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Face Off, Jan. 18 – Sharks, Lion Fish, Turtles, Sea Creatures

So a shark, a lion fish and a turtle walk into a bar, stop me if you heard this one before. Okay never mind… Let’s move on to tonight’s episode of Face Off as we find thirteen contestants left. They are Nix, Brea, Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian, Athena, Matt and Miranda.

The contestants are taken to the Pacific Aquarium and asked to create a sea creature that inspires them. Brea won last week’s challenge so she has immunity and is safe… for now of course.

Brea is able to choose her team as host McKenzie introduces the spotlight challenge and divides the group into teams of two. The duos run around the aquarium with excitement and snap photos and sketch freehand pictures of what they will be creating. Jerry and Nix are paired together, leaving Jerry not very happy, yet the two make the best of it. After a bit of deliberating, they finally settle on a sea turtle.

Ian and RJ decide to create a shark after lurking around and looking at all the different sea creatures. They go a bit overboard and decide to put a suit on the lawyer. It would have been really cool without the suit. Matt and Tara create a really cool sea creature and work together. Even though Matt is nervous about the edges on the make-up, they add fabric to seal the edges and impress the judges.

Athena and Heather create a lionfish. Heather did the sculpting, and Athena did a full body paint job which looks cooler when the model goes in the water. He did his best impression of a fish using his mouth. Athena and Heather also had to deal with their model nodding off during application day, but their lionfish was one of the coolest creatures.

Beki and Miranda work together, but have quite a few problems, not with their make-up, but with each other. Beki tries to talk to Miranda and begins to question her about credentials and what she did before landing on national television. Miranda becomes upset and accuses Beki of judging her. The dynamic duo works past that and create their own very cool creature, but not before arguing about who will do the sculpting; one said the design looked like a chicken, and the other one resembled a duck.

The group is hard at work when McKenzie and judge Patrick Tatopoulos (Underworld) show up to check on the teams and see how well they are working together. Patrick asks Miranda and Beki how they are doing, and Miranda quickly says they sat down, discussed everything and came up with a game plan. This leaves Beki discouraged and disappointed that Miranda lied.

Brea and her team come up with a really cool sea creature, and they worked well together. The ultimate challenge was not just creating these creatures, but to be able to float and be fully submerged in a large water tank in front of the judges. The groups are each given a small tank to test their creations, but only Brea and Sue seem to use the tank.

The contestants all finish, and now sink or swim, the models are on display. Judges Patrick Tatopolous, Glenn Hetrick and Ve Neill began their observations as each model does their best sea creature impersonation. The lionfish by Heather and Athena is awesome out of the water, and fully submerged in water, he looks even cooler. The judges agree and love how the lionfish looks in the water.

Jerry and Nix’s turtle does not do so well. As the model goes into the water, the paint begins to bleed and the shell comes off. The turtle make-up also does not allow breathing for the model. He tries to submerge himself, but has to keep popping out of the water as Jerry and Nix watch in horror as their creature comes apart.

Ian and RJ’s lawyer shark does not respond any better in the water. Out of the water and without a suit, the shark would have been awesome, but as soon as the model submerges in the water, the suit lifts and the model can not stay in the water. Ve advises that they should have sewn him in the suit if they really wanted him to wear it.

Matt and Tara win the challenge with their ethereal creature and are the top two, while Jerry, Nix, Ian and RJ wind up being the bottom group. It does not stop with Jerry and Nix as they continued to bicker. Nix throws Jerry under the bus after the judges ask for an explanation for their creature’s make-up going haywire. Nix blames Jerry and tosses him to the sharks, but Jerry plays it safe and says they were both responsible. Nix changes his tune quickly and agrees with Jerry, but it does not save him from being eliminated.

The winner of tonight’s challenge, with full immunity for next week, is Matt. Don’t forget to watch next week’s episode of Face Off on the Syfy channel, Wednesday at 10/9c.

