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Survivor – The Real Beauty of This Blindside


I love a good blindside on Survivor. There’s just some sick part of me that enjoys some poor bastard grinning ear to ear thinking he has it all wrapped up, then has his eyes widened more and more with every single vote that Jeff shows. Of course it’s even more enjoyable when there’s an un-played immunity idol in the pocket of the person that’s blindsided or if they play a fake immunity idol only to be told by Jeff it’s a worthless piece of junk. But no matter what, the true joy is watching their face change throughout the reading of the votes.

With this blindside of Tyson, there’s an added benefit. Sure, he was an arrogant bastard that probably deserved everything he got. Hey, I laughed along with all his jokes, I admit it, but he liked to twist that knife just a bit too much. And they were completely right to get rid of him now. He had a two week streak winning immunity and he only stood to win more.

Yet, the added benefit of this blindside, the real beauty of it, iw that it will also affect Coach in a couple of different ways. Coach thought he had this whole thing figured out. He honestly thinks he’s B.M.O.C. He thinks he’s the strongest, most well-liked, smartest player in the game. And oh yes, he also thinks he was once kidnapped by dwarves that are indigenous to Peru. But above all, he’s The Dragon Slayer.

All of that alone has to give us pleasure watching him suffer through this, but even more than that, next week, we get to watch Coach scramble. After all the things he said last night, above all else was what a great southern gentleman JT was. He knew he would be honoring his word and knew that the moment he first looked in his eyes. Yet, JT double-crossed him the first chance he got. Coach sat there and gave us this story about feeling sorry for Sierra, yet he still wrote her name down.

So far, we’ve only watched the confident Coach. His choice to leave every week left. He definitely made an error thinking that if he just got rid of Brendan he had the game wrapped up. Sure, everyone followed him in getting rid of Brendan last week, but that’s because it benefited them. They weren’t going to follow him and get rid of Sierra this week. It wasn’t beneficial to them at this point. Getting rid of a very strong player was beneficial.

Even better would be if they don’t bother to try to vote Coach out for because they don’t really see him as a true threat in the game He’s be devastated. In fact, I see it that way. Since it’s supposed to be the the season for the blindside, I see Steven or JT having to worry and scramble at a point very soon. If Coach isn’t too devastated, he might be able to something rolling in that direction.

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What's Hot On TV Tonight – More Southland


I have to admit I originally read a bad review of the series currently sitting in ER‘s coveted time slot, Southland, but after watching the first two, I have to say I really like this show. I love TV dramas that play out like a movie, and this does that. It’s full of action, and there seems to be some interesting characters that they could do a lot with as far as development.

1. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Exciting show today! Both Lindsay Lohan and Price guest, as well as a kid author, and the parent of an 11-year-old that committed suicide after being bullied at school. Wow. 3:00 PM CT NBC

2. Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands. Sierra is obviously next up on the block, but will she win immunity just to screw them all? 7:00 PM CT CBS

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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Survivor's Heating Up


Survivor is certainly heating up after the merge. Last week who knew who was really aligned with who and who really would have been voted out had Joe not had to leave with that nasty looking leg infection. Normally after a merge there is one crossover alliance, but this one is featuring at least two, and maybe even smaller factions within those alliances. It’s hard to tell what exactly is going on, making it much more interesting for us views.

1. The View. Tom Bergeron of DWTS and Kristin Chenoweth are the guests. 10:00 AM CT ABC

2. Jaws. Is it just me or does what seemed to be really scary before seem a little hokey now? 10:20 AM CT OutMax

3. Six Degrees of Separation. The acting in this by Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland as the pretentious wealthy couple is worth a watch. Will Smith isn’t so bad either. 2:15 PM CT The Movie Channel West

4. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Melissa Rycroft makes a return to Ellen’s show, this time accompanied by Tony Dovolani from DWTS. Jessica Lange, Ludacris, and Jesse McCartney appear as well. Syndicated, check local listings.

5. Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands. An unusual group of three Survivors win the off-site reward, while the others are afraid they’ll bond while they’re gone. Yep. That’s what happens. I wonder if it’s part of the Exile Alliance, and that’s why the others see it as unusual. 7:00 PM CT CBS

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Survivor – Clear as Mud


Wow, that was a close one, in more ways than one. Of course it was a close one for Joe. Whenever injuries like that happen, and the Survivors are told that if they choose to stay in the competition, they could lose their lives or limbs, it makes an impact. It was also a close one for that person that was going to be voted out. The problem is, I have no idea who that is.

