What’s Hot on TV Friday and Saturday – Neil Armstrong Tribute

The world definitely lost a person of importance with the passing of former astronaut Neil Armstrong. Saturday night they pay tribute to him on Discovery. Catch up with your favorite shows you may have missed at TV-Links.


1. America's Next Top Model. Aspiring models complete in a hanging challenge, and pose for photographer Shenae Grimes. 7:00 PM CT CW

2. North Woods Law: On the Hunt. ATV riders violate the traffic laws, then try to escape, and Warden Kim Bates looks for a person responsible for mutilating a deer. 7:00 PM CT Animal PlanetClose

3. Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse. In the first half hour, Angela, Leslie, and Jennifer leave, allowing Richard's bachelor party to get started. In the second half hour, Dominique is rushed to the hospital after she falls. 8:00 PM CT TBS

4. Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. In the first half hour, A mom tries to forcer her bridal dress expectations onto her mother, and a bride wants a gown that is blinged out. In the second half hour, a cheerleading captain has a difficult time remaining upbeat, and a bride fights to have a little floral embellishment. 8:00 PM CT TLC

5. America's Most Wanted. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

6. Boss. Kane gets swept up in Mona's desire for a housing project redevelopment because of his growing infatuation for her. 8:00 PM CT Starz

7. Lost Girl. Bo is forced to make a life-threatening decision after The Ash takes action against a threat, and Bo can't ignore her destiny any longer. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

8. I Found the Gown. Brittney is set on finding the perfect dress, Julie won't settle for anything other than designer, and Ann shops for the dress of her dreams. 9:00 PM CT TLC

9. Real Time with Bill Maher. Panelists include Jason Alexander, Ron Christie, Soledad O'Brien, Dinesh D'Souza, and Walter Kim. 9:00 PM CT HBO

10. Strike Back. On the run from a resourceful terrorist who wants the nuclear triggers, Stonebridge, Scott and Markunda take Othmani deeper into hostile rural territory. They seek refuge with a local in a remote area while the terrorist, his militia and yet another interested party closes in. 9:00 PM CT Cinemax

11. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The guests tonight include Lauren Graham, Dan Patrick, and The Dunwells. 10:35 PM CT NBC


1. 2012 U.S. Open Tennis. Men's and Women's third round. 11:00 AM CT CBS

2. College Football. Marshall at West Virginia. 11:00 AM CT FX

3. College Football. Ohio at Penn State. 11:00 AM CT ESPN

4. College Football. Northwestern at Syracuse. 11:00 AM CT ESPN 2

5. College Football. Southern Mississippi at Nebraska. 2:30 PM CT ABC

6. College Football. Bowling Green at Florida. 2:30 PM CT ESPN

7. MLB Baseball. St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals. 3:00 PM CT Fox

8. College Football. Colorado State at Colorado. 3:00 PM CT FX

9. College Football. Auburn vs. Clemson. 6:00 PM CT ESPN

10. NASCAR Racing: Nationwide Series. NRA American Warrior 300 from Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA. 6:00 PM CT ESPN 2

11. College Football. Hawaii at USC. 6:30 PM CT Fox

12. College Football. Alabama vs. Michigan. 7:00 PM CT ABC

13. One Giant Leap: A Neil Armstrong Tribute. A look into Neil Armstrong's impact on the world and his space exploration legacy. 7:00 PM CT Discovery

14. My Cat From Hell. A couple expecting a baby worries how their cat will adjust to the new baby, and a can affects two women's love lives. 7:00 PM CT Animal Planet

15. Welcome to Sweetie Pie's: An Extra Slice. In the first hour, Tim's recent performance distracts him, Miss Robbie runs the business alone, and Tim helps judge auditions. In the second hour, Oprah visits, Robbie pushes the contractors to finish, and Andre gets suspended from school. 8:00 PM CT OWN

16. 20/20 on TLC. A young hiker vanishes while out in the woods. 8:00 PM CT TLC

17. Tanked. Tracy Morgan gets a tank installed in his basement, and a Las Vegas boy tries to cut a deal for his own tank. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

18. The Son of No One. A rookie cop is haunted by the time he killed a pair of junkies in his youth. Channing Tatum, Al Pacino, Juliette Binoche, Tracy Morgan, and Katie Holmes star. 8:00 PM CT Starz


Big Brother 14, Aug. 30 – Still a Judas …

Dan is playing a very dangerous game. He did what he had to to save his butt this week, but is that really a game move that will get him to the end? Last time he got there by just being the guy everyone forgot about, but that's not going to happen this time. He needs a different game, and I'm not sure if playing the a-hole card is going to get him there.

After Frank replaced Dan on the block with Britney, she tells the DR she's shocked, as she thought she was at Dan's funeral the night before, but then a giant carrot put her on the block right next to her best friend in the house. It's interesting, to say the least. Ian asks the DR what just happened, and now has a strong suspicion that Frank knows he's been playing both sides since the reset. This is bad.

Britney asks Danielle if she knew this was going to happen. Danielle says she didn't, but she's just acting like she didn't, because if people know she's still working with Dan, they'll evict her, because they all want him out.

Jenn and Frank celebrate in the HoH, and Dan celebrates in the arcade room … alone. He asks the DR if they understand what just happened with Jenn using the veto on him. His crazy plan worked, and he's in the house to stay. He's back stronger than ever. He considers getting the veto necklace from Jenn his finest hour in the house. He's not sure how he would ever top it.

Ian heads up to the HoH and tells Frank he's not too pleased. He doesn't know what Frank is doing. Frank believes Ian thought he was covered by all bases, but now Frank is going to send Britney home, and Ian will be by himself. Frank tells him he should have never gone against him. Ian pleads that he was working with him when he didn't use the veto. Frank knows, though, that the reason he didn't use it was because he he thought Britney was going up. Shane enters as Frank tells Ian if he's going to raise his voice to step outside. Britney stops him and hugs him and tells him it's okay, but he argues it's not.

Britney joins Dan in the arcade room. He tells her it's nothing personal, and she asks if she's the new target. He suggests she discuss it with the HoH. She pleads with him to be honest, saying she's been nothing but honest. He refuses, and she tells him he's being so cold. It's just a game and to her, yet it matters how you treat people. She wants him to know she'll remember that on the jury. He promises he's not treating her differently.

Ian is walking around promising to avenge this. Shane asks where Jenn came from, then gives Danielle sympathy, telling her now she'll have to deal with Dan in the house for another week. If she stays, as she tells him she's about to have a real nervous breakdown. He tells the DR he's in a real spot, as he has to either now vote out his coach who has been with him since the beginning, or his best friend in the house.