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Syfy’s Being Human Q&A with Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath

The second season of the Syfy series Being Human is premiering; you may have seen the commercials with Ida Maria’s song Bad Karma playing in the background. The series instantly draws your attention with the tag line, “Temptation Is A Beast,” as they prepare for the second season and fully embrace their dark sides.

Being Human is the re-imagination of the acclaimed BBC original series that follows three individuals dealing with a big conundrum. They must keep their dark secrets at bay, but all of the complex problems get in the way as they lead double lives. We have a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf who are struggling to keep what they are a secret but temptation gets in the way.

The series stars Sam Witwer (Smallville), Meaghan Rath (The Assistants), Sam Huntington (Caveman) and Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural). In the first season, they appeared normal and tried to fit in as everyday humans, but now they are embracing what they are.

There are quite a few insane surprises for season two, and of course the Syfy cast members are keeping things secret and staying mum on the exact plots, but it is expected to be an explosive season. Huntington, Witwer and Rath took part in a Q&A to discuss the show. The cast is excited for the second season. Their bond together is strong, and they believe that gives them more momentum as a cast.

The interesting fact about Being Human is they do not focus mainly on the paranormal aspect because the characters are real people. It allows the show to go in many different directions. The actors are able to bring humanity to their roles and challenge their morality. How much trouble can a ghost, vampire and werewolf really get into? The characters are grounded. Witwer said you will see “our characters react with horror and shame.”

The three of them have an amazing chemistry off screen, and are witty, intelligent. When viewers watch the show they will feel the camaraderie between them. There are several exciting moments on the show that Rath is excited for the viewers to see, but she could not discuss them because “we would get fired.”

Huntington is excited about the material and the challenges he took on as an actor. Season two will show the three as more than just roommates with unusual paranormal talents. We will see them go on a journey and watch them get out of desperate situations. The series takes on many dark topicx, including vampires, werewolves and ghosts being just human beings that are slightly corrupted (Zombies included, according to Witwer).

Huntington, Witwer and Rath are also a big part of the social networks, and they appreciate the fans and the viewers. Huntington loves the community on the social networks and being able to hear from the viewers. They are on a rollercoaster with Being Human and making the best of every moment.

Make sure to watch the Being Human on the Syfy channel every Monday at 9/8c.

Q&A with Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Ried of Syfy’s Lost Girl

Lost Girl follows supernatural Bo (Anna Silk), a Succubus who feeds on the sexual energy (sometimes called “chi”) of humans. She was raised by human parents and had no reason to believe she was anything other than a nice, sweet girl until she drained the life from a boyfriend during their first sexual encounter. Now she is afraid and distant. She stays alone and discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore who can pass for humans while feeding off them. Bo is relieved to find out she is not alone, but frightened to find out the secrets of whom she is and where she came from. Lost Girl stars Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, K.C. Collins and Anna Silk.

Silk, Palmer and Holden-Ried took part in a Q&A to discuss the new series. Lost Girl has a great time slot after the second season premiere of Syfy’s series Being Human. The cast is excited for viewers to see the series and they believe it is a unique show with darkness, humor and it is very sexy, Silk said, “It is like nothing I have ever seen on television.”

Silk is happy to bring the character Bo and the series to U.S. viewers. She feels incredibly fortunate to play this role and is learning new things every day. She also feels stronger thanks to Bo’s tough personality. The series has been compared to Buffy The Vampire Slayer and HBO’s True Blood, but the cast insists it is new and fresh. They appreciate being in the same category, but believe Syfy is bringing something new to viewers.

Discovering who they are is a big factor for the cast as they play out these unusual scenes. Palmer’s character Lauren is discovering that she is indebted to Light Fae, especially the leader of the Light Fae, which is one of the mythological beings. Holden-Ried’s character Dyson believes his discovery of Bo and her journey is very important. He has been a , and Bo becomes the center of his world.

