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Scare Tactics, November 21- Aliens, Robots and Werewolves, Oh my!

Scare TacticsOn tonight’s episode of Scare Tactics, we meet someone whose screams could match Mariah Carey’s upper register and not in a good way. Axel’s nice friend Santiago got him a job working with bees.

Axel arrives and meets a woman who explains bees to him. Her boss is a beekeeper who is working to make the ultimate killer giant bee. Just what the world needs, a giant killer bee. On the table in front of him are boxes filled with queen Bees! The beekeeper explains that this is the normal size of the bee, your average little bee, He explains he is creating a super huge bee. What is wrong with this man?

Axel run, save yourself. The beekeeper begins yelling and Axel wants to leave. The beekeeper tells Axel to ship the bee right away! What happened to interviews, and where is OSHA? Axel tells the assistant that there is honey in some of the boxes. The woman opens a door that leads to bee hell, and the beekeeper tells Axel he has to help get her out. Axel is informed he is on Scare Tactics. What a nice birthday present from Santiago.

Axel continues screaming and tells the fake beekeeper that he would have hoped he would have ran out with him, because the assistant is already dead. Well, he did scream, so they accomplished what they set out to do! Good job Tracy Morgan! You make me smile.

Meet Lisa, whose friend Catherine got Lisa a pretend job working with obnoxious robots. A man in a lab coat comes in and tells Lisa she must sign a confidentiality paper and must document and file everything in the room but, he can’t tell her too much about the job. Ookay, I would have turned around and left.

Lisa discovers a strange-looking covered bloody device that resembles a photo booth from hell. Lisa knocks a box over, and a woman with a robot voice and a red cat suit comes out saying she is hungry. Lisa leaves to get the doctor and tells him that the robot said she is hungry.

The doctor goes into the room and finds his assistant on the floor with a tube sticking out of him leaving Lisa to believe the robot sucked his blood. Lisa looks a little shocked, and the doctor tells her to tell the robot that she will give her blood. Lisa says she is anemic and a vegetarian. The robot begins demanding blood and Lisa argues with it. The robot finally reveals Lisa is on Scare Tactics. Good for you Lisa, stand up to the robot.

Sky’s boyfriend Addison sets her up to be a babysitter. It is a little girl’s birthday; she wants to do something fun like speak to her deceased father. There is a package on the table, and Sky offers to help the little girl open the birthday present. It is a Ouija board. The little girl asks Sky if she knows how to play the Ouija board and they begin asking it questions. Sky looks a little scared, but the kid is a good actor.

The little girl asks the spirit board where her father is, and the kid screams and starts acting a little crazy. Sky is telling her she is scaring her. The little girl falls over and the lights begin flickering. The mother returns with a knife that would disappoint Michael Myers and begins chanting “I need your soul.”

There was no cake, no singing and nothing but shock for poor Sky, who after having the crap scared out of her is told her soul is needed for Scare Tactics.

Vanna is putting her friend Daniel on the show just to scare him. Daniel is introduced to Tony who reveals some strange marks on his arm. He goes back to tell Craig that some guy told him to check out the back room.

Daniel is told to reach down as far as he can into the drain, and he pulls out a snake’s skin. Daniel looks freaked out. Craig is checking for blockages and pulls out his camera plumbing snake. Daniel spots something creepy on the camera, and they both decide to go and check out the other room. That is always the best idea, to go check out the other room. So we go from Snakes on a Plane to snakes in a drain. Okay, I get it now. Daniel is freaked out, and the crazy snake man has locked him in a room with snakes.

The makeshift plumber tells Daniel he has an idea to get them out! Guess what the idea is, He is on Scare Tactics.

Scare Tactics, Nov. 14 – The Mob Boss and the Insane Asylum

This week on Scare Tactics, the accomplice, the victim and the person who freaks out all have really crazy things to do. Lateasha’s nice friend Valentino knows that she loves animals, so he got her a job testing out dog collars. Really, I just don’t get it. As Tracy said, “the dog collar’s spark is worse than its bite.”

Let’s see if Lateasha can handle the testing. She and another test subject are told all the information about the dog collars, and then must put them on. Great idea! Lateasha is asked to stand up and select a dog toy from the table, and then place it back on the table. It seems easy enough, but wait, there is more.

It will be electrifying for these two as a random tech comes in and adjusts the frequency. He makes some changes, and his upset and rather creepy tech tells them they are going to have a blast. Once again they are asked to stand up and pick up another dog toy from the table. The crazy tech goes a little insane and knocks the doctor out after the doctor tells them he is getting some strange readings from the collars.

The tech attacks the doctor, then enters the room holding what looks like an old school Nintendo joy stick. He freaks out and pretends to electrocute the second tech. His head explodes, and the crazy tech dude tells Lateasha she is next, but has thirty seconds to convince him to keep her alive. She struggles and says, “Oh my God,” and tells him to think about what he is doing because there are witnesses.

The doctor shouts at Latesha, asking if she is scared. She screams, and he tells her she should not be scared, because she is on Scare Tactics. What a nice friend Valentino is. No animals were harmed in the making of that, but they did accidentally cause an actor to lose his head; it exploded. (Not really, don’t worry. They are professionals.)

The next victim, Omar, is being set up by his friend, Rafael, who says Omar gets very scared easily, so why not scare the hell out of him? Omar is working in an old abandoned building and will be working with old rocks that require fire to burn them. Nice, maybe he will scream.

A female tech comes in and notices an oddly out-of-place tarp that looks new with a strange contraption known as a core sampler, or a time machine according to Omar’s theory. It is used to drill into the core of rocks when it looks like a jacked-up crazy drill. Then of course there is a strange rock sitting next to it that no one has ever seen.

The female tech and another male tech decide to turn the thing on. Bright idea! They are both coughing and smoke is everywhere. The female tech looks a little sick, and a black SUV shows up with people wearing hazard mat suits that are lime green. T have now been exposed to dangerous toxins.

The folks in the hazmat suits shout at the others and tell them they are in a restricted area and are now contaminated. Omar has signs of paranoia, which is the first system. The male tech is lead out for a cleansing. The female tech is taken out, and the lime green hazard dudes take them into a tent and light them on fire, because we all know that is how you control crazy contaminated rocks. The hazard dudes tell Omar he has two options and he already knows option one is death by fire. Option two is putting him on Scare Tactics.

It is insane so far, and the show is funny, but it makes you wonder if people actually think that they are going to be put into the situations the makeshift techs, security guards and other actors on the show go through.

