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Space Twister Q&A with Erica Cerra and Mitch Pileggi

In the new Syfy Saturday Original Movie Space Twister, torrential cyclone storms threaten to reign over the world.  Stars Erica Cerra (Eureka) and Mitch Pileggi (Sons of Anarchy) took part in a Q&A to discuss the action-packed movie.

Pileggi had just finished filming Supernatural when he received the call to begin working on Space Twister after another actor had dropped out. He also just happened to be in Vancouver where the movie was shot.

Cerra became involved during her hiatus from the hit Syfy series Eureka and was attracted to the film because it was different from what she normally works on. She enjoyed playing an “intellectual character” in the movie and it was a lot of fun.

The two veteran science fiction actors faced very few challenges. Pileggi touched on the most challenging thing for him, “memorizing the dialogue” in such a short period of time. He was up for the challenge of filming in the cold and being the mud. He felt it was a lot of fun to be a part of Space Twister.

They shot the movie on location at a farm which was used for the series Smallville, and Cerra and Pileggi enjoyed their fellow cast and crew. The challenges for Cerra included a few of the stunts she had to do, but she lives in Vancouver so is used to the cold weather.

The two actors agreed that their fellow cast and crew were “lovely” and that everyone had a great time making the movie. In true Syfy form, they could not give away details, but the two veteran science fiction actors are excited for this movie and agree it is action-packed and exciting.

Cerra and Pileggi have both found that working in the sci-fi genre has been great for their careers. Cerra enjoys the family aspect of it and the writers. She considers everyone to be a very important part as they have inspired her, and she has learned a lot from the cast and crew.

Pileggi and Cerra had their adventurous moments on the set of Space Twister. Pileggi described what it was like working with cold vapors as his character is trying to fix a rocket. It was scary with all of the pyrotechnics and overall “it was kind of crazy.”

Cerra’s adventurous moment involved her character taking a heroic “jump through hoops of fire.” She was weary of the moment, but managed to pull it off. These two work well together. Cerra and Pileggi both found one another to be funny and charming so their work environment was easy.

The two actors both have future projects in the works, Pileggi was filming Dallas, and will have a reoccurring role. Cerra is excited about her next job which will be becoming a mommy; she is due in four weeks. Cerra considers that to be her “biggest job,” and the most important role for her.

She also filmed a movie for the Hallmark channel which will air next Christmas called The Wishing Tree. As for science fiction work, she is up for what “the world throws my way.” Whatever comes next, they are both ready for the challenge.

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Fact or Faked Q&A with Ben Hansen, Lanisha Cole and Austin Porter

Season three of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, takes paranormal to the next level as the team uncovers the truth behind supernatural and unexplained occurrences that have been caught on camera. In each episode, the team searches far and wide for interesting images, videos and unnatural phenomenon found online and all around the world. The team selects the most compelling cases and head into the field to recreate the video, perform experiments, and question witnesses.

The team investigates all the clues and looks thoroughly at the evidence and ask the objective question, “Is it real?” Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent, heads the team. His lifelong fascination with the paranormal led him to the this field of study. He is now in charge of an elite team that conducts paranormal experiments that re-create elaborate paranormal events. Ben and two other cast members, Lanisha Cole and Austin Porter, took part in a Q&A to discuss the series and the wild world of paranormal phenomena.

This season the team has been bombarded with videos of paranormal footage, and Ben has turned to the social networks to keep a real connection with viewers and paranormal fans. Without giving away details, Ben explained “we’ve got some really funky cases that you just can’t categorize,” and for season three, the team is expanding their horizons and going beyond just ghosts and UFOs.

Porter said the most exciting aspect of the series will be delving into some of the really funky cases including superhuman abilities. There will be new equipment introduced this season Hansen said his goal is “to introduce something new every single episode.” He is proud of his new ghost-hunting equipment, including his new touchscreen wall device he proudly compares to CNN’s situation room, but Ben just calls it his “magic wall.”