The actors are fresh, new and talented and bring a lot to this series. It is certainly a different mythology to add a series with a succubus, but it gives Syfy viewers something more to take in. There are many different energies and aspects working for the series. The actors are also part of the social networks and credit them for helping to make the series a success. The social networks allow them to interact with fans and take in feedback from viewers.

They are talented and steaming up Syfy with this sexy new series, so make sure to watch Lost Girl when it premieres Monday, January 16 on the Syfy channel at 10/9c.

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Face Off, Jan. 11 – It Is Off to the Land of Oz

The exciting competition series Face Off is off to a great start with the second season. The series explores the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination that allows them to create amazing works of living art.

To determine who emerges on top of their game, Syfy enlists some of the most talented judges including, Academy Award winner Ve Neill (Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands) and Hollywood veterans Glenn Hetrick (Heroes, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The X-Files) and Patrick Tatopoulos (Underworld, Resident Evil: Extinction, Independence Day.) The series will also be visited by several celebrity guests including Catherine O Hara, Sam Huntington, Vivica A. Fox, Levar Burton and Asher Roth.

The fourteen future Hollywood make-up artists must create the ultimate creative living art in order to make it through to the next round. Each episode involves incredible reveals of the competitors’ finished work. The fourteen contestants are Nix, Brea, Beki, Sie, Rayce, R.J., Greg, Heather, Jerry (who claims to be the “old guy”), Tara, Ian, Athena, Matt and Miranda. They are all different individuals and have their own unique style of working.

The contestants are sent to a secret location where they meet up with host McKenzie Westmore who makes a very dramatic entrance as she steps out of her limo wearing sky high stilettos; she had the contestants on edge. She introduces them and announces their first challenge. They must create an original, unique character using what is in their trailer and wardrobe. Each individual makes the best use of the two-and-a-half hour time limit they are given.

When the challenge is completed, Ve Neill and season one winner Conor McCullagh choose the winners. The decide on R.J. and Jerry. R.J. created a biker chic Zombie. He describes her as the Zombie biker version of Sandy from Grease. “You know my boyfriend’s back but he’s in that helmet.” Jerry created an Alien-inspired elf He wins the challenge and now has immunity until next week. He declares that his goal is to win all of the challenges.

There is no good news for Brea and Nix; they are the two bottom picks. Brea tried to create a monster/human whose skin was his costume, but the zippers were a bit out of proportion and Ve was not having any part of it. The contestants are excused and Jerry is the only one heading to the Face Off house happy. They gear up and prepare for a new surprise.

The contestants are taken to Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood where they must recreate four of the most beloved, legendary characters in history. They must modernize four of the main characters from the legendary Wizard of Oz. They must recreate The Tin Woodman, The Wicked Witch of the West, The Cowardly Lion and The Scarecrow. They split up into groups; the first group is girls versus guys.

They are sent into the lab to choose their character and bust for their model. The teams begin working at a steady pace, but the guys do a lot more deliberating, while the girls begin working right away. They are surprised when a very serious looking Glenn Hetrick pops in with McKenzie to check on them. Poor Tara works by herself, while Athena is more concerned with making a cast of her own foot and hand.

Hetrick tries to ask the men who are the leader and gets two different answers; he is not very happy. He decides that the girls are working better together and the guys need a plan. They begin working intensely after Glenn and McKenzie leave. The characters and designs are insane and different. Each person has their own style, and it makes for a fascinating take on each one of these iconic characters.

The guys realize after checking out the girls’ work that the girls are kicking their asses, and they need to step it up big time. They are on a time crunch with one hour left and begin to assemble their models for application day. When their time is up, the the models are all brought to the Face Off reveal stage and placed in front of the judges – Ve, Glenn and Patrick.

The girls’ characters are brought out on stage first. Tara’s Scarecrow is very cool; it is scary-looking and actually looks like a Scarecrow. The Tin Woodman and The Cowardly Lion are not a big hit. Glenn is upset about the assymetical face of The Tin Woodman. Finally The Wicked Witch of The West appears, looking very detailed and futuristic. The judges are impressed.

