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Paranormal Witness August 29 – Beware The Dybbuk Box

On tonight’s episode of Syfy’s Paranormal Witness we discover an antique store with more than just old antiques in it! The antique store owner learns the wine box purchased from an estate sale is steeped in sad history. It belonged to a Holocaust survivor. She learns it is a Dybbuk Box, a box that contains an evil spirit,, and if we learned anything from Hellraiser it is never open any strange boxes unless you know where they originate from!

I imagine sitting in the dark and watching scary movies or shows; it can actually be scary for some people, but myself I find it relaxing. There is so much horror in the world that when you can chill out for a while and watch a show like Paranormal Witness you learn that there are monsters in real life that are far scarier than any movie monster.

Word: DYBBUK (Demon) – Definition: A malevolent spirit or demon in Jewish folklore.

We just get an interesting history lesson with tonight’s episode as the sadness of what happened during the Holocaust is something that should never be forgotten. The events took place in Oregon and Missouri between 2001 and 2004 and are retold by the actual people who lived through them as they are reenacted.

Kevin Mannis’ shop was located in downtown Portland in the heart of the city! He searched yard sales, auctions and estate sales. He found himself at an estate sale of a Holocaust survivor. Kevin bid on the items and was happy because he had gotten a few hundred dollars’ worth of items.

A young woman spotted Kevin with the items and said to him, “I see you bought the dybbuk box.” It didn’t register with Kevin that she had called it by that name. Kevin is Jewish and it never occurred to him that it could be anything more than a box with folklore attached that his grandmother used to put a little fear into the kids.

Kevin drove back to his shop and unloaded all of his treasures. The box was locked differently than a regular box. It had a brass clasp and a small brass padlock. Instead of cutting the lock off, Kevin used a small screw driver to open the box. Personally he should have left it alone.

Kevin found two pennies from the 1920’s in the box and a granite statue that had the word “Shalom” carved in Hebrew. He also found a candle stick, a small wine goblet and two locks of hair. Kevin did not think much of this. It was just a box to him with a few random items in it.

One day Kevin left Jane in charge of his store. She was a “fantastic sales person!” Kevin had a few errands to run and Jane Howerton, a sales clerk was down in the basement and felt like somebody was watching her. People always feel like this when they are alone in a dark basement! Jane said she had been there in the store alone several times and she has never felt anything like this before.

Jane got a phone call from a friend of hers, and the security monitor showed the box flashing! Jane hung up the phone and had a sick feeling as she began to walk around the store asking “Who’s there?” The light she turned off had switched on and a chair fell. Jane went for the phone and called Kevin!

Kevin was ignoring his phone and driving! He finally answers and Jane is frantic and there is glass breaking everywhere. Kevin tells Jane to “call the police!” Right as he said that his phone died. Someone or something goes through the entire store and slams the door shut leaving Jane trapped in the basement! See what happens when you open stuff you are not supposed to!

People should not mess with stuff that is not theirs. Some things should be left at peace. Finally, Kevin returned to the store and did not know what to expect. He found the rod Iron Gate locked and knew he had not lock it! The lights would not come on, so Kevin grabbed a flashlight! Finally someone who has a flashlight! I think I am going to cry, no never mind!

Kevin found Jane in tears and cursed Kevin out! She left and never came back! That is some “Swimming With Sharks” nonsense right there! There was no explanation for what happened. Kevin’s mother’s birthday is October 28th (Happy Birthday Kevin’s Mom) and he was going to take her to lunch.

Kevin’s mom came to the shop early and sat down. He told her he had an unusual gif for her and unwrapped it,  unveiling the dybbuk box. What a great son! His mom looked at the box and felt as if the box was staring back at her. She examined it and looked it over.

t seemed like Kevin’s mother was sitting in shock! The doors of the box opened, she felt a cold breeze, “pure evil.” She was having a stroke. Her mouth began to contort and her eye was sagging and pocketing. She fell back on the chair and wondered if she was going to die.

Kevin’s mother wondered if she would die before she would see her son because he was downstairs. She was frozen,, but managed to point at the dybbuk box. She is in tears even as she is interviewed now. She wanted to impress on her son that he needed to get rid of the box. It may not be Pandor’s Box but there was evil lurking and now causing more havoc than expected.

The ambulance came for Kevin’s mother, and she was paralyzed with fear. She had suffered a massive stroke and wondered now what the box would do to her son. He should have gotten her flowers. She felt the coldness and knew it was evil.

All hell broke loose, and now Kevin finally figured it out that it was the box. He decided to sell it to an old couple. A little while later the couple returned the box and left Kevin a note that said “this has an odd darkness about it.” It was getting hard to get rid of, so he decided to put it in his storage.

Kevin began to have horrible dreams that he would be with someone he trusted,, and suddenly that person would change into a gruesome hag, I am sorry but am I watching Drag Me To Hell? Or Paranormal Witness? So the gruesome old hag beat the living crap out of Kevin every night in his dreams.

Kevin would wake up covered in bruises. He did not believe what was happening to him, being injured at night! He decided that the box was cursed, and decided to get rid of it. He sold it on ebay! Good idea! Give the haunted box that gave your mother a stroke to a random person!

Paranormal Witness, August 22 – Theatre Haunting

On tonight’s episode of Paranormal Witness, we meet a Salt Lake City man and his partners. They find themselves investigating a crime of a different kind! The supernatural kind! No matter who you are, when something otherworldly occurs, not every person knows how to handle it. Even police officers have their own approach.

The events on tonight’s episode took place around 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Officer Dave Murphy of the Sherriff’s Department said, “I always wanted to work in law enforcement. It’s kind of a cliche thing, but I wanted to do it ever since I was a child.” Dave’s numerous assignments included keeping watch over Salt Lake City’s numerous county facilities, and one of his first assignments was the infamous Capitol Theatre.

Dave had met Officer Matthews, who was familiar with the theatre and was assigned to work with Dave.  Despite the bright exterior, the theatre was old and is a part of Salt Lake’s history. 

Dave began his shift with Officer Matthews, who essentially was training Dave until he could work alone. Officer Murphy said the first thing he noticed in the theatre was the view from the stage when the house lights were turned on.

Officer Morgan Matthews said Dave was “eager to learn,” and he wanted to get right to work. There are surveillance cameras throughout the entire theatre. The officers were able to sit in the control room and watch everything that goes on. When their shift began, the first thing the two officers would do is lock down the entire theatre and check every nook and cranny to ensure there were no intruders.

They headed downstairs to what the officers referred to as “the catacombs.” (Oh yeah lets go right there! No thank you!) The basement was massive. They would walk around and inspect everything, but the two officers did not say much to each other except for details about what the job entailed for Dave.

Dave felt like he was “holding something back” when he talked about Officer Matthews. Dave decided one night he would just work on his own! “I can do this!” (Oh Lord, turn on all the lights and grab a flashlight, just in case!) Dave made his rounds and thought he had this down pat! The building was locked down. Dave headed back to the control room and locked himself in the control room (smart man!!!) He watched the security cameras, took some notes and of course something happened!

Dave decided to do rounds again and heard a noise! He made his way to the rehearsal rooms and stuck his head in quickly to make sure no one was there. Everything was all good until SLAM! The door slammed loudly and Dave looked around to see if anyone was around him, then radioed to Officer Matthews that someone slammed the door.

Dave started to overthink, then realized the doors were on hydraulics and couldn’t be slammed. He drew his gun (can you shoot ghosts?). Where is Bill Murray when you need him?! Back in the control room, Matthews was checking the cameras and saw “nothing!” Matthews headed to where Dave was already locked and loaded.

Dave’s adrenaline was going and he was armed and heading towards the room where he now had a strong impression that someone was in the room. This was his duty, and he was going to protect and serve! Matthews was on his way to the men’s room where Dave was still armed and by himself. He said he felt sick, and the hair on his arm was standing up. 

Dave said he felt a cold go right through him, so he decided to identify himself. He yelled, “Sherriff’s department, come out now!” That didn’t work so well in POLTERGEIST! He felt pure evil. I would like to know one thing. Why doesn’t anyone ever turn on the damn lights? Seriously folks. Officer Murphy was joined by Officer Matthews. They kicked the other stall open and no one was in there! Okay now what?

They decided to investigate and check things out and did a full sweep. The officers headed to the second floor. Officer Murphy had just turned off all of the lights and locked the doors, but to his surprise (go ahead an insert a shocked gasp here!) the lights were all on and the doors all open! Officer Murphy admits now that he may have held a few things back (ya think?) but he needed to maintain his credibility!

Officer Matthews was back in the control room and started to hear voices. The voices were whispering and almost as if they wanted to keep their conversation private. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up and his heart racing! At the time, he thought, “something or someone is messing with me!” He knew he was not crazy and believed what he heard.

He headed to the dressing room where the voices were coming from, and it just happens to be the creepy basement! He no longer heard the voices. There were no windows and no way in or out from the basement. Officer Murphy smelled smoke. A pyromaniac ghost? Really, let’s hope not!

Officer Matthews was second guessing himself and had started his shift. He spotted a man at the end of the hall talking to two women and heard the word “ghost!” Officer Murphy introduces himself to the man, Blair Fuller, who had some previous supernatural experiences at the theatre.

