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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Nyle DiMarco and Pregnant Peta Murgatroyd Take the Win

imageIt’s a really tight race tonight. Going into this week there was only three percentage points separating the top three – Nyle DiMarco, Ginger Zee, and Paige VanZant. Then they only had two points separating them after two dances last night. Depending on the votes, it could be a really tight finale. It’s certainly too tight to call at this point.

Kim Fields and Sasha Farber dance to the music of a new artist. She proves she was gone much too soon. This moves into a reenactment of Paige and Mark Ballas’ dance that was similar to a live cage match. It’s just as powerful as it was before. 

Nyle and Peta Murgatroyd bring back one of their dances as well, and frankly no one cares about the dancing after he opens his shirt. But it happens to be my ear worm of the last few days – “Cake by the Ocean.” Former champions Bindi Irwin, Shawn Johnson, and Emmitt Smith come back  to say a few words, and not nearly enough time is spent with them as we move into a performance by Fifth Harmony.

The female pro dancers get their own dance, then Ginger and Val Chmerkovskiy perform one of their greatest hits, the Argentine tango. It’s very crisp and sharp and hard to imagine she’s working with an injured back. Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess return to do an Aladdin dance. He has so much charisma it’s a shame he didn’t make it to the finale.

Val and brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy combine for a great  dance together promoting their new tour. Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe take on the jive, and she’s another one it’s surprising never made it any further. 

After music by Dan + Shay, Wanya Morris and LIndsay Arnold do an encore performance of their jive. And certainly this was a guy who many expected in the beginning of the season to make it her to the finale. The male pro dancers get their turn to perform their own dance as well. 

Pitbull joins the show to sing “Messin’ Around.” All the stars from this season and their professional partners then come back to dance together for a dance to “A Summer Thing.” 

Ginger and Val are up first tonight for their last dance together. It’s a fusion dance of the Argentine tango and the foxtrot. They do a superb job of blending these two dance styles. There’s a weird point where she waves at the audience. Len Goodman notes that she lost the routine a little bit at one point, which explains her weird waving. Bruno likes that she attacked it like a hurricane. Carrie Ann notes that she came right back after her mistake. She gets scores of three 9s.

Nyle and Peta are doing a cha cha/tango fusion. He has just passed through some of his earlier problems. He’s always had trouble keeping time with the faster dances but amazingly doesn’t have a hard time with it tonight. Bruno calls it glorious and says he has exceeded expectations every time. Carrie Ann stands up and signs something to him as he cries. Len says the only boundaries are the ones we put on ourselves, and he deserves to be in the finale. Their scores are three 10s. 

Paige and Mark are doing a fusion of jive and salsa for their final dance. It’s hard to believe watching her that this was a little girl who was so bullied her family had to move. She has the ultimate in confidence and should, as she’s terrific. Carrie Ann says she has set the standard throughout the competition and did again tonight. Len says if it was judged purely on dance, she’s the one to beat. Bruno tells her she plays him completely. It’s three more perfect 10s.

Aloe Blacc performs as the finalists look back on their entire season being played out in front of them. The couple in third place is named, and it’s Ginger and Val. She talks about being a science nerd and being happy to find out she can be a science nerd who can dance. 

It’s now between Nyle and Peta and Paige and Mark. The couple taking home the mirror ball trophy is Nyle and Peta. This is fantastic for people with disabilities of some type to learn they don’t need to be limited by anything. Just like Bindi Irwin’s win last season, it was well-deserved. I’ve been a little hard on him this season, but it’s still really well-deserved.

And in late-breaking news, it’s announced that Peta is pregnant with Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s baby. She’s been hiding a baby bump the past few weeks. Congratulations to them!

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Finale Night, Part One

imageThis could be an unusual finale on Dancing with the  Stars. Normally there’s a clear leader who everyone assumes will win, or maybe it’s a tossup between two. But this time it’s really a tossup between all three finalists: Ginger Zee, Paige VanZant, and Nyle DiMarco. Host Tom Bergeron confirms that there is only three percent separating the vote totals for the final three. If any of them don’t perform well tonight, the first of a two-night finale, it could spell doom for them.

Ginger and Val Chmerkovskiy are first tonight with their “Redemption Dance.” They’ll be doing contemporary. The first time they performed contemporary it fell a little flat. She’s hurts her back during rehearsals and chooses to still carry on and knows her spasm could act up in the middle of a performance. There is no sign of an injured back in tonight’s dance, and it’s truly a redemption for them. Len Goodman says the improvement is amazing. Bruno Tonioli believes it really showed how much she has blossomed. Carrie Ann Inaba is impressed with the strategy and saw improved core strength. Their scores are 9, 10, 9.

Nyle and Peta Murrgatroyd are doing a repeat of the quickstep because they had a lot of negative feedback from the judges the last time. He finds it a lot more difficult than the first time. He’s not liking it, but she encourages him through it. It looks good but is lacking something, perhaps  because he just seems really tense. Bruno compares it to a wild ride on the Pony Express but felt he lost a little bit of precision. Carrie Ann agrees that they got out of synch a little bit. Len felt it was a little hectic in places which made them lose a little bit of control. He gets scores of all 9s.

Paige and Mark Ballas are doing the salsa to redeem her first try at it when he was injured and another dancer filled in. He is putting the move into the dance that injured him last time. She feels they can do it this time. Watching her tonight, she’s a completely different dancer than she was when this thing started. Carrie Ann says a lot of people don’t improve, but she loves that she gave them an A+ performance tonight. Len wants to get it right for the finale, but he doesn’t feel like there was enough hip action for salsa. Bruno notes she’s really learned how to use her impetuous energy for maximum effect. We know at this point it won’t be three 10s, but they get close with 10, 9, 10 to put them at the top of the leaderboard. 

Ginger and Val are up first in the Freestyle Round. They are paying tribute to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. She notes it’s simple and just bout two people dancing and the chemistry they have between them. It’s a really fun routine to “Orange-Colored Sky,” and they do Astaire and Rogers proud. Len tells her she has shown her versatility tonight. Bruno thinks they really brought back the legacy of Ginger and Fred. Carrie Ann says this is where Ginger shines the brightest. Their scores are perfect 10s all around.

