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Interview with Killer Karaoke Host Steve-O

Steve-O became a household name back when Jackass started running on MTV and quickly worked his way into our hearts with his crazy antics. Now, however, the tables are turned in the new show Killer Karaoke, which is on TruTV every Friday night at. If you missed the first few episodes, make sure to catch it! The show is the perfect blend of American Idol and Jackass. Now, it's time to hear what the host, Steve-O, had to say in my exclusive interview about the show.

There's no better way to start off a Monday than forgetting your interview with Steve-O and getting the call when you're out and about. Needless to say, I was prepared anyway. Steve-O described Killer Karaoke as people, “attempting to sing while doing dumb shit.” When I asked Steve-O if it was a relief to see other people doing dumb stuff for once, he gave me this excellent simile. “It's kinda like an erection lasting more than 4 hours. In the beginning, you're like, 'Woah! This is awesome!' But afterwards it's just unnatural.”

Being the Steve-O Fan that I am, I made sure to bring up Amy Schumer's comment from the Celebrity Roast on how Steve-O was the one we all hoped would have died instead of Ryan Dunn, wondering if he was as shocked as his fans. He went on to say that, “She was one of the funniest people there, but that joke I didn't find funny.”

Also, as any true fan would, I brought up his Mötley Crüe story from his documentary, The Early Years. At the age of 13, Steve-O hunted down Mötley Crüe, harassed the manager, and was able to create long-lasting friendships with the band. I asked if he was planning on bringing out any Crüe songs for the show, which he then said he probably wouldn't, but if he did, it would be Wild Side, because that song means something is about to be awesome.

Next I had to ask about what is surely the biggest thing with our new host, his sobriety. Having my own problems, seeing someone like Steve-O drop the drugs and still be awesome, well, it means a lot to me. I made sure to mention this to him and see what he thought about the sobriety originally. “In the beginning, I did it to have this big impact on everyone, to be people's hero. On the way, I found out that I had to do it for me and no one else. That's the only way I was gonna do it right.” After this, I told him that he should be an inspirational speaker, in which he, in different words, responded with no way.

One thing you may not know about the stuntman is his credentials for being a stuntman. Steve-O graduated from Ringling Bros Barnum and Baileys clown college. I asked if our new show was going to have any clown skills, in which he said, “Yeah, I'll show off a little bit.”

If you've already seen part of the show, like myself, you may think that our host seemed a little out of his element. Steve-O explained that the show is scripted, but he gets the chance to change what he says for the TelePrompTer.

The final thing I asked our star was if he ever saw himself returning to tv on a game show. “While I didn't plan to be a game show host, I never ruled out anything as a possibility with me.” So, see if the possibility is good or not. If you have a heart, you'll think the show is funny! It seems to draw all crowds, so what are you waiting for? Go set that DVR!

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Q&A with Heidi Klum of Project Runway

Glitz, glamour, runways and fabulous designer who are all hoping to make it in the world of fashion. Project Runway returns with a new season with judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, can you just smell the absolute fabulousness? Mentor and fashion expert Tim Gunn returns along with the woman who is wearing three hats or in the world of fashion, many different Manolo Blahniks, the fabulous Heidi Klum serving as Host, Judge and Executive Producer.

The show is not in its tenth season and it is filmed on location in New York City, the fashion haven. There will be sixteen new designers are who are vying for the victorious prize of one hundred thousand dollars and the opportunity to sell their own line at the exclusive Lord  & Taylor. The designers must give their all and show their skills, they must wow the best of the best. Heidi took part in a conference call to discuss the show and all the fashion fabulous.

She adores her fellow cast mates; she also believes “ten season is a milestone.” Her enthusiasm and work ethic is contagious so let’s hope the designers pay attention. Heidi enjoys the atmosphere with everyone, “we have become a family, and they’re all so much fun.

She is passionate and loves the designers and is excited for everyone to see their stories. “They’re all so passionate.” She worries that sometimes the designers are here for the wrong reason and the business is difficult to get in so she wants to make sure that they are really “hungry for it all.”

Heidi considers Project Runway to be “one of my babies and we’ve got a lot of great fans. It’s become a cult with an iconic following.” Heidi will not compare the past designers to the present designers but each person brings their own style and comes up with something different and noteworthy. Each season they have found that one person who has talent and they always use a “different technique.”

One of the unique things Heidi loves is that everyone has a different personality. She believes in the show “longevity because fashion is the main focus of our show.” Heidi said that if she needed a red carpet ready dress right now she would call on previous winner, Christian Siriano “because we’ve become friendly and he does not give up.”