Britney heads up to the HoH to talk with Frank and Jenn. She tells them it is what it is. Its a game, and she understands. Jenn explains to “Snowflake” that she wanted to keep a bigger target in the house for her personal game. Frank tells her that if he gets her out, Ian will be alone and not covered. She pleads that Ashley was closer to Ian, but he argues not so close that he couldn't put her on the block with him, and he can't help think she had something to do with it. She argues she's not responsible for everyone's nominations, then cries that she's going to just lay down and die, and if they're looking for someone to protect them, she can do that.

Shane, Ian, Britney, and Joe are sitting downstairs talking, and when Frank comes down, Shane tells him he knows he was in a tough position. Ian jumps in and says it was a tough decision that Frank had several days to think about. Frank yells back that Ian had several days to know about voting out Boogie. Frank wants everyone to know what Ian is really like. He thought the others were taking advantage of him because he's just a kid, but it turns out he was really being sneaky. Ian argues it wasn't easy to vote out Boogie. He cried all day.

As Dan sits in the arcade room laughing at what he created, Ian and Frank continue to argue. Frank points out Ian voted out Boogie who gave him a key and $3000 that Frank passed up. Ian announces to everyone that if they let Frank get to the final two, he will win 7-0. Frank just loves that he's having a “fricking toe-to-toe” in a carrot costume. Ian flips him off … several times.

Britney tells Frank she's not even mad at him, because if anyone showed they were only out for number one, it was the guy who elbowed her in the face during the claw machine looking for quarters. She just doesn't want anyone to be under the misinterpretation that Dan is willing to do anything for anybody if it isn't the best thing for them.

During Dan's funeral, she was passing out tissues, and she only wishes it really had been his funeral. She is the biggest idiot. Ian argues she's not. Britney begs everyone to not forget that Dan has already won half a million dollars but is willing to slit everyone else's throat. Frank says the best thing about all this is the heat is on Dan, not him.

Britney keeps going, mocking Dan for asking people to be in an alliance, preaching death or dishonor … but death for you. Have an apple pie … but made of arsenic. Oh Danielle, the first night I saw you, I knew you wanted to be be on my team … you're dead to me. Britney knows in the rational part of her brain he's just really good at this game, but she hates him. She asks Dan inside if he has anything to say to her and wonders if maybe sorry is the word he's looking for. She realizes her biggest mistake was ever believing anything he said.

Joe hits up Shane and tells him he's the only one he trusts now. Shane shares his dilemma of voting out his coach or his best friend in the house. Joe tells him he'll have to make that call himself. Last week Joe promised Shane he would stick with him, and he had his back until the end, and he's still sticking with him. Shane knows he has the final decision on who's walking out the door.

Julie Chen goes live to the houseguests, and everyone is wearing endurance comp clothes, except Britney who is wearing a pink dress, so this one might have already been decided, and she's smart enough to know the score. Julie mentions to Ian about the explosion between him and Frank and asks what the mood of the house is right now. Ian thinks it's gotten better, but it's more tense than a few weeks ago.

So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 29 – Jesse’s Fanboy Heaven

The dancing on So You Think You Can Dance has been phenomenal this season. Yet, it's hard to get into the season. Only seeing the dancers once a week instead of two, just isn't enough, and combining that with the two-week break for the Olympics has just made it hard to connect. Regardless, watching the dancers, even without feeling a huge connection, leaves me in awe every week, even if I have to relearn who these individuals are again and again.

The remaining eight dancers start the night out with a group dance to Run Boy Run by Woodkid. It's an Asian-inspired jazz routine that I'm guessing might have Sonya Tayeh at the helm. Looking at them, it's a sudden realization that there are now only four girls and four guys left in the competition. How did we get here already? It turns out it wasn't Sonya, but someone new, Peter Chu.

Judging tonight, we have Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, back again for a return engagement. Cat Deeley calls him one of her favorite guests they've ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever had. Tonight, the dancers will again be performing with the All-Stars, and they'll also be performing solos after they show us videos clips that explain a little more about who they are.

Tiffany Maher starts us off from Plantation, Florida. She explains that living here, you have to love three things – the beach, boats, and the water. Her mom recalls that as a youngster, Tiffany was always having fun and being rambunctious. She wanted to do everything her older sister did, including dance. She learned her sister's routine enough that she was added to the production. They shared that passion for dance with each other, and Tiffany knows she has her sister to thank for where she is today. She dances her contemporary solo to I Was Here by the Glee Cast. Her sister cheers wildly from the audience.

Witney Carson pairs up with Twitch this week to work on a Luther Brown hip hop. He announces they're doing East Coast hip hop. He tells Witney they're going to get ratchet, and she asks if that's anything like getting buck. He later encourages her, “Get it, Ballroom Girl.” Witney and Twitch dance tonight to My Homies Still by Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean. Luther was pretty clever with this, as he allows her to slip back into femme fatale mode periodically to prevent her from having to be buck the entire time.

Cat accuses Nigel of trying to be street and cool. He just wants to know where Witney is getting all the attitude from. He wonders if all 18-year-old Mormon girls dance like that. He notes they turn out brilliant dancers, and he's glad they've saved her a few times, becaus she brings it every time. The east coast hip hop was fantastic. He welcomes Luther to the So You Think You Can Dance family, yet wonders if the Ratchet is rodent droppings. (Think about it …)

With all the street behavior, Mary wants to use her hands to fight with Nigel. She tells Witney if she had a hat, it would definitely be coming off tonight. She was down, in, front, sick, buck, and everything. She had it all going on. Mary loved seeing her buddy Luther from Canada. The musicality allowed her to live in it. The attitude at the end was like, “i got this.”

Jesse announces, “I love to ratchet.” He holds up a card that the producers gave him to remember the dancers' names, but says they're both stars, so he didn't even need it. Twitch is amazing, and he's dying just to be in the same room with him. Witney is so beautiful an has an amazing sensuality she doesn't even have to work at. It's nice to see her get down and dirty, but how she did it in the diaper pants, he'll never know. He loved the “waiting for the bus part,” and cracks that's how he waits for the bus.

Will Thomas grew up in Troy, Michigan, and was always the class clown. He would get suspended every year. While his mom remembers him having a lot of energy, he remembers himself as being on the chubby side and awkward, leading to his mom putting him in dance. She remembers him telling her that dance saved his life. He found confidence and a way to channel his energy. He was even the Homecoming King. Will dances his solo to Better Man by James Morrison. He's amazing. So much so, that we haven't gotten to see his solo work before.