Nyle and Peta are going to be doing a contemporary routine, so she brought in another choreographer who is trained in this style. She wants to push them in the dance and wants to tell a message so will be doing one about giving deaf people hope. I kind of disagree with bringing in another choreographer, as that’s not what this competition is about. Nevertheless it’s a really powerful dance, breathtaking in fact. Bruno notes they brought him to tears with this “work of art.” Carrie Ann says it’s the best dance she has ever seen in twenty-two seasons. Len says it’s not a dance for deaf people but a dance for everyone. Their scores are of course all 10s.

Last up tonight are Paige and Mark with their freestyle. He took inspiration for it from her story last week about being bullied. She plans to go back to that town her family left for the first time and speak at a school about bullying. They dance to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and work in the Dirty Dancing move. It’s very moving. Even Mark is crying at the end. Carrie Ann says what’s incredible about Paige is that she has grown in a beautiful way and shown us how dance feels. Len says it’s an honor to see three fantastic dances. Bruno calls it a triumph in a night of creative and artistic excellence. Straight to the scores: it’s three more perfect 10s.

They’re running out time, so they end the show quickly, but Paige is at the top of the leaderboard, and Nyle is on the bottom. While they only had three percent separating them, the point totals they just added on only differ by two points. It’s still anybody’s game.

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Semi-Final Double Elimination

DWTS051616We’re down to the semi-finals, and making it an even more difficult night is that it’s also a double elimination. Two of five couples will be eliminated tonight. At this point it would seem a shock for Nyle DiMarco, Paige VanZant, and Ginger Zee to not make it to next week, but that all depends on how their votes came in last week. Each couple will dance two times, as they are also working trios in this week.

First up is Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas for their trio dance. They’re adding Alan Bersten into their dance tonight since she had great chemistry with him when she did the salsa when Mark was out. They’re doing the samba, and Alan says she’s like the sexy bird who knows it. In true Mark  fashion, it’s great conceptually, and Paige really is the sexy bird. Len Goodman says you can file it under B for brilliant. Bruno Tonioli notes she really became the star attraction. Carrie Ann Inaba thinks Paige is unstoppable. Their scores are perfect 10s.

Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess are working with Hayley Erbert for their trio. Sharna picked her because she’s super fierce on the dance floor. They’re doing the Argentine tango, and Sharna wants him to be in the commanding male role. He starts the dance with some great ”tude. Bruno says he was in command. Carrie Ann believes that he has made the longest journey of all the semi-finalists. Lens agrees with her belief that his lines should be longer. The scores are all 9s.

Wanya Morris and Lindsay Graham of course pull in her buddy Witney Carson for their trio. They’ll be doing the paso doble, but first they have to shake off their slipup from last week. Lindsay wants to take him back to the beginning of the competition when he was just happy to be there. He  is so strong tonight and shows he is back with a vengeance. Carrie Ann hugs Wanya and tells him to stay there the rest of the night. Len gives him a standing ovation. Bruno agrees it was the comeback they were all waiting for.  His scores are three 10s.

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd bring Jenna Johnson into their trio. She’s a step ahead here as she knows a little sign language. They’ll be doing a jive with the theme of him being on a date with one girl when he’s supposed to be with another girl. It’s a really cute dance, but his lack of hearing shows up when he’s a little off. Len notes that Nyle lost sync but was in it 100%. Bruno thought it had the innocent charm of child’s play and also notes him being out of sync. Carrie Ann agrees and believes it’s just because it”ss hard to stay in step during the jive when you can’t hear. This trios scores are three 9s.

Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy bring Artem Chigvintsev into their trio  because he’s an incredible performer, teacher, choreographer, and partner. They’ll be doing the paso doble, and she knows she has to dance better than ever before to keep up with the two professionals. It’s an interesting paso in light neutral colors instead of the dark red and black colors we usually see. Bruno thinks it was one of the most tense and surreal paso doubles he’s ever seen but notes she lost some shaping. Carrie Ann says she was living the drama but agrees with Bruno. Len found plenty of action.. Her scores are all 9s.

Before Paige and Mark’s second dance we go back to her childhood years. She took dance up until high school, then became a cheerleader and put up with bullying. Her family moved to Reno to get her out of that, and she then started to get into MMA through her dad’s love for it. They take on the Argentine tango, and she seems sexy and athletic at the same time. Len thinks the choreography and dancing was brilliant but a bit too hot and spicy. Bruno compares it to Basic Instinct with a sprinkle of Fatal Attrraction and Fifty Shades of Paige. Carrie Ann loves the layers of powerful, athletic, erotic, sensual, sophisticated, and dynamic. Her scores represent this praise as she gets 10, 9, 10.

Antonio grew up in a rough area and says he had to become a man quick. Life changed even more for him once his parents split up. He was an underdog in football going into college, but he was going to do whatever it takes and he went from underdog to top dog in the NFL. He and Sharna’s second dance is contemporary, and it is undeniably his best dance ever. Bruno notes his strength and connection with Sharna was off the charts. Carrie Ann says although he’s not the best dancer, he’s so dedicated and determined and lights up the room. Len says that dance will go down in the DWTS hall of fame for the most spectacular lifts he’s ever seen on the show. The scores are 9, 9, 10, but the crowd clearly feels it should be all 10s.

Next up is Wanya, and his mom notes he was only three or four months old when she realized he could sing. They used to call him Little Luther. He grew up in the projects so had fun but a lot of tribulation. His wife thinks it made him want to become something better. They put the Boyz II Men group together while they were in high school, and the rest was history once they signed with Motown. He and Lindsay are doing the Charleston, and that spirit he has in the beginning of the season comes out once again. Carrie Ann tells him he is her hero, making that comeback on top. Len says if natural dance talent were in the dictionary, there would be a photo of him. What Bruno liked was how they infused so many styles together, and that credit goes out to Lindsay. His scores are again perfect 10s.

