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American Idol, Mar. 22 – Outlook for Remaining Top 9

I am pretty sure after she was eliminated, Erika Van Pelt was asking what a girl has to do to get votes on this show. For some reason she just never clicked with the voting audience. Her performance was never once lacking, so it certainly isn’t anything like that. And this week she threw caution to the wind and changed her look dramatically. Apparently it wasn’t her look that was holding her back.

The rocker chicks don’t exactly have a good history on this show though. And for older women it’s even worse. The voters showed that doesn’t help matters at all. Not that she’s old to me, as I’m a good twenty years older than her. Yet, she’s the second oldest in the bunch, with the only one who is older than her being Elise Testone, who is also having a hard time feeling the love from the voters.

Think about it though. In season one, Ryan Starr went out in 7th place, and Nikki McKibbin made it all the way to 3rd. Season two: Kimberly Caldwell went out in 7th and Vanessa Olivarez 12th. Season three: Amy Adams went out in 10th. Season four and five: None. Season six: Gina Glocksen 9th. Season seven: Carly Smithson 6th and Amanda Overmyer 11th. Season eight: Allison Iraheta 8th. Season nine: Crystal Bowersox 2nd and Siobhan Magnus 6th. Season ten: None.

As far as women older than 25? Only Naima Adedapo 26, Melinda Doolittle 29, LaKisha Jones 27, Mandisa 29, and Nadia Turner 27 have made it to the finalist portion of the show. But look at the talent there that was passed up in favor of younger women. Elise Testone should be very concerned.

Here’s a look at what Elise and the rest of the top 9 have to do to stay next week and possibly make it to the end.

Deandre Brackensick – Deandre can’t seem to choose songs that he clicks with. He won’t be there much longer if he can’t figure out how to make us believe him when he sings. Not that that helped Erika at all, but it should help Deandre who definitely has a portion of the young female vote, but I think he shares it with Colton Dixon who seems to have it figured out how to pick songs that match up to him well.

Hollie Cavanagh – Jimmy Iovine nailed it in critiquing her this week. Her strength is in technique, and when that’s off, she loses it. Yet at the same time, she also needs to stop picking songs she thinks her technique will sound good on, yet not caring anything about the content of the song, as she’s not connecting. Clearly, she’s making it through because she’s young, but the young gals who can’t get it figured out start to fall after too many disconnects. She and Deandre might need to compare notes.

Colton Dixon – He’s still doing it all right. He knows who and what he is. He knows what he likes in his hair and when to sing a rock song, and when to go tender at the piano. He clearly has some of the young female vote, and he’s getting the rock vote as well. For a guy who didn’t intend to audition this year, he figured it all out pretty quickly.

Heejun Han – This is the second week in a row he belonged in the bottom three, and this time he hit it. His problem is in his confidence in himself. Instead of giving him Jimmy Iovine and Tommy Hilfiger, they need to get this guy a counselor to get him to see that he’s extremely talented, and if he’d rely on that instead of going for the laugh, he could make it really far. Steven Tyler was right; it’s time to take this thing seriously.

Skylar Laine – She has the country vote wrapped up this year. She showed early on she could sing non-country as well. But she has to keep that in mind and dip past it occasionally, or she won’t make it to the end on pure country. Carrie Underwood and Lauren Alaina figured out that right balance.

Joshua Ledet – I warned last week that he needed to be careful to not turn it into a revival meeting every week. He’s starting to creep into that territory and is starting to be called out on it. The guy has mad talent and is a favorite to make it all the way, but unless he steps out of his wheelhouse, he’s not going to get there.

Phil Phillips – He was not being disrespectful this week to not take the advice. It’s interesting that Colton gets praise for knowing who he is, but not Phillip. Sure it’s nice to wear colors other than grey onscreen, and sure it’s nice when we can see him put down the guitar. But if he’s not comfortable doing these things, it’ll come off on-camera. He’s so uniquely different, let him be already. I would so much rather watch his uniqueness every week than someone fitting the cookie cutter Jimmy keeps trying to shove him into.

Jessica Sanchez – When the judges and Jimmy don’t like her, I do, and when I don’t like her, they do. She got a standing O this week. I thought it was good technically, but didn’t think she was connecting or understanding the song really well. With her voice, she can pull off the older songs, but the subject matter needs to be something somewhat relevant to a teenager, or it just seems weird. She’s got an old soul, but I’d love to see her let loose. Yet when she did that with Turn the Beat Around, the judges trashed her.

Elise Testone – She didn’t take Tommy Hilfiger’s advice to wear bellbottoms, and it’s a good thing she didn’t. She wouldn’t have come off nearly as good that way. She knows who she is. Her song was technically amazing. Randy Jackson was right that there aren’t many singers out there who could pull off that run she had at the end. And she also humanized herself a little pulling two of her students onstage and putting herself in teacher mode for a few minutes. If she keeps doing things like that and sticking to her guns, she might be one of the rare older females to make it to the end.Don’t miss a single recap of this show or others. Check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.


American Idol, Mar. 21 – Best Advice, “Stay individual.”

We reached the final 10 really quickly this season of American Idol thanks to Jermaine Jones. What a weird story that was, for him to be let go, to have the judges have second thoughts and bring him back, then have him be found to have a handful of outstanding warrants against him. No Cinderella story for this singer who was brought back, unlike The X-Factor. And after all that, it didn’t save Shannon Magrane who was voted out. Who will be the person they do save this season?

Hoping to be voted into next week without having to worry about being saved, are the final 10 who are singing the songs of Billy Joel this week. Steven Tyler has sung with Billy Joel and is asked what the contestants need to know to sing these songs. He replies if you can’t sing Joel you can’t sing at all, as he’s an American icon, and his songs have great melody. It’s a true test. Helping Jimmy Iovine mentor tonight is Diddy, and helping the Idols with style is Tommy Hilfiger.

Deandre Breckensick meets with Tommy who asks him to let his hair down. The designer thinks it being pulled back is a waste of the hair. They work on his look to enhance that hair he already has.

Deandre singing Only the Good Die Young this week. Jimmy tells him if you can’t smile during this song, you can’t smile. Diddy talks about the difficulty factor, and Jimmy interrupts, saying when you walk into the repressed Catholic area, it’s his area, not Diddy’s. Diddy points out this is from Joel’s Christie Brinkley era, but he knows Deandre probably doesn’t even know who it is. Jimmy advises him to look at the good Catholic girl, Jennifer Lopez, when he sings. He does have a lot of fun with the song, but I’m not sure I like it on him. He’s too young for it, but he blows out the bridge in a great way.

