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Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ep. 13 – “Make It Rain Down in Africa”

African Safari pt. 2, “Talls vs. Smalls,” and Marlo

Marlo’s possible audition for a spot as a housewife seems to be a winner this episode, methinks.

The last episode left off on Marlo and Sheree’s big confrontation before the dinner, and that’s where tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta [i.e. The Marlo Show] picks up. I’m sure this attack-of-the-verbal-insults-smack-down can be heard all over Africa, and practically brings down the place. Phaedra pretty much had it right equating this fight to Mayweather VS. Pacquiao. Not that I’d actually know, but it sounds like a good match.

I’ll give Marlo the benefit of the doubt and say it’s more about the principal of not having been extended a proper invitation to Sheree’s friend’s (Kevin) dinner. But man, does she get all the attention and drama she probably really wants in the first place. Who doesn’t want to hear Marlo’s dominating voice and the free etiquette tips?

Either way, Marlo is highly upset about not being invited. As shocking as it is, NeNe literally steps in the middle as a mediator and buffer between these lionesses. Makes her think back to how crazy and obnoxious her past arguments looked. Darn. Now she might get refined on us in the future. At least it gets her and Sheree speaking again. Not enough to get our hopes up though.

My condolences go out to the “Blow-up mattresses” and “80-year-old billionaires” that may or may not have been verbally abused during the taping of this episode. They’re definitely on the map now.

Kevin, Sherree’s friend, hosts an entertaining African-themed get-together. Balls of fire are spun to the African drums and really get Phaedra excited. Maybe it’s just the heat there. The guests all introduce themselves, and Kandi meets an Xscape fan who’s an actor—not a professionall — and a hell of a comedian that gives you a six-pack after an hour with him. Yeah, I’m guessing he’s that funny. Saves a trip to the gym at least. Go for that, Kandi.

The “Smalls” enjoy a cozy sit-down dinner at a friend of Sheree’s while the “Talls” dine elsewhere.

Designer clothes, high heels, and fabulosity enter the nice restaurant of Nobu. In the Smalls’ face! NeNe and Cynthia reflect on the big argument earlier. Marlo returns to the table to make it clear if those “Smalls” or anybody else wants to go to blows with her “they better google [her] and check [her] charges.” Well, there’s your fair warning.

Cynthia doesn’t feel as fabulous as NeNe and Marlo, and maybe the designer clothes have something to do with it, but all she wants is the African experience. These crazy-designer-obsessed chicks could care less! But they’ll be the bigger people (Ha!) and meet up with the rest of the girls at a club.

ATL comes to Africa at the Jade Nightclub in Capetown.

The ladies come together. Fake, I mean, cordial greetings all around. Marlo’s the first to give out hugs at the door: one for Phaedra, one for Kandi, one for Kevin, even though she totally insulted him earlier with the no-no F-word, and here comes Sheree—sorry, nope. All she gets from Marlo is a flip of the finger. Yet keep in mind who she sits next to at the table for breakfast the next morning. WTF, Marlo?

Money flies up in the air as Marlo dances and makes it rain. Sheree’s not going to let this “ticking time bomb” ruin her good time.

Afterwards, they all head back to the hotel in one car believe or not. NeNe needs her chips or something, driver.

Capetown has to be relieved once the ladies leave for their safari. Everybody’s exhausted from a late night at the club and most are sound asleep, including Marlo. No wonder the ride’s so quiet.
“Is there a spa service?”

“What about a gym?”

These are some key concerns from the Atlanta group upon arrival for the safari stay. So forgive me if I don’t get that it’s obviously and completely ridiculous when another concern is expressed.

Real Housewives of Orange County, Feb. 7 – “Stranger Things Have Happened”

Divorces, food, the boyfriends, and an East Coast wife!

The first ladies of Bravo return with the season 7 premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County, “Stranger Things Have Happened.” The first installment in the Real Housewives franchise that started it all.

New Housewife Heather Dubrow is introduced. She’s wealthy, married to a plastic surgeon, former actress, and mother of four.

Gretchen is going to lunch with Tamra to smooth things over, and her beau, Slade, isn’t too stoked about that. Like not at all. While she gets dressed, in walks Slade asking where she’s going. Between “Does this match?” and “Yeah, the earrings match with that,” Gretchen finally tells Slade she’s going out to lunch with Tamra.

*cue flashback of reunion tiff between Tamra and Gretchen*

Since Gretchen isn’t taking them into consideration, Slade makes his feelings clear on the matter rehashing all Tamra’s done to them and others.