One of the challenges they face for this season is re-creating some of the dramatic events. “Its fun getting our hands dirty and being able to build and blow things up,” Cole said. Porter added, “If our hearts are still ticking, and we’re filming, then we’re all still here.” Hansen, still an agent at heart, will not give away details, but his worker’s comp papers would say something along the lines of “I was swinging a medieval tool at a minivan. ”

Ben and his team are open to anything in the world of paranormal. Ben said as long as there is evidence, then the evidence alone speaks for itself when the team has to investigate a phenomenon. He does not categorize anything or work with a close mind in order for him and his team to fully function. They all keep open minds and think outside the box.

Porter and Cole want to do the best job that they possibly can but they must be realistic and review the data and evidence before the excitement of a true find can come into play. “I have come to look at it with more of a skeptic approach,” Porter says.

That is what makes them a good team; they all have open minds, but they still remain skeptical about certain things that the public may consider to be taboo, such as Bigfoot or UFOs. Porter said, “It is the idea of us not being alone in the world, ” and that there just may be something or someone else out there, and if there is, Ben and his team will find it.

That is what makes Fact or Faked fascinating. There are new cases every week, and it is never the same for this team. Their pure dedication and investigative work, and their ability to fully re-enact these amazing occurrences, makes the show worth watching.

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Q&A with Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden-Ried of Syfy’s Lost Girl

In the Syfy series Lost Girl, viewers are getting to know more about Bo, a succubus who uses sex to feed, heal and kill. Bo is played by Anna Silk who believes the reason for the show gaining success is growth. The writers have allowed so much room for the characters and the series to grow and develop since the first episode and the foundation is in place for the series to continue on.

Ksenia Solo who plays Kenzi, a thief, con artist, and Bo’s confidante, believes that the series is very unique. Kris Holden-Ried plays Dyson, the mysterious Fae who is Bo’s love interest and the first lover to survive a night with her. Holden-Ried enjoys the “creative story lines and characters that we can explore.”

The actors are also very happy to be able to continue their journey on the series, as they consider themselves very lucky to be able to talk to the writers and executive producers one-on-one when they need to. Holden-Ried explained, “They’re always open to our story ideas and we’re very fortunate to be able to have input.” The series is not a huge network show but it is big in the world of Science fiction. It stands as an independent production with Syfy, so they are generally able to speak up and be more “collaborative.”

The actors face some challenges but a few of those are welcomed. Holden-Ried’s character Dyson is very physical, and he was inspired to get back in shape and be strong again. He is careful when performing stunts, but he welcomes the challenges and searches for new ways to use his newfound energy.

Silk’s challenge is different. Her character was afraid and vulnerable, and Silk said she had that “down pat,” but does try to stay fit to play Bo. She does not have a sports background like Holden-Ried does, but she has learned a few tricks of the trade along the way. Ksenia takes inspiration from great actors she admires from movies. Kenzi is so full of life, so Ksenia remembers to eat properly and keeps her energy up to play Kenzi as bright and colorful as she is.

Silk finds her role as Bo incredibly refreshing, considering the content of the series is about a Succubus and there is a love triangle between the characters. One thing Silk jokes about is how many people she has kissed on the show. She can’t believe that is an important part of her job. There is a lot of great chemistry on the show, and Holden-Ried feels they’re “really blessed to have that real trust” with each other onscreen and off.

The cast is mum on future details of the series, but Silk confirms there will be some big events happening in the future. This will include something that will impact Dyson and Bo in a big way, and of course lots of new and exciting Fae drama as we continue to learn about Bo.

As for Silk being a succubus, it’s not all that bad, but she would like to see a few more mythological creatures on the series such as an incubus on the show. Holden-Ried deadpans seeing a minotaur and a Leprechaun would be great or an infamous troll.” Silk also discovers that Bo has a few new tricks up her sleeve, as she learns about Bo’s new power and what exactly she is capable of, so there are a lot of surprises in store.