Nyle chose to go to school at a university that is the only one for deaf people. He majored in math with a goal to be a math teacher, but then he ended up in America’s Next Top Model. He notes that his life has completely flipped, yet he still wants to inspire kids. We see his twin brother who looks nothing like him. For this Argentine tango with Peta tonight he’s going to do it blindfolded. So now he can’t hear or see, but it only lasts for a few seconds. Regardless, it’s a very powerful performance from him. Len says he never ceases to amaze him. Bruno was mesmerized with it all. Carrie Ann says he reminded us tonight to always push the boundaries. His scores are all 10s.

Ginger is another child of divorce. She was anorexic in her teen years in an effort to try to control things. After the divorce they spent a whole summer on Lake Michigan, and watching the storms is when she first became interested in meteorology. They do the quickstep  tonight, and she has just the right perk to take on this style of dance. Bruno can only talk about how hard it will be to see any of the final five leave tonight. Carrie Ann cays it was all going well, but there was a little catch in her dress. Len says there’s no I in team, but there is in Ginger, and there is in fantastic. Her scores are 9, 10, 10.

Two couples now need to be eliminated. The finalists moving on to next week are Ginger and Val, Nyle and Peta, and Paige and Mark. This sends Antonio and Sharna and Wanya and Lindsay home. Everyone hugs so much they only have seventeen seconds to say goodbye. We don’t get final words from them. 

So this one ended up exactly as I thought it would.  However, I’m not sure who will take home that mirrorball trophy next week. It could easily be any of the finalists. 

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Judges’ Team-Up Challenge

DWTS050916After last week’s shocking double elimination that sent Von Miller and Kim Fields home, it’s anyone’s guess who will go home tonight. There are just six celebrities remaining, and they’ll be teaming up in a judges’ team competition in addition to their regular dances.

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd are called safe right away. This week they’ll be doing the paso doble. He wants it to be powerful. They’re putting in a silent session in the dance so that everyone sees what Nyle deals with. It turns out really interesting but seems like he might have been off count. Len Goodman thought they needed a little mor shaping. Bruno Tonioli believes he really has a special kind of power. Carrie Ann Inaba gets very emotional and says she has never seen something on the show that touched her so profoundly. Their scores are 10, 9, 10.

Also declared safe are Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas, while Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe declared in jeopardy of going home. Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess are also in jeopardy and are dancing next.

Antonio, who is known for being late, gets to the studio a half hour early to work on the Viennese Waltz, which he calls the Vinamese Waltz. He declares he wants to be a professional dancer after the show. He just might get there with dancing like this. It’s very sexy. Bruno could tell that he was paying attention to detail. Carrie Ann says it was an elegant expression of his soul. Len says he never lost his will to win. The scores are all 9s.

Jodie and Keo are upset next, and he’s feeling like he’s letting her down after Carrie Ann noticed last week that he missed a step, and some people are saying he’s holding her back. The’re doing the jive this week with a lot of production behind them. This seems like their best dance ever. Carrie Ann agrees that it was her best dance ever. Len says he’s never seen a dance that made him feel so happy. Bruno could only see goodness and give some props to Keo as well. The scores are three 10s. She yells out to the audience, “Mom, I did it!”

Paige and Mark had a perfect jive themselves last week, and he wants to create what looks like a blizzard like The Game of Thrones for the Viennese Waltz. She’s ready to go all the way with this. It’s very well-done with its conception. Len complains about their hold, while Bruno says they took a big risk with their frozen moments in it but did amazing. Carrie Ann saw the most emotional and multi-tiered performance from her. The scores are 10, 9, 9.

For the remainder of the results, Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy are called safe, while Wayna Morris and Lindsay Arnold are in jeopardy.

Ginger and Val are doing the Argentine Tango this week. Her biggest challenge is going from graceful and elegant into this dirty brothel of a character. On top of that she’s really struggling with the dance. They do a really beautiful lift. Bruno says he was totally smitten with her performance. Carrie Ann says it was mind-blowing and yummy, yummy, yummy honey. Len says it was one hell of a dance. For them it’s three more 10s.

Wayne and Lindsay are the last to dance with the single dances. She’s blaming herself that they’re not doing better. They’re doing the jive this week, and he notes he’s already lost about twenty-two pounds with the dancing. He appears to go off step when he trips on her bandana. Carrie Ann says he moves so naturally even with mistakes. Len notes he came out all guns blazing. Bruno thinks he’s a lock for Blazing Saddles the musical. The scores reflect the mistakes with 8, 8, 9.

For the Judges’ Team Dances, Bruno is up first working with Jodie and Keo and Nyle and Peta. They’ll be doing the Argentine Tango. He says Nyle is incredibly intense and Jodie is blossoming into something, and he wants her to be a sex bomb. Additionally, the girls will dance together and the guys will dance together. It’s very, very crisp. Len loved the concept and liked Jodie and Nyle even dancing together. Carrie Ann was impressed the way they were so in sync. Their scores are two 10s from the judges and America gives them a 9 via live Facebook scoring.

Team Len consists of Ginger and Val and Wanya and Lindsay. They’re doing the samba, and Len notes the last time he danced this style was 1973 when Wanya was born. He’s going to make a special appearance in the dance. They put in some twinkle fingers just for him. Ginger and Wanya make a great team together with their personalities. Carrie Ann says they didn’t even need their secret weapon Len. Bruno calls it sambalicious. They get two 10s from the judges and a 9 from America.

Last up is Team Carrie Ann with Paige and Mark and Antonio and Sharna. She wants to create something powerful to work with their athleticism. Antonio brings Carrie Ann flowers when they work together. They’ll be doing the paso doble with water, and she’s worried about them slipping. Like Team Bruno, this is also very crisp with Paige and Antonio doing some beautiful lifts and work together. Bruno loved the physicality of it all. Len loved everything about it. They get two 10s from the judges and again a 9 from America.

With the bottom three of Sharna and Antonio, Jodie and Keo, and Wayna and Lindsay, the first couple called safe is Antonio and Sharna. The couple going home is Jodie and Keo as they leave on a high note with their perfect score in their first dance.