Steven tells Deandre that at first he thought it was a little too happy, but he guesses maybe that’s what the world needs right now. If only the good die young, he figures that’s why he and Randy Jackson are still here. Jennifer thought it was a great way to start the show and liked the laid-back vibe of it, as that’s Deandre with that island-Bob Marley type of thing, and when it needed to be gravelly and hard, it was. She thought it was a good mix that showcased who he is.

Randy echoes that. He thought it was a great way to start the show, although he wasn’t jumping up and down and not seeing anything special. It didn’t wow him, but was okay. Ryan Seacrest calls Randy a buzzkill.

Erika Van Pelt is singing New York State of Mind, which she calls an anthem, both for Billy, as well as New Yorkers as a whole. Diddy explains that when she’s singing a famous song by Billy that everyone knows, she needs to hold back a bit and pay respect to the song. Jimmy is afraid of her oversinging it. While Erika has been to New York, she is really a Rhode Islander. Diddy tells her to be a New Yorker when she sings it. He advises her to show she has some guts when she sings it.

When Erika meets with Tommy, he asks who her favorite singer is. She replies she really loves Pink. He mentions she has a distinct look with short hair. Tommy thinks Erika’s hair is taking away from her look. He thinks she needs something similar to Pink. She’s here for the biggest adventure of her life, so why wouldn’t she chop it all off? He thinks America will respond positively to it. Wow. It’s short … and black. She looks amazing. This guy knows what he’s talking about. And the song is just as much so. This might be what she needs to stay out of the bottom three finally,

Randy says that first of all, he loves the look. It’s so different that Jennifer didn’t even recognize her at first. He also loves the vocals and sees her as one of the best singers in the whole thing this season. She can clearly sing the phonebook. It was beautiful there too, and the guys were right about oversinging, but those who can do should, and those who can’t do, shouldn’t . She can take the liberties at the end and wear them out, as she’s got that. At the end, she had Steven singing.

Jennifer agrees It was a beautiful vocal and loves the hair too, with a whole Pat Benatar-vibe. She’d love to see her let more loose vocally, as well as with her body, to really take them home. She wanted to see her unplant her feet and really feel what she was singing about. Steven agrees with both of the other two. She could have put more character into it, but there’s later for that. They already know she sings great, but she put a lot of personality into it as Billy did. She wore it beautifully. Ryan notes that we haven’t seen such a transformation with hair since Sanjaya’s Pony Hawk. He also says the Twitter feed is saying people love it. Yes, we do!

Joshua Ledet has chosen all black for this week, but Tommy thinks he’s more special than that. He’s thinking tuxedo, as in black tie, believing he has the opportunity to become really polished, and by dressing him up, it will do that. He guesses Joshua is a 40, and the Idol stylist tells him he’s right, but Joshua prefers a 38 so that he appears super-fitted. Tommy thinks that’s smart. He thinks this will all make him look really experienced.

This week, Joshua is singing She’s Got a Way and admits to Jimmy and Diddy he’s never heard the song before. Jimmy explains to Diddy that Percy Sledge wrote an email last week praising Joshua’s When a Man Loves a Woman. Joshua knows this will be different, as it’s a pop song and his roots are soulful, so he has to make it fi his voice. Diddy doesn’t think he needs to make it sound so harsh, and Jimmy compares it to James Earl Jones entering his body for a moment. Diddy mentions that we connect with him because of his vulnerability, and he instructs him to find a way to do that with this song as well. Tonight, Joshua sings in a backwards chair in his tux, and there’s a certain amount of confidence and vulnerability at the same time.

Jennifer tells Joshua that Billy Joel wrote his life in his songs and in such a beautiful and descriptive way, so when you sing them, you should really feel that. She feels stupid to sing anything negative in any way to Joshua, as he sings so great. When the choir came out, she knows that’s where he lives, but for her, who loves that song, she needed to feel he was connected more to the lyrics, by singing about someone who rocked his world.

Steven admits he’d never heard the song before, and notes he wasn’t too up on it when he first heard it, but what Joshua did was sing his life in it. He made the song come to life for Steven with his soul and his heart. He sang the sweat out of the song. Randy is now put into an interesting position with different opinions, and sees where they’re both coming from. Joshua walked into the mentoring season feeling defeated, but Randy doesn’t think he should ever feel like that with his talent. He needs to just jump in and grab the lyrics, like Steven said.

Laine must not be 100% county, as she nearly flips her lid seeing Diddy sitting next to Jimmy. She’s singing Shameless, and they stop her, saying it feels forced. Diddy says if she’s telling the truth, you don’t need to force it. The truth will set you free. She redoes it and Diddy celebrates with her, telling her not to overcompensate, with him now feeling like he’s in church. She asks for his autograph.

Tommy meets with Skylar next and asks to see her boots. She explains her momma bought them for her and admits between them they have about thirty pairs of boots. He wants to evolve her look without abandoning the boots, just giving the outfit some punch to make it look a little more glamorous. He wants her to feel like she looks unbelievable, as then she’ll have more confidence. If she adds a little twang to Billy’s song, he thinks she’ll be embraced. There are some very uncomfortable dudes clapping along while Skylar sings tonight. It’s odd. She looks gorgeous. She’s not wearing boots, though, and is in heels. I think she’s still forcing the song though.

Randy remembers a Brad Paisley version of the song and asks Skylar if she was reflecting back on that as well, but she was thinking more of Garth Brooks’ version. It’s a great song, but Randy thinks the key was a little low. It was pitchy until the middle when she got in her comfort zone. He doesn’t know if it was her best, but it was pretty good.

J-Lo loves that Skylar isn’t shameless and is fearless. She goes into every song and just eats it up and always gets the audience with her in the middle of the song, just like she did with this one. Steven is amazed that every time Skylar sings a chorus, it’s with such conviction. It was a little slow and pitchy in the beginning, but she still breathed life into the song, and that’s all that matters.

The Voice, Mar. 19 – Everyone Makes Mistakes Edition

So last week, I thought tonight was the last night of battle rounds, but I guess I was wrong. I know, I know, hard to believe, but it happens. Hey, everyone makes mistakes. I wonder how many our loveable coaches will make tonight, or if they’ll pick the artists I’m telling them to from my living room. Which they should always do.

Adam’s team is up first.  He gives what I guess counts as a pep talk to his team before setting Pip up against Nathan Parrett. He gives them You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse, explaining that he wants them to sing a new song with an old soul.

