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Face Off, Mar. 7 – Go Big or Go Home

Dinosaurs, that is the objective for tonight’s episode of Face Off. The five remaining contestants – Sue, Rayce, R.J., Ian and Matt – head to the lab at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum to create a hybrid-dinosaur. Hey, sounds easy enough right? They meet McKenzie, who announces there will be another double elimination this week, and there is only room for three people in the finale.

It’s field trip time, Syfy style. McKenzie sends the contestants out to the Natural History Museum as they all get in the van, and Sue spots the museum and screams “that’s my favorite museum of all time!” Her enthusiasm is contagious, but her fellow contestants have yet to find their enthusiasm. They walk around the museum seeing dinosaurs galore. The contestants must choose a dinosaur and draw, sketch and think big hybrid-dinosaur.

The contestants head back to the lab and begin the sculpting phase. R.J. turns his sculpting moment into a storyline to help him create his character with more detail. Rayce explains to Ian that he needs more of a storyline for his character, thinking The Island of Dr. Moreau will not be enough of a back story for Ian’s dinosaur-hybrid. R.J.’s attitude changes. and he seems frustrated and overwhelmed. He decides that each design looks the same and scraps his sculpture altogether.

On day two the contestants have only twelve hours to create their characters. R.J. wants to create a new design that is not reminiscent of something he has done.

There are special guests to give them some advice, Cleve and Constance Hall, the stars of Syfy’s new show Monster Man. The contestants will get first-hand advice from Cleve and Constance as they go around to each contestant and gives them tips about fabrication, sculpting and their work.

Rayce wishes Cleve and Constance could stay longer so he could pick their brain, and Sue is last as she gets a compliment from Constance about her colorful dinosaur. Matt is working as fast as possible and can taste the one hundred thousand dollars, but wait …

Glenn appears for a walkthrough to check on the contestants and doesn’t look happy (does he ever?), but I digress as R.J. is waiting for positive feedback from Glenn. He walks away and R.J. simply thinks “Hmmm sh*t!” There is no way to change it now.

Glenn spots Sue’s colorful dinosaur and the eye-rolling begins. Sue is not backing down, but Glenn moves on to Ian and doesn’t look impressed with his idea either. He heads to Rayce and wonders why he keeps changing the design, as Rayce doubts himself. Glenn is concerned about R.J. and is impressed with Matt’s design so far. Ian’s work is right on track. He is not sure about Rayce and doesn’t like that he is scaling back, but does in fact like Sue’s colorful choice as she sticks to her Girl Power dinosaur character.

The contestants are under a lot of pressure and there are no quick fixes, as Rayce removes his character’s latex tail. It breaks apart with chunks and pieces missing. Rayce is disappointed but has to keep going. He is shattered. Matt finishes everything he needs to finish, as time expires. The contestants head home for the night and begin to talk and think about what they did wrong and what they did right. Matt is trying to think positive, because it’s time to “go big or go home.”

The contestants prepare for application day, which also happens to be R.J.’s birthday. They begin working with their applications and the model. Rayce feels like he is sinking and Sue has her model working on the skateboard that will go along with her girl power dinosaur. R.J. is working and painting his model, then stops and begins to reflect. It’s ot really the time. Do a kick ass job and move along. They have one hour to pull everything together as two people are being eliminated.

It is very stressful, and each contestant is feeling the pressure. They have one hour to put their last looks together. Each contestant has several things to do yet, and they work fast to bring their characters together as the dinosaur-hybrids are now showing. There is fear and emotion, and some folks feel as if they are heading into a firing squad otherwise known as the Face Off reveals stage.

First up is Sue’s creation. Her girl power, colorful dinosaur, human hybrid meets the Face Off judges Glenn Hetrick, Patrick Tatopolous and Ve Neill. R.J.’s human-dinosaur hybrid is next, and he is not sure what the judges are thinking. Matt’s human, gladiator, dinosaur comes out next, followed by Ian’s dinosaur. Rayce’s model gives his dinosaur hybrid a bit of a creepy effect.

The judges examine the dinosaurs up close. R.J. is biting his nails and looks petrified. The judges head towards Matt’s character and like it, then continue to examine each contestant’s dinosaur hybrids/ Rayce feels this is the most intense moment ever as he watches Glenn, Patrick and Ve look over his work.

The judges ask to speak with each contestant, starting with R.J. The judges like his character. Matt is next and feels he could have done more. Ve likes the paint job, but Patrick and Glenn feel he missed the dinosaur bit with the chest piece. Glenn would like to see underneath the piece. Ian is up next with his The Island of Dr. Moreau character, and the judges like it but Glenn wanted to see more of the body of the dinosaur. Rayce’s dinosaur was integrated together and some simple duct tape saved him. Glenn is impressed with the shape of the dinosaur and the tail.

Sue’s dinosaur is interesting because it is colorful and different. The vibrancy works. She chose to give her dinosaur matching shoes. Patrick likes it and loves the colors. Glenn enjoys the concept, but still doesn’t like it. Ve explains he is not a girl, so he doesn’t understand.  He winds up smacking Glenn several times; he should learn to duck.

It is fascinating to hear what the judges have to say about the contestants and who will be the three people left standing on Face Off and who will be sent home with their make-up case in tow. They’re preparing to eliminate two people as they discuss each contestant’s work. They deliberate and go over everything, every detail from head to tail.