The show is seen in many places and Heidi said, “Even if you have never traveled the world, your either interested in fashion and you want to be a part of it. It doesn’t matter where you come whether it’s New York City or a smaller town and there is television, books and the internet.” So fashion is universal and Heidi is excited to continue bringing the latest styles to the world.

Many people have asked Heidi for advice and she has been in the fashion industry for many years now. She shared some of her knowledge and says, “If you’re a designer and you want to design for the masses, a fashion house or a big name, you just have to be the fellow designers are. You have to show your books.” She does not discourage going to school.

She emphasizes that hard work and determination are incredibly important in this industry. She does not want see people come in who just want to seek fame. She likes to see “ambition” and people who want to use every various outlook to design and create something new.

Heidi talked about some of the styles that are making a comeback, don’t fret, it is not shoulder pads. Heidi enjoyed the stonewash jeans, ripped seventies jeans that may be high or low-waist but she could never deal with those infamous shoulder pads.

Heidi was incredibly excited to have the show in New York and she said “I have been nagging for many years to do an episode in Times Square. Heidi is close lipped on the contestants and she could not divulge any fashion secrets. She was able to take the designers to the Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s store and the Dylan Candy Store so the designers can make clothes out of candy!

There will be a parade of fabulous guest judges including Sex and the City designer Patricia Field who created Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) eclectic wardrobe that set trends for years to come. Heidi wears several hats on the show, she has been a judge and the host, she said “I have been doing it for ten seasons and I still love coming to work.”

Heidi spoke briefly about her scissor happy ad to promote Project Runway that premiered with her lying on a pile of sheer scissors. In reality she said “I did my photo shoot and I was laying on a piece of fabric with scissors surrounding me.” She was lying in the middle of the scissors and a cherry-picker crane shot her from above, “it was fun!”

Overall Heidi wants the designers to challenge themselves they try and keep each challenge fresh for Project Runway so viewers will always have variety. “It is important to our fans to be able to buy the clothes and it’s important for our designers to be seen out in the world. We think outside the box for every challenge.”

Make sure to tune in and watch the season ten premiere of Project Runway, Thursday, July 19 at 9/8c on the Lifetime channel.

Q&A with Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods America

The Travel Channel’s very own strange culinary connoisseur of odd delicacies has returned with the sixth season of Bizarre Foods America and Andrew celebrated by premiering the 100th episode of the Bizarre Food series. You may be asking yourself a valid question? How can one man eat such off the wall foods when we have supermarkets full of perfectly normal food? The first episode was to commemorate all of Andrew’s worldwide food adventures.

Andrew is a worldwide personality with taste buds that would make Dr. Hannibal Lector blush a little bit, he is a talented chef, food writer and a teacher. He is an award winning personality with a big personality to match. Andrew’s show may not be for the faint of heart but if you searching for that odd delicacy to serve your family members at the next family BBQ function you will have to watch Andrew on his quest to eat the strangest food imaginable including lambs tongue, barbeque armadillo (sounds delightful) and pigeon pie.

Andrew took part in a conference call q&a to discuss his strange food obsession. He also does quite a bit of traveling, he pops up everywhere from Las Vegas, Miami, Mississippi, Austin, Los Angeles and San Diego. He traveling has become a big part of Andrew’s journey to find the perfect cuisine, “it’s a privilege to be a part of the most celebratory cities in the world which is Las Vegas and I am excited about the upcoming behind the scenes look at Mohammed Ali’s 70th birthday party which was a blast. The Bizarre Foods Celebrates 100 retrospective is fantastic.”

“The rest of the season we celebrate as two of my favorite episodes are in San Diego and Austin Texas and I got to hand out with the guys from Animal in Los Angeles.” His excitement is genuine and he really enjoys food but why the strange, unique cuisine that would make most people tosses their cookies.  “I take a tremendous amount of enjoyment eating a variety of foods that may tastes like rotten inions and smell like feet but I enjoy it.”

Is there anything at all that Andrew will not eat, “walnuts, yuck, they taste like soap” he says with utter disgust. Andrew is incredibly busy and has been all over the world, “we made ninety-two shows in countries all over the world and before we turned our attention to America we wanted to represent all cultures and learn what everyone around the world eats.”

American is the land of hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, French fries, all American food and Andrew wanted to discover something outside of cotton candy in which many people still consider a strange staple.

Andrew discovered all kinds of hidden secrets around the world including “they do not eat peanut butter in Argentina (WHAT) it is considered repulsive and the kids will not eat peanut butter either. In Uganda, Andrew had several tribal members sample cheddar cheese and “they don’t understand why American’s are so crazy about cheese!”