In the end, the people behind Lost Girl are extremely proud of the show. Ksenia jokes that their goal is bringing married couples together in front of the TV.

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Syfy’s Seattle Superstorm, Q&A with Esai Morales, MacKenzie Porter & Jared Abrahamson

Syfy presents a brand new Saturday Original Movie Seattle Superstorm. The film is about a NASA scientist who thought everything would be fine when he moved to Seattle to find peace with his fiancée, Navy Lieutenant Emma Peterson, but when his son Wyatt can’t stop fighting with her daughter Chloe, they realize that their new family may not make it at all. Things are stormy on the homefront when an unidentified object is shot down by the military and it crashes into Puget Sound. It sets off a series of chaotic and strange weather events including earthquakes, tornadoes, and lightning storms These storms spread rapidly and the new family must find a way to work together and save their city and each other before it is too late and the all mighty Mother Nature destroys everything and everyone in sight.

Esai Morales, MacKenzie Porter, and Jared Abrahamson, the stars of the Syfy Saturday Original Movie, took part in a Q&A to discuss this force of nature film and the challenges they faced.

The characters each bring an interesting personality to the film. MacKenzie was immediately drawn to Chloe because she had never filmed an action movie before and was really excited to take part in all the “cool stunts and action sequences,” and it was a new challenge for her. Jarod had just finished a Hallmark film, so he had found filming Seattle Superstorm to be completely “polar opposite” to his previously filmed sappy, heavy drama. He jumped at the chance to read the script and be involved.

Esai was incredibly excited to be involved, because he could imagine all of these crazy events happening and Syfy found a way to make it work perfectly. He also enjoyed playing “the hero.” He had a lot of fun, and it was a rare chance to take on an entirely different character with strong abilities and characteristics.

The toughest part of the film was all the visual effects and the fact that the actors had to completely rely on their imaginations versus dealing with actual things they could see. MacKenzie said a lot “was done in post-production because in reality it is impossible to get chased by a tornado that doesn’t exist.”

Esai said it was also a chance to learn how to protect your family, learn about science and how the weather works scientifically, and how everything is connected and the cause and effects which can cause quite the conundrums in life. He values what it is to be a human being and everything that is at stake for this family and the survival of his onscreen family.

As always, the Syfy stars have developed huge followings among the social networks, and the stars are incredibly grateful to the viewers who interact with them. Jared admits he would like to be more active on the social networks, but he admitted it is new to him. Yet, he thinks it is great because it allows everyone to voice their opinion and connect with each other around the world.

MacKenzie feels it is the most intimate connection you have with the fans and viewers and admits she likes responding to the questions, seeing the feedback and being more involved. Esai admits he also was a bit resistant for a while because of sharing his life online, but he likes the idea of being to connect with the viewers and fans on a personal level. He feels it is a “combination of the mundane and a worldly connection.” They all agree that they do enjoy some privacy in their lives.

The cast admits the film has some crazy intense scenes. Jared is looking forward to seeing his driving skills onscreen and is hoping for a call to “be in the next Fast and Furious after they see this film.” Mackenzie loves going back and watching all the stunts and the exciting scenes; she feels they bring back special memories for each cast member. Esai’s take is slightly different. He uses humor to get through it, saying he believes his head looks big onscreen, and he goes through a slight cringefest. He is looking forward to the moments when he doesn’t cringe while watching himself onscreen.

The cast got along great, and Esai enjoyed working with MacKenzie and Jared. They are both very charismatic, and Esai had thought he better stay on top of his game “before they push me off the ledge.” He said they are great people and the feelings are mutual for Esai. The two actors enjoyed working with the veteran actor.

The cast loves Science-Fiction and the Syfy Channel. MacKenzie feels the film will grab Syfy viewers’ attention and that they will love the Sci-Fi elements of the film. Esai identifies with Syfy a great deal, identifying closely with Mister Fighter Man. Jared thinks the viewers will truly enjoy watching this family try and figure each other out at the same time they are figuring out how to deal with this massive disaster.