The winner of tonight’s challenge is Rayce; he will make it to the finale. Congratulations to him and the second person joining the finale – Ian. It’s well deserved; he worked hard.

There are three artists left and only one spot in the finale. The spot goes to R.J. and it just happens to be his birthday. so Happy Birthday him. Sadly Matt and Sue were eliminated. The judges offer some inspiring advice to keep going towards the future. Ciao for now and bring on the final three in the world of movie magic.

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Face Off, Feb. 29 – Welcome to the Whimsical world of Tim Burton

Syfy manages to go above and beyond and continues to challenge their contestants. This week there are six contestants left after Tara and Jerry were sent home last week. The remaining six are Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Ian and Matt, and they must bring their A game and their scissors for this week’s challenge as they take on the master of characters. 

The contestants begin their day by entering what appears to be an empty ordinary lot. With some extraordinary vision and imagination, it was transformed into an urban oasis. Something mundane turned into something extraordinary, otherwise known as Watts Towers, insanely beautiful and artistic towers. Tim Burton has a way of turning ordinary people into odd, fascinating characters with history.

The contestants will use Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, misunderstood loner. The contestants must choose a profession and create the ultimate character worthy of a Tim Burton film. Sue chooses Toy Maker, Matt picks Ice Cream Man, Beki picks Baker, Rayce chooses Cellist, R.J. picks Bell Hop, despite the fact that he wanted Toy Maker. Ian chooses Plumber. Before they head back to the lab, they begin to sketch designs for their characters. Matt is hyped for the challenge and is slightly inspired by Willy Wonka.

The contestants begin to discuss Tim Burton and the lack of make-up in his work, as well as the extreme creativity he brings. The contestants have sketched and hopefully they have scissors, so now it is back to the lab to create something worthy of a Tim Burton film. The sculpting phase begins, and they work to try to make their characters look unique, but then Ian spots Sue’s Toy Maker. She has the same appliance on her character that Ian does, so changes will have to be made.

When you think of Tim Burton you think of the whimsical, mystical, artistic, insane worlds he has created and the beautiful characters he brought to the screen. These contestants must really step up. Judge Ve Neill has worked with Tim Burton so she will be watching closely.

They must take ordinary professions and make them whimsical in a way Burton would be proud of, but we shall see what happens. Sue finally takes her eye piece out, while Ian keeps his eye piece, Sue decides to make an eye piece that is movable and used as a magnified glass. Matt calls time.

The next day, with ten hours to work on their projects, Ian discovers his silicone pieces need to be redone. R.J. feels positive and has more time than usual and is very happy about this, but Sue takes notice that Beki, who is usually ahead of the others and almost finished, is still working on her cupcake. She is working some pigments to look like icing; she is not sculpting a crazy face. Ve and McKenzie show up to check on the contestants, and R.J. explains he is inspired by Ve’s Penguin work that Danny Devito donned.

Ve really likes Matt’s Ice Cream man and asks what he is going to do color-wise. Matt explains there will be some purples and reds. Rayce’s design is a cello, and he is still trying to stay with his original design. Ve likes the idea. Beki briefs Ve on her character and how she wants to stay true to Burton’s characters. Ve is concerned about Sue and intrigued by Rayce’s cellist.

Ve leaves with McKenzie, and Beki decides she may not have enough appliances or prosthetics for her character and has second thoughts thinking she might have to do some sculpting. She wants to stay true to Burton’s designs and the swirls, oddities and originality of his work.

Beki decides to stay with her original concept; she is not going to go over the top. The molding phase begins, and Matt is making part of a waffle costume. It is interesting to watch everything that goes into one character. They begin working as if their lives depend on it, as Ian begins to paint his characters backpack and slightly ages it. It looks better and very cool.

This week the nerves are setting in and everyone seems worried or maybe it is just Sue, Beki believes she is skating on thin ice. It is day three, application day, they have four hours to apply the prosthetics, work on the models and do make-up, the stakes are high. The four hours seem to go by quickly as Beki complains about rolling out paper towels. Matt’s waffle design turns out to be a hat for his character. R.J. feels great about his character, and so far he looks pretty interesting.

Sue is enlisting her model to help her put together her costume, as R.J. and Beki begin to think it is the calm before the storm. Sue may be losing her mind, but we shall see. Sue has one hour to finish and does not even have her models make-up on. Sue needs to paint, finish her puppet and add more make-up. Everyone works to finish before heading off to the reveal stage.

The contestants must say hello to their judges – Ve Neill, Patrick Tatopolous, Glenn Hetrick and special guest Beetlejuice star Catherine O’Hara. Their spotlight challenges will now be right under the judges’ spotlight, as Ian reveals his Plumber. He looks pretty cool and not too overdone, although a little Johnny Depp-ish inspired. Beki’s Chef/Baker is up next with her make-up and giant cupcake. Matt’s Ice Cream Man is insane; it looks like ice cream got up and walked into a horror movie. He is delicious looking.

Sue’s Toy Maker looks a bit psychotic, although kind of cool. The puppet is strange, but in a good way. Rayce’s Cellist is amazing. R.J.’s Bell Hop looks cool, complete with a bell on top of his head and drawers. He is an insane Bell Hop.

Now the fun part. The judges take a closer look at the characters. Each judge is inspecting each character. When the Ice Cream Man offers Catherine some ice cream, she politely declines, “No thanks, I ate.” Isn’t he sweet? Tim Burton is a legend in this mythical world of special effects and creating “out there characters,” so this week’s challenge is important for the contestants. But watching the judges ogle their work and inspect every detail may be agonizing.