After the merger of the tribes there were so many separate alliances going on that I have no idea who the plan was to vote out. And I’m not totally sure any of them knew either. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two tribes so anxious to create cross-tribal alliances before.

Not only do we have the Exile alliance of four, five if you count JT, but now we have an additional alliance of Coach/Tyson/JT/Stephen/Debbie, and they think they’re the only cross-tribal alliance, but Stephen knows better. And separate factions of these alliances and old tribes all discussed different people. Coach and Tyson immediately pegged Brendan, a nemesis. JT could get on board with that, glad it’s not someone on old Jalapao, and not knowing Brendan is part of an alliance with his tribemates Taj and Stephen. Stephen wants to go along with it, and Taj considers it as well, since Brendan hasn’t done anything to make her think their alliance is still in tact.

What's Hot On TV Tonight – NBC Revises Its Thursdays


With ER now officially gone, NBC is filling its time slot with Southland after heavily promoting the new cop drama. Also starting tonight on NBC is Parks and Recreation, the new Amy Poehler sticom, also heavily promoted. Not to be outdone, CBS chimes in with Harper’s Island, that seems like a very dark Gilligan’s Island. What if one of those shipwrecked was killing everyone off. Who would you suspect, the Professor?

1. Bye Bye, Love. Three divorced dads try to manage it with their exes, new girlfriends, and kids. 4:00 PM CT FMC

2. Perfect STranger. A very odd psychological thriller starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis with a very “Huh?” ending. 5:40 PM CT Encore West

3. It Could Happen to You. A very positive movie showing that there are some good people out there still. 6:00 PM CT WE

4. Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands. It’s the big tribe merge tonight, leading to so many possibilities because of the HII, the fake Idol, and the secret cross tribal alliance. 7:00 PM CT CBS

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Survivor – So Many Possibilities


JT really made the best choice once it came to writing down a name, although it doesn’t seem he knows the full extent of why that is. Joe needs to be really worried now, as once they merge, he has to realize he needs to forget about bringing Eryn into their alliance. He’s not going to go into the merge in a good spot, as just having someone that’s on the outs with the other tribe is not going to be enough.

Yet before any of that even happened, Stephen made a really interesting choice. He could have told JT the Idol wasn’t Taj’s and that it was his, saying that he’d found it after his time on Exile. It would have strengthened the bond between him and JT, and he could have totally cut Taj out tonight. However, she was already barking down his back wanting to bring JT in and wanting to trust him. If Taj and JT would have ever talked, Stephen could have blown both his alliances, so he chose to be honest about everything. Not completely honest enough, though, to admit the whole alliance with the other two on Timbira.

Stephen is now in a great spot. He’s in good with both Taj and JT for being honest and being the link between them, and he knows with Taj, he keeps his secret alliance with Brendan and Sierra. He and Taj can choose to either bring JT into the alliance with the others at the merge, or choose not to, keeping that separate. He has a lot of choices with that, and by bringing JT in, he’s become the pivotal person in the alliance.

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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Sniff … Goodbye ER … Sniff


:Sniff: I’m just not going to handle this well. It seems like Dr. Greene dying all over again. Seeing Neelah looking at the wall of the name tags of all those that had left nearly sent me over the edge as it was. I remember watching the series for the first time with my son being just a baby. I was sitting on the floor planning the menu for the week and figuring out my groceries. I haven’t missed many episodes since, despite the fact we now live in a different house with a different living room floor, and my son will now turn 16 in two weeks. Oh, how I have loved this show. Quite frankly Thursday night on NBC hasn’t been the same to me since Seinfeld, Cheers, and Friends left, and with ER gone … SIGH …

1. Regis and Kelly. Marge Helgenberger guests, as does those voted off of Dancing With the Stars this week, although I’m not sure whether it’s just the celebs, or the professionals as well. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. 3000 Miles to Graceland. I think guys planning on ripping off a Las Vegas casino by dressing as Elvis and blending in with an Elvis convention is a pretty clever plan, yet not quite as detailed as those with Ocean. 9:45 AM CT AMax East

3. The Heartbreak Kid. Ben Stiller is pretty funny in this movie that is very “Something About Mary-sh,” but the really surprisingly funny one is Jerry Stiller and how vulgar he can be to outwit his son. 1:00 PM CT Cinemax West

4. Survivor: Tocantains – The Brazilian Highlands. Yea! It’s back, and on Thursdays. “nuff said. 7:00 PM CT CBS

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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Found: Survivor and Idol


All of us reality TV fans are going to have those DVRs working in overdrive tonight. With American Idol being moved back a day because of the President’s Press conference last night, and Survivor being moved up because of March Madness, that means tonight we’ll have two hours of American Idol, and an hour each of Survivor, Chopping Block, and America’s Next Top Model, and during the first hour of primetime, we’ll have all four on at the same time.