The next prank introduces us to Dennis. He is being set up by his own parents, (don’t get any ideas Mom and Dad.) Dennis is not scared to prank his family, so his family is seeking their pranking revenge. Dennis is going to be working in a facility where he will be delivering packages in an insane asylum. Dennis meets security, then leaves to meet the doctor. He walks through what looks like a few patients, carrying a package for a Dr. Kraft, then is left alone in a room.

A man enters the room and looks like a patient. He tells him that he had the same vest. The orderly comes in, and Dennis tells him they were having a good conversation. A woman dressed in a lab coat arrives, and Dennis begins speaking with the doctor. She begins to ask him medical questions instead of interview questions. Dennis is now frazzled, and the doctor informs him they can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Scare Tactics November 7 – Mad Scientist and Cryogenics

On tonight’s episode of Scare Tactics, Kitty is setting up her friend Abriella to assist a scientist cryogenically freeze stuff. Abriella comes into a lab that looks like something out of SAW.  The lab instructor advises that he realizes it is not very fancy, but it works. Yeah sure! Abriella is left with a new scientist, and she has a seat after he asks her if she can “push buttons.” Why can’t my job interview consist of this?

Abriella sits down and begins pushing buttons and announces from ten percent of cryogenically freezing someone she moves the machine up to ninety percent. The two lab geeks have a long conversation in the freezing room, and the angry scientist announces that the “specimen is in place.” Abriella begins to freak out after she realizes that her instructor is the one in the room and now she is also locked in the room. She begins screaming because the mad scientist went a little crazy and to tell him to stop. Of course, she finds out this if for Scare Tactics. So Abriella, you will not become a freeze-pop.

Bradley is up next. His friend Tara loves him so much, and he has been scared before, so she felt he was a great victim to have on the show. Bradley enters a make-shift construction site that was prevoiusly an animal-testing facility that was shut down. The lights begin to go off, and the construction worker who cannot even open the door advises Bradley that he will be right back. Did he not watch Scream? That is one of the main rules. You never say, “I’ll be right back,” because you won’t be.

The construction worker tells Bradley to just tell him when the lights are. Bradley is joined by an assistant and the construction worker tells Bradley that he does not need to hear his ghost stories. He just wants to know when the lights are back on.

The construction worker calls Bradley and the female assistant downstairs where they find what looks like giant eggs. The lights go insane, everyone is screaming, and the female asks if Bradley is scared, Bradley screams “Yes!” She tells him he should be, because he is on Scare Tactics. Bradley’s response is “OMG, you guys are ridiculous!”

Odain is being set up by his uncle Ansert. He will be working on a farm because, according to Ansert, he had never seen dirt before. Two make-shift pretend farmers have Odain working with a very unique type of soil. What is the secret ingredient in the soil? Well no one knows yet.

The lead farmer takes off, and Odain and his female assistant begin working. She finds what looks like a vest. The assistant suggests it may be the guy who was working the night before Odain got the job. Okay, now I prefer the crygenicaaly frozen job not “Motel Hell.”

The farmer hands Odain a tomato and tells him to taste it. The farmer leaves again carrying the pieces of vest. Odain and his assistant hear someone saying “help me” and begin digging him up.

The farmer looks a little angry and tells them to peel the cover back, revealing a fake dead body lying there with tomatoes growing out of it. The farmer inches towards him carrying what looks like a hedge trimmer. Oh please, Jason Voorhees would be so upset right now.

The farmer asks Odain how scared he is while holding the hedge trimmers. Odain’s response is simple, “WOW, why?” He was planning on running! At least he is smart. Run from the homicidal maniacs carrying hedge trimmers.

They have saved the best for last. Kruti got a job at a video store that transfers into any format you like, and this is all thanks to her friend Azhar. He has waited all his life to do this to his friend. What a nice guy. Kruti is about to get a customer who can change from a scientist to a monster. The manager tells Kruti she is a godsend.

A customer comes in and asks for twenty copies that she needs right away. A new customer comes in dressed like a scientist, and he looks a little scary. He wants the tape back, because it is his tape and his assistant was not supposed to have it. The customer threatens that when he comes back, they will be sorry.

They head in the back to watch the tape. The assisatant is the one on the video with the scientist. The video manager explains he is going to call the cops. The assistant comes in and explains that they do not know who they are dealing with, and the video manager heads out to the front of the store.

The assistant tries to calm down the scientist, who turns into what looks like a werewolf mixed with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Kruti freaks out trying to get the tape out for the doctor and panics as the assistant tells her to get the tape because when she gets the tape, they are all going to be on Scare Tactics.

Kruti admits to being a little freaked out, but then just feels silly. According to Tracy Morgan, there is one more thing that can turn you into a monster, and that is Tequila. So try and avoid it, or you may wind up on Scare Tactics

Don’t miss next week’s episode on the Syfy channel, Monday at 9/8c. Happy Hauntings everyone and remember, be afraid, be very afraid.

Scare Tactics, October 24 – Zombies and Bloody Walls, Just Another Day

So it’s zombie meets crazy people on tonight’s episode of Scare Tactics as the show does what it does best and scares the life out of people. The show features a victim, an accomplice and the freakout that tends to do more than just freak some people out.

On tonight’s episode, we start off with Leah who wants to scare her friend Kristie and put her outside of her comfort zone. In true “Scare Tactics” style, they have something quite obscure planned for Kristie. Why do these folks accept these crazy jobs? Are there no normal jobs? Kristie is led into a room, assisted by Lauren. THe room looks condemned, and a random vagrant shows up advising Kristie that it is a portal to a domain. Lauren tells Kristie there is black mold or maybe the plague. It could happen, right?

Blood begins coming out the wall, and Kristie stands there with her clipboard looking rather dumbfounded, as a construction worker advises in a CSI tone that blood is coming out of the wall. The crazy man enters the room, a pentagram is lit on fire, and Kristie is being offered up as a sacrifice. The crazy man watches the walls bleed, and Kristie is shaking while he asks if she is scared, because he wants to put her on Scare Tactics.

You watch these people enter these strange rooms that resemble something out of a Hostel film and they just go along with it. Scare Tactics makes the scenarios entertaining, but also teaches you what not to do. For instance don’t go with strangers and don’t accept a job in a room with walls that bleed; it should be a simple rule of thumb.

Our next victim is Gil, with his friend Giovanni entering him in Scare Tactics as a lab worker who will be testing medication that makes the male organ increase by five inches. So gullible, poor Gil, he should have run right out of the room. Bridgette enters the room, and Gil and Nathan are asked to give their arousal level as they look at random strange pictures of fruit and vegetables. Brigitte removes her lab coat to show a revealing ensemble and then a bikini. Really? Why don’t Gil and Nathan get up there and strip? Nathan begins to whine in pain while watching Bridgette strip.