Any minute I am expecting Johnny Depp to walk out and utter, “NOOOO. this is not right!” but Syfy and the contestants do him justice, especially Ian who plays a little tribute to Depp and Burton by making his plumber look like Johnny as Edward s. Despite Sue’s worries, the judges like her character. R.J.’s character goes a little Tim Burtonesque as he adorns Ve with several items from his drawers.

Now each individual must face the judges, and Matt is first. Each judge loves his concept for his Ice Cream Man. Beki is next with her Chef/Baker, and Glenn is not impressed. Ve is disappointed and feels she should have spent more time on the model than the cupcake; Patrick is kinder but does not like the teeth.

Rayce must face the music. Patrick loves the shape of the cello and how it flows with the model. Catherine feels it is very soulful, and Glenn kind of smiles, I think, but he does like Rayce’s work. Sue is next and feels she accomplished the things she wanted to. Ve wonders if Sue even knows who Tim Burton is. Glenn is not impressed, and Patrick of course tries to be positive. Ian and his Plumber are next. He is a plumber from the afterlife. Glenn does not see Ian’s work; he only sees Burtonesque work.

R.J. and his mad Bell Hop are next, he is stuck in Hotel Burton, and Ve, Patrick and Glenn like the character. They feel it would be perfect for a Burton movie. Catherine’s compliment puts a big smile on R.J.’s face. The judges deliberate and begin to talk about whom they liked the most and who may not make it to next week’s episode.

They love R.J.’s work and Matt’s Ice Cream Man as the contestants return. The top character looks are Rayce, Matt and R.J., with the winner of the challenge being Rayce. Way to go. R.J. and Matt are also safe as they head back to the make-up room. Sue, Beki and Ian are the last three standing as the bottom looks.

Glenn announces that the person being eliminated is Beki, which is quite shocking, but they are disappointed that she spent too much time on the cupcake. It’s bittersweet, but good luck to her. Sue and Ian are safe in the world of Tim Burton.

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Face Off, Feb. 22 – Aliens Galore

The competition is intense; these contestants must use all of their skills, artistry, sculpting and pure talent and use it like their life depends on it. There are eight competitors left on Face Off – Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Jerry, Tara, Ian and Matt. 

The contestants leave the house and head to the lab where Mckenzie is standing in front of a police hover car that will be featured in the re-make of this summer’s Total Recall. The special guest this week is the production designer for the film, Mr. Patrick Tatoplous. The challenge is to create the ultimate alien; they are asked to choose a model and a sketch.

There is a catch to this – the contestants must impress Patrick, and he will meet with each person and go over their ideas and designs. They have a half an hour to sketch. Each person must challenge their talents and impress Patrick with their own unique designs compared to his. Beki chooses a cyborg and is switching the gender from male to female in order to make it more her own design. Rayce created something really freaky and cool, very alien-like. Ian is stressed out and wants everyone to know that he “doesn’t want to be sexy; he wants to be creepy.” Good for you Ian, creepy over sexy. He wants to make a creepy bat.

R.J. advises Ian that these aliens are not the phone home type of aliens; they want to eat your face off and then smash stuff. Of course, that is what aliens do. Jerry believes his design is very close to Patrick’s, and Ian believes his drawings are too complicated. It is fascinating to watch these contestants bring their aliens to life as they sketch, mold and sculpt their way to being movie make-up superstars.

Each person deals with this stress differently, they still continue to work to make poor E.T. run and hide. It is day two, and Ian is still trying to figure out how the hell he is going to bring Patrick’s drawing to life. Matt is extremely excited to make a good impression on Patrick. He offers advice; he is kind and very observant. He makes his way around the lab and speaks with each individual. He likes all the ideas and asks what is inspiring them.

The contestants take Patrick’s advice and adhere to it as they frantically work on their odd aliens and bring them to life. Ian is feeling a little insecure and trying to “figure out his niche because everyone has some badass stuff going on.” Jerry believes he needs to step up and be confident.

Patrick leaves. and the contestants all go to work, full force. Jerry is on fire and throwing out knowledge to anyone that will listen. Rayce is trying to keep the intricate details in his work and make the alien look really good. They have ten hours to finish a full creature. Tara’s day is going badly as she tries to remove her creature’s arms from the
scuplture and they fall apart. She is bummed and must start over.

The contestants have ten hours to do a full creature. Tara is freaking out, because she just tried to take her mold apart for her alien and it crumbled in pieces. She is disappointed. Tara also has a random problem. She gets extreme hiccups and they scare the sh*t out of several of the other contestants. She tries to work on the arm extensions, and is not giving up. but the mold collapses on her. Matt and Sue are working and getting things done. Beki, of course, is working full force.

It is application day; the contestants must prepare their aliens and get the models ready to show off them off and hopefully impress Patrick. They have four hours for application and an hour for last looks. Matt knows this is the most he has done. Sue is excited to apply the spikes she created for her alien.

It appears that each person is missing pieces of their model or that something has fallen apart, but Jerry is happy and feeling good. R.J. tells Tara that his aliens head has dried up “hard as a f****** brick.” R.J. must figure something out with only four hours left, Sue is putting her alien together, and Beki created an awesome alien.