Cole Horibe is working with All-Star Allison on a Sonya Tayeh contemporary routine. His character is a sadistic man, something we know he'll do great at after the Mia Michaels Addiction routine. Allison is a desperate woman vying for his heart. But if he has no soul, he has no heart. With these two? This could be amazing. They dance to Possibly Maybe by Bjork. Words just don't express how stunningly amazing this routine is. Great routine, great dancers.

Jesse tells Sonya she is sporting a softer look, but she's not fooling him. She's a sick, demented woman, and he loves it. It was insane. To Allison, he tells her she's one of the best actresses the show has had, and Cole was right there with her. It was insane, and like an American Horror Story promo or something. It was so demonic and so intense, he's shaking, an he needs a cocktail.

Mary tells Allison it's the best performance she's ever seen from her on the show. While the name of the song was “possibly maybe,” Mary tells Cole possibly and maybe he'll be in the finale. If he keeps dancing like that, he probably will be. The lift with the hophop that levitated and the soft side movements were just gorgeous, although creepy and scary. One thing it was was memorable.

Nigel calls it powerful and dramatic and everything we've come to expect from Sonya's choreography, as well as slightly quirky and scary. Cole brings that anyway to the competition. He brings that uniqueness which Nigel thinks this season will be known for. There is no reason he won't make the finale with the way he is going. Yet it's so difficult to judge anybody when Allison is dancing with them because she's so tremendous. He said to Sonya earlier that it was hard to pick Cole out because Allison is so strong, yet Sonya pointed out that of all the people Allison has danced with this season, Cole is the strongest for her.

Lindsey Arnold grew up in Provo, and before making it on the show was a Senior in high school and dancing at her mom's studio with her sisters. The studio brings the family closer, as they all spend so much time dancing together and doing what they like to do. Two of the great teachers she's been blessed to work with are Dancing with the Stars' Mark Ballas and his mom, Shirley. They've helped Lindsey a lot through this journey. She feels blessed to have the mom she does. She dances her tango-inspired solo to Senorita by Bond.

Eliana Girard is paired up with All-Star Ryan on a Jonathan Roberts' quickstep. The story is that Ryan is a businessman, while she is a bored housewife. He comes home, and she's looking for some attention from him. She's an angry wife. As they dance tonight to That Man by Caro Emerald, she's just not going to take no for an answer. She's hard to ignore. She's also tearing up this dance floor, and doing the quickstep yet.

Mary calls it great to have Jonathan back and choreographing so great. She loved the routine. She also mentions that last week she rote in Entertainment Weekly that she couldn't wait to see what Eliana did next, and jokingly mentioned the quickstep. She thought it was possibly the only routine that could throw her a curveball, but it obviously did not. Eliana was spectacular with a good frame for the most part. She needs to watch her hops, yet Mary loved the waterfall trick at the end. She's adding a checkmark to the quickstep category after this.

To quote his friend to the right (Mary), Jesse says “Holy smokies, Lord have mercy.” He thought it was so fantastic. Jesse had the great privilege of being at Eliana's audition in L.A., and to see her so early on, kind of dorky, saying she likes to do pole dancing, but to see this this and the bang-bang number last week, he can't stop thinking about it. Her range of emotion is extraordinary at this age. He doesn't think a lot of dancers and actors have that. He feels like he knows her, and recognizes it's creepy.

Nigel was shocked at the technicality of the routine. He expected some of it to be good because they see it in ballet, but her top line was perhaps the best he's seen a non-ballroom girl do. Her personality goes with the dance as light and frothy. But as Jesse said how it affected him watching Eliana throughout the season, it's almost like the show was created for her, as whatever she is asked to do, she turns around and does.

What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Final Night of Republican National Convention

It's the final night of the Republican National Convention, and it's now confirmed that Clint Eastwood will be the mystery speaker. Catch up on your favorite shows you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. Live! With Kelly. Chris Harrison is the guest cohost, and Billy Bob Thornton, Eli Manning, and Christina Hendricks are the guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. NFL Preseason Football. Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers. 6:00 PM CT NFO

3. NFL Preseason Football. Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns. 6:30 PM CT Fox

4. Wipeout. The obstacles include Snakes on the Plains, Pulling Teeth, and the Hangover. 7:00 PM CT ABC

5. Big Brother. Either Wil or Joe will be voted out, and a new Head of Household will be decided after a competition. 8:00 PM CT CBS

6. Saving Hope. A plane is forced to land because of a passenger's illness, and Alex realizes while performing surgery on her that a deadly and contagious virus could have been brought into the hospital. 8:00 PM CT NBC

7. Rookie Blue. Internal AFfairs investigates after a chaotic night, Gail has a hard time recovering from her abduction, and Andy finds out a secret about Nick's past. 8:00 PM CT ABC

8. The Next. The mentors heads to New York to work with the contestants, Joe meets his contestant's family, Nelly helps his contestant work on her wardrobe, and the contestants perform at the Paramount Theater. 8:00 PM CT CW

9. Four Weddings. In the first hour, AnneMarie begins her wedding with shots, Jillian has an awards ceremony close out her reception, Bahar's Persian ceremony, and Erika's Cinco de Mayo wedding. In the second hour, Janine has a Bollywood dance, Lisa Marie has a comfort foods buffet, Nicole has an upscale party, and Samantha has personalized decor. 8:00 PM CT TLC

10. Trip Flip Bert Kreischer surprises L.A. couple, Tanya and Kirk, with the ultimate New York City vacation. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

11. Project Runway The designers get a chance to have their designs featured in Lord & Taylor stores. 7:00 PM CT Lifetime

12. Braxton Family Values. concerned that Towanda isn’t making time for a love life, Miss E sets her up on a blind date, and after much suspicion and resistance, Towanda finally gives in to the idea. Out in LA, Tamar and Vince discuss the fertility shots Tamar’s been taking in preparation for her upcoming egg extraction procedure. Meanwhile, Trina starts production on her first music video for the hit single “Party or Go Home” and asks Gabe to invest. 8:30 PM CT WE

13. Republican National Convention. From Tampa, FL. 9:00 PM CT Major Networks and News Channels

14. Sullivan & Son. Carol finds out she's going through menopause and falls into a funk. 9:00 PM CT TBS

15. Wilfred. Ryan looks to find out the truth about Wilfred. 9:00 PM CT FX

16. The First 48. The shooting dead of a father, and a man fatally shot in his sleep. 9:00 PM CT A&E

17. Snooki & JWOWW. Snooki and Jenni take care of fake babies, and Snooki finds out the gender of the baby she is carrying. 9:00 PM CT MTV