The men’s team of characters arrive on stage, The Tin Woodman is not at all finished; he is missing a few parts. The Cowardly Lion looks pretty cool; he is very detailed. The Wicked Witch resembles another certain witch from a certain Bruce Campbell film, Their Scarecrow is not horrible, but not that great either. The judges head to the stage for a close-up look and find more things wrong than right.

Glenn praises the girls for working together and says their witch and scarecrow were well done; he picks apart the guys’ Tin Woodman. The contestants look nervous as the judges are given one last glance at their walking pieces of art. They finally declare a winner of tonight’s challenge – the women. It was a collaborative effort, yet there can only be one winner, and that is Brea. She went from being in the bottom two to the winner of the challenge. Jerry has immunity, so he can’t go home, leaving the bottom two of Nix and Greg. The person going home tonight is Greg.

Don’t forget to watch next week’s episode of Face Off on the Syfy channel, Wednesday at 10/9c.

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Q&A with Colin Morgan of Syfy’s Merlin

The fourth season of the drama series Merlin returns with more mythological story lines as Syfy takes viewers to the mythical city of Camelot, to a time before history began and a realm of legendary beasts and mysterious people. Magic is banned by the tyrant villain Uther Pendragon. Merlin, a young man with extraordinary gifts and magical powers, arrives in the kingdom only to discover he is not welcome and has enemies. Merlin must survive in Camelot and uses his magical powers to uncover Camelot’s hidden secrets.

Merlin stars Bradley James as Prince Arthur, Anthony Head as King Uther, Richard Wilson as Gaius, Katie McGrath as Morgana, Angel Coulby as Gwen, and Colin Morgan as Merlin. Colin took part in a Q & A to discuss what lies ahead for Merlin. The fourth season is heading toward the dark side according to Colin, he could not go into full details, but the tagline for the fourth season is a slight giveaway as it states, “the darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

Colin discussed a few of the frustrations that Merlin must deal with. Merlin is frustrated having to keep his magical abilities a secret, and his objective is to be free and live in a land where his abilities are accepted.

Merlin is quite an interesting character for Morgan, as Merlin comes across as funny, dramatic and at times clumsy in a Tomfoolery way. He enjoys all aspects of this character because there is a variety, with Merlin not being a one-dimensional simple character. There is complexity, and Colin is able to mix it up playing Merlin. He is the “spice of life” and able to play the character in a variety of ways to take Merlin in many directions.

Camelot makes for an interesting story. There have been many television, books and films based upon different Camelot storylines, but what makes Syfy’s Merlin different is the fantasy aspect that takes the series to an entirely different level. Morgan said it is a series that you can be inspired by.

Season five is already highly anticipated, yet Morgan said he could not go into details, as they want to keep things secret. The cast only finds out information about three episodes at a time, so at this time he knows nothing about season five and where it will take Merlin.

The powers are a big part of the series, and Colin’s power of choice would be teleportation. He would enjoy the idea of Merlin having that power. He would loved to have worked with legendary actor Paul Newman, whom he calls one of his favorite actors of all time, but if he had a dream guest-star, it would be Sean Penn. He deadpanned, “I’m not so sure we could get them to appear on the show.”

Colin is not on any of the social networking sites, but acknowledges he is appreciative of the viewers and Merlin supporters. He does have an email account, but that is the extent of his social networking, as he prefers to keep his personal life private, although he does enjoy the conventions and meeting the fans. He hopes to attend Comic-Con again next year; it was a blast for him and the rest of the Merlin cast.

Merlin is a smart series and Morgan created a very smart character. He is intelligent, talented and magical. Make sure to tune into the Syfy channel to watch all of his magical, mythological adventures. Merlin premieres Friday, January 6th at 10/9c on the Syfy channel.

