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Q&A with Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna of Syfy’s School Spirits

Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna, creators of the series Celebrity Ghost Stories, took part in a conference call to discuss their new Syfy series School Spirits, airing Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Jarrett and Isogna have created original entertaining series for Disney, TNT and now Syfy. Seth began his career as a film and television producer and director at MTV, VH1 and the Oxygen channel. His skills in directing and storytelling led to a full-fledged career with television.

Julie started at a senior talent and music executive at MTV, Lifetime and Oxygen. She had success partnering talent with original television concepts and developing ideas with celebrities and musicians to create memorable scripted and non-scripted programming.

With this series, Seth explained, “The stories are all based on firsthand accounts. They’re all students, faculty or alumni. The story is built around first person storytelling.” They look for “compelling stories that viewers can relate to.” Julie chimed in to explain that they took a “very cinematic approach to the recreations on the show; we wanted them to feel like movies.”

School Spirits is different from other paranormal shows because Seth found people who could corroborate these stories and people who by nature are very skeptical. “It wasn’t good enough to just have someone sit down and tell us a story. They want to believe.” There are historians, professors, news reporters and even police reports to back the stories, making it important to bring as much of this information and multiple voices to tell their stories accurately.

The show also does a lot of interviews; everyone involved does an interview, giving them as much useful information and details as possible to recreate their stories. It takes a fairly good amount of time to put together an episode, Seth factors in “the casting process, finding multiple and reliable voices and good solid stories.” They are not looking for everyday bumps in the night, but true paranormal stories that will send shivers up and down viewers’ spines.

Seth and Julie also look for individuals who are willing to not only share such personal stories, but embrace their experiences and have people who are willing to look further into the unknown. “Not every campus is willing to embrace their experiences, and in some cases the hauntings are really deep-rooted in their own history.” In some cases they needed to bring people in and let them be in their own environment.

There have been so many paranormal shows and so many investigators who claim to have all the answers, of at least some of them. One thing that makes this show interesting is you are looking at things from a student’s perspective or a professor’s prospective, making it still everyday people. These are also people who are learning and skeptical in general as to what they see and how they ask questions.

Seth and Julie’s staff members have some pretty detailed accounts of their own regarding a few paranormal events they have experienced, and Seth and Julie have included some of them on the show. As for himself, Seth doesn’t remember any specific hauntings that happened to him when he went to school in Binghamton, but a few things have happened since then.

There is a list of colleges that Julie and Seth visited and several more that they would like to go to/ Julie suggests NYU in New York, and Seth agrees it would be a good choice. Some of the colleges they have been to already include Ohio University, Michigan State, Drew University in New Jersey and many more.

Seth felt that some of the smaller schools gave off more paranormal energy, including Lebanon Valley College or Sweet Briar, with the latter’s school energy coming from the daughter of the founder of the school of the school. According to Seth, “You can’t get more entrenched in the school history than that.”

The paranormal hauntings are also not all related to tragedies. They may be people who passed from natural causes, or it may just be from a violent death or a suicide. “What is amazing for us is the way people describe their experiences. The feeling of coldness in the air or the feeling of fingers touching their shoulders and being touched by a spirit.” Seth still believes, unfortunately, that many hauntings are related to tragedy.

There is always an eerie feeling Seth and Julie get when they do the interviews. The first episode is set at the University of Michigan, and Seth felt there was a “balance of creepiness and nervousness.” The story is rooted in steep school history. It is a “journey back in time with an interesting resolution.”

Seth and Julie found it to be a great test to find the right age group. Seth discovered that in some cases people were haunted by terrible evil, violent spirits, even though “School is supposed to be the best time of your life.” That is until you find yourself haunted, and not just by mid-term finals.

The oldest story Seth has come across is Genesco which takes place in 1884. He tries to find some of the older witnesses who may have been around when the spirits were human beings just living life, but it is not an easy task. Julie agrees, wanting to find the witnesses who knew the spirits for future episodes.

Seth and Julie found an interesting story at Slippery Rock University and the University of Michigan runs with a fraternity story. They believe they are being haunted there by “a violent spirit, a man who hung himself over 150 years ago, not too far from their fraternity house.”

Seth and Julie are not only looking for reaction from the people telling the stories, want the viewers to feel what these people have gone through. They want to tell good stories with legitimate purpose and well researched information helps.

Julie and Seth agree on the one person who had an impact on them while filming. It was a young man named Chris. His experience lasted for a long period of time. He had an emotional journey and we all felt for him.” Julie felt Chris impacted her on a personal level, yet admits that the stories are all scary and compelling.

Ultimately they are searching for even more honest and compelling, truthful stories. Follow them all on School Spirits, Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Syfy channel.

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Total Blackout, May 30 – Don’t Panic; It’s Only Eels!

Total Blackout brings four players together to compete for five thousand dollars, but the catch is they must compete in total darkness. This sounds easy, but the screaming gets louder each week to prove that it is not easy at all. Poor Jaleel White’s eardrums!

Let’s meet tonight’s players who will compete in the darkness. Blaiz, 18, of Cove, OR, is a student. She will either “go for it or say nooo!” Let’s hope she goes for it! Next is Shereese, 36, of Portsmouth, VA, also a student, and her strategy is plain and simple, “Just go for it.” Chuck, 32, of Van Nuys, CA, is an Audio Tech. He can handle little bugs, but “once they start to crunch, he has to call his brother.” Maybe his brother should have been on the show instead of him. Julian, 28, of Oklahoma City, OK, is currently unemployed but he is not a quitter. His dad better not see him cry on television.

The first challenge looks like a conundrum, and it is all about timing. The players must jump over an electronic stick that will be swinging in complete darkness. Oh boy, why do they do this? Julian is first and is not crying yet. Chuck looks kind of like a zombie reaching out to bite someone. Shereese and Blaiz seem more quiet and relaxed, and Shereese is worried about jumping. Just jump Shereese.

Shereese made an attempt, but still got hit in the shins with a stick, while Chuck jumped over the stick on his first attempt. Julian and Blaiz are counting too slowly and keep missing the stick. Just count fast and jump like hell. Julian finally jumps at the right time. Poor Shereese must recover after missing ten times. They jump again, but this time into the black hole. It ends up being Shereese who jumps into the black hole.

Blaiz, Julian and Chuck are left to battle it out in the dark and play in some water. They must identify three items while taking a terrifying swim, which no one wants to do because there is usually a giant octopus or a shark involved on Syfy, but on Total Blackout, it is a little safer. Out of everyone right now, Blaiz looks calm, while Julian is worried because he doesn’t want anything in his ears or eyes and doesn’t want anything that is alive. Well, that leaves out all of Syfy’s options besides the water.