Nathan keels over in pain, and blood is running down his legs. Gil begins flipping out, advising that he did not sign any papers. The lab tech tells him that the same thing will happen to him unless she does one thing and that is to put him on Scare Tactics. Gil seems freaked out as he watches Nathan on the floor bleeding. He is a good sport, though, despite this problematic situation for him.

We have exploding organs, strange rooms, and people in lab coats who sound more like actors than real doctors, and yet no one questions anything. Remind me not to trust my friends if they offer me a job!

Halloween always brings out the best in people, so adding a few zombies to the show is always a plus. Jeffrey is next, and his cousin Emily is putting him on the show to get back at him. Jeffrey believes in the supernatural and has a love of law enforcement. The crime being committed here is by zombies. Why do they always have to blame the zombies?

Jeffrey arrives at the makeshift crime scene, and a waitress comes out and begins crying, telling them how unreal and crazy it was. There was fighting, and now they need the crime scene unit to come in. Jeffrey and the cop find what looks like ribs, but I am not so sure. Where is Dr. Hannibal Lector or George Romero when you need them? The cop finds a drooling man who looks a little walking dead-ish and begins to attack and bite the cop while Jeffrey and the waitress stand there.

Jeffrey is just going over details of what the zombies are doing with a slight smirk on his face, and the zombies begin to ask if he is scared. He says yes! The zombies inform him he is on Scare Tactics. He takes it with a grain of salt, but advises he will be getting Emily back, so watch out Emily!

The next victim is Joey who does not trust the government (does anyone really?). His friend Ashley is setting him up to appear in an abandoned military warehouse to film TRUTHISODES, because the government is lying!

Joey happily volunteers and is joined by a cameraman and an interviewer. They start in the strange-looking elevator. Joey discovers pictures of bloody babies. It looks like a place you should not even go into without the military. Joey winds up in the dark and mentions right away that he is scared. They discover a new room with what appears to be a dead body, and the interviewer announces they are finding things they are not supposed to find.

Joey announces whatever it is, he is not touching it, nor does he want anything to do with the dead body that the interviewer uncovers. The interviewer pulls the sheet back, and the body comes to life and begins choking him. Two scary security guards offer to make Joey forget what he saw and offer to use some scare tactics on him. He says no way! The security guards advise that scare tactics would be the best thing for him, because he is on Scare Tactics. These poor folks are put through torment; maybe they could visit Dr. Phil afterwards.

The next group is being scared of their minds. Sofia believes she lives in a haunted house. Her cousin Haben is setting her up because he is psychic. Okay fair enough. It is just like Ghost Hunters, only Tracy and the crew scare the ghosts. A cameraman and makeshift ghost hunter instruct Sofia to write down anything she sees or feels, and Sofia announces that she is really scared as the fellow ghost hunter goes along with her and tells her how scared he is.

Sofia sits and looks paranoid. They all hear something. It sounds like bad plumbing, but who am I? I am not a plumber. Sofia announces that the ghost is communicating now and begins asking questions. The ghost hunter is going for a filter and needs to document what he sees. Sofia is giving the ghost direct commands. They spot something strange, and the lights begin to go crazy. Sofia begins crying. The ghost hunter asks if she is scared bringing laughter as they tell her her cousin set her up! Good job, scaring the crap out of the poor girl. But it’s all in good fun and Tracy Morgan makes it funny! Who could say no to Tracy Morgan? No one!

Amanda is the next victim. She is a fan of scary movies, and her friend Holly is setting her up. The scenario is that someone is trying to create super soldiers. Really, didn’t Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van-Damme do this already in Universal Soldiers, or maybe The Terminator? Amanda is in this abandoned building, and a man comes out asking Amanda if she is a spy. She begins to panic.

The man in the building unveils that the machine he is hooked up to is keeping him alive, and if they shut it off he will die. The man dramatically acts like he is dying and turning into a smaller version of The Terminator. The man begins asking if Amanda is scaring her technology. She tries to explain that there is no way she is here to work. The lab tech tells her she\’s right. She\’s actually here for Scare Tactics. Amanda announces needs a cigarette and thinks of the movie Saw and what could have happened.

Danny is setting his friend Carlo up, and the man next door has a bit of a temper. Carlo is helping out with some construction. There is always a crazy person somewhere, oh and a hidden body! Carlo is by himself as the manager leaves, and a man comes in acting rather agitated. He asks what they are doing, and Carlo tries to explain what is happening. The man begins to flip and Carlo is laughing nervously and the builder tries to explain that they are here to do their job.

They begin to tear the wall down, and out pops a body. Yeah bodies always pop out of walls. It is common … really! The landlord comes back in and is flipping out, but is more concerned about the hole in the wall. He realizes there is a person with a bloody head coming out of the wall. They explain to Carlo that there is a reason to be scared, because his laughing self is on “Scare Tactics.” He thought he was playing “Halo” for a second. Nope, don’t think so!

I love the thought process these people go into. They wind up in the strangest places and try and rationalize these moments. Danny has no experience in the medical field, so that is why he will be attempting to play a doctor on television. Danny’s friend Mike is setting him up to make him cry \”like a little bitch.\” Nice friend, isn’t he? An actor playing a doctor is going over the information with Danny who is about to meet the tech Travis, and it causes steroid rage. This is going to be good. The Incredible Hulk meets psycho people.

The tech goes over the information with the fake patient, explaining that the medication causes rage. Danny gets some information from another patient who tells him he was a former cage fighter. The tech is taking money from the patient and cutting Danny in on the money. The patient keeps asking for more and more and begins to flip out. He needs to be restrained as he leaps out of bed and begins chasing Danny. He stabs a fellow patient and kills the doctor. Can anyone say run for your life, Danny? The patient is still screaming and Danny panics.

Danny tries to calm the patient down as he panics more, then the patient asks if he is scared. He is told he should be, because he is on Scare Tactics. Danny’s level of paranoia goes from high to low. He is still shaken, but not one hundred percent stirred. Danny wonders what the hell kind of medical office it is. Mike enters and laughs with his friend.

As always, Tracy advises to watch your back because you never know when the crew of Scare Tactics will be heading your way! For now, you can watch next week’s episode on the Syfy channel, Monday at 9/8c. Happy Hauntings everyone.