Esai said part of the fun is playing the characters and living in this insane fantasy land and thinking what if this would really occur. He believes this film will touch a nerve with human beings because there have been several global disasters that have affected everyone worldwide. To lighten the mood, he wants to give “Sharktopus a run for their money.”

Esai knows the film is over the top, but in reality you will find people stockpiling and buying water, bread and eggs for the possibility of what could happen in life whether it be aliens, storms, the end of world, or just the conspiracy theorists who have all the what if questions. This film goes above and beyond and adds a more scientific special Syfy touch that viewers love.

Each actor loves science in a different way, and they each enjoy natural disaster films. They send a special shoutout to the Helen Hunt film Twister, and Esai’s character is trying to figure out what is causing all this chaos by using science. He knows what his forte is and how he can properly use it.

On that note, Esai jokes his initials are E=MC2 and he would like to take credit for the film because of his interest in science, jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles and if he can help someone he will definitely try. He believes in random acts of kindness and his cast members agree.

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Q&A with Sam Huntington of Syfy’s Being Human

Being Human is the re-imagining of an acclaimed BBC original series that follows three young roommates who each possess a dark secret. Sam Witwer plays Aidan, a vampire, Meaghan Rath play Sally, a ghost, and Sam Huntington plays Josh, whose bright future was turned upside down when he turned into a werewolf. Huntington took part in a recent Q&A to discuss Being Human and his appearance on another Syfy series, Face Off.

Sam is a native of New Hampshire and began his career as an actor on stage at the prestigious Peterborough Players where he performed for over four seasons in roles such as Jem in To Kill A Mockingbird. When he was thirteen, he moved to New York and landed his first film role alongside Tim Allen and Martin Short in Disney’s Jungle 2 Jungle. He also starred in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns playing reporter Jimmy Olsen and has made memorable television appearances including Law and Order, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and Veronica Mars. 

On Face Off, Sam will serve as a judge for a foundation challenge. This is the first challenge that grants immunity to one of the contestants. He watches a lot of reality television, so he was excited to be involved with the process. He was impressed with the talented contestants and appreciates their work. If he could create a creature for Face Off, it would be a high school principal villain, and his weapon of choice would be a giant yardstick.

Sam feels he is challenged every day on Being Human whether it is physically or emotionally. He credits the writers with giving the show life in a natural way. This enables the viewers to connect to the series on a very human level, because the characters are dealing with real human issues.

If Sam could be one of the characters on the show, he would still be a werewolf with problems and all. He would not want to be a vampire due to all that blood lust, and as a ghost you can’t eat, have sex or do anything fun. As a werewolf, you’re a “dude until you turn into a badass.”

Sam would love to have Jeff Bridges or Tom Hanks guest star on the show, “maybe if the watched it, they would want to.” As for himself, he’d like to see his own character find the peace and normalcy he desperately wants. He sees a lot of himself In Josh, his eagerness to please, guilt and his humor.

Sam has many aspirations and not just as an actor. He would like to direct one day, possibly even an episode of Being Human. Aside from his professional life, he loves his family. He has a two-and-a-half year old son. and he and his wife are expecting their second child. Sam loves being a dad.

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Q&A with Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo of Syfy’s Lost Girl

The Syfy series Lost Girl is about a young woman with an interesting talent; she takes your breath away, literally. Anna Silk (The Ghost Whisperer and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) portrays Bo, a mythological character referenced from real-life dramatic folklore. There is a legendary lineup of creatures the viewers will meet along Bo’s journey.

Bo is a Fae who lives among the humans and feeds off certain human emotion or energy. Bo remains physically hidden from society and blends quite well as a human, but Faes can also take the form of different creatures such as spiders. The Fae folklore is known among all cultures including Irish, Native American, African and Chinese.