Officer Murphy began to question Blair who began to tell him his stories. Blair would work late at the theatre, and just outside of the main office was an elevator. He was alone, mind you! Blair got in alone, and the elevator opened to his floor. He knew that it would take thirty to forty seconds for the alarm to go off if the elevator stayed open that long. Blair checked the elevator and decided to get in.

Paranormal Witness August 8 Get out of the Attic

Syfy has a parade of new series but one in particular returns tonight! Syfy’s, Paranormal Witness made it to season two as a family is tormented by a ghost in their attic. The stories on Paranormal Witness are all based on eyewitness testimony so let’s see who will testify tonight!

There is also photographic evidence and real life video from some of the haunted witnesses. Just a warning, you may want to turn on all your lights and lock your attic door. Tonight’s event took place in California between 1988 and 1990, “I was twenty three years old and I had a two year old son and I was about six or seven months pregnant with my daughter.”

Jackie Hernandez was separated from her husband and she was looking for a small place for her and her two children. She settled into a small bungalow and it was private. Her ambitions were to get her degree and find a job to support her family! She liked it right away and it was the perfect place to start a “new life.” She was studying a lot and doing a lot of work!

She had a thought that everything would turn out perfect! Well not “all that glitters, isn’t gold!” After about one month of residing in the house, Jackie heard what sounded like “pebbles coming down in the wall.” She would hear a variety of odd sounds around the house. Jackie had shivers and she began to realize a lot of the activity was coming from above her.

The sounds began to get very high pitched and Jackie began to hear the sounds to the point of having ear pain. Jackie went to check the attic door and she was a bit skittish as she noticed the trap door to the attic was open; Jackie adjusted it and closed it promptly! That is what you do with crazy attic doors! You close them and lock them!

Jackie heard a knock at the door and no it wasn’t the attic, but an actual human visitor! Jackie’s friend Susan got an earful as Jackie described some of the things that were happening in the house. Jackie and Susan were sitting in her living room when she heard a “big bang coming from the kitchen.”

A large photo that had been hanging on the wall was propped up against the sink and the nails that were holding the photo up had them neatly placed on the kitchen counter top. Nails cannot come directly out of the wall and the wind up directly on their heads. “Somebody or something did that!”

Tina the neighbor who would babysit Jackie’s son Jamie who was asleep. Tina decided to check on Jackie’s son while babysitting him one night and the door opened by itself. Tina closed his bedroom door and then the door opened  by itself again! Tina thought “oh that’s weird!” Yes it is!

Tina tried to logic and reason or “explain it away!” She could not explain it so the next day Jackie and Tina were in the kitchen making something to eat and they turned around and saw odd lights. They showed the actual photos and she only managed to get a few photos before the camera stopped working! Jackie handed the camera to Tina and told her to try and Tina pointed it towards the window to test the ghost when she looked through the viewfinder (Insert Alfred Hitchcock moment here folks! Just kidding!!!)

Tina saw the face of an older emaciated man and she screamed and dropped the camera. The man was almost skeletal and Tina had to run! This is why people should not babysit, you know because of ghosts and people calling and asking “have you checked the children?” It is pretty much right up there with camping!

I guess it’s time to call in the exorcist! They show the photos again to reveal the strange lights and Jackie seems overwhelmed and baffled at what she has been seeing! Jackie’s ex-husband Al came to visit and Al said Jackie told her about some of the strange things going on in the house but Al did not believe her. He thought something was wrong with her or she was exaggerating.

He advised her to “call it out!” Al began yelling “show yourself!” Nothing happened… yet! Al decides to leave and Jackie is by herself again after her ex-husband has provoked the ghosts in her already haunted house! (Houseguests, geeeeezzzz!!!) After walking Al out, Jackie opened the closet door and the letter AL were written hundreds of times on the walls and the door.

Susan suggested that Jackie should tell the landlords but Jackie didn’t want to tell anyone because she didn’t want anyone to think she was crazy! Jackie was about eight months pregnant and taking a walking with Susan. They just happened to run into the landlord and Susan bought up the topic of the paranormal events Jackie had been experiencing!

The landlord asked Jackie if she had any objections to him bringing in a priest! Jackie did not have a good feeling and she noticed that the priest and the landlord were being judgmental and cynical about the whole ordeal! The priest tells Jackie “I see you like horror movies!” So right away she is a crazy person with an overactive imagination! (What was that noise??? Oh wait never mind, just Paranormal Witness)

Jackie quickly said they were her ex-husbands horror movies. Jackie had a big aquarium and at the bottom there was an ornament of a skeleton and the priest told her she was bringing “death into her home!” Oh Dear! The priest had advised Jackie that she was bringing this all on herself and even her doll collection had been singled out and the priest told her they were voodoo dolls.

Jackie’s son was crying and the priest suggested that her son was “possessed by the devil” and she would need to have her son and “unborn” child blessed. Jackie was not convinced that the priest was doing any good. Did the priest help in THE EXORCIST???  The next morning Jackie had an assignment and Social services decided to show up!

The priest had made a report that Jackie was on “hallucinogenic” and she was pregnant and Jackie had never taken drugs nor was she drinking and she was scared they would take her kids. She decided the best thing to do was “never to say anything to anybody ever again!” Shortly after this she had her daughter Samantha! She was hesitant to bring her home but she had no choice.

A few days later Jackie went grocery shopping and carried the bags in the house and she discovered a message in magnetic letters on her fridge that spelled “Get the hell out!” Jackie was now scared to sleep and receiving messages on her fridge (kind of like DEXTER!) Jackie would scan the room for things and she would hear loud, “distinctive breathing!”

She walked through the hallway and saw someone sitting on the bunk bed. Jackie was freaked out! Please remember these stories are based on eyewitness accounts. Jackie was terrified and she looked away and then looked again and he was gone but every single shade went up at the same time.

Jackie did not sleep the rest of the night! She trembled in fear and held her baby. It was important for Jackie not to show fear in front of her kids. She is in tears telling the story and you feel a genuine fear and feeling of sadness for her. She felt like an intruder in her own home. Susan advised Jackie that she had the number to a parapsychologist and Jackie did not want to call because of what the priest had done.

Jackie began doing dishes and looked at her gloved hands which were now covered in blood. Jackie had thought she cut herself but it was coming from everywhere. “It was infecting my kitchen!” Jackie quickly called the parapsychologist and the paranormal team showed up.

Jackie’s ex-husband Al showed up and he was ready to wipe his hands of the whole mess. The parapsychologists and a paranormal team showed up along with Barry Conrad, a professional videographer. They set up cameras and were prepared to document everything!

Jackie did not want to document anything, she wanted it gone and she wanted to go back to “normality!” One of the paranormal team members was skeptical and right when Jackie began her interview the whole team lost power. Jackie knew the ghost was angry that there were people in the house.

Barry asked his friend who was skeptical and a still photographer to take some pictures and Al was lying in bed wide awake and he has goose bumps as he tells the story. He heard someone whisper “get the hell out of here!” Second later, he heard someone yell from the attic. Now all hell breaks loose and the naysayers become believers.

Barry’s friend is flying down from the attic and he is visibly shaken and says “someone grabbed my camera right out of my hands.” Barry heads up to the attic after his friend complains he needs to get his camera back. Barry uses a one thousand watt light bulb so he can see everything and the camera is on for a few minutes and then it does not work at all again!

Barry changed the battery and finally the camera works again and they find the body of the camera, it was lying face down in the bottom of a crate and the lens was face down behind the trap door. They gather their equipment and make their way out of the attic and all of the sudden it sounds like someone is walking around in the attic.

Barry concludes that no one is in the attic so he and his friend are less skeptical and they decide to do one final interview and Barry wanted to leave right away! They were frightened. Barry headed back to his apartment and began reviewing footage and he heard the footsteps. He was extremely frightened.

The very last night Jackie stayed at the house she was watching the television with her kids and she begins to hear noises from the kid’s bedroom. She sees a beach ball is thrown from the room and Jackie decides to close her eyes for a minute and all of the sudden she turns over and something or someone is holding her down.

She could not move or breathe. Jackie sees the face of the man and is being held down in a panic. Jackie couldn’t breathe and she tried to get up, she was worried about her kids. The ghost finally let go of her. Jackie got a baseball bat and she had finally had enough! She is going for the big leagues now!

She had expected him to appear everywhere. She decided to fight back and she entered the attic, the creepy man’s domain, land, turf! She was by herself and calling him out! She heard small sounds and then he showed himself. She fell to the floor and got herself out of the attic. She ran downstairs and she grabbed her kids and flew out of the house like a “bat out of hell!”

Jackie called Barry terrified and she screamed and dropped the phone. Barry decides they better go and see what is going on. The paranormal team heads back into the house and Jackie was worried about the ghost killing her or her kids. Barry wanted to head back up to the attic and the same photographer heads back up to the attic.

It was pitch black in the attic and the photographer did not see anything in the attic. Barry was yelling for updates and Jackie heard a “snapping sound!” Jackie begins yelling that they must get out of the attic and all of the sudden the photographer is thrown backwards. Okay time to leave! The paranormal guy was attacked and thrown!