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Scare Tactics, October 17 – Maggots and Flesh Eating Plants

As always, Scare Tactics features an accomplice, a victim and the infamous freak-out, as well as host Tracy Morgan who offers the comedy and fun witty commentary for the show. The first prank this week features Rama, who believes he is being featured on a random show called “Clean My Crib,” in which the house features a creepy butler. His friend Joel is happy to set him up, because he believes that Rama is worried about everything from Global warming to life in general, so why not scare the hell out of him?

As Rama and the producer examine the house, they are free to walk around after butler Egore releases them. Rama runs into a room they believe a spirit is in, yet it looks more like a tornado went through it. There are maggots on the floor. They should call Mary Maids or ever maybe contact Hoarders. As the butler reappears, he wants them to meet his deceased master, Rama and the producer freak out. While the butler talks to his master, he begins shouting, “Are you scared?” Rama tries to jump out a window. Joel finally comes out, and Rama calms down a bit and realizes he has been set up for Scare Tactics.”

The next prank features a brother and sister; you have to love those brothers and sisters. Kayla is setting her brother up, yet brother Danny is setting her up at the same time. They all go into a lab and prepare to investigate a strange plant, and the so-called scientist is giving both brother and sister directions.

It makes you wonder why these people would not seek out new friends. The producer is giving Kayla advice, and Danny is receiving advice as well. Kayla and Danny are preparing to be attacked by a fake alien named Crista along with a death rod. Do aliens even have death rods? The scientist is trying to get them to communicate with the aliens. Kayla is being too nonchalant and silly; I would not have believed her at all.

The scientist freaks out and goes over some more information and they get tied up. Kayla begins screaming, and her brother comes running in, as well as the fake alien who her brother attacks and then stabs, or does he? Of course not, because he is on Scare Tactics. While the fake alien lays bleeding to death, both sister and brother realize in frustration that they are both on Scare Tactics. They ought to make a Christmas card for their friends and family!

You don’t want to drink the blue juice; you never want to even consider drinking the blue foaming or smoking blue juice. Tarek is next. His friend Naail got him a job as a doorman in an exclusive club, and they are always the worst! Tarek watches the strange bottles sit on the counter, and also people moving around the club.

This secret club influenced The Stepford Wives, yet they make a Cocoon reference. His boss takes him into the back room and ask just how old he thinks he is. Are we filming Death Becomes Her? Tarek makes a run for it and literally goes through the wall shouting, “Are you crazy?”

The last one features Giancarlo and Marco who was asked if he wanted to prank his brother, and of course he said yes! Giancarlo is taken into a makeshift lab and Giancarlo and Carissa the lab assistant help him put the seeds into his future alien flesh-eating plant! What a wonderful world. Of course Carissa is one of the nosy people who have to touch everything and look at everything, so now she is contaminated.

Carissa’s lungs are burning, and she is turning red. So why is Giancarlo still standing there? Run like hell! Carissa is talking away, as the scientist gives some advice to Giancarlo that the plant is a flesh-eating one. He looks upset, very upset, he and his fellow co-worker. Tony, one of the lab techs, gives Carissa a shot, and she drops over. Carissa is red and blotchy as she drops with her make-believe flesh-eating disease.

The lab tech suggests ending it, saying his life is over. She then announces how she is ending it, by telling him she is going to put him on Scare Tactics. His fear number is all the way to a forty.

As usual, the people fall for this insanity, but it is funny and smart. Tracy Morgan makes for a great host, and he announces before the show ends to make sure the audience watches their backs, and to be sure they can trust their sneaky friends. Happy Hauntings. Make sure to watch next week’s all new episode of Scare Tactics on the Syfy channel, Monday at 9/8c. And see if Tracy Morgan is coming for you.

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“Paranormal Witness,” October 12 – It’s Raining Demons

It feels like they saved the best episode of Paranormal Witness for the season finale. This episode starts out in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. What is it about Pennsylvania, that there are so many unusually haunted places and people? In 1983, Don Decker was a young man who went to prison. He wanted to, feeling he could do his time and get his life back on track.

Decker had no idea what was about to happen to life. He was in prison and informed by the former warden, Dave Keenhold, that his grandfather had passed away. Don was already in prison and felt tormented enough, and was not upset over his grandfather’s death. He claimed his grandfather was mean and abusive, but the warden released him to attend his grandfather’s funeral. Don was glad his grandfather passed away; he was a very bad man. Don did not want to be at the funeral, but attended out of respect.

Bob Kiefer met Don through his wife; she worked with Don’s mother, and Bob had met Don after his grandfather died. Bob told him he could stay with him and his family because Don’s mother did not want him at her house. Bob was worried about Don; he had begun to act strange, but seemed content. Shortly before dinner Don headed upstairs to the bathroom to wash up for dinner. Bob said he never knew the exact details between Don and his grandfather and why Don did not like him.

Don was still in the bathroom washing up when he turned to grab a towel and said it felt like all the air left the room. He said it was the worst feeling of his life. Don was pressed against the bathroom wall in a panic when he saw a face outside the bathroom window. It looked evil and terrified him. The face appeared for a few moments, making Don feel trapped in the bathroom as if he were trapped in vacuum. He had the life knocked out of him and felt he was being attacked, but by what or who? He was alone.

Don believed in his heart that some kind of entity was attacking him and trying to hurt him. The face Don had seen was the face of an older man, and as Don tried to regain his composure and come out of the shock he was in, he looked down at his wrist, and it was bleeding. He had three large scratches and was bleeding badly. He tried to wash the wound up and covered his arm with his sleeves. Don was confused and scared. Bob could not figure out what was taking Don so long, so his son Larry ran to the steps and called for Don to come downstairs for supper.

Don finally came downstairs and sat down with the family at the dinner table. He reached for his drink, and Bob noticed the blood. He grabbed Don’s hand and turned it over. Don was pale and looked like he was in pain. Bob asked him what he did to himself, Don replied that he did not do it to himself. Don was hesitant, but came right out and told Bob the truth.

Don looked at Bob and told him that he saw the face of the devil and was attacked by something. Bob didn’t feel there was any way Don would hurt himself, and he could not figure out why Don would make something up. After dinner the family cleaned up the dinner table and went into the living room. Don felt the same cold air he felt in the bathroom. As they all sat in the cold living room, Bob’s wife Jeannie stood up slowly and walked towards the wall. She turned and looked at Bob and said, “I think we have a problem.”

Bob walked towards the wall where Jeannie was standing, and there was water flowing down the wall. I think seeing the devil and water pouring down your wall is a big problem. Bob claims it was not just water; it felt sticky and tacky. As Bob and Jeannie tried to figure out where the water was coming from, they both turned around when it started raining in their living room. Maybe they should have left, but Don did not seem upset. He sat on the sofa in a trance. As they tried to figure out if they had leaky pipes, it began raining harder in the house.

