hands, by chasing him around the house and relentlessly asking if he was with LuAnn the night before… Will Tomas reveal more than tight-lipped LuAnn? 8:00 PM CT Bravo

11. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – The Final Tour. Season premiere. Join cultural anthropologist, author and chef, Anthony Bourdain on his final “No Reservations” trip around the world—from east to west—starting in music-centric Austin and ending with a homecoming in Brooklyn. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

12. American Pickers. A vintage theater marquee, rare relics from opera houses, and Mike getting in to a heated negotiation for a Victorian dollhouse. 8:00 PM CT HISTORY

13. Grimm. Nick finds a quickly-spreading disease at an accident site, Monroe and Rosalee encounter an infected creature, and Capt. Renard gets tipped off about a dangerous fugitive. 9:00 PM CT NBC

14. Perception. Moretti and Pierce work on a case that involves a murdered college student, Pierce has to interact with one of his students, and Moretti starts to reevaluate her relationship with Dr. Hathaway. 9:00 PM CT TNT

15. Commander in Heels. The lives of two businesswomen 9:00 PM CT OWN

16. Gallery Girls. Kerri invites all the girls over for a housewarming party, but gets stuck entertaining the two groups. The mounting tension between Amy and Liz reaches an all-time high. Later on, Amy stops by Eli's gallery to persuade Liz to meet up so they can hash out their issues. Will these pre-school pals ever be able to mend their friendship? 9:00 PM CT Bravo

17. Pawn Stars. In the first half hour, the guys find a for from the Hindenburg wreckage, Old Man and Chum get offered a high-caliber Winchester rifle, and Rick and the Old Man look over a 1958 Packard Baker. In the second half hour, the guys have a surprise birthday party for Chumlee's 30th, a guy brings in a set of statue molds, and Rick and Chumlee inspect an Identi-Kit used by police for eyewitness sketches. 9:00 PM CT HISTORY

18. Bad Girls Club: Mexico. Meghan stands her ground, Zuly arrives and starts off a night that go down in the history of Bad Girls. 9:00 PM CT Oxygen


Project Runway 10, Episode 7 – On Mixing Art and Business

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to design outfits for regular, non-model women.  As you may have learned via the Internet, Ven acted like a complete jerk and was horribly rude to his client.  Nathan tried to please his (taste-impaired) client, but failed to please the judges, who sent him home.  Fabio won the challenge.

The following morning, Christopher tells us that he misses Nathan.  Sonjia and the other women agree that male designers are more likely to put women in outfits they want to see them wear, while female designers are better at making clothes women would actually wear.  There may be some truth to that as women designers are generally better at remembering that other women usually wear bras and thus design accordingly– but it still feels like tempting fate (or the producers) to actually say it.

When the designers assemble on the runway later that morning, Heidi sends them off to meet Tim on 5th Avenue.  They find him at Lord & Taylor’s flagship building.  Tim then introduces them to Bonnie Brooks, the president of Lord & Taylor.  She and Tim show the contestants nine dresses on display.  Each of them was made by a Project Runway designer from the previous nine seasons:  Jay McCarroll (S1), Nick Verreos (S2), Uli Herzner (S3), Chris March (S4), Korto Momolu (S5), Gordana Gelhausen (S6), Seth Aaron Henderson (S7), Mondo Guerra (S8), and Bert Keeter (S9).

In honor of Project Runway’s making it to 10 seasons, the designers will have to make a look that complements the nine on display.  The dress will have to retail between $200.00 and $300.00.  The winning look will be displayed in a window along with its nine fellows, and it will be sold on Lord & Taylor’s website.

The designers will have the traditional thirty minutes to sketch, but there will be no trip to Mood.  Lord & Taylor will send them materials from their own supplier, JS Collection.  As the contestants sketch, Gunnar decides to make a Little Black Dress similar to Jay’s dress.  Christopher notes that there are only two gowns in the collection and decides to contribute a third.  Dmitry decides to make a cocktail dress to go with the seven already there.  Elena, by contrast, has no clue what to do.  She’s used to making avant-garde pieces, not commercial outfits.  Project Runway usually has at least one designer of her stripe; they think of themselves as artists first– and businesspeople not at all.  Unfortunately, if designers expect to make a living, they have to learn to balance artistry with commercial appeal.

Back at Parson’s, the designers find that JS Collection has already delivered the fabrics and trimmings that they’re supposed to use.  Elena realizes that she is going to have to rethink her plans as the materials she’d hoped for aren’t there.  Tim tells the designers that they have until 11 p.m. to finish.  Sonjia tells us she’s nervous and less confident than usual because of last week’s trip to the bottom.  While she’s right to be concerned, as the show has reached a point where more than one trip to the bottom will get you sent home, she shouldn’t psyche herself out to the extent she is.  Gunnar, on the other hand, is excited by the challenge.

Christopher notes that most of his fellows are making cocktail dresses, which makes him even more determined to deliver a gown, as it will stand out.  He’s also using his shredded material technique, despite his worries that the judges might ding him for using it again.  (He’s used it in two other challenges, if memory serves.)  Elena worries that her usual style won’t fit Lord & Taylor’s aesthetic.  Some of the other designers debate over how long a cocktail dress should be:  to the knee or not?

Ven is going to do his rose-on-the-chest thing again.  He also tells us that men are stronger designers, but women are more practical.

