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The Bachelor, Season 20 – Who Does Ben Choose?

Bachelor031416This has been somewhat of an unprecedented season for The Bachelor. Normally we aren’t sure what’s going to happen and who the bachelor will choose because they haven’t tipped their hand yet. However, with Ben it was the complete opposite. He had tipped his hand … with both women. He told them both that he loved them, so one of them was going to be sent home blindsided.

Ben’s Turmoil

Lauren was the first to meet Ben’s parents. Everything went very well, and everyone got along great. It couldn’t have gone any better. When JoJo met the Higginses it was the same thing. It couldn’t have gone any better. Yet, Mrs. Higgins pointed out that what JoJo had for Ben seemed to be deeper.

In addition to that, when Ben was weighing his love for the two women he noted that he and Lauren had never had to weigh any negatives in their relationship, so he wasn’t sure what it would be like if it was tested. Yet he and JoJo had been tested, and they had made it through the problems even stronger.

Throughout Ben’s last dates with both women, he kept thinking of this turmoil of who to choose. But with JoJo his face seemed to light up more. It was clear how much he was in love with her. It certainly seemed at this point as if he was going to choose her.

But knowing that Ben had said on the Women Tell All that he was ready to get married right now, Chris Harrison set it up for that to happen tonight if he wanted. Not only was his hometown pastor at the show, but Ben’s parents were there along with the parents of JoJo and Lauren. But Lauren’s parents seemed elated while JoJo’s seemed like they were almost being forced there, making it seem like they all knew how it was going to turn out.

The Proposal

Ben was still torn up until the morning of the proposal. Picking out the engagement ring, he decided he knew who he would choose because there was one woman he didn’t want to live without.

The first woman to get out of the helicopter was JoJo, meaning she was about to get sent home. She told him she loved him and that he was her best friend, and then Ben said that word everyone on The Bachelor hates: “but.” He told her he did love her, but he was more in love with someone else. He did what he promised her he would never do – he blindsided her.

Ben then answered the burning question from the past few weeks. In previews we saw him calling someone. Who was he calling? Was he changing his mind? No, he called Lauren’s father to ask for his permission to marry his daughter. Lauren’s helicopter then landed, and Ben dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him, and she accepted.

JoJo’s Surprise

On the After the Final Rose special, JoJo got a chance to talk to Ben for the first time since she left blindsided. She seemed to be in a better place and said watching the show play out over the season that it helped her put everything in perspective to see Ben’s and Lauren’s relationship play out.

And JoJo had a great surprise in store for her. Chris Harrison announced that she was the new Bachelorette. While some people were pulling for it to be Caila, instead it will be the runner-up from this season.

Did the Show End with a Wedding?

Lauren then came out and announced that she was moving to Denver to be with Ben in a few weeks. Chris had that surprise for the two of them, too. He brought out the pastor and said they could get married right there on the spot if they wanted. However, they decided it would be soon, but not tonight. They declined the offer. Ben did get down on one knee and propose to Lauren again, but that fell kind of flat. There was no point for that.

We’ll see if this is one of the rare Bachelor unions that lasts. Will they make it down the aisle? If they’ve never been tested by anything negative in their relationship, that is surely still in front of them. We’ll have to wait and see if their relationship can weather that storm.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Oct. 6 – The Reunion, Part 1

This season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey ended in peace and harmony, although throughout the reunion it still didn’t seem as if the issues between Joe and Teresa have been solved yet. With the continuous bickering and cheap digs you could still feel the tension and annoyance from the other housewives.

The reunion show touches lightly on the thirty-nine counts of federal fraud that Teresa and her husband Joe face, with the housewives admitting to being shocked when they first heard about the charges. All the ladies wish Joe and Teresa well in their court hearing.