Bob described the feeling and said it was nothing less than pure evil, an intense eerie feeling. The family was frightened and did not know what to do. Bob decided the best thing to do would be to call his landlord, because in situations where it rains in your house that is who you call. Forget the Ghostbusters; let’s call the landlord. Bob was too scared to go and check upstairs, so he waited for the landlord who arrived with his wife. Ron and Romayne Van Why arrived at the house (they should have brought umbrellas), and Rob now knew why Bob was so upset.

Romayne looked around the room, and it had not rained for several days, but Romayne was sure it was nothing more than a leak. Ron was also convinced the roof was leaking. Don still sat motionless on the sofa, as Bob and Ron began to check out the house and look for leaks. Ron is a bit creepy himself, but did help Bob check the house for anything unusual. Something felt very wrong, and the family should have left the house. Maybe if blood would have been running down the wall, they would have left.

The water, or a strange liquid as they are calling it, was still running down the walls and raining throughout the living room. Bob felt something evil in the house and was upset, because during this entire event Don was still sitting on the sofa. While Don sat in his trance, (wait for it, wait for it, it is good!) water started shooting up from the floor and across the room.

Bob decided that calling the landlord was not good enough, so instead of leaving or calling a minister, he called the cops! Officer John Baujan was working the 4 to 12 shift. He knew Bob would not just call the police for no reason and had heard the seriousness in his tone. Bob pleaded with John to come to the house. Once he and his partner entered the house, they stood in the living room watching it rain in the house.

John stood there watching the water fly in all directions and did not know what to tell Bob or what to do. He had no answers but after looking at Don, Romayne had believed Don was causing it. Romayne and Jeannie cornered Don in the kitchen and began shouting at him. They told him he was scaring everyone and to stop whatever it was he was doing. They continued to scream, and the loud clattering started with the pots and pans shaking. Don was raised up in the air off the ground and thrown across the room.

It was truly beyond belief and only Syfy could do this story justice. Bob was scared to death, and whatever picked Don up and threw him down was truly evil. Don tried to pick himself up off the floor and felt the pain and agony of being tossed across the kitchen. Once again he was scratched and bleeding badly.

There was a demonic force at work and it was tormenting Don. Bob believed there was a demon in him. John had left the house but came back later and the family began reading from the Bible. The rain had poured everywhere but on the Bible. The next morning it had stopped, and Don was heading back to prison to serve the rest of his time. Bob felt bad, but relieved now that Don was gone. His family was at peace, but Don was still being tormented. Whatever was in the house was inside Don, and he believed he could make it rain. The inmates and guards were afraid of him. They believed he was cursed or possessed. He was sending fear throughout the entire prison.

Don knew he had the power to “make it rain,” and the former warden believed that the supernatural was surrounding him. As Don returned to his cell, he sat there for a few moments until it rained in his cell. He went into a trance. Two prison guards walked up to the cell and snapped Don out of it and asked if he could reach the warden and prove what he could do. Don sat on his cot as his cellmate panicked and watched Don go back into a trance. As he snapped his fingers, water flew through the prison and hit the warden who was doing paperwork at his desk.

The warden verified the water hit him and soaked his shirt. He knew it was Don Decker and needed to find a way to help Don. He also believed Don was possessed, but by what? A fish, not sure yet! Everyone felt sick when they were around Don, so finally the warden brought in the prison chaplain and took Don to a closet that was away from the prisoners and other guards. The chaplain performed an exorcism on Don. Reverend Blackburn read from the Bible, and the warden sat outside the room on a chair waiting for the results and to see if Don could be saved.

The Reverend grabbed Don’s hand and read from the Bible and prayed with Don. As the Reverend continued reading, a putrid odor entered the room, and then it started raining in the closet. The rain never hit the Bible just like when they were all in the house. Don was in pain, and it smelled like death as the Reverend continued the exorcism. Don let out growling noises, and the reverend began shouting for the guards to let him out. Don finally opened his eyes and felt the anger go away, and felt relieved.

Twenty-seven years have passed by. Don survived and made peace with himself and visited his grandfather’s grave. What an amazing season it was for Syfy’s Paranormal Witness. Happy Hauntings everyone.

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“Scare Tactics” October 10 – the Blood King and the Prom Queen

An all new season of the hilarious Scare Tactics returned to the Syfy channel with Tracy Morgan (“30 Rock”) as the host and executive producer. He utters the tagline “Watching us is hilarious, but copying us is dangerous. Don’t do it.” Scare Tactics gives friends and loved ones a chance to play the ultimate pranks on one another. The show is set up to be scary and funny. Featured on each episode is the victim, and their friend or family member who sets them up unknowingly with an elaborate prank.

The episode tonight starts with Pedro the Accomplice who sets up his friend Helder. He’s led into a museum setting by a curator who has him sign into the museum. Helder is rushed to sign in and get out as soon as possible and does not seem to be on to them yet. The curator provides him information about the brief tour he would go through and what he has to do. Helder asks how she acquired the job as the new curator and hears the old curator just disappeared, and no one seems concerned.

Helder does not seem to think much of this as he proceeds to move on to the interactive portion of the exhibit with Tracy playing the tour guide. Tracy introduces the legendary Blood King, a mummy that is kept in the museum and apparently related to Tracy. Helder is still game and ready to go as the curator asks him to rate Tracy’s tour guide performance. He gives Tracy four-and-a-half out of a five. (No wonder he is on Scare Tactics).

Helder and the curator walk toward a pile of maps and begin to open them, and while doing so, the large out-of-place crate begins to shake and everything crashes to the floor. Helder and the curator watch as the Mummy punches his way through the crate, because we all know that is something a Mummy would do. The Mummy leaps out of his crate as the curator starts screaming. Helder looks in shock as if he has never seen a Mummy before. Helder finally realizes that the Mummy came to life and chases him and the curator.

Tracy appears on the interactive screen that shuts off moments before Mr. Mummy made his appearance. Tracy smiles and asks Helder if he is scared. Helder looks in shock. It is official. He is scared. Pedro comes out to inform his friend that he just played the ultimate prank on him and scared the life out of him.

The show continues with Vikash or as we will call him, the victim, and Fardina, his girlfriend, who wants to set him up because of the way he acts at times. She is going to get him back by making him believe he works in a high risk secret government agency with a strange creature hidden in a government containing unit. (Where is the cast of Warehouse 13 when you need them?) Vikash sits at the desk watching the computer monitors as a makeshift security guard gives him instructions and tells him to just keep an eye on the monitors. The security guard tells Vikash he has to run downstairs and check on something.