Jodie says she couldn’t ask for a better way to be eliminated, and she starts production on Fuller House tomorrow morning, so it all works out for her. She’s made beautiful, wonderful friends here.

Next week, it’s the semi-finals and another double elimination!

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Icons Night

DWTS050216It’s way too hard to tell who will be eliminated tonight. All the obvious “early outs” have already been eliminated. But before we even make it to the eliminations, where two will be eliminated, The stars and their professional partners will be dancing under the theme of icons Night with the women and the men going against each other in a team dance in addition to that.

Up first are Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe will be dancing the quickstep to Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life.” She’s still feeling the physical effects of last week’s injuries and is taped up by a physical therapist. You wouldn’t get she was dealing with injuries watching her. Len Goodman says she came out and went for it. Bruno Tonioli thought her freedom of movement was really good tonight. Carrie Ann Inaba loves her aura tonight. Her scores are 8, 9, 9.

Kim Fields and Sasha Farber tied for the bottom last week, but this week they will be doing the samba to The Jackson 5’s “ABC.” She says that Jermaine Jackson actually appeared on Facts of Life with her, and she was also a friend of Janet’s growing up. Watching her this week, it’s hard to believe she was on the bottom of the leaderboard last week. Bruno says she had a touch of the Jacksons but the spark of the Mary J. Carrie Ann loves that she was pissed at the judges last week. Len says it was her best dance. This equals scores of all 9s.

This week Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd are doing the foxtrot to U2’s “Beautiful Day.” They spend a lot of time talking about Nyle’s words last week comparing himself to Val. He seems to make up for last night’s misunderstandings. Carrie Ann is glad that he took this week seriously. Len notes that his bum stuck out a little bit in hold. Bruno likes his dedication to the dance and his partner. His scores are 10, 9, 9.

Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess are doing the tango to the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black.” They’re staying in L.A. this week because he wants to put even more time into his practices. He says you either go hard or go home. Antonio starts with a look on his face that says maybe he should be doing the paso doble. Len says it had plenty of attitude, but there were a few mistakes. Bruno notes that Antonio has awakened his dramatic persona. Carrie Ann says speed was his enemy, preventing him from finishing his moves. He ends up with scores of all 8s.

Doing the foxtrot this week to Aretha Franklin’s “Say a Little Prayer” are Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold. He misses a day of rehearsal becuase of a previous engagement. He’s not happy about that. He may have missed some practice time, but you can’t tell. Bruno says it was as wholesome as apple pie. Carrie Ann thinks it was good but not “yeah!” Len found it to be a joyful performance. Their scores are all 9s.

Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy are gong from Janet Jackson last week to Whitney Houston this week with “I Have Nothing” and the Viennese Waltz. He’s worried he’s ruining the experience for her with his perfectionism. It’s a beautiful performance. Carrie Ann says it was perfection. Len compares it to a cool breeze on a warm summer day. Bruno notes that content, style, and interpretation were impeccable. She gets the first perfect 10 of the season.

Von Miller and Witney Carosn are taking on salsa to Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation.” They were tied at the bottom of the leaderboard, but he isn’t ready to go home. He wants the mirror ball trophy next to his Super Bowl trophy. But don’t they get rings for that? He makes this really fun to watch. Len says the lifts were spectacular. Bruno says Witney might need a chiropractor. Carrie Ann calls it rough around the edges. Their scores are three 8s.

The last of the single dances has Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas doing the jive to Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” She wants to show girls everywhere that you can do anything you want and just need confidence in yourself. She has the Tina leg shake down really well, but some of the dance seems go off step. Bruno says from a technical point of view the speed was insane. Carrie Ann notes when you can channel energy like Tina Turner and do it that great, everybody loves you. Len thinks this was UFC under control. The scores are all 10s for the second time tonight.

The men stars and their partners are competing with Team James Brown. Wanya misses part of it because some of the practice is on that Friday that he missed and has a difficult time in camera blocking. Nyle is late on top of it. None of these hiccups are seen in the performance, but it’s far from a 10. Len salutes the group. Bruno says these guys can funk. Carrie Ann notes that they were able to be completely in sync even when Nyle was a little ahead. They all sped up to meet him. Their scores are 9, 9, 10.

The girls and their pros make up Team Beyoncé. Paige found it overwhelming with all the pros in the room. They figure they all have to channel their inner Beyoncé. They seem to be a little more crisp than the guys’ team was. Bruno loved the fact that they teased him with different moves and situations. Carrie Ann thinks they all brought their nasty game out. Len believes the competition right now is really fantastic. Their scores are 8, 8, 9.

All teams are now facing the double elimination. The couples in jeopardy are Kim and Sasha, Wanya and Lindsay, and Von and Witney. One is safe, and the other two will be eliminated. Wanya and Lindsay are safe, sending Kim and Sasha and Von and Witney home.

Von notes the competition was tough and that he now has a special relationship with Witney. Kim is shocked and didn’t see it coming. It’s been a blessing for her to be part of the family. These are two couples that didn’t seem likely to go tonight, and it’s anyone’s guess who will win the mirror ball, but my money right now is on Nyle or Paige.

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Classic Dances Redone

DWTS042516It’s been a tough week for Jodie Sweetin and Kim Field, both with dealing with injuries. We’ll see if they’ll able to perform tonight. They’re in costume, though, so by all appearances they’ll be able to. And they’re back with their original partners with the partner switch-up now over.

Kim Fields and Sasha Farber are taking on the jive and “Can’t Stop the Beat” from the movie Hairspray. What she is demanding of her body is mind blogging for her, and she gets an MRI and is told no rehearsals, but she keeps hitting it. She does really great with this, and you can’t tell she’s injured at all. Len Goodman calls himself a happy clappy crappie. Bruno Tonioli says she had him dancing as well. Carrie Ann Inaba says she’s so consistent sometimes it scares her, as she doesn’t want her to disappear into the background. The scores are all 8s.