Finally Ian yells out that time’s up. It is time for the last looks; the contestants finish up their aliens and prepare for what may feel like a firing squad. The last looks don’t go too well, but they are making the best of what they have.

The contestants arrive on the reveal stage to present their aliens to Judges Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick, Patrick Tatopolous, and special guest Levar Burton from Star Trek. They are going to be doing things differently as two people will be eliminated.

Sue is first with a mouse meets alien, Beki’s alien looks really cool, very detailed. Rayce’s alien is a bit strange, but that makes for a good alien. Jerry’s alien is very horror-inspired and moves oddly which makes it cool.

Ian’s alien looks more like a zombie alien on something. No offense, but it’s a bat meets something. Matt’s alien is cool looking, and kind of has a plant feel. R.J.’s alien looks like it stepped off an alien film; very cool, but kind of looks a little like The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers. Tara’s alien is sort of slimy-looking and very cool with its flaring plastic fingers.

The judges must now examine the aliens up close and each judge has a different opinion. The contestants anxiously await the results. Levar believes they did quality work and did a great job in the small amount of time they had. Beki and Matt are told they are safe and free to head back to the make-up room.

The judges speak to the rest of the contestants and love Rayce’s alien. The judges are not so impressed with Sue’s work. Glenn explains that she missed the mark on this one. Jerry is next, and Ve wants to know why he chose the colors he did. She tells him the alien looks like a big Halloween mask, while Levar feels it’s very aquatic. Ian is complimented, and Patrick tells him that his design is ten times as good as his. Pretty cool coming from Patrick. Levar loves it and the bat-like quality.

Patrick tells Patrick he took it to the next level. Levar thinks the back reminds him of a Mayan temple. Tara looks nervous. Glenn tells her her she second-guesses herself. Glenn does not see what she was trying to create.

The contestants are asked to head back to the make-up room while the judges deliberate. They decide the top looks are Rayce, Ian and R.J. with the winner being Ian. Congrats to him. His alien was very well put together. Patrick gives him tickets to the premiere of Total Recall as his surprise.

Rayce and R.J. are safe, while Sue, Jerry and Tara are in the bottom. The first person going home is Tara, and she is devastated. The second person going home tonight is Jerry. Sue is left standing alone. That is what happens when you create blue aliens folks.

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Face Off, Feb. 15 – Aging Gracefully, Syfy Style

On this week’s episode of Face Off, there are nine artists who remain – Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian and Matt. They are getting down to the wire and must take the game to the next level and step it up; the sky is the limit.

The contestants are greeted in the early morning hours, and this leads RJ to have fears of another artist being cut, as McKenzie walks in to present a new foundation challenge. Let’s face it; this is a “tough business with crazy hours.” McKenzie introduces beautiful runway models in a challenge based on Hollywood’s magic and penchant for turning beautiful creatures into “plain Jane’s.”

McKenzie reviews the challenges and uses the following beauties as inspiration – singer Mariah Carey, who was completely transformed in the hit film Precious; statuesque Charlize Theron, who portrayed serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster; Nicole Kidman in The Hours; and Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovich. These infamous beauties were asked to tone down to portray these characters, and that is exactly what McKenzie expects the contestants to do with these super-perfect supermodels.

The contestants must give the models make-unders. There is nothing worse than being forced to sport a uni-brow, but let’s see how this turns out. There is a guest judge who will assist in judging the contestants in their make-under, the infamous woman who geek-ified Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed, Kim Green. The models have been randomly selected for the contestants, and they have two hours to make them look like crap.

Matt begins working and brings in acne scarring, Sue gives her model an old age and overly tanned look, Ian chooses to turn his model into a prostitute with bruises and all, RJ turns to the 80’s for inspiration with lots of heavy make-up and way too much eye shadow, and Jerry goes with a drug addict prostitute with a tattoo that says Trust Me and adds cracked lips for a full effect. Heather’s character looks like a warped mix of Shirley Temple and Baby Jane, Tara’s model doesn’t look completely unfortunate, but has more of a plain dowdy look, Beki’s model looks almost orange and sports super pink lipstick with a strange hairstyle, and Rayce turns his model into an unkept sick librarian.

The contestants work hard and definitely take McKenzie’s advice and inspiration she provided them. The models are completely unrecognizable. Kim loves Jerry’s details. Rayce and Ian also did “really bad make-up in a really good way.”

The winner of the foundation challenge is Rayce; he finally won and is happy to have immunity. The contestants head back to the house and proclaim it is vegengce time and things are about to get crazy.

The next morning the contestants arrive at the lab where McKeenzie introduces the spotlight challenge, “old age.” The contestants are divided into teams of three – Beki, RJ and Heather; Tara, Sue and Matt; and Jerry, Ian and Rayce. They are introduced to their models; and shocks and gasp are left out by the contestants, but of course a commercial runs its course to leave some suspense. The contestants must work together and try to get along. Jerry proclaims he is happy with his team; the others want to avoid Sue and her “drama.”

There is a catch to this challenge, a surprise. The contestants will be working on twins and must age one to the age of 100 and one to the age of 75. Beki thinks it’s cool. There is also a very special guest judge who worked on Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Greg Cannom. He offers some aging advice, and the contestants instantly get to work. Tara is a little upset because Sue tries to take charge, but if they would work together they would get things done better.

But wait … McKenzie walks back in and has another surprise, the twins are triplets (are they cloning people on Syfy?). The catch is they must age the last sibling to the age of fifty.