Bo is in for many surprises. Ksenia Solo portrays Kenzi, a con artist and thief, young and street-smart. She is also Bo’s only confidante and has a plethora of useful skills. Kenzi is savvier, as Bo can be fooled at times. Kenzi’s cynical non-trusting nature makes her very protective of Bo, so no one can take full advantage of her. Bo will continue on her journey and is stuck in quite a romantic, sexy love triangle. The two actresses took part in a Q&A recently to discuss the series and what kind of havoc these two will get into.

Anna’s favorite thing about the series is working with the incredible cast and crew. They have a dedicated group of people that take an active role in creating a top notch series; Anna appreciates that. Ksenia’s favorite part is being able to “kick some serious butt” on the show with Silk. She enjoys the girl power aspect of the series because she feels it is not often shown enough. The Syfy channel has given them an opportunity to be more than just pretty faces.

Ksenia enjoys being a human on the series, but she would enjoy having a power of her own.  She is a “little jealous” that her fellow cast members are able to turn into different creatures and use the succubus power and would like to see that happen in the future for her character. Anna would like Bo to fully realize her character’s powers and how to use them; she would like Bo to understand just how powerful she is.

Ksenia went through a process to get the role of Kenz; she changed her hair several times and sent in a tape. The show creators did not know which way they wanted the character of Kenzi to go, if she had to be sexier or more serious, but it came together when Ksenia was flown into Toronto and did a screen test with Anna. It felt completely right for her then, and as they say, the rest is history.

Viewers will learn more throughout the series and into the next season as both characters progress. There will be flashbacks with Bo and Kenzi so viewers are able to learn a little more about the two in each episode. There will also be a romantic encounter for Ksenia’s character. She could not go into details, but said “I have a love interest that comes in and sweeps me off my feet.” She was very happy to learn that Bo is not the only one that gets to be in a love triangle.

Anna found that playing a succubus has a few advantages and disadvantages,, as some people have actually asked her for a “succubus kiss.” She jokes that “you do that you will wind up dead,” but succubus lovers everywhere don’t seem to care. It may be the kiss of death, but it comes with the job. Anna is just happy that people are responding so well to the character. The show is very seductive, and Ksenia explains Anna has had to take a different approach to sexuality to become this sexual creature.

Kenzi has not had to kiss as many people as Anna has and knows that the guest stars who appear on the show know what they are getting into. While she is not in the “sexuality circle yet, Kenzi’s street smart ways make her very valuable. Anna feels people have gravitated towards the show because it not only approaches male and female relationships, but also same-sex relationships. She is proud of that and enjoys hearing the positive feedback from the viewers as the series covers all aspects of relationships.

There is no judgment on the show. Ksenia believes that is what it makes the show unique, everyone is open minded and “it does not matter who you are, whether you’re gay or straight, blue or green. It’s all about being a human being.” She feels that is the most beautiful part of the series.

As always, the social networks have been a big part in helping to introduce the series to the US audience. Anna has received a lot of feedback and love from viewers which she is grateful for. The whole cast and crew is very excited to have a whole new audience embrace them. She is pleased to be part of Syfy because their audience is incredibly responsive and outspoken. Ksenia said it is nice to breathe it all in and see the effects of what Syfy can do.

When asked who they would like to cross paths with on their show, Anna said she could see Lost Girl meets Twilight, and thinks it would be cool to turn Lost Girl into a feature film someday. Ksenia likes the idea as well, and would love to see the series on a bigger scale; however, she would prefer to cross the series with Homeland and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and jokes she will be pitching the idea soon.

The ladies are flattered that Lost Girl has been compared to some series classics such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood. Ksenia finds it “a huge compliment, and Buffy was around for so long and has such a cult following. Anna appreciates the comparison, but believes Lost Girl is its own show with a unique voice and a unique group of characters

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Q&A with Dichen Lachman of Syfy’s Being Human

Being Human is the re-imagining of an acclaimed BBC original series following three twenty-something roommates: a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf. It is not your typical everyday series, but is fascinating with twists and turns and plenty of drama and temptation. This week, Dichen Lachman guest-starred, portraying Suren, a seductive reckless vampire with a few secrets of her own.