Andrew manages to add some new things to the show including creating a “pop-up restaurant.” He gets to cook with some of the most talented chefs and create amazing specialties that may or may not turn you into a vegetarian but no matter what, Andrew’s talent is obvious and his culinary skills are top notch.

Andrew is unique and brings the worlds unique cuisines to America so make sure to check out the season six premiere of Bizarre Foods America, Monday, July 9 at 9P.M., ET/PT and the one hour retrospective special Bizarre Foods Celebrates 100 which premieres, Monday, July 9 at 8:00 P.M., ET/PT to honor the milestone and find out what kind of bizarre foods Andrew will eat next.

Q&A with Tracey Gold, Bug Hall and director Griff Furst

So the Syfy channel is known for its rather interesting film titles and Arachnoquake feels a bit like a nightmare for those who suffer from arachnophobia and seismophobia which is fear of earthquakes so combining the two seems natural for Syfy. Arachnoquake involves giant fire breathing spiders that are unearthed after a massive earthquake in New Orleans, sounds like a blast.

The film starred Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), Tracey Gold (Growing Pains), Bug Hall (The Big Green), Ethan Phillips (Glory), Olivia Hardt (Epic Movie) and Megan Adelle (Straw Dogs 2011).

The stars of Aracnoquake, Tracey Gold and Bug Hall along with director Griff Furst took part in a q&a to talk giant spiders and earthquakes. You would think working on a film like this would be rather scary for the cast but Tracey said “it was easy and fun because we had a great group of people to work with” and that includes “albino spiders.”

The cast and crew was a great perk for Hall who agreed that the cast was great and so was the talented director, “he was right there with me, the whole time.” They really got into this movie, it was another great Saturday Original Syfy movie and the cast knocked it out of the park and had a lot of fun shooting the film.

There was a lot of action and Tracey said, “We got to jump off of a big boat and into the water then we all had to scramble but there were some hysterical moments and the film brought out the kid in all of us.” Hall liked the fact he got to fire guns, tuck and roll and run around like a kid in a candy store.

The cast also understood that their director wanted a certain amount of comedy in the film. “In the end, we were just elated and we nailed it. We were really happy with the film and the comedy was a big appeal.” Hall said. Syfy’s Saturday Original Movies are not always known for their dramatic Taxi Driver appeal.

Griff has always been a “fan of creature, horror and science fiction films.” He enjoys the films mainly because “no one takes it to serious and as long as you have the right actors who are up for anything and down with experimenting and humor” he is ready to go.

Tracey who was known as the girl next door on Growing Pains was not really into the science fiction genre. Bug Hall on the other hand considers himself a “sci-fi geek and I love anything related to monsters and time travel or space.”

The cast also joked that the huge spiders didn’t take themselves too serious either. The spiders resemble the infamous camel spiders that were splashed across the web but much bigger and they arrived after an earthquake! See this is pure Syfy! “The spiders have a great personality.” Griff added.

The Syfy viewers are the best because the root for the creature and that is what makes the cast and talented director Griff happy so make sure to keep watching Syfy’s Saturday Original Movies. Arachnoquake aired on Syfy’s Saturday Original Movies and make sure to keep watching Syfy’s original movies.

Q&A with Brandy Norwood of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva

Brandy Norwood is known a multi-talented singer and actor even before she made her presence known on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva as Elisa Shayne. She returns to season four and has discovered quite a bit about her character. The singer turned actor has done a little bit of everything. Her films include, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Cinderella, Double Platinum, and the television show The Parkers. She 

Brandy is embracing her character on Drop Dead Diva as she joins the comedy/drama with an incredibly talented cast and some fantastic guest stars, including Brooke Elliott (Jane Bingum), Margaret Cho (Teri Lee), Jackson Hurst (Grayson Kent), April Bowlby (Stacey Barrett), Josh Stamberg (Jay Parker) and Ben Feldmen (Fred). The guest star list is just as noteworthy – Patty Duke,  Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, John Ratzenberger, Megyn Price, Emily Rutherford, Valerie Harper.

Brandy, who took part in a recent conference call, appeared in three episodes in season three with her character developing quite the scandalous storyline. It was revealed that Elisa Shayne is the former girlfriend of Jay Parker,  and she has a child with him, can you stand it? The twist is, Elisa never told Jay Parker that they have a child together. So

 Brandy makes the juiciness of the character very interesting as she progresses forward with her this season. She discussed how she got involved with the series, “I had a meeting with Craig Zedan and he has been a longtime friend of mine. I worked with him on Cinderella, and I expressed to him how I wanted to get back into acting.”