Matt agrees with Sue and finds Tara to be a bit bitchy. This seems to be the most stressful and dramatic episode of Face Off, as the contestants realize what is at stake and just how badly they each want it.

On day two of the Old Age challenge, the contestants have ten hours to sculpt and work on the make-up until application day. Heather, Beki and RJ seem to be working well together. McKenzie returns with a very serious-looking Glenn and Greg. Glenn jumps right in with questions, followed by Greg’s questions. Sue is upset because Tara tells Glenn, Greg and McKenzie that they are the “least experienced of the group.” This causes Sue to get slightly ballistic in her own very calm way.

Face Off, Feb. 8 – Beauty Can Be Deadly but Intriguing

On tonight’s episode of Face Off, we are left with ten contestants who are fighting to prove themselves worthy of the world of Hollywood and all its magic. Who will be the next great name in movie magic? Will it be Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian, Athena or Matt?

Sue and Matt are sad because last week they lost Brea. RJ and Beki are making breakfast and in good spirits. The group heads outside to meet McKenzie and … wait for it … guest judge Sam Huntington. He plays werewolf Josh on Syfy’s Being Human. The contestants are asked to create a wound inflicted by … wait for it … a werewolf. They must create an original trauma make-up, and Josh will judge their work based on time frame, realism, placement and even transformation. It will be a pretty stressful challenge for them.

Sam screams “run, run, go, and go!” McKenzie looks a little frightened, but Sam assures her that he is just excited. At least he is enthusiastic. The contestants all run to their tables to meet their models who will become real-life werewolf victims in the trauma foundation challenge. Sue looks at it as a fundamental challenge. Jerry is moving his model’s lips all around, and Heather is heeding Sam’s advice to put the model in transformation form. Tara’s werewolf wound has him fighting for his life.

The contestants work feverishly and when time is up, Sam and McKenzie investigate the wounds. Sam critiques every contestant’s work. Used to being in full special effects, he is impressed with the work they got done in only ninety minutes. The top two are Beki and Heather, the latter being thrilled to be called out for her positive work. The winner, however, is Beki, who now has immunity. Sam loved her work.

Now onto the spotlight challenge. Lions. Tigers. Bears. Oh my! They enter the lab filled with animals, such as tigers, bears, plants, owls and the occasional man holding a tranquilizer gun just in case one of the contestants get out of control. This week’s spotlight challenge is to create something extremely beautiful, but deadly. They are paired in teams of two and must select a plant and an animal. The teams are Beki and Sue, Heather and Rayce, RJ and Ian, Jerry and Matt, and Athena and Tara. Sue is not thrilled to have to work with Beki.

There is one more big surprise, a Southern White Rhinosaurus. Yes, only Syfy can do this, don’t try this at home folks. The teams make their selections.

Heather and Rayce choose the snake; Jerry and Matt choose the tiger. Tara and Athena choose the snake, and RJ and Ian choose the chameleon. Jerry already has plans to create a cat face, and Rayce and Heather have decided what to do with their creation. RJ and Ian are working on their chameleon.

Beki and Sue are working on their spider, but trying to work well together and not disagree too much. Ve Neill comes in, and RJ immediately brings up the poison ivy that Ve helped create for Batman Forever. Ve walks the room and questions everyone. She is worried about the mold of Tara’s snake tail and likes Sue and Beki’s idea.

Ve tells McKenzie she can’t wait for tomorrow to see the finished products. Sue and Beki are working, but Sue wants to texturize the entire creature. Sue seeks advice from Rayce who advises that they should texturize the entire creature. This causes Beki to storm off in the middle of painting their creature. Beki thinks they are “creating a pile of sh*t” (her words, Folks, not mine.) RJ is enthusiastic, and Athena is working intensely by painting each individual scale onto the model.

Beki is a little upset now because Sue keeps talking. She is having regrets now about her creature. Ian and RJ want to step it up despite RJ asking Ian what the heck they are making Let’s hope it is something worthy. The next morning, application day, the contestants must apply all the prosthetics and all the make-up. Heather is frantic, and Beki thinks she just made a Disney character, making her upset.

Sue believes Beki is sabotaging the project, then finally believes their creature looks good. Athena is working on her snake, while Jerry and Matt work feverishly.

The contestants finish their projects as they prepare to face the judges and reveal their creatures on the Face Off reveal stage where guest judge Vivica A. Fox has joined Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Patrick Tatopoulos. RJ is happy about Vivica’s appearance. The teams prepare to reveal their beautiful, but deadly, creatures to the judges.

RJ and Ian’s chameleon looks like a tropical plant, Heather and Rayce’s creature sort of looks like a lizard, and Tara and Athena’s pink and green snake slithers onto the stage and makes quite an impact. Sue and Beki’s spider and half plant is kind of confusing. Jerry and Matt’s jungle cat is cool; it represents what they they were asked to create, a leopard-woman engulfed in the jungle.

The judges now further investigate and get up close with the models. Ve checks the tail she was worried about, while Vivica loves the hair on the lizard creature. Patrick and Glenn are not impressed with Athena and Tara’s paint job. The judges score the creations and ask to speak with the contestants individually.

Athena and Tara are up first, and the judges’ comments are not positive. Heather and Rayce are called on, and Patrick is impressed with their character’s mouth, and Vivica likes the hair. Matt and Jerry receive some unpleasant commentary from each judge; Patrick said it looks like the model just has make-up on with a bathing suit. Sue and Beki are up; Glenn is brief and tells them that it is shameful.