Dichen took part in a Q&A to discuss Being Human and being a vampy vampire. She found it challenging wearing the black contact lenses. Sam informed her that when she was on the roof she should not wear the lenses, because it’s dangerous and they could fall off the roof. She also felt that making the character too bitchy was a problem; she wanted her to be like a princess who just behaves like one.

She enjoyed being in Montreal for filming. Dichen felt like she was in Europe and found the city stunning. While nervous stepping into Suren’s shoes, she felt as if she gave the character a real voice.

Dichen enjoyed the camaraderie of the series and working with her fellow cast members. She believes people continue to tune in because in today’s society there are still so many people who feel like outsiders. While there is a ghost, vampire and a werewolf, they are still humans trying to make unique relationships work.

Many different things come up in their lives, and Dichen feels this is why viewers continue to watch the series and support it. The characters are fun, likeable and have found a balance we all can relate to, because everyone struggles with a dark side. She also relates to the temptation side. With her character’s mother is the queen of all vampires, and Suren being so entrenched in everything, she feels that is where her temptation comes from.

Dichen recalled the most memorable moment from filming was when she woke up at four in the morning; the whole city of Montreal was covered in snow. Her most memorable memory of her character was Suren’s flashbacks and the opportunity to be in the period of the 1920’s and 1930’s. “It was such a cool experience.”

Dichen appreciates the support the series has received and feels like she cannot thank everyone enough. She credits the fans with giving her a lot of support. There is a lot that can be expected from the series, and with Lachman’s talent; hopefully they will be around for a long time.

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Syfy’s Being Human Q&A with Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath

The second season of the Syfy series Being Human is premiering; you may have seen the commercials with Ida Maria’s song Bad Karma playing in the background. The series instantly draws your attention with the tag line, “Temptation Is A Beast,” as they prepare for the second season and fully embrace their dark sides.

Being Human is the re-imagination of the acclaimed BBC original series that follows three individuals dealing with a big conundrum. They must keep their dark secrets at bay, but all of the complex problems get in the way as they lead double lives. We have a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf who are struggling to keep what they are a secret but temptation gets in the way.

The series stars Sam Witwer (Smallville), Meaghan Rath (The Assistants), Sam Huntington (Caveman) and Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural). In the first season, they appeared normal and tried to fit in as everyday humans, but now they are embracing what they are.

There are quite a few insane surprises for season two, and of course the Syfy cast members are keeping things secret and staying mum on the exact plots, but it is expected to be an explosive season. Huntington, Witwer and Rath took part in a Q&A to discuss the show. The cast is excited for the second season. Their bond together is strong, and they believe that gives them more momentum as a cast.

The interesting fact about Being Human is they do not focus mainly on the paranormal aspect because the characters are real people. It allows the show to go in many different directions. The actors are able to bring humanity to their roles and challenge their morality. How much trouble can a ghost, vampire and werewolf really get into? The characters are grounded. Witwer said you will see “our characters react with horror and shame.”

The three of them have an amazing chemistry off screen, and are witty, intelligent. When viewers watch the show they will feel the camaraderie between them. There are several exciting moments on the show that Rath is excited for the viewers to see, but she could not discuss them because “we would get fired.”

Huntington is excited about the material and the challenges he took on as an actor. Season two will show the three as more than just roommates with unusual paranormal talents. We will see them go on a journey and watch them get out of desperate situations. The series takes on many dark topicx, including vampires, werewolves and ghosts being just human beings that are slightly corrupted (Zombies included, according to Witwer).