Von Miller and Witney Carson are taking on “Bad” and Michael Jackson’s choreography. They’ll be doing a jazz routine. One of the dancers in the troupe worked with Michael, so he’s in on rehearsals to teach Von some of the signature moves. He does exceptionally well with the classic Jackson moves in the routine. Bruno calls it badass. Carrie Ann could tell he was nervous but thinks he ended up killing it. Len notes they didn’t need the wind machine, as they had a fan right there with him. The two get scores of all 8s as well.

Up next is Jodie Swwetin and Keo Motsepe, and they’ll be doing Pink’s video of her song “Try” in the style of contemporary. She took an injury to her nose right off the bat and then worked with the original choreographers from the video. She gets rushed to the hospital with an injury, but makes it back, dealing with the pain. She does extremely well. Carrie Ann felt it was difficult to watch, but they transformed it into something beautiful. Len liked the confrontational feel of it. Bruno notes even a professional dancer would find it hard to reproduce that routine. The scores are 9, 8, 8.

Paige VanZant is back with partner Mark Ballas Their original song got pulled, leading to them switching styles to jazz and the opening scene of Austin Powers. She’s excited to be able to incorporate some of her athleticism. Watching them you can’t tell that they missed a few days having to start over. Len said there was nothing in that dance that he didn’t like .Bruno says it’s wild to be brought back to the swinging 60s. Carrie Ann found it to be by far one of her favorite dances. They get scores of 9, 10, 9.

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgaatroyd are doing a routine to Jim Carrey’s The Mask, and they’re doing the quickstep. They’re going all the way, complete with teeth and a green mask. He’s feeling so confident, he doens’t see the other celebrities as his competition. He’s looking at Val. He has a great comedic flair with this, but I think it might be a stretch to compare himself to Val. Bruno says he managed to maintain a true quickstep throughout but lost speed a couple of times. Carrie Ann felt like his frame was very broken tonight. Len is upset about the Val comparison. They get scores of 8, 8, 9.

And for comparison, here’s Val Chmerkovskiy along with Ginger Zee. They are doing jazz to Janet Jackson’s “Nasty.” She knows she’ll stand out if she’s bad, as there will be professionals behind her. She knows she needs to start getting 9s and 10s. She could have stood to be a little more “nasty.” Carrie Ann thinks the whole thing is about attitude and wanted to see more. Len says it was more tasty than nasty. Bruno says she needed to punch it much, much more. Her scores are three 8s.

Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff are taking on Bollywood from Slumdog Millionaire. Even she has never danced this style before. She knows this style is not what you think of when you think of Doug Flutie. He’s looking more like Thriller, though, than Bollywood. Len felt it was jolly good. Bruno notes it had all his favorite steps. Carrie Ann says it was by far her favorite number of Doug’s. His scores are all 7s.

Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold are taking on jazz and N’Sync’s performance at the 2000 VMAs. There’s extra pressure on him since he’s a friend of Joey Fatone’s. They’re dancing along with TV screens for their heads as added difficulty. At the beginning he seems too stiff, but he lightens up. Bruno calls it pop in its most pure and brilliant form. Carrie Ann declares, “this boy is on fire!” Len explains he just took a big step towards the finals. The scores are 10, 9, 10.

Last up, Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess are doing the jive to Footloose. But first he’s a little upset that when asked last week, she thought Wanya was the guy to beat and not him, and he feels like she gave up on him. She sees it as their chance to go all in. They do a good job incorporating jive and Footloose. Carrie Ann says that’s the way to bring the house down. Len says it’s his best dance. Bruno feels he proved that he’s a leading man. Their scores are all 9s.

The couples in jeopardy this week are Paige and Mark, Doug and Karina, and Von and Whitney. It should be Doug and Karina going home, and it is. He says he will take away with him an enthralling experience and getting to know Karina. She says she is proud of him, and it’s been a great season. The couple going home next week is anybody’s guess, and it will be a double elimination on top of it.

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – America’s Switch-Up

DWTS041816This is always an interesting week on Dancing with the Stars when the celebrities and their professional partners do a switch-up so that everyone dances with someone they are much less comfortable with. Sometimes it’s disastrous, and sometimes it works out for the better. But always it gives the celebrities a different perspective on dancing. And for some added fun? Maks Chmerkovskiy is here to guest judge.

First up is Wanya Morris who is being paired up with Witney Carson. She plans to make him better this week as they work on the tango. He hopes to be able to keep up the momentum. He seems to do just that as he looks very sharp in the dance. Len Goodman found it to be hectic with too many moving parts. Maks feels like it was falling apart a little bit. Bruno Tonioli, however, felt like there was no holding back. Carrie Ann Inaba missed the natural chemistry that he has with Lindsay Arnold. Their scores are 8, 7, 7, 8.

Kim Fields is being paired up with Keo Motsepe for this week. They’ll be taking on the Viennese Waltz. She finds him to be really fantastic but misses Sasha, her partner and friend. However, this is one of her best dances so far. Maks liked it but felt it wasn’t really the Viennese Waltz. Bruno compares it to a series of beautiful pictures in a romantic novel. Carrie Ann thinks Keo brought out a more sensual side of her. Len is glad Maks is there to back him up with the lack of hold in this waltz. Their scores are 8, 6, 6, 8.

America has chosen to pair up Doug Flutie and Peta Murgatroyd, Maks’s financée. She thinks Doug’s number one challenge is the memory of the dance. He says he needs to repeat things several times for them to stick. They’re doing the tango, and he doesn’t seem to be struggling with the memory of it as much as the steps themselves. Bruno could see his determination trying to get the steps right. Carrie Ann saw a new air about him with this new partner. Len thought it was his best so far. Maks says it was very hard, but he did it. His scores are all 7s.

Ginger Zee is now being paired up with Mark Ballas, and they’ll be doing the salsa. It requires personality, and he knows that she has a face that lights up. Her husband comes in to monitor the whole thing. This seems to be her dance. Carrie Ann says she is still someone to watch, no matter the partner. Len felt like he was in the club. Maks thinks it was totally her thing. Bruno says she got him going in a frenzy of excitement. They get all 8s.