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Season 2 of Face Off Premiering Jan. 11 on Syfy – A Bigger Transformation

The Syfy channel released a brilliant, vibrant promo for the second season of Face Off, showing an incredible Medusa character and a winter queen. The change is incredible. This is what Syfy does; it brings the ultimate creativity to life. These living, breathing individuals are turned into amazing creatures that only the Face Off crew could think up in their minds.

The second season premieres on the Syfy Channel on Wednesday, January 11 at 10/9c. You can watch these masterminds at work in their own element. You can also view several of the auditions, the morphs, and behind-the-scenes, as well as the promos and trailers.

There will be more imagination and bigger transformations, as the battles continue to find the next movie magic effects artist. The elaborate transformations are beyond unreal; as you watch a human being turn into a vibrant colorful, lively creature. It is amazing.

It is incredible to watch an everyday person with individual personality become something so unimaginable only true Syfy viewers could appreciate the method to these special FX men and women and how they create movie magic.

Season two is bigger, better, and more elaborate, and you will not believe the unreal creations these master artists create. Be sure to tune in for season two of the Syfy channel’s Face Off when it returns Wednesday, January 11 at 10/9c and see who wins,

Awesome Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Syfy Fan … Or Yourself

Are you searching for an unusual gift or searching for a gift for the ultimate Syfy fan in your life? Are you looking for an awesome ridiculous prop that you know your loved one or friend will fall in love with? Well, look no further because the Syfy channel is taking on the Holiday in full force.

Yes, there are times in life when you need a crossbow snow launcher like Edge on Haven. If you can’t be on the show, at least you can feel like you are part of it by launching your snowballs accurately at your friends and loved ones. The crossbow snow launcher will launch your snowballs as far as fifty feet.

You can also pick up great Syfy apparel. Who would not want a Syfy collectible or a shirt, they are the ultimate gifts. The apparel is available from various websites, and you can head to the official Syfy channel to pick up great Syfy inspired gear, including great tech toys that get some bang for your buck. The best thing is these items are not extremely expensive. You can purchase affordable, awesome gifts that only a real Syfy fan would love and race to their tree to rip open for immediate use.

There is everything from a solar water bottle to a buil-it-yourself camera! That is a true Syfy fans dream! Maybe you are searching for an insane prop or something that you can say only you have and your friend wishes they had. Maybe you want to roll like Tony Stark rolls or maybe you just want a life-size Jupiter 2 Replica from Lost in Space or Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. Or maybe you literally want Tony Stark in your living room. You can purchase Iron Man, Tony Stark himself, and pretend you are Pepper Pots.

Or, you can get a handmade replicas from Raiders of the Lost Ark’s The Ark of the Covenant<, or you can have a Vulcan Lute that Spock played, or you can own Marty’s sneakers from Back to the Future 2. Or you can own a replica from Warehouse 13, so get shopping and decide who’s nice and naughty enough to handle these amazing replicas.

If you have not chosen the perfect gift, check out Syfy and you can find some amazing gifts for the ultimate Syfy fans and don’t forget to “Live long and prosper.” Dr. Spock would approve! Make your fellow Syfy fans proud!

Happy Holidays Syfy viewers!

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Q&A with Executive Producer Steve Niles of Remains on Chiller

Steve Niles is credited with bringing the graphic novels back to life. He has worked on major franchises such as Batman, and I Am Legend, and also created The Creeper and Simon Dark series for D.C. Comics. 30  Days of Night and the sequel Dark Days have been developed into major motion pictures. Niles has worked with Sam Raimi, John Carpenter and Rob Zombie. 30 Days of Night has now been turned into the Chiller original film Remamins, produced by Nils.

The film is set in the post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada, and follows survivors of an accident that reduced most of the world’s population to zombies. The survivors take refuge in a vacant casino and fight a losing battle against the undead who have become smarter and more aggressive. The movie stars Grant Bowler (True Blood), Lance Reddick (Fringe, Oz, The Wire), Miko Hughes (Pet Sematary) and Tawny Cypress (Rescue Me). Remains is written by John Doolan and directed by Colin Theys; Andrew Gernhard and Zach O’Brien produce.