Nathan, who recently came out to his father, recounts how Pip and his trademark bowtie got all the judges to turn, but he only got one. Adam even mentions how Pip has not hit a bad note yet.

Pip gets to meet Alanis Morrisette as he rehearses, bow tie and all.  Alanis and Adam coach Pip not to oversing and put too many runs where they don’t belong. Nathan meets with Robin Thicke, and he and Adam try to help Nathan through his lack of self-confidence.

The battle begins. Pip gets the opening verse, and then Nathan takes the bridge.  They trade off on the chorus. Nathan does really well, but Pip does better, although it was hard to hear over Pip’s pants.

Blake liked them both, but leans towards Pip. Christina noticed the Broadway in Pip, which causes Blake to yell out, “it’s the pants.”  Christina wants to know why Blake is checking out Pip’s pants. (How can you not check out Pip’s pants?) Cee Lo thought Nathan stole it.

It goes to Adam, and he was impressed with both Nathan and Pip and confesses that he didn’t think it would be this close. Which means he thought one would win over the other. In the end, the bow tie wins. (Which is Pip, for those of you having trouble keeping up.)

Kinda reminding me of when you spend all afternoon building up toy blocks into a great big castle just to have an older sibling knock it all down. All that work to build up Nathan’s confidence. And Bam! All gone! Well, hopefully not. Nathan did do great and should be proud, but there’s no denying his competition was a real Pip.

Cee Lo Green, sitting in a giant chair likes it’s a throne by a creepy, giant white dog statue, pits Erin Martin against The Shields Brothers. Everyone seems shocked at this pairing.  Then to make it worse, he gives them What’s Love Got to Do with It by Tina Turner. Song seems to favor Erin just a bit, doesn’t it?

He brings them all in to rehearse, and Erin starts trying to get the song arranged to favor her. Different styles at work here. Babyface comes in to work with The Shield Brothers and thinks “Wayne’s World.” He tells them to show vulnerability, something that they seem confused about at first. Yet within minutes, you can hear the difference, and it’s pretty amazing. Ne-Yo comes in to work with Erin. He tells her he doesn’t believe her emotional connection to the song. In a way, these artists are coming from different areas. Erin is too reserved, and The Shield Brothers aren’t reserved enough. Erin is also dismayed that Ne-Yo isn’t getting turned on by her. Oh boy.

As they get ready to take the stage, we hear Erin say that “Power is not talent.” Wow. I think she best reign in the ego there. It may be two against one, but she’s got them outmatched on Chutzpah!  By the way, I love the Les Paul.

Erin starts. She sounds unique, but I think that’s only going to go so far. She’s also hitting some uniquely bad notes. The Shield Brothers sound dead-on and really, dare I say it, powerful. Gee, can you tell which way I’m leaning? My wife, who gets forced to sit through this each week, is saying that Erin sounds wretched.  Man, I hope Cee Lo picks the brothers.

Adam keeps saying that was “so weird!” He then adds that Erin has a unique approach, which is a polite way of saying that he agrees with my wife. Blake is just happy about Erin’s outfit and picks her, although I think he’s listening more with his eyes and other organs than his ears. Christina loved it, but gives it to the Brothers.

Cee Lo goes back and forth, talks about what he looking for is different. And then he chooses Erin?  Both my wife and I are dismayed. I have to say, out of all of the matchups, this is the one I think that the coach in question got the most wrong.

Christina announces her next pairing is between Ashley De La Rosa and Jonathas.  And she gives them No Air by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown. They meet for their first rehearsal. Ashley seems to be getting overwhelmed by the song. Jonathas has more experience.

Lionel Ritchie helps coach Jonathas. He and Christina tell him to make it his own song. Christina sings with Jonathas and boom, Lionel tells him not to come out of character. On a side note, Jonathas really needs to stop swooning on tv for Christina.) Jewel helps out Ashley. She and Christina coach Ashley to make the song her own. During the next rehearsal, Christina catches Jonathas mouthing Ashley’s words.  Uh-oh.

Even before the song starts, you can see Ashley is more nervous than Jonathas. They start singing and both sound really good. They’re doing a good job of “playing the roles” of the song. She may have looked scared, but Ashley sounds great. However, so does Jonathas. I think I’d give it to Ashley, but I couldn’t say for sure and Jonathas would be a good choice.

Cee Lo thinks Ashley pushed farther and picks her. Adam also picks Ashley. Blake started off thinking that Jonathas was better, but then changed to Ashley. Christina was very pleased with them both and was surprised by Ashley’s chops. And Christina gives it to Ashley!

American Idol, Mar. 15 – Outlook for Remaining Top 10

One week ago we had the American Idol full top 13, and the judges decided to send Jeremy Rosado home instead of Elise Testone. Tuesday night this year’s Idol controversy took place, and the producers sent home Jermaine Jones after not disclosing he had warrants out against him. While you would assume that kept everyone safe this week, that would be a wrong assumption. Idol still sent someone home this week, as the top 13 became the top 12, the top 11, and suddenly the final 10, all within one week.

This meant that as usual, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez (looking gorgeous in gold lamé), and Steven Tyler would get the chance to save whoever was voted out. It was a safe bet it would be a girl, as anyone who is a big fan of this show could tell you. The first bottom threes is usually all female, and the first few voted out are always female. With the guys already down two, a girl getting the least amount of votes was a safe bet.

Sure enough, despite Ryan Seacrest’s dramatic announcements, it was an all-female bottom three. Elise, who performed great last night, was called safe first, followed by Erika van Pelt. This left Shannon Magrane in need of a judges’ save.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be for young Shannon. In the first place, she didn’t sing very well for her save-me song, which is understandable considering the stress. However, it wasn’t about to change anyone’s mind. Secondly, there’s a glut of young ballad singers this year. They’re going to start cancelling each other out. The judges have already decided Jessica Sanchez is the best of them, meaning Shannon’s time was doomed, and Hollie Cavanagh could be next.

Here’s a look at what Hollie and the rest of the top 10 have to do to stay next week and possibly make it to the end.

Deandre Brackensick – Hopefully Deandre learned a very important lesson this week. Jimmy Iovine is there providing help, but he isn’t going to stand by the help he gives you. The judges all tore Deandre up for doing Endless Love that Jimmy and told him to do. Jimmy said tonight it was ultimately Deandre’s decision. Next time, Deandre needs to follow his gut and do a song that he knows and likes. He’ll never win with one that doesn’t fill him with passion, even if Jimmy tries to convince him it’s a winner.