Ve is bummed out. Beki throws Sue under the bus as she complains to Ve that she was given heavy direction from Sue. Ian and RJ are called up, and Glenn tells them they were the only team that had solid direction.

The contestants head back to the make-up room, and the judges must deliberate and chose a winner. The top team tonight is RJ and Ian for successful integration of plant and animal, and the winner of tonight’s challenge is RJ. The person who is eliminated is Athena, as she did not show off her skills as a body painter.

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Q&A with Sam Huntington of Syfy’s Being Human

Being Human is the re-imagining of an acclaimed BBC original series that follows three young roommates who each possess a dark secret. Sam Witwer plays Aidan, a vampire, Meaghan Rath play Sally, a ghost, and Sam Huntington plays Josh, whose bright future was turned upside down when he turned into a werewolf. Huntington took part in a recent Q&A to discuss Being Human and his appearance on another Syfy series, Face Off.

Sam is a native of New Hampshire and began his career as an actor on stage at the prestigious Peterborough Players where he performed for over four seasons in roles such as Jem in To Kill A Mockingbird. When he was thirteen, he moved to New York and landed his first film role alongside Tim Allen and Martin Short in Disney’s Jungle 2 Jungle. He also starred in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns playing reporter Jimmy Olsen and has made memorable television appearances including Law and Order, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and Veronica Mars. 

On Face Off, Sam will serve as a judge for a foundation challenge. This is the first challenge that grants immunity to one of the contestants. He watches a lot of reality television, so he was excited to be involved with the process. He was impressed with the talented contestants and appreciates their work. If he could create a creature for Face Off, it would be a high school principal villain, and his weapon of choice would be a giant yardstick.

Sam feels he is challenged every day on Being Human whether it is physically or emotionally. He credits the writers with giving the show life in a natural way. This enables the viewers to connect to the series on a very human level, because the characters are dealing with real human issues.

If Sam could be one of the characters on the show, he would still be a werewolf with problems and all. He would not want to be a vampire due to all that blood lust, and as a ghost you can’t eat, have sex or do anything fun. As a werewolf, you’re a “dude until you turn into a badass.”

Sam would love to have Jeff Bridges or Tom Hanks guest star on the show, “maybe if the watched it, they would want to.” As for himself, he’d like to see his own character find the peace and normalcy he desperately wants. He sees a lot of himself In Josh, his eagerness to please, guilt and his humor.

Sam has many aspirations and not just as an actor. He would like to direct one day, possibly even an episode of Being Human. Aside from his professional life, he loves his family. He has a two-and-a-half year old son. and he and his wife are expecting their second child. Sam loves being a dad.

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Face Off, Feb. 1 – Phobias, Villains and Tom Savini

On tonight’s episode of Face Off, the contestants take on a list of phobias that could drive one to dementophobia (insanity). There are eleven people left after Miranda was sent home last week, leaving Brea, Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian, Athena, and Matt. Tonight they will create a horror villain that evokes fear based upon phobias.

It is 3:00 am and a cell phone is snuck into the contestants’ rooms. Brea answers the phone, and a voice tells her to get her fellow make-up artists ready for their next challenge. It’s not just any voice, but a voice that slightly resembles a less scary version of Jigsaw from Saw. The contestants all wake up and are taken to Linda Vista Hospital in the middle of the night to be met by flickering lights and McKenzie.

McKenzie introduces the challenge that will require them to create a villain based on phobias, you know such as Hadephobia, the fear of hell,  simple stuff. Each person has to create a character based on phobias in the middle of the night with very little light for that oh so creepy effect. The contestants then begin putting their masterpieces together, sketching, and sculpting, finding razor blades for those who suffer from xyrophobia.

Tom Savini arrives with Glenn and McKenzie to do a walkthrough. The legend walks around to check out the contestants work. Glenn is impressed with Beki’s speed and determination. Tom and Glenn are concerned about Tara and Sue’s work. Savini offers a few suggestions, and several people listen and make last-minute changes. This includes  Tara who decides to take Tom and Glenn’s advice to heart after Glenn warned her that her creation too closely resembled a mask.

The contestants are ready for application day and begin to get the models ready; everyone is working. Jerry decides he does not like the first face he created, so he pours a new mold for his model. Beki winds up finishing her villain before everyone else, so she helps out her fellow contestants. Brea is acting a little overly confident and stays close to Beki while working. Time is called while Jerry is working feverishly to finish.

After finishing everything, the contestants are off to the reveal stage where judges Ve Neill, Patrick, Glenn and special effects make-up artist and icon Tom Savini are waiting. The judges watch as each phobia struts onto the reveal stage.

The results of all of their hard work leads to the revealing of what living phobias would look like. Each model is revealed onstage and brings the phobias that each artist creates to life. Each model moves differently and reveals all the intricate details of the phobias.

All phobias play out well on the reveal stage. Sue had a Hadaphobia, the fear of Hell, and certainly created an interesting villain that looked as if he could have come straight from Hell. Beki had parasitophobia, the fear of parasites. Tara had ommetaphobia the fear of eyes. Heather had orinthophobia (fear of birds), Rayce had cryophobia (fear of frost), Ian had odontophobia (fear of teeth), and his model made this character creepy. RJ had xyrophobia (fear of razor blades), Athena had merinthophobia (fear of being bound or tied up), Matt had xerophobia (fear of dryness), Jerry had electrophobia (fear of electricity), and yes his villain lit up. Brea had chemophobia (fear of chemicals).