“I started to get the acting buzz again, and Craig told me about Drop Dead Diva. … he gave me the series to watch, and I fell in love with the show. They wrote the character Elisa for me, and I was happy to be a part of such a great cast and a great show.” Brandy’s excitement is contagious 

Brandy was able to work with Serena Williams this season. The storyline is very different and exciting for Brandy, “I can’t wait for the fans to see what she has gone through.” It was difficult for her to talk about it, but without giving too much away, Brandy hinted that “Parker falls in love with our son, but I think there are deeper feelings she has for Parker because of what he has put her through.”

Brandy likes how the character is fully evolving. The series does not stay in the same place with storylines so for her to evolve, it keeps it interesting for Brandy. “She is a nurse, and she loves her son. I am a bit inspired by my character; I would do anything for my daughter.” She has so much passion and is in a really good place.

Brandy is happy she took on the role because she does not want to have any regrets. She explained her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, by saying, “Fear is just an illusion. I try to face it as much as possible, and I go ahead with my faith. I do not allow anything to hold me back.” She also does not allow the pressure of Hollywood and the constant scrutiny get to her. “Yes, there may be some pressure, but I try to stay true to myself and not allow this business to dictate what I do for myself.”

The singer/actress fell in love with Elisa and has felt connected to many of her other characters, including Moesha and Chardonnay. “I love being able to be as versatile as possible, and it feels like freedom to play so many different characters.” Brandy connected to Elisa because of her “sweet spirit and what she stands for.”

Brandy believes she will continue acting, and it has become a passion for her. She wants the roles to keep coming and hopes to do a great job with each role she takes on. “I have such a passion for acting, so hopefully I can keep doing it.”  She also thanks her family and team for supporting her with everything she has on her plate right now, and feels the love and support from her fans.

Brandy wants viewers and fans to relate to Drop Dead Diva. She feels that with the way the show is and the element of the storyline that people can relate to all the characters. “I think it deals with subject matter that everyone can relate to.” There are so many good elements involved with this show.

Brandy believes her character “stands up for what she believes in,” and she wants viewers and fans to know that she has a lot of fun playing Elisa. She has so many things she wants to do and believes she has a lot to do in life and “fulfill.” She loves doing things that make her happy, and acting and singing are what she loves. “It is a service that I give to the people of the world.”

Fans have wondered with Brandy’s musical talent if she will be singing on the show. “I have not been asked to sing, and I don’t think Elisa can sing.” However, Brandy’s single, Put It Down from her new album “211”  is expected to be released in July, which she is excited about. Fans will get the best of both of Brandy’s worlds, her acting and singing career!

Brandy keeps her characters separate from her music, and they have no influence in her music, as most of her music comes from experiences in her own life. She can relate to the women she portrays, but that is as far as it goes. She does, however, feel a little more “free” with her music. “I am able to be transparent in my music and just be me as with a character. I have to add pieces of myself to bring the character to life.”

Keep a look out for Brandy on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva which airs Sundays on Lifetime at 9/8c. And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Q&A with Bert Kreischer of Travel Channel’s Trip Flip

Trip Flip is a brand new series by the Travel Channel featuring comedian and vacation expert Bert Kreischer. The unexpected twist of the show is Bert offers two lucky people per episode a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and all they have to do is say, “Yes,”and their experience begins. It almost sounded too good to be true, but Bert took part in a conference call to discuss the new show and what’s in store for those of us at home.

One of the “twists” is that some of the people may be on vacation, but Bert still will try to whisk them away.  Bert will travel to a variety of incredible destinations all over the world, including New Orleans, Oahu, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Nashville, and many more.

“It is all about getting people out of their comfort zone, and thinking outside the box. That’s the way a vacation should be,” said Kreischer as he described the show. It isn’t the typical vacation show. You may be on your regular family vacation, and Bert will take you from being pool side to jumping off cliffs in Scotland. Bert took a couple from Seattle, who were into outdoor adventures, and told them, “We’re going cliff diving off of a fifty foot cliff.”

Bert takes people on vacations that actually mean something to the ones involved, not just any generic vacation. He took one group of people to see Penn and Teller not just to see Penn and Teller, but  took them to dinner with the duo and had the opportunity to learn magic in person.

Bert also has a few places he would like to take viewers and willing vacationers.In particular, Nashville has many opportunities, including Bert wanting to go catfish grabbling by Pigeon Forge because it is an enjoyful part of his past. He also wants to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy on their vacations, so Bert does everything he can to gain the trust of the vacationers.