Hollie Cavanagh – This young girl has one thing going for her, and that’s the judges’ approval. They all pointed out that she had some pitchy moments in her song, then held her up as one of the best of the night. She did sing really well, but she’s not going to last if she can’t find a way to stand out, She needs to let loose with her personality. See Heejun Han.

Colton Dixon – He’s this year’s rocker, and does a fine job at it, meaning he’ll stick around for awhile. He took a bold chance this week in picking a song that most people wouldn’t know. What made it work is that he knew the song and had passion for it. That’s why he performed it well. We believed the performance. That was better than him singing some soft rock song he couldn’t care less about that Jimmy or could have suggested. So far, he’s doing everything right.

Heejun Han – Strictly going by performance only, Heejun really belonged in the bottom three. However, he does a great job in entertaining us each week with his humor. We remember that when it comes to voting. He also happens to have a very good voice, despite not showing it this week. And Jimmy is right about him this time. Heejun needs to break out of the ballad mold and show us something else.

Skylar Laine – She got murdered for her song choice this week, but it was one that was particularly fitting to her. It may not have been very challenging, but she already covered that last week. Next week, though, she needs to step out of the box again to keep showing some depth.

Joshua Ledet – This guy killed it this week. There was no way he was going to wind up in the bottom three again. I’m not sure if I would call it the best ever on Idol like J-Lo did, but it definitely ranks up there among the best ever. And the best praise of all? Percy Sledge called and said he loved Joshua’s version of the song and said he was proud of him. That is high praise right there. If he finds a way to keep on pulling out those performances, he’s golden, but he needs to be careful to not turn it into a revival meeting every week.

Phil Phillips – The guy has kidney stones this week and goes in to meet up with Jimmy and hours before surgery … and still killed the song. That’s dedication, and one hell of an artist. He killed the song even more live this week. As long as he keeps being unique and picking perfect songs, he’ll be here until the final few.

Jessica Sanchez – I thought she did a good job on Turn the Beat Around this week, but the judges and Jimmy really took her to task. The way Jimmy explained it, she screamed, and when she did that she lost her breath, and when she did that, she lost her timing. But she’s so good, that when she’s not great, she’s still good. Unless she loses complete confidence, which is possible at her age, she’ll be around for the long haul.

Elise Testone – She did amazing this week and still ended up in the bottom three. What does this girl have to do to avoid being in the bottom? Maybe she needs to show some personality or something, as I don’t think there’s anything she could have done to improve her performance this week. But whatever is the reason, she’s not clicking with the voters.

Erika Van Pelt – See Elise Testone. Erika also keeps showing up in the bottom. Perhaps America has something against older women … that is if you can call the late 20s older. They have more life experiences behind them, and you can hear it in their rich tones. Again, they need to show some personality and hopefully America will see them for the fine performers they are.

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American Idol, Mar. 14 – Controversy Hits Season 11

You didn’t think we were going to make it all the way through this American Idolseason without some controversy, did you? TMZ dug up that Jermaine Jones is in trouble with the American Idol folks … and the law. It seems he has some outstanding warrants against him that he decided to not disclose when he auditioned. Color him gone. The only question is if they will still have a regular elimination this week as well.

Ryan Seacrest opens up the show talking about the controversy. He reminds us that when you’re doing a living show, anything can happen. Of course, they’re not going to tell us who it is just yet, even though we all know. He moves on, stating the theme tonight is songs from the year the idols were born, taking us from 1983 to 1995. Jennifer Lopez says, “Ouch.” Before we move any further, we get baby pictures of the judges … and Ryan. The mentor tonight is

Phil Phillips starts things off, with his mom explaining he was born a month premature in 1990. He had a lot of health problems and his parents were even told at one point he might not make it through the night. His dad thinks he’s a wonderful young man that the world needs to meet. Phil meets up with Jimmy Iovine and and says he’s not feeling too great as he has to have his kidney stones removed that night. He tells them not to expect much as he launches into Hard to Handle, and says he nails it. He wonders what he sounds like when he’s not in pain. Jimmy think he’s changed what it means to have a sick day at the show. He has no guitar tonight and sounds absolutely great. Perfect song choice.

Randy Jackson tells Phil that he knows by now, doing the show for like a minute, that he’s like a fish out of water, being unique with a different voice and different style. Tonight he doesn’t have the guitar and sounded like that after surgery on Thursday, He sounded amazing. That kind of a song is a great kind of song for him to do because it’s very bluesy, but cool and poppy at the same time. Randy didn’t know he was born that year, as it’s the same year he was born. (Hear the rim shot?)

Jennifer Lopez says it goes to prove that it’s so natural to Phil. It’s in every cell of his body. It just comes out of him. It was a great song for him, perfect the way he sang it, and all over him. Steven Tyler is really glad that Phil picks songs that match his voice and character. It’s important for him. He needs to watch the melody, though.

Jessica Sanchez was born in 1995, and her dad (although I thought it was her brother at first) mentions that mom and grandma photographed her a lot because she was the first child. Plus, she was a little diva. Her mom says when she’d get upset, she’d cry until nothing came out, then she’d faint. She thinks that’s where her lungs got started. tells Jessica he saw her on TV and thought she was really good. She sings Turn the Beat Around for him and Jimmy, and they’re impressed, but asks her to punctuate the modulation. Jimmy suggests she cue the band. She does, and can’t believe she took it even higher and didn’t even sweat. He calls her a “swaggernaut.” Wow, she doesn’t just do ballads good, she’s amazing on this. You would think she would be too young for this song, but for some reason she can pull off the older songs. She must have an old soul.

Steven loves Jessica’s voice, but tells her to not stray too far from the ballads, which he feels she does the best. The rhythm she sang the song with was a little shady, and he loves her pants. Of course J-Lo does too. She heard the same thing. Her voice has such a strong vibrato which is beautiful, but on this song, you need to be syncopated and on the beat, and it made it lag behind. It wasn’t her favorite thing Jessica has done, but it was a good job.

Randy echoes this and tells Jessica she’s one of the best in the competition, so he feels they should steer her in the right direction with constructive criticism. The problem for her was song choice. The song doesn’t allow her to show that, and she needs to pick something she can play with and make her own. J-Lo’s right that it’s in the vibrato. It’s so wide, but she needs to learn to shorten it. She always sounds good, but there are some things for her to work on.

