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Monster Man, Apr. 18 – Devo and Cleve-Zilla Rules

On tonight’s episode of Monster Man, leave it to Cleve to go big for the season finale. Cleve meets Devo again and creates an awesome creature and Devo Man.

In Los Angeles, Roy receives a call to work with the legendary group Devo to create a few creatures for their new video. Cleve and Roy have worked with Devo in the past on their infamous energy dome hats, and they must meet with the band to pitch the Godzilla versus Devo-Man idea for their new music video Roy will be directing. Cleve and Roy head to Devo’s studio to meet with the band, and Roy is concerned because Cleve has not done any sketches yet to present to Devo, but Cleve is confident.

Cleve and Roy arrive at the studio, and the band is putting the finishing touches on their new song entitled Monster Man. Roy pitches the idea to Devo, and the band sits stone-faced as Roy continues talking. Cleve jumps in and is calm, cool and collective. Devo loves the idea. Roy’s idea is Devo playing on a skyscraper and a giant Godzilla-like monster coming along to possibly squash them into musical history when suddenly a character inspired by Ultra Man, otherwise known now as Devo-Man, comes along to save the day.

Sounds simple enough as Cleve heads back to SOTA FX and begins to throw out assignments to the team. Sonia and Elora are assigned to make the tail for the Japanese inspired Godzilla, and Elora is excited because she feels this the “perfect mother-daughter project.” Hill is assigned to the full facial appliances, and Johnnie and Constance are assigned to the costumes. But what about Cleve? He is the conductor of a monster symphony and is thrilled because he will be wearing the monster suit and controlling the giant monster.

The suit will fit one monster man, and one monster man only, as Cleve acts like an excited kid in a toy store at Halloween. He will be dressed up playing this awesome creature. Hill begins working on the facial masks for Devo and  is using the energy dome hats as their ears on the new masks to incorporate them into this new project.

Cleve inspects the dorsal fins for the giant tail and is not happy with them. They are made of foam that Sonia has measured, but apparently not well enough. Cleve decides he will need some extra help, so calls in Tuck Porter. Constance is not happy. “Do we seriously need another chef in the kitchen?” She realizes her father gave her costume assignment away. The team has five days to complete all this work, so Cleve is doing what he has to do in monster land.

Cleve discovers the dorsal fins are too flimsy for the massive tail, facing a huge set back. He must work through the night to get all of the builds finished. Tuck Porter comes in to design the Devo-Man suit and is an incredible tailor and slightly dramatic according to Cleve. Constance is not taking orders from Tuck, but Cleve needs the help, so Tuck jumps right in. Yet first they must head over to Hill and check out the masks to match the suit.

Meanwhile out in the parking lot of SOTA FX on a nice sunny day, Constance, Hill and Johnnie gang up on Cleve. Constance says “BFD” (Big Freaking Deal-the nice version of text talk) to her father. The team is upset because Cleve called in Tuck to help out. Constance is still upset because she wanted to do the Devo Man costume, but Cleve feels he will not be able to get everything done without Tuck.

Roy meets with stunt coordinator Cole McKay who has worked with everyone from Chuck Norris to Steven Seagal, and brings Cleve along to work on his stunts. Johnnie will the punching bag for Cleve. Sounds like fun, right? Maybe not for Johnnie. He discovers he will be getting thrown through a building. It worked out well, as Roy was able to envision all of his ideas and Cleve unleashed his inner beast.

They would love to stay and help clean up but they have monsters to build, so it’s back to SOTA FX as Cleve prepares to design the head of the creature and is looking to Gorgo for inspiration on his monster. Cleve gets to work on the sketch so he can have this creature ready to go. It has to match Hill’s Devo Man design and also make Roy smile. Cleve presents the sketch to Roy and is happy with a quick response of “Cool dude.”

This is quite a lot of work for one Monster Man, so Cleve begins carving the head out of foam. He is a natural foam fabricator, so it comes easy to him. Tuck Porter has a great idea for the space age Devo Man suit and is putting the costume together. Constance is tracing the body armor for the costume and is very concerned about Tuck’s glue idea to hold the suit together.

Constance calls her father over to review her body armor work, and he begins inspecting her work and likes it. “Awesome sauce, Constance.” She and Cleve are  happy, but as everything comes together, Cleve must focus on finishing the monster and needs to try it on to see if it moves like a monster should. Cleve needs as much flexibility as possible, yet the suit is not moving the way he wants it to, so he must take it apart. They have two days until the band starts shooting the video.

Tuck is almost finished with the body suit and Cleve calls in stunt man, Mike Su, who is a suit actor and a former actor in the Power Rangers. The suit already has tears in it, and it tears more every time Mike moves. Cleve yells at Constance about the suit but he realizes he needs Tuck to step up his game and get the suit done correctly.

Roy is preparing to direct and leaves Cindy in charge of SOTA FX while he is off preparing on the day before the official shoot for the video. Roy needs the monster onset within the next five hours, and Cindy is already threatening to get a cattle prod to “zap them in the ass” to get the team working. Cindy heads out to see Cleve and repeats five hours at least ten times. Cleve does not respond well to threats.

Cindy is still complaining, and Cleve is letting her in on everything that needs to be done in time. She is going on and on about how this is about Roy and his video, and here they thought it was about Devo and Monsters. She is such a buzzkill. Cleve is going to get the build done and goes off in his world as Cindy continues to yell (Cleve should buy ear plugs).

Cleve is a very talented monster creator and knows what he is doing after thirty years, so she needs to cut him some slack. There is one day until the shoot, and Roy wants the monster suit on set by the end of the day. Cindy comes back to yell some more, so Cleve heads outside and calls Roy to inform him that he needs a few more hours. Roy is fine with that as long as it gets done, because he has already missed his opportunity to test the monster.

Tuck Porter puts Cleve in the suit, and then they have a few more alterations to get done. Johnnie takes a break to laugh hysterically at Tuck’s thong … yes, a thong. Cleve knows how to pick them. Tuck is from the seventies, but Sonia loves him because he is entertaining. Tuck says he is going to the club and is a tailor, an artist and a dancer. He has to get to work so he can dance later.