Later on in the show Teresa brings up that she heard Melissa has done a deal with Radar online – claiming Melissa will sell them stories about Teresa if they don’t write anything bad about her in return. Melissa obviously denies these claims and is offended that Teresa would even suggest that she would do something like this. It’s all love in this family …

Teresa and Jacqueline are seen glancing at each other and having a giggle; they say their friendship is back on track and they are really enjoying each other’s company again. Who would have thought that these two could reunite with all the things they have been through?

We also get to see Joe Gorgas new haircut! No more black hairspray; he is now completely bald! He actually looks great and the look suits him well. I hope he won’t be wearing those stupid hats or beanies anymore that used to cover up his thinning hair.

All the housewives always seem to be in some sort of twitter debate – who tweeted what about who and you said this comment to me on twitter. Caroline also suggests that Melissa is complicating things between Teresa and her brother Joe. I have to agree with this one; it seems the two get along much better when Melissa is out of the picture!

The reunion also shows unseen footage of the hilarious duo that is Rosie and Joe Giudice. These two are so funny when they are together; it is such a strange friendship but I want to see more!

The show ends with Caroline confronting Teresa about something she wrote in her blog – Teresa said that during the trip to Arizona her and Al were fighting the whole time. Teresa admits she made it up because Caroline put her down in one of the episodes. It seems it is always tit for tat with Melissa and Teresa, and they really should think about other people and not just themselves.

Part two of the reunion is on next week, and it seems they delve deeper into the jail time Teresa and Joe face. Will you be watching?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sept. 29 – Salon Farewell

It has been a huge season for The Real Housewives of New Jersey with lots of twists, turns and family feuds. We finally get to see the fights and arguments put to rest … I hope!

This week sees the end of the Pash 2 party; of course Joe Gorga confronts Penny’s husband John about all the negative tweets about his wife Melissa. John tells him he got all the info from his sister Teresa. Joe decides to take on John in a fight, although the cameras seem to drop to the ground so we don’t quite catch it – what would a season finale be without some sort of punch up!

After the fight, Caroline goes bonkers and starts screaming at Kim D and says she is to blame for all of this. Caroline’s kids have to drag her out and tell her to calm down. Jacqueline also has her turn and screams at John and Penny and confronts them about the tweets about her son. What is with all these middle aged people having fights over twitter? Seriously, this is so high school!

Kim D pleads innocence, Teresa pleads innocence and Penny and John plead innocence. So who did the crime if everyone is innocent? Everyone is confused about who Penny and John actually are and why they are getting involved in everyone else’s business.

Later in the show Jacqueline visits Teresa and Teresa confides in her and admits she was hanging around the wrong people and could have done more to defend Melissa instead of going along with the negative things people were saying about her sister in-law. Jacqueline tells Teresa she should open up and tell her brother what she is telling her – after all this is all her brother and Melissa have ever wanted!

BLK Water invites everyone for a tasting of their new flavors. During this event Teresa chats to her brother and tells him what she told Jacqueline; they both cry and embrace each other. Joe also admits his fault in all of it. This actually seems really genuine – they both have admitted fault, and I really hope they can stay on the right track.

It looks like this season finale has everyone back on track. The show ends with a big BBQ at Teresa and Joe’s holiday home at the Jersey Shore. Just when we think it’s going to be all smooth sailing, the show actually ends with the news of Teresa and Joe being accused and indicted on thirty-nine counts. This means they both could face jail time! Wow, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next season. Will you be watching?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 2 – National Lampoon’s Horrible Vacation

No, Chevy Chase has not found a job after he managed to piss off everyone at Community, the title this week comes from the gay Russell Hantz (according to Aras). Colton is rough to watch – and he often has more stinkers than good lines – but occasionally he manages to squeeze off a good one. And kudos to Aras, who wasn’t ever funny during Exile Island for giving us both the mental image of a gay Russell Hantz, and the mental image of Russell’s head exploding upon being remotely considered gay. No, this line was all about Colton showing that, no, he managed to learn nothing from the last time. He cannot play a different game. He is Russell Hantz – except not successful at Survivor.