*cue flashbacks of Tamra throwing wine on former O.C. housewife*

Gretchen assures Slade that she has to get rid of the negative in her life, and perhaps that starts with becoming besties with Tamra. Keep your enememies close, maybe?

On Vicki’s lane: In preparations for selling the house, Vicki does some last minute touching up to furniture and whatnot accompanied by son, Michael, who lives with her and still works for her. Vicki’s crazy about her new guy, Brooks, a Southern gentleman who hasn’t stepped foot in her soon-to-be-sold home.

On Tamra’s lane: the lunch-date between Tamra and Gretchen comes and things go pretty well. Tamra’s going to eat because “she has to eat something.” Gosh. The bistro has the most amazing mojitos, so Tamra gets that before the women get to the business. Food comes and it’s perfect.

Tamra apologizes and bestows Gretchen with a gift. For realz? Yes, and the gift is a symbolic bracelet. It has keys and locks for charms. For realz? Yes, and why? To lock up the crap from the past, and/or to open the doors to a new future. Okay. Off to a good start. We’ll see if that lasts.

Tamra discloses in confession that she doesn’t completely trust Slade. Now that things are smoothed over with her and Gretchen as the “friendship bracelets” represents, it may cause a dent in the friendship between Tamra and Vicki, who isn’t a fan of Gretchen’s.

On the Alexis lane: the busy mom prepares a quick breakfast and lunch for the kids before she heads off to her new job. Sippy cups set out, backpacks propped by the door, granola bars laid out, Alexis is ready to roll this Friday morning. Oh darn, she forgot to set the alarm to awake Jim to get the kids ready. She tries his cell. No answer. But don’t they have a house phone? “Good idea. You’re so smart.” Alexis calls and problem hopefully solved. Off to Friday morning segment with local news station.

Alexis tackles live TV and a segment on booties, that is Dr. Booty, and learning what exercises are right for what kind of derriere you have. Be that apple, pear, lemon, cherry, ect. Very healthy. Even though she has no journalistic background or training, Katie Couric is amazing and makes it look darn easy.

Tamra brings Vicki lunch. More food! They have a convo about their divorces. Vicki may have to pay spousal support since she makes more money. Moving onto the ex-hubands getting with younger women. But surely Vicki and Tamra are doing well with their new beaus … and that “5-hour sex” conversation Vicki won’t dare talk about.

Tamra isn’t getting alimony from ex-husband, Simon, so her real estate job is very important to her. Enter tall, poised, pretty new housewife, Heather Dunbrow. Mega rich. Mega classy. Mega perfect. Heather rundown: Wife of prominent plastic surgeon — “the best kind of doctor” — mother of four, from the East Coast, and former actress.

Getting to know Heather would be a beneficial business and probably personal asset for Tamra. Why not invite her to Vicki’s dinner party?

Later, Tamra meets with Heather for lunch and grills her in a friendly way. More food! We learn Heather is conservative, classy, fun – different from the other girls in the O.C. group. Tamra officially invites Heather to Vicki’s dinner party and gives the new wife a rundown on the other girls.

New housewife Heather sure made an impression on the wives. Seems Tamra couldn’t pay Heather enough compliments because she “really likes her,” and unlike Alexis who “claims to be wealthy, Heather actually is.” Whoa.

Peggy, former cast member of O.C. housewives, comes for a visit to Tamra’s home. They discuss the whole Jim-and-Peggy dating situation. Cut to Alexis visiting Gretchen, discussing the same thing. Cut back to Tamra and Peggy further discussing Jim, past partying – Jim versus current-church-Jim. Brewing for an interesting dinner party at Vicki’s. Even better question, is Peggy coming?

The dinner party is all set up. Instead of the old steak, chicken, and such, Vicki’s opting for Cajun cuisine since she’s been exposed to “Southern food” from her Southern beau. The cooks prepare some oysters, crab, lobster, all that good stuff. And now Vicki waits for the other ladies, who probably won’t eat, but are late nonetheless. They finally arrive, and friendly greetings all around. The episode ends here, but the night just begins.

Yes, Peggy is at the dinner party and yes Alexis is there. Common denominator: Jim. It’s all up in the air from there.

What’s to come this season: well looks like an eighties party with the big crimped hair, neon colors, and large bangle bracelets. A lot of screaming. More screaming. White water rafting, what looks to be an obstacle course, and of course good ol’ fighting.