He was not standing upright, he was off the floor and the showed he actual photos. His eyes were open but he was not there and there was something on his neck. It was a noose. The photographer still has the noose around his neck and Jackie wanted to go! Just leave. IT was her last night in the house. Barry believes they were dealing with some type of entity and Jackie’s ex-husband now has an open mind as he witnessed some of the paranormal events. Jackie and her kids have since moved away! That is a good thing! Jackie no longer experiences paranormal events. The San Pedro house is being rented by other tenants and very few have stayed any longer than four months. So Jackie and her kids are safe! That is what matters so sweet dreams folks!

Make sure to watch next week’s episode of Paranormal Witness, Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you.

School Spirits August 1 The Ouija Board introduces the Massacre

On tonight’s season finale,  School Spirits, takes us to Slippery Rock University as fraternity brothers share their story about a local Native American who was hanged after several murders that were committed over a century ago.  School Spirits is based on actual events and the reenactments are told by those who survived.

Daniel Hooven (Class of 2006) says that Slip Rock “is the epitome of a small town.” The thing that drew him to join Sigma Alpha Phi was the fact that it was not the average fraternity house. They had their Friday night parties but there was no judgment towards members and who could join! Justin Plummer (Class of 2006) was one of the senior brothers so he was in charge of throwing the parties and the pledge process.

Daniel, being the oldest brother was in charge of the pledge process. Adam Kimmell (Class of 2008) was almost thrown out of the fraternity party because he was not adhering to their strict bathroom rule which is basically used the actual bathroom and not the bushes outside! Makes sense! Adam notices a rope in the tree he is using and then he is interrupted by Justin and the rope disappeared.

Daniel and Adam would become good friends. Shane Taylor (Class of 2010) was the beefy good looking security guard for the frat house and the guys had a police radio to monitor what was going on around them. David Funkhouser (Class of 2010) was stationed upstairs; he monitored the police radio from the quiet dark room upstairs all by himself! He noticed the police radio had gone out and he heard several strange noises and “the room shifted.”

The hair on the back of his neck was standing up and he felt someone or something in the room with him. He knew he wasn’t alone. He is panicking and scared as he drops his own radio. The party is done and these dudes are all partied out and tired so they crashed at the frat house. The pledges David and Adam had to sleep on the floor, they were the only ones awake and they hear noises. It sounds like little girls giggling so right away the guys assumed that it was their fellow frat brothers playing a prank on them.

Adam and David get up and decide they are going to catch their fellow brothers in prank action but it turns out everyone was indeed sleeping! Daniel wakes up the next day and he overhears the conversation about some “weird experiences they had in the house!”  Justin does not believe in ghosts so he tells them to “man up and I’m going to show them whose boss!” He leads the way upstairs to where the ghosts are and they start screaming for the ghost to say something or show himself!

Justin decides to add an extra effect so he smashes a bottle. The guys are yelling with excitement when all of the sudden they are silenced by a loud pound that echoed through the room. The lights go out and as usual all hell breaks loose. This is why people should carry flashlights around and Holy water, lots of it! Stock up if you must!

The “telephone tough guy” fraternity brothers are scared out of their wits and I would say there are no toga parties in their immediate future because whatever was in their house was pissed off.  I never understand why people scream and yell at ghost to find proof. You can always calmly call for a ghost, but I suppose Justin was trying to prove a point and he got his reaction he wanted!

The fraternity brothers felt the room get cold and it was pitch black and they were afraid of what would happened next. They saw something form in a human shape and it appeared in front of them. Justin and the guys see this person and Justin’s a skeptic so he made a run for it along with his fraternity brothers. Justin tried to be logical and he heads to the basement to check the circuit breaker and he discovers it is fine, nothing had blown out so how did the lights go out??? Oooohhh Scary!!!!

One night Daniel was alone working on a paper for one of classes and out of nowhere he heard a “loud boom!” There was a campus activity that the fraternity members and pledges had gone to. The sounds were coming from “the chapter room.”  Daniel did not want to investigate but he couldn’t help himself. They never can!

One of the fraternity paddles was missing from the wall and it was lying on the ground. Daniel was scared and he did not want to touch it but he had to pick it up. Daniel watched as the paddle went flying across the room after it flew off the wall. Daniel freaked out after watching the “solid oak paddle” fly across the room. He was freaked out and nothing has ever shaken him the way this did.

Daniel’s fellow frat member Adam comes home and Daniel begin telling him what he had witnessed. Adam could tell from his reaction that he was scared to death. The fraternity guys decided it was time to communicate with it so they bought a Ouija board. The guys gathered around the Ouija board and began asking questions.

They all took turns asking the average questions, “Who are you?” “Make your presence known” etcetera. They began to think it was a waste of time after they received no response and they wanted to give up. They decided to try again after making jokes and laughing. Shane said they all felt it was stupid but they would try again.

Daniel decided to ask a more precise question and he said “how many people are in this house?” While Oijia boards are not always accurate and can be considered “tricksters” of the paranormal world and even considered a devil’s toy. The Ouija board answered the number nine. They all swore that they were not moving the pointer. Dan asked another question, “What did you do here?”

The answer was “K I L L” and now they realized that they were barely touching the pointer and it began moving on its own. Ouija boards should not be considered toys just so folks know!  They should have tried to do some research first before picking up an Ouija board.  The guys of Slippery Rock University were witnessing paranormal activity as the pointer continued to move.

The guys were freaked out and Dan asked another question, “if this is real, what is your real name?” It started to spell “S A M” and the door slammed shut and Shane tried to open the door but it would not budge. If the big dude can’t open the door you know something is wrong. Shane was panicking. The guys began to hear screaming and they were all knocked backwards. Shane compared it to being hit by a fellow football player. They feel as if they had taken it too far.

Several of the fraternity members wanted to leave now. Several of the guys packed up and left. The guys felt helpless, they were once devoted to the fraternity and now they wanted nothing to do with the house. Most of them left and Adam had nowhere to go he stayed. Adam was downstairs by himself working on a paper and he heard the sounds of little girls giggling again.

The light suddenly came on and Adam goes to check out the sounds he is hearing. He was completely alone in the house! He continued to hear laughing. Adam could not comprehend what was happening so he left it go. The next day he went to his classes and came home and went to his room because he needed a nap. Just as Adam began to close his eyes, he felt cold. The windows were closed and he felt like a “sheet of ice” had come over him.

The next moment he is being choked. Okay now it is time to leave! Why is it that people are always choked in bed? (By ghost’s folks) He was being strangled and in a sheer panic. Adam said he knew something was “trying to kill him.” It happened fast and ended fast; Adam was lifted into the air and then dropped on the floor. He was completely terrified and scared to death.

He went to class and he was not sleeping, he was being yelled at by professors. He should have explained what happened, hey a ghost tried to kill me in my sleep!? Sounds logical right! Finally Adam had enough and decided to go to Daniel for help. Adam showed Daniel his neck which was bruised and red from being nearly hung.

Justin told Adam to come and stay with him but Adam didn’t want to leave. He wanted answers and he became slightly obsessive. They finally decided to do research and find out what could be causing this.  Daniel and Adam discovered the house was built on a coal mine. The fraternity house is right across the street from the main generator and they came up with an idea that the energy could be causing the electricity problems and it also opens up portals for spirits.

Adam said it didn’t make sense.  They had to dig deeper, what kind of history is there to find in the small town? Adam needed answers, he was strangled and something specific tried to hurt him. Daniel went back to the Oijua board letters “S A M” and “K I L L” and he discovered that in their small quiet town had an extremely violent history including “The Wigton Massacre.”

This is what they should have done from the beginning, instead of making the spirits angry they should have looked up the information.  Daniel and Adam needed answers and they found them. Daniel discovered that there was an incident involving a Native American known locally, named Sam Mohawk.

Dr. Aaron Cowan said in 1843 Slippery Rock township experienced a violent and brutal multiple murder. Sam Mohawk stopped at a stage coach tavern and Sam Mohawk’s Seneca people had dealt with a lot of mistreatment. Sam Mohawk (part of the Seneca Native Americans) was chased out of the stage coach tavern and he traveled to the farm of James and Peggy Wigton.

James Wigton had gone to his father-in-laws and Sam Mohawk approached the Wigton farm and Peggy spots him and runs in the house. Sam Mohawk and Peggy Wigton have a confrontation and Sam murdered Peggy as her five children screamed. Sam Mohawk had killed Peggy Wigton and her five children. James Wigton came home to find his entire family massacred.

Sam Mohawk was hunted down by the townspeople and they gathered a “posse” to capture the murdered because there are no police and Sam Mohawk was apprehended and he was covered in blood. The townsman asked him if he would rather be “shot or hung?” Sam Mohawk pointed to his forehead and said “shoot me here” so they decided to hang him.

He was hung a stone throw away from the fraternity house and Daniel and Adam had to know if Sam Mohawk’s spirit had returned to Slippery Rock and they needed to know what they had done to set him off or bring him back or even to upset him. Justin questioned himself and blamed himself. Adam could not shake the feeling of being choked.

The fraternity guys decided to do something, they were desperate and Daniel called his friend Hannah who was familiar with the paranormal. They opened a portal by bringing the Ouija board into the house and Hannah offered to help. They had to burn the Ouija board and cleanse the house. Adam said “we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.”