All the phobias line up on the stage, and the judges closely examine each model. Thank goodness they do not suffer from topophobia. Savini finds a few flaws and appreciates a lot of the artist work. Hetrick finds flaws and praises Ian, who is also the first person called out,  but only because his model had an allergic reaction to the make-up. Beki is called up along with her phobia, and Glenn loves it. She created something really different; her villain evoked fear and looked really cool with all the detailed work Beki did.

Athena is called up with her phobia, and Ve addresses her along with Savini. They do not like the look of her creature, as her villain does not evoke fear. Jerry is called up, and Savini advises him that his character is not electrifying enough, and he should have gone further with the burns instead of spending more time worrying about the lights. Ian comes up by himself, but the judges are given a photograph. While Glenn, Patrick and Ve were impressed, he received a great compliment from Savini. Ian was very happy and relieved to be on top. Ve calls him the MacGuyver of make-up and special effects. He used an aging technique with saran wrap that impressed the judges.

The contestants on the bottom are Athena, Brea and Jerry as the judges were not impressed with their solo work. The top looks of the night are Ian, Beki and Rayce. The winner of tonight’s challenge is Ian, and it’s a well-deserved win. His creature was really cool. Brea is eliminated, and sums up her experience as a great opportunity and an amazing story to share with the grandkids one day.

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Q&A with Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo of Syfy’s Lost Girl

The Syfy series Lost Girl is about a young woman with an interesting talent; she takes your breath away, literally. Anna Silk (The Ghost Whisperer and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) portrays Bo, a mythological character referenced from real-life dramatic folklore. There is a legendary lineup of creatures the viewers will meet along Bo’s journey.

Bo is a Fae who lives among the humans and feeds off certain human emotion or energy. Bo remains physically hidden from society and blends quite well as a human, but Faes can also take the form of different creatures such as spiders. The Fae folklore is known among all cultures including Irish, Native American, African and Chinese.

Bo is in for many surprises. Ksenia Solo portrays Kenzi, a con artist and thief, young and street-smart. She is also Bo’s only confidante and has a plethora of useful skills. Kenzi is savvier, as Bo can be fooled at times. Kenzi’s cynical non-trusting nature makes her very protective of Bo, so no one can take full advantage of her. Bo will continue on her journey and is stuck in quite a romantic, sexy love triangle. The two actresses took part in a Q&A recently to discuss the series and what kind of havoc these two will get into.

Anna’s favorite thing about the series is working with the incredible cast and crew. They have a dedicated group of people that take an active role in creating a top notch series; Anna appreciates that. Ksenia’s favorite part is being able to “kick some serious butt” on the show with Silk. She enjoys the girl power aspect of the series because she feels it is not often shown enough. The Syfy channel has given them an opportunity to be more than just pretty faces.

Ksenia enjoys being a human on the series, but she would enjoy having a power of her own.  She is a “little jealous” that her fellow cast members are able to turn into different creatures and use the succubus power and would like to see that happen in the future for her character. Anna would like Bo to fully realize her character’s powers and how to use them; she would like Bo to understand just how powerful she is.

Ksenia went through a process to get the role of Kenz; she changed her hair several times and sent in a tape. The show creators did not know which way they wanted the character of Kenzi to go, if she had to be sexier or more serious, but it came together when Ksenia was flown into Toronto and did a screen test with Anna. It felt completely right for her then, and as they say, the rest is history.

Viewers will learn more throughout the series and into the next season as both characters progress. There will be flashbacks with Bo and Kenzi so viewers are able to learn a little more about the two in each episode. There will also be a romantic encounter for Ksenia’s character. She could not go into details, but said “I have a love interest that comes in and sweeps me off my feet.” She was very happy to learn that Bo is not the only one that gets to be in a love triangle.

Anna found that playing a succubus has a few advantages and disadvantages,, as some people have actually asked her for a “succubus kiss.” She jokes that “you do that you will wind up dead,” but succubus lovers everywhere don’t seem to care. It may be the kiss of death, but it comes with the job. Anna is just happy that people are responding so well to the character. The show is very seductive, and Ksenia explains Anna has had to take a different approach to sexuality to become this sexual creature.

Kenzi has not had to kiss as many people as Anna has and knows that the guest stars who appear on the show know what they are getting into. While she is not in the “sexuality circle yet, Kenzi’s street smart ways make her very valuable. Anna feels people have gravitated towards the show because it not only approaches male and female relationships, but also same-sex relationships. She is proud of that and enjoys hearing the positive feedback from the viewers as the series covers all aspects of relationships.

There is no judgment on the show. Ksenia believes that is what it makes the show unique, everyone is open minded and “it does not matter who you are, whether you’re gay or straight, blue or green. It’s all about being a human being.” She feels that is the most beautiful part of the series.

As always, the social networks have been a big part in helping to introduce the series to the US audience. Anna has received a lot of feedback and love from viewers which she is grateful for. The whole cast and crew is very excited to have a whole new audience embrace them. She is pleased to be part of Syfy because their audience is incredibly responsive and outspoken. Ksenia said it is nice to breathe it all in and see the effects of what Syfy can do.