Some people don’t trust him, or think it is a hoax. Bert had one guy who was dressed head to toe in New York Yankees gear, and he passed up on the chance to have full access to the Yankees. “We were on the field and were taking batting practice, hanging out with the grounds crew and having steak dinners with some of the players.” So if you spot Bert, and he offers you a vacation, don’t brush him off.

The show may be outrageous, and some people may have other events they cannot get out of, but Bert was happy to hear from the couple who jumped off the cliff in Scotland. The young woman of the couple thanked him, because she said, “I would have wound up kicking myself in the ass the entire flight home,” if she had not took the chance and jumped off the cliff.

Bert has a production crew that does massive research before they head to locations. He wants these people to have the time of their lives and a great vacation. That is the whole idea. He takes it a step further for the vacationers and for the Travel Channel viewers. You may get the ultimate surprise, or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so make sure to watch Trip Flip, Thursdays on Travel Channel at 9/8c.

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Q&A with Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna of Syfy’s School Spirits

Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna, creators of the series Celebrity Ghost Stories, took part in a conference call to discuss their new Syfy series School Spirits, airing Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Jarrett and Isogna have created original entertaining series for Disney, TNT and now Syfy. Seth began his career as a film and television producer and director at MTV, VH1 and the Oxygen channel. His skills in directing and storytelling led to a full-fledged career with television.

Julie started at a senior talent and music executive at MTV, Lifetime and Oxygen. She had success partnering talent with original television concepts and developing ideas with celebrities and musicians to create memorable scripted and non-scripted programming.

With this series, Seth explained, “The stories are all based on firsthand accounts. They’re all students, faculty or alumni. The story is built around first person storytelling.” They look for “compelling stories that viewers can relate to.” Julie chimed in to explain that they took a “very cinematic approach to the recreations on the show; we wanted them to feel like movies.”

School Spirits is different from other paranormal shows because Seth found people who could corroborate these stories and people who by nature are very skeptical. “It wasn’t good enough to just have someone sit down and tell us a story. They want to believe.” There are historians, professors, news reporters and even police reports to back the stories, making it important to bring as much of this information and multiple voices to tell their stories accurately.

The show also does a lot of interviews; everyone involved does an interview, giving them as much useful information and details as possible to recreate their stories. It takes a fairly good amount of time to put together an episode, Seth factors in “the casting process, finding multiple and reliable voices and good solid stories.” They are not looking for everyday bumps in the night, but true paranormal stories that will send shivers up and down viewers’ spines.

Seth and Julie also look for individuals who are willing to not only share such personal stories, but embrace their experiences and have people who are willing to look further into the unknown. “Not every campus is willing to embrace their experiences, and in some cases the hauntings are really deep-rooted in their own history.” In some cases they needed to bring people in and let them be in their own environment.

There have been so many paranormal shows and so many investigators who claim to have all the answers, of at least some of them. One thing that makes this show interesting is you are looking at things from a student’s perspective or a professor’s prospective, making it still everyday people. These are also people who are learning and skeptical in general as to what they see and how they ask questions.

Seth and Julie’s staff members have some pretty detailed accounts of their own regarding a few paranormal events they have experienced, and Seth and Julie have included some of them on the show. As for himself, Seth doesn’t remember any specific hauntings that happened to him when he went to school in Binghamton, but a few things have happened since then.

There is a list of colleges that Julie and Seth visited and several more that they would like to go to/ Julie suggests NYU in New York, and Seth agrees it would be a good choice. Some of the colleges they have been to already include Ohio University, Michigan State, Drew University in New Jersey and many more.

Seth felt that some of the smaller schools gave off more paranormal energy, including Lebanon Valley College or Sweet Briar, with the latter’s school energy coming from the daughter of the founder of the school of the school. According to Seth, “You can’t get more entrenched in the school history than that.”

The paranormal hauntings are also not all related to tragedies. They may be people who passed from natural causes, or it may just be from a violent death or a suicide. “What is amazing for us is the way people describe their experiences. The feeling of coldness in the air or the feeling of fingers touching their shoulders and being touched by a spirit.” Seth still believes, unfortunately, that many hauntings are related to tragedy.

There is always an eerie feeling Seth and Julie get when they do the interviews. The first episode is set at the University of Michigan, and Seth felt there was a “balance of creepiness and nervousness.” The story is rooted in steep school history. It is a “journey back in time with an interesting resolution.”

Seth and Julie found it to be a great test to find the right age group. Seth discovered that in some cases people were haunted by terrible evil, violent spirits, even though “School is supposed to be the best time of your life.” That is until you find yourself haunted, and not just by mid-term finals.