Cleve is working on the head of the monster and is concentrating and using spoons for eyes. It must set overnight and be ready for tomorrow’s shoot. Mike Su returns for the Devo Man suit and preps by moving around and doing a few roundhouse kicks. The suit must hold up. Tuck comes through, and Constance is thrilled.

Cleve must get his monster ready. They are stuck pulling an all-night build to get the monster done. Cleve drowns out Cindy with more hot air as he dries the monster. This is a lot of work and does not look like something you could put together in five minutes, so maybe they should lock her in an office … no offense Cindy.

Cleve is hard at work putting the final pieces and finishing touches on the monster. Johnnie is worried they might show up late, as well as  how Roy will react, so they pack up quickly and head to the video shoot to meet Roy and Devo at Laurel Canyon Studios. Roy is directing and still waiting for Cleve. They have a lot riding on this shoot, but Cleve arrives and Roy advises him to get suited up. He must assemble the suit and put it on, because Roy is directing and flipping out more than usual (someone get the man some blood pressure medication),

Mike is put in his costume and Constance explains that Roy is really on top of everyone because he is directing, and if everyone would stop asking Cleve when the monster will be done, he will have time to actually finish it. Roy finishes with Mike’s scenes, as Devo Man and Cleve are getting the monster suit on.

Sonia complains she is not dealing with the yelling and having Cindy throwing stuff at Cleve. It is childish. As Cleve finishes up his Monster suit, Roy begins filming Mike, and in comes Cleve in all his awesomeness. Cleve knows that Roy and Devo are going to love the suit, and as always he is right. It looks amazing, and Cleve is ready in character with fire-breathing and all.

The fight scene is up, and Cleve has had no sleep. Mike and Cleve fight in character, and Mike takes Clevezilla down, but Cleve is not moving. He is unconscious and  down on the ground, not moving. He is incoherent and does not want to get out of the suit. Something is seriously wrong.

Roy is really panicking. Johnnie says Cleve needs air, while Sonia is upset. Cleve is dazed, leaving Sonia worried he may die or slip into a coma as he has been working around the clock and pushing himself. Cleve realizes where he is and just needs to breathe in the monster suit. All is well in monster land, and now that he can breathe, he is ready to destroy the city.

Okay, here we go, let the destruction begin. Cleve goes to work destroying the building, and for the final shot, they get to see all of their work together, and it looks unreal. Cleve, Mike, Devo and massive destruction are seen as the band does their thing. A fire-breathing Cleve causes mass chaos. That is a wrap for the Monster Man as he stressed the hell out of Roy and overworked himself, but impressed the hell out of Roy and Devo.

Roy is grateful Cleve had his back, and Devo is excited. They all may just drive home in these costumes. Who’s the man, who’s the Monster Man …  Cleve Hall is the monster man. To all you ghouls and scream queens everywhere ,may your nightmares inspire you.

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Fact or Faked Q&A with Ben Hansen, Lanisha Cole and Austin Porter

Season three of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, takes paranormal to the next level as the team uncovers the truth behind supernatural and unexplained occurrences that have been caught on camera. In each episode, the team searches far and wide for interesting images, videos and unnatural phenomenon found online and all around the world. The team selects the most compelling cases and head into the field to recreate the video, perform experiments, and question witnesses.

The team investigates all the clues and looks thoroughly at the evidence and ask the objective question, “Is it real?” Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent, heads the team. His lifelong fascination with the paranormal led him to the this field of study. He is now in charge of an elite team that conducts paranormal experiments that re-create elaborate paranormal events. Ben and two other cast members, Lanisha Cole and Austin Porter, took part in a Q&A to discuss the series and the wild world of paranormal phenomena.

This season the team has been bombarded with videos of paranormal footage, and Ben has turned to the social networks to keep a real connection with viewers and paranormal fans. Without giving away details, Ben explained “we’ve got some really funky cases that you just can’t categorize,” and for season three, the team is expanding their horizons and going beyond just ghosts and UFOs.

Porter said the most exciting aspect of the series will be delving into some of the really funky cases including superhuman abilities. There will be new equipment introduced this season Hansen said his goal is “to introduce something new every single episode.” He is proud of his new ghost-hunting equipment, including his new touchscreen wall device he proudly compares to CNN’s situation room, but Ben just calls it his “magic wall.”

One of the challenges they face for this season is re-creating some of the dramatic events. “Its fun getting our hands dirty and being able to build and blow things up,” Cole said. Porter added, “If our hearts are still ticking, and we’re filming, then we’re all still here.” Hansen, still an agent at heart, will not give away details, but his worker’s comp papers would say something along the lines of “I was swinging a medieval tool at a minivan. ”

Ben and his team are open to anything in the world of paranormal. Ben said as long as there is evidence, then the evidence alone speaks for itself when the team has to investigate a phenomenon. He does not categorize anything or work with a close mind in order for him and his team to fully function. They all keep open minds and think outside the box.

Porter and Cole want to do the best job that they possibly can but they must be realistic and review the data and evidence before the excitement of a true find can come into play. “I have come to look at it with more of a skeptic approach,” Porter says.

That is what makes them a good team; they all have open minds, but they still remain skeptical about certain things that the public may consider to be taboo, such as Bigfoot or UFOs. Porter said, “It is the idea of us not being alone in the world, ” and that there just may be something or someone else out there, and if there is, Ben and his team will find it.

That is what makes Fact or Faked fascinating. There are new cases every week, and it is never the same for this team. Their pure dedication and investigative work, and their ability to fully re-enact these amazing occurrences, makes the show worth watching.

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Monster Man, Apr. 11 – Cool Aliens and Gigantic Boots

On tonight’s episode of Monster Man, Cleve makes the impossible very possible as he meets Jackass star Wee Man and creates an elaborate monster to cut Wee Man’s throat (sounds simple enough), and Puss In Boots, boots become gigantic.

In Los Angeles at SOTA XF, Roy is freaking out and his blood pressure is through the roof as usual, bu  for good reason this time. Roy and Cleve have a scheduled client meeting with Wee Man who is branching out from the Jackass franchise to make his directorial debut. Cleve is late, and his voice mail is full. Roy is flipping out.