Colton decided that his tribe is too nice for his own enjoyment. So he set out to sow discord. He would spread lies about everyone to everyone else. Later, when Kat – who actually was trying to work with him – was talking to him about this and something Tina said, Colton threw a fit and confronted Tina and Kat in night vision with this bit of drama. Tina’s had enough. So the next day she ropes in a five-person alliance with Aras, Gervase, Monica and Tyson. Colton was bitching about too many massage lines and not enough game play…well, you got yourself some game play. Now, he, Kat, and both Lauras are on the outs with this tribe.

Meanwhile, the family team decides that Rachel and her gorgeous eyes will be the next target of the “Five Guys” alliance. Ironic, to have an alliance on a show featuring starvation to share the name with the greasiest, most awesome burger chain in the land. It was clear that a woman would be next, but the selection of Rachel is interesting. Vytas came up with the concept – and it is an interesting one. Vote out someone on your own tribe with the hopes that a strong loved one on the other side will Pull a Rupert and take their place. In the case of Five Guys, you vote out one of your women and you put Tina, Laura or Tyson on the spot. Which is more beneficial to you? Clearly, the chance of Tyson making a dumb mistake is intriguing. It’s not like the guy ever voted himself out of the game before, right?

On RI, Marissa joins Rupert and Candice and fills them in on how much she hates the frowny face votes. Awww L – and about how she got voted out because of Gervase’s taunting. Candice rightfully points out that while Gervase was the excuse, it was her comments to Culpy at the very beginning that got her voted out. She embarrassed him in front of everyone, and he didn’t forget. Good for you, Dr. Candice. Just for that, I’ll root for you in the duel.

Er, the Truel. Because a duel implies two people. Truel is a made up word, for a made up thing. Interesting to see many of the people begin to cry immediately as both tribes filter in to watch the Truel. That’s a good change on RI from the first two times it was used. Candice winks at John to make him realize that she’s fine, while Marissa stares down her old tribe and calls them out for what they did. Gervase sees this as a sign that perhaps he should mend his taunting ways. And when I say that, I mean he did the exact opposite. He vows to rub it in even more going forward. He also chooses not to Pull A Rupert and switch.

The challenge is to use a long grabber thingy that you often see in dollar stores and grab a spool. You move it along a series of wires and stack at the end of the wires on a platform. You do this 10 times without spilling it all and you complete the challenge. First two survive, winner earns an immunity idol clue to be given to anyone they want. Last place, and you’re out. Rupert drops his first one instantly. However, he recovers and he and Candice take the lead and are tied after stacking eight. As Candice places her ninth, Rupert poorly stacks his and the whole thing goes over. The cut away is of Laura looking sad, and Gervase laughing next to her. Laughing! Next to the dude’s wife! This man is in desperate need of tact lessons.

So, Candice finishes, and basically drops the mike. Marissa is on her last one as Rupert is only just getting back to half a stack, and she finishes. Holy crap – Rupert is gone! I only had two episodes to deal with his act! So, Rupert becomes the only person to get eliminated pre-finals – other than for injury, breakdown, or family emergency – without receiving a single vote. Actually, there were two. Paschal and the Purple Rock. Rupert’s insanely bad strategy backfires – stunningly – and he’s the first to go. He’s the anti-Boston Rob. The other four-timer had his worst performance the first time out, before dominating two seasons, winning one of them, and only bowing out early the other time because Tyson’s an idiot. Rupert? Bad strategy each time, or lack of any strategy at all. He will always go down as an all-time fan favorite, but not here. If we can just ditch Colton, and maybe Culpy, early on…well, this could get to be fun.

The Real Housewives of Miami, Sept. 23 – “La La Land”

This week we see Joanna, Lisa and Lea head to Los Angeles for a ladies getaway. We get to peak into the lavish home, or should I say mansion, that is Joanna’s home away from home. At this house you will find Joanna’s mother and her five dogs plus all the animals she fosters through her charity.

