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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep. 13: “Sit Down and Man Up”

Wine tasting, photo-op, and rearrangements for Napa Valley.

Melissa’s Soul Diggaz producer comes to the Gorgas with a proposition of taking the music to another level. she

could potentially become an independent artist and move on to record labels and a contract.

Lauren takes Aunt Jacqueline along to her meeting for opening up a make-up store; her dream.

It’ll be like a Sephora with in-store services.

Teresa wants to have her own wine; a Bellini—correction—Fabellini. She and Joe go to the winery to create different tastes and blends.

Joe is right at home, even though he doesn’t drink throughout the week until Thursday. Or so he claims.


Time for another Real Housewife Photo-Op! In preparation to get her image out there, Melissa has professional photographs taken.

The diva has arrived. Though the divas I know usually have the talent to back it.

While Teresa does her large book signings—they’re such a red-carpet affair now that her fan base has grown—Joe takes back glasses of wine.

Kathy and Rich come to buy a book and show support.

Kathy mentions her dessert line and Teresa politely shuts down the idea of a desserts cookbook now that she’s an established NYT best-selling author.

I’m sure drama had nothing to do with that.

Kathy later holds a public desserts tasting party outside of the gelato shop in her old neighborhood.

Teresa shows up with a crony and has another awkward encounter with Jacqueline.


As Jacqueline tends to the laundry, Joe Gorga, Rich Wakile, and Chris have lunch guys’ style.

I love how all the guys can get together and have a glass of wine with some homemade grub and just casually talk things out; discuss all the drama going on between their wives.

When evening falls, Joe Guidice arrives. Bring out the wine for Joe.

As it turns out, this is a meeting with all the guys to clear up—or clarify rather—the issues with everyone because the Napa trip is quickly approaching.

The RV arrangements will have to change.

Instead of Joe and Teresa riding with Chris and Jacqueline, The Guidices will have to be paired with the Gorgas.


On the next episode: The Napa Valley road trip. Kathy and Teresa have a disagreement about the cookbook recipes. Melissa tries to talk to Teresa about her personality.


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Real Housewives of New Jersey; Ep. 12: “The Jersey Side Step”

Beatstock, BLK business, and drinks.

Everyone is putting on a show in New Jersey! Melissa does more rehearsing with her dancers in preparation for the big Beatstock show.

Choreographer, Cris Judd, has more patience than anyone else I know.

Gia tears up the dance floor in her rehearsal.

Kathy wants to start a line of pastries and baked goods at her old neighborhood ice cream shop.

Rich tries to take over, but Kathy doesn’t him to lose his head on her potential business venture.


Albie and Christopher move forward with their BLK business venture.

The guys hit the road to attend a Fancy Food Festival in Washington, D.C.

The big BLK Water van goes onto the world for a mini tour in promotions and among the serious business, on Uncle Chris’s end, that is.

Albie, Christopher, Gregg, and the other guys embark on a food challenge and stop for drinks.

Gregg meets Patti LaBelle at the beverage convention event and nearly loses his crap. He just about faints

“She’s probably gonna lip sync.” Gia’s obviously aware of Melissa’s past “performances.”

“Melissa stinks!” Milania doesn’t bite her tongue at all.


Melissa and Gia prepare for their separate performances as the minutes trickle away.

Beatstock is packed with mostly the younger crowd.

Gia dances her butt off onstage, popping and locking to the slow hip-hop.

Gia performs first and intimidates Melissa a bit.

But once Melissa steps onstage and performs her single, “Rockstars,” the nerves disappear.

The show ends up being great.

Melissa feels she has the right go a little Diva on people since her performance went well.

She and Teresa discuss plans for next Sunday’s big dinner; the first in a long time since the family drama brought everything to an instant halt.


On the next episode: Sunday dinner for the Guidices and Gorgas. Let’s hope no meatball go flying from the table.


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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep. 11 “The Sniff Test”

 Forgetting the past, Sunday dinner, and birthdays.

Joe and Teresa might now agree on a lot of things, but one thing they are on the same page with is that therapy isn’t for them.

Another thing they took from the [apparently] one-time therapy session is the need for more Sunday dinners to bring the family together.