Cleve has a good reason for being late; he is getting a much-needed manicure and pedicure. Cleve created “Manicure Mondays” for his family to spend some quality time together. Cleve is on his feet all the time, so he feels getting a manicure and a pedicure is worth it. Roy is still freaking out, but he decides to listen to Wee Man’s concept for his movie he is directing.

Wee Man describes the scene, and it involves an alien that tears his face off, then reveals he is also an alien. Roy listens, then continues to freak out, so he heads outside after Wee Man leaves and Roy considers firing Cleve because Dreamworks is their next client, and he does not want Cleve to miss this meeting. Cleve is still at the nail salon and with his new purple nails. He is happy and content and claims he and his team will work much better after getting off their feet for a while and getting pampered.

Back at SOTA FX, the Dreamworks team was created by director Steven Spielberg, so it’s a big job and must be done. Becky and Bob from Dreamworks show up and have a crazy project. Roy wishes Cleve was there because mad genius minds do not grow on trees. Becky and Bob inform Roy about the project. Becky describes the “Puss N Boots” idea for the movie premiere, and they need a giant pair of boots for people to pose in front of at the premiere.

Finally Cleve returns in his hearse, and Roy flips his lid. Cleve explains to Roy he was with his family and got a ghost on one toe and a spider on the other (nice). Roy wants Cleve to know that he needs him to be there for the meetings, but Cleve tells him that he doesn’t. He just needs to be there to make the monsters. Roy explains they have two major projects that need to be done in three days.

Roy is freaking out because he needs a fifties style alien done, and Cleve is an expert, but Roy is worried about the time because “time is the enemy of creativity.” Cleve gets a kick out of Roy and tells him he will let him know who is doing what by Thursday, but Cleve is ready and knows what he is doing. Cleve advises the team that they need to make two giant boots and a fifties style alien in three days.

Cleve wants Constance to do the alien head design, and Cleve advises her that he will not be the Monster Man forever and hopes that Constance will be the Monster Woman one day. Constance is not thrilled that he wants her to do all these projects, but Cleve wants her learn the tricks of the trade.  Cleve begins sketching the Wee Alien as he is calling it for Wee Man. He is using old school aliens as inspiration; Cleve is pulling up pictures of aliens and working on Wee Man’s Wee Alien.

Constance heads back to Cleve’s room and wants to know what he is doing besides sitting in his office. She wants him to get off the computer and help her. Cleve wants to be inspired, and in order for him to work properly, he needs to find inspiration. Constance then decides to hide her dad’s laptop. Sonia jumps in to help Cleve find his computer, and Constance is still mad. Sonia yells at Constance to find Cleve’s computer. Constance finally reveals to her mom where she hid her father’s computer.

Wee Man shows up to see Cleve’s sketches and also get his life cast done. Wee Man looks at the sketches and is stoked and very excited to see what Cleve created for him. Wee Man knew all he had to do was tell them what he wanted and they would create the ultimate alien. Wee Man is ready to get his life cast done and gets ready. Constance is excited to work with him and  has fun when he won’t stop talking during the process (You really don’t want to eat latex).

Cleve is working on the boots for Puss In Boots, and from the images Cleve received, he decides they are very old and very seventeenth century “Three Musketeers.” The boots look very worn and old. Cleve gets two large twelve-foot pieces of foam to carve out to create the boots, then prep and paint them. He studies the images for awhile and then is ready to sketch and get the boots ready.

Johnnie, Roy and Constance find themselves facing a big challenge with Wee Man, because he is still talking even with a big blob of goo in his mouth. Roy finally gets the mask off, and despite all of his talking, his mask worked and came out good. Johnnie works on the latex mask that Wee Man rips off. Meanwhile in Monster land, Cleve uses his chainsaw “(I bet your Mom never gave you a chainsaw to play with.” He just smiles as he acts like Leatherface before ripping into the foam with the chainsaw. Roy believes Cleve carves foam like Superman bends steel.

Cleve continues carving the foam, and it looks like it is snowing in Los Angeles as foam flies everywhere. Cleve creates magic as he carves with a chainsaw and a handsaw and is covered in foam. The Dreamworks team will be showing up the next morning, so Cleve must work through the night. He is met by Becky and Bob, and they examine the boots for the Puss In Boots premiere.

Becky and Bob ask Cleve to move the build up another day, making him freak out because it only leaves him an extra day. Meanwhile Constance is working on the Wee Alien for Wee Man’s movie, and Cleve realizes that he can’t just hand the entire project over to Constance, so he is going to give her a lesson in old school fifties kick ass aliens. He feels she needs to embrace the old school alien look and plans to help her.

Cleve works on helping Constance with the alien head, and she mainly learns that working with her dad means that he does most of the work, so this makes her happy. Hill is working on the blood and goop that will go with Wee Man’s idea of having his face ripped off. The fun part for Cleve is creating the giant bloodshot alien eyes. He takes a pin and scrapes each one with a pin, then spray paints them with red paint. There you have it… bloodshot alien eyes.

Back to the amazing giant boots. Roy adds the texture latex, then paints them. These boots will stand behind Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek at the premiere. The paint is not even dry yet, but Bob and Becky want to take them the same night and have them delivered to the premiere. Roy is hoping they will like the boots that Cleve and his team created, because Dreamworks is one of their biggest clients so far.

Becky and Bob love the boots and think they are perfect. Roy is thrilled, because despite the short schedule, the team managed to pull off one massive project and they are ready to go. The boots are delivered to the red carpet and look amazing on display with the stars in Hollywood. (Go Cleve!)

Wee Man arrives to check out his set and get ready for his directorial debut and the chance to have his face ripped off. Wee Man inspects his set which is an alien spacecraft and waits for his alien. Cleve works on the glaze coating for the alien, and Constance helps him, but they are not thrilled with Cindy coming in every few seconds complaining and asking for a time amount and whether or not it will done now or in “Cleve time. ”

Back on set, Wee Man is waiting for his alien and begins filming a few small scenes. He decides to call Cleve and ask for it. Meanwhile the alien emerges, in daylight no less. Cleve is wearing the alien head (my guess would be to hide the stress). Sonia needs to open the hearse and can’t figure out how to open the door, so Cleve tells her to just climb in. Sonia tells him she doesn’t understand how she was married to him.