18. Louie. Louie could get a break. 9:30 PM CT FX

19. Awkward. Everyone has opinions about Jenna's life after reading her blog, and Jake and Matty are looking for answers. 9:30 PM CT MTV

20. Late Show with David Letterman. The guests tonight include Bruce Willis, Brian Regan, and The Heavy. 10:00 PM CT CBS


What’s Hot on TV Tonight – First Lady on Letterman

First Lady Michelle Obama guests on Letterman tonight. Is it a coincidence that this happens to coincide with the ongoing Republican National Convention? Check out your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. Live! With Kelly. Jerry O'Connell is guest cohost, and Heidi Klum, Noah Wyle, and Bristol Palin are the guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. MLB Baseball. St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates. 6:00 PM CT ESPN

3. NFL Preseason Football. New England Patriots at New York Giants. 6:00 PM CT NFL

4. Big Brother. The veto competition and PoV meeting. 7:00 PM CT CBS

5. Oh Sit! Twelve daredevils go head-to-head through obstacle course-type eliminations, and Chiddy Bang perform. 7:00 PM CT CW

6. So You Think You Can Dance. The final eight perform with All Stars, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson is the guest judge. 7:00 PM CT Fox

7. Melissa & Joey. Season finale. Joe pops the question to Elena to prevent her from being sent back to Russia, and Mel decides she will perform the wedding. 7:00 PM CT ABC Family

8. Baby Daddy Riley gets ready to be Katie's maid-of-homor, while Bend decides to spice up the wedding. 7:30 PM CT ABC Family

9. America's Got Talent. Three of the Semifinal acts advance. 8:00 PM CT NBC

10. Royal Pains. A pop star is treated before she goes out on tour, Evan helps Paige get ready for school, Hank finds out more about a local pediatrician, and Divya gets distracted. 8:00 PM CT USA

11. Haunted Collector. A report of spirits at the Castle & Cook at the Hawaiian Islands of Lanai, and a report of a disruptive ghost at the history IAO Theater in Maui. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

12. Dateline on OWN. In the first hour, a group of women order hits. In the second hour, a confusing double murder. 8:00 PM CT OWN

13. Toy Hunter. Jordan Hembrough travels to San Francisco for his next toy hunt – banking on this popular destination to turn up a few amazing vintage, pop culture finds. A search at one woman’s house uncovers some of the best nostalgic games of all time: the Simon handheld game, the Slinky toy, and an Easy Bake Oven kitchen set. The hunt continues at a home decked out with Spiderman memorabilia. And later, Hembrough haggles for a famous Star Wars Early Bird Package of action figures, only released to a handful of buyers back in 1977! 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

14. Republican National Convention. From Tampa, FL. 9:00 PM CT Major Networks and News Channels

15. Necessary Roughness. Season finale. The season opener gets closer, as the team is on the brink of disaster. 9:00 PM CT USA

16. The Soul Man. Barton decides to move to Florida after visiting his brother, And his estranged wife heads to St. Louis. 9:00 PM CT TV Land

17. Paranormal Witness. Wn old wine box is known to contain evil spirits and once belonged to a Holocaust survivor. 9:00 PM CT Syfy

18. Top Chef: Masters. Special guest judge is Dita Von Teese keeps things super-hot in the kitchen this week! The chefs are tasked to create an aphrodisiac dish using known aphrodisiac ingredients (ooo lala…) Whoever’s dish turns the judges on the most is the winner! Later on, for the Elimination Challenge the chefs are faced with making their own Thai restaurant in the Top Chef Masters kitchen. 9:00 PM CT Bravo

19. The Real World. Marie's hookup shows up and causes tension with Robb, flirting causes a fight, and Brandon is tempted to drink. 9:00 PM CT MTV

20. The Exes. Phil's tennis star client hides from the paparazzi by staying with the guys, and Haskell and Holly compete to see who can better care for pregnant Eden. 9:30 PM CT TV Land

21. Late Show with David Letterman. The guests tonight include First Lady Michelle Obama and The Chevin. 10:35 PM CT CBS


What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Republican National Convention

No matter what side you're on, liberal, conservative, or refusing to take either of those two choices, the Republican National Convention tonight should be interesting. Some viewers will be happy; some will be definitely angry. For those who don't care, watch the season finale of Teen Mom. Catch up with all the TV you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. Live! With Kelly. Jerry O'Connell is the guest cohost, and Ben Stiller and Michael Ealy are today's guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. America's Got Talent. The first twelve semifinalists perform. 7:00 PM CT NBC

3. Pretty Little Liars Garrett's murder trail begins, turning Rosewood into a media spectacle, and someone close to Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer turns out to be working with “A.” 7:00 PM CT ABC Family

4. Craft Wars. Kitchen supplies are used to make food-and-wine themed display. 7:00 PM CT TLC

5. MasterChef. The cooks group into two teams to make a meal for the judges and three well-respected chefs, the losing team then competes against each other. 8:00 PM CT Fox

6. White Collar. An enemy of Peter's hires a political fixer to sabotage the trial. 8:00 PM CT USA

7. Face Off. The artists create pirate makeups, competing to win $5,000. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

8. TV Guide Magazine's Top 25 Best Oprah Show Moments. Moments 25-18. Unforgettable guests, the Sound of Music cast reunion, Mattie Stepanek, Oprah's favorite childhood teacher, controversial moments, James Frey, and Little Rock Nine. 8:00 PM CT OWN

9. Beverly Hills Nannies. The nannies are rattled by Kristin and Amber's battle. 8:00 PM CT ABC Family

10. Mysteries at the Museum Special. Don Wildman revisits the most fascinating secrets tucked away in New England museums. Whether it’s a hatchet said to have been used in one of the most infamous murders in the country, a dress that may be proof of an alien encounter, or a catalogue that holds the key to winning millions, these are some of the most mysterious stories in the Northeast. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

11. Top Gear. The guys head to the narrow streets of New Orleans to try out small cars, and also hunt and survive amongst the Cajun country locals. 8:00 PM CT HISTORY

12. Dance Moms. A newbie and her mom arrive at the stdio, and Paige's doctor lets her dance in a competition. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

13. Republican National Convention. From Tampa, FL. 9:00 PM CT Major Networks and News Channels

14. Covert Affairs. Annie goes on a trip with Simon to Cuba to find out more about his plans. 9:00 PM CT USA

15. Collection Intervention. Joe and Rebekah who own 30,000 comics, and Dahveed discovers his toy-selling business isn't going well when Elyse arrives to help him earn a profit. 9:00 PM CT Syfy>