Han’s mom explains ever since he was little, he was always funny. She thinks he gets it from her. His dad prays Heejun doesn’t make mistakes when she’s onstage. Heejun’s mom tears up saying he would always wake up with a smile on his face. He’s singing Right Here Waiting from 1989. Jimmy and warn him to get the S on chance. Chanse? Heejun knows his accent can be a problem, calling this English 101. He asks to sign his sheet music and also write down Fergie’s number. But Fergie’s like Will’s sister, so he doesn’t want to be messing up her marriage. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or not, but as he sings tonight, Heejun sounds a little hoarse. Good, but hoarse. He has some great emotion in it.

Randy tells Heejun tha the didn’t really enjoy it at all. It was pitchy all over the place and it felt like he was out of breath the whole time. It was the wrong kind of song for him, because he remembers he had some urban R&B in him when they first met him. Jennifer admits they all heard those little notes here and there, but to her, Heejun’s tone is so special and gorgeous. She could tell he was struggling a little bit, but she could feel him fighting through it at the end and it got really beautiful for her when she felt his heart.

Steven thinks Heejun stepped so far out of his circle. It was really breathy, and he was trying so hard. It wasn’t a great song for him, but he loves his voice anyway. Heejun admits he was thinking of his girlfriend during the song, but 20% of it was Jennifer, and 10% Fergie.

Elise Testone is the oldest of the bunch, born in 1983. Her mom explains Elise would always be getting in trouble, but cute trouble. They went to the beach and put their bags down, and the lifeguard was blowing his whistle as she was already running into the ocean on her own. She appreciated the judges saving her last week. is impressed with the rasp and vibrato in Elise’s voice as she sings Let’s Stay Together. He just wishes he could see her smile in the song and hold the title lyric a little longer. He also thinks she and Obama should have a singoff with the song. She thinks people will be making babies when she sings it tonight. I don’t know about that, but I’m definitely enjoying it.

Steven tells Elise, “God, I love your voice. My Aunt Sonja loves your voice. Everybody loves your voice.” It’s a natural thing with the rasp and there’s a beauty and soul behind it. Jennifer thinks this was showing America who Elise is. It was right on every single level. It came form the heart, she sang it beautifully, and she made it her own. Randy announces, “America, Elise is back.” This is why they loved her when she first auditioned. She has the voice with a little Janis in it. The run at the end was beautiful, “like butter.”

The Voice, Mar. 12 – Blake in a Heart Shaped Box Edition

We’re back for part two of the battle rounds! 12 more take the stage, but only 6 move on.

Christina Aguilera is up first. She’s pitting Geoff McBride against Sera Hill, who will duke it out over Aretha Franklin’s Chain of Fools.  I have to remind myself that Geoff is wearing those glasses for medical reasons. We get our quick recap of how they arrived here, and then it’s in the studio. Geoff is hoping his experience pays off, while Sera’s plan is to pull out her inner diva.

The next day, Geoff meets Lionel Ritchie who is really impressed with his power and lets Geoff know it. They try and bring out his swagger.  Can he out-diva Sera?  Jewel is there to help her try. They’re worried about the power and volume that Geoff brings and tell Sera to bring the emotion out.  Well, here we go!

Standing in the middle of the boxing ring stage, Carson Daley introduces Geoff and Sera as the song starts. They start the chorus together.  Trading lines, Geoff circles Sera. Lots of play acting going on back and forth. Wow, these two sound great together.  Sera gives a high-pitched run that gets Christina’s attention.  They really go all out at the end, and Sera gets in one last run after the song is done. My guess is Christina will pick Sera, but what do I know?

Cee Lo Green loved them both, but says Geoff had better control. Blake Shelton is equally impressed, but forced to choose, he asked himself which singer turned him on more. (If you’re thinking, ‘Oh God’ you’re not alone. Christina uttered that as well.) However, before Blake can, um… expand on that, Adam Levine interrupts to say it was a great show, but he’s leaning towards Geoff.  Blake says, “It turns you on.” Adam doesn’t disagree.  Blake stumbles and bumbles and says Sera. (Color me shocked!)

Christina talks about how wonderful both Geoff and Sera are and how they each gave as good as they got, but she’s gotta go with her gut and her gut tells her … to go to a commercial break. Dang it!

Back from break, Carson prompts her again, and Christina gives it to Sera.  And Blake is happy! (So is Sera.)

Next, we’re back at the ranch and Blake is on a rock and picks Charlotte Sometimes and Lex Land to sing Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

Blake starts going over the song and dividing up the lines. At one point, Charlotte mentions how Lex has better boobs, which makes everyone else speechless.  (Thank God Blake didn’t chime in.)

Charlotte meets Kelly Clarkson. Blake seems to be telling her not to look likes she’s trying to take over the stage from Lex, who is much shyer.

Lex meets Miranda, which is good for her. Here, they tell her to not be intimidated by Charlotte. Blake doesn’t want to be distracted by Charlotte trying too hard to entertain. Is there such a thing? Getting ready to go in, Charlotte says she wants to destroy Lex. Very different from the “I so love and respect my opponent” like the last battle round.

The battle begins. Charlotte starts strong before Lex takes over. So far, no major stage antics. They both sound good, but neither are blowing me away.  They begin circling each other. Lex didn’t look at ease, but they both sounded good.

Christina calls Lex sexy, and Charlotte sassy. Mentions how Charlotte looked very comfortable. Cee Lo also liked them both, but he would have picked Charlotte. Adam would have picked Lex.

Blake was shocked by how Lex sounded, in a good way. However he feels that he couldn’t take his eyes off Charlotte.   Lex had a little pitch issue, while Charlotte had perfect control.  Lex, however pushed herself further.  Blake picks Charlotte.

Cee Lo is up next and decides to give Stay with Me by Rod Stewart to Juliet Simms and Sarah Golden. Juliet says she’s been called a female Rod Stewart, but Sarah says she’s so different she’ll be able to hold her own. They start to practice with Cee Lo and both go at it. Juliet is bringing her rocker edge on, and Sarah just wants to be herself and sounds good doing it.

The next day, Sarah gets the advice from Babyface. She does a yodelish type of run that they both like. Juliet gets to perform for Ne-Yo.

Juliet and Sarah couldn’t look more different as they take the stage.  Juliet in leather and stockings, Sarah in a jacket and tie. The opening chords ring out and Juliet starts off sounding gritty and powerful as she prowls the stage. Sarah sounds very different, a little old school, but in a good way, and works the crowd. They join together on the chorus. They both sound fantastic. Part of me thinks it’ll go to Sarah, who just sounds more unique.