They had done a terrible thing by bringing the Ouija board into the house and irritating am angry spirit. They went upstairs and Hannah took the board and walked it outside. Hannah lit it on fire and Daniel stayed inside and watched from his room. Hannah said a prayer and burned the Ouija board as Adam watched. The Ouija board went up in flames and it was giving off a really loud whistling sound.

The brothers had moved back into their fraternity house and things had calmed down. They had no more strange experiences and no one was hearing noises. Justin felt the experience put a new perspective on things and Daniel felt that the turning point of what brought Sam Mohawk back was all the yelling and the Ouija board.

Daniel feels he is a rational person but he always wonders, “what if Sam Mohawk is still here?”  He may be? But wherever Sam Mohawk is and the Wigton family, may they rest in peace and be left alone. May your nightmares inspire you folks and remember Ouija boards are not toys.

School Spirits July 11 Raging Road and Haunted Tracks

School Spirits is back with an all new terrifying episode, terror, fright, horrific stories relived and re-enacted. They are told by the real life people who survived these stories. High school in Michigan seemed like the perfect storybook college but for Victoria Laurie it was not her cup of tea. She said it “felt like a prison and her high school in Michigan was very confining to her spirit. She was a girl on a mission and she was focused on graduation and she just wanted to get out and get as far away as possible.

Victoria is telling her story as she smiles and appears happy, her happiness soon fades when she begins to tell her story. She was dating an older man and she said “her parents would have killed me if they knew.” Victoria was not looking for trouble. She was simply trying to make it home for curfew and she was dressed in her favorite “hot little pink dress.” Victoria had reached her first stop sign on Old Creek Road.

She began driving down Old Creek Road and there is a large section that is twisty and becomes twisty for an inexperienced driver. Victoria was driving along and all of the sudden bright headlights appear behind her. The driver was “barreling down on me.” Victoria was panicking and as she tells the story her fear succumbs to the surface. All of the sudden as Victoria continues driving and the headlights disappear but it gets worse!

Victoria hears loud, crushing metal on metal and she realizes it was not her car that was hit. She also hears a blood curdling scream from another girl. Victoria’s tears up remembering the story as she continues driving in a panic as she hears what she thinks is a car hitting a tree. Victoria was swerving all over the road and the S curves in the road were causing her to go off the road slightly.

Victoria comes to a screeching stop at her next stop sign at the end of the S curves on the windy, dark road. Victoria is scared to death and does not to look up but she does. She could not move and wanted to step on the gas but as she looked up about ten yards behind her, there was a kid in her rear view mirror standing in the road. He was wearing light corduroy pants and a brown bomber jacket.

Victoria is trying to comprehend where the hell this kid came from and then her whole body is shoved forward in the car, “he was so angry and I just hit the gas and flew home.” Victoria arrived home freaking out and speechless. Victoria’s mother kept asking her what had happened and she began describing random parts of her insane event. Her family was skeptical and did not believe her.

Victoria knew she saw a ghost and you don’t just spot headlights in the back of your car if no one else is on the road. It makes you wonder about all the places out there and what goes on. Victoria’s panic is real and her story is vivid as she tells it almost play by play. Victoria had tried to forget about it and let what she went through just heal on its own but she was not having any luck.

Victoria’s sister who was away at college in Massachusetts and her mother took Old Creek Road with Victoria to pick up her sister and Victoria began freaking out. She literally jumped out of her mother’s car. I’ve never seen that before. Victoria could not explain what happened and ten years later she found herself working at a local bar and she began seeing a regular guy who looked familiar to her.

Victoria said “every time I waited on him, I said do I know you?” Victoria discovered it was one of her friends John Sheldon whom she graduated with. John said after a while they realized that they had graduated together but they did not really know each other. Victoria and John began hanging out together.

Despite years going by she could not get over or forget about her experience on Old Creek Road and she decides to tell John. John does believe in ghosts or paranormal activity. John remembers an accident that had taken place on Old Creek Road when Victoria was a junior in high school, it involved four kids from Victoria’s high school and one kid from a Catholic school.

Victoria remembers a popular cheerleader named Beth whom she had nothing in common with was driving the truck and Victoria would have never given her a second thought if it had not been for the accident. Jerry Burden recalls the story of the pick-up truck going south bound on Old Creek Road and when the truck hit the S curve, it could not maintain control. The truck flipped over and spun around approximately one hundred and eighty degrees.

The kids in the back of the pick-up truck were thrown from the truck and they landed in a ditch on the other side of the road, the passenger had gone out the passenger side window, she suffered injuries. Beth had suffered minor injuries and another passenger Michael was not so lucky. Michael was fatally injured.

Victoria knew that this accident had resembled what she saw and heard on Old Creek Road. Victoria begins to describe him to John and John drops his fork and looks at Victoria with big wide eyes. He stares at Victoria in awe and says “you are not going to believe this!” It is amazing when something like this happens because it makes a person feel like they are not crazy when someone else can verify the situation.

The color is drained from John’s face as he tells Victoria that he knew the kid who Victoria saw in her rear view mirror. They used to hang out and play football. Michael was dating one of the girls from their school. As Victoria described his outfit, John remembers that was the same outfit Michael was wearing the day he played football with him and the same day he died.

Victoria would not have known what Michael was wearing because she never met him and she did not know him. In many ways she is still looking for answers but she at least had a few small clues and Victoria has been haunted by Michael’s rage for twenty years. She writes ghost stories today due to her crippling fear and that one incident has affected and changed the rest of her life. Maybe she will find her answers one day.

Now School Spirits continues with another intense story. Next we have Drew Jenkins and Scott Payonk from Lebanon Valley College (Class of 2005). They had taken a prank too far and it would cost them. Scott had never seen Drew scared before. In Annville, Pennsylvania in 2002, Drew and Scott moved in early and they lived in a co-ed dorm and they looked for the girls who needed help because “you never know, it may turn into a date” or a nightmare?

Either way, these two were determined and met Jen Marcinkevich (Class of 2005). The dorm they moved into was called Mary Green and behind Mary Green was a train and functioning rail road. Scott and Drew were known for their infamous pranks.

Jen had thought they were crazy and she remained cautious around them. Scott and Drew heard a story about a little girl who haunted Mary Green. People had heard a ball bouncing or a child laughing and Scott and Drew came up with the idea of creating a prank.

The two pranksters waited for quiet hour and the started their prank mission playing the tape recorded sound of the little girl and bouncing a ball down the hallway. Jen peered out of her dorm room and was greet by Drew and Scott who scared the ever living crap out of her.

Scott and Drew are into technology and they had their radio and television on and the television comes on full blast and Drew said “it was so loud, my ears were about to bleed.” The television had continued to come on and they continued to turn it off. The faster they turned it off the faster it turned itself on.

Ghost don’t take pranks lightly, remember that folks when you decide to challenge a poltergeist. Drew and Scott are trying to control their loud television that continues to come on. I guess the ghost is playing a prank of its own. They got in trouble by their dorm members and Drew and Scott began to take the equipment apart because they wanted answers.

In the fall of Jen’s freshman year she went to bed and she started dreaming about a girl and the rail road tracks. She woke up around 2:00 a.m. and she had to use the bathroom and she saw a childlike figure standing about fifteen feet away from her. Jen stood there watching the child skip down the hallway and Jen felt the overwhelming feeling to chase after her.

The child ran through the open doorway to the stair well and Jen discovered she was gone. Jen would never do something like that and now she was incredibly scared and overwhelmed. Why do people do this? Why do you chase things you can’t see and no one ever turns the lights on! Come on people, turn on the lights!

Drew and Scott were studying for finals and they were done for the night. They shut their door and locked the door. Drew and Scott panicked as they were standing in their room for minutes and the door burst open and Drew heads out in the hallway and hears the laughter of the little girl. My guess is someone is not playing a prank on them.

Drew and Scott hear the little girl giggling and it was not one of their college girls. Drew started following the sound and he kept hearing it get closer and closer. He was freaked out and lost all his color and he was terrified. Scott was not worried that their pranks now had repercussions and the prank was coming back to them.

Drew was alone in the room and he got a weird sensation and the little girl was standing at the door looking at him and then he she disappeared. Drew had seen the girl and Scott wanted to know what they should do. Drew wanted to do research and he spoke to Professor Kevin Pry about the story of the phenomenon of the little girl in which over two hundred people have reported to see.

Kevin begins to tell the story of the little girl because he does not dismiss “ghost stories.” Many years ago on opening day a family moved their daughter into Mary Green Hall and her sister is who was about six or seven. The little girl decides to go outside and play with her ball.

The ball gets away from her and it was built around one hundred feet or so from the Reading Railroad tracks. The little girl’s ball goes onto the railroad tracks and she follows the ball onto the active tracks. The little girl is unaware of the train coming and she continues playing ball.

Her mother hears the sound of the train and notices her daughter is missing. Imagine seeing this happen and the terror this poor child must have felt. The little girl was standing on the tracks as the speeding train headed right for her and her mother watched in horror as her little girl is hit by the train and killed.

Drew and Scott realize they may have brought this on themselves and Scott feels they should apologize to her. They wanted to make it stop and they did not want to cause her any more harm. After they had apologized they were free but they realized that Jen had the same experiences and Scott realizes now that he is a dad that kids will do stuff for attention but this was no joke.