Huntington, Witwer and Rath are also a big part of the social networks, and they appreciate the fans and the viewers. Huntington loves the community on the social networks and being able to hear from the viewers. They are on a rollercoaster with Being Human and making the best of every moment.

Make sure to watch the Being Human on the Syfy channel every Monday at 9/8c.

Q&A with Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Ried of Syfy’s Lost Girl

Lost Girl follows supernatural Bo (Anna Silk), a Succubus who feeds on the sexual energy (sometimes called “chi”) of humans. She was raised by human parents and had no reason to believe she was anything other than a nice, sweet girl until she drained the life from a boyfriend during their first sexual encounter. Now she is afraid and distant. She stays alone and discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore who can pass for humans while feeding off them. Bo is relieved to find out she is not alone, but frightened to find out the secrets of whom she is and where she came from. Lost Girl stars Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, K.C. Collins and Anna Silk.

Silk, Palmer and Holden-Ried took part in a Q&A to discuss the new series. Lost Girl has a great time slot after the second season premiere of Syfy’s series Being Human. The cast is excited for viewers to see the series and they believe it is a unique show with darkness, humor and it is very sexy, Silk said, “It is like nothing I have ever seen on television.”

Silk is happy to bring the character Bo and the series to U.S. viewers. She feels incredibly fortunate to play this role and is learning new things every day. She also feels stronger thanks to Bo’s tough personality. The series has been compared to Buffy The Vampire Slayer and HBO’s True Blood, but the cast insists it is new and fresh. They appreciate being in the same category, but believe Syfy is bringing something new to viewers.

Discovering who they are is a big factor for the cast as they play out these unusual scenes. Palmer’s character Lauren is discovering that she is indebted to Light Fae, especially the leader of the Light Fae, which is one of the mythological beings. Holden-Ried’s character Dyson believes his discovery of Bo and her journey is very important. He has been a , and Bo becomes the center of his world.

The actors are fresh, new and talented and bring a lot to this series. It is certainly a different mythology to add a series with a succubus, but it gives Syfy viewers something more to take in. There are many different energies and aspects working for the series. The actors are also part of the social networks and credit them for helping to make the series a success. The social networks allow them to interact with fans and take in feedback from viewers.

They are talented and steaming up Syfy with this sexy new series, so make sure to watch Lost Girl when it premieres Monday, January 16 on the Syfy channel at 10/9c.

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Q&A with Michael Flutie, Beri Smither, and Dani Stahl of Scouted on E!

Scouted premiered on the E! Network on November 28 and brings together the most talented fashion icons in history as they search for potential models. Some may call the show a bit harsh, but in an industry that is so highly regarded, it is only fitting that Scouted is a reality series with the fashion world’s biggest players.
The show does not just discover models, but shows how they are developed and their road to stardom is captured. It may be heartbreaking, funny, compelling or inspiring but that is Scouted at its best. Local model scouts are sent out to just about everywhere from Houston, Salt Lake City, Richmond and San Francisco, and find themselves at country fairs, restaurants, high schools, beaches, sorority houses, and even a rodeo.

It is not just the future models that make Scouted, but the international and renowned fashion industry icons that help make all of this happen. A legend with over twenty-five years of Model agency experience, Michael Flutie serves as Creative Director. Legendary model Beri Smither serves as the Model Mentor, trendsetter and fashion expert Dani Stahl serves as the Image and Style Consultant,, and top industry casting director Julia Samersova is the Director of Scouting. Together they are a runway force to be reckoned with, creating, developing and nurturing the future careers of these fashionistas. Will the show discover the next Cindy Crawford, Noami Campbell, Milla Jovovich, Stephanie Seymour or Heidi Klum or will these girls crack under the Prada pressure?

This highly esteemed team took the time to discuss what makes a model and how you could be Scouted. Here is what Michael Flutie, Beri Smither and Dani Stahl had to say whenn contacted for an interview.

Janel: No holds barred, what does it take to be a model and make it on SCOUTED?