Adam admits he liked Juliet from the beginning and would pick her, but Blake starts talking about the cool things that Sarah can do with harmonies and gives a big endorsement to her. Christina thinks the song favored Juliet and gives it to her.

Cee Lo starts rambling, and then shuts up as he has to choose. Is he really undecided or is he just playing it up? He picks Juliet.

American Idol, Mar. 8 – Outlook for Remaining Final 12

Before we even get into Thursday night’s American Idol results, I have to first take issue with a statement from Jimmy Iovine. He said on the results show that God mass-produces too many singers. He was making a point that Whitney Houston, however, was one-of-a-kind. He doesn’t mass-produce too many. Singing is good. They don’t all have to be on American Idol. Having people who are happy singing isn’t a bad thing. It makes the world a better place.

With that PSA over, we can get to the results. I had a feeling that a guy would be going home tonight. In this special one week only male vs. female, where the judges would decide whether the guy or the girl with the lowest amount of votes would go home, it seemed designed so that we didn’t have the first few finalists voted out being female, as it’s been for the past few seasons.

The bottom three guys were Jeremy Rosado, Jermaine Jones, and surprisingly Joshua Ledet. The bottom three girls were Elise Testone, Shannon Magrane, and surprisingly Erika Van Pelt. Joshua and Erika weren’t sent back to their seats immediately, and eventually Jeremy and Elise were named the bottom two. Elise was originally voted into the top 10, and Jeremy was only there as Jennifer Lopez’s wildcard pick. Two weeks in a row America said they didn’t want Jeremy Rosado there. The judges seemed to reluctantly agree and sent him home.

Here’s a look at what Elise and the rest of the top 12 have to do to stay next week and possibly make it to the end.

Deandre Brackensick – It took a wildcard to get him into the final 13, but his performance kept him here for the final 12. The key was finding a way to be unique. I don’t know if he can do it every week though. He’ll keep hanging around as long as he’s unique. And his his looks don’t hurt him at all.

Hollie Cavanagh – I fear that this young girl won’t be around too long. While she’s an extremely talented singer, her style is too much like Jessica Sanchez, who is winning over the judges already. She needs to do something to stand apart, as people aren’t going to remember her performances next to Jessica’s.

Colton Dixon – Jimmy doesn’t think Colton has found his truth yet. He thinks he needs to figure out whether he’s going to be a pop star or rock star. I disagree with that, as I don’t think you have to choose one or the other. I think Colton knows exactly who he is. And so far, it seems the voters do as well. If he was able to find a way to do this genre, I think he’ll stick around for awhile.

Heejun Han – There is just something so likable about this guy. But it’s not just his affability, as he also has a great voice. Even Mary J. Blige said she didn’t expect that voice to come out of him. Jimmy only saw him as a character last week, but he won him over this week. He definitely has what it takes to last awhile.

Jermaine Jones – The best part of Jermaine’s week wasn’t his singing, although he did good. What was great was that he started to open up and show a little bit more of his personality, despite being in the bottom three. I’m not sure if American knows what to think of the guy Ryan Seacrest has named “The Gentle Giant,” but do think he has a shot at sticking around for awhile if he keeps showing personality.

Skylar Laine – Randy Jackson was right. This week she proved she could sing anything. She’s a Reba-style country singer and took on Whitney this week and did great. Jennifer thought she sounded a little nasally, but Jimmy said he likes nasal. She’s another really likable person, an on top of that, she proved she can sing anything. She just might be there for the long haul.

Joshua Ledet – Joshua landing in the bottom three is a puzzling one, just like Erika Van Pelt. However, unlike her, he was voted into the top 10. For some reason voters liked him a lot then, but not this week. I don’t know if it had so much to do with performance though. He was the first of thirteen to sing. There were other memorable performances after his, and I think he was just forgotten about. However, if he gets a later spot and ends up in the bottom again, he’ll know he has something to work on.

Shannon Magrane – This young girl is a huge talent. The problem came when she was asked to sing Whitney Houston. It’s hard for adults to pull off, let alone a teenage girl. While she has the voice to sing I Have Nothing, I don’t think she has the life experiences to understand the song fully. It’s something that brings a lot of the younger singers down. And for some reason the young girls always try to take on these big songs. If she avoids that in the future, she’ll be fine.

Phil Phillips – Jimmy referred to Phil as a great musician both vocally and instrumentally. He came knowing who he is, and Jimmy knows that’s a definite advantage. However, he’s nervous about him going up againste the girl with the “vocal fireworks.” I don’t think he’ll have to worry about that for quite awhile. People don’t vote for everyone with the vocal fireworks. They’ll weed out that pack, then Phil will need to worry about going up against that. For now, he’s so unique, he’ll stick around.

Jessica Sanchez – Jimmy said it best. She may be one of the best ever on the show, but if she believes her applause too early, it could lead to overconfidence. Let’s hope she’s just as stunning next week and that she didn’t peak too soon. If she continues to be this impressive, she’ll be there at the end.

Elise Testone – Elise blew everyone away with her Adele song last week. but this week she tried to sing Whitney Houston in her own style, and it just didn’t go over well. There’s a right way and wrong way to changing the style of a song to suit you. See Phil Phillips. If she finds a way to go beyond what she does well, she’ll stick around.

Erika Van Pelt – What does this girl have to do to get the votes? She was great last week, yet only got to this week as a wildcard. She was great again this week, and Jimmy, Mary, and all three judges loved her, yet she landed in the bottom three. She must be wondering what she has to do. She’s a favorite of mine, but perhaps she’s not connecting with others. Maybe it’s like Jermaine, and she just needs to find a way to show a different side to her personality. If she doesn’t figure it out quickly though, she won’t stick around.

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American Idol, Mar. 7 – A Night with Whitney and Stevie

Usually at this stage, I’m looking at the group of finalists and already selecting the group I hope goes home first. I can’t really say that this time. Sure, I have my favorites that I want to stick around, but there isn’t anyone who I don’t think deserves to be in the top 13, despite not necessarily agreeing with the judges’ wildcard picks.

I’m hoping to still feel that way at the end of the night, after a night of Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston songs, with help from mentor Mary J. Blige. It’s another special night as well, as Ryan Seacrest announces tonight is the show’s 400th episode. And for one night only, it’s the guys vs. girls, and the judges will decide tomorrow night whether the guy or the girl who has the lowest amount of votes will go home.