The little girl was maybe searching for her family or someone to play with. Wherever she may be now, may she find peace and remember playing pranks on spirits is unkind. Scott and Drew felt their apology helped. Happy Hauntings and make sure to watch School Spirits, Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you.

Paranormal Witness – August 15 A Brooklyn Haunt

On tonight’s episode of Paranormal Witness Elaine Mercado tells her frightening story about her haunted Brooklyn home.  Elaine recounts what she went through during the period of being haunted. The events took place over fourteen years in Brooklyn, NY. Elaine and her family looked for the right home that fit their budget and they took a chance. Elaine’s brother Joe Bevilacqua wanted to tell her not to buy the house, “I wouldn’t if I were you” is what he wanted to say but he didn’t have the heart to tell her.  Elaine said her children Karen and Christine were just “overjoyed” when they first moved in.

Elaine’s daughter Karen’s room was downstairs in the basement and Elaine and her husband decided to put the washer and dryer in the other part of the basement. Elaine began to notice doors that were about “five feet above the ground” and part of the dug up and unfinished basement was behind those doors. Elaine did not want to open them. Joe said it was a strange area to place doors and why would you need doors there. Elaine began to feel a strange presence that was “right by my back.” Basements do tend to be creepy! Elaine’s daughter Christine was curious and wanted to know what was behind the doors? She did not want to be in the basement alone and the dirt room was at the far end of the laundry room so Christine and her sister decided to explore anyway!

Christine opened the doors and it was very dark and spooky. The room was not tall enough to stand in so they had to crawl in it. Christine said it smelled “decayed” and she did not go all the way but there was nothing but dirt! The girls called for their mother and they were covered in dirt and Elaine was angry because they went into the dirt room. She yelled at her daughters and told them never to go in the dirt room again.

Elaine was in her kitchen washing dishing and she heard footsteps but she was alone in the house. Elaine ignores it and goes back to her dishes and then the door to the basement opened and Elaine says “who’s there?” (Didn’t she watch SCREAM? You never say who’s there!) But something made her go to the steps and there was nothing there.

She distinctly heard someone or something walking down about seven or eight steps and whenever she was in the house alone she felt she was never actually alone in the house. She described feeling that something was always right behind her. Elaine would hear her daughters calling her and they were not calling her.

Her daughters would hear their Mom calling them and she was not calling them. Elaine was in her living room and heard “Mommy” several times. Christine heard her name shouted and then maniacal laughter afterwards. It was intense and scary! Elaine froze and they both listened as they heard Christine’s name being called from the basement.

Christine said the voice sounded “evil and mocking.” Christine begged her mother not to go to the basement door as the hissing voice continued to say Christine’s name. Now would be the time for them to get the hell out of the house.

Elaine and Christine slowly make their way to the basement as the menacing voice continues calling. Christine begins to feel sick and is frozen with fear. Elaine continues to ask “who’s there?” Elaine says “the house became extremely uncomfortable.”

They never showed what or who was in the basement but they cut to Elaine asleep and she felt something push her down in her bed and she felt a sense of pressure. She felt the springs in her bed go down. She surrendered and felt completely helpless. She could not scream and her husband isn’t even moving while she is gasping for breath.

He finally wakes up and tells her to “turn the light off.” She tells him she had a nightmare and gets up.  She had nights where this would happen all night long and she was an emergency room nurse and she was not sleeping. She couldn’t tell anyone what was happening. She didn’t know what was going on, she would walk around all night to prevent the suffocating nightmares.

Elaine thought there was something wrong with her and she did not have an answer. It is bad when you don’t know and people think you are crazy right away. Elaine’s daughter Karen is downstairs sleeping and Elaine hears her daughter scream “Mom” and she is sitting on her bed while her quilt is being pulled off the bed!

Elaine stood in the doorway and watched her daughter’s quilt move itself off of her bed and onto the floor into a perfect square. The basement had become a living nightmare! Elaine would find Karen sleeping on the couch and Elaine felt the basement was inhabited by something. Elaine did not want anyone in the basement anymore.

Joe said it was becoming dangerous and the phenomena was becoming too much. Elaine needed an open mind and she needed to explore what was happening in her house. She knew there could be something “otherworldly” in her house. Things continued to happen as Elaine was awakened by a loud bang and she looked around and her daughter’s also heard the loud bang.

She said it was like someone went from the back of the house to the front of the house banging on something. There is something in the attic. (Don’t go in the attic!) Elaine knows that no one is upstairs so she decides to call her husband. They left the house and sat on the stoop and she called her husband who came home to check the attic.

They tried to describe the house and her husband thought it was “nonsense” but he decided to go and check anyway! The family headed upstairs to check all the rooms and her husband thinks Elaine is being ridiculous and as they were walking down the stairs they all heard the loud bang and he said “I have to go to work.” He didn’t believe it because he could not see it! Elaine’s marriage dissolved because of the otherworldly activity.

Her husband could not see what was happening and he left. Elaine had decided to give the house a makeover! She changed some things around and painted the house. Her daughter decided to move into the attic. Good move from the basement to the attic! Elaine noticed while her husband was gone and there was no arguing the house was “full of light” again!

Her daughters noticed a door in the wall of the attic and you could walk through it and there was stuff in the little cubby hole behind the door. The girls found a wedding dress dated from 1952 and Elaine said it was for someone very short and very thin with a small waist. Elaine examined the dress that was wrapped in newspaper from 1952 and she felt that it was very negative because of the way it had been wrapped and hidden.

Elaine tells her daughters they should leave the stuff in the attic alone. Elaine did not want anything to do with the dress so she took it out and threw it in the trash. After Elaine was divorced she was enjoying and evening with her daughters and Matthew whom she dated for a short time. They were sitting in the living room when the banging started again but this time it was almost like the “house started to shutter” and Elaine felt dread and like she was being watched again!

Christine heard her name again and the girls yelled at their Mom to “be careful and don’t go in there!” Elaine decided to call Matthew Mercado and they told him the truth as she called him to come over and check it out! Matthew believed Elaine and stayed in the living room as Elaine headed for bed. Matthew slept in the living room and started dreaming vividly and felt like he was being weighed down.

He continued dreaming that he tried to open a door and finally did and saw a skeletal man lying on a dirt floor. Pretty creep! He felt it was like a flash of “picture!” He woke up sweating and he was in shock. Elaine was not happy he had that horrible dream but it felt like validation for her that she was not crazy!

Christine was in her room and walked through the hallway and thought she saw her Mom sitting on the steps and it was not her Mom. She saw a woman sitting in a wedding dress. Christine freaked out and realized it was not her Mom she saw and it was a person at all. Elaine wondered now how much worse things would get!

Halloween and Christmas at Elaine’s house was and still is huge! Elaine had a Halloween party and told everyone to have a good time. Her house was full of people and Elaine noticed a friend of hers staring down her basement steps and her friend Lisa tells her that her house is haunted. Lisa asks Elaine if she saw the “little lady” and she should have her “house cleaned!”

Elaine begins to freak out and realizes the little wedding dress she threw out could be the spirit or “otherworldly” person they are seeing! Christine and her sister decide to sleep in the same bed out of fear the night of the party and Christine wakes up and sees a shadowy figure over her sister. Christine said it felt like a figure and she rolled over and forced herself to go back to sleep!

Elaine went to sleep and felt a presence and as if something was in her bed. She felt her head and shoulders being pushed down. She felt it so intensely that she now felt it was a female presence and she was angry! Okay so why not get the hell out of the house!

This time it had “scared the hell out of me!” Elaine had nowhere to go and she did not know what to do. She can’t sleep anywhere and she feels she is losing her mind! Elaine called her brother and told him she needs to do something! She can no longer live like this!

Elaine sees her neighbor and asks if he ever saw anything weird happen in the house? The neighbor begins to tell her that he used to babysit the children of the couple who lived in the house and the old man had a son who got married very young and his wife died in the house. They lived in the attic and the wife died in the attic. The neighbor pointed to the window where the woman died.

The house was so large that they communicated by knocking on the pipes for help and the woman had fallen and hit her head so he was knocking on the pipes for help. The sons wife died right on the floor in the attic and the neighbor told Elaine that she was very tiny and there was an actual little lady wearing a white wedding dress who died in the house.

Elaine had been deeply affected by the story the neighbor told her. She felt differently and she felt like her house was sick and it could be healed. (Dr. House? Maybe?) Elaine called someone to come in to “heal” the house. In 1995 she called a medium in, (no not Patricia Arquette!) The medium came in and headed directly downstairs to the little doors in the basement!

She opened the doors and Elaine said you couldn’t have paid her to go in that little room but the medium went and sat in the little room! The medium told the spirit that this is not her house anymore and she must go to the light. Is she the Ghost Whisperer now? Okay I digress. The medium continued with her chanting for a while and then Elaine and her family headed to bed after she left.

Elaine woke up the next morning and something felt different! The atmosphere felt lighter! Things felt better and the air was not heavy anymore. Elaine looks back now and feels like “we experienced a piece of the unknown” and there is so much in life we don’t understand! There is more out there than people know! Until next time folks, may your nightmares inspire you and don’t miss next week’s episode of Paranormal Witness, Wednesday at  10/9c on the Syfy channel.