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Fear Factor Makes Its Return December 12

We’re about to get grossed out and scared all over again and even more than ever before! Fear Factor is coming back to the NBC airwaves next month.

I don’t know about anyone else, but Fear Factor changed the way I thought about some things. I haven’t been able to eat eggs without thinking about it. Sure, I still eat eggs, but every time, all I can think about is the eggs that were eaten that weren’t the standard egg yolk and white variety. The little birds inside were partially formed, to the point you could hear the beaks crunching.

I have to stop talking about that; it’s that gross. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from watching Fear Factor. It just had me watching through my fingers. Of course, it was on during our dinnertime, but my husband refused to watch it during dinner, and he’s not easily grossed out.

It makes you wonder what’s in store when the series makes its return on December 12 with Joe Rogan is back as host. Here’s a quick sneak preview.

Follow the Breakdown of the Kardashian Marriage on E!

E! couldn’t have picked better timing. Just when the talk is starting to die down on Kim Kardashian’s highly publicized wedding ending after just seventy-two days, they’re getting set to roll out another season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York It’s all part of the network’s “Go Big and Stay Home” week of programming that also has premieres of After Lately, The Soup, and a new show, Scouted.

Kourtney & Kim Take New York will now air hour-long episodes that follow the Kardashian sisters to New York as Kim tries to get settled into her new marriage to Kris Humphries. Sister Kourtney continues to face challenges in her relationship with Scott Disick. The four will actually move into adjoining suites.

The season premiere will air on Sunday, November 27 at 10 PM ET/PT, with Chelsea Handler’s After Lately directly following. As E! focuses on providing more nights of original programming, the following night, Monday, November 28, Scouted, will premiere at 10 PM ET/PT. The show followings regular people being forced into the New York modeling scene. The Soup moves to a new night and time on Wednesday, November 30 at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

Season Premiere of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys on Twitter

This is social networking at its finest. Sundance Channel announced today they will be premiering season two of their series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys on Twitter. It’s a first for Twitter.

The first season of the show found a very passionate following on social media, leading to the cable channel’s decision to use that success to help promote season two. Some fans may prefer to watch the premiere on the Sundance Channel Friday, November 18 at 9 PM ET/PT, but if they just can’t wait, they can tweet @SundanceChannel with #GWLBWLB, which will stream the video via TwitVid.

The premiere episode of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys will also be available on Facebook, Hulu, and, with the entire first season being available on Netflix beginning November 15. This will allow users to chat with one another while watching the show, and take polls and quizzes.

The series explores that unique relationship between women and their gay best friends. The subjects of this season include a #1 hit songwriter, a former child star, a standup comedian, a souther socialite, and a school psychologist. The fit every walk of life, yet also fit within this narrow social dynamic. This women and their gay best friends stick by each other through the best and worst times in their lives, include being recently divorced, getting engaged, acceptance, and finding the balance between strong religious and political beliefs and sexual orientation.

See the following for a taste of what’s coming up on season two.

JWoWW, WonderWoman: Jersey Shore, S4, Ep9

You know what ruins a hangover? Work. RonRon, SloppyDeena, and DJP are up way too early after a night of drinking, carousing, and wailing. I assume they’re going to work; otherwise, where the hell are they going that early, complaining about how tired they are?

SloppySnooki climbs out of bed, not being able to deal with this. “This” is not apparent, but I assume she’s talking to herself about Jianni leaving the country to get away from her pulling-up-her-dress antics. She attempts to call him but gets his voicemail several times.

At work, SloppyDeena is sweating and RonRon is maniacally laughing at himself. DJP throws things on the floor, yells, and basically creates a ruckus to irritate the other two who are hung over. He never seems hung over himself.

SloppySnooki goes back to bed and then decides she can’t sleep so she keeps telling JWoWW she needs to leave and she should wake up to talk to her and go somewhere. JWoWW wants to sleep because (a) she chased Jianni down for several miles to no avail and got home way too late and (b) SloppySnooki cursed her out last night and treated her like crap. SloppySnooki thinks JWoWW should get up to be a good friend. Maybe she would if SloppySnooki hadn’t gotten so sloppy drunk last night. SloppySnooki gets dressed and goes out alone until the sun goes down.

Of course, to go out, she must first get through the door. She battles with the lock, yells at the door, and finally pulls it open. Hil. Air. Eee. Us.

SloppySnooki goes to Astor during the day to get a beer. She dances to the music and tells a bunch of random women how she’s miserable and heartbroken because her boyfriend left her. She dances by herself. I’m embarrassed for her.

