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The Bachelor, Season 20 – Women Tell All

Bachelor030716As is always the case, there was plenty of drama to be found on The Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor on Monday night. Usually there is one misunderstood woman who needs to hash out her choices during the season, but this time there were plenty of women who needed to hash things out


The smallest issue was dealt with first. There was the week that Leah threw one of the Laurens under the bus. Leah explained that she was devastated to not get a one-on-one, and Lauren had said girls who hadn’t had a one-on-one yet were losers to be upset about it. As if that’s a reason for throwing her under the bus. Jami and Becca pointed out that she lied. She tried to say she didn’t intentionally lie, but that fell flat.


Jubilee was next up, and much time was spent on her. She started off saying that she believed many of the things she said were misunderstood. She was shocked to see what the other girls were saying about her date in the helicopter. Jami said it started before that when Jubilee had made a comment about being the “real black woman” on that season and it upset the biracial women, and she denied ever making such a statement.

Once Jubilee sat on the stage with Chris Harrison, she said she knew she was a controversial person and that she’d have to defend herself. She and Ben shared the same fear that they were unlovable. Chris pointed out that Ben was fighting for her, but she said she never thought someone like her could win Ben over and she was terrified to tell him of her past. She’s taking steps to better shelf, though, and refuses to ever overthink something to the point she’s self-destructive again. However, she seemed to be in just as much conflict, not being able to decide whether she is the victim or a mean girl.


Lace was another one who went through a learning experience after she took herself off the show. She admits she was uncomfortable being there and said a side of her came out that made her aware of how she acts in situations. She had already been thinking about going home, but seeing Ben kissing Becca was icing on the cake.

When she said she’s been trying to avoid saying the word crazy, a guy stood up in the audience and said she is crazy … crazy beautiful. He took off his shirt and revealed that he has a tattoo of her face on his side. This guy really had a tattoo of a Bachelor contestant. Who’s crazy now?

Chris invited her again to Bachelor in Paradise as he did on the live show at the beginning of the season and this time she readily accepted, so look for that.


But if you’re looking for mean girls, there isn’t anyone more appropriate for that title this season than Olivia. She admitted she cried at home watching the first episode because it started out so well and she didn’t know where it went wrong. She said she feels a little like Jubilee like you can’t really get her right away.

Olivia knew things were weird in the house, but she didn’t know the extent of what the others were saying about her. She owned up to many things that she did wrong and apologized to Amanda for what she said about being a teen mom. She complained that when there was problems with Jubilee they went and talked to her, but no one ever came to talk to her. Emily said she came to her twice.

When Chris asked Olivia is she felt like she was ganged up on, she unbelievably said she felt like she was minding her own business the whole time. The faces on the other women told a different story. She knows she asked to speak to Ben first many times, but that was her trying to show him that she was there for him.

Jenn brought up Olivia telling Ben that she was different than the other girls because she reads books and talks about smart things, and is obviously insulted. Olivia tried to backtrack, and when Haley said she should be more self aware, Olivia brought up being bullied as a child. Shushana said she made that situation what it was. She wanted them all to be jealous, and watching it she’s 100% correct.

Olivia was just really put out that the other women made fun of her breath and her toes. She cried and said it’s been really hard and that she gave her sister her social media accounts because it’s a rough place for her right now.

She apologized again to Amanda and said it wasn’t fake. She seemed sincere, yet at the same time, she just doesn’t get it. She may be more self aware now, but she still just doesn’t understand the connection between her actions and the treatment by the other women.


Caila got a chance in the hot seat as well, as the third-place finisher always does. She talked about the day Ben let her go and said she just wanted to have a serious conversation with him because it was a really important time in their relationship. For the first time she felt understood by someone, so for him to say he never loved her back was really difficult.

Yet she did say that seeing Ben’s relationships with Lauren and JoJo was good for her. She wants to have that same thing some day. However, it hurt her a lot that he could tell both of them that he loved them but couldn’t say it to her. She doesn’t fall in love easily, so it made it really hard. She admitted that she missed him and seems just as shell-shocked as Olivia.


When Ben took the stage and addressed the women, as he should, he addressed Caila first. He wanted her to know how much their relationship meant to him and how much he learned from their conversations. He explored life to a level he never expected. He doesn’t want her to discount their relationship at all. She asked him if her confusion over her feelings stalled their relationship, and he said it was never stalled. It was just dependent on what was happening with the other relationships.

Jubilee brought up her confusion saying that when Caila and JoJo had a hard time opening up he said he found it attractive. Yet when she had a hard time communicating, he told her he wanted a wife who could communicate with him. Ben tried to point out that the difference was that was all of their conversations between: the confusion. Jubilee didn’t seem to understand still, but it’s clear to everyone else that their relationship couldn’t progress because all they did was talk about her and not the two of them together.

Olivia addresses Ben and tells him it would have been nice to get a one-on-one with him. He tells her there was something there that wasn’t right, and it wasn’t fair to drag something along.