16. Abby & Brittany. Series premiere. In the first half hour, the girls celebrate their 22nd birthday with their friends. In the second half hour, the girls visit family and friends in the Lone Star state and get ready for their first job interview ever. 9:00 PM CT TLC

17. Counting Cars. In the first half half hour, Danny takes on his first boat and goes all out on a custom trike frame, and a look at the Plymouth Sunbird, and . In the second half hour, a visit from Elvira, and a custom Ford F-100 isn't done in time for it to be picked up by a couple who have traveled cross country for it. 9:00 PM CT HISTORY

18. The Week the Women Went. The men renovate the town's train station with help from the nearby Oyotunji African village. 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

19. All the Right Moves. Teddy flirts with Kyle's girlfriend, breaking the bro code, Taja threatens to quit, and Travis faces his solo-dancing fear. 9:00 PM CT Oxygen

20. Teen Mom. Amber has second thoughts about giving Gary full custody, Catelynn and Tyler reflect on the adoption, Farrah misses Sophia, and Ryan discusses the custody arrangement with Maci. 9:00 PM CT MTV

21. The Burn with Jeff Ross. Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Norton, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Bobby Lee help Jeff roast the week's topics, and they he roasts nightclub bouncers. 9:30 PM CT Comedy Centralp>22. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The guests tonight are Lisa Kudrow, Owl City, and Carly Rae Jepsen. 10:35 PM CT NBC


Top Chef Masters 4 – Episode 5 – Textural Violations and Other Stories

Sorry for the delay this week – family vacation to South Carolina takes precedent over watching famous chefs cook for Playboy playmates and their friends. And the 15-year-old me just punched me in the stomach for saying that.

This week’s episode featured many different kinds of women – from the E! reality show variety, to the Lilith Fair variety. From jiggle and fake boobs to earnestness and flannel. We had Holly Madison and her blonde buxom body which at one point in time regularly allowed Hugh Hefner’s withered old hands to have full access. And we had the Indigo Girls who would have broken those hands with their guitars if they got anywhere near them.

Continuing the bizarre trend of random celebrities judging elite chefs, the Indigo Girls joined Stone to pass judgment on the Quickfire. A quick one about the Indigo Girls. I have only recently been able to listen to “Closer To Fine” without shivering. My college roommate – and one of my best friends in the known universe – learned how to play guitar in college, and used that song as his first real conquest on the six-string. Needless to say, I heard that song a lot. I have never bitched about it because it was karmic payback for all of the songs I overplayed to death during my college days. Nevertheless, the song still held those memories for me – but we are cool now, the Girls and me. Even if they never knew, or cared, about this. And by the way, he’s a great guitar player now.

The Quickfire Challenge is to make a meat and veggie version of the same dish. They have 45 minutes to do so. The Hat whistles while he works , while CC wants to treat his meat. Whatever. Takashi shows an old photo of himself wearing an awesome checkered jacket. The big development is that Yeo fails to plate her dish properly as she runs out of time before putting the broth on the noodles.

Art – Chicken Pot Pie and Cheddar Biscuit Crust and Mushroom and Wilted Arugula Pot Pie with a Parmesan Savory Crust. Mmmmm. Love me some pot pie. Emily, the Meat Eating Indigo Girl, thinks it was beautifully balanced, while Amy, the Veggiego Girl, loved the crust.

Yeo – Faux Pho Noodles with Rib Eye and Faux Pho Noodles with Mushrooms – Doh! No broth! Amy rubs it in by pointing that out to Yeo, as she watches from the kitchen.

CC – Beef Bordelaise with Mashed Potatoes and Spinach and Portobello Bordelaise with Mashed Potatoes and Spinach – Amy found the inside to be tender, and Emily thought it was nice and rich.

Kerry – Chicken with Olives and Herb Flan with Olives – Emily found it to be moist and subtle, and Amy felt it was done well.

The Hat – Poulet Basquaise and Fricassee of Vegetable Basquaise – Stone thought it was the same dish, and Amy Simon Cowelled that it was like something from a wedding banquet.

Takashi – Agedashi Tofu and Eggplant with A Veggie Somen Noodle Roll and Agedashi Tofu and Eggplant with Pork, Ginger and Japanese Mushrooms – Stone gives it a wow. Amy said the eggplant was perfect. Emily said it was fabulous, with amazing spicy ginger and she would order it again and again if she could.

Lorena – Arepa Dumpling Soup with Queso Fresco and Chicken Salad Arepa with Avocado and Queso Fresco – Stone makes yummy eyes upon taking a bite. Emily says “whoa,” and wants to scrape it all off the plate. Amy thinks it was one of the most creative veggie dishes she ever had.
Back in the kitchen, Yeo is able to give them her broth now, and they twist the knife a bit by implying that she would have won with it. The Top Three are Art and his soul-warming food, Takashi and the beautiful textures and the plate-scraping goodness from Lorena. Takashi gets the win, five grand and immunity.

The Elimination Challenge is to make brunch for former Playboy playmate, ex-wife of Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison and her friends at a pool party. It will be canapé sized – so tiny bites. 150 people. She says she does not like garlic and onions. So whatever you do…don’t cook with those. Hey, Art…what are you doing? The Hat laments that garlic and onions is the basis of French food. I thought that was aggressive indifference. Oh, that’s the basis of French service.

During prep, CC says he is trying to mimic bacon with tuna. I think any excuse to bring bacon into the equation is a good one. At the pool party, there are lots and lots of pretty people in attendance. Lots. Bert, Katniss (welcome back), Lam and Stone come in and Bert gets all handsy with some of the half-naked men.

The Hat – Croque Madame with Bechamel Sauce and Tomato Vodka Shooter – Stone doesn’t think it looks like the proper dish, and Holly wonders/is-prompted-to-say that it should have an egg on it. Bert says the toast was burnt, Holly likes the fruit, Katniss wonders about the gravy, Lam thinks it was too gooey and rich but was a good idea to try and provide an entire brunch on one plate.

Art – Mabel’s Angel Biscuit – Turkey Burger with Garlic Chutney Stone likes the strong flavor, Bert says it is vibrant and Holly exclaims loudly when she discovered there was garlic.

Kerry – Chilled Red Pepper Coulis with Crab and Corn Fritter – Stone thinks it is a play on soup, and Lam is happy you can taste the crab. Katniss likes the punch of sauce but wishes for more seasoning.

Lorena – Bunuelos with Fresh Berry Compote, Chile Chocolate and Condensed Vanilla Sauce – She “put all of the sexy I have in it.” Lam gives a woo! Bert loved the warm center and the just right amount of crispiness. Holly seems to like having a fork.