Little Antonia has a birthday party and the rest of the family attends; even Teresa attends with the girls.

She and Melissa briefly discuss what happened with therapy and Melissa offers to have a Sunday dinner at her home.

They all want to forget the past and move forward.

Teresa mentions Jacqueline to her brother (can you believe they’re having a peaceful conversation without bickering?) and guess who walks up the path behind her.

Melissa brings Jacqueline over to greet them and it’s rather awkward.


Melissa gets the opportunity to perform at a big summer show, Beatstock. This means dance lessons, pronto.

Gia auditions for a dancing spot for that same big summer show.

While Gia tears the floor up with her fierce dancing and lands the performance spot I the show, Melissa gets one-on-one dancing tutelage from choreographer Chris Judd.

Melissa might need to take some lessons from Gia.


Gregg, Albie and Christopher’s roommate/friend, also has a birthday party. A surprise at a gay bar.

It makes the perfect awkward setting for Albie to introduce the girl he’s been seeing to Caroline and Lauren.

Kathy invites the girl she and Rosie met at the Cubby Hole (gay bar from previous episode) to dinner to meet the family.

They can’t seem to remember the young woman’s name for the life of them, but they all like her; especially Rosie.


On the next episode: Melissa and Gia perform at Beatstock.


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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep. 10 “Temporary Shrinkage”

Gay bar, therapy session, tabloids, and starting over.

The Guidices literally build away on their guest home, as a family.

Rosie stops by to talk to Teresa about all the gossip and tabloid talk, concerning Kathy and the family in general.

“This tabloid s*** needs to f***** stop.” Rosie means business.

Hopefully Teresa actually listens and takes in what’s said.

The Gorgas and Wakilis decide to support Teresa regardless of her drama because she’s family.

They try not to focus so much on the fact that she’s come around to family just as her friends have nothing much to do with her now.

While Teresa and Joe Gorga prepare for their big therapy session, Kathy goes with Rosie to a gay bar, along with Heather—the hot friend from the hot tub party.

Maybe this will be Rosie’s lucky night to find a great woman. She goes for the tan or caramel skin, light eyes, long dark hair, slender type. Or maybe not.

Kathy practically interviews every young woman they come across at the bar.

After Teresa has her session with the therapist, Joe goes inside for his talk on the couch.

Since both siblings virtually communicate similar desires for a solution and their concern for family, the therapist brings them both in for shared time on the couch.

Get ready for a huge bump in this smooth road.

Teresa tells the doctor about their pending trip to Napa and he advises against it.

Even with the divorce in friendship with Caroline and Jacqueline, Teresa’s planning to share an RV on this trip in Napa.

Joe and Teresa peacefully end their therapy session and give their word to leave the past in the past once they step foot outside the building.

And once they step foot outside the office, the arguing and elevated speaking begins.

These tabloids are just messing the family and communication up everywhere.


On the next episode: Albie introduces his professional football-cheerleader girlfriend to his family. Joe and Teresa continue therapy and work through their problems.


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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 20 “Are You In or Out?”

Confrontation, alienation, and friendship bracelet pt. deux

Oh my God. The cake issues is still topic of fight and upheaval.

“It’s time for the Sara chapter to close.” I couldn’t agree more Heather.

“Over a f***** piece of cake?”  Sara is confused, upset, off her rocker, and in need of coffee and a comfortable bed. Maybe some special happy pills with that as well. “Is this the world that we live in?”

Alexis tries to play “mediator” and understand why she’s brought in to escort Sara out of Heather’s house.

Uh well Alexis did bring the uninvited guest in the first place.


Gretchen gives Tamra a present. Remember the friendship bracelet, Tamra gave Gretch in the season premiere. Well she returns the gesture, giving Tamra the key to her heart.

I thought maybe Slade had that charm on lock.

Vicki has a talk with Ryan, Brianna’s new husband. Vicki blames her now rocky relationship on the abrupt “drive-thru chapel” in vegas.

Ryan sets her straight, saying he isn’t the reason for the tense relationships between Vicki and Brianna. They hug it out and Ryan assures Vicki he’s there for Brianna and isn’t going anywhere.