The first item they pour in is crawfish and Julian freaks out. He thinks it’s some kind of “multi-legged insect.” Blaiz lets out the first shriek and shouts “Fish!” No, it is not fish, but Chuck gets a little closer as is actually trying to pick the crawfish up. Julian is losing his shoe and panicking. Never panic in water.

Blaiz finally guesses that there are indeed crawfish in the water with her. The next item they throw in with the players are eels, yes little eels. Julian is having a full-on panic attack as he is touching his shoe and freaking out. He is trying to calm himself down, but it is not working. Just take a deep breath. Chuck thinks there are leeches in the water, and Blaiz guesses correctly that she is in the water with eels.

The last item they pour in are doll heads. Julian leaps out of the tub of water and is scared to death, and Blaiz is screaming and grossed out. It’s only doll heads. Well, okay, that is weird to throw into a tub of water. Chuck guesses doll heads right away. Julian closes his eyes; I feel bad for him. He finally reaches in and touches the doll heads and guesses correctly. He loses his shoe again.

Before the next round, someone needs to get Julian out the tub and give him a bag to breathe in to. They line up, ready for someone to go home. It is Julian who jumps into the black hole. Poor Julian, at least he didn’t cry.

Chuck and Blaiz are moving on to the final challenge. They must use only their hands to identify four random items in complete darkness. Chuck is getting used to the darkness now and Blaiz is doing well but she is hoping that nothing gets wrapped around me.

Chuck and Blaiz try to pick up the items. Oh my Lord, Chuck picks up a tarantula. I can’t watch this. Why would you do that? You only need to touch the tarantula, yet he is picking it up. Chuck moves onto the next tank which contains the ever-so-frightening feather duster.

Blaiz is screaming again and can barely get her hand into the tank to guess that there is a feather duster in the tank, but she finally does guess right. Chuck thinks the items are moving up the scary chart now. I think that happened when he stuck his hand in a fish tank to pick up a tarantula.

The third tank has a lizard, but Blaiz guesses it is a starfish. Since when are starfish and lizards shaped the same? The fourth tank contains a hand, a human hand, and both players freak out equally, but Chuck a little more than Blaiz as she guesses right away. Chuck thinks the human hand is a frog at first! He finally guesses correctly, and they are pretty even now as time is up!

Jaleel got a kick out of Blaiz petting the tarantula like it was a mouse, It is time to find out who is going home with five thousand dollars. I have a feeling it will be Chuck, but we shall see when they jump into the black hole. Jaleel prepares them and while Chuck and Blaiz both jump, the winner of Total Blackout is indeed Chuck.

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Q&A with John Zaffis of Syfy’s Haunted Collector

The Syfy series Haunted Collector has returned for a second season with all new haunted items. John Zaffis and his family are on a mission to find out if spirits really do live and exist in objects such as a family portrait or that nice collectible that was given to you from a family member. 

The Zaffis family are renowned paranormal investigators, tracking down haunted items like paintings, guns, jewelry and dolls. Once identified, these obscure items are collected and stored in the family’s museum, helping John’s clients bring normalcy back to their lives.

John’s team includes Jason Gates (Investigator), his son Chris Zaffis (Investigator), his daughter, Aimee Zaffis (Investigator), Brian Cano (Tech Specialist), Jesslyn Brown (Investigator), and Beth Ezzo (Investigator and team psychic.)

John Zaffis took part in a Q&A to discuss the series and what viewers can expect. Zaffis got started in the paranormal business when he was sixteen years old. He “had an experience in the middle of the week on a Wednesday evening. At the foot of the bed there was a six foot figure that appeared. It was transparent and shaking its head back and forth.” He had tried to explain the experience to his mom, but she was did not want to hear it because she was petrified of the paranormal world.

There was no internet for John to begin his research, so he did it the old-fashioned way; he met with people and read all the books he could find. He learned and worked with his Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Ed Warren, and believes he couldn’t have gotten the education he received from them out of a book. “I was exposed to different things, and I started digging deeper, and I realized there are thousands of people with paranormal experiences.” The scientific prospect and working with people was intriguing to him.

The biggest factor for this show is how to determine if an item is haunted. John said, “What we normally find is high readings, EMF off of particular items, and we’ll focus in on the item to see if it could be causing a disturbance. There are times when items will pick up electronic voice phenomena, and in this season, we are doing a lot of experiments to try and prove that it is a particular item triggering activity within a room.”

After thoroughly investigating the items in order to give the families peace of mind, John stores the items in a barn on his property. John has collected items over the past thirty eight years and is hoping viewers will get to see more of the barn and the rare haunted collectibles.

You can’t have a paranormal show without awesome equipment, so John added a few new things for season two, including a helicopter that acts as a surveillance system. The team is also very cautious as they take on cases. John is very guarded and careful, because he believes “there are times when the spirits and energies can trick you.” He proceeds with caution no matter where he is going or what the case may be.

Items that are most often haunted may come from tragedies or a spirit that is looking to hold on to something. John finds that items such as toys, dolls and items that may come off of ships are prone to holding on to energy. It does not always have to be the same type of item. There are no restrictions in the spirit world, and John has seen everything from a button that came from a grave site to pieces of furniture.

People are also haunted personally by items. There may be certain family members, and even pets, that an item will attach itself to. The families may think they are going crazy when it happens to one person, but then the item will begin to affect the entire family. John finds children and pets are the ones who tend to notice the occurrences more frequently.

The museum John has on his property is not considered a dangerous place despite all of the haunted items. John manages to contain it; he is guarded and very cautious with the items. He has a lot of spiritual friends who he relies on for help, including Native Americans, shamans, priests and ministers. He asks for help when they visit. He likes to try and break free some of the energy associated with the items.

John’s overall goal is to “bring peace to the families” and calm down the paranormal activity in a home. He is also aware of the skeptics and keeps an open mind, but uses a lot of scientific methods to approach the paranormal activity and strives for the best results with help from his family. John will keep going and knows that energy has the ability to attach to anything that could be from the past or the present.

It takes an emotional toll on the families and pets. In order for people to be comfortable and at ease, once they discover where the problem is coming from, John and his family just want to give the families peace of mind so that the spirits are able to rest or go off in their own realm, unless they prefer to stay in John’s museum.

John’s role models are Ed and Lorraine Warren, his uncle and aunt. He also looks to the elderly as inspiration; “they have a lot of knowledge and information for the next generation to understand.” He likes to look at every perspective, and he and his family work hard and keep going.