Yeo – Pulled Pork on Toast – Lam points out to Holly the “lipstick problem,” a clever way of identifying the messy nature of the dish. Bert thinks the sauce was boring, Holly said it was bland and Stone says the bun was toasted too soon.

CC – Watermelon and Tuna Bacon with Golden Tomatoes and Pistachios – Bert instantly can see CC in the dish, and Holly loved the presentation. Katniss liked the bacon and the refreshing burst of melon, but Holly thought the pepper overpowered the dish. Stone said it was most complex and cleverest, but sometimes that can be too much.

Takashi – Sheep’s Milk Yogurt Panna Cotta with Citrus Gelee, Fresh Berry Compote and Almonds – Holly raves about the sweetness of the panna cotta and the tartness of the fruit. I am laying off the inherent humor in that sentence. Feel free to run with that one yourselves, folks.

The Top Four – Lorena, Art, Takashi and Kerry. Lam says the turkey burger is a Tragedy of American Cuisine. I may see that off-Broadway someday, starring Liev Schreiber and the Paula Deen in her acting debut. Lam said Art brought it back and redeemed the concept of the t-burger. And Holly didn’t mind the garlic. Stone thinks Kerry gave perfect brunch food. Bert thinks Takashi’s was stunning, not perfect, but delicious. Katniss uses the term “crispity crunchity” and made me laugh out loud as she praises Lorena’s dish. Lam could feel sexy just eating that. For making Lam feel sexy, Lorena earns the win.

CC, Yeo and The Hat file in for judgment. The Hat was missing the sunny side egg and the dish congealed without it. Lam makes a comment about the amount of awesome “buns” at the pool party, but Yeo’s dish didn’t have one of them. Ouch. And eww. Bert said she didn’t pull the meat (stop that) properly, it wasn’t thin enough. CC’s dish was too complicated for the moron models and the melon wasn’t enough to overcome the spices.

Basically, The Hat “went for it” but the bread was dried out and the sauce was incorrect. Yeo’s pork was made incorrectly – the “anti-pulled pork” – and was too bland. CC’s flavors were good, but the dish was overthought and, as Katniss said, had “textural violations.” That’s going to be the title of my book of poetry someday.

The Hat is gone. Seems like a nice guy, but I won’t miss not understanding a word he said.

Quickfire Hits
• Lorena claiming to remember her friends dancing and singing to the Indigo Girls makes me have to call BS on that. I can’t imagine too much frolicking to the Girls’ music among young Venezuelan women in the late 80s.
• Wouldn’t you want to grow up in a neighborhood like Takashi with the Tofu Guy going around selling things? I can only imagine the Mister Softee van driving around, but instead of ice cream cones, we get tofu salad.
• Love the shot of the beets on the ground. Beets on the Ground, Beets on the Ground.
• Art knows everything about a biscuit, except to not poor chicken broth on a veggie biscuit.
• Could it be more forced to listen to Art and Takashi opine about Holly’s beauty? I mean, she’s a Playboy model, so I get it, but boy, it felt like those two were reading off of cue cards.
• CC sprints through Whole Foods more than any other chef I can remember.
• Kerry talks about how his crab fritter is perfect hangover food, because of it being fried. I get that, but if I recall all of my many hangovers over the years, not once did I say, “Boy, I could go for some fish right about now.”
• Art is going with the Southern Angel Biscuit. Now THAT sounds like it should be one of the Playmates at Holly’s party.
• I am tired of the CC and Art battles. It may actually be the lamest Top Chef rivalry ever.
• Fun scene with the crew at the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill after prep. We learn about The Hat having a knife accident, about CC’s first gig as a dishwasher at IHOP, Kerry’s as a busboy at Bonanza and Art’s at KFC. I have no jokes here – that’s a lot of fun stuff on its own
• Extra scene – Art swimming in a tiny green Speedo. So that happened.

Next week – Dita Von Deese. And a CC/Art argu…wait, that’s Lorena and Yeo going at it. CC and Art are fighting through surrogates now!

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Paranormal Witness, August 22 – Theatre Haunting

On tonight’s episode of Paranormal Witness, we meet a Salt Lake City man and his partners. They find themselves investigating a crime of a different kind! The supernatural kind! No matter who you are, when something otherworldly occurs, not every person knows how to handle it. Even police officers have their own approach.

The events on tonight’s episode took place around 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Officer Dave Murphy of the Sherriff’s Department said, “I always wanted to work in law enforcement. It’s kind of a cliche thing, but I wanted to do it ever since I was a child.” Dave’s numerous assignments included keeping watch over Salt Lake City’s numerous county facilities, and one of his first assignments was the infamous Capitol Theatre.

Dave had met Officer Matthews, who was familiar with the theatre and was assigned to work with Dave.  Despite the bright exterior, the theatre was old and is a part of Salt Lake’s history. 

Dave began his shift with Officer Matthews, who essentially was training Dave until he could work alone. Officer Murphy said the first thing he noticed in the theatre was the view from the stage when the house lights were turned on.

Officer Morgan Matthews said Dave was “eager to learn,” and he wanted to get right to work. There are surveillance cameras throughout the entire theatre. The officers were able to sit in the control room and watch everything that goes on. When their shift began, the first thing the two officers would do is lock down the entire theatre and check every nook and cranny to ensure there were no intruders.

They headed downstairs to what the officers referred to as “the catacombs.” (Oh yeah lets go right there! No thank you!) The basement was massive. They would walk around and inspect everything, but the two officers did not say much to each other except for details about what the job entailed for Dave.

Dave felt like he was “holding something back” when he talked about Officer Matthews. Dave decided one night he would just work on his own! “I can do this!” (Oh Lord, turn on all the lights and grab a flashlight, just in case!) Dave made his rounds and thought he had this down pat! The building was locked down. Dave headed back to the control room and locked himself in the control room (smart man!!!) He watched the security cameras, took some notes and of course something happened!

Dave decided to do rounds again and heard a noise! He made his way to the rehearsal rooms and stuck his head in quickly to make sure no one was there. Everything was all good until SLAM! The door slammed loudly and Dave looked around to see if anyone was around him, then radioed to Officer Matthews that someone slammed the door.

Dave started to overthink, then realized the doors were on hydraulics and couldn’t be slammed. He drew his gun (can you shoot ghosts?). Where is Bill Murray when you need him?! Back in the control room, Matthews was checking the cameras and saw “nothing!” Matthews headed to where Dave was already locked and loaded.