The oldest story Seth has come across is Genesco which takes place in 1884. He tries to find some of the older witnesses who may have been around when the spirits were human beings just living life, but it is not an easy task. Julie agrees, wanting to find the witnesses who knew the spirits for future episodes.

Seth and Julie found an interesting story at Slippery Rock University and the University of Michigan runs with a fraternity story. They believe they are being haunted there by “a violent spirit, a man who hung himself over 150 years ago, not too far from their fraternity house.”

Seth and Julie are not only looking for reaction from the people telling the stories, want the viewers to feel what these people have gone through. They want to tell good stories with legitimate purpose and well researched information helps.

Julie and Seth agree on the one person who had an impact on them while filming. It was a young man named Chris. His experience lasted for a long period of time. He had an emotional journey and we all felt for him.” Julie felt Chris impacted her on a personal level, yet admits that the stories are all scary and compelling.

Ultimately they are searching for even more honest and compelling, truthful stories. Follow them all on School Spirits, Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Syfy channel.

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Q&A with Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva guest star Patty Duke

Lifetime’s critically acclaimed hit series, Drop Dead Diva, is back for a fourth season on Sundays at 9/8c. The legendary Patty Duke (The Patty Duke Show, Valley of the Dolls),, part of the industry since 1958, guest stars on the series as Rita Curtis. She took part in a recentQ&A to discuss her character and what it is like to be Patty Duke. She is happy to be a part of the series because “It’s so much fun, and I discovered new things about the role as we went along.

Patty enjoyed the cast, and after fifty five years of working in this industry, she enjoyed the camaraderie on the set. There was not one person onset who was not gracious and kind.” She found star Brooke Elliott to have a great sense of humor. Patty had a blast on the set and really enjoyed working with her. “She’s brilliant and very loving, honest to God. I was just thrilled to have the opportunity to work with these people.”

Patty’s favorite moment working on the set involved even involved Brooke. “Oddly enough, it was the scene where Brooke has to go through pages and pages of lawyer stuff, and I felt that I was being transported by this creature who could not only remember all the words, but deliver them with such energy and intelligence.”

Patty enjoyed the role mainly for the comedic purposes. “Laughter is crucial to me.” That was one of the main reasons she accepted the role of Rita. She loves dramatic roles, but finds “comedy much harder than drama, but I’ll do both.” She is incredibly versatile and thrives off the energy of others. She also realized there is quite a bit of her character Rita in her.

A role that Patty still wants to conquer is Mary Lincoln, “The timing is perfect. I am now a year away and getting ready for the process to play Mrs. Abraham Lincoln. First we’ll play it in the museum in Illinois, and then at the Ford Theater.” She has missed her chance to play Mary Lincoln in the past and will not let the role slip away this time around.

Patty has done so much in her career with film and television and would love to be a part of the television show, Big Bang Theory. “I would feel that I’d died and went to heaven if I could get the part of Memaw on the Big Bang Theory.” Patty’s work with Richard Crenna has been some of her favorite work. “His work ethic, his sense of humor and grace … he’s gone seven years now but I still think of him and miss him.”

If you are looking for acting advice, Patty is certainly an amazing candidate to pass that along. “We have to be realistic; you should definitely have a day or night job. It’s very hard to be realistic when your passion is so great and you know in your heart that you do this play or film. It is one of the toughest industries to be a part of.”

Patty recently decided it was time to join the social networks. “I’m astonished at the speed the information is exchanged.” She is happy to be able to keep in touch with her fanbase and a new generation of fans. Patty discussed her proudest moment in regard to her career. “I guess I would have to say Miracle Worker and Birdbath, which was done on public television and written by Leonard Malfee.”

Patty’s amazing career continues. She is a legend who holds a special place in so many of our hearts. Be sure to watch her on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, Sundays at 9/8c. And as Patty says, “the last to laugh is to live.”

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Q&A with John Zaffis of Syfy’s Haunted Collector

The Syfy series Haunted Collector has returned for a second season with all new haunted items. John Zaffis and his family are on a mission to find out if spirits really do live and exist in objects such as a family portrait or that nice collectible that was given to you from a family member. 

The Zaffis family are renowned paranormal investigators, tracking down haunted items like paintings, guns, jewelry and dolls. Once identified, these obscure items are collected and stored in the family’s museum, helping John’s clients bring normalcy back to their lives.

John’s team includes Jason Gates (Investigator), his son Chris Zaffis (Investigator), his daughter, Aimee Zaffis (Investigator), Brian Cano (Tech Specialist), Jesslyn Brown (Investigator), and Beth Ezzo (Investigator and team psychic.)