1. Spider-Man 3. I’ll admit, I’m not usually the SuperHero movie type, but I really enjoyed this one. Topher Grace is excellent in it. 10:35 AM CT Starz 1

2. The Bonnie Hunt Show. Christie and Jodi, eliminated last Sunday from The Amazing Race are on, as well as Bonnie’s crush Brian Williams, and the Rock the Soap contest winner. 2:00 PM CT NBC

3. The Bucket List. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are always good separately. Together, they’re amazing. 4:15 PM CT Cinemax West

4. Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands. It’s the infamous clip show, and this time Jeff Probst is telling us it’s better than usual. 7:00 PM CT CBS

5. Chopping Block. The teams learn how to cook with natural foods, then compete to have a top maitre d’ for the next challenge which will involve natural foods. 7:00 PM CT NBC

6. Scrubs. J.D. gets praise from Dr. Cox at last, but waiting so long for this pumps up his ego. The interns give the senior staff some insight. 7:00 PM CT ABC

7. America’s Next Top Model. Season 3’s Toccara Jones has a slumber party for this season’s contestants and offers her own tips. The aspiring models will then participate in a posing challenge with a photo shoot at Ellis Island. 7:00 PM CT CW

8. American Idol. The Idols traveled to Detroit this week to take on Motown and worked with Berry Gordy, Jr. and Smokey Robinson as mentors. 7:00 PM CT Fox

9. Better Off Ted. Ted wants Phil to sign a waiver, protecting Veridian from any litigation after he has some after effects from the cryogenic experiment. Phil and Lem’s next experiment is to create beef not using meat in the lab. 7:30 PM CT ABC

10. Criminal Minds. A serial arsonist terrorizes a small town’s community meeting places. 8:00 PM CT CBS

11. Life. Crews and Seever investigate when a coroner is murdered and the coworkers are suspected. They need to solve it quickly, as if another coroner is indeed the perp, other cases could have been compromised. Ted attempts to make peace with his daughter. 8:00 PM CT NBC

12. Lost. A survivor goes rogue, acting alone and risking the lives of everyone else. 8:00 PM CT ABC

13. CSI: NY. The investigation of a Native American chief gunned down in a subway becomes complicated as the suspects don’t speak English. 9:00 PM CT CBS

14. Law & Order. Lupo and Bernard investigate a television reporter’s murder and unearth a love triangle. in the process. 9:00 PM CT NBC

15. Life On Mars. A gang leader shoots Detectives Carling and Skelton, then when the gang leader is murdered outside a bar, the evidence is pointing to Sam, who had been working undercover infiltrating the gang. 9:02 PM CT ABC

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What's Hot On TV Tonight – No Survivor!


I know they do this every year, but I’m going to be lost during that first hour of primetime tonight with no Survivor. Sure, there are plenty of other things to watch, including it’s temporary replacement of college basketball, but it’s not the same. Then it’s going to really screw us over as it will be on next Wednesday with a clip show that Jeff Probst promises to be better than usual, and Ryan Seacrest is telling us we’ll have our American Idol performances as well that night. Until then, I’ll be twiddling my thumbs.

1. Regis and Kelly. Craig Ferguson and Jason Segel are the guests, along with Belinda Carlisle, the first to be voted off DWTS. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. Working Girl. Boy, does this movie have 80s written all over it! Melanie Griffith stars as a woman climbing the corporate ladder back when that was supposed to be an odd thing. 12:00 PM CT AMC

3. NCAA Basketball Tournament: First-Round Games. Featured teams are BYU/Texas A&M, Chattanooga/Connecticut, Butler/LSU, North Carolina/Radford, Cal. St. Northridge/Memphis, California/Maryland, and Northern Iowa/Purdue, Mississippi St./Washington. 11:10 AM CT CBS

4. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Anderson Cooper guests and Katy Perry performs. I know my daughter will be watching that as soon as she gets home from school today. (Because of Anderson, of course.) Syndicated, check local listings.