When asked who they would like to cross paths with on their show, Anna said she could see Lost Girl meets Twilight, and thinks it would be cool to turn Lost Girl into a feature film someday. Ksenia likes the idea as well, and would love to see the series on a bigger scale; however, she would prefer to cross the series with Homeland and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and jokes she will be pitching the idea soon.

The ladies are flattered that Lost Girl has been compared to some series classics such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood. Ksenia finds it “a huge compliment, and Buffy was around for so long and has such a cult following. Anna appreciates the comparison, but believes Lost Girl is its own show with a unique voice and a unique group of characters

These two ladies are incredibly talented and smart and the characters they created are strong independent women who are kicking ass. Make sure to watch them on Lost Girl on the Syfy channel, Mondays at 10/9c. To stay up-to-date with Q&As and interviews, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Q&A with Dichen Lachman of Syfy’s Being Human

Being Human is the re-imagining of an acclaimed BBC original series following three twenty-something roommates: a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf. It is not your typical everyday series, but is fascinating with twists and turns and plenty of drama and temptation. This week, Dichen Lachman guest-starred, portraying Suren, a seductive reckless vampire with a few secrets of her own.

Dichen took part in a Q&A to discuss Being Human and being a vampy vampire. She found it challenging wearing the black contact lenses. Sam informed her that when she was on the roof she should not wear the lenses, because it’s dangerous and they could fall off the roof. She also felt that making the character too bitchy was a problem; she wanted her to be like a princess who just behaves like one.

She enjoyed being in Montreal for filming. Dichen felt like she was in Europe and found the city stunning. While nervous stepping into Suren’s shoes, she felt as if she gave the character a real voice.

Dichen enjoyed the camaraderie of the series and working with her fellow cast members. She believes people continue to tune in because in today’s society there are still so many people who feel like outsiders. While there is a ghost, vampire and a werewolf, they are still humans trying to make unique relationships work.

Many different things come up in their lives, and Dichen feels this is why viewers continue to watch the series and support it. The characters are fun, likeable and have found a balance we all can relate to, because everyone struggles with a dark side. She also relates to the temptation side. With her character’s mother is the queen of all vampires, and Suren being so entrenched in everything, she feels that is where her temptation comes from.

Dichen recalled the most memorable moment from filming was when she woke up at four in the morning; the whole city of Montreal was covered in snow. Her most memorable memory of her character was Suren’s flashbacks and the opportunity to be in the period of the 1920’s and 1930’s. “It was such a cool experience.”

Dichen appreciates the support the series has received and feels like she cannot thank everyone enough. She credits the fans with giving her a lot of support. There is a lot that can be expected from the series, and with Lachman’s talent; hopefully they will be around for a long time.

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Face Off, Jan. 25 – Let’s Get Naked

In tonight’s episode of Face Off, twelve is the magic number. The final 12 are Brea, Beki, Sue, Rayce, R.J., Heather, Jerry, Tara, Ian, Athena, Matt and Miranda. The special effects artists will work in teams of three as host McKenzie delivers a new challenge for the contestants.

There is also a special guest, Jennifer Aspinall, a world-renowned make-up artist. She will be judging their first challenge in which they must create an idea around a pair of outlandish contacts and create something awesome for Jennifer. Jerry, Sue and Miranda create a demon. Brea, Heather and Tara create a Star Princess, RJ, Matt and Athena create a Zombie, Beki, Rayce and Ian create an alien. Beki wins the challenge and gets immunity.

The contestants are sent back to the house and await their next challenge. The next morning they arrive at a large warehouse, and McKenzie introduces Asher Roth. He has a new album coming out that needs some artwork. What else would these talented folks do but create an album cover for Asher? They are split up into teams of two. Asher wants them to get super-creative and use orange because it is the creative chakra color.

The challenge uses nude models. One design in each pairing must be a character and the other  must blend with the covered background. Jerry and Tara choose the brick background, RJ and Athena choose the beach background. Ian and Miranda chose the park bench background. Brea and Matt end up with the most challenging background, the sneaker wall background. Matt creates a sneaker stencil and paints each sneaker on his model, then has to meticulously detail each one.

The groups are figuring out what to do and begin creating, but Ian and Miranda are still thinking of their idea. The two of them have to get away from procrastinating and think of something fast. The body painting challenge seems to be difficult for Ian and Miranda. Brea is thinking fast and decides to incorporate Asher’s album title into her model; she begins to paint Is This Too Orange onto her model.

Ve and McKenzie make a surprise visit; Ve is impressed with Rayce and Beki’s concept, but is concerned about Ian and Miranda. The challenge continues, and while Brea is painting her model, he asks for his juice, looking light headed and sick. The poor naked, painted man winds up on the floor.

There are fourteen minutes left in the challenge, and Brea is worried about the make-up as the paramedics are wiping it off. The producers decide to give Brea a new model that is not dehydrated, and she must start over painting on the new model. The contestants work is presented by a professional photographer this week as judges Glenn Hetrick, Patrick Tatopoulos  and Ve Neill are shown the finished product. There are smiles and some disappointment.

Rayce and Beki receive praise from each one of the judges and Asher really likes their concept of having their models break away from the painting. Brea and Matt did well and created a great concept for Asher. But there can only be one winning team, and its Brea and Matt. Matt won the overall challenge again.

Beki and Rayce are safe and now  must choose someone to go home. There are a lot of tears as the judges discuss what was lacking in their work. The person going home tonight is Miranda.

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