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Total Blackout, May 16 – Rats, Roaches, Spiders, Oh Syfy

On tonight’s episode of Total Blackout, there are four teams, three challenges, and only one win. Yes, tonight’s episode is a special team episode.

Let’s meet these enthusiastic people waiting to roam around in complete darkness for five grand. Sarah, 35, and Melissa, 31, both from Granada Hills, CA, best friends. Melissa is 6’1 and says she can pretty much scare off anything or anyone. I like her attitude. Go Melissa! Allison, 39, and husband Tony, 34, from Los Angeles. They are relying on their good communication skills to get them through the show.

Perky married couple Dallas, 25 and Tahlia, 25, from Austin, TX. They are “super confident” that they are going to win because, as Tahlia said, “We win, that’s what we do.” Deshelle, 34, and LaTonya, 41, from Philadelphia, a niece and aunt. They are determined and “in it to win it,” but imagine all the family gatherings. Every time something goes wrong, LaTonya can bring up Total Blackout.

The first competition involves coffins. No way. I don’t even want to know. But the catch is they must search the coffins in a makeshift graveyard. Wait, it gets better! The teams must search the contents of each coffin and find the most mouse traps. Oh, this sounds like a blast. They must do all of this in complete darkness.

Melissa and Sarah are first. Melissa advises Sarah not to cry. The screaming begins, and Tahlia runs into the wall and discovers she is not really good in the dark. I am concerned for her; she does know this show is filmed in complete darkness, doesn’t she? Melissa and Sarah touch something furry. It is a mouse.

Dallas believes he touched something furry and finally guesses correctly that it is a rat! Tony thinks something is on his foot and begins describing what is in the coffin. It literally turns into the Million Dollar Pyramid. “Maybe like a rabbit, small gerbil like thing, things that when I touched them, they scurried?” Finally his wife saves him … “Rats!”

Jaleel gives Deshelle and LaTonya some words of inspiration. Deshelle and LaTonya are standing in front of a coffin full of roaches. Run away, save yourselves. Okay, go ahead and stick your hands into the disgusting coffin full of roaches. They do guess correctly that there are roaches, yes roaches, in that coffin. There are no words.

Sarah and Melissa scream and make me so nervous I think I screamed. Melissa tells Sarah to suck it up. I don’t think she would want to even do that. Dallas is reaching into the rat coffin and feels nothing but “furry balls.” I won’t even say anything. Deshelle and LaTonya are back at the rat coffin and trying to attempt to feel around for mousetraps. Sarah is still screaming and LaTonya joins her.

Dallas and Tahlia are extremely giddy and reach the coffin with spaghetti and teddy bears in it. Dallas can’t stop laughing. Okay, this is just hysterical. Sarah and Melissa are convinced they have discovered worms. Melissa screams at the top of her lungs. I am searching for ear plugs as she screams “Oh Sh*t! I don’t like worms.” Sarah also constantly needs to pee. Everything imaginable makes her want to pee.

I would not want to be stuck in a horror movie with these two. No way! Sarah and Melissa are still screaming. Jaleel advises them that they need to reach into the coffin. Melissa doesn’t do rats; she had rats in her attic and almost died. Okay then, good luck with winning! 

Allison and Tony are doing a little better, but Allison is not exactly helping her husband. They must collect mouse traps. Dallas and Tahlia are on the move, and Dallas is still giddy. 

They make it through the first round One team needs to take a dive into the deep black hole. The team leaving is screaming even on their way out. Goodbye Melissa and Sarah. Deshelle and Latonya have survived along with Tony/Allison and Dallas/Tahlia.

For the next round, Jaleel informs the teams that they will be hoisted in the air and must walk across a platform with large holes cut into it. The reality is that there are no holes in the platform. Tony and Allison are going first and do not realize they are playing on solid ground. Each team feels they went up really high when in reality they did not go anywhere.

Tahlia informs her husband to “Watch out for Vaseline and stuff.” Really? Oh Lord. Tony and Allison have a plan and go about it in a sliding stealth mode. DeShelle and LaTonya turn it into a game of Marco Polo in which Jaleel chimes in to help them along, but not to confuse them. They are already on a fake platform in complete darkness, no confusion there.

The screaming decreases since Sarah and Melissa jumped through the black hole. While the teams are in pitch black darkness, their greatest challenge is not allowing their imagination to ruin them and take over. Dallas and Tahlia have discovered to go toes forward and Dallas feels slippery stuff. Where is that? Water world? DeShelle and LaTonya are going very slowly and holding hands so they don’t fall. Tony is scared for Allison’s safety and is finally on the finish line.

Allison reaches the finish line and Tony needs a drink. DeShelle and LaTonya also reach the finish line, and their strategy worked. Did they have one? No one is sure really if they had a strategy. Finally everyone tip toes through the challenge and makes it to the finish line. Deshelle and LaTonya made it in the best time and are safe.

But one team must jump through the black hole, and it is the very giddy Dallas and Tahlia. Tony and Allison are safe. 

The final challenge is going to be buckets of fun. In total darkness, one member of each team must identify three items one at a time. At the same time the other team member must pull a corresponding rope and identify the related item that falls on top of them. 

Okay, let’s get ready to identify whatever disgusting items will be awaiting the teams. DeShelle and LaTonya are scared, but going forward, Tony is in front of three plates containing mystery items. It makes you cringe just thinking about it. 

Tony guesses first. It is a fish head and worms along with claustrophobia and really gross items. DeShelle and LaTonya also guess correct. The second plate Tony again guesses correctly, cheese. DeShelle and LaTonya calmly guess cheese and crackers. Both teams are doing well. The last plate has spider webs on it. Both teams guess. DeShelle is screaming as the spiders fall on her.

LaTonya begs to get out of the box before she has a “nervous breakdown.” Jaleel thought she was going to have a cardiac arrest and he was going to have to call 9-1-1 for her. But LaTonya was laughing, so they were okay. The teams have successfully and safely completed their challenge.

Jaleel prepares the countdown, and one team is about to win five thousand dollars, while the other is about to jump into the black hole. The winners are Tony and Allison! Congratulations Tony and Allison.

Don’t miss next week’s exciting episode of Total Blackout, Wednesday, 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you. Here is a tip for you folks, bring a flash light. 

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Total Blackout, May 23 – Feeling Up He-Man in the Dark

On tonight’s episode of Total Blackout, three players will compete in three extreme challenges with a twist. They must do everything in pitch black. 