Jim shows up to Heather’s party. I mean he just walks into the home and out to the lavished backyard where Alexis happens to be.

It’s a pleasant surprise to her and unexpected to everyone else because according to Alexis, Jim was not coming to the party.

Terry and Heather have a feeling he’s there for a confrontation over what was said about Alexis. Methinks they’re right.

Vicki is huddled in a small group eyeing Tamra and Gretchen who are being all friendly across the yard.

She walks over to break up the Tam-Gretch hug for a cruel joke on Tamra, but Gretchen ruins that and it ends in some odd hugging fest amongst the ladies. Awkward.

Terry comes up to Jim to see if he’s cool. “Are we okay?”

Jim replies “We’ll talk next week.”

Alexis chimes in, standing there in her fur coat, “It’s not that important to discuss right now.” Or something along those lines.

Jim turns to her. “Are you wearing the pants?” Right there in front of everybody.

Did that really just happen? I have no further comments on that relationship or marriage right now.

Jim and Terry go to sit and chat about what was said. Heather walks over to make sure her husband doesn’t get wrongfully attacked.

“This is why I wanted to do lunch.” In other words, no women are allowed in this man-to-man conversation.

While Heather explains, Tamra comes over to sit. She’s sort of involved since she twisted and relayed the message to Alexis who in turn told her husband.

Jim feels ambushed and gets up to leave the party, basically ditching Alexis. He didn’t come there for her in the first place. He gets into the car and drives off.

Alexis rushes out of the party and runs down the street in her heels to catch Jim before he completely leaves.

She can’t run all the way home in her posh fur coat and high heels, now can she?


Once the holy couple leaves, Heather calls the other O.C. ladies and their men over to the table to explain what just happened.

Vicki asks where Alexis is and Tamra rolls her eyes. Brooks makes a big deal about it and tells Vicki Tamra gave her the “evil eye.”

Brooks, please shut your mouth. You’re making us Southerners look bad enough.

The head to this boil growing between Vicki and Tamra is about to pop. Tamra stands and puts her fingers in their faces and Brooks and Vicki prepare to leave.

“Relax Vicki and stop letting him tell you what to do.” Tamra says all the magic words to set Vicki off.

She stands and gets in Tamra’s face, screaming a similar tune as she did with Gretchen earlier in the season at Bunco night.

After Vicki storms out with Brooks, Tamra talks with Brianna. Their feelings about Brooks are very similar. They don’t trust or like him.

Tamra gets teary-eyed over this because she cares about Vicki.

Vicki stands outside with Brooks and Ryan, trying to phone Brianna in hopes she hasn’t been poisoned by Tamra.

Ryan brings Brianna outside who wants to hear Vicki’s side of what happened.

“Did you see Tamra give you the evil eye?” she asks. Which is a good question because I don’t believe Vicki did. She was too worried about Alexis’s absence.

Brooks and Ryan look on from a short distance at the two women.

Brianna tells Vicki she’s going to alienate everyone indefinitely by leaving the party.

Apparently Vicki cares about her relationship with her daughter because she and Brooks quickly reconsider and head back inside.

As long as Brooks okayed it, Vicki’s fine with it. She continues to” stand by [her] man.”

So season 7 marks the solidification of Gretchen and Tamra’s friendship, the end of Tamra and Vicki’s, the pretentiousness of Alexis, and Heather as my fave O.C. wife — along with Terry as my fave person all around.


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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 19 “Let Them Eat Cake”

Cake, former housewife, fur coat, and bling.

Tamra wants to share her good news with the other O.C. ladies. She meets with Heather first and shows off her engagement bling.

Gretchen shows up in the biggest feather-ish blue earring I’ve ever seen, and matching blue denim pants.

Tamra shows to women her photo book of she and Eddie in Bora Bora, cluing in Gretchen that he proposed.

Time to show off that sparkling ring again.

On the outside, Gretchen’s super happy for Tamra.

On the inside “Tamara just signed her divorce papers…” And now she’s jumping back into marriage.

Alexis has dinner with Sara, remember the tipsy chick who ruined bowling and champagne night?