Next Week

While I was hoping against hope that Caila was the person Ben is seen calling on the phone in last week’s preview, it appears now that it definitely isn’t a possibility. In the expanded previews this week, he still loves two women at the finale but sends a woman home that he loves because he has to be with the other one.

It’s anyone’s guess whether Ben ended up with Lauren or JoJo, but he does tell Chris that he is happy and more in love than he has ever been. He says he would marry the woman tomorrow if he could. Chris says he might hold him to that.

Will there be an officiant at the finale? That could make it interesting.

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The Bachelor, Season 20 – Final 3 Fantasy Suite Dates

bachelor022916We all saw the Bachelor promos showing Ben Higgins fretting over telling two women that he loved them. In the first place, that’s nearly unheard of for Bachelors and Bachelorettes. They never say it until the finale when they settle on the chosen one. But even bigger than that was who Ben was saying that to. Which two women were going to be awarded those three magical words?

Ben’s first date of the night was with Caila. She was his first one-on-one date, and she’s been my favorite all along as the the person who he’d eventually end up with. She was off all day and finally admitted to him that she was worried about the two other women. She did finally get comfortable enough to tell him she loved him.

But Ben didn’t say it back. This is despite them sharing the night in the fantasy suite. They showed them the next morning together, so apparently we’ve moved past suggesting they’re sleeping together to just accepting it. They ended on a good note, but he still didn’t say I love you. What does this say about her future with him?

It was on to Ben’s second date with Lauren. He admitted that with her he feels like he can be himself. They had what he described as a whole day full of cuteness with baby sea turtles, Lauren, and “Mel,” the guy on the beach helping with the turtles. He feels she’s too good for him, and she feels the same about him.

Ben is the man of Lauren’s dreams. She tells him she is completely in love with him. He tells her he’s known he was in love with her for awhile. So there it is. The first I love you. So he knew he was in love with Lauren, yet he still slept with Caila? Needless to say, he spends the night with Lauren.

On Ben’s date with JoJo, she wants to talk to him about her brothers but wants to focus on just her and Ben. She tells him she’s scared because she’s not just falling in love anymore; she’s in love. He says he loves her too. This is number two. They finally get around to talking about her brothers’ opinion of Ben, and she brushes right past this conversation. And, of course, they spend the night in the fantasy suite.

For Ben, he is feeling like everything finally makes sense. He can’t imagine saying goodbye to either Lauren or JoJo, and he’s not mentioning Caila at all. She seems to already be out of his mind.

While Ben is deep in thought about trying to decide between Lauren and JoJo, Caila pays him a surprise visit, a visit she expects he will enjoy. But he can’t keep up the facade with her, so he tells her he’s in love with the other two women and that the other relationships have progressed further.

Caila leaves, then comes back and demands to know when Ben knew that he loved the other two more. She is obviously asking if he knew before they slept together. He says he didn’t know until he spent time with Lauren and JoJo that he had stronger feelings for them than Caila. She leaves … crushed.

In the promos for the finale in two weeks (Women Tell All will be next week), they show Ben still stuck on who he is going to choose, not wanting to say goodbye to either of them. Then he makes a decision and picks up the phone to make a call.

Who is he calling? Aren’t they ready to go meet them and hear their fate? Did he already send someone home and is now changing his mind? Is he calling Chris Harrison? Did he realize that he does love Caila? Probably not, but I’m still holding out hope.

If not, Caila needs to be the next Bachelorette.

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Celebrity Apprentice, Jan. 4 – Don’t Deny the Cosby Factor

Another season of Celebrity Apprentice is upon us. It’s another season filled with people we know well and people we don’t know well. It’s hard to know all the names. One we do know is Keshia Knight Pulliam, and if you don’t know her by name, you know her by the role she played.

Keshia played Rudy Huxtable on the Cosby Show. She was just a little girl when the show started, and we watched her grow up. Now at 35 years old, she’s appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, or was appearing. She was the first one to be fired by Donald Trump. Her big mistake? Not calling her TV dad, Bill Cosby, for a donation.

This particular challenge was a fundraising challenge, and she knew that before accepting the position of project manager. She needed to bring in the big bucks. However, she only brought in $8,000, which wasn’t nearly enough when she was battling the project manager on the other side, Geraldo Rivera. Cosby could have certainly donated big to help her out.

Keshia’s reason for not getting a donation from Cosby sounded a little strange. She said she hadn’t talked to him in five years and she would feel a little funny calling him. This automatically made us all think about the current Cosby scandal. Was this filmed before or after he started going through all that?

The Cosby girls from the show have said he never tried anything with them and was more fatherly than anything else. But Keshia’s reluctance to call on him and being out of contact with him has me questioning that. There has to be a reason why she felt uncomfortable calling him.