Host Jaleel White introduces tonight’s brave players. Marie, 23, of Randolph, NJ, is in communications. Marie is definitely a Jersey girl and her attitude will come out during the competition. Next up is Paris, 25, Seattle, WA, in timeshare sales. Paris believes he will win despite the fact he startles easily, as he can remain calm under pressure. Yeah, yeah. That is what they all say until they turn out the lights.

We have the very optimistic Spencer, 40, Boston, MA, a health consultant. Spencer is going to win because he is the kind of man who preserves through any challenge! Go Spencer. The last player is Sophia, 21, Sun Valley, CA, a student. Sophia believes she is going to win because her family history originates from Sparta. So does this mean she is going to rely on Kirk Douglas for help?

In the first challenge the players must wear a metal glove. Their job is to find the creature that eats from the glove. Okay I would be leaving now. They must find the meat-eater and feed it. Oh, hell no! But there is a twist for these poor scared folks – none of the creatures are meat-eating killing machines. The animals and mammals located in the cages are a dog, a person, a harmless little bunny rabbit. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the fake alligator?

I guess they are lucky JAWS was too big for a cage. They must find the meat-eater in the fastest time possible and deal with the dark. Sure, that sounds simple. Paris is freaking out trying to remain calm. Marie’s Jersey girl persona is not helping her; in fact it became rather elusive.

Paris wants to know what he is doing in spandex feeding a random animal. Well, I believe they explained this to him in the first segment of the show. “Holt geez that,” is all Paris has to say. Spencer is worried he is going to lose an arm and keeps repeating “Eat the meat, eat the meat, sort of in a Buffalo Bill voice. It is kind of scary.

Marie and Sophia are taking their time. There is not as much screaming, which is a relief for viewers and Jaleel White. Well, just when I thought there was no screaming, the human touches Spencer and Paris and they both scream! (Extremely loud!) I just wonder what they think after they go home and watch the show to see just how they act. 

This is challenging because the players can’t see anything at all. The meat-eater is the dog. The dog took a bite from Marie. Paris and Sophia were also able to feed the nice dog. Spencer is trying to re-gain his composure and doesn’t want to scare it by screaming … so stop screaming. He finally manages to feed the dog.

The contestants make it out alive for one of them to jump through the black hole. Paris takes a dive through the black hole leaving Spencer, Marie and Sophia for round two. 

In the next challenge, the players will be getting up close and personal with four unusual items and must guess their correct weight. Okay, nothing like having to deal with semi-naked people in the pitch black.

Each player thinks it is going to be easier, but it is not. Maria is first and is in front of the first semi-naked person and must guess the weight. She guesses 350, but he is 340. Sophia guesses 80 pounds. Interesting that she says 80 pounds when this is a big dude. The next person is a 120 pound girl. Maria guesses 115, and Sophia feels violated. Spencer is next and is cursing more than guessing.

The last dude is big and buff, and Maria asks all the viewers not to tell her boyfriend. Hello, this is on television. Spencer says, “Imagine feeling up He-Man in the dark.” Spencer guesses 210, but in reality He-Man is 245. The last man is very hairy and weighs 175, but they all guess incorrectly. Sophia thought she was touching a gremlin. Spencer wonders if they found an ape or a monkey to join the show.

They all were really off with their weight guesses; let’s hope they don’t ever join the fair as weight guessers. Spencer looks like he is going to puke. Hopefully  he won’t, or so will everyone else. But wait, Spencer guesses the hairy gremlin man’s weight correctly.

With that wonderful round complete, one player must dive into the black hole leaving the other two to compete for the five thousand dollars. The remaining players are Spencer and Maria. Sorry Sophia, it looks like the Spartans were not on your side. 

The last challenge involves tarantulas. Why must they do this? Arachnophobia! There are one hundred fake spiders in a maze, and they must connect as many spiders as possible. But wait this is Syfy; you know there is a twist!

There are two, yes two, live tarantulas that do not like to be touched. The two tarantulas are safely locked away in glass cases away from the player. No way, no way, no way! I would not do it! Each player is frantic and making me nervous. I am going to fall off the sofa, I can’t handle this whole spider situation, and Spencer is petrified.

Maria gets through by thinking of her grandfather and how he would never let anything bad happen to her. Spencer begins grabbing all the webs and is losing it now because he has the entire fake web all over him. They have thirty nerve wracking seconds left. Oh lord, help them.

This show is intense tonight. The players are really going for it! They only have a few more seconds. There can only be one winner. They take the final plunge into the black hole Spencer is five thousand dollars richer having survived Total Blackout. Sorry, Maria!

Don’t miss next week’s all new episode of Total Blackout, Wednesday at 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you. Oh and a word of advice, check under the bed for spiders. 

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Q&A with Joe Maddalena of Syfy’s Hollywood Treasure

Syfy’s series Hollywood Treasure, starring collectibles expert Joe Maddalena, has returned for its second season. Each episode takes viewers into the fascinating world of showbiz and pop culture memorabilia, with the season opener traveling to “Middle-earth” and featuring actor Sean Astin’s Lord of the Rings collection. Maddalena recently held a conference call to discuss the new season.

The upcoming season’s first two episodes are showcasing the Whitney Houston costume from The Bodyguard, the house in American Horror Story, items from the television series Lost, the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, the original camera George Lucas used to film Star Wars, and Maddalena’s personal Holy Grail … the lost pair of ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz. It does not get any more amazing than that.

Each episode of the documentary-reality series follows Maddalena, owner of Profiles in History and the world’s largest auctioneer of original movie, television, science fiction, fantasy and pop culture collectibles. Viewers will watch as Maddalena and his crew travel the globe searching for the most compelling, rare, and sought-after Hollywood memorabilia. During each show, Maddalena also presides over auctions where the collectibles are sold to fans and collectors from all around the world.

For collector’s, Maddalena’s finds are some of the greatest in the world and the main find has been the elusive ruby slippers. He finds it “surreal now looking back that two pairs have gone through my hands.” Maddalena’s collectibles are rarities, hence the show being called Hollywood Treasure.

Joe finds all of the great items. One of the most valuable items that was consigned to him was Debbie Reynolds’ dress from The Seven Year Itch. The dress went for five and half million dollars.

Joe’s neighbor, actor Sean Astin, is a part of the series; he takes on a journey to Middle-earth. Joe is selling a large collection that belonged to the Dryer family, and the collection includes “this amazing map of the Middle-earth … I thought Sean would enjoy seeing the map; it was Tolkein’s copy.”