Uh yah. Alexis tells how the girls ambushed her with some sort of intervention, bruising her ribs and all.

She even tells how Gretchen hurt her feelings and sided with the other women. And thus Alexis invites crazy Sara along to Heather’s party.


Oh by the way, people—Heather’s throwing a party to celebrate and announce finally taking her husband’s name after about fifteen years of marriage.

The Mrs. Heather Dubrow. You’re welcome, and enjoy.

It’s about time Vicki has showed up. She knows about Tamra’s engagement to Eddie and feels that it’s too soon jumping into something like that, right after finalizing a divorce.

Brooks arrives and bestows upon Vicki a black fur coat—that’s real fur.

I personally would throw red paint on it. I’m kidding. Kinda. Maybe.

When Vicki shows up at Heather’s home with it, I’m sure everybody’s going to wonder ‘how in the world can Brooks afford this’?


The first set to arrive: Handsome Eddie and Tamra. Tamra’s shimmering black and silver cocktail dress is just smoking on her.

The next set soon after is Alexis and Crazy Sara. Fake hellos and kisses are exchanged. Is there any wonder why the impending awkwardness exists, after Costa Rica.

Brooks and Vicki’s eyes are filled with wonder and awe at Heather’s magnificent home.

Lastly, Gretchen, Gretchen’s long 1950’s white feathered gown coat, Slade, and Slade’s CSI:Miami shades arrive.

As I said, Vicki shows off the new fur coat Brooks “bought” her and everyone questions the validity of that claim.

Other guests arrive and among them, Jeana (former O.C. housewife) steps onto the scene. She’s a guest of Gretchen’s.

I didn’t know Heather’s party was that of a club or something where directly invited guests could bring a plus-one, or plus-two.


Tamra takes Jeana’s daughter, Kara, aside to discuss the drink throwing of past season. Jeana soon joins them.

Tamra gets teary-eyed while explaining why she threw wine on Jeana and apologizing for it.

Heather’s friend informs her that Crazy Sara broke the bow off of Heather’s cake and ate it.

That cake is the most important thing at the party because it symbolizes so much…to Heather. It’s quite a center piece.

Heather tells the other girls and Tamra confronts Crazy Sara first and then Heather handles her, with a glass of champagne in hand.

I doubt she’ll waste her champ on this woman though.

Alexis comes in defending Crazy Sara because she feels Heather’s overreacting over a freaking bow on a freaking cake.

It’s about the go down. Over a cake, believe.


On the next episode: part two of this season finale. Tamra and Vicki get into it. Yes, that means Vicki “The Screamer” Gunvalson will make an appearance.


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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep.8: “Best Friends for Never”

Friendship, breakups, dieting, and “bankruptcy.”

Jacqueline gets disappointing news about Ashlee’s progress in Texas with her father. She’s so fed up with Ashlee and her obstinate ways that she takes to a bottle of whiskey, at least I’m pretty sure it’s whiskey—you know, the strong stuff.

I wonder how many other kids have driven their parents to drink on frequent occasions.

Lauren is at the end of her ropes with dieting to get super skinny in order to become super attractive to others and boast her self-esteem.

It’s like Italians and dieting just don’t mix—or any culture where food is essence. People love food. I personally don’t think depriving the body of such delicious food is good.


On a boring, rainy day the Albie, Gregg, and Lauren are all just laying around. Apparently they’ve been waiting on Christopher who returns with a large pizza and a hearty salad for Lauren. That food looks pretty good.

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” This is what Lauren constantly tells herself, though it doesn’t eradicate her desires to feast.

God, I’d probably ram my head against a wall if someone told me that. It sounds utterly ridiculous to me. Skinny shouldn’t be the goal.


Teresa and Joe meet with their lawyer. Yep, you guessed it. For financial troubles. When it comes to this wonderful justice system, Teresa, the truth might now always set you free. It could land you in a jail cell. But at least your conscience would be clear.

When she’s not dealing with Ashlee drama, Jaqueline’s trying to be a dear friend to Teresa. But the thing with that is Teresa’s lies and constant denial whenever the blame shifts to her. That puts a straining on Jacqueline and their “friendship.”