Niles took part in a Q&A to discuss the project. He talked about the popularity of the zombie genre. I think horror always reflects our general fears and anxiety levels in society today. The world is different, and right now we’re actually afraid of other people, disease, and being invaded, so what better ways to express our fears than having this zombie hoard that wants to eat humans. It comes to our friends, family and neighbors wanting to kill and eat us.

The zombies may be the most terrifying example of real horror, and with all the insanity in the world, it seems it could actually happen. For those who are truly afraid of the world, the zombies have become a form of therapy for confronting their fears.

Niles is excited to be a part of Chiller; he enjoys TV movies, and Dan Curtis who wrote The Night Stalker and Dark Shadows is one of his heroes. He said the people at Chiller are already like family, so being a part of Chiller was enough for him. He felt it was a wonderful place to premiere his TV movie Remains.

As Remains are being turned into a TV movie, Niles had to face a big challenge; there was a lack of budget to film the movie. He could imagine and do anything, but without the budget had to improvise. He turned to the film he calls “the greatest zombie movie of all time,” which had a budget of seventy thousand dollars and was shot on the weekends, Night of the Living Dead. Inspired by that classic film, he was able to get the scenes he wanted done effectively.

Niles not only enjoys zombies, but also mean nasty vampires that do not want to seduce you but strictly want blood. He has developed affection for vampires and believes there is more you can do with that particular monster, story-wise. Zombie stories are great for telling human stories, but vampires are great for both their human and monster aspect. Niles considers himself the “luckiest monster kid on earth” to be able to create the stories he loves, everything from vampires to Frankenstein.

Niles is happy with the way Remains turned out. You can watch the premiere of Remains on Friday, December 16 on Chiller.

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Neverland: Q&A with Charlie Rowe, Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel and Nick Willing

The Syfy channel breathes new life into a classic. When you think of Neverland, you may think of Peter Pan or Michael Jackson’s world-renowned home, but originally Peter Pan was a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie (1860-1937). The story is legendary around the world, and we all know Peter Pan as the boy who refuses to grow up. The Syfy channel gives it an updated look and is one of the first Syfy original stories to take on the Syfy Countdown to Christmas week.

The two-night miniseries event takes us on many different journeys and brings together elaborate fantasy and classic sets along with a fantastic cast fit to play these legendary characters. The cast includes Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) as James Hook, Kiera Knightley as the voice of Tinker Bell, Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) as Captain Elizabeth Bonny, Oscar-nominee Bob Hoskins as Smee, who if anyone remembers, played Smee in Steven Spielberg’s film Hook, Raoul Trujillo (Tin Man), and Charlie Rowe (Pirate Radio) as the most infamous character, Peter Pan.

Recently, the fairy tales have been resurfacing with shows like NBC’s Grimm and ABC’s Once Upon A Time, so the Brothers Grimm may have been the inspiration for this fairy tale reinvention. We have seen vampires (and we still love them), but Willing believes he could easily live in Neverland, Oz, or Wonderland. There is a fascination with the stories and retelling them for a new generation.

During a recent Q&A, Charlie Rowe, Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel and writer/director Nick Willing took time to discuss the legendary tale. Many people have grown up with the story and are familiar with the different variations. Anna Friel admits she was encouraged to take the role because of her six-year-old daughter. She adored the idea of there being a new take on the story, and felt the magic was taken above and beyond with Syfy’s version.

The film is slightly different from the various versions because it is a prequel. Nick Willing wanted to show why a boy would not want to grow up and how he ended up in Neverland with pirates, fairies and sword fights. “I just let my imagination run wild and felt it would make an intriguing movie,” Willing said.