Joshua Ledet met with Jimmy Iovine and Mary, whom he’s definitely impressed with, seeing her a a great artist. He’s singing I Wish and admits the song is totally out of his comfort zone. Jimmy asks him to push it more, wanting him to get into the feeling of the song. Mary talks about how the song needs to pop. She also compares his gospel background to that of Producer Eric Hudson on the piano, knowing they can get together with it. Tonight he has the horns on their feet and onstage with him. He does well with it and starts to find the gospel in it.

Randy Jackson doesn’t even know what other singers are coming, but tells Joshua he just blew it out. What he really loved is that he has the amazing gospel and ballad voice, putting Stevie in his wheelhouse, but he came out rocking. Mary was right on that he feels the beat he can do up tempo and ballads. It was flawless and he loved the run at the end.

Jennifer Lopez loved that she felt Joshua’s performance more than anything, and loved his hand thing he had going on that he calls his “Mantasia.” It tells her he feels it through his body and makes everyone feel it. Mary gave him some great direction on how to punch the chorus and he did it. Steven Tyler says he needed to punch J-Lo in the arm as Joshua keeps getting better and better. Randy is right; he had the snap and brought it home because he listened to Mary.

Elise Testone tells Jimmy and Mary she’s singing Greatest Love of All, surprising, as her style seems to have more grit than that ballad. Jimmy doesn’t think it’s a good fit and suggests I’m Your Baby Tonight instead. It seems to be a bettter fit, but Jimmy and Mary aren’t happy with it still, with Mary wanting the timing to be right. He thinks insecurity and fear is pushing against Elise. Mary tells her her voice is so dope, that if she crashes and burns, it will be unfair. She has the same onstage band tonight, It’s good, but she seems to be pushing it a little too much, clearly uncomfortable.

Jennifer tells Elise that admittedly Whitney is a beast, and what she was struggling with was certainly her trying to make it her own, but it was hard to find a marriage between the two specific styles of hers and Whitney’s. Undeniably she has a great voice, but she didn’t feel it was her best.

Steven explains it saying when you have a great voice, you think you can sing anything, but Elise’s has so much character, that she needs to find that one right song. When she has sung before, she’d nail the chorus, and he missed that from this song. Randy agrees, saying it felt like she was boxing with the song. She doesn’t need to provie it like that, and she needed to be able to sit in it like Mary was trying to get her to do. Elise explains to Ryan that she didn’t know that song, so it was hard for her to find her place with it.

Jermaine Jones is tackling Knock Me Off My Feet, and Mary sees him really feeling it, but wants to adjust the strength and timing with a few words, making her feel it more. She thinks it’s perfect for his voice, and Jimmy adds the timbre of it is perfect. She can’t believe he’s only 25, and notes that while he has a low voice, he can do anything. Jimmy is glad they brought him back and doesn’t think he deserves to leave. There’s just something very comforting listening to him sing tonight. I haven’t felt good all week, but right now I feel like it’s all going to work out. He can really be affecting.

Steven tells Jermaine that for a moment last week he had a problem wobbling, but the song he just sang fit him like an Armani suit. It was perfect for his voice. Jennifer tells Jermaine he’s such a sweetheart, the way he’s waving at everyone and smiling in the middle of the song, but she’d like to see him connect to it a little more. He concentrates on the notes, but she wants to feel like he’s singing to someone, even her.

Randy agrees with Jimmy, glad they brought him back, as he has that unique voice, comparing it to Barry White, Arthur Price, and Jerry Butler. He loved the verses, but he didn’t enjoy the changes he made to the chorus. He agrees he needs to relax, as singing in that register is different enough.

Erika Van Pelt gets stool chat and explains her feelings after she was chosen as a wildcard. It was the craziest thing, and she is so grateful, but right after that they hit the ground running. Ryan shows a clip of her in her photo shoot, asking what lady doesn’t love a fan. He thinks J-Lo invented it.

Meeting with Jimmy and Mary, Erika announces she’s singing I Believe In You and Me. Jimmy mentions her unique voice and approach, but if she goes to the literal version of the song, he thinks she’ll be in trouble. Mary compares it to steak and potatoes, celery and peanut butter. She thinks if she tries to sing like Whitney she’ll crash and burn, because she has so much rasp and rocking going on. I just want to say before she starts, my favorite version of this song is one by Kelly Clarkson. Yet Erika does bring the Erika into it and finds the right places to put the rasp, similar to Kelly.

Randy tells Erika that J-Lo had said she had goosies just from that little bit she sung with Jimmy and Mary. She has an amazing voice and unbelievable tone.when she hit the chorus and let herself go and stopped thinking; it was unbelievable and sold her. He doesn’t want her to think, as with her unbelievable tone, she can sing anything. It was amazing by the end.

J-Lo thinks the way Erika interprets the song, and combines it with her tone and the fullness of her voice, really makes songs come alive. She feels she’s playing it a little safe, and she can’t wait until she stops and just lets loose. Steven feels the same, mentioning her beautiful, fantastic voice. In the beginning she sat with the melody, then climbed up to the pre-chorus and put herself into it at the chorus, leading the place to react to it, as it was perfect.

The Voice, Mar. 5 – Let the Battle Round Begin Edition

Tonight on The Voice, we begin to see the singers duke it out with the Battle Rounds. (Cue theme music from Rocky!) We also get some celebrity help from Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Ne-Yo, BabyFace, Alanis Morrisette, Robin Thicke, Jewel and Lionel Ritchie!

For those of you new to the Battle Rounds, the different coaches have to whittle their teams down to 6 contestants.  To do this they pair them up, assign them a song and have them come out on a stage/boxing ring and perform the song as a duet.  Then, while each coach can weigh in, only their own coach gets to decide if they will be kept or let go.  Will the coaches stack the decks to get the strongest singers on their final teams?  Will we see the guest coaches give some really great advice?  Will Miranda keep Blake under control? Let’s find out!!

Adam’s team is up first.  He annouces Tony Lucca will be going head-to-head with Chris Cauley. Of course, at this point they’ll all love and respect each other. I wonder if anyone will trip their opponents? Adam also picks the song, A Beautiful Day by U2.

We get a quick recap of their journey to this point.  Tony was the Mickey Mouse club member and Chris had the Bluegrass grandmother.

Both singers gather with Adam and a piano player to start learning the song. The mutual love fest continues.

The next day Tony gets to meet Alanis Morrisette.  Adam starts to coach Tony about pushing too hard. Alanis asks him if there are notes he’s afraid of going for. We get a small taste of what’s to come.