Honesty would surely set Teresa free in the realm of friendship and that’s all Jacqueline wants. She doesn’t necessarily want to know the intricate and personal details of Teresa’s life.

When Teresa’s making her troubles public, at the least she could go ahead and come straight with her friends and family, instead of dodging questions she doesn’t want to answer.


And now for my favorite segment: Most Adorable Children EVER. For this installment, we spend time with the Gorgas. Antonia hula hoops better than her mommy. Gino is having a solo picnic at the table in the front yard. Little Joey is wobbling around with his sippy cup.

Kathy visits Melissa to verbalize her feelings about Teresa. Melissa has her two big sisters over at this point, enjoying drama-free family time.

While Kathy’s pouring some heart out, Melissa is powdering up her face with makeup and likely thinking “Why don’t you go directly to Teresa and tell her all this?” Oh wait, she actually tells Kathy this.


The tears are trickling out from Jacqueline. It’s clear a storm is about to come, a mini one tonight. Jacqueline sits down outside on her back patio with Teresa and asks about her financial troubles.

She had to learn about Teresa’s bankruptcy from newspapers and magazines. Teresa would likely deny it all as usual, yes.

What financial troubles, Jacqueline? Teresa is a freakin’ New York times bestseller! She works her butt off. She sells exclusive interviews to magazines.

They call Teresa with questions and force her to answer. What’s worse? They don’t even bother to check accuracy of the quotes with Teresa so whatever she says may get misconstrued by readers. Particularly readers that are family and friends.

Teresa has no control over what’s printed in the papers about herself or what she says about others at all. Right.

It’s always about Teresa. She never asks about Jacqueline’s situation, particularly Ashlee, and she doesn’t support her in the general way friends should. Jacqueline’s had it up to her neck and then some.

There’s a mini scream fest between Teresa and Jacqueline, a back-and-forth. As soon as Teresa screams, it’s heard around Franklin Lakes, New Jersey bringing Caroline out of her home to come strolling to Jacqueline’s patio.

Am I the only one scared right now?

Teresa feels ganged up on. Caroline sitting next to Jacqueline makes it visibly clear it’s going to be two-on-one. Know what that means? Teresa goes straight into defense mode.

Caroline and Teresa quickly get into it and Jaqueline’s literally in the middle with no one listening to her.

“You’re crazy!” Caroline tells Teresa.

And would you believe Teresa’s surprising response? “No you’re crazy!”

As we all foresaw, the friendship between Caroline and Teresa is kaput. The friendship between Teresa and Jacqueline is all but solid now.

I think the women have broken up with each other. Next episode will make it certain where loyalties and positions lie.


On the next episode: Teresa talks to Melissa about the Danielle Staub (former New Jersey housewife) situation. The end of Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship as we knew it finally comes.


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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 18 “Will He or Won’t He?”

Bora Bora, moving forward, proposals, and rings.

Lucky Tamra! Her boyfriend, Eddie, is a world class traveler.

Tamra just got back from Costa Rica with the other O.C. ladies and now Eddie wants to take her to Bora Bora, Tahiti.

Why would Eddie want to take Tamra to Bora Bora all of a sudden? Is there appending proposal?

If there isn’t Tamra surely doesn’t want to let the other women know because it’d be totally embarrassing.

She feels like she’s going to be waiting on a ring for the duration of the trip.

When Eddie turns to Tamra on the plan, after they receive the champs (that’s champagne for those of you who don’t speak Heather Dubrow lingo).

“I have a surprise for you.” Eddie smiles and Tamra stops breathing for a minute. “We’re going to get massages,” he says.

Okay, well massages are cool too, I guess. I’d take it.


Upon arriving in Bora Bora, Eddie and Tamra are super excited.

“I have something for you.” Eddie walks towards Tamra with his hand behind his back and presents a black box.

The black box is unwrapped and inside is…not a ring. Inside the box is a cute little coconut bra. My goodness, Eddie!


Gretchen calls her father to discuss Slade. She found a text on Slade’s phone from the jeweler about a ring.