A few brief minutes pass by, and the security alarm is going off. Vikash is trying to remain calm. The man is wearing a Batman shirt; it is going to take more than an alarm to get him up. A man dressed like a doctor appears at a glass door and tells Vikash there has been a security breach and he needs to get help. Vikash tells the man to remain calm and he will get help. I say run for your life, but I digress.

Vikash is trying to get the code from the man locked in the glass room. His fellow security guard returns to try and help Vikash. The man in the glass room is trying his best to provide Vakash with an escape code as his face is bubbling up and nearly peeling off. Vikash figures out the code on his own after the man provides him with four numbers and he only needs one more number. He figured it out on his own.

Vikash thinks he has saved the day, but now the toxic gas is leaking into their secure room. The security guard tries to hide the vent, and Vikash calls on the radio for help. He wants to get out now or he is going to bust the doors down and leave him. The security guard says he is going to die, then crawls up the desk and asks Vikash if he is scared. Poor Vikash looks confused as the security guard tells him he should be, because he is on Scare Tactics.

Vikash’s girlfriend Fardina runs out and tells Vikash she was in on the prank, which is true love. Vikash does not seem too happy, although he takes it in stride. It just shows how good they are on the show.

The next victim is Kaia, who is set up by her friend Karen who believes that Kaia runs away from any type of scary situation. Kaia thinks she will be appearing in a low budget slasher film called “The B*tch is Back,” about a murdered prom queen who comes back to life. (Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night 2 … maybe this is the re-make.) The actress playing the lead is a really good actress who goes insane after Kaia tries to instruct her how to perform her scream scene.

The guy dressed like the director tells Kaia to go in the back room and grab a sash and crown so she can take over the role, as Bridget the actress finds her in the back room, which sets her off. Kaia ignores her remarks and walks back to the set so she can begin filming her big scene, as she watches the already dead prom queen get murdered. Kaia and the director look in shock ,and the knife-happy actress comes in screaming at Kaia. She has the same stunned look on her face as she tries to explain her way out of being stabbed.

Instead of running away Kaia stands and looks stunned until she finally speaks up and tells the actress off. After taking a crazy turn, Bridget looks at Kaia and asks if she is scared, but Kaia looks more confused than scared. Bridget lets her in on the secret, and her wonderful friend Karen comes out to show some support, because that’s what friends are for.

Our final victim is Madeline and her prank-playing accomplice of a friend, Tyson. Madeline thinks she is being filmed for an animal documentary with a witty interviewer and a cameraman named Claudio. Madeline begins to explain the importance of nocturnal animals and discovers a dead animal. Claudio informs the interviewer that there are several dead animals (What a night, who has the urge to go in the woods and investigate dead animals? No way.)

Madeline discovers it is not just any animal out there in the woods killing off other animals and humans but a giant winged, flying creature (“Jeepers Creepers” anyone?). A man who is disguised as a park ranger walks out of the woods, and in his best scary voice, he responds to the questions regarding the dead animals. He tells them they won’t see any animals there, because they are all dead.

See why you should avoid camping? Large flying winged creatures, enough said. Madeline and the crew finally witness the wrath of the creature as it wreaks havoc on their documentary. Madeline, the interviewer and Claudio get in the car and start screaming. The winged special effects creature attacks the park ranger, and Madeline begins to scream and cry. The interviewer has seen enough and asks if she is scared. Madeline is nearly scared to death. The interviewer tells her she should be because is on on Scare Tactics.

Madeline goes from terrified to laughing as Tyson shows up to see his panicked friend and laugh with her. That meets along with the point of the series. Along with being funny, they episode also had several moments that make you want to jump out of your seat and wonder if they could really happen.

Make sure to watch next week’s episode of Scare Tactics, Monday at 9/8c on the Syfy channel and be afraid, be very afraid.

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Paranormal Witness, October 5 – UFOs and Ouija Boards

Do you ever wonder if we are really the only beings here? Tonight’s episode of Syfy’s series Paranormal Witness introduces Trumbull County in Ohio. In 1994, Officer Toby Meloro and former dispatcher Roy Anne Randolph relive their frightening experience as Roy Anne began receiving dispatch calls from concerned citizens who were seeing lights. They described multiple colors but the main description of an object with multi-colored lights hovering was the same. Officer Toby thought maybe it was people who were intoxicated or just an airplane.

They always brush things like this under the rug. It is easier to explain when someone can just say it was an aircraft. Toby said he was used to strange calls with the weather being warmer, but he never expected a UFO. During the show, as Roy Anne and Toby gave interviews, they played the real life dispatcher calls. The first call Roy Anne received was from a calm caller. He said something was coming down on an angle and Roy Anne immediately thought of the air base that is close by.

The caller stated it looked as if there were flames coming out of it, but it was extremely bright. It was hovering, but there was no noise at all. Roy Anne thought it could be anything from an airplane to a weather balloon. She laughed it off until another call came in. This time the next caller stated it had iridescent lights and was not an airplane. Could it be a UFO or maybe a Stealth plane?

Roy Anne said there were not many crackpots in the area of the calls. She finally decided that to clear her conscience, she wanted an officer to check it out. She called Toby, and he was in a donut shop having what else, donuts and coffee. A rather cliché scene, but Toby said it was the only place open; the man needed to eat.

Roy Anne informed Toby that several people were calling in about a bright, hovering object in the sky, or straight to the point, a UFO. Toby grabbed his coffee and headed out to his police car. He thought the calls were from jokesters or drunks, or that people were seeing things. Roy Anne gave him the description over the radio, and he turned onto Sampson Drive where the majority of people were seeing it. He spotted a light in the distance.

Toby continued driving until a panicked man with his dog in tow flagged him down and described an object hovering with blue and green lights. The man said it was huge and that the light covered his entire home. Toby tried to smell his breath as he spoke to the man, but he was neither intoxicated nor acting crazy. He told the man he was on his way to check it out.

Toby spotted it about 100 feet away and caught a glimpse of it. He finally caught up to it, and believed it was a “flying saucer.” The atmosphere is huge and no one really knows what else is out there. When someone does see something, right away they are considered crazy.

Now, Toby is an officer of the law saw this object personally. He approached, and his vehicle shut off completely as the object hovered. He got out of police car and reached for his revolver, then looked up and had to shield his eyes from the bright light. He stood in awe watching this object.