Chris gets help from Robin Thicke, who is so cool he wears his sunglasses in the studio.  With Chris, there’s talk about emotions in singing.

Tony and Chris take the long walk into the building for the cameras and go to opposite sides. Set up like a boxing match, Carson Daly introduces them one by one, starting with Chris, who walks out to cheers from everyone, including his wife.  Tony, who has his wife and little girl in attendance, follows.

Tony sings the first two lines, and then Chris takes the next two. Chris gives us the Beautiful say line while Tony sings the money note of Oh under or over it.  Then they reverse it on the second chorus. Tony gets in some nice falsetto notes.  I’m not sure if I heard a clear winner.

Blake seems to need the Mouseketeer part explained to him. He also recommends Chris because of pitch.  Christina picks Tony who she played mouse with once, (Along with Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake.) She also gets interrupted, not by the guys on the panel, but by Tony’s adorable little girl. Cee Lo also picks Tony for articulating the song better.

Adam, who is the only one who gets to choose, tells them he thought they were both great and he didn’t think it was going to be this tough. (Which makes you wonder who he thought would stink.) In the end, he goes with Tony. Chris goes out with grace, but I have to wonder again, was this a foregone conclusion?

We head out to the country for Blake to meet with his team for him to pair Adely Stump and Raelynn, who he says he paired because they’re both very different. One auditioned with a song from the beautiful and blonde Nashville Star Alum Miranda Lambert.  The other belted out a hit from American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, who also is blond and beautiful. Yeah, polar opposites these two. He gives them Free Falling from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Blake starts coaching the two and Raelynn hits a pretty bad note right away.  Adely sounds pretty good. Blake brings in Miranda for Raelynn.  We get treated to some squeaky noises from Raulynn over meeting Miranda that I could have lived without. Miranda sings along with Raelynn.  Both Blake and Miranda tell Raelynn to sing as herself and not to try and outdo Adely in power notes.

Adely comes in the next day to meet Kelly Clarkson. Thankfully, there’s no squeaking. Kelly gives her some advice about blending in and then letting it loose. Ok, as they go on I see the differences here. Raelynn gets a call from Miranda. That doesn’t bode well for Adely if Miranda has taken a liking to Raelynn.

Adely and Raelynn take the stage, shake hands and get ready to rumble. Raelynn starts and I’ve gotta say, I winced at her opening notes. She’s nervous and it shows. They harmonize on the first chorus. Adely takes the 2nd verse and sounds pretty good. She even points to Cee Lo for the line about bad boys. Adely is doing really good about the softer notes and the little power touches.  Raelynn seems to finally hit her stride and impresses Christina.

Christina asks about Raelynn’s age and I get the feeling that she’s using that to point out that she needs more time to develop. She definitely recommends Adely. Cee Lo agrees, but Adam recommends Raelynn. Is he being nice or does he want Blake to have the weaker singer? Blake talks about how country singers tell stories, but he feels that Raelynn won.  Huh? Really? Well I didn’t see that coming.

The Voice, Feb. 27 – Potty Training the Lorax Edition

We’re down to the wire here tonight!  It’s the last night of the Blind Auditions!  The last chance for our artists to fill their teams, which probably means that the coaches will fluctuate between being extra stingy and at times extra desperate, depending on who they have to choose from.

We start off the night with 25-year-old Whitney Myer, who currently sings lead with a band that features her father and uncle.  Sounds like fun, huh?

No One starts and the coaches are all doing their normal head bob.  Adam hits his button without even looking up. Cee Lo follows, then Blake.  Christina seems to think about it, she reaches, pulls back, then gives in and makes it unanimous.

Adam: You have it, you are so blessed.

Christina: You kept it solid; you made it your own.

Blake: All I know, is I’m glad I pushed my button early so I can watch you.

Adam then lets her know that she can win it and he will help her. Christina balks and says essentially the same thing. It’ll serve ‘em both right if she picks one of the others, but she picks Adam, which leaves him with only one spot left to fill.

A very tall-looking David Dunn from Texas is the black sheep of his family because he earned a degree with honors in Engineering, yet he’s pursuing music.  I get the impression his father thinks this music thing is all silliness and that he should just go engineer something. David takes the stage and Adam recognizes The Man Who Can’t Be Moved right away, but he’s not reaching for his button.  Of course no one else is either. Blake has his hand up.  Cee Lo is singing along. It doesn’t look good.  I just saw Adam shake his head.

And it’s back to the engine room for David.

Christina: Everyone else here loves you.

Blake: You did a great job.

Cee Lo: You got a good thing going. Please continue. (Great pep talk, there. Either way, I see an ‘I told you so’ from David’s father coming, although we don’t get to see that.)

It’s two for the price of one! The Shields Brothers, Rory and Tristan. They’re a rock duo who live on a farm with their parents.  Their father mentions that they’ve never held jobs, and he would like them to move out. Nice Dad, real nice.  Dancing With Myself starts and Adam seems excited. Cee Lo is the first to hit his button. Adam is head bopping, but not going anywhere close to his button.  Blake seems amused more than anything else. Christina wonders what’s going on.

Adam: I wish I could have seen it.

Blake: It was kinda chaos listening to it, but you’re clearly with the right guy.

Cee Lo: I love Billy Idol.

Aloha from Cheesa from Hawaii.  At one point her family moved to L.A. where her family struggled with money so much that they turned their home into a elderly care facility and moved into the garage. She confesses she really wants Cee Lo.

If I Were a Boy starts and the coaches listen intently. There’s some nodding, but no button hitting yet.  Cee Lo waits until the very last second (I’m not kidding here!) and then presses his button with some encouragement from Adam.

This time the flirting goes both ways. I have a feeling Cheesa will be entertaining to watch behind the scenes as well as on stage.

Cee Lo: You can go on from here to be everything you were meant to be.

My wife and I wonder what happens if you are set to audition and the teams get full before you take the stage.  Seems sad, but “The job’s already been filled” is something you hear in real life too.

We meet 64-year-old Preston Shannon who sings the blues and R&B. Although he’s been doing this for some time, he’s talking about looking for some help with singing.

He launches into In the Midnight Hour, guitar in hand and playing some mean blues.  The coaches are digging it, but not buying it. Blake almost hits it, but pulls back. He seems torn. No one turns around, and Blake utters something bleeped out that Preston agrees with.

Cee Lo: That’s the real thing there.

Christina: I have a lot of respect for you.