Dave’s adrenaline was going and he was armed and heading towards the room where he now had a strong impression that someone was in the room. This was his duty, and he was going to protect and serve! Matthews was on his way to the men’s room where Dave was still armed and by himself. He said he felt sick, and the hair on his arm was standing up. 

Dave said he felt a cold go right through him, so he decided to identify himself. He yelled, “Sherriff’s department, come out now!” That didn’t work so well in POLTERGEIST! He felt pure evil. I would like to know one thing. Why doesn’t anyone ever turn on the damn lights? Seriously folks. Officer Murphy was joined by Officer Matthews. They kicked the other stall open and no one was in there! Okay now what?

They decided to investigate and check things out and did a full sweep. The officers headed to the second floor. Officer Murphy had just turned off all of the lights and locked the doors, but to his surprise (go ahead an insert a shocked gasp here!) the lights were all on and the doors all open! Officer Murphy admits now that he may have held a few things back (ya think?) but he needed to maintain his credibility!

Officer Matthews was back in the control room and started to hear voices. The voices were whispering and almost as if they wanted to keep their conversation private. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up and his heart racing! At the time, he thought, “something or someone is messing with me!” He knew he was not crazy and believed what he heard.

He headed to the dressing room where the voices were coming from, and it just happens to be the creepy basement! He no longer heard the voices. There were no windows and no way in or out from the basement. Officer Murphy smelled smoke. A pyromaniac ghost? Really, let’s hope not!

Officer Matthews was second guessing himself and had started his shift. He spotted a man at the end of the hall talking to two women and heard the word “ghost!” Officer Murphy introduces himself to the man, Blair Fuller, who had some previous supernatural experiences at the theatre.

Officer Murphy began to question Blair who began to tell him his stories. Blair would work late at the theatre, and just outside of the main office was an elevator. He was alone, mind you! Blair got in alone, and the elevator opened to his floor. He knew that it would take thirty to forty seconds for the alarm to go off if the elevator stayed open that long. Blair checked the elevator and decided to get in.

Project Runway Season 10, Ep. 6 – Real Women and a Real Jerk

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to work in teams to make collections suitable for a professional woman.  More specifically, they had to make a collection suitable for a professional woman who reads Marie Claire.  The designers also had to do their own photoshoot.  Team 6 won the privilege of having their photoshoot published in Marie Claire.  Melissa won individual immunity while Raul was sent home.

The next morning the designers get up.  Dmitry tells us that he really wants to win a challenge– and that he’s starting to lose confidence in his abilities.

On the runway, Heidi greets everybody and then tells them they are going to have different clients.  A group of men and women troop onto the stage, and Heidi explains that they are not the clients, but the friends of the clients.  These people all have a friend they believe is in dire need of a make-over.  With that news, Heidi sends everybody to the workroom to see Tim.

Tim starts off by introducing the designers to Johnny Lavoy, a hair stylist.  He and his team have been working on the models’ hair all season.  He explains the challenge is a hair and clothing makeover.  The designers, of course, will provide the clothes, while Johnny and Co. will do the hair.  Part of the challenge is to make sure the clothes and hairstyles complement each other.

Tim explains the rest of the rules.  They’ll have thirty minutes to talk to their clients, thirty minutes and $150.00 to shop at Mood, and the usual day to complete the challenge.  The designers don’t get to pick their clients, as they’ve already been randomly assigned to them.

Sonjia gets Amanda, a tomboy who likes sweatshirts.  She describes herself as “short and pear-shaped.”  She also dislikes shopping.  She and Sonjia eventually agree on a dress.  Elena’s client is Jenna, who wants something colorful– and is wearing a top that could just about make one’s eyes bleed.  Christopher meets Kate, who wants a jacket and a dress suitable for work.

Ven gets Terri, a mother of four who wants a “business casual” look suitable for the office.  Ven is not at all happy to meet her, and sneers, “You know these women have wide waistlines and hip lines.”  Excuse me?!  Have you looked at yourself lately, pal?!  You’re no skinny Minnie, either, buster.  He goes on to add that he’s used to designing for models.  It figures.  Every time Project Runway does a “regular person” challenge, there’s always at least one designer who balks at having to make clothes for somebody who isn’t five feet ten and rail-thin.  In Season 9, Olivier actually needed an education concerning bra sizes because he was so flummoxed by his client’s sizable chest.

Dmitry’s client, Angela, tells him that she likes comfortable clothes with contrasting colors.  Alicia gets Martina, who wants something that will help her meet a man.  Melissa’s client, Kandace, asks for a dress.  Nathan’s client, Lian, is an R&B singer who wants something sexy she can wear on stage.  She’s delighted to hear that Nathan has a musical background himself.  Fabio’s client, Ko-Rely, is an androgynous woman who doesn’t want anything too sexy.  Gunnar gets Kim, who tells him that she’s nervous and excited.  Gunnar tells us that he thinks this could be a fun challenge and that he likes designing for the average woman.

The designers then head out to Mood for their traditional thirty minutes of shopping.  Fabio has decided to do color-blocking and hunts down as many shades of gray as he can.  Ven tells us that buying fabric for a plus-sized woman is challenging.  Dude, get used to it.  The average American woman wears a size 14.  Nathan tells us that his client wants a form-fitting dress with an exposed midriff and cut-outs.  Oy.  He’s got my sympathies, for the judges are not going to like that at all.

Back at Parson’s, it’s time for the clients’ hair makeovers.  Melissa thinks her client would look good with red hair.  Ven thinks Terri needs more volume in her ‘do.  Fabio asks for an asymmetrical bob for Ko-Rely.  Tim pops in to tell the designers they have until 11:00 to finish their looks.  Ven whines that Dmitry has a thinner client than he does and goes on about how “unfair” that is.  Act your age, not your shoe size, Ven.  You’re 28.  Act like it.

Gunnar talks about his younger brother.  They’d had a strained relationship until the latter joined the military.  Fabio takes time to call his lover, Jason, and to say hi to their calico cat.

Tim comes in to make his rounds and he starts with Nathan, who tells him about his client wanting an exposed midriff.  Tim shudders when he hears this and warns Nathan against vulgarity.  Christopher is making a jacket and dress, while Elena is working on a high-waisted garment.  Gunnar tells Tim that his client, Kim, had asked for something bold.  Tim approves of his efforts.  Ven tells us that he thinks Gunnar’s construction skills need work.  Whatever, pal.