First of all, this is a weird conversation to have with your father. Definitely so, because you searched your boyfriend’s cell phone.

All in all, Gretchen just wants to find out from somebody–anybody, I guess–if Slade plans on proposing to her.

She isn’t ready for Slade to propose because she doesn’t want to tell him ‘no’ straight out to his face. Understandable.


A table on the beach awaits Tamra and Eddie. Is he going to propose now at dinner? Tamra’s preparing herself and smiling all the while just in case.

It would be so romantic if the ring were in the wine. Or even the food. Or hidden on the table somewhere.

Eddie talks about moving forward and that includes moving in together as one whole family. There’s no mention of a ring or even marriage in his equation.

Tamra’s like, I’d prefer a ring before moving to that next step. Which is a huge step.

“I wasn’t raised traditionally. Chuck that out the window, baby.” Eddie sips his wine and his mood is still unchanged.

Tamra on the other hand is a little disappointed and wants to go back to their room.


Vicki takes Brooks to the dentist. Alexis presses on hosting segments for the news and whatnot.

Gretchen directly asks Slade is he was planning on proposing to her. As soon as he says ‘yes’, Gretchen unleashes the wrath.

Why would he ask her to marry him now? Doesn’t he know how her past relationship has affected her now?

“Your name isn’t on my company. I could break up with you tomorrow and you would have nothing. Nothing!” Just in case Slade didn’t already know this, Gretchen makes it crystal clear for him and us all.

“I just want to let you know that you mean more to me than a girlfriend,” Slade says.

Gretchen would like to marry Slade and is at a point in her life where she’d like to have babies. She’s not doing any of that until the finances are cleared up.


Tamra is going to enjoy the rest of the Bora Bora trip with no kind of expectations. If Eddie proposes, then awesome. Even if he doesn’t on their romantic trip where it’d be perfect, he will somewhere in the future. Le sigh.

Eddie and Tamra try opening some clams. Tamra’s having a really difficult time opening hers for some reason. Eddie takes it and tells her sometimes she just needs her hands for things.


As soon as the shell is popped, a beautiful engagement rings glistens in the sunlight. Oh. My. God. I’m floored just as much as Tamra. She’s got the ring!


On the next episode: The ‘Wives gather for a decadent (and drama-filled) party at Heather’s home. Former Real Housewife, Jeana, makes an appearance. Tamra tells the ladies her exciting news. Where’s Vicki? Sara, the crazy friend who caused unnecessary drama at bowling night, is back and rips the bow off Heather’s cake.


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Real Housewives of New York City – Ep. 2 “Say What You Mean, Just Don’t Say It Mean”

Shopping, renovating, blackmailing, and GLAAD.

Heather and her husband join Aviva and her husband for dinner.

Amongst talk of the Hamptons and converting to Judaism, Aviva’s ex-husband slips into topic.

And it’s confirmed that he was intimately involved with LuAnn and Sonja once upon a time.

Ewww. That is indeed some love fest.

The public park setting is wonderful this time of day in New York City.Kids are playing and the mood is light.


This pleasant scene is about to be interrupted by LuAnn and Ramona who walk along from opposite directions and meet at a bench.

Though the greeting is mature and cordial, you know this conversation will be anything but.

LuAnn immediately confronts Ramona about bashing her parenting skills and running away at Sonja’s party.

Ramona explains she didn’t want to discuss their beef at Sonja’s party because it wasn’t the time or place. Don’t get that confused with running off like a coward from the situation.

LuAnne claims Ramona has been blackmailing her. Blackmailing her for what, I’m not clear on. But Ramona is taking stabs at LuAnn by using her kids. Or so LuAnn says.

Clearly there’s some miscommunication there or denial and lies on somebody’s end.

In the end, they both agree to just disagree and not say anything attacking the other. LuAnn leaves feeling like she made a deal with the devil.

Carole and Aviva head downtown for shopping and chatting while further uptown and we learn Carole is in an open relationship with a musician who tours with Aerosmith.

Ramona comes up quite a bit in conversation. The new housewives, Carole, Aviva, and definitely Heather are a bit weary of her.