Next up is Antonio Brown who has been partnered with Karina Smirnoff. They’ll be taking on the cha cha. She needs to figure out how he learns to get him the best scores. He shows up late to his rehearsals, which won’t help. They light up the dance floor together really well. Len says it was long on performance and short on technique. Maks found there was no actual content. Bruno think he’s got the moves, package, and charisma. Carrie Ann says he’s a natural, but he’s a wildcard. His scores are 7, 6, 6, 7.

Paige VanZant is paired up with Sasha Farber this week. They will be doing the Rumba. He wants her to show the emotion, and she’s trying to channel her inner-sexy whle learning to trust. While looking great together, you can tell she still hasn’t let her guard down. Maks complains that there was only one rumba step in the whole thing. Bruno loved her extended lines. Carrie Ann thinks her quality of movement is multi-dimensional. Len says she needs to work more on selling it. This leads to scores of 8, 8, 7, 8.

Von Miller will be dancing tonight with Lindsay Arnold. She wants him to bring some of his country swagger into the dance and be like he’s going nuts coming into a club as they do the jive. It seems as if his timing might be off. Bruno says all the swagger sometimes masks the style. Carrie Ann thinks it was clever for LIndsay to try and work with his style. Len think he came out and gave it his all. Maks wants a little bit more. Their scores are 8, 7, 7, 7.

Nyle DiMarco got put together with Sharna Burgess, and they’ll be doing the Vinennese Waltz. She has a difficult time working with the interpreter. Tyra Banks visits to remind him how great he is. They dance beautifully together. Carrie Ann gets emotional and says they took her breath away. Len calls it a total eclipse as it doesn’t happen often, but it was fantastic. Maks calls it the bet dance of the night. Bruno says the magic of dance is alive within him. His scores are 9, 10, 9, 9.

Jodie Sweetin is the last dancer of the night and gets paired up with Val Chmerkovskiy. They will be dancing a paso doble. He says she was his first crush in America. She notes that his teaching style is more intense than Keo’s. It’s danced well, but she could stand to be a little more fierce. Len says last week was lemonade, this week champagne. Maks said she reminds him of Sabrina Bryant. Bruno thanks them for the Flamenco lines. Carrie Ann feels it was by far her best dance. Her scores are 9, 8, 9, 9.

Because it’s switch-up week there is no elimination, and clearly that benefits someone like Jodie Sweetin who did much better this week than last, as now she’ll have some better scores averaged in with her bad scores to possibly keep her in the competition next week, but it’s definitely bad news for some of the others who did worse this week than last.

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – It’s Disney Night

DWTS041116Who doesn’t like Disney? Dancing with the Stars, which airs on ABC, a Disney company, is honoring Disney tonight with all couples dancing to a Disney theme and Disney star Zendaya, who was the runner-up in season 16, coming back as a guest judge..

First up are Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess, taking on jazz and Aladdin. She notes that the judges still aren’t happy with their performances, so she knows they need to change something. With four male pro dancers behind him, Antonio blends right in and keeps up just great. Len Goodman feels like the dancer finally came out. Zendaya says she was smiling the whole time. Bruno Tonioli thinks Antonio could have been a rockette, while Carrie Ann Inaba calls him a smooth operator. They gets scores of 9, 8, 9, 9.

Marla Maples discusses how tough it was after last week’s jive because she’s suffered a lot of loss in the past few years. She and Tony Dovolani are doing a Little Mermaid version of a waltz. This could be her dance; she seems very elegant. Zendaya thought it was fluid, soft, and sweet, and Bruno also calls her elegant. Carrie Ann thinks she has the most elegance and grace of all the women. Len calls it another solid performance. Her scores are all 7s.

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd will be doing Tarzan to the delight of women everywhere and will being doing samba as a genre. He notes that when Tarzan and Jane met they couldn’t understand each other like he and Peta. Shirtless, he does a back bend to start it off. Bruno declares that the Lord of the Jungle is now Lord of the Dance. Carrie Ann compares him to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. Len jokes that he and Nyle are alike in their bodies. Zendaya notes that everyone had fun watching them. The scores are 8, 8, 9, 9.

Last week Doug Flutie was at the bottom of the leaderboard. This week he and Karina Smirnoff are doing a jazz routine to Mary Poppins. He gets frustrated in rehearsals and breaks his cane. He’s no Dick Van Dyke, but he does well considering he was at the bottom last week, but the routine seems a bit manic. Carrie Ann doesn’t think they delivered on a good routine. Len likes that he got into the character of the dance. Zendaya says yes there were mistakes, but he needs to move on. Bruno thinks the medicine kicked in halfway through. HIs scores are all 6s, and he finds out that he’s safe this week, surprisingly.

Kim Fields and Sasha Farber are doing The Jungle Book this week in the style of the quickstep. For trying to get the quick stepsin, he tells her to imagine they are in the jungle escaping. I think it would look more elegant if she wasn’t wearing what looks like combat boots. Len calls it zippity-doo-dah. Zendaya thought it looked like they were having a lot of fun. Bruno calls her the fastest girl in the jungle. Carrie Ann says the two of them bring magic to every routine with the way they work so well together. Their scores reflect this: all 8s.

Dancing the cha cha to Zootopia are Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe. They’ll be dancing with animation, and she calls it difficult, but her kids get to come in and watch her which she loves. She reminds me a lot of Bindi Iriwn with her energy. Zendaya notes there were some mistakes, but she did it with a smile on her face. Bruno believes she covered it to the best of her ability. Carrie Ann asks what happened, and Jodie says she couldn’t hear the music. Len says it was not underwhelming. Their scores are 7, 6, 7, 7.

Von Miller and Witney Carson wants to get back in a football mindset to come back from his low score. They’ll be doing Cinderella and the Viennese Waltz. He definitely dances like Prince Charming. Bruno is totally enchanted with his improvements over last week. Carrie Ann says he was like a champion and adorable. Len thought he was fab this week, and Zendaya found him really graceful. The scores are all 8s.

Ginger Zee wants to improve the scores this week, but Val Chmerkovskiy wants more to get to the top of the leaderboard. They’ll be doing Beauty and the Beast in the style of the foxtrot. There’s a lot of story here and not as much dancing until one third of the way through. Carrie Ann calls it ridiculously good. Len compares it to a tasty dish, while Zendaya compares it to watching a Broadway musical. Bruno thinks Ginger was playing the part to perfection. They get scores of all 9s.

Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold will be taking on the Lion King, and he has a fire under him to do this samba after not being at the top of the leaderboard last week. It’s a really cool routine, and he deserves the top of the leaderboard. Len says the competition is now really owning up. Zendaya thinks they did the Lion King justice. Bruno calls him a magnificent beast. Carrie Ann thinks he over-danced it in the beginning. His scores are 8, 9, 9, 9.

Last up are Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas who are doing Toy Story and the quickstep. She feels the song is perfect for them. This is complete with green Army men as their backup dancers. It’s the third dance in a row that is done extremely well. Zendaya says it was really clean. Bruno says it was so unexpected creatively. Carrie Ann thinks Paige’s athleticism carried her through, and Len explains this ended with a happy note just like a Disney movie. Their scores are all 9s.

The bottom two couples are Marla and Tony and Jodie and Keo. Everyone else is safe. The couple going home are Marla and Tony. She says this has been the most incredible experience and of course gives props to Tony. At least she’s leaving on a good note.

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Latin Night

DWTS032816It was an interesting start to season of Dancing with the Stars last week. There were some celebrities that seemed very promising as dancers, but there were also some that didn’t seem like they had a prayer. Let’s see if they improve on that for Latin Night.

Up first are Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe. She’s starting to feel the pressure of the competition and storms off into the Ladies Room while learning the dance. They’re dong the samba, and she seems like she worked through whatever problems she was having. Len Goodman tells her she didn’t need the flames as the dance was hot enough. Bruno Tonioli likes what he sees and notes she’s getting the taste of it. Carrie Ann Inaba thought she was in the zone and way more relaxed than last week. They get three 7s.

Marla Maples and Tony Dovolani are taking on the Argentine Tango. She has a very specific diet and does yoga as well and feels the diet is helping her flexibility. However, she seems a little too stiff, even for the Tango, but she pulls it off. Bruno says her bodywork is maintained to perfection. Carrie Ann things it suited her really well. Len felt it was lacking the intimacy and seduction that the dance needs. She gets scores of 7, 6, 7.

It’s Geraldo Rivera and Edyta Sliwinska dong a parody of “President” Donald Trump and his wife who doesn’t seem to necessarily be Melania. He has a wig, orange face, and everything. They take on the salsa, and he just has nothing to show for being a Latino. Carrie Ann says he did not make dance great again, but he did make her laugh. Len says if there’s a word to describe this it’s Trumpery. Bruno is not sure what the content of the dance was, but it was impressive for all the wrong reasons. His scores are 5, 4, 4, the same as last week.

Mark Ballas was injured during rehearsals, so Paige VanZant will be working with Allan from the dance troupe. It might be good for her, as she was worried that Mark won’t be able to do a lift with her since they’re basically the same size, but Allan is bigger. She does well on the salsa considering it’s with a new partner, and he only had two hours to learn the dance. Len gives kudos to Mark for the choreography. Bruno thinks it was great energy combined with ease of movement. Carrie Ann says Paige destroyed that number. Her scores reflect the good comments: three 8s.

Up now are Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess, and they’ll be taking on the Rumba. She tells him the moves are kind of like Dirty Dancing and asks if he’s seen it. He says he’s seeing it right now. They pull off the chemistry that’s needed for this. Bruno says he really is blessed and gifted with all the right equipment, but he needs to apply it more. Carrie Ann saw a lift and will have to dock the score. Len says there is a dancer inside of him, but it’s not quite coming out yet. The scores are 6, 6, 7.

Kim Fields and Sasha Farber are doing the salsa, and she says it has a lot of footwork and turns, and it’s making her really frustrated with herself. He surprises her with a FaceTime with Gloria Estafan since they’re dancing to Conga. She definitely has the spirit for it. Carrie Ann is bummed that Kim lost her place when the camera went around her. Len sees great promise and potential. Bruno says she moves her tushy like the best. Her scores are 7, 6, 6.

Last week’s favorite, Nyle DiMarco, is up next with partner Peta Murgatroyd. His family comes to visit, and they’re all deaf as well. It’s his world. They take on the rumba, and it’s just so hard to believe he can’t hear the music. They’re fantastic. Len notes there was a massive lift, and it was all too hectic. Bruno talks about being turned on with spine-tingling intensity. Carrie Ann thought it was stunning, but he lacks the tone of the musicality. He gets scores of 7, 6, 7.

Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev are up and will be doing the cha cha this week. He feels like she is being her own enemy and says it’s really hard for him to make her do it. She needs an attitude adjustment, is what she needs. She messes up in the very beginning, and has a big tell. She’s not having the fun that this dance needs. Bruno appreciates that she tried to get into character, but it didn’t fit to the music. Carrie Ann loved seeing more of her personality this week, and Len says there was much more dance content in there this week. Her scores are three 5s.

Up next are Von Miller and Witney Carson. They’re doing the cha cha this week, and it has to be better than Mischa’s. She’s making him pay her $100 for every minute he’s late, then starts fining him for farting, too. He seems to really get into the dance. Carrie Ann thought he was dancing too small. Len said it was tasty in places, but there were some funny bits going on. Bruno says the cha cha got lost in translation. The scores are 7, 6, 7.

Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold are taking on the salsa, but they’re having to move all around the country because he’s on tour right now with Boyz II Men. He moves well, but he needs to get the moves a little better. Len says it’s a dance full of everything, and he’s full of praise. Bruno adds this is how you salsa. Carrie Ann says tonight they don’t know him form Boyz II Men but as the king of the ballroom. They reward him with scores of three 8s.

Doug Flutie and partner Karina Smirnoff are taking on the paso doble. He’s compares the fight to the fight his family has had with his son’s autism. He does surprisingly well with this, so much better than last week. Bruno says it was like watching Spartacus and the dancing gladiators. Carrie Ann says it was very basic and simple, but sometimes you need to play by your strengths. Len says it had attack and purpose and was better than last week. His scores are 7, 6, 7.

