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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Girls Next Door Moving On


After watching Holly Madison on Dancing With the Stars on Monday, now we have another of Hef’s former stable, Bridget Marquardt with her own reality series, Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches. Bridget is on a quest to discover the most beautiful beaches in the world, immersing herself in everything from early-morning sport fishing to late-night luaus. The question remains, after the big breakup, who has the better gig, Bridget or Holly?

1. The Bonnie Hunt Show. Bonnie’s guests are Jeffrey Dean Morgan, T.I., and The Amazing Race’s Amanda and Kris who were eliminated last weekend. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Dancing With the Stars partners Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas are Ellen’s guests, along with Felicity Huffman and Rascal Flatts. Syndicated, check local listings.

3. The Devil Wears Prada. Anne Hathaway plays a new journalist without fashion sense who takes a job working at a fashion magazine. 4:30 PM CT FX

4. Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands. The challenge will get so down and dirty tonight that someone will lose a tooth. Just as we saw in the preview, the Exile Alliance might be found out and it will lead to an emotional outburst by someone all too confident. I hope that’s not Taj. 7:00 PM CT CBS

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Survivor – Mark Burnett's Losing His Touch


Normally on Survivor Mark Burnett plays such a good storyteller, never cluing us in to what’s going to happen until he wants us to know. I just always enjoy how he lays it all out for me, and I never read the spoilers for Survivor. I just enjoy his storytelling too much. However, last night Burnett’s editing told us way too soon who would be losing the immunity challenge, who’d be going to tribal council, and who the vote would be between.

We saw fairly early on in the episode the dislike between Sandy and Sydney on Jalapao. Sydney talked about how annoying Sandy was, and Sandy talked about how Sydney used her good looks to get the guys on her side. She talked about Sydney flirting with all the guys and taking her bra off before she cuddled with them at night. I have to say it’s not comfortable to sleep with a bra on, but I wouldn’t be taking it off if I was sleeping with guys I don’t know. So that’s obviously a move to get them in her favor, and an advantage Sandy didn’t have, being the oldest woman this season. I’m a decade younger and know my ta tas wouldn’t be impressing anyone, so I’m assuming it would be the same for Sandy.

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Survivor: Tocantins – Preview for March 5

This is sure shaping up to be a really interesting season on Survivor. That whole thing with the two people going to exile from opposing tribes is setting in motion some really interesting strategies. According to the below preview, a new alliance will be formed this week, and I have to think it’s the cross-alliance one that Taj and Brendan are forming. And of course, we’re going to get more “Coach, Coach Coach.”

What's Hot On TV Tonight – Kung Fu Panda!


I find this a delightful surprise, a little Kung Fu Panda short on TV tonight. The movie was great, and I would expect more of the same tonight. We also have big doings on the rest of the night, with American Idol results and the third episode of this season’s Survivor. And, we get to the end the night with some Dr. Carter on ER.

Regis and Kelly. With Anderson Cooper at a guest cohost, Donald Trump appears, most likely discussing the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice. 3 Doors Down perform as well. Syndicated, check local listings.

December Boys. No one has told HBO it’s almost the end of February, it seems. Regardless, this is a good movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. Find out how he sheds his Harry Potter image at Sazze. 10:00 AM CT HBO2 West

The Bonnie Hunt Show. Bonnie’s guests are Brian Austin Green and Patti Stanger, who’s on Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Syndicated, check local listings.

Just One of the Guys. A high school girl looking for a deeper article to submit to a journalism competition takes on a male persona with plans to write about her experience in the end. Find out why it’s one of my favorite 80s movies at Sazze. 3:30 PM CT Comedy Central

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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Dr. Carter Returns to the ER!


I’m not too thrilled with the episode title of ER tonight, “The Beginning of the End.” However, I am thrilled to see Dr. Carter back. The show started with him in his first year at County General as an intern. (Or was it a resident, I can never keep those straight.) Regardless, it was his first day in the ER. Because of that, I think Dr. Carter’s return should have been saved for the end, not the beginning of it. I also don’t like to even hear the word “end” in connection with the show. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.