Carole seems like she would rather steer clear of drama. She’s such a Kool Kat. Kids, “blackmailing,” complicated relationships, and all that nonsense goes over her head.


We get a look into Heather and Aviva’s domestic lives. Aviva’s kids are surprisingly calm and have dinner etiquette as they have meal at the table at home.Heather’s kids are well…kids. Who need silverware, even if you’re at a restaurant .

The back and forth between the women’s families is a sight, hilarious even.

Is this woman hip or what? She’s certainly secure and comfortable in who she is and what she wants.

Sonja is renovating her home, but she’s distracted by the guy, Rich, hired to check out her draining and pipes—in the house. Sonja may have to temporarily move to a hotel.

Later she’s set to present at the GLADD Awards and misses her cue because she was left in the green room. Don’t worry she does come out—though a little late—and makes up for it with her Sonja charm.


On the next episode: Carole hosts a raucous downtown brunch, while Heather invites some of the ladies on an across the pond jaunt.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey, Ep 7: “True Love, True Lies”

Big hats, bowties, magazine covers, and a gay wedding.

It’s the day of Jamie’s wedding. The Lauritas and Manzos are preparing their wardrobe for the event.

Chris Laurita, Jacqueline’s husband, shows her the latest issue of a yet another magazine Teresa graces the cover of. She bashes Caroline, Melissa, and even sweetest-person-in-the-world Kathy.

Greg, Christopher and Albie Manzo’s roommate/friend, needs toothpaste. While waiting in line to purchase some, he stumbles upon the In Touch magazine with Teresa on the cover. He has to bring it to Caroline’s attention.

If that friendship was kaput in the season premiere, it’s past toast now. Caroline takes the high road and tries to bite her tongue. It has to be bleeding by now. She doesn’t want this drama with Teresa to ruin her brother’s wedding day.

What’s comical about the magazine cover is that Teresa and her girls are posing with a dog. Teresa is terrified of dogs, as the last episode suggested. A dog ran across the yard and Teresa hauled ass the other way, verbalizing her fears.

Jacqueline inquires about Teresa’s magazine cover and what all she said. Teresa plays the blame game and rebuffs any responsibility for what makes the cover and what the magazine includes in the interview.

Down at the Jersey Shore, Melissa, Kathy, Joe Gorga, and Richie discover In Touch magazine. They’re bothered by the quotes, but more annoyed by it than anything.

Everybody’s like “I’m over it. Whatever she needs to do to get money and get exposure.” That’s kinda sad, when your family and friends feel that way about you.

Teresa would probably deny that though.

Back on the bus again, the same bus Joe Guidice made the crude joke about Greg, Teresa and Joe are trying to make nice with everyone.

They’re not buying it. Not for real.

Teresa compliments Caroline’s dress and tries to spark up some conversation. Carolina keeps her answers short and crips, with no kind of friendly expressions.

Gosh, take the hint, Teresa. Caroline’s trying to bite her tongue instead of biting your head off. The talking is making that very difficult, if not tortuous.

Chris Laurita is planning some sort of big trip and everyone is invited.

That isn’t the wisest plan since there’s so much tension between Caroline and Teresa, and Teresa and the Manzo, and Teresa and…everybody. Dang.

Bowties, champagne, ducks, dogs, and big hats equal a good day. Okay well, Jamie’s big wedding day. Hats are mandatory for the women and I guess the men can wear shorts and slacks with some plaid.

Meaningful words are exchanged, tears are shed, and kisses are shared. Caroline makes her speech and now I need my box of Kleenex.

I miss Dina right about now. It so would have been a great occasion for her to make a guest appearance on the show.

Teresa has yet to respond to Joe Gorga’s texts. Joe texts Teresa from the shore for what seems like probably the last time.

Joe Gorga is definitely being the bigger man in this situation, and he does quite impression of Juicy Joe (Joe Guidice). He stills loves his sister and brother-in-law.

The night ends with everyone releasing wish balloons into the air. Let us hope some kind of peace is found among certain siblings and in-laws, and friends.

On the next episode: Teresa gets into it with Caroline and Jacqueline. Teresa and Joe Guidice meet with their lawyers and jail time is possible for one if not both of them.


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