The series is jam-packed with elusive, creative items. One of the great collections Maddalena came across, thanks to the Dryer family, was the late actor Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume used in Superman I and II. They collected all things Superman and also found Marlon Brando’s Jar-El’s complete costume from the beginning of the movie and George Reeves’ Superman cape. “It’s just kind of a mind-boggling collection.”

Whether it is classic, vintage, or new Hollywood, Joe manages to find it, This season we find him working in the American Horror Story house. For viewers and Horror travelers, the home is a seventeen thousand square foot mansion located in Los Angeles.

Joe explains, “I thought it would be cool to get some of the props from the show, and lo and behold we met this man, and we ended up at the American Horror Story house. It was really eerie, because you’re in the house, and then the basement, and you start to think people are actually hanging. We’re going after these properties now because they have so much value besides just being a home.”

In the world of collectibles, Joe believes the most sought after Marilyn Monroe item would be “the smoking gun that linked her to the Kennedy’s, perhaps if a diary emerged.”

Some rare items Joe has come across that he would not auction off would include the late Anna Nicole Smith’s personal diaries. He originally acquired these when a man called him up immediately after her death to sell them.

Joe purchased the diaries and read them, then thought it over for a few minutes and gave them back to the mystery man. They are worth a fortune. Someone else did sell them for four hundred thousand, but Maddalena felt “it was incredibly exploitative and I just couldn’t handle it.”

One item Maddalena could never part with would be Buck Rogers’ sidekick Tweaky. Joe’s son had a little robot. Felix Hiller, who wore the costume on the show, met Joe and his son. Joe’s son thought it was coolest thing in the world, so he could never part with it, as it is his family’s own Holy Grail. Felix Hiller would later go on to sell his costume to Joe’s son. He said, “he’ll take it to his grave.”

Joe also finds a lot of horror items considering the show airs on the Syfy channel. Joe finds that some of the most popular items stay consistent including items starting in the 1920’s. He points to the 1930 and 1931’s Frankenstein and Dracula. “I think we’re infatuated with vampires, look how popular they are now. I think the supernatural, ghosts, vampires, and ghouls fascinate me.”

He believes it is the macabre and part of human nature to have a fascination with the dark side. People want to be vampires; they want to find that dark place so Horror will always be an important genre. Joe recently came across an amazing piece of Horror history, Bela Lugosi’s cape from Dracula.

The legend goes that Bela was buried with the cape on. Joe met with Bela Lugosi Jr. and it was sort of true, but not one hundred percent. He was going to be buried with the cape, but Bela Lugosi’s wife wouldn’t allow it. They buried him in a different cape, but she kept the cape from 1931.

It is more than a piece of fabric; it is a historic item. Joe believes it was the “greatest groundbreaking deal of universal horror. I mean it’s amazing to see that it exists.”

Joe covers everything, every genre and takes on all memorabilia and viewers can expect segments on everything and everyone from The Hunger Games to singer Whitney Houston.

Joe has an incredibly diverse group including vampires. One in particular, Gary Oldman, played Dracula in Bram Stokers Dracula. Viewers will get to see some of the elusive make-up pieces and Vi Neal of Syfy’s Face Off will make an appearance.

What keeps Joe up at night? Johnny Depp’s pirate hat from Pirates of the Caribbean “Can you imagine having that?” He is like a kid with a really awesome comic book collection, but the difference is, he is so passionate about them items and knows so much about all of the history these items hold. The ultimate find for Joe would be Maria, the robot from Metropolis. Maria is a Hollywood myth and legend but somewhere out there Joe may find her.

Maddalena is a man of dignity and does not disrespect the deceased or the living, so that in itself makes Joe very valuable. “I live, sleep, eat, and my heart goes pitter patter when a box comes in. Every day is like Christmas.” His genuine enthusiasm makes the show. He has extensive knowledge thanks to his parents and his own business, Profiles in History.

This is what Joe lives for each day, he learns the history of each item “That is what makes me get up in the morning.”

Make sure to watch Hollywood Treasure,Tuesdays at 10/9c on the Syfy channel to join Joe on his journey.

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Total Blackout, May 9 – Tell Me I’m Not Licking a Toilet Seat!

On tonight’s episode of Total Blackout, there are four players and three challenges. The players are competing for five thousand dollars in complete darkness, and the catch is that they must conquer their fears, phobias, the competition, and also the ick factor. 

Let’s meet tonight’s players. Cliff, 21, from Trabuco Canyon, CA, is a student. Okay Cliff likes to close his eyes and just face his fears head on, and this has worked for him in all scenarios except for his fear of driving! Here is a tip for his fellow Trabuco Canyon residents – stay off the road when Cliff is behind the wheel.

Next up – Chellena, 42, from Chicago, IL, a music director. She is a winner and likes to win and will win. Go Challena!  Justin, 24, from Riverside, CA is a bank teller. Justin believes he is mentally tough and very competitive. We shall see when we watch him scream in the dark. Good luck, Justin, may the force be with you, or at least a flash light. Irina, 46, from Russia, is a mom. Moms have seen it all, so she may just be the winner, or maybe she watched Rocky V and took notes from Ivan Drago. Good luck players. 

The first challenge already sounds gross and vile. The players use only their mouths and identify each object. Cliff is worried he may have to put things like chickens, live puppies, cattle, and things of that nature in his mouth. Where do these people come up with these insane ideas? The must identify four items correctly and after the first challenge one player will be eliminated by taking a jump through the black hole. Jaleel explains all their answers will be right on the tip of their tongue. 

Oh this is so beyond gross; I think I am going to close my eyes. Cliff starts off and walks head on into the door. Good one! Challena is doing a lot of laughing, but at least it is not screaming! Irina is giddy and tries to test the first item, which is an ear. She makes a reference to ole Mike Tyson and immediately guesses it is an ear. The gross part is that she really did quite a lot of nibbling on some random person’s ear.   

Justin makes random guesses, such as a bug, and a mouse. No and No! Irina takes her turn and just can’t deal with this. Cliff has his turn and guesses an ear, and bada bing, he is correct! 

The next item is a cow tongue, and Cliff guesses a fish and a fish head over and over again, oh this is too much. Challena gets right in there digging in and using her animal instincts, handling this piece of meat. She finally guesses liver. Gross. Irina starts screaming at random times and just can’t get to this cow tongue. Finally Cliff guesses correctly after first shouting cow head.

Nothing like French kissing a co ,says Jaleel. No way in a million years; that is all I will say. But it is not over yet; they have the ultimate taste test. I will give you a hint: millions of people sit on it every day, and now these people are licking it and trying to figure out what it is. Okay, do you want to know? It is a toilet seat!