Sonia wonders if Cleve could ever just be normal and buy a normal car. He shakes his head no while wearing the alien head  and ask Sonia, “Don’t I look normal” while still wearing the alien head (Normal is boring). Cleve is officially on his way to Wee Man’s movie set with his alien. They are late, but Cleve made an awesome alien. Cleve and Constance arrive on set, and Wee Man is waiting for them as Cleve takes the alien out of the hearse. Wee Man’s jaw drops as he looks at his alien. It looks very fifties inspired, quite the ideal creature.

Cleve and Constance hand the alien to Wee Man, and he is so happy and stoked. It is time to make a horror movie. Constance does Wee Man’s make-up, and Cleve preps the gory knife scene. Constance needs to get her make-up ready for Wee Man to get his face ripped off. Cleve is introduced to Wee Man’s stuntman Joe Griffo, whom Cleve worked with before, but the alien head was made for Jason’s head (Wee Man) not Joe’s. Cleve must make adjustments on the alien head as Sonia looks on with horror.

Cleve works on or “operates” on the alien mask trying to make the mask fit Joe for the stunts. He tries to make the mask so Joe can seek but the producers are only giving him five minutes. Cleve is not happy with the time limit. Finally Cleve makes adjustments and the mask fits Joe, but Hill has his work cut out for him with the blood scene. Constance is trying to finish the mask, but Jason has a tan Constance did not anticipate.

Cleve watches on as his alien is now ready for his close-up and filming begins. The next scene is Jason will get his head sliced open and now Hill is up with his blood work. They have one shot to get the blood right and Hill preps as the alien comes in for Jason (Wee Man) and slits his throat to slice his face off and Cleve advises Hill to pump the blood but it is too thick so it is not going anywhere (where are the blood thinners when you need them *sighs*) so the director yells CUT and they must fix the blood.

Cleve helps Hill fix the blood. It must be thinned, yet there is air in the bag. They prepare to shoot again, and Wee Man gets his throat sliced again. Cleve instructs Hill to pump the blood. and it is perfect, but they are not done yet. It is Constance’s turn to sell the final effect, and it is very important to sell the fifties campy alien effect for the film. Jason prepares to get his face ripped off. Constance applies make-up, and Wee Man is ready for his close-up.

They must get it right so it looks there is an alien under Wee Man’s face. This is the big moment, the final reveal, as the anticipation builds. Wee Man is excited, and they are ready to shoot. The alien rips Wee Man’s face off and the final reveal shows Wee Man is the alien. That’s a wrap. He is one hundred percent stoked, and Cleve and Constance are thrilled. Constance feels honored that her father made her a part of his project, and Cleve is excited to pass the torch down to Constance.

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Monster Man, Apr. 4 – Giant Spiders and Ghouls

On tonight’s episode of Monster Man, Cleve gives everyone arachnophobia and creates an awesome giant spider. Although it may cause your skin to crawl, it is still awesome. It is not just any spider, but a giant oversized one that is Black Widow inspired. Constance gets her own project to work on with a little help from Cleve.

In sunny Los Angeles, Director Mike Mendez is meeting with Roy and Cleve to create his giant mega spider. Cleve sits with Mike and looks over his sketches. He is looking forward to the challenge and there is a catch – the mega spider vomits “like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly” and melts people’s faces. Cleve must create the spider to be able to spin webbing and melt people.

Cleve informs his team about the giant mega spider. Constance is happy about this, comparing it to Christmas morning. Cleve receives a small photo of the spider to work off of, and Elora and Cleve begin working on the spider image to make it bigger, while Constance wants to get a jump start on the design of the mega spider. She goes to Hill for help and asks if he has anything in his “freaky ice locker of death otherwise known as the freezer.”

Hill brings a collection of real Black Widow spiders that he keeps in the freezer, but Sonia believes it is weird that he keeps Black Widow spiders in the freezer. although they do help Constance. She gets a few ideas for the spider and begins the work.

Besides working on the mega spider, photographer Josh Separzedeh, who is responsible for creating ads for True Blood and the Halloween franchise, sets up a meeting with Cleve. Josh is seeks help from Cleve, but it is more for application and make-up, and this is right up Constance’s alley. Cleve calls Constance in to meet with Josh, and she is stoked that Cleve is trusting her to run this project.

Josh has a project for a client who is ready to start shooting, and Constance is excited to start working on it because it will be shot for a movie poster that will be coming out. She begins sketching hopes it will pass “the daddy test,” as she runs her sketch by Cleve. They are going to turn a pretty girl into a lifeless ghoul creature and the actress will wear a foam latex piece. Constance will do the make-up, and that will create the ultra-twisted scream queen.

Cleve goes back to creating the mega spider, but does not have the final design, so begins working on the foam head of the spider. He realizes he is not supposed to breathe in the foam. Sonia puts a mask on Cleve, and he jokes that for once Sonia is not trying to kill him, as he reluctantly lets her put the mask on.

Cleve finally receives the final designs from the CGI company, though Hill and Cleve are not happy. The designs look different from the first designs Cleve was given, and the team does not like it at all.

Cleve must change his design, and everything Constance made has to be changed, because at first they looked like Black Widow spiders, and now they resemble a more alien-type spider. Butv  Cleve is ready and knows exactly what he is going to do. He is going to create the new spider and use a gel mix to make the melting head.

The model Chelsea arrives to meet with Constance to have a cast of her head made and Johnnie is helping Constance, the plaster application can be claustrophobic but Chelsea seems fine and Constance and Johnnie work quickly to get Chelsea out of the plaster mold and Constance begins working on the plaster cast.

Cleve is ready to assemble one big ass spider as the team must get back to working on the mega spider. Mike Mendez is stopping by to check on the mega spider and Roy is once again nervous and upset but Cleve has a vision and Mike is firing the CGI company right away because in reality Cleve’s mega spider is awesome.