Tim comes in to make his rounds, and he starts with Gunnar.  He likes Gunnar’s look and advises him to trust his gut.  Alicia tells him that her work is inspired by Chanel.  Tim thinks it looks like armor.  He notices Sonjia’s nerves and tries to calm her down, warning her that she’ll give herself a “psychotic breakdown” if she tries to second-guess the judges.  Fabio is making something with an exposed zipper and Tim likes it.

Elena is working on a black dress with cut-outs in the back.  When Tim warns her that it might be too expensive, she bursts into tears.  She’s struggling and not used to making clothes for a mass market.  She’s afraid even her simplest work won’t be simple enough for Lord & Taylor.  Gunnar goes over to try and comfort her.

Next up is Dmitry.  He tells Tim that his dress might look expensive, but it’s actually cheap to make.  Tim is pleased to hear that and he likes how the dress looks, too.  Tim likes Christopher’s gown, but worries that the shredding technique might be overdone at this point.  Melissa worries about the brocade she’s using.  Tim advises her to see how it moves.

The models come in for their fitting.  Melissa dislikes the results so much she decides to scrap her dress and start over.  Elena notes that the women seem to be having more trouble with this challenge than the guys are.  On that note, it’s time for everybody to go home.

The next morning, the designers get back to work.  Practically everybody is making some version of a cocktail dress, except for Christopher who is working on a gown.  Melissa decides to stick with her brocade and design the rest of her dress around it.

Tim sends in the models, who go to hair and make-up.  Melissa is still frantically working on her dress.  Sonjia breaks down crying, and Tim tries to reassure her.  He tells her that he likes her dress and advises her to channel her “inner winner.”  Then it’s off to the runway, where Heidi introduces the guest judge, Bonnie Brooks.

Fabio is up first.  He made a sleeveless black cocktail dress with an asymmetrical skirt.  In the back, it has an exposed zipper and harness-like straps.  Melissa made a sleeveless bronze cocktail dress with an asymmetrical skirt.  There are side cut-outs below the arms exposing the breasts a tad, and the back is completely bare.  The neckline is straight and the bustier is made of some stiff material that can stand up on its own.

What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Just Between Friends

The Showtime 10:30/9:30 ET/CT slot is for Friends. Matt LeBlanc ended his season of Episodes last Sunday, and tonight is the season premiere of Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy. Another friend checks in, too, as David Schwimmer guest stars. Catch up on your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. 2012 U.S. Open Tennis. Men's Third and Women's Fourth Rounds. 10:00 AM CT CBS

2. MLB Baseball. Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees. 12:00 PM CT TBS

3. PGA Tour Golf. Third round of Deutsche Bank Championship from the TPC Boston in Norton, MA. 2:00 PM CT NBC

4. NASCAR Racing: Sprint Cup. AdvoCare 500 from Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA. 6:30 PM CT ESPN

5. 60 Minutes. The increased profitability of Chrysler, scientists creating real and artificial flavors, and Khan Academy educational website. 6:00 PM CT CBS

6. The Chew Presents ABC's Primetime Fall Preview Special. A look at the new fall programming, including 666 Park Avenue, Nashville, and The Neighbors, with interviews of Hayden Panettiere, Reba, VAnessa Williams, Terry O'Quinn, Andre Braugher, and Jami Gertz 6:00 PM CT ABC

7. Into the West. Part 1 of 6. A dramatic, personal tale of the adventurous exploration of the American wilderness, the life-and-death struggle between the Native American and pioneer cultures, and the rush to riches in a new land and civilization. 6:00 PM CT AMC

8. Big Brother. The winner of the last Head of Household competition is revealed, and they nominate two players for eviction. 7:00 PM CT CBS

9. MLB Baseball. Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers. 7:00 PM CT ESPN 2

10. TV's Most Dynamic Duos: Presented by The Paley Center for Media. Robin Roberts hosts this look a couples of the small screen who had chemistry and friendship, and usually sexual tension as well. 8:00 PM CT ABC

11. Leverage. to convince a Wall Street fake to break a deal protecting him from being prosecuted, the team fakes the discovery of an antique car. 8:00 PM CT TNT

12. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 8:00 PM CT E!

13. Oprah's Lifeclass. Oprah gets together with Iyanla Vanzant to discuss the terrible things women do to each other, the intention behind gossip, and how to shift behavior to create more positive interactions. 8:00 PM CT OWN

14. Hoarding: Buried Alive. Eileen's secret becomes a matter of life or death, and Dale has clutter filling five houses. 8:00 PM CT TLC

15. Hell on Wheels. Cullen must diffuse an internal threat to the railroad after tragedy strikes one of their own. 8:00 PM CT AMC

16. Married to Jonas. a never-before-seen inside look at the courtship and wedding of newlyweds Kevin Jonas and Dani Deleasa. 9:00 PM CT E!

17. Lovetown, USA. Paul tries to help his feuding neighbors, and some singles have second dates. 9:00 PM CT OWN

18. Bridezillas. Penny-pinching Bridezilla Jennifer debates spending money on a marriage license and schemes to get alterations and favors for free. Brazen Bridezilla Blanca drinks, fights, and prances her way to the altar. 9:00 PM CT WE

19. Breaking Bad. Season finale. Walt ties up loose ends and while seeing the evidence of his success, he makes a startling and dangerous decision. 9:00 PM CT AMC

20. Weeds. During a Shabbos dinner, Nancy meets Rabbi Davi's friends, and Andy brings home a guest. 9:00 PM CT Showtime

21. Web Therapy. Season premiere. Newell argues with Fiona over something that happened back in college, Putsy is in trouble with the law, and Richard heals his broken heart. 9:30 PM CT Showtime