I know, I know. A toilet seat … no way! I would run for my life, and they could keep the five thousand dollars. Cliff must now taste the toilet seat; oh I can’t handle this … He is kissing it and licking it and now so is Irina. Oh, help these people, get them some wipes and Clorox. Cliff keeps guessing and finally guesses a toilet seat! Irina says, “I hope it’s not a toilet.” Challena is practically eating the toilet seat, finally guesses correctly, and is so grossed out. 

It is Justin’s turn again, and he goes toward the human toe, which is yet another wonderful item to be licking. I need a barf bag. Irina finally guesses it is a toe. Challena just starts sucking away and guesses a toe right away.

This is so gross, so thankfully it is over. One contestant will be jumping through the black hole and the other three will continue to go on to more torture. After Jaleel’s countdown, poor Justin does not make it to round two.

 The next challenge features the players doing the electric limbo. The object is simple; try not to get shocked. They better be flexible, because they are going to have to bend over backwards. The player that takes the longest to limbo is going home. 

Irina is first and finds there is a catch – there is no electric limbo, just the sound of electricity. The guards are in charge of making the old school Frankenstein sound with a little limbo music.

Irina must get low and limbo like her life depends on it. Cliff starts to limbo, and so does Challena. She has a system and is really getting into this limbo. Cliff throws his back into it and pushes through it as quickly as possible. Jaleel tries to throw out some inspiring words, but the players just try not to get fake electrocuted. Irina, Cliff and Challena finish and all do well.

One more player will be sent home through the black hole. Challena and Cliff are the two to stay in the game and will have to go swimming for the final challenge. Folks should know by now not to go swimming in the dark on the Syfy channel.

It is pure adrenaline and fear as the two contestants prepare to take on the unknown. It is a unique show, because it truly shows when the mind wants to push itself it really can. Cliff and Challena will be submerged in icy water and must identify three items correctly that are dumped on top of them in the icy water. The player who identifies all of the items the fastest will win.

 Cliff thinks he may have peed himself (bummer), while Challena is ready and waiting. Cliff goes first and is afraid already, as item number one is submerged. He guesses correctly that it is a fish. Challena is next and she finally guesses correctly after some screaming. 

The next item is a mophead, and Challena and Cliff are freaking out, shouting all kinds of random crazy stuff. Cliff finally guesses and has one item to go. Challena guesses right as well. The last item is an octopus, and they both guess correctly.

They act scared but time is up. After Jaleel’s countdown, Cliff is sent through the black hole, leaving Challena is the fearless winner. Congratulations Challena. You competed and won five thousand dollars on Total Blackout.

Don’t miss next week’s exciting episode of Total Blackout, Wednesday, 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you. Stay out of the dark, Folks.

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Total Blackout, May 2 – Spiders, Rats, and Tigers, Oh My!

On this week’s episode of Total Blackout, the contestants compete in complete darkness making you wish you could throw them a flashlight. Some of the terrifying challenges are more like disgusting challenges . 

The contestants are Rob, 32, from Sussex County, NJ, a pre-med student hoping to walk away with five thousand dollars. (Maybe he can channel Snooki for help), Eddie, 41, from Los Angeles, CA, a manager. Eddie’s plan is to “jump in with two hands and just go for it.” I think he means with two feet, but whatever is best for him, good luck with that, Sir.

Ingrid, 34 from Melbourne, Australia, a waitress, has been skydiving swimming with sharks, so my money is on her. If you can swim with sharks, you can roam in complete darkness and smell weird food. Michael, 31, from West Hollywood, CA, is a Circus Aerialist. Okay, I take that back. This man performs thirty feet in the air and works for the circus. Maybe Michael has a chance; I wonder how you apply to work for the circus?

The contestants must compete against each other, one girl against three guys. Ingrid is going for the “girl power” move. Let’s hope she does well. The first challenge is all about touch. The players must identify four items in fish tanks using only their hands in complete darkness, and must not let their minds play tricks on them.

Michael freaks out and has not even touched anything yet. Eddie is going in the wrong direction, and once again … poor Jaleel, get the man some ear plugs. Ingrid actually made it to one fish tank, slightly screaming. She guessed the first tank correctly, a mouse not a snake. Good for Ingrid! 

Screaming Eddie covers his eyes … in the dark! Covering his eyes and screaming in pitch black darkness. Jaleel informs him that covering his eyes is not helping him. Get the man a bag so he can breathe. Eddie does guess correctly, a rat or as he said a “f****** rat.”

Its Rob’s turn, and he tries to feel around the tank, but he doesn’t feel anything. Is he playing charades? He just keeps shouting random things, “Turtle. Ferret. Snake. Worm.” He gets bit and Jaleel tells him to go on to the next tank.

Michael tries to make his way to the tank and insists there is no tank. There is a tank, but he is doing some kind of dance that makes me wonder if he has to go to the bathroom or if he’s just scared? This is very confusing. He also proclaims loudly “I am glad I’m giving you entertainment.”

Ingrid is in position at the second tank, and for someone who swam with sharks, I have lost hope in her. It is a snow ha. Michael is up again, but won’t stick his hand in the tank. Eddie thinks it’s a dog, or a poodle dog. Oh lord. Ingrid guesses again – a beanie or a hat of some kind. she actually is doing well. Michael and Eddie are making me nervous; they are fidgeting and dancing around the tanks. The rats are braver than the two of them sitting in their little tanks in the dark.

Bring on the snakes. Rob realizes he would have been correct the first time. Eddie feels around and realizes it is a snake and begins screaming, “I don’t like snakes!” Ingrid guesses right away with no screaming this time, but Michael needs a little help from Jaleel’s Rob Snyder impersonation. He shouts “Michael, you can do it!”

Michael, just stick your hand in the tank and stop dancing around. He doesn’t want to touch anything, so why exactly is he on this show? Michael can’t even touch the tank. He screams with no one is even near him. He sees things move, yet nothing is moving. What the hell dude? You work for the circus.

Rob makes his way to the last tank which contains a dude with a Mohawk, well just his head. Rob guesses it right away. He thought it was a severed head, but it was just a person. Eddie screams again, and Ingrid feels her way around the tank and guesses a human head right away. Eddie guesses again and is still screaming, but guesses right.

If you guess Michael would be dropped into the black hole, you are correct. Rob, Ingrid and Eddie move on to round two. They must use their sense of smell; this is always fun. Eddie’s mouth drops open, and he looks more in shock than terrified, begins screaming. He has to smell item number one. It is shoe polish, but he guesses spray paint, but is also getting high for a moment. Okay, he needs to stop smelling the shoe polish.