Fabio shows off his color-blocked dress and Tim seems to like it.  Sonjia is making a draped dress.  She’s a bit worried since her client, Amanda, is shorter than her usual clients.  Tim agrees she will have to watch her proportions.  Ven, still upset, tells Tim that he’s never made clothes for a “real woman” before.  He goes on to say that Terri has no shape and no sense of style.  He calls her “plus-size,” and Tim tells him that size 14 isn’t really plus-size; it’s “on the cusp.”  Tim then adds that clothes can provide an “optical illusion.”  That means that the right outfit can make a heavy person look slimmer.

Alicia has been cheerfully working on her look and Tim is surprised by the pink fabric she’s chosen as it’s not her usual style.  Last up is Dmitry, who is making a blue dress.  Tim thinks it might be too conservative.

With that it’s time for the clients to come in and try on their duds.  All of them have their new hair-dos.  Fabio and Elena’s clients are both pleased with their new outfits.  Alicia’s client loves the pale pink dress she’s made.  Nathan’s client likes the color scheme he’s chosen for her look.  Ven does compliment Terri on her new hairstyle– and then humiliates her by having her try on a bunch of belts, all of which are too small for her.  Oh, come on!  Belts come in sizes, too.  Try checking them beforehand, idiot.  Ven then complains that the accessories are all too small for Terri– whiles she’s standing right there.  Jackass.  Gunnar speaks for everybody by DRing that Ven is being rude to his client.

The following morning, the designers get ready to leave their apartment– and Ven is still complaining about his client’s girth.  He complains during the prep time, too– and Terri tells him that he’s embarrassing her.  Christopher tells us that he thinks Ven is being very rude.

On the runway, Heidi introduces the guest judge, Alice Temperly, an English fashion designer.  With that, it’s time to start the show.

Nathan made a mini-dress out of shiny, royal blue satin.  He wove strips of the satin in a diagonal pattern across the front.  The shoulders and long sleeves are made of a translucent black material that looks a bit like pantyhose.  The dress also has black panels down the sides.

What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Big Brother HoH Decided

The double eviction had good and bad side for the Quack Pack. They got Boogie out, but failed to get Frank out. Can they get the power back with the next HoH? Find out when the new Head of Household competition will be decided tonight. Catch up on your other favorite shows at TV-Links.

1. MLB Baseball. Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim at Detroit Tigers. 12:00 PM CT TBS

2. PGA Tour Golf. Final Round of The Barclays from Bethpage Sate Park in Farmingdale, NY. 1:00 PM CT CBS

3. Cycling. Stage 7 of U.S. Pro Challenge from Denver. 12:00 PM CT NBC

4. NFL Preseason Football. San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos. 3:00 PM CT Fox

5. 60 Minutes. Pointing the finger at Grover Norquist for holding up the deficit-reduction process, fraudulent stem cell treatments, and polo player Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras. 6:00 PM CT CBS

6. Madden NFL 13 Pigskin Pro-Am. 6:00 PM CT NBC

7. Big Brother. The winner of the last Head of Household competition is revealed, and they nominate two other players for eviction. 7:00 PM CT CBS

8. NFL Preseason Football. Carolina Panthers at New York Jets. 7:00 PM CT NBC

9. MLB Baseball. Atlanta Braves at San Francisco Giants. 7:00 PM CT ESPN

10. Oprah’s Next Chapter. In back-to-back episodes, Oprah speaks with Gabrielle Douglas and Kelsey Grammer. 7:30 PM CT OWN

11. Leverage. Nate becomes obsessed with solving the mystery behind a dying FBI agent’s greatest failure. 8:00 PM CT TNT

12. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Oprah interviews the family, Kim wishes to explore life as an individual, and Rob breaks during in family therapy. 8:00 PM CT E!

13. Hoarding: Buried Alive. DEnnis is moments away from losing everything because of his severe debt and clutter, and Monte’s hoarding of clothing has destroying her relationship with her son. 8:00 PM CT TLC

14. Drop Dead Diva. Jane accidentally gives Nancy Grace a black eye on live TV, and it goes viral, and Stacy’s business is in jeopardy. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

15. Hell on Wheels. Mickey and Sean’s life hangs in the balance as Cullen tries to keep order. Meanwhile, Lily and Elam must work together to race to clean up a mess of their own. 8:00 PM CT AMC

16. True Blood. Season finale. Eric tries to help Bill not lose his humanity, Andy has to face the consequences of a pact he made, Alcide gets ready for a showdown, and Sam and Luna test their limits. 8:00 PM CT HBO

17. The Great Escape. Season finale. Three teams have to escape a 50-story skyscraper in Los Angeles. 9:00 PM CT TNT

18. Married to Jonas. Dani’s family worries the youngest of their daughters on prom night. 9:00 PM CT E!

19. Lovetown, USA. Three warring dance studios, and six singles go on their first dates. 9:00 PM CT OWN

20. The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Although the Napa trip started off smoothly, it appears everything has gone down-hill following Teresa and Joe’s vineyard bump n’ grind… Caroline overhears a heated conversation between Teresa and Kathy, and decides to stir up the pot by adding fuel to the fire. It seems the Giudice’s have lost all their allies, and Chris Laurita confronts Joe G. after hearing he backstabbed him, and discredited him as a businessman… 9:00 PM CT Bravo

21. Ice Road Truckers. “Cold-blooded.” 8:00 PM CT HISTORY

22. Army Wives. Roxy and Trevor plan for a new future, Roland and Joan argue, Kevin takes out his frustrations on Sophie, Charlie and Nicole get discouraged, and Gloria comes back from New York. 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

23. Bridezillas. Bridezilla Blanca is demanding the cake topper featuring hers and groom Julian’s initials, with hers first of course. He is livid that his wife-to-be has had two months and hasn’t picked the songs for the wedding, but lets her talk him into a full body wax at the local spa. Divazilla Remy and husband Rob check out their wedding venue, and she is horrified to see one crucial detail missing—she needs a stage to elevate herself over her guests. 9:00 PM CT WE

24. Breaking Bad. Walt takes control of business matters as Mike grapples with the consequences of his actions. 9:00 PM CT AMC

25. Newsroom. Season finale. Nina surprises Mac, Sloan ponders a job offer, Neal finds a threat, and Mac and Chrlie go up against Leona and Reese. 9:00 PM CT HBO

26. Weeds. Nancy get approached with a new opportunity, Andy tries to keep his fake charity from falling apart by giving love advice to Rabbi Dave and Doug. 9:00 PM CT Showtime

27. Episodes. Season finale. Merc finds out about Jamie’s affair with Matt, and Rob is Beverly’s date for the “Man of the Year” ceremony. 9:30 PM CT Showtime