Keshia really left Trump no choice. She called into the boardroom with her Jamie Anderson and Kate Gosselin because they had raised they least amount of money. However, Jamie was responsible for the recipe of the winning pie, judged by the Cake Boss, which gave them $25,000, and Kate was in there a lot as well with the preparation of the pies. When it comes down to it, Keshia just wasn’t a good boss. She failed to get the big time donations she had access to and underestimated the others she worked with.

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Dog Lovers – Get Ready for the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Finals

With football nearing the end of its season, it’s time to bring out the more unusual sporting events. This Saturday NBC is airing the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Finals. I’m thinking of it as a warmup to the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.


The action, taped over a weekend spent at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri, last fall will feature athletic dogs from across the globe competing in Olympic-style events that include dog diving, the freestyle flying disc, 30-weave pole races, Jack Russell hurdle racing, and agility competitions. Are the Jack Russells doing the hurdling or are other dogs jumping over them?

The canine finalists were from the United States, Japan, and Poland. During their competition, the world record for dog diving was broken with a dive of thirty-one feet eight inches. I’m trying to fathom that, as I don’t think I would be willing to dive that far. I’d be a little afraid to shove my dogs out there on the board and tell them to jump.

Then again, my dogs are getting a little too old for such a thing. One of them can’t get up on the bed anymore and struggles with the stairs sometimes, and the other one is just starting to need more of a running jump with the bed. Maybe the Incredible Dog Challenge will be inspirational to them!

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Meet the Cast of Celebrity Apprentice 2012 – Redefined as Where Are They Now

While this year’s cast of Celebrity Apprentice will have some surprisingly well-known names, there seems to be a large share of those that leave us asking either “Who?” or proclaiming, “So that’s what happened to them!” There are always a few of them every year, but there just seems like there will be more unknown or long-ago-forgotten faces/names when the season starts on February 12. There are a handful I have never heard of, and another handful of has-beens that makes me wonder if this is their big career move to put them back in the forefront.

For the more well-known contestants, the big names are Clay Aiken are Adam Carolla, and Cheryl Tiegs and Penn Jillette could probably be considered in that group as well. Whether you’re a fan of American Idol or not, you know who Clay Aiken is. I never would have connected him, though, of having any sort of business acumen. Adam and Penn didn’t do too well on Dancing With the Stars, so maybe this is a reality show that will suit them better, as I do see them as probably having a good business sense. To me, Cheryl Tiegs is a big name, but if I was born fifteen years later or so, I probably wouldn’t think so. She has a very fitting charity, the Farrah Fawcett Foundation. I think they were both pinups around the same time.

From the “Where Are They Now” file, we have Arsenio Hall, Lou Ferrigno, Debbie Gibson, Michael Andretti, Dee Snider, George Takei, Tia Carrere, and Victoria Gotti. Some of these names could have been on the above list of well-knowns, such as Dee Snider. I think I’ve heard his name more in the last couple of years than I did in the years of his original success with Twisted Sister. I know i haven’t heard Lou Ferrigno’s name at all since he starred with Bill Bixby in The Incredible Hulk, despite him being in more than thirty films, according to him..

It seems like Debbie Gibson is working on a third comeback, as she came back, then disappeared again. I do happen to be glad that George Takei has found something to do other than Star Trek conventions, and I’m glad that Victoria Gotti is finding a purpose, but what type of fundraising will she do? I’m not sure if MIchael Andretti and Tia Carrere really went anywhere, but i know it’s been awhile since I heard either name, although I admit to getting Michael mixed up with the rest of his driving family.

The names I haven’t heard before are Dayana Mendoza, Aubrey O’Day, Patricia Velasquez, Paul Teutul Sr., Teresa Giudice, and Lisa Lampanelli. Actually I did hear the comic’s name before and it was on a celebrity roast of David Hasselhoff. Dayana Mendoza is a former Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe. Aubrey O’Day was on Making the Band, with the band being Danity Kane, but was kicked out by Sean “Diddy” Combs, because he thought she changed too much through the duration of the show. Patricia Velasquez is a model and actress who hasn’t really made a mark, but is the second Venezuelan in the cast. Paul Teutul Sr. is on American Chopper with his sons and isn’t afraid to argue on TV, and Teresa Giudice is a Real Housewife with the rest of them in New Jersey.

It’s definitely an interesting group Donald Trump has put together this time. As to who will join the ranks of Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, and John Rich as winner of this season, my early pick is Jenn Jillette. He has the connections, the intelligence, and … the balls to tell people off. I also think that initially the men’s team will do better than the females, as the better known stars are for the most part the men, and I think they’ll have an easier time raising money when they need to. Catch the premiere on February 12 on NBC

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Who’s Still Standing Holiday Event on NBC

A few lucky people are getting the chance to win some extra cash for the holiday. And not just a little extra, a million extra. The “heroes” will face off in trivia against ten strangers. When the strangers lose, they will literally drop through the floor. If the hero is the last one still standing, they get the million. Catch the premiere of this four-day holiday event on Monday, December 19. Find out more on Facebook and Twitter

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