School Spirits July 18 – Lucien versus Daisy till death

Late at night when most people are asleep, there are those of us who are wide awake with insomnia. Tonight’s episode of Syfy’s School Spirits is based on actual events and relived, re-enacted by those who survived to tell their nightmarish tales that kept them awake for many sleepless nights.

Night terrors, horrible dreams, torment, dangerous spirits and poltergeist take on a girl’s school. Sweet Briar College, Virginia (Class of 2007) is haunted beyond belief as Elise Stine recalls her first intense experience with what could possibly be a ghost. Elise was heading back to her dorm after going to the gym and was thinking that “something was not right and something was making my skin crawl.” She snapped her head back to look and saw something.

It was inches away her. Two years later Dani Humpreys (Class of 2013) was accepted into Sweet Briar and was ecstatic as she was drawn to the school. According to Professor Lynn Rainville, Sweet Briar was founded in 1901 as an all-women’s college. At the time, most of the existing all-male universities would not accept women.

Chloe Day and Laure Herzog (both Class of 2014) spent time with Dani and Sarah Fletcher (Class of 2013), and all decided to room together on campus. What seemed like a nice situation would soon turned really badly, really fast! During the first month they moved in, Dani had to use the bathroom at around 3:30 in the morning and headed to the bathroom. 

Dani witnessed the sink turning on by itself and was in a stall nowhere near the sink. She began hearing noises and the faucet turned on again. She knew she was alone in the bathroom, but felt a strong presence. This is why people should do everything in groups! She finally had enough and burst out of the stall screaming “Who is it?” There was no one in the bathroom with her and no water in the sink. Dani decided to stay quiet about her nightmarish bathroom experience.

Sarah was unsure what was going on with Dani. One late night she also got up to use the restroom. Again folks, go in groups; take a flashlight! It helps! Sarah heard footsteps other than her own right behind her. Of course, she kept walking! In the hallway window, she saw her reflection and the reflection of a young girl standing right next to her.

If Sarah would have not been alone, or if she would have told someone, maybe they could have stopped this sooner. Her look of terror as she tells the story over again says it all. She saw the reflection of a young girl in a white nightgown and realized there was someone or something standing next to her and freaked out. She turned and ran back to her room as if she were running a track meet.

Sarah finally fessed up and told Dani what she was experiencing. Dani became very serious and worried. Sarah did not believe in the paranormal. Dani thought about what happened to her in the bathroom. She felt a certain amount of comfort knowing that she was not alone.

Dani decided to show Sarah some photos. While they knew about some of the ghost stories on campus, they thought it was just a joke. Sarah stared at the photo for a minute and recognized the girl instantly. It was the ghost she saw in the window. 

Sweet Briar College was founded by a successful plantation manager, Indiana Fletcher Williams. She had a child named Daisy. The girl was given an elite education. She had foreign language tutors, loved to draw and paint and play piano, and had a very luxurious childhood and a well-rounded education. She loved reading and was very well off compared to the students today at Sweet Briar.

Dani’s sister decided to come and visit her, and they decided to go visit one of Dani’s friends. They took the elevator, which was rather new for the building they were in. As the elevator headed to the third floor it began to pass the floor, as you need a skeleton key to go beyond the third floor.” The elevator door opened and there was a chair facing the elevator door. It looked to Dani as if someone was sitting in the chair on the fourth floor facing the elevator.

Okay so elevators and bathrooms are now on the list in which you should go in groups. Dani and her sister realized that whatever it was, it did not want them in the elevator. They panicked and tried to push buttons/ Dani decided she was going to face her fear and realizes it might be Daisy. She called her name a few times and the chair began moving frantically. Dani yelled “Daisy, stop” and the chair stopped.

Daisy had suffered from an inherited liver disease that was not treatable, and it caused her death on January 22, 1884, despite the money that Indiana was pouring into treatments. Indiana was devastated with grief and never recovered from Daisy’s death.

Cathy Gutierrez, a Professor at Sweet Briar, says that Indiana turned Daisy’s death into a promise to found a college and give money to young girls and young women. Daisy is buried on the land around the college which was the former plantation under a monument called Monument Hill. They have an annual tradition walking up to Monument Hill together and placing daisies on Daisy’s grave thanking her for everything.

The girls felt that Daisy was not there to threaten anyone or hurt anyone. Cathy said “the purpose of the school is to give every girl a chance to finish school and do what Daisy could not.” She was there to watch over the girls of Sweet Briar. 

Chloe woke up the next morning and left her dorm at around 5:30 a.m. for morning swimming practice. She wanted to hurry and was walking behind the athletic center when she heard a whistle. She didn’t see anyone, but heard the whistle. She believed it was someone playing a joke, but there was no one around. Spotting a six foot tall dark black shadow figure, she turned to run, but then stopped because she just had to look again!

As Chloe was looking, her body froze and the figure appeared behind her. She was still standing there frozen when she should be running! Look behind you! She felt like she was going to pass out and could not move as the figure was behind her. He sang a tune that someone would sing to a little girl. Yeah the creepy guy in Poltergeist did that, and it didn’t turn out to well.

Chloe finally ran after about seven minutes and told Dani what she experienced. Dani said there was no way a male could have gotten onto the campus without checking in. Chloe believed that whatever she saw was coming to get her. She felt unsafe even in daylight. This was not a joke or a prank and was serious. Dani decided to do some research.

Dani discovered there was a man named Lucien who was Indiana’s brother and Daisy’s uncle. Indiana was one of four children, Sidney, Elizabeth, Lucien. While each child inherited a plantation, Lucien was left out! He was the bad seed apparently. Lucien was disinherited and apparently was making his anger known. Indiana had left $750,000 to found the college, and Lucien did not get a penny. He was furious. Now Dani understood why he would want to drive everyone away. 

Sarah decided to have a friend stay over. There was a blow up matress in the middle of the room. Sarah was having a dream that she was being choked; she said it felt like a board or plywood being pressed against her throat.

Sarah instantly shot up in bed and was in pure panic mode. She noticed a figure and was terrified. She said it had looked as if someone was sitting at the end of the blow up mattress. She wanted to get away but did not want to move. She screamed for Dani to wake up and kept asking, “Do you see it?” Dani looked and saw the same dark black figure sitting on the mattress. They were petrified.

Okay now I take a moment to check in my closet and look under my bed and maybe grab some holy water, you know just precautions. Some families usually have the crazy, funny uncle, but this one had the psycho killer ghost uncle.

These girls had thought this was just a little girl, but now it was much worse. Neither one of the girls could move or turn on the lights. Every time they spoke, the figure’s head would turn in the direction they were talking. Chloe turned her back to the figure. and it suddenly started moving directly towards Dani. Their dorm neighbor came in and asked, “What is going on in here?”

The figure was gone, but the mattress was partially deflated where they had seen someone sitting. Dani had immediately thought of Lucien and his anger. Lucien was angry at his sister and was troubled and known for his outlaw behavior. He was accused of killing two different people on two different occasions.

Lucien was angry that Indiana had inherited money and he was disinherited. He was furious and full of wrath and had plans to take what was his. Lucien threatened to kill Indiana, and she was so scared she had bars put up to protect herself from him. When Lucien died, Indiana refused to allow him to be buried on her plantation.

Dani said it made sense to them why Lucien decided to show himself to the girls. He was angry that it became a women’s college. Everything was becoming more dangerous, and Dani and the girls could no longer protect themselves.

Dani decided that she and Sarah could no longer live together because so much would happen. They decided to separate and part ways but remain friends. Dani was now living with Laure, and they tried to start over.

 Dani’s body had given out completely. She was dreaming about being shaken. Two hands were wrapped around her arms and someone was rapidly shaking her. Someone was screaming at her, and she could not look at his face. She felt a hand wake her up and noticed the curtain blowing. There was no fan on and the windows were shut.

Dani looked over at Laure and something was very wrong, Laure looked as if someone was choking the life out of her. Okay now it is time for the exorcist! Someone call a priest! It is amazing what people must go through before they really start to consider trying to understand what is going on and how to stop it.

Dani looked at Laure who was choking and in fear. She was dreaming when a man suddenly whispered, “Well hello Laure.” She couldn’t breathe. There was another presence in the room and Dani tried to figure out what to do. Nothing like getting up and turning the lights on and screaming for help!

Laure was gasping for her life and was trying to look around to figure out what was choking her. The figure looked at Dani and placed his fingers to her lips to gesture to Dani to be quiet. The figure looked up, and the little girl was standing above Laure’s head board. He finally backed off and Laure was able to take a few breaths.

Thank the Lord they finally got up! Dani arrived at the pool the next morning and took her jacket off and discovered a massive hand-shaped bruise wrapped around her arm. They had thought she had hit her arm or hurt herself swimming, but Dani said she woke up with the bruise that went around her entire bicep. They took a photo of Dani’s arm.

The scariest part of this for Dani was the knowledge that someone could do something to you and that you have no control. The girls believe Daisy sticks around to help keep Lucien at bay. She may do some things as a warning to help them. Dani feels she is in a place she should be, even if bad things happen. The girls remain at Sweet Briar, and the creepiness continues. We wish them all the best and safety. Remember buy flash lights folks, lots of flash lights!