It’s back to Constance and her plaster cast of the actress’ head, and she begins sculpting and working on the ghoul girl. Cleve and Hill are working on the webbing for the spider with Hill using a combination of a glue gun and an air compressor, and Constance is using silly string. Constance sprays Hill in the face to prove her idea will be better, prompting Hill to advise them to go to the toy store and buy “cans of stupidity.”

The spider web design prompts a competition for Hill who ends up throwing Constance’s silly string away (Bummer). Roy decides to take Constance and Hill to the park to shoot their webs off and see whose web design is better. They also invite Mike Mendez out to see how the practical effects are better than CGI. Johnnie gets involved using an ancient Chinese martial arts technique involving shredded tissue paper. Johnnie does a warmup and sets the bar for the web competition as he sprays Mike with his tissue paper web.

Constance is next with her silly string, and Mike doesn’t look too impressed but there’s still more. Cleve’s other daughter Elora brings out the net gun, and since the mega spider preys on humans, the spider needs a web that can catch humans. This prompts Mike to say he wants to go with CGI but wait there’s more again. Hill introduces his glue gun idea in his best Al Pacino as Scarface, saying “Say hello to my little glue gun,” but despite the glue being hot, it still looks cool after it sits for a while.

Q&A with Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden-Ried of Syfy’s Lost Girl

In the Syfy series Lost Girl, viewers are getting to know more about Bo, a succubus who uses sex to feed, heal and kill. Bo is played by Anna Silk who believes the reason for the show gaining success is growth. The writers have allowed so much room for the characters and the series to grow and develop since the first episode and the foundation is in place for the series to continue on.

Ksenia Solo who plays Kenzi, a thief, con artist, and Bo’s confidante, believes that the series is very unique. Kris Holden-Ried plays Dyson, the mysterious Fae who is Bo’s love interest and the first lover to survive a night with her. Holden-Ried enjoys the “creative story lines and characters that we can explore.”

The actors are also very happy to be able to continue their journey on the series, as they consider themselves very lucky to be able to talk to the writers and executive producers one-on-one when they need to. Holden-Ried explained, “They’re always open to our story ideas and we’re very fortunate to be able to have input.” The series is not a huge network show but it is big in the world of Science fiction. It stands as an independent production with Syfy, so they are generally able to speak up and be more “collaborative.”

The actors face some challenges but a few of those are welcomed. Holden-Ried’s character Dyson is very physical, and he was inspired to get back in shape and be strong again. He is careful when performing stunts, but he welcomes the challenges and searches for new ways to use his newfound energy.

Silk’s challenge is different. Her character was afraid and vulnerable, and Silk said she had that “down pat,” but does try to stay fit to play Bo. She does not have a sports background like Holden-Ried does, but she has learned a few tricks of the trade along the way. Ksenia takes inspiration from great actors she admires from movies. Kenzi is so full of life, so Ksenia remembers to eat properly and keeps her energy up to play Kenzi as bright and colorful as she is.

Silk finds her role as Bo incredibly refreshing, considering the content of the series is about a Succubus and there is a love triangle between the characters. One thing Silk jokes about is how many people she has kissed on the show. She can’t believe that is an important part of her job. There is a lot of great chemistry on the show, and Holden-Ried feels they’re “really blessed to have that real trust” with each other onscreen and off.

The cast is mum on future details of the series, but Silk confirms there will be some big events happening in the future. This will include something that will impact Dyson and Bo in a big way, and of course lots of new and exciting Fae drama as we continue to learn about Bo.

As for Silk being a succubus, it’s not all that bad, but she would like to see a few more mythological creatures on the series such as an incubus on the show. Holden-Ried deadpans seeing a minotaur and a Leprechaun would be great or an infamous troll.” Silk also discovers that Bo has a few new tricks up her sleeve, as she learns about Bo’s new power and what exactly she is capable of, so there are a lot of surprises in store.

In the end, the people behind Lost Girl are extremely proud of the show. Ksenia jokes that their goal is bringing married couples together in front of the TV.

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Monster Man, Mar. 28 – Demonic Ants, Roaches and Bio-Bugs

On tonight’s episode of Syfy’s Monster Man, Cleve finds himself surrounded by bugs – giant, gross bugs. Cleve and Constance are on their way to a client meeting to meet Roy and Director Tony Randel (Hellraiser II), and they have a new project called Subject 7. Tony has a very specific idea of what he wants done and the film sounds amazing, but the creature that Tony wants is “biomechanical,” which Cleve finds to be a challenge.

Tony’s creature reminds him of a cockroach (gross, but okay). He does not have a design for the creature and starts shooting in two weeks. As usual, Roy is panicking, and Cleve is excited because Tony has no design, but Cleve has plenty of ideas. He heads to the “mold garden” with his team to find pieces to start putting the creature together. The mold garden is compiled of pieces of creature molds that Cleve has created over the years. They are planning on casting pieces for Tony Randel’s Bio-Mechanical Bug.

Johnnie, Hill and Constance begin working on the creature, and Cleve is planning on piecing the parts together. The next meeting finds Roy meeting with Indy director Petro Papahadjopoulos, who has directed music videos and is now directing a feature film. He has an insane imagination. The film involves demonic giant ants that blow up. That is right up Cleve’s ally.

Cleve already has an idea to create the ants and have them explode. He is going to create them out of foam and hollow out the insides and fill them with all sorts of gooey exploding goodness for Petro.

Back to the bio bug, Cleve is taking all the pieces that they created and placing them together with fourteen days left until Tony begins shooting. Cleve starts to build a thorax, while Hill’s idea is to build a crest. Constance has no idea what they are talking about. Everyone is hard at work with the bug, and Cleve is not one-hundred percent sure about Hill’s crest. Everything Cleve created is too big for Cleve’s giant bio bug he had in mind.

Hill is not stoked that Cleve does not like his crest, and they have limited time to work on the bug. Cleve thought everyone would just be on the same level he was on with the bio-bug. Cleve needs Hill to continue working on the bug.

Roy comes in now to begin working on the demonic ant and Cindy is also working on the ants. Elora, Cleve’s daughter, begins assembling the ant legs that are filled with some cyanide, which leads Cindy to believe that the ants may be the death of her. They are back to the bio-bug, and the team starts over and comes up with a few sketches of how they see the bug coming together.