Rob guesses garlic for box number two, and Ingrid guesses cheese, which is correct. The third box is a funky disgusting sock. Eddie guesses a dog again. Rob finally gets one right. After he guesses a sweaty t-shirt, he refines the answer by saying a sock. I can’t even begin to tell you how grossed out I am.

The last box is, well, an ass. Eddie even says, “That smells like ass. Okay, I need a shower now. Ingrid guesses ass as well, or more like “someone’s hairy ass.” Rob also guessed right. Each person is grossed out. Eddie is the next person to leave via the black hole. Ingrid and Rob move on to the final challenge.

The next challenge involves spiders, so if you have arachnophobia, you may want to cover your eyes. I am covering mine. Oh wait. I can’t; I have to watch this. (The horror, the horror.) Ingrid and Rob must carry a huge stick with a tarantula on it and go through a maze of spider webs and all kinds of craziness. They must keep the stick very still because the tarantulas are easily agitated. What they don’t know is the tarantulas are being replaced with stuffed toys. Ingrid swam with sharks, yet is afraid of spiders. Oh great. Rob is a million times infinity scared; I think that is really scared.

Ingrid and Rob try to make their way through the maze of spider webs and freak out. They are scared and terrified, but keep going as Jaleel informs them where they are. They must keep their hands steady. Ingrid is worried about the spider. Rob needs to hear Ingrid, because he is not only afraid of his spider but her spider as well. They finally reach the finish line, and Jaleel informs them they both survived. The winner of the race is and the person going home with five thousand dollars is Ingrid. See? People who swim with shark’s rock! Congratulations Ingrid.

The next group of players (brave souls) are Cindre, 34, from Buffalo, NY, an insurance adjuster, who should do fine. She is not a quitter and finishes what she starts. Rick, 49, from Simi Valley, CA, is a pastor. He should pray while competing.

Tony, 28, from Columbus, SC is an office coordinator, Tony is afraid of the dark. That is his biggest fear, so let’s see if he can overcome it. Last, but not least, Brooke, 22, from Quincy, IL, is a server. She is afraid of frogs!

In the first challenge, the players must test their animal instincts and identify four animals using only their hands. Once they have identified the animals, they must re-arrange the animals in the order of what eats what in the food chain. Tony is first and tries to calm himself down. Cindre is having second thoughts. Don’t quit!

Tony approaches the front of the first cage and all he has to do is reach in. Jaleel tries to give him some inspiring words, but fear is kicking in. Brooke caresses the animals, and then realizes she was petting rats. Rick guesses a rabbit, then a rat, and Cindre guesses a cat and then a rat.

Tony flips out in front of the second cage, which has a turkey in it. The turkey appears to be laughing at them. Cindre asks the animal not to bite her. Rick is scared, and yes, now he starts praying. Tony can’t handle the smell. Cindre actually guesses correctly that it is a turkey.

This show is insane and entertaining. The players still have to get through this first challenge, yet the panicking and fear has already set in. This is for five thousand dollars, so they must keep going. 

The last animal is a human. Rick reaches in and says it’s enormous. This small girl sits in a cage and is being patted and pet and called a bear. She should bite them. Would they really let a bear out in an open cage? Really Rick!

Tony freaks out again, and Jaleel tells him he is doing fine. Tony says, Oh yeah, I am sure.” He doesn’t do well with animals. Brooke feels this poor girl and she says I feel fur. Fur? Seriously? Oh lord. Cindre freaks out and says, “What the hell is that?” Jaleel responds that is what they must tell him. Cindre guesses a dog and so does Tony. Cindre and Tony try again and come up with a tiger and a goat. Finally Cindre gets it right; it’s a person.

Pastor Rick is licked and pushed as he approaches and says, Hi sweetie.” I can’t take it any more. He wonders why the animal would have a sweater on? Well, it is a person. He then guesses it’s a lion and gets scratched by the lion. Finally let the bells ring. He guesses a person.

Tony is up again and looks to be in fear. They still have one more box. Tony still can’t get through the box with the person in it. Rick and Cindre line up the boxes in the correct order and are finished. After Jaleel’s countdown, it is Tony who jumps through the black hole.

Brooke, Rick and Cindre are left. Their next challenge involves their sense of smell. The twist is the food will be chewed by another person, and the players must smell the food inside the others person’s mouth. Oh, this is so gross. Rick begins smelling and keeps repeating bologna. Brooke tries to smell and guesses pizza, but it is a hot dog. Cindre guesses correctly and says a hot dog. Ding. Ding. She is right.

Next is sardines. Cindre is near tears, and Rick wants to move on to the next box containing chopped liver. They guess lasagna and bologna, so disgusting. Cindre guesses potatoes and chicken. I don’t think chopped liver smells like that. The last item is a hard-boiled egg. Rick guesses bologna again. Brooke guesses the last one and is right.

Cindre is a germa-phobe and beyond grossed out. I don’t blame her. Time is up. The players are lined up in front of Jaleel as they prepare to see who will go home and who is going to round three. Jaleel asks Rick if his bologna has a first name! Poor Cindre takes the dive through the black hole, leaving Brooke and Rick

One person will go home with five thousand dollars, but first they must go through an insane maze filled with rats and the three C’s, claustrophobia, cheese and critters. The catch is other foods have been added, and the critters are in there with them searching for the cheese and the players. They have ten minutes to do this in complete darkness. Brooke is not claustrophobic, but the rodents are bothering her. Rick is on national television cursing. Jaleel warns him to “watch his language.” He is a pastor and all he can come up with is “Oh sh*t.”

Brooke is scared and Rick is trying not to curse. They need two pieces of cheese. Rick only has one piece, so starts to pray instead of curse. Brooke thinks she has cheese and hesitates before going back in the maze after they tell her she only has one piece of cheese. The first person out of the maze with two pieces of cheese wins. Rick worries about his spandex outfit.

Time is up as Rick apologizes for letting out obnoxious four letter words, but he is only human Brooke jumps through the black hole, leaving Pastor Rick the winner. “Let the church say Amen!” Rick now has five thousand dollars and he competed in spandex on national television and won Total Blackout.

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Total Blackout, Apr. 25 – Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

Total Blackout , a new Syfy show hosted by Jaleel White (Dancing with the Stars, Family Matters), features contestants being placed in crazy situations, but there is a catch. They must perform all of the tasks in complete darkness with no light at all. it is difficult enough for most of us to make our way to the bathroom in the middle of the night in the dark, so for these folks to perform crazy tasks in complete darkness must be insane.