5. Duets. This movie got horrible reviews from I think everyone but me. I like the duets as they pair up for karaoke, and I love the selections of music. 5:05 PM CT Starz 6

6. NCAA Basketball Tournament: First-Round Games. It’s back after just a few hours break with American/Villanova, UCLA/VCU, Minnesota/Texas, Duke/Binghamton, Clemson/Michigan, Oklahoma/Morgan State, Akron/Bonzaga, Illinois/Western Kentucky. 6:00 PM CT CBS

7. My Name Is Earl. Earl comes up with a karmic plan to right all his wrongs to the “witch lady” when he was younger, but she proves to be certifiable as she puts everyone in a life-or-death situation. Meanwhile, Joy is out to show she has a good side. Betty White guest stars. 7:00 PM CT NBC

8. Ugly Betty. Betty gets a makeover thanks to Marc and Amanda as she aims to take her relationship with Matt in a new direction. Daniel and Wilhelmina work to make the next issue more exciting to improve Mode’s bottom line, and Hilda considers her relationship with Archie. 7:00 PM CT ABC

9. Smallville. Tess tries to force Clark into revealing his powers by staging a midair plane accident as they’re flying to New York, and Davis learns how to have control. 7:00 PM CT CW

10. Bones. A high school athletes body is fond in a municipal salt truck, linking it to news reports the deceased had a “pregnancy pact” with volleyball teammates. Angela’s relationship with Roxie is tested by the thought of adopting a dog. 7:00 PM CT Fox

11. The Office. MIchael plans his own 15th anniversary party at the office, but the party loses its fun when the new vice president has very different ideas. Jim has another prank for Dwight, this time with quite a surprise at the end. 8:00 PM CT NBC

12. Grey’s Anatomy. Mark takes a stab at a face transplant surgery, and Meredith has a go at getting Derek to return after his fellow surgeons fail in their efforts. Cristina gets a solo surgery, but doesn’t have the focus, and Izzie wants to keep her condition a secret. 8:00 PM CT ABC

13. Supernatural. Lucifer’s sword is being use to kill angels, and Castiel and Uriel want Dean to use his torturing skills to get information from the suspect. 8:00 PM CT CW

14. Hell’s Kitchen. The aspiring chefs are challenged to make tapas-style dishes from leftovers, and at the dinner service, one mistake nearly takes both teams out. 8:00 PM CT Fox

15. 30 Rock. Liz finds out that Drew’s good looks has gotten him special treatment in life, and as tracy’s contract expires, Jack puts everything in trying to resign him. Jenna considers a new hairstyle to get more attention. 8:31 PM CT NBC

16. ER. No one seems to remember it’s Neela’s last day at County, but she’s definitely ready to be an attending, when she has a disagreement with Dubenko, but doesn’t back down. Brenner has a breakthrough regarding his painful past. 9:00 PM CT NBC

17. Private Practice. Addison finds a disturbed pregnant woman has lost her baby, and Violet must convince the woman the baby has died and that she need surgery. Cooper has to tell a patient he needs part of his jaw removed because of dancer, Dell deals with his daughter not being around after his ex moves, and Sam and Addison both deal with having feelings for people that aren’t attainable. 9:02 PM CT ABC

18. Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches. On tonight’s show, she travels to Croatia with fellow Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood. 9:00 PM CT Travel Channel

19. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. President Barack Obama guests, as does Garth Brooks. 10:35 PM CT NBC

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Survivor – Keeping Us In the Dark


Now that’s more like it!

Last week I wrote that Mark Burnett didn’t do his usual editing job, and he made it too easy to figure out exactly who would be going home way too early in the show. But this week, not only was I not sure which tribe it would be, I didn’t know until after the immunity challenge who might be going, and then even with that, I wasn’t sure which way the vote would go and if an Idol might be played.

The central theme once again was the so-called Exile Alliance. From the previews, we knew that people would begin to suspect something going on with those that kept going to Exile. Tyson watched as Stephen nominated Brendan to go to exile, and then Brendan returned the favor sending Stephen, something pre-worked out within their alliance of four. Tyson immediately began to suspect Brendan of trying to make alliances within the other tribe. True, but if he only knew the half of it.

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