Alexia is back in action with her role as the editor of the magazine that she and her husband own. Her son Peter also has started working there as the behind-the-scenes photographer. Alexia has a lot on her plate with her son Frankie’s recovery and her eldest son’s anger issues. This week we see this play out as Peter decides to chase down a taxi and kick their back door in because he gave them the finger. Peter goes from 0 to 100 in seconds; Alexia is quick to try and calm the situation and also lie to the police that arrive at the scene. She tells them that the taxi driver is lying when clearly everything is on camera and Peter even admits to doing it!

Joanna takes the ladies to see her wedding venue, and of course it is as glamorous as she is! The venue is absolutely amazing with spectacular views. Lea gets all emotional and tells Joanna that she is proud of her as she has literally come from nothing and built herself an empire.

Joanna isn’t the only one looking at wedding venues this week! Adriana also goes to meet her planners at the venue of her wedding. Her venue is just as beautiful, she discloses to her planners her idea of having the guests change into 1920s outfits after the ceremony. I’m not really sure what the point is of that but to each their own I guess!

This week Joanna finally asks Lisa to be her bridesmaid, but there’s a catch! She has to choose who she wants to be bridesmaids for, as Joanna says she can’t be a bridesmaid for both her and Adriana. Lisa seems quite offended, as she shouldn’t have anyone telling her who she can and can’t be friends with. Who does Joanna think she is?

This season seems like it’s going to be jam packed with weddings tied in with absolute mayhem! I’m sure Joanna and Adriana are going to try and outdo each other when it comes to their wedding days. Who do you think will have the better wedding?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sept. 22 – Hair We Go Again

The housewives were back again this week with the usual controversy and mayhem as Melissa and Joe continue to discuss Penny and Teresa. These people really love the drama, but this is becoming really old really fast!

Jacqueline and Teresa continue to rekindle their friendship as they head to Kim D’s store for some retail therapy. I really wonder why these ladies support this woman, as it seems she is the stirrer of the pot. Get a clue, Ladies!

Kim D decides to hold a grand opening for her new store/salon, Pash 2, and – surprise, surprise – she lets the ladies know that she has invited Penny and her husband.

This week we also see Melissa continue her quest to break into the music industry. Melissa and Joe head to Orlando to meet Johnny the music executive, and he has news for Melissa. Johnny has scored Melissa an interview on 106.7, although the catch is that she has to perform live! EEEEKK … perform live? We all know Melissa may be a performer, but when it comes to singing live, well, let’s just say she is known for her lip syncing! Melissa takes the plunge and agrees to perform live in front of the radio hosts and a small audience. To my surprise she seemed to do quite well, and of course she made Joe a very proud husband.

Just when we think things couldn’t get any worse, the plot thickens! Jacqueline and Chris disclose that Penny’s husband has tweeted that their son Nick actually doesn’t have Autism. Who does this guy think he is? And why would he say these things? What some people will do to get a little limelight! Jacqueline can’t believe someone would say this and decides she will confront Penny and her husband at the Pash 2 party.

The Pash party seems to be going off without a hitch until Penny shows up. Jacqueline flocks to her immediately to find the answers to her husband’s nasty tweets. Penny explains that her husband never said anything about her son and that her husband will be attending the party a little later.

Next in line to confront Penny are Melissa and Teresa. Melissa demands the truth, and Penny informs everyone that Teresa is the mastermind behind the mission to take down Melissa.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season finale is next week, and it looks like Joe Gorga takes on Penny’s husband in a typical New Jersey fist fight. Who do you think will win?

The Real Housewives of Miami, Sept. 16 – A Ple-Thora of Lies

The girls haven’t been the only ones with their claws out this season with Frederick and Roman getting in between their fiancés cat fight. Lenny tries to be the mediator by inviting Frederick and Roman over to kiss and make up. The boys decided to stay out of the ladies fight and put it in the past. Why isn’t it this easy for the ladies?