Don’t miss next week’s all new episode of School Spirits on the Syfy channel at 10/9c and may your nightmares inspire you. Happy Hauntings!

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School Spirits July 25 – Blood and Smoke

On tonight’s episode of School Spirits,sometimes insomnia is not such a bad thing. People tend to fall asleep when the “spirit world” is most active. Rebecca Kirschbaum (Class of 2011) describes Eastern Kentucky University as “old and very pretty,” as most creepy haunted places are. She was happy because for the first time she did not “\have a curfew and did not have to answer to anybody.” Her mother Kimberly said “she had a fresh start.”

Rebecca’s sister Tabitha said Rebecca was very popular and hung out with the “cool crowd.” She was a popular college student with a normal life until one day everything changed. Rebecca saw a figure with no eyes. Rebecca was zoned out. and her friends tried to get her attention. She walked away, headed outside, and saw the figure of a boy crawling on the ground. She tried to convince herself that she was seeing things or tharher imagination was in overdrive.

Rebecca called her mother, finally someone who calls for help right away! She had thought she was going crazy and told her mom. Her father and mother picked up Rebecca up from college, and her mom decided to take her to counseling. Rebecca’s mom felt helpless. Rebecca would not leave college because it “wasn’t an option” and she was part of the honors program. She went back to college, took classes, and began to draw while her professor advised to “beware the Ides of March.”

Maybe she should have picked up holy water on the way back. Rebecca turned to drawing and art. Stephanie Bingham (Class of 2011) was in the Honors Rhetoric class with Rebecca where she spotted her drawing ” intensely.” Stephanie asked Rebecca what she was drawing and her “eyes were as wide as saucers” as she answered, saying she wasn’t drawing anything.
Rebecca felt that drawing was therapeutic for her and felt Stephanie had nothing to offer her. 

Rebecca had known that Stephanie was into “ghosts and the occult” and felt she was weird. Stephanie had been experiencing “ghosts and things of that nature” her entire life. In the beginning she considered them to be dangerous.

Stephanie got over her fear quickly and figured the ghosts had not hurt her yet, so she was okay. Stephanie frequently saw a Victorian ghost and believed “EKU” had a lot of paranormal activity. She also believed Rebecca was a “typical wannabe sorority type of girl.” She noticed the Victorian ghost one day while sitting outside on campus and noticed Rebecca stopped and looked in the same direction she was looking.

Stephanie knew then that Rebecca needed her help. Rebecca was raised in a Christian family and anything paranormal or psychic-related was considered evil or demonic. Rebecca tried to “pray it away,” but it didn’t work. One night in Rebecca’s room, she had heard something in the corner by her closet. She was afraid to look because she knew something was there.

Rebecca saw a “shadow figure” that was an outline of a person. It was “wavy or curly” and “everything about it was scary.” Rebecca lay really still and prayed for it to go away. I would say she should have gottem up and ran like hell, but what do I know?!

Rebecca laid still in bed, then leapt out of bed and ran out of her room. Rebecca felt it “was like living in a horror movie.” The next day her roommate came to her and said she saw a man in the room wearing black. She was frightened and scared. Rebecca had thought this was all something she made up, but her roommate insisted she saw it because it was over Rebecca’s bed.

Her roommate was so scared she began sleeping in the lobby, leaving Rebecca completely alone with whatever was in her room. She put a chair in front of the door, but it burst through, moving the chair. Rebecca rolled out of bed in her pajamas and went to search for Stephanie and found her in the library. Stephanieasked Rebecca what she thought of her, and Rebecca replied she thought she was crazy or schizophrenic.

That is really not a nice way to deal with the person who is going to help you. Stephanie decided to go see Rebecca’s ghost, and they headed back to her dorm room. Stephanie went in first and examined the room. She stared into the corner of the room where there was a slender black shadow figure, but  was not scared.

Stephanie turned to Rebecca who was standing petrified in the doorway and said “Let’s go.” They left the room and Stephanie told her that if it is bothering her that much she should just leave. Stephanie told Rebecca that it was not harmful to her and she could try and get rid of it, but in Rebecca’s mind the ghosts were all evil.

Rebecca was now seeing things all the time. She was not sure what to do. For someone who believes spirits, ghosts and paranormal in general are all evil, it can be difficult for them to handle any type of paranormal. Stephanie was not affraid of the ghosts, but Rebecca was petrified, so it was different for both of them. Rebecca was not sleeping and was scared to death. The shadow figure had appeared in her nightmares and tried to strangle her.

Rebecca finally was able to change her room. She left her dorm room and moved into a room in the honors dorm. She was still scared, but hoped whatever was in her previous room did not leave her. She discovered her new roommate was Stephanie. These two seem to like to talk about each other more than the spirits, but it is part of their story. Rebecca admitted “there were a few things about Stephanie that drove me crazy.”

Stephanie had thought everything was fine other than the fact that they were complete opposites. It took Rebecca a while to come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t crazy and neither was Stephanie. Rebecca decided to go outside and catch a smoke and heard someone call her name. She heard “Becca” over and over and took off running. She ran to the dorm and shut the door. The figure reached for her, and she took off running again.

Rebecca should have joined the track team! There’s a thought! She saw it again in the hallway and headed back to her room. Stephanie believed Rebecca was facing an “internal crisis” and what Rebecca was dealing with was scary and violent. They were complete opposites, and the spirits had different effects on them. Stephanie had looked through Rebecca’s tablets and saw the drawings of the ghosts that they both saw.

Rebecca walked in and saw Stephanie looking through her drawings. She explained to Rebecca that she could help her. Stephanie decided to take Rebecca to see a ghost that she had seen several times before. Stephanie believed her and told her she was not crazy. Rebecca saw the woman sitting under the tree. Rebecca described her to Stephanie and they saw the same things.

Nick Wade (Class of 2011) met Rebecca and Stephanie. The girls had formed a bond, and Rebecca wanted to make friends again, but the terror was not over yet. Stephanie headed downstairs one night to do laundry, and as she carried her wash, she felt something push her down the stairs. She saw a little girl with sharp teeth who smiled at her to who off the teeth.

Stephanie explained “she looked like a demon and her eyes were glittering with glee.” Stephanie was petrified and did not want to be alone, so she headed back to the room to tell Rebecca what she saw. Stephanie was scared and believed she saw a demon. Rebecca decided they needed to get off campus, so she took Stephanie home to her parents’ house. She advised Stephanie to be nice.

Stephanie is not normally the type of person Rebecca hangs out with, so her parents thought she was not nice. They all ate dinner, then went to bed when Rebecca’s dad heard noises. It sounded like a little toddler running across the house. He heard laughter from a little girl. Rebecca’s mother was skeptical and questioned him. They checked to see if Rebecca and Stephanie were asleep, and they were of course.

Rebecca’s mother looked down the stairs and went flying down the steps. Rebecca and Stephanie woke up, and Rebecca’s mom told them she felt like she was “pushed” down the steps. Stephanie mentioned she was pushed down the stairs back on campus. and they begin comparing stories. Rebecca believed she was the common factor.

Rebecca thought she was attracting violent, emotional and demonic ghosts. She didn’t want anyone she loved or cared about to get hurt, so she and Stephanie headed back to campus where everything appeared more sinister than normal. Rebecca headed outside one night to the smoke box so she could collect her thoughts, and a woman appeared behind her and behind the glass of the smoke box calling her name.

The stories are based on actual events so imagine this happening. It is kind of crazy, but if you believe in the paranormal it is fascinating. Rebecca heard the voice before. There was a bloody woman wearing strange clothes and no shoes. The woman appeared to want to tell Rebecca something, but she just wanted the woman to go away. She headed back into the dorm room and told Stephanie what she saw.

Rebecca flet that something was not resolved as she tried to go to sleep. She talks to Nick for a while who notices her distance. Nick decides to head outside one night to the smoke box and saw the woman walking towards him. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and started to feel a wave of emotion including terror and angst. The woman stopped in front of him and said, “There’s been a murder,” then moved on.

Nick had never experienced an encounter with the supernatural before. He headed to Rebecca and Stephanie’s room and began to describe the woman to the two of them. Rebecca was afraid that someone would get hurt because of her. Nick had known from their response that something else was going on.

There was some sense of urgency. The next night Stephanie and Rebecca were walking home from a restaurant through a wooded area. Good idea, right! The two were in the woods and Rebecca began to sense something. It came out from behind a tree and they take off running like the wind. They should have stuck to lit roads or carried flashlights.

Stephanie and Rebecca turned and saw a man with a bandana over his face, and he followed them to campus where they ran inside. Rebecca called the police, and they believed that the woman was there to warn them. Rebecca and Stephanie had found out that a woman had been murdered.

Reporter Jacqueline Sprague said “in the winter of 2011, a woman was brutally murdered right near the campus of Eastern Kentucky.” Jacqueline has only covered one murder. and it was the woman who was stabbed to death. She meant them no harm and may have just saved their life.

Stephanie and Rebecca became best friends. Rebecca knows now that not all ghosts are bad. After the man nearly got the two of them in the woods, she believes the spirit of the murdered woman saved them.

Make sure to watch next week’s episode of School Spirits, Wednesday at 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you.