Cleve wants everyone to be a part of the bug. Roy calls Tony to find out what he thinks of the sketches that Cleve and the team came up with. Tony does not like the sketches, so Cleve decides that the team needs a field trip and some inspiration, so he heads to see Mike Masterson, exterminator extraordinaire. They will be looking for infestations of bugs and how bugs scare people. Cleve brought his whole family along because if you want to learn how bugs scare people, bring people who are scared of bugs (shudders and hides).

Mike takes Cleve, Sonia, Constance and Elora on the roach tour (sounds like fun). This is what Mike deals with every day. One thing about cockroaches is they give people an immediate reaction. Mike is picking these bugs up as Sonia screams, “Cleve is inspired.”

Cleve has learned two things – his eardrums can only take so much screaming as the bugs scatter around, and his monster needs a serious dose of the “creepy crawlys” and it must have more of an organic feel. Cleve has eight days until Tony is ready to shoot, but he is ready to create a bug that will destroy four unsuspecting victims onscreen, and just when they thought everything was moving forward, Tony sends a few changes.

Tony wants tentacles added, and Cleve loves the idea because you “can strangle people with tentacles.” He doesn’t understand what Roy is so stressed out about. Cleve is excited now that he has the script and can create the monster, but Roy is freaking out.

Constance is in charge of building the bio-mechanical bugs legs and has a great idea, but after a while her idea is not working so well. Constance fills Hill in on her idea, and he doesn’t think it’s going to work. He advises her to use piping instead of her erector set. After Constance and Hill finish the legs, Cleve tells her he likes the idea.

Syfy’s Seattle Superstorm, Q&A with Esai Morales, MacKenzie Porter & Jared Abrahamson

Syfy presents a brand new Saturday Original Movie Seattle Superstorm. The film is about a NASA scientist who thought everything would be fine when he moved to Seattle to find peace with his fiancée, Navy Lieutenant Emma Peterson, but when his son Wyatt can’t stop fighting with her daughter Chloe, they realize that their new family may not make it at all. Things are stormy on the homefront when an unidentified object is shot down by the military and it crashes into Puget Sound. It sets off a series of chaotic and strange weather events including earthquakes, tornadoes, and lightning storms These storms spread rapidly and the new family must find a way to work together and save their city and each other before it is too late and the all mighty Mother Nature destroys everything and everyone in sight.

Esai Morales, MacKenzie Porter, and Jared Abrahamson, the stars of the Syfy Saturday Original Movie, took part in a Q&A to discuss this force of nature film and the challenges they faced.

The characters each bring an interesting personality to the film. MacKenzie was immediately drawn to Chloe because she had never filmed an action movie before and was really excited to take part in all the “cool stunts and action sequences,” and it was a new challenge for her. Jarod had just finished a Hallmark film, so he had found filming Seattle Superstorm to be completely “polar opposite” to his previously filmed sappy, heavy drama. He jumped at the chance to read the script and be involved.

Esai was incredibly excited to be involved, because he could imagine all of these crazy events happening and Syfy found a way to make it work perfectly. He also enjoyed playing “the hero.” He had a lot of fun, and it was a rare chance to take on an entirely different character with strong abilities and characteristics.

The toughest part of the film was all the visual effects and the fact that the actors had to completely rely on their imaginations versus dealing with actual things they could see. MacKenzie said a lot “was done in post-production because in reality it is impossible to get chased by a tornado that doesn’t exist.”

Esai said it was also a chance to learn how to protect your family, learn about science and how the weather works scientifically, and how everything is connected and the cause and effects which can cause quite the conundrums in life. He values what it is to be a human being and everything that is at stake for this family and the survival of his onscreen family.

As always, the Syfy stars have developed huge followings among the social networks, and the stars are incredibly grateful to the viewers who interact with them. Jared admits he would like to be more active on the social networks, but he admitted it is new to him. Yet, he thinks it is great because it allows everyone to voice their opinion and connect with each other around the world.

MacKenzie feels it is the most intimate connection you have with the fans and viewers and admits she likes responding to the questions, seeing the feedback and being more involved. Esai admits he also was a bit resistant for a while because of sharing his life online, but he likes the idea of being to connect with the viewers and fans on a personal level. He feels it is a “combination of the mundane and a worldly connection.” They all agree that they do enjoy some privacy in their lives.

The cast admits the film has some crazy intense scenes. Jared is looking forward to seeing his driving skills onscreen and is hoping for a call to “be in the next Fast and Furious after they see this film.” Mackenzie loves going back and watching all the stunts and the exciting scenes; she feels they bring back special memories for each cast member. Esai’s take is slightly different. He uses humor to get through it, saying he believes his head looks big onscreen, and he goes through a slight cringefest. He is looking forward to the moments when he doesn’t cringe while watching himself onscreen.

The cast got along great, and Esai enjoyed working with MacKenzie and Jared. They are both very charismatic, and Esai had thought he better stay on top of his game “before they push me off the ledge.” He said they are great people and the feelings are mutual for Esai. The two actors enjoyed working with the veteran actor.

The cast loves Science-Fiction and the Syfy Channel. MacKenzie feels the film will grab Syfy viewers’ attention and that they will love the Sci-Fi elements of the film. Esai identifies with Syfy a great deal, identifying closely with Mister Fighter Man. Jared thinks the viewers will truly enjoy watching this family try and figure each other out at the same time they are figuring out how to deal with this massive disaster.

Esai said part of the fun is playing the characters and living in this insane fantasy land and thinking what if this would really occur. He believes this film will touch a nerve with human beings because there have been several global disasters that have affected everyone worldwide. To lighten the mood, he wants to give “Sharktopus a run for their money.”

Esai knows the film is over the top, but in reality you will find people stockpiling and buying water, bread and eggs for the possibility of what could happen in life whether it be aliens, storms, the end of world, or just the conspiracy theorists who have all the what if questions. This film goes above and beyond and adds a more scientific special Syfy touch that viewers love.

Each actor loves science in a different way, and they each enjoy natural disaster films. They send a special shoutout to the Helen Hunt film Twister, and Esai’s character is trying to figure out what is causing all this chaos by using science. He knows what his forte is and how he can properly use it.