The wonderful Alexia is going along to her son Frankie’s therapy session. It’s so heartwarming to see her interact with her son as he shows improvements every day. Speaking of mothers, Lenny’s has his come and visit this week, and it’s not all smooth sailing as Lisa expresses to her mother-in-law that she feels she doesn’t even like her. Naaaawww, poor Lisa. Lenny comes to the rescue to stick up for his wife by telling his mother that she causes problems with his wife, staff and friends – OUCH. It takes a brave man to take on their mother, although Lisa decides to try giving it another go.

Adriana is excited for her ‘real wedding’ as she goes dress shopping with her bridesmaids. Meanwhile Lea goes to visit Joanna in her new casa and gets the grand tour. The waterworks come into play as Joanna expresses to Leah that she’s feeling overwhelmed with all the moving and wedding plans Umm, tough life, Joanna! Joanna also explains that she’s feeling distant from her baby sister Marta because she doesn’t have time for her any more. The penny drops and Leah decides it’ll be a great idea to organize a girl’s trip to cheer Joanna up.

The drama doesn’t stop as Adriana tells the ladies that Lea is a massive hypocrite, as Lea also had a secret wedding in 1995. What is with Miami and all these secret weddings? The ladies decide to put aside their differences for the time being because of Aj’s birthday party.

Next week sees some of the ladies head to LA for the girl’s trip. I look forward to the continued crocodile tears and drama!

Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sept. 15 – “The Blonde Drops a Bombshell”

It seems the gloves were off in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Blonde Drops a Bombshell.

It looks like Teresa and Jacqueline are back on track to becoming BFFs, as Teresa visits Jacqueline in her home. This is the first time Teresa has been there since the all mighty fight for the truth behind the tabloids. It was really great to see these two rekindle their friendship, I feel they both really want to be a part of each other’s lives. Teresa is a great friend to Jacqueline as she goes to support her vulnerable comrade in the Knock Out Autism event where Jacqueline speaks about her experience with her son Nicholas.

Melissa is being her usual DIVA self as she meets with a music executive and faces the tough choice between pursuing her dreams to become a singer or being the best mother she can be for her children. She is not convinced she can have it all, although her supportive husband Joe seems to think so.

Kathy has her moment in the spotlight with her cannoli-building kit event at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Kathy is stressed to the max as she feels as if she doesn’t have the same support from family and friends that she gives to them. Just when we think no one is going to show up, the whole crew arrives and she couldn’t be happier. The night was a huge success and her line of cannoli kits will now be stocked at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Finally what we all have been waiting for – Melissa and Joe confront Penny at a restaurant where they are dining. Joe asks the million dollar question, “Who was behind the cheating thing?” Penny responds, “It was your sister.” I feel like if Joe and Melissa really want Teresa to be the bad guy, why not just let it go and start fresh!

Next week Penny and Teresa go head to head as they battle it out for the truth behind cheatinggate.

Interview with Killer Karaoke Host Steve-O

Steve-O became a household name back when Jackass started running on MTV and quickly worked his way into our hearts with his crazy antics. Now, however, the tables are turned in the new show Killer Karaoke, which is on TruTV every Friday night at. If you missed the first few episodes, make sure to catch it! The show is the perfect blend of American Idol and Jackass. Now, it's time to hear what the host, Steve-O, had to say in my exclusive interview about the show.

There's no better way to start off a Monday than forgetting your interview with Steve-O and getting the call when you're out and about. Needless to say, I was prepared anyway. Steve-O described Killer Karaoke as people, “attempting to sing while doing dumb shit.” When I asked Steve-O if it was a relief to see other people doing dumb stuff for once, he gave me this excellent simile. “It's kinda like an erection lasting more than 4 hours. In the beginning, you're like, 'Woah! This is awesome!' But afterwards it's just unnatural.”

Being the Steve-O Fan that I am, I made sure to bring up Amy Schumer's comment from the Celebrity Roast on how Steve-O was the one we all hoped would have died instead of Ryan Dunn, wondering if he was as shocked as his fans. He went on to say that, “She was one of the funniest people there, but that joke I didn't find funny.”