Live Free or Die Hard. I’m not always one for movie sequels, but this is one of the better ones, just as all the other Die Hard sequels have been. It’s been a few years, but Bruce Willis still has it. 11:30 AM CT HBO Zone

Ellen DeGeneres Show. Jeff Probst from Survivor is on today, along with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. Hopefully Jeff will have some good insight for us on this upcoming season. 3:00 PM CT NBC

National Lampoon’s European Vacation. We don’t seem to see enough of the first Vacation sequel. The Griswolds go to Europe, thanks to their game show win. Find out how it compares to other Vacation movies at Sazze. 6:00 PM CT Ion

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Note to Reality Stars: You, Too, Have to Pay Taxes


I don’t know why it is that reality TV stars think they don’t have to pay taxes, but you would think Survivor Borneo‘s Richard Hatch getting thrown in the slammer would have showed all of them they were just as susceptible. Yet, season three American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino fell into the same trap, as did Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Hatch was found guilty of seven bank, mail, and wire fraud charges stemming from him not paying taxes on his Survivor winnings, his income as co-host of a Boston radio show, and rent on some property he owned. Despite several appeals, and his claim that CBS had agreed to pay his taxes, he was sentenced to 51 months in prison, and is currently at the Federal Correctional Institution in Morgantown, West Virginia, and is scheduled to be released this coming October.

Fantasia owed a lot in back taxes, so borrowed money from a creditor to pay the taxes. This winter the creditor was then after her, ready to throw her 6200 square foot house house into foreclosure. Not that she would have been homeless, as she has a 4500 square foot house. She had nearly lost that one as well when she owed taxes on that. She did lose a Mercedes to that deal, and the current records show she still owes $14,678 on that house, according to Yahoo. She ended up making a repayment plan deal to keep the 6200 square foot house as well last month. Sounds like she’s in need of a good financial advisor.

Dog the Bounty Hunter didn’t learn from them, though. Duane “Dog” Chapman owes more than $2 million dollars in back taxes, owing for 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. Maybe it’s small potatoes to him since he was convicted of first degree murder and was also nearly extradited to Mexico on a deprivation of liberty charge. His accountant has stated that Dog has been trying to get in touch with the IRS to clear up the matter. TMZ helped him out by publishing the phone number in their post about the charges. How long will it take untll his team comes after him in exchange for a bounty?

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For more on these non-tax paying reality stars, see SirLinksalot.

Survivor – Older Women Unite!


I think Sandy did quite a bit of vindication on tonight’s Survivor, not just for herself, but for all the older women that are kicked off first, as people think they’re not going to be useful. Granted, sometimes the assumption is correct, lest we forget Gillian and her elephant dung, but other times the older women can prove they have the mettle to really play this game.

Of course the one woman who came to mind the most throughout tonight’s show was Wanda Shirk from Pulau. The tribes were being picked after they spent a few days together, and the last two that weren’t picked, Wanda and Jonathan, were sent packing. Their games were done that quickly, without even getting to play a challenge.

No one had a chance to suffer being chosen last in a pick’em game tonight, as the tribes were already pre-set. However, each tribe was asked to vote on the one person that wouldn’t even make “the first adventure,” walking four hours to their camp. While one team chose a young woman who appeared sickly, and was as she was on antibiotics, the other team chose the oldest woman in the group. Since they didn’t know names at the time, she was nearly always identified as “the older lady.”

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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Survivor's Back!


My Thursdays are complete again. Survivor is back. I don’t even know if anymore than that needs to be said. Check in later at the Reality Shack main site for a recap and commentary on tonight’s show.

1. A Goofy Movie. This is one of my favorite Disney movies, believe it or not. It has such a great, strong message of family in it as Goofy works on bonding with his teenage son. 11:00 AM CT Disney

2. We Are Marshall. I miss football right now, so couldn’t miss the chance of adding this to the list. Matthew McConaughey stars as a football coach saddled with the task of rebuilding a college football team that perished in a plane crash. 1:00 PM cT HBL East

3. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen must miss football as well, as Kurt Warner is one of her guests today. The others are Steve Harvey and a Tampa veterinarian, Neil Shaw. Syndicated, check local listings.

4. The Great Debaters. Denzel is terrific as always in this true story of an all-black college debate team trying to break out of the mold and be able to debate some of the larger all-white schools back in the 1930s. 4:00 PM CT Showtime East

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