On that note, Esai jokes his initials are E=MC2 and he would like to take credit for the film because of his interest in science, jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles and if he can help someone he will definitely try. He believes in random acts of kindness and his cast members agree.

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Monster Man, Mar. 21- Werewolves and Jenna Elfman

On tonight’s episode of Syfy’s Monster Man, the moon is full and the werewolves are coming to life, Cleve style. Cleve Hall and his insanely talented family and team take on werewolves and Jenna Elfman. At SOTA FX, Cleve is singing a random song and meets Thomas Churchill, who needs Cleve’s and Roy’s assistance Cleve uses his high tech calling device to bring in Roy and proceeds to scream ROY at the top of his lungs. Thomas Churchill is putting together a killer werewolf film called Hallow Point (wasn’t there a film called Hallow Point with a dude that played a vampire in a John Carpenter film? But I digress, moving on …), and he will be relying on Cleve to create this massive monster.

As Cleve talks about the process of creating a massive, monster werewolf, his own glowing contact lenses make him look a little wolf-ish. Thomas wants to go old school with no CGI, so he envisions the werewolf to be like the body of a lion: big teeth, mean and badass. The face will be very aerodynamic. Cleve wants it to be as realistic as possible, because it will be a guy in a suit and Cleve does not want to see a guy walking around in a Halloween costume with carnage, yet wants carnage. Did I mention he wants carnage?

Roy approaches Constance to sketch and design the werewolf. As Cleve’s daughter, she should be able to handle it. She works on it, and Johnnie approaches her and informs her that he is really into werewolves. He begins twenty questions and back seat designing.

Constance seems a bit annoyed, but continues working. Her father brings in Thomas’ stuntman Cody to start the measurements and begin the build of the werewolf. The inside will be all spandex and extra comfy according to Cleve. Thomas asks Cleve how long he has been in the special effects business and begins telling a super long story. Constance cuts in by informing viewers that his story is like the monster effects version of oh I had to walk twenty miles in the snow.

As Cleve chats away, he manages to finish the stuntman’s werewolf spandex garment while everyone is waiting on Constance to finish the design. Legendary filmmaker Richard Elfman is preparing for Forbidden Zone Part 2. His brother Danny Elfman did all the music for the first film. Richard presents Cleve and Roy with quite the challenge; he needs an insane mask for his lead actress Princess Polly, and she has an attractive body and a cartoon-like head.

Richard goes into clear details, and his vision is incredible. He heads straight to Cleve and Constance to do the sketch and put everything together. Richard wants the mask to be as crazy and monstrous as possible, but he also wants the actress to be able to move, breathe and function while filming. Constance went to cosmetology school, so facial prosthetics and make-up are right up her alley, and it is a dark alley.

The mask will be made out of foam latex in order for the actress to sing and dance. Richard brings the actress in to get ready for her monstrous mask mold; Erin the actress gets a life cast done and sits patiently as they cover her entire head to make the mold except for her nostrils. Sounds like a blast, but once they remove the cast from her face they will have the perfect platform to build the cast.

Now back to that mean, nasty werewolf. Constance is struggling with the design; she is happy with body but does not like the head. Cleve is looking for an inspirational place to visit. where is “Going to the woods.” No, he heads out to find the meanest attack dog he can find… a poodle. No, not at all, a German Shepard named MoMo. Is there a method to Cleve’s madness? No, just his madness, and it seems to work.

Cleve and Constance go on some pretty interesting field trips, and MoMo shows them how it’s done. MoMo is in full attack mode. To create his werewolf, he needs to create a MoMo times one thousand. The dog trainers bring out an extra dog bite training suit for Cleve to be MoMo’s next victim. Sonia says there have been many times she wanted to throw Cleve to the dogs; now is her chance to watch it happen.

Note to Folks: Don’t try any of this at home; MoMo and these folks are trained professionals, and so is Cleve Hall. Now, let’s hope Cleve does not get eaten alive so he can finish the werewolf. His werewolf inspiration trip finds Cleve quoting Reservoir Dogs. He believes now that he has been attacked by a dog knows now why he is a cat person. He will do anything for his daughter. Constance realizes what she is missing – massiveness, including teeth and the ability to glisten in the moonlight.

Cleve and Constance figure out how to make him into a hulking, killing machine, and the final stamp must be the fur. They create the huge muscular body and make the molds, and it takes everyone in the shop to make the suit. Sonia is very proud of Constance as she is in full Monster mode. The team continues working, then it’s back to the Princess Polly mask as Richard shows up to check on it in a vampire-inspired car.

Richard is joined by his son Bodhi Elfman and his daughter-in-law Jenna Elfman, who arrive to check out the Princess Polly mask. Bohdi is going to be in the film along with Jenna, or at least Richard hopes so. He is trying to entice her with something freaky and cool; so far she is game and ready to go.

Go ahead, prepare to howl at the moon, but not until the fur arrives. The team ordered fur, but it has not yet arrived, so Constance heads up the semi attic and finds a box of fur. You thought you had weird things in your attic.

Monster Man, Mar. 14 – Monster Madness

Monster Man takes viewers behind the scenes of one of Hollywood’s most respected and creative prop building workshops. For more than thirty years, when Hollywood has needed a bizarre top-notch creature or an out-of-this-world alien or a really awesome shark they turn to Cleve Hall and his very creative family business. Cleve works alongside his equally talented and creative daughters Constance and Elora Hall, as well as his ex-wife Sonja Maddox-Hall and a few of his best friends, Roy Knyrim and Johnny Saiko, and office manager Cindy Miller.

The family that creates together stays together, and Cleve and family invite Syfy viewers to watch as the most dramatic creatures on the big screen start with Cleve’s creations. Tonight, the premiere episode, Cleve is driving to his shop in his hearse (doesn’t everyone do that)? Cleve is meeting Sean Cunningham, legendary director of Friday The 13th. Sean and his son Noel Cunningham are working on a new project (a ghost story), and he needs Cleve to create conjoined twins. As Sean explains his project, Cleve’s wheels are turning, and he is already planning ideas.