Michael: In Scouted, we are looking for beautiful girls with strong, modern features and very interesting personal stories.  We focus on their individual journeys starting with how and where they got scouted.  We also concentrate on the willingness of them and their families to share their stories with our audience and actually listen to and adapt to our direction at The Scouting Company.

Beri: 1) Look like a model!

2) Truly be 5’9″ or taller. Size 2 – 8.

3) Be beautiful on the inside and out equally!

Janel:  There are so many legends in the Fashion industry, what does it take to have a long, vital career in the industry?

Michael: First and most importantly, a model must have a well-managed career. She must have a manager who believes in her and who will champion her career, regardless of any obstacles or challenges she might face.  A model must be willing to work hard to achieve her goals. Beauty is subjective, and a model and her agent have to convince people to “believe” in that model’s look.

Beri: 1) Classic looks

2) Good relationships in the industry

3) Professionalism

4) Great management

Janel:  Is it more difficult working in New York or Los Angeles?

Michael: New York is the most competitive market place in the world. It is the hub of the fashion industry. Paris is equivalent to that level of competition as both cities are editorial advertising centers of the world. Los Angeles is more commercial in nature and more focused on television and film.

Beri: New York is more of a fashion capital then LA, so the two cities don’t really compare in the realm of fashion modeling.

Dani: New York vs. LA: If you want to be a high fashion model it’s all about New York. Obviously there’s a lot of work to do in LA, but NYC is the hub of fashion. It’s where it all really happens.

Janel: The industry constantly changes and old trends come back and new trends fade and then come back again. Is there a constant trend you will teach the future models about and why, despite the fabulousness of the fashion industry, it is frowned upon at times?

Michael:  I don’t think that people outside of our industry understand how complex the fashion and advertising fields are. You are dealing with so many creative individuals, all of whom have an opinion. Designers, Creative Directors, Photographers, Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists and ultimately the CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) of brands (Advertising) and or the editors of Magazines (editorial) all have a say in the development and evolution of trends.

Fashion is constantly changing and adapting to the global consumer; therefore every season, fashion houses bring on a new idea and a new thought inspired by the changes in pop culture, fabric designers and manufacturers, retailer’s needs and consumers and new technology. Designers are often referencing the past (film, music, television, current events) and creating new trends for the future. I am not teaching models about constant trends; I am assuring that they are educated and able to reference the historical evolution of the fashion industry, great works of art and literature. It is imperative models have the tools to think forward and create images that will be referenced in the future.

Beri: The constant trend is a “good attitude.”

Dani: My fashion mantra is “Fashion is Fun,” so I’m always up for trying something new and switching it up. I used to obsess about “defining” my style – now I just go with the mood of the day!

Janel: All of you were able to see these girls living their normal lives; did their ambition play a part in why they were chosen?

Michael: Every scout, model, mother, father and friend had to be open and willing to let us experience their specific journeys. A model’s ambition, or lack thereof, is truly representative of the potential triumphs or defeats that a model can have.

Beri: Of course, their ambition played a part.  It was apparent that some girls wanted this more than others.  Those with more drive to become a part of the business, who listened to what we had to say and took our criticisms as learning tools rather than insults, proved more successful in the long run.  A huge part of being a successful model is the ambition and passion for modeling – no one wants to work with someone ambivalent.  It’s not as effective in photos or videos.

Dani: It is great to learn the girls’ stories and have that insight into their lives, and it’s our jobs at The Scouting Office to do our best to make their dreams come true. But at the end of the day the girl either has what it takes to be a model or not.

Janel:  Is there something you would like everyone to know about each one of you that no one knows?

Michael: One of the things that people don’t know is that although girls are scouted and signed (which is a survival of the fittest process) ultimately, only a small percentage of them actually succeed in the most competitive markets in the world and become stars. (85% of girls who get signed don’t make it and end up back home pursuing other careers).

Dani: Something about me – well it’s no secret, but I’m petrified of elevators.