Roy Anne tried to reach Toby on his radio and could not get through; now it was a crisis. When an officer does not answer his radio, there are problems. Toby got on his phone and called Roy Anne on the phone because he could not call in over the radio due to losing power. He told her it was a “flying saucer” hovering over a large wooded area. Roy Anne decided to call the air base. You would think this would be the first thing they would do. She called, but they couldn’t back up these strange claims. (Do they ever see anything?)

Toby said the light covered the entire street plus the wooded area. It was unreal and not an airplane or a helicopter. Toby stared at the object for awhile. When it took off, his car came back on. The siren went off, and he heard Roy Anne on the radio trying to reach him. Toby snapped himself out of it and jumped in his car to try and follow this unidentified flying object.

Toby was overwhelmed, but he wanted to know what this hovering object was. Roy Anne felt it was farfetched and way out of left field. Her station and the dispatch were buzzing with calls. There were officers calling in stating they saw an unidentified flying object with multiple colored lights, which substantiated the claim. Without them, the calls from the general public would have still been considered crazy. Roy Anne called the air base back to verify that the man in the tower did not see anything, and he confirmed he did not.

Roy Anne had multiple departments calling in to state they had a visual of the object. One of the officers climbed a tower and gave a description of what he saw. It was red, yellow, blue and green, and it was hovering. There was no noise, and all Roy Anne could think was please let it be a plane.

Roy Anne still had no idea what it was, but wanted to go and see it on her own. A fellow officer picked her up and they went to go investigate. It took off in a flash. Apparently whatever it was, did not want to be bothered. You can’t blame it really. We are often too quick to judge. But, of course, now everyone denied it and acted like it never happened.

Roy Anne and Toby know what they saw and maybe there are multi colored airplanes that hover? I have never seen one, but then maybe I am not looking in the right places. There is a hint that some people believe there are UFO’s and “little green men” or there would not be a show like “Paranormal Witness.” Toby said he can’t say it wasn’t, but he also can tell you what he saw and what he believes it was: a flying saucer.

The next story featured a couple fascinated with an Ouija board, so much so that they unleashed a wrath in their own home. Lisa, a native Australian, lives in Virginia Beach. Around 2008, she and her son were living with her boyfriend Mike. She discovered the Ouija board. often, people are told not to mess with Ouija boards, because according to some, spirits use them to manipulate.

Then there are the skeptics who just plain state that it could be our subconscious causing the movements. They believe people are pushing the pointer and making it move. Lisa’s son Zac said his mother became dependent on the board for everything. She even asked it when she would become pregnant again.

Lisa decided to ask the board if there was a friendly spirit in the house for them to communicate with, and the pointer went right to NO. The pointer moved to the numbers and began a countdown. It started at 10 and went down. Lisa and Mike were taken back by the quick response and strange things started happening. She should have gotten rid of the board right then, but instead put it in a closet in her home. They had contacted a hostile spirit.

In July 2009, Lisa had another baby. In the Spring of 2010 the madness began. Whatever Lisa and Mike released was now full force and really ticked off. One day while Lisa was in the kitchen, she began to hear footsteps footsteps. She thought it was her son Zac. She called for him and there was no answer. She realized now she was alone in the house.

Lisa went upstairs and the air felt heavy. The house itself felt different to the entire family. Lisa walked into her baby’s room and the closet doors flew open. Lisa slowly walked over to the doors and closed them. Mike came home and was trying to sit and relax with her. She had had quite a lot happen to her. Her shirt was pulled, and there were unexplained footsteps in her house all day. Her closet doors couldn’t to stay closed.

Mike grabbed a plate with a slice of pizza. Just as he was about to sit down, the plate flew out of his hands. He and Lisa were officially scared and wondered what they released in their home. Mike was having trouble sleeping at night because of the constant whispering, and Lisa’s son could barely get up the stairs to his own room due to the heavy air and feeling of doom.

There was a cold chill coming down the stairs constantly. Lisa went to bed and woke up feeling like her leg was on fire, There was a six inch scratch on her leg. The baby caused her to jump up when he let out a blood-curdling scream. Lisa ran to his room to find the him screaming and pointing at the open closet. She closed the doors again and tried to tie them shut, but the doors were rattling badly.

The next night the same thing happened, the baby screamed and Lisa found the doors open. The stress was taking its toll on the family, but they couldn’t afford to leave. They tried to make the best of it and decide to have a party (always a good idea when your house is possessed, invite more people over). As everyone was sitting in the living room, the toys all started moving around by themselves and turning on.

The crowd was in a hurry to leave. Lisa and Mike did not know what to do. They tried to seek help and finally decided it was time to get rid of the Ouija board (now it’s time, really folks?) Lisa and Mike put the board under water, used a gallon jug to hold it down, fired up the grill, and burned the board. Their lives were calm again. Hopefully they will stay away from Ouija boards. Ouija boards may appear to be just toys, but it is best to leave them alone or use them for a nice Halloween decoration.

Don’t miss next week’s season finale of Paranormal Witness, Wednesday on Syfy at 10/9c. Happy Hauntings everyone.

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“Paranormal Witness,” September 26 – The Mansfield Mansion

Tonight’s episode of Syfy’s series “Paranormal Witness” takes hauntings to the next level. It is an intense episode as “Paranormal Witness” takes on The Mansfield Mansion for Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween. The episode this week is intense. The series dives head first into the extreme paranormal. The show covers everything from possession to poltergeist.

The people who have lived through the experiences tell the stories first hand, and then reenactments are provided for added affect. Tonight there are quite a few moments where you want to cover your eyes and peek through your fingers while watching. I was informed of this information, but being a lifelong horror, science-fiction mystery fan, I love it, and the scarier the better. This show also provides survival instinct. If human beings can accept that there may be more out there than just us, Syfy has made a big accomplishment.

From 1994 to 2011, The Mansfield Mansion, located in Connecticut, was abandoned. Amy Moore and her daughter Alyssa had discovered the old dilapidated home, which wasn’t being taken care of. Amy fell in love with the house, but her daughter was immediately hesitant. They finally moved in after Amy won it in an auction. She did a walkthrough and the house was a mess, with dead animals on the land and a sign that said Mansfield Training Board School. Amy asked the property manager about it, but he said all of the records were lost. How convenient. She had so much excitement, and there was so much potential for the house. Amy called her it her future Picasso. She had so many possibilities and wanted to make it a place of her own.

Amy was working during the day and doing renovations at night. She heard strange sounds and did not even bother to investigate, but ran out of the house and got in her car and took off like a bat out of hell. She returned the next morning in search of anything out of the ordinary and to check to make sure no one was in the house. She dismissed it as a freak accident and had no clue what it was. Fast forward to three months later, the day Amy and Alyssa moved in. Amy was just ecstatic and so excited. Alyssa’s gut feeling was that they should not have moved in the house. She felt a negative experience right away.