It’s Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy taking the stage next. They’ll be doing the samba, and he says she lacks in the swag department. She’s cute, but he wants her to be sexy. She’s still cute, no sexy … then again they’re dancing to Justin Bieber. Carrie Ann says sexiness is about owning your own beauty which she thinks she did. Len demands to see steps that he recognizes, and he did. Bruno says with Ginger it’s always fair weather. Their scores are three 7s.

The couples in jeopardy of elimination are Mischa and Artem, Geraldo and Edyta, and Doug and Karina. The team going home is Geraldo and Edyta. Apparently viewer votes just couldn’t save him after those 4s he received last week. He says he learned that Edyta is fabulous, patient, talented, and charismatic, and if he didn’t get eliminated, he would have demanded a recount.

Mischa and Artem will most definitely be in the bottom three again next week, but who will join them? It seems Doug saved himself and Karina possibly for next week, so it will be interesting to see who else lands in the bottom three.

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Season Premiere

DWTS032116There looks to be a lot of talent early on in season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. There are plenty of athletes along with some who have made their living in music or previously took dance lessons. This has left a few celebrities way out of their league.

Up first is Kim Fields, from her childhood turn as The Facts of Life’s Tootie and her more recent gig on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s paired up with Sasha Farber. They’ll be doing the Cha Cha, with Kim noting that the best case scenario for week one is that she doesn’t hurt anything. She’s definitely spunky in her dance. Len Goodman thought she was crisp and sharp, Bruno Tonioli called her saucy, and Carrie Ann Inaba noted her fierceness in a little tiny package. She gets scores of 7, 6, 7.

Paige VanZant, a UFC fighter and model, is paired up with Mark Ballas. They’re working on the foxtrot, and he needs her to soften her grip, while she’s feeling like a T. rex. She’s surprisingly soft on the dance floor after all that. Bruno reports that she was turning, twirling, swirling like a kite in a head wind, Carrie Ann calls her a goldmine, and Len was surprised she had the correct posture. She gets three 7s.

Former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie is paired with Karina Smirnoff. While his wife taught dance and his daughter takes lessons, he struggles, and he says it’s hard for him to not be good at something. They take on the foxtrot, and he’s missing musicality. Carrie Ann loves his sense of commitment, Len thinks the paso double next week could be his dance, and Bruno wants him to work on … basically everything. He gets three 5s.

Fuller House sweetheart Jodie Sweetin is paired up with Keo Motsepe. Her biggest challenge is to not be so hard on herself. As a kid she didn’t care but now doesn’t want to look stupid. She was a dancer as a child. They dance the tango, and she’s good, but should be. Len notes she had attack and attitude, Bruno didn’t know she could be so alluring, and Carrie Ann warns her about proper placement of hands. She gets scores of 7, 6, 7.

Talk show host Geraldo Rivera, 72, is up next and paired with Edyta Sliwinska who is making her return to the show after having a baby. He believes he is the only Puerto Rican who can’t dance. They do a take on Al Capone’s vault with their Cha Cha. He is far too stiff and does a lot of standing still. Bruno calls it minimalistic, Carrie Ann tells him he can’t just wave his arms the whole time, and Len calls him a work in progress. He gets scores of 5, 4, 4.

Marla Maples, actress and Donald Trump’s ex, is paired up with Tony Dovolani. Surprising in the first week, they’re taking on the quickstep. She feels at over 50 it’s time to live life to the fullest. They dance to “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” and she looks scared to death. Carrie Ann calls her elegant and divine, and Len thought she was full of vim, vigor, and vitality. She gets three scores of 7.

Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris is paired with Lindsay Arnold, and they’re doing the Cha Cha. He does not want to look like a singer who’s trying to dance; he wants to look like a singer who can dance. He definitely has some moves and is going to be a fun one to watch. Len says there was more packed into the dance than Bruno’s makeup bag, Bruno appreciated his timing and swagger, and Carrie Ann thought it was like combining the Fly Girls and ballroom dancing. He gets scores of 8, 7, 8.

Ginger Zee, meteorologist for Good Morning America, is dancing with Val Chmerkovskiy. She’s a new mom of a three-month-old and apologizes if she leaks on him because she’s breastfeeding. She nurses her baby in the corner. They’re doing the jive, and she has great energy. Bruno thinks she was pushed hard, she reminded Carrie Ann of Bindi Irwin, and Len calls it frisky, risky, fast, and fury. Her scores are 8, 7, and 8.

The O.C. actress Mischa Barton is paired with Artem Chigvintsev. He notes she’s not a natural dancer, so they have to start from the very beginning. They take on the tango, and she really struggles with it. Carrie Ann knows it’s a hard thing to do when you’re not a natural dancer, Len explains it wasn’t a dance so much as it was walking, and Bruno tells her she needs to stop playing it as a closeup. She gets scores of 5, 5, 6.

Nyle DiMarco, a former winner of America’s Next Top Model, is paired up with Peta Murgatroyd. He’s completely deaf but says he can feel vibrations if it’s loud enough. They take on the Cha Cha and though he’s deaf, does better than Geraldo or Mischa. Len didn’t expect it, Bruno has to touch him just to make sure he’s for real, and Carrie Ann has so much respect for their chemistry and great team. They get scores of 8, 7, 8.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown is paired with Sharna Burgess. They’re doing the quickstep. His favorite catchphrase is “How’s business?” and when asked always replies, “Boomin’.” He’s a good dancer and has a great attitude. He reminds Bruno of Emmitt Smith, Carrie Ann says he was boomin’ like a beast, and Len notes it’s a tough dance for a male celebrity. He gets scores of 8, 6, 7.

Denver Broncos’ linebacker and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is paired with Witney Carson. They meet up in a chicken coop as he loves chickens. She notes when they sit next to each other, she looks like his child. His foxtrot is very controlled and disciplined. Carrie Ann found him soft and silky, Len remarks that he stayed in hold, and Bruno sees that he has bucket loads of charisma. They get scores of 8, 6, 7.

Tune in next week to see who goes home.

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