Also, as any true fan would, I brought up his Mötley Crüe story from his documentary, The Early Years. At the age of 13, Steve-O hunted down Mötley Crüe, harassed the manager, and was able to create long-lasting friendships with the band. I asked if he was planning on bringing out any Crüe songs for the show, which he then said he probably wouldn't, but if he did, it would be Wild Side, because that song means something is about to be awesome.

Next I had to ask about what is surely the biggest thing with our new host, his sobriety. Having my own problems, seeing someone like Steve-O drop the drugs and still be awesome, well, it means a lot to me. I made sure to mention this to him and see what he thought about the sobriety originally. “In the beginning, I did it to have this big impact on everyone, to be people's hero. On the way, I found out that I had to do it for me and no one else. That's the only way I was gonna do it right.” After this, I told him that he should be an inspirational speaker, in which he, in different words, responded with no way.

One thing you may not know about the stuntman is his credentials for being a stuntman. Steve-O graduated from Ringling Bros Barnum and Baileys clown college. I asked if our new show was going to have any clown skills, in which he said, “Yeah, I'll show off a little bit.”

If you've already seen part of the show, like myself, you may think that our host seemed a little out of his element. Steve-O explained that the show is scripted, but he gets the chance to change what he says for the TelePrompTer.

The final thing I asked our star was if he ever saw himself returning to tv on a game show. “While I didn't plan to be a game show host, I never ruled out anything as a possibility with me.” So, see if the possibility is good or not. If you have a heart, you'll think the show is funny! It seems to draw all crowds, so what are you waiting for? Go set that DVR!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey; Ep. 14 “Pack Your Baggage”

Hurricane Irene, RVs, and camping.

Everyone packs their bags for the RV camping getaway in Napa, California.

Hurricane Irene is vastly approaching in New Jersey and no that isn’t a metaphor for all the Jersey drama. Or is it?

Teresa is still upset about Kathy’s little comment on a recipe in her new cookbook.

Teresa feels like Kathy made a jab at her for stealing a recipe from her mom—which she totally didn’t.

Their mothers cooked together quite often and Teresa’s father is Kathy’s mother’s brother.

A lot of recipes have been shared throughout the family no doubt. Who cares? Teresa does, that’s who.


Albie asks his “girlfriend” Lindsay to move in. How are Caroline and Lauren going to take that news, if it comes up?

The bad weather of Hurricane Irene affects the traveling plans for the Jersey bunch.

The governor has shut down all airports.

That means instead of taking a straight flight as planned, they’ll have to long-haul it—drive—to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and board a plane there.

Then fly to Houston, Texas. Then take another flight to San Francisco, California.

The Jersey bunch make it to California and still have to get camping stuff.

Luckily, there’s a store specifically for all things camping. The group racks up over $4000 in supposed necessities for camping.

When the three Jersey-filled RVs arrive to their destination, everyone’s put off that it’s not exactly a traditional camp site, nor is it a beach.

Instead, it’s a camping ground for RVs in nothing more than a gigantic parking lot.

What. A. Bummer. Oh well, make the best of a situation.


Melissa and Teresa reluctantly meet the other neighbors.

The guys try to pitch tents. No pun intended. Portable grills are set up.

The sausage and provolone cheese is claimed by mostly the Manzos. Cheese and sausage is like contraband.

The next morning, Kathy tries to make muffins in a microwave or toaster oven and only a couple are deemed edible.

Eggs, bacon, and I’m sure sausage is cooked. Can’t you smell it?

Richie scares everyone off with his morning wood.

Melissa takes Teresa aside to calmly discuss the issues everyone has with her.

Obviously it’s Teresa if every relationship she has with others is failing.

Melissa feels like a breakthrough is made with her sister-in-law.


On the next episode: Fun times on the Napa Valley RV trip with the Jersey bunch. Teresa and Jacqueline get together for another talk. Was there ever any closure?


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