On tonight’s season premiere, four ordinary people will be tested in ways they never even imagined. They go through hell and do everything in complete darkness. There is more screaming on this show than in all of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films combined. The contestants take on three extreme challenges. The prize is five thousand dollars; I don’t think I would do this for five grand.

So let’s meet these nice willing victims, shall we? Patrick is a deputy sheriff. Awet is an administrator from Boston, MA, and believes she is going to win this game because she said so. Chynna from Arizona is a pest control sales associate. Her winning plan is to sing church songs in her head. Good luck with that. Last but never least, we have Marq from the Philliphines, a photographer.

The first question our host with the most asks is “Who’s afraid of the dark?” Let’s all raise our hands, shall we? For the first challenge, the contestants must identify different objects that are placed in a tank in complete darkness. Awet is up first and is already screaming. She reaches into the tank and it’s not good at all.

Who would put their hand into a fish tank in complete darkness. A screaming Marq tries to put his hand into the tank and can’t get past doing anything but screaming. Poor Jaleel should have ear plugs. These people have four tanks to investigate, and they can barely get through one, so this may take forever.

Chynna and Patrick get one tank correct and guess cockroaches. Hell no, I would never stick my hand into a fish tank full of roaches (insert gagging sounds here please). Awet and Marq are in full blown panic mode, and according to Marq, everything smells. He is pretty sure nothing will kill him; he does know he is on the Syfy channel, right?

One tank has a pineapple in it, and Marq decides he is just going to go for it and grab it. He does and guesses correctly that yes it is a pineapple and not an iguana. Awet waves her hand over the tank as if she were performing a magic trick; she picks it up and drops it right away. If they only knew it was just a pineapple, what do you think they would do? Laugh, would be my guess.

Awet makes her way to another tank and is scared as hell. Patrick, the good deputy, is trying not to act scared, but he finally admits he is. Chynna is really digging into the third tank and feeling around, comes to the conclusion that there are body parts in the tank. Really? Body parts! Marq finally guesses what it is, an octopus, not body parts.

Chynna moves on to the last tank and feels around, quickly guessing that it is a bra, and she is correct. The clock is ticking. The contestants have some time to check the other tanks, but they fail. It is time to move on. Three contestants will move on and one will be dropped down a black hole. Marq out-screamed Awet by at least one hundred screams. Awet screams all the way till the end, leaving Marq, Patrick and Chynna still in the race for the money.

The next challenge is pretty fascinating. The contestants must eat random food off of human beings, and I am nauseous thinking about this. They must identify four different foods, then eat the food. They are only allowed to use their hands to find the food. Oh this is gross. Chynna is freaking out There are four bodies lined up with food on them. Patrick is ready for the buffet.Okay, all together now, ewwwww.

Marq finds food and tastes it, decides it is beer, but is wrong. He tastes it again and decides it is champagne and is correct. Oh, thanks to the Lord. Chynna is so grossed out; she just can’t handle this. Patrick tries to taste the food but looks a little sick. Chynna tries to sing church songs, but decides she just wants her mom.

Patrick tries to find the food again and guesses fish eggs and is correct. Marq also guesses caviar, as does Chynna. Marq and Chynna decide the stinky stuff is blue cheese and are right. It really is gross, but funny. Marq guesses the last one is a cherry. Chynna also gets it right, but Patrick decides the cherry taste like a fish eye ball.

Now there are just two as Patrick falls down the black hole. Marq and Chynna must prepare their sense of smell taking on things that stink, sounds like fun. In the final battle, they must identify the most items using only their sense of smell. Once again, it is in complete darkness. They have five minutes to complete this, and only Hannibal Lector himself could guess this correctly in less than five minutes.

Chynna is convinced that her nose is not working and her mind is playing tricks on her. Marq discovers a human armpit and decides it smells like poo.  No way could you get me to do this. “Gosh dang it,” Chynna says after trying to figure out what a smelly shoe was. The final contestant must jump through the hole. Let’s see who is left standing.

It is Chynna. Congratulations Chynna, you are the last woman standing on Total Blackout, and win five thousand dollars for smelling a stinky shoe.

Space Twister Q&A with Erica Cerra and Mitch Pileggi

In the new Syfy Saturday Original Movie Space Twister, torrential cyclone storms threaten to reign over the world.  Stars Erica Cerra (Eureka) and Mitch Pileggi (Sons of Anarchy) took part in a Q&A to discuss the action-packed movie.

Pileggi had just finished filming Supernatural when he received the call to begin working on Space Twister after another actor had dropped out. He also just happened to be in Vancouver where the movie was shot.

Cerra became involved during her hiatus from the hit Syfy series Eureka and was attracted to the film because it was different from what she normally works on. She enjoyed playing an “intellectual character” in the movie and it was a lot of fun.

The two veteran science fiction actors faced very few challenges. Pileggi touched on the most challenging thing for him, “memorizing the dialogue” in such a short period of time. He was up for the challenge of filming in the cold and being the mud. He felt it was a lot of fun to be a part of Space Twister.

They shot the movie on location at a farm which was used for the series Smallville, and Cerra and Pileggi enjoyed their fellow cast and crew. The challenges for Cerra included a few of the stunts she had to do, but she lives in Vancouver so is used to the cold weather.

The two actors agreed that their fellow cast and crew were “lovely” and that everyone had a great time making the movie. In true Syfy form, they could not give away details, but the two veteran science fiction actors are excited for this movie and agree it is action-packed and exciting.

Cerra and Pileggi have both found that working in the sci-fi genre has been great for their careers. Cerra enjoys the family aspect of it and the writers. She considers everyone to be a very important part as they have inspired her, and she has learned a lot from the cast and crew.

Pileggi and Cerra had their adventurous moments on the set of Space Twister. Pileggi described what it was like working with cold vapors as his character is trying to fix a rocket. It was scary with all of the pyrotechnics and overall “it was kind of crazy.”

Cerra’s adventurous moment involved her character taking a heroic “jump through hoops of fire.” She was weary of the moment, but managed to pull it off. These two work well together. Cerra and Pileggi both found one another to be funny and charming so their work environment was easy.

The two actors both have future projects in the works, Pileggi was filming Dallas, and will have a reoccurring role. Cerra is excited about her next job which will be becoming a mommy; she is due in four weeks. Cerra considers that to be her “biggest job,” and the most important role for her.

She also filmed a movie for the Hallmark channel which will air next Christmas called The Wishing Tree. As for science fiction work, she is up for what “the world throws my way.” Whatever comes next, they are both ready for the challenge.

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