At work, the boss wants SloppyDeena to clean the bathroom. She won’t clean the toilet. He tells her to clean everything and then mop. She kind of cleans the bathroom, using a brush and then a mop to clean the toilet. DJP comments, Yuck. Then the three of them leave with a pizza.

SloppySnooki leaves the bar and walks home, half-crying, and talking to herself. This is the worst day of her life. She calls her dad and yells that Jianni left and asks her dad why Jianni left. So her dad asks her why he left and says that if he knew this was going to happen he should not have gone there in the first place. How would Jianni know that SloppySnooki was going to pull her dress up? Oh, wait, he could have watched all three previous seasons of Jersey Shore. Point taken.

While SloppySnooki talks on the phone and SamSam and SloppyDeena look on, JWoWW comes in and asks who’s on the phone. SamSam answers but SloppySnooki yells over her, I needed you and then I think calls her an asshole. JWoWW says she was so exhausted after last night that she couldn’t have gotten out of bed. SloppySnooki doesn’t care and keeps saying she needed her. JWoWW apologizes and decides to help her. Really? Sure her boyfriend left but that doesn’t mean she gets to curse at her closest friend.

SloppySnooki cries some more. She loves Jianni. Why did he leave? This sucks. This is the worst day of her life. Still.

SloppySnooki goes out onto the pigeon porch. She cries and smokes. JWoWW apologizes for screaming at her last night and SloppySnooki needs her and needed her this morning. JWoWW thinks she herself is an asshole for not helping her friend today and last night because SloppySnooki was just being SloppySnooki. Umm, no. That doesn’t excuse that behavior.

SloppySnooki worries about how she looks. SamSam comes out to the porch and says, who cares? SloppySnooki asks again how she looks and SamSam says it doesn’t matter if she looks messy. SloppySnooki then asks if she really looks messy and SamSam, I’m not joking, says, “You have a little eye makeup over here but….” HIL. AIR. EEE. US!!!!!! And then she says, who cares.

JWoWW calls Jianni from the house phone and he actually picks up. She asks if he’s still in Florence and he says no and he has to go. She asks him to listen to her for a moment, saying if there’s any chance of making it work with SloppySnooki, he should please come back and talk to her. JWoWW has never seen her this way and then JWoWW cries and asks him to talk to her for two minutes. Awwww. JWoWW calls for SloppySnooki to go to the phone to talk to Jianni.

SloppySnooki has an almost-panic-attack, huffing and crying as she gets on the phone. She asks to see him. He says he can’t. She asks why he left. He starts to explain about what she promised him but she doesn’t let him finish. She just says she understands and she doesn’t like that he left. She needs him. He keeps saying he can’t do it and she doesn’t know what she did to him and he already left. He took a train to Rome. She answers, Whatever.

JWoWW says, No, not whatever. Then she takes the phone and tells Jianni that his girlfriend is devastated and he needs to come back if he loves her. SloppySnooki, slugging back a beer, says that it’s done and she doesn’t care right now, so JWoWW scolds her to not say that because in ten minutes she’s going to change her mind. God, this friendship is a lot of work. She then offers to pay for his trip to come back. Jianni says that he will talk to her if JWoWW walks her to the train station. She agrees while SloppySnooki cries into SloppyDeena’s boobs.

Now, JWoWW storms through the house pissed, knowing that Jianni hadn’t left for Rome. SloppyDeena asks why he’s such a prick. SloppySnooki gets pissed that he sounded like he was at a bar. SamSam thinks she’s having a Sam moment, meaning she’s making up #OOPS# to be mad at.

On the street, JWoWW yells out, Anyone speak English? Train station? Someone answers as they rush through the streets. Of course, there’s time for SloppySnooki and JWoWW to check each other’s eye lashes. She spots the station and then spots Jianni.

SloppySnooki runs over to him. And now this is awkward. She stops in front of him and puts her hands up but doesn’t touch him. He grabs her face and wipes her lips. Then she’s like, no just hug me and very much makes him hug her. He tells her that he has to go and then cleans off her teeth. She doesn’t understand. He already paid to go to Rome. She begs him to go back with her. His mom already paid for the ticket so he can’t stay. He snapped when she picked up her skirt on stage; he called his family to get him a new flight.

They walk back to the house so they can hug. He can’t miss another train. He says it was all his fault and he #OOPS#ed up and then says he loves her and then leaves. This is all very strange. And yet again, SloppySnooki is sobbing uncontrollably. She goes inside to sob on the steps.