Cleve says he will create a suit for the twins to wear, and it will be made of silicone, pure awesomeness for blood, mucus, sweat and horror. It’s all good in Cleve’s world. He is going to rig two silicone appliances together. To get started they must make a mold of the two twin actresses starring the film. They start off wrapping saran wrap around both actresses and then make a plaster mold of their torsos where they will be conjoined.

While the rest of the crew works on the conjoined twins, Roy of Sota XF and Cleve meet with Chris and Val from The Asylum and need Cleve and Roy to create a two-headed shark. Cleve’s first impression is that it is not good. He was not impressed with the design and decides to come up with something better. He wants to see real sharks in action, so heads to the marina to board the Sea Watch. He brings his daughters to “I.D. the body” in case something goes wrong.

Cleve decides to become the prey. Here’s hoping Cleve does not meet JAWS. Cleve gets so involved he mixes the chum up for the sharks while his daughter looks like she is going to throw up. Elora and Cleve are going to swim with the sharks in a shark cage; Cleve wants to see exactly how sharks move and how they approach their prey. Cleve gets in the cage with his daughter and immediately a shark approaches, inspiring Cleve.

Cleve heads back to the shop and decides the best way to create a two-headed shark is to start with a shark with two separate jaws so they could kill equally. Cleve shows the client the new design, and Roy is slightly concerned. Cleve is happy with his design and wants the client to change the design. He explains the whole affect and the clients like the idea. Now the challenge Cleve faces is creating a huge two-headed shark that is a killing machine, and it must be waterproof.

The guys are back at SOTA XF working on the conjoined twin’s assembly. They work on the torsos and completely assemble the twins while back on Cleve’s side, they are looking at sharks that Constance had delivered to pattern the two-headed sharks off a real shark.

They are back to the conjoined twins for Sean Cunningham’s new film and nearly finished with assembly Cleve is back to work with his daughter Constance on the two-headed sharks. Constance and Cleve are outlining the shark to create a pattern piece to put the shark back together. Constance has been working with Cleve since she was little and has gotten to the point of where she could build a monster herself.

Sonia says Constance and Cleve are very stubborn, and their arguments can turn into an all-out war, but despite the slight bickering, the two continue working, and the rest of shop looks as if they want to run away. Constance is trying to show Cleve a shortcut, but he wants to do it his way. Sonia plays the middleman and talks to Constance and then heads back to talk to Cleve. There was no time for discussion, and Cleve just wants to work.

They head back to the conjoined twins, and they invite Noel Cunningham, Sean’s son, in to see the almost finished project when Noel drops a time bomb on Cleve and tells him Sean wants to start shooting on Friday. He wants to start shooting the hospital nightmare on Friday, and Cleve has to make the mold, prepare the blood tubing and not freak out. They will get it done, but Cleve is hesitant and unsure.

Face Off, March 14 – A Finale of Epic Syfy Proportions

For the season finale, it has come down to three, the magic number of contestants left, but only one will take home the coveted prize of being Hollywood’s top-notch new movie magic extraordinaire. The final three are Rayce. a tattoo artist from Idaho, Ian, who just got out of school, and R.J., who has been teaching high school in West Virginia for eight years and wants this more than anything. I think they all do. They started off as an amazing large group and now only number three, as the moment of truth comes to fruition. It is time to put each person to the test.

The one thing they all really miss and may need to see is family. Every once in a while you just need that extra bit of motivation. Rayce, Ian and R.J. each get to talk to their family members via the computer. It was some justification for them to see what they have at stake and who loves them and supports them. May the best effects win.

This is the last challenge of the season and the contestants all have that spark in their eyes. There is only one challenge standing between them and winning the season finale of Face Off. McKenzie introduces them to their last challenge at the lab which will be a live prosthetic for a live choreographed moving character that will be ready to dance at the Alex Theater and they must choose a film genre. R.J. chooses Fantasy, Rayce chooses Fantasy and Ian picks Horror. McKenzie realizes they will need some help, and in walks all of this season’s past eliminated losers who are winners in their own way.

The three men choose their team and begin intense preparation. They choose who will best support their characters and begin to work on the concept. Ian comes up with a Lucifer-type character. R.J. is getting overwhelmed and needs to make decisions. He is in the final three and must step it up. Rayce iS choosing a very unique character.

Each person begins the sculpting phase. The chorographers, Craig and Lindsey, come in to talk to the three contestants, and R.J. decides on his concept after quite some time. The two dance instructors shoot his idea down like Clint Eastwood in a Western.

Each artist is given creative freedom. They are all confident they will be ready for application day, but Beki spots Athena’s sculpture, and it resembles a parrot. They are low on time and must move quickly; there can be no mistakes, and they may want to leave the second-guessing behind them.

It is day two of four and they only have ten hours to get everything ready. They are all working together to help Rayce, Ian and R.J. Jerry, of course, is still cynical. A special guest, McKenzie’s Dad, Michael Westmore, enters the picture. How cool is that? They will get the real deal help they need.

Michael lets McKenzie in on who he likes and who he is concerned about. They continue working as if their lives depend on it, and for one contestant their life does depend on it. Finally, Rayce calls time for the day.

The contestants return the next day and continue working. It is full on. AAs Beki would say “Let’s do this sh*t.” R.J. is the boss, not in a Soprano type of way, but he is taking this to the next level. Tara panics, because Ian’s hand molds are not responding properly. This is causing Ian to completely freak out, but he continues to work on the hand molds as Tara offers help.

It is day four, and the hand molds are a big part of Ian’s charcter. Finally they get the mold to open, but they are falling apart at a really bad time.

Time is up. The contestants leave and return for application day, the four hours to work on their models and one hour for last finishing touches. They begin working on everything, and the models arrive for the application process.

Ian picks up one of his pieces for the dancer and discovers it is too heavy. They must have full movement and be able to freely move along the stage with no interruptions, and everything must be perfect for these three magic makers. The effects and characters seem more elaborate and more twisted, freaky and cool.

Rayce, R.J. and Ian have a lot of help and are working with insanity to finish. When time expires, they arrive for the last looks and walk into their own make-up trailers as if they are on a real movie set. It is beyond amazing for each one of them, and of course each person wishes they could do more. There really is no time to think, so they just work.