John Zaffis took part in a Q&A to discuss the series and what viewers can expect. Zaffis got started in the paranormal business when he was sixteen years old. He “had an experience in the middle of the week on a Wednesday evening. At the foot of the bed there was a six foot figure that appeared. It was transparent and shaking its head back and forth.” He had tried to explain the experience to his mom, but she was did not want to hear it because she was petrified of the paranormal world.

There was no internet for John to begin his research, so he did it the old-fashioned way; he met with people and read all the books he could find. He learned and worked with his Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Ed Warren, and believes he couldn’t have gotten the education he received from them out of a book. “I was exposed to different things, and I started digging deeper, and I realized there are thousands of people with paranormal experiences.” The scientific prospect and working with people was intriguing to him.

The biggest factor for this show is how to determine if an item is haunted. John said, “What we normally find is high readings, EMF off of particular items, and we’ll focus in on the item to see if it could be causing a disturbance. There are times when items will pick up electronic voice phenomena, and in this season, we are doing a lot of experiments to try and prove that it is a particular item triggering activity within a room.”

After thoroughly investigating the items in order to give the families peace of mind, John stores the items in a barn on his property. John has collected items over the past thirty eight years and is hoping viewers will get to see more of the barn and the rare haunted collectibles.

You can’t have a paranormal show without awesome equipment, so John added a few new things for season two, including a helicopter that acts as a surveillance system. The team is also very cautious as they take on cases. John is very guarded and careful, because he believes “there are times when the spirits and energies can trick you.” He proceeds with caution no matter where he is going or what the case may be.

Items that are most often haunted may come from tragedies or a spirit that is looking to hold on to something. John finds that items such as toys, dolls and items that may come off of ships are prone to holding on to energy. It does not always have to be the same type of item. There are no restrictions in the spirit world, and John has seen everything from a button that came from a grave site to pieces of furniture.

People are also haunted personally by items. There may be certain family members, and even pets, that an item will attach itself to. The families may think they are going crazy when it happens to one person, but then the item will begin to affect the entire family. John finds children and pets are the ones who tend to notice the occurrences more frequently.

The museum John has on his property is not considered a dangerous place despite all of the haunted items. John manages to contain it; he is guarded and very cautious with the items. He has a lot of spiritual friends who he relies on for help, including Native Americans, shamans, priests and ministers. He asks for help when they visit. He likes to try and break free some of the energy associated with the items.

John’s overall goal is to “bring peace to the families” and calm down the paranormal activity in a home. He is also aware of the skeptics and keeps an open mind, but uses a lot of scientific methods to approach the paranormal activity and strives for the best results with help from his family. John will keep going and knows that energy has the ability to attach to anything that could be from the past or the present.

It takes an emotional toll on the families and pets. In order for people to be comfortable and at ease, once they discover where the problem is coming from, John and his family just want to give the families peace of mind so that the spirits are able to rest or go off in their own realm, unless they prefer to stay in John’s museum.

John’s role models are Ed and Lorraine Warren, his uncle and aunt. He also looks to the elderly as inspiration; “they have a lot of knowledge and information for the next generation to understand.” He likes to look at every perspective, and he and his family work hard and keep going.

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Q&A with Joe Maddalena of Syfy’s Hollywood Treasure

Syfy’s series Hollywood Treasure, starring collectibles expert Joe Maddalena, has returned for its second season. Each episode takes viewers into the fascinating world of showbiz and pop culture memorabilia, with the season opener traveling to “Middle-earth” and featuring actor Sean Astin’s Lord of the Rings collection. Maddalena recently held a conference call to discuss the new season.

The upcoming season’s first two episodes are showcasing the Whitney Houston costume from The Bodyguard, the house in American Horror Story, items from the television series Lost, the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, the original camera George Lucas used to film Star Wars, and Maddalena’s personal Holy Grail … the lost pair of ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz. It does not get any more amazing than that.

Each episode of the documentary-reality series follows Maddalena, owner of Profiles in History and the world’s largest auctioneer of original movie, television, science fiction, fantasy and pop culture collectibles. Viewers will watch as Maddalena and his crew travel the globe searching for the most compelling, rare, and sought-after Hollywood memorabilia. During each show, Maddalena also presides over auctions where the collectibles are sold to fans and collectors from all around the world.

For collector’s, Maddalena’s finds are some of the greatest in the world and the main find has been the elusive ruby slippers. He finds it “surreal now looking back that two pairs have gone through my hands.” Maddalena’s collectibles are rarities, hence the show being called Hollywood Treasure.