Now it’s time for antics. Vincenzo and DJP put a couch on SloppyDeena’s bed. Then they put a chair on top of it. Then they take all of her belongings and pile them on top. Vincenzo, btw, is wearing purple pants. SloppyDeena goes into the room to get ready and sees all her stuff and then finds Vincenzo in the shower to laugh and yell at him and then Vincenzo climbs out of the shower and hugs her while he’s naked and she’s shouting ew ew ew. Then she needs to clean it all up because she got punked and that’s the rule. When she lifts up the couch, she gets stuck under it. The boys don’t help her so JWoWW comes to the rescue. This girl is WonderWoman. This is the best day of DJP’s life—it’s still SloppySnooki’s worst I think.

Everyone gets ready to go out. SloppySnooki is drinking in her bed, planning to not go out, but then decides to go. That was difficult. In the cab on the way there, SloppyDeena is really hot. She’s been really emotional and she missed her period, so now she thinks she’s pregnant. So, you know, when you think you’re pregnant, you should drink and smoke every night. At the club, SloppySnooki attacks a guy, dancing with him and choking him all at once.
On a random couch in the middle of the club, SloppyDeena explains to JWoWW that right before Italy, she had sex and now she’s nervous that she’s pregnant. SamSam is at the end of the couch, singing to herself. JWoWW can’t believe she’s having another night with drama. SloppyDeena continues that she gets dizzy every day and that’s why she’s been freaking out. JWoWW takes her to get a pregnancy test right away because she doesn’t want to put up with this. SloppyDeena is freaking out because her parents are going to be mad. JWoWW rings a bell for the pharmacy and says she has an emergency and needs a pregnancy test. SloppyDeena is walking in circles and crying.

What the hell is up with the pharmacy in Italy? JWoWW is crouching down to talk to someone through a hole in the door. No joke.

The two girls walk back home and Sitch lets them in, asking them where they went. They say, To get a food. What the hell is a food? Then JWoWW opens the test for her and hands it to her, explaining positive and negative. Seriously, this girl needs a vacation from her vacation if things keep going like this. They wait for the longest five minutes ever and then SloppyDeena asks, One’s no, right? The results are negative! I’m sure SloppyDeena is not the only person elated by that news.

The next day is rainy so SloppySnooki is wearing a large striped hat indoors. She calls Jianni to ask how his way back was. He explains he had to walk out and she needs to accept that. He says that she was acting like a pig. She says she was drunk and wanted to have sex. He says that she made a decision to embarrass him, which is what boyfriends and girlfriends don’t do to each other if they care about each other.

She is irritated. He’s hurting her feelings. She deserves better. He deserves better. She doesn’t want to talk. He wants to. She’s depressed because of him and isn’t being herself. Neither of them knows why she’s with him. He asks, You get drunk, you make out with girls, and you’re dancing in your underwear and that’s not you? He’s got a point. But if he knows that’s her and he doesn’t like those things, he shouldn’t be with her.

She thinks that’s mean. He doesn’t get it. She isn’t going to call him for a few days and hangs up because she needs a break. The phone rings as soon as she hangs up. She walks away from it. Oh, and she’s drinking again. She lets the phone ring.

The girls are proud that SloppySnooki stood up to him. RonRon says, Number One: I wouldn’t let Sam leave the house in the outfit that you wore. SamSam goes, Her outfit was hot! RonRon says, He didn’t think it was hot. SloppySnooki thinks that looking like slut is fine when she wants to have sex with him. JWoWW, voice of reason, says, you change your man, find someone to accept you. SamSam looks on and quiets down, just now realizing RonRon’s first comment about letting her out of the house, or at least I’m hoping she is realizing what he said. SloppyDeena thinks that Jianni shouldn’t have come to Italy after he came to Jersey house and saw what he was getting into .

SloppySnooki needs to go to Karma. In Jersey. To feel better. She’s in Italy, but needs to be in Jersey. So she tells DJP to get his DJ equipment out so they can drink and pretend it’s Karma. Everyone starts moving furniture, finding garbage on the floor. They decide to leave it because that’s like the club. Everyone gets dressed up as if they are going to Karma. Vincenzo and DJP dress up in their guido outfits. the girls are wearing animal print dresses.

RonRon describes Sitch doing the same thing he does in Jersey: He sits in the corner with his glasses on and looks like the biggest creep ever. I still don’t forgive him for his previous comments, but RonRon gets points for this very accurate observation.