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School Spirits, June 27 – A Ghost meets a Runner

On tonight’s episode of School Spirits there is a sense of real fear and true terror. In the eighties everyone seemed to be okay and very cool. We all wished John Cusack was standing outside our bedroom windows holding a boombox playing really rad eighties music. But in 1985, Chris DiCesare (Class of 1986) was a very happy guy who woke up every morning to go running.

Just listening to his story, I feel inspired. His goal was to make it to the Olympics, and he devoted his life to running. His father, Vito DiCesare, says his son was strong and enjoyed a challenge. This story seems very nice and calm, but there is suspicion as I listen to this man speak. Chris explains how his grandmother told him to count to ten to help him focus. It made him feel as if something had control over him.

Here is the part where everything that was nice and rad in the eighties just disappears. Chris’ friend Jeff Ungar always had a camera or a note pad to record what was going on around him. (Sounds like someone I know!) Chris was at a toga party with Jeff and his friend. (Of course it had to be a toga party. Go ahead and chant “TOGA!” I will wait!)

Jeff considered himself to be the eyes and ears of the campus. Beth Kinsman, who was also a friend of Chris and Jeff, and a freshman, says she was happy they accepted her. Chris felt that his groups of friends were more like “family” to him. He was in his room one night working on a paper and had to focus so he could get this paper done.

Chris heard someone call out his name. Now this is the part of the eighties that you may not want to remember. Chris decided to put headphones on to block out the music. He also locked the door, deciding it was a joke his friends were playing on him. He continuee typing. (Me, I check under my bed, just in case!)

Chris still heard the voice calling his name and finally decided to get up and go look around to find out who was pulling the prank. After he did not find anyone around,  Chris decided to go for a run. Good idea! He cam back and took a shower, only to see his roommate standing there. His roommate told him  he heard someone calling his’ name.

Chris was still hoping it was a prank. I think by now, after hearing someone calling his name, and then having the roommate tell him the same story, he would listen. Chris decided to calm down and open the care package his parents had sent him. So now this dude was eating candy and listening to hissing noises.

It ended up being Chris’ tape recorder. He discovered it had turned on. He unplugged it and shoved it in a desk drawer. He headed back to climb up the ladder to his loft and began to get chills. Why don’t people ever turn on lights and call for help? I don’t get it. He decided to count to ten instead, but never made it to ten.

I would not be counting, I would be getting the hell out of that room but to each his or her own. Chris believes now that he should have told his roommate because after hearing someone call Chris’ name, the roommate left and did not want to stay in the room so now Chris was alone counting. Chris got to seven and he saw a shape that looked human. He could see the legs disappear.

The person appeared as a misty pale face. Chris did the only thing he knew, he ran like hell (finally!) Chris ran to Jeff who took his note book out and starting writing everything down. Jeff walked Chris back to his room and he didn’t want to stay there. Jeff was more fascinated with what was happening in the room and he wanted to start recording what was going on.

Jeff decided to use audio and he marked all the items down in Chris’ room and marked where they were at in the room. Chris and Jeff checked windows and locked doors while Chris spoke to whatever presence was in his room. He left the tape recorder on and they played the actual audio of Chris speaking.

Jeff stayed outside the room and one hour later all hell breaks loose. The closet door was unlocked, the window was open and the chair had moved. Okay poltergeist, ghost, and spirits? Who knows? Jeff was eager to listen to the tape (not as up to date as today’s technology but it was effective) and they rewound it and heard all kinds of sounds.

The sound of the chair moving and gurgling noises and Chris and Jeff decide that they need more evidence, Chris tries to figure out how to call a ghost and he says a few words and spies the closet door moving. Chris begins yelling at Jeff so he will take a photo. Jeff is prepared, I have to give him that, and he has the note book, the camera! He is all set!

This series provides an interesting take on the paranormal because it is based on true events and set in colleges so you see a different side of haunted places. Chris hears a pitched, gurgling voice and Chris sees the image in his closet. There is a face and a body. Chris is scared to death and as Jeff takes the picture the ghost heads towards him and goes right through him.

Jeff takes the picture and makes a run for it. He gets the pictures developed because you know there were no digital cameras then. Jeff examines his 4×6 pictures and he gets to the last picture and there is a skeleton. They show the actual photo and it is insane. Jeff shows the photo to Beth who also verifies the ghost looks like it is forming.

Jeff begins to worry now and he is especially worried about Chris’ health and his state of mind. Chris did not want to tell anyone because he was afraid of what people would say. He should have just spoken up! He had seen the ghost almost everywhere now and he was freaked out. He tried to run and his legs would not respond.

He was no longer the happy go lucky runner that was motivated. He had lost the light in his eyes and he was withdrawn. Beth was worried there was something evil happening to Chris. Chris was raised Catholic so he decided to try and “reach out to his faith.” (call an exorcist!)

School Spirits, June 20 – Guardian Angel or Demon In Disguise?

There have been many paranormal series on, and most of them showcase the same places, such as prisons, mental asylums, and haunted homes with possible possessed families. There is a new series on the Syfy channel that heads to some of the scariest places you can imagine… colleges and their trusty sorority and fraternity houses. We hear from the students, alumni, faculty, and more that these colleges are steeped in history.

The series was created by Seth and Julie Insogna Jarrett as an attempt to find college students who are willing to share their horror stories. Not just the average sorority and frat house party stories, but their terrifying life stories of what they have experienced during what is supposed to be the happiest time of your life… Well, sometimes it turns out to be the most horrific experience.

The first episode takes place at the University of Michigan. These stories are based on actual events, re-told and re-created by the people who lived through them. It starts out with a young girl and her dog, Rambo, at the Gamma Alpha Gamma Sorority house in 2007. She is typing away on her laptop with her trusty friend, not knowing that later she would be praying for the real Rambo to save her.

She heads upstairs at about midnight with Rambo the dog, who begins to whimper and shake. She notices a change in the air and she could feel eyes on her (okay this is the part where you turn around and run the hell out of the house! Run!). She notices a man at the end of the hallway, wonders who this person is, and ponders if she should scream. My guess would be yes, scream and run!

These girls were really excited to live in their sorority house, but they had no idea what was about to happen. As the tagline states, every campus has its secrets and now we will learn firsthand that keg parties are not the only scary thing going on around campus. With the creepy background effects and eerie music, the series makes for a good show. It is also interesting to have a series that is not based and investigated by the same people and the same locations.

The house itself reminds me a little bit of the house featured in the film The Haunting in Connecticut. It has that eerie, old feel to it, with so many rooms one could get lost just trying to find the kitchen. Then, the show takes viewers back one year earlier to find out how all of this paranormal drama started, not Mean Girls drama. This is more like The Exorcist type of drama.

Caroline Rankin, class of 2009, has always wanted to attend the University of Michigan even though she had thought she would never get in. She said she was very shocked when she got her acceptance letter. She was very shy, and found out about the sorority. Despite the campus being so large, Caroline found a place she could be a part of. Nicole Sands, also class of 2009, was another University of Michigan student who helped initiate Caroline into the sorority. They gathered noise makers, balloons, banged on her door, and made her feel like one of them.

Caroline was very excited to a part of the sorority. Caroline and the girls found a house for their sorority which was originally a fraternity house and it was a mess. The girls were very excited to live in their in new house and it started out good. Student Kristen Mrozer, class of 2010, felt safe and cared for after meeting her fellow sorority sisters. She knew that now these girls would always have her back.

The few months were really great; they had parties, talked about guys, and did their studying. They mainly wanted to become familiar with the house, though. Kristen, being the explorer that she is, discovered a room in the basement that was usually off limits. It is a room that the previous fraternity had left items in from previous rituals for the fraternity. Kristen described this room as a time capsule. If it was off limits, they should have left it alone.

The girls started to clean the house, and assigned Kristin house manager duty. They felt like all they did was clean and nothing ever stayed clean. As the new house manager was cleaning the trash can, she discovered maggots, and also noticed maggots in their food. Okay, yeah, time to move out now! After being on maggot clean-up duty, one of the girls screams for Kristen, noticing a bat on the ceiling!

Don’t you ever wonder why people just don’t leave? A lot of the occurrences that happened in the house were not making sense. Kristen decided to go in the basement (good move) where she was alone, it was quiet, and she is minding her own business, doing her laundry, when all of the sudden, Kristen heard thumps, or possible footsteps.

She drops the laundry and runs like the wind. Okay, good move. She made her way to her friends as they hear her screaming, and then spot the look of terror on her face. Another instance, Caroline went up the second floor of the house alone. She felt the atmosphere change, and she said it felt like, “Something electric was in the air.” It was a sensation she hadn’t ever felt before. She felt like someone was in the room with her. All of the sudden, a person appeared, standing in front of her friend’s door. Okay, so she is alone in the house, sees a creepy man, and  just stands there. What is wrong with this picture, folks?

Caroline watched as he disappeared. She walked very slowly towards her room, went inside, and locked the door. She did not tell her sorority sisters, for fear of being judged and called crazy. She began to question herself… and her sanity. There was a difference in all the girls, and they all noticed it.

The girls became agitated, were not going out, and one of the girls was going through a break-up. It was a tough time for her, so she tried to seek comfort in her room at the sorority house, but could not find any refuge or comfort. She did not feel at home in the room.