Joe finds all of the great items. One of the most valuable items that was consigned to him was Debbie Reynolds’ dress from The Seven Year Itch. The dress went for five and half million dollars.

Joe’s neighbor, actor Sean Astin, is a part of the series; he takes on a journey to Middle-earth. Joe is selling a large collection that belonged to the Dryer family, and the collection includes “this amazing map of the Middle-earth … I thought Sean would enjoy seeing the map; it was Tolkein’s copy.”

The series is jam-packed with elusive, creative items. One of the great collections Maddalena came across, thanks to the Dryer family, was the late actor Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume used in Superman I and II. They collected all things Superman and also found Marlon Brando’s Jar-El’s complete costume from the beginning of the movie and George Reeves’ Superman cape. “It’s just kind of a mind-boggling collection.”

Whether it is classic, vintage, or new Hollywood, Joe manages to find it, This season we find him working in the American Horror Story house. For viewers and Horror travelers, the home is a seventeen thousand square foot mansion located in Los Angeles.

Joe explains, “I thought it would be cool to get some of the props from the show, and lo and behold we met this man, and we ended up at the American Horror Story house. It was really eerie, because you’re in the house, and then the basement, and you start to think people are actually hanging. We’re going after these properties now because they have so much value besides just being a home.”

In the world of collectibles, Joe believes the most sought after Marilyn Monroe item would be “the smoking gun that linked her to the Kennedy’s, perhaps if a diary emerged.”

Some rare items Joe has come across that he would not auction off would include the late Anna Nicole Smith’s personal diaries. He originally acquired these when a man called him up immediately after her death to sell them.

Joe purchased the diaries and read them, then thought it over for a few minutes and gave them back to the mystery man. They are worth a fortune. Someone else did sell them for four hundred thousand, but Maddalena felt “it was incredibly exploitative and I just couldn’t handle it.”

One item Maddalena could never part with would be Buck Rogers’ sidekick Tweaky. Joe’s son had a little robot. Felix Hiller, who wore the costume on the show, met Joe and his son. Joe’s son thought it was coolest thing in the world, so he could never part with it, as it is his family’s own Holy Grail. Felix Hiller would later go on to sell his costume to Joe’s son. He said, “he’ll take it to his grave.”

Joe also finds a lot of horror items considering the show airs on the Syfy channel. Joe finds that some of the most popular items stay consistent including items starting in the 1920’s. He points to the 1930 and 1931’s Frankenstein and Dracula. “I think we’re infatuated with vampires, look how popular they are now. I think the supernatural, ghosts, vampires, and ghouls fascinate me.”

He believes it is the macabre and part of human nature to have a fascination with the dark side. People want to be vampires; they want to find that dark place so Horror will always be an important genre. Joe recently came across an amazing piece of Horror history, Bela Lugosi’s cape from Dracula.

The legend goes that Bela was buried with the cape on. Joe met with Bela Lugosi Jr. and it was sort of true, but not one hundred percent. He was going to be buried with the cape, but Bela Lugosi’s wife wouldn’t allow it. They buried him in a different cape, but she kept the cape from 1931.

It is more than a piece of fabric; it is a historic item. Joe believes it was the “greatest groundbreaking deal of universal horror. I mean it’s amazing to see that it exists.”

Joe covers everything, every genre and takes on all memorabilia and viewers can expect segments on everything and everyone from The Hunger Games to singer Whitney Houston.

Joe has an incredibly diverse group including vampires. One in particular, Gary Oldman, played Dracula in Bram Stokers Dracula. Viewers will get to see some of the elusive make-up pieces and Vi Neal of Syfy’s Face Off will make an appearance.

What keeps Joe up at night? Johnny Depp’s pirate hat from Pirates of the Caribbean “Can you imagine having that?” He is like a kid with a really awesome comic book collection, but the difference is, he is so passionate about them items and knows so much about all of the history these items hold. The ultimate find for Joe would be Maria, the robot from Metropolis. Maria is a Hollywood myth and legend but somewhere out there Joe may find her.

Maddalena is a man of dignity and does not disrespect the deceased or the living, so that in itself makes Joe very valuable. “I live, sleep, eat, and my heart goes pitter patter when a box comes in. Every day is like Christmas.” His genuine enthusiasm makes the show. He has extensive knowledge thanks to his parents and his own business, Profiles in History.

This is what Joe lives for each day, he learns the history of each item “That is what makes me get up in the morning.”

Make sure to watch Hollywood Treasure,Tuesdays at 10/9c on the Syfy channel to join Joe on his journey.

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