Somehow the house lights turn into strobe lights. It’s as if the house were expecting a dance club to happen. SloppyDeena falls as if she would in a club. SloppySnooki falls into a chair near Sitch and asks him to take her shoe off. JWoWW has her eye on them, but really, that was not Sitch and all SloppySnooki. Then the two of them dance against a wall. JWoWW grabs them to go smoke. Sitch walks behind SloppySnooki and she says, Don’t touch.

He wants her to let him rock that world—very charming—now that she has no boyfriend. Does she? Did they break up? Unclear. Stich thinks he can take care of her better than anyone else, including Jianni. JWoWW thinks he’s just trying to break up a relationship and he’s not in love with her. Sitch is very happy when she calls him. SloppySnooki tells him he’s a crazy person and she loves him like a friend. Sitch says that they used to talk all the time. He says that he loves her.

Then they get into the stupid conversation about whether or not they’ve hooked up. She admits to hooking up in LA. He says, LA, too. He wants to date her and doesn’t like how Jianni treats her. Sitch says everyone told him to kick Jianni in the head; he says RonRon told him to protect himself and do what he needs to do. Well, that’s Sitch’s interpretation of it. All that happened when Sitch was being a kung-fu panda.

SloppySnooki goes inside to ask RonRon if he told Sitch to kick Jianni in the head. JWoWW comes in and says Yes. RonRon says that he did say, Do what you gotta do. SloppySnooki is mad that RonRon said that. RonRon doesn’t want to deal with this anymore; he wants to work on himself and stay out of all that other stuff. Except for when he was chasing Jianni down the street, trying to make out with him. He forces SloppySnooki to hug him and walks out. SloppySnooki goes to bed. She always goes to bed in her club clothes. How is that comfortable?

In the living room, everyone asks Sitch why he had to bring all that up. He says he was having a drunk conversation. JWoWW says he’s going to lose SloppySnooki as a friend. He says no. She says SloppySnooki will choose Jianni over anyone. So Sitch poses: So when she was f**king me and watching her girlfriend get f**ked while she was with Jianni…but SamSam and JWoWW stop him. They don’t understand why he would say that and want to be her friend. He explains he’s bringing it up only because they said she would choose Jianni over anyone and obviously that didn’t happen in that situation.

Bedtime! SloppyDeena wants DJP to cuddle. SloppySnooki climbs into bed with him first but then goes to snuggle with Vincenzo so SloppyDeena can cuddle. Vincenzo tells SloppySnooki not to be a wingwoman for SloppyDeena. She asks him if he can cuddle without being a freak.

When the lights go out, DJP (who looks like Vincenzo in night vision and it got me very confused for a few moments) wants to sleep so he tells SloppyDeena she needs to go into her own bed. She insists on cuddling but he thinks that means smushing and he’s not into that with her so he kicks her out of his bed.

Meanwhile, SloppySnooki and Vincenzo get it on. While DJP is now wide awake, watching, and for some strange reason, I do not find that creepy. Am I becoming immune?

Sneak Peek of Kardashian Wedding!

Kim Kardashian is set to walk down the aisle with Kris Humpries, and E! wants to give you an aisle seat. They’ll be airing the event on Sunday, October 9th and 8/7c, but it’s so big, it airs an additional night on Monday at 9/8C.

Is it too much? Perhaps, but as much as the Kardashians have been in the public eye with everything they say and do being filmed the past few years, it’s only natural that their wedding should be televised as well. Watch the sneak peaks to see what you think.

Live Tweeting This Week With Dance Moms!

Dance Moms

Any fans of Dance Moms out there? It’s back on Lifetime this Wednesday at 10/9c with a new episode. Make sure you catch it now, as there are only two episodes left before the end of this first season. The dancers are finally reaching what they’ve been working for all season, the National Title. Abby’s dancers need a break after being on a losing streak and need to prove themselves. Melissa will have even more to worry about as she leaves the competition early for a vacation, and has to leave her ex, Kurt, to sub for her as “Dance Dad.”

Continue reading Live Tweeting This Week With Dance Moms!

Showin’ Some HooHa On The Dance Floor: Jersey Shore, S4, Ep8

Last we saw SloppySnooki, she was in the back of an Italian police car after careening her car into a different police car.  The boys were on their way to bring her license, but they got stuck in traffic.  SloppySnooki is upset mostly because she’s embarrassed to be in the back of a police car for a second time.  Not because she and SloppyDeena might go to Italian jail. Continue reading Showin’ Some HooHa On The Dance Floor: Jersey Shore, S4, Ep8