She finally got the courage to explore the large home and headed to the attic, of course, where everyone goes when exploring a creepy old house. She opened the old latch and was hit with a gust of wind, but wanted to explore the attic. She had some kind of urge and took her video camera with her to look around and see if she could find anything. She took one step at a time and each step got worse.

Alyssa became paralyzed for several seconds, and something or someone was standing behind her breathing. She felt it was evil. Alyssa continued to explore the attic and in a frenzy she took off and ran down the stairs and burst through the door like her life was at stake. She told her mom, who suggested she might be just imagining it.

Amy and Alyssa began to cook dinner, and suddenly began to hear loud, heavy footsteps. Amy went off to check what it was, with Alyssa following and holding onto her Mom’s shirt. Amy started to go upstairs, and Alyssa ran out the front door. Amy had a hammer in her hand and made it upstairs, then turned and looked down the hall.

Amy ventured down the hall and checked the bedrooms one by one. She never felt terror like this in her life. She slowly walked down the hallway exploring each room, and finally opened the last door, but there was nothing there. Alyssa was disturbed and wanted to move out, but she had no say. Amy continued working on the house with the noises escalating and getting progressively worse. She noticed the door going to the third floor was open each time she walked by.

Amy took a metal rod and wedged it to the door so it would stay shut, then heard the rod fall. She did not believe it could be supernatural and did not want to believe it. Alyssa knew her mom was keeping things from her, but Alyssa could see and feel the stress. She was waiting for something horrific to happen.

During the night Alyssa began to hear explicit moaning as if her mom was having sex. Alyssa walked to her door and began knocking and said, “Mom, I can hear you.” Alyssa felt nauseous and heard the door behind her click, then took off running. This house has a rather stifling darkness about it; I feel like I can’t breathe and I am not even in the house.

Alyssa was still home alone and realized her mom was not even home, so there was no way the moaning sounds she heard were from her mother. As Alyssa was tearing out the front door, she ran right into her Mother’s arms. Alyssa decided to move in with her boyfriend. She was not ready, but needed to leave. The stress of the house was getting to her. She was concerned about her mother living by herself, but it was an opportunity for her to move.

Amy watched tearfully as her daughter left, as she was now alone in the house. Amy needed a dishwasher, and the man installing it walked down stairs and took a few steps in, then turned around and panicked. He was so scared that would not even come back into the house.

Amy found it so disturbing knowing that something happened at the house. Shortly after, Detective Dave was going through a divorce and needed a place to live, so Amy offered him a place to stay. All Dave had was his television, nightstand and a bed, and that is all he needed. He was a police officer for over twenty years and does not scare easily. He said he thought it was Amy’s imagination. Dave was home alone one night and heard the floorboard’s creaking. He was nervous because he knew Amy was not home.

Dave picked up his gun and unlatched his door and could not see anything. He had his gun and walked down the hallway doing a routine check of the rooms. There was no one there but those strange sounds. He had dismissed it, as maybe he was tired and needed more sleep.

Dave gathered the plates and dishes and headed for the kitchen. He heard a loud noise, and something stepped in front of him. He saw it, but Dave could not verify what it was. Dave is in law enforcement and the unseen was scaring the life out of him. It was yet another cover your eyes and peak through your fingers moment, but this time some goosebumps were added on as well. The show adds that extra scare tactic. It is not just paranormal but the fear that these people felt and still feel.

All of these noises and occurrences were bothering Amy. She heard noises and then heard a growl; she looked around and nothing was there. Dave was in his room watching television and heard the water bottle hit the floor. He picked it up and put it back on his bed, then suddenly the water bottle flew across the room (Umm, Get out and Move pronto!). Dave believes there is something in the house that he does not understand and it bothers him to this day.

Dave could not handle it anymore so he had to leave. Amy’s son was laid off, so he and his fiancé decided to move in. Amy felt more comfortable moving in. Her son’s fiancé remembers walking in the first time and the finding the house “enchanting.” Soon after they moved in, they put their son Bubba down for a nap, and Casey went downstairs with Amy’s son. Through the baby monitor they heard “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Casey knew there was no way the song could have been playing anywhere because their baby owned no toys that played that song. They heard this growling horrible voice say “Bubba,” and Casey and Amy’s son took off running to check on their screaming baby. The baby was terrified. You would think they would want to get out of the house. It’s straight out of a horror film. Casey and Bill checked on the baby who had fallen asleep.

Casey frantically began searching for religious charms to place around the baby’s crib. Bill began having horrible dreams, and Casey was becoming the victim of them as she woke up screaming for Bill to stop. Amy had a horrific dream where she was a little girl panicking, and there were dolls all around her. She was terrified, and the next thing she knew, there was a voice telling her to wash her hands. She felt the pain as the child died.

Amy knew the house had secrets. At the American Eagle Saloon, a friend asked her what she was looking at. It turned out to be photos of her house that was once the Mansfield Training School, a mental asylum where the patients were abused horrible, with some of those patients being children. Amy did further research. The house was previously called “The House of Imbeciles.” They considered disabled people to be useless and would perform lobotomies. Horrific stuff was taking place.

Amy was horrified with what she found in her research: abuse, rape, death and further horrors than she could even fathom. Amy believes the source was in the basement. From his strange concrete structure located in the basement, Amy called for help. They used a crow bar to open the concrete slab. Amy looked at it and even picked some of it up. It was cremated body parts. Amy was very upset. The remains are currently in the hands of the State Pathologists. Amy, Bill and Casey still live in this house. (Remind me not to visit them!)

There will be times where the house is peaceful and fine, and then the tormented fear starts to happen again. Amy is determined to stay in her home. She said for the skeptics who do not believe her, she invites them to come and stay in her home. Most likely you will run in the opposite direction. It was a great episode; the fear factor was incredible. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Make sure to watch next week’s haunted episode of “Paranormal Witness,” Wednesday on Syfy at 10/9c. Happy Hauntings.

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Syfy Teasers for Fact or Faked and Being Human

If there’s only great thing about Syfy, that is besides keeping us wondering and giving us a good scare every now and then, it’s that they are always constantly rolling out content and keeping it fresh. They’re never content with reruns or to let series sit and get stale.

October 19 at 10/9c will see a new season of Fact or Faked.

And not too far off in the future will be the new season of Being Human. It makes its season premiere in January.

Make sure to mark your calendars!