Charlie Rowe originally found himself reading for the part of Fox, Peter Pan’s best friend. Playing Fox was not Rowe’s first choice, so he spoke up and said he wanted to play Peter Pan. Nick apparently had the same thought as he called Rowe the next day to ask him if he would like to play Peter Pan. He felt it was an amazing character and was happy he was able to play him.

Nick felt Charlie was the right person to portray Peter Pan. he said he must have seen at least four-hundred kids, and then finally his Peter Pan walked through the door. He went with his instinct and knew right away he made a good choice.

Friel felt it was one of the best scripts she had read and loved the fantastic element and the magical concept. She was also very excited to play a villain. She had a conversation with Willing on the phone and said he spoke so eloquently about the story and what he had envisioned it becoming on-screen.

Rhys was sitting in a bar in a beautiful village in Spain (you can almost envision him doing so), and received the script for Neverland. He could not put the script down and fell in love with the story. He felt Nick was telling a beautiful story and painting his own psychosis of the arrival for the embodiment of evil.

The challenges involved making these familiar, beloved characters new and fresh and adaptable to Willing’s story. Rowe said he learned a lot from Rhys and Anna and being around Nick, he realized the character he was portraying was similar to Nick and used him as inspiration for Peter Pan.

The new tone for the characters was set by this cast immediately, according to Friel. She said the performances were unique, and her character in particular was newly created. She found many ways to invent her character and bring her to life, so she fit with the story and the original characters.

Rhys said he never felt like he was working with a child actor, but a professional actor from the very beginning. Hook is brought to life by Rhys, and he adds new emotions and a lot of new maturity. He felt safe with the cast and Nick, and believes Hook truly develops and gets a fresh start.

Willing was excited to bring this project to Syfy, because he knew the network would allow him to take a lot of risks and reinvent the story as much as possible. Syfy is brave enough to delve into the dark areas in which it is often more difficult to do on the big screen or another network. He wanted to experiment with the project and make it elaborate and creative for the viewers to imagine they could be in Neverland with these characters.

The film takes on the fantasy genre and the cast was fine with being able to create a mesmerizing, unforgettable project for the Syfy viewers. Friel said she found it fascinating that they started filming in a real environment on a real ship, then moved towards green screen and had so many fantastic visuals of what it would be like in Neverland.

Rhys described it best; no one is going to have to leave the comfort of their own home to be transported to such a magical place. Neverland is thrilling, exciting, emotional, psychological and magical from start to finish. The cast is excited for viewers to watch the characters they created and gave a new life to, and Nick Willing is excited to have viewers enter the world he created as a writer.

Rowe’s playground for Peter Pan and Captain Hook was the set. He is excited for a new generation to be able to have them back on-screen thanks to the Syfy channel, and hopes he did Peter Pan justice. Willing said if you want to know where Peter Pan came from and how he ended up in Neverland with the lost boys, and why this strange place is the home to fairies and pirates, and why Peter Pan does not want to grow up, you are going to want to sit down and grab some popcorn with your family to watch Neverland.

If you want to get lost in your own imagination and join this amazing cast and enter Nick Willing’s version of Neverland, make sure to watch this amazing story unfold and take a night or two off as a grown-up and watch Neverland on Syfy Sunday, December 4, and Monday, December 5, at 9/8c.

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NYC Book Signing – Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

If you’re a fan of Syfy’s Destination Truth, and will be in New York City this Friday, either working, doing holiday shopping, or just general hanging out, shoot over to Rockefeller Plaza. Josh Gates will be having a meet and greet with fans at the NBC Experience Store, signing his new book, Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.


Gates travels around the world in Destination Hunter looking for true monsters. The upcoming season five will have him and his team leading viewers to a Transylvanian village to hunt for vampires, through the Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala, into one of the world’s biggest caves in the Vietnam jungles to look for phantoms, through Kazakhstan, and will also make a return to a haunted forest in Romania.


Meet up with Gates and hear his stories firsthand this Friday at the Rockefeller Plaza.