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Top Chef: Boston/Mexico – Ep 14 – One Win! Two Wins! Three Wins!

Welcome to Mexico! Cue the Hat Dance. Not that hat dance. The other hat dance!

We are in the final round of the season and very shortly a brand new chef will be able to claim the title of Top Chef, the cash and all of the other thing Padma voiceovers every week. Six weeks after the action in Boston came to an end; the chefs make their way across the border, and the Imaginary Fence of McCain, into our neighbors to the south.

Fish Bitch, Gumby and Melissa arrive crosscut to scenes of the furious Mexican Clam Battle between George and Zaphod for the right to make their way back into the competition. Tom arrives to bring the chefs to the final LCK meal and we catch up to where last week’s online footage ended – with Tom deciding who will the fourth on the Final Four. Both men made delicious clam dishes, but Zaphod edges out George for the final slot. Sorry, George – DC does not get this one this year. It would have been interesting for him to get his third shot at it, but he should consider himself rather lucky to be one step away from the Final Four.

So, good for Zaphod! He was doing so well this season before the foie gras fiasco. He managed to beat some good chefs – Adam, Kats and George – to get back to business. And he gets no rest as the four of them are led to Padma and local Mexico City chef Enrique Olvera. Zaphod mentions how Enrique’s restaurant is #20 on the Pellegrino List. And if I had any idea what that was, I am sure it would really impress me. Zaphod has also been instructed off-screen to strip off the Top Chef jacket so that he and the other three are all in street clothes. As a result, the poor guy is standing there in his white undershirt like a mini version of Stanley Kowalski.

The chefs are presented with a regular Quickfire Challenge – No twists involved. They have to make a dish using the local Prickly Pear called the Xoconostle. Surprisingly, Spellcheck has no idea what that fruit is, and neither did I until this episode. Melissa reveals that during the six weeks she actually studied this fruit in her prep for the finals. Good for her! Michael Voltaggio also redirected fish Bitch to practicing Mexican cuisine – as Volt (I know I used to call him Hawk, and that Brian Voltaggio’s restaurant is Volt, but it is so much easier essentially calling them both Volt at this point) can sense a second Top Chef title in his inner circle.

Zaphod points out that he is used to making cactus thanks to his Texas roots and that the Xoco is very tart and needs a balance. He is making a vegetarian dish to feature the Xoco, and because at its heart Mexican cuisine is very vegetable-focused. Gumby is making a relish, Fish Bitch is badly cooking a steak and Melissa has zeroed in on the salmon. Meanwhile, Padma is brightening the whole place looking majestic in a white dress.

Zaphod – Xoconostle and Tomatillo Stew With Roasted Peppers and Pepitas – Enrique points out the same thought about Mexican cuisine. Score for Zaphod!

Gumby – Garlic Shrimp With Olive Oil, Prickly Pear Sauce and Xoconostle Relish – The olive oil really stands out. That would be good if it was an olive oil challenge. And if it were, I would hope somebody would make it with spinach.

Fish Bitch – Ribeye Tataki With Xoconostle Salsa and Nopales Salsa Verde – Unfortunately, her steak is cooked in varying degrees of “doneness” even if the sauce had good flavor.

Melissa – Salmon Ceviche with Xoconostle, Leche De Tigre and Prickly Pear Salad – The liquid is the best part for her.

Gumby and Fish Bitch hit the bottom and will not earn the Elimination Challenge advantage. Melissa’s was refreshing and Zaphod focused on the Xoco. Only a novice Top Cheffer would not see this coming…Zaphod earns the win.

Amazing, in a very short span of time he went from fighting for his show life to having an advantage in the challenge to send him to the Final Three. Never give up on these shows, future contestants.
Never, ever, ever.

Top Chef: Boston – Ep 12 – To Take A Risk, or Not To Take A Risk

OK, so here we are. Boston is being left behind – to deal with 300 inches of snow, apparently – and we are making our way to Mexico. We have a Top 4 ready to compete next week, but us viewers are not entirely sure which four of the five are going to be there.

LCK was a cliffhanger as the show is getting the reveal of the winner ready for next week’s episode. One thing is for certain though – we have a 50-50 chance of our third female Top Chef champion. That’s a mini-spoiler for this episode’s elimination – sorry about that, but since I am late as usual, I am sure the dozens of people reading my column have already watched the whole thing.

The M&M Ladies are in it. We all knew Melissa was in after last week’s victory and the Free Pass to the Finals. This week, Fish Bitch continued her recent strong showings and joined her bestie in the championship round. Good for them! I said it before, and I will say it again, neither have gotten a winner’s edit (especially Melissa), but who knows. Top Chef editors are not as predictable with their tendencies as other shows. I suspect that one of the boys, or perhaps Fish Bitch, is going to win it all.

Speaking of Melissa…why was she even playing this week? That made no sense to me. Essentially, last week’s win was not a Free Pass to the Finals…it was immunity this week. Why not just say that? She got to compete with no pressure whatsoever – so it ain’t all that surprising that she won the Elimination Challenge. Without the specter of Padma’s knife or even the concern that a bad dish will poison the well for her in subsequent challenges…she was free and clear to cook with a calm mind, body and soul. The other three? Not so much.

We start at the Quickfire Challenge where Padma and Wylie Dufresne show up to talk about the rich history of beans. Honestly, could you think of a worse PBS special? Padma & Wylie’s History of Beans. Even Padma’s hotness would not save that from the Tedious Hall of Fame. Although it would provide medical science with the long sought after cure for insomnia.
So the four of them (again, why is Melissa there?) get to make bean dishes with a trip to Napa on the line. Melissa wants to win it for her lady. I still think she shouldn’t be there. George makes a lot of fart humor. He even quotes one of my dad’s favorite joke songs, “Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot.” Seriously, to his final day on earth a well-place fart joke would make him giggle like a schoolgirl.

Top Chef: Boston – Ep 11 – It’s A Family Affair

Spoiler Alert everyone! There really is no spoiling to be had as the only person eliminated this week from having a possible shot at being Top Chef took place on the web during LCK. No chance of accidentally letting slip who got their knife packing marching orders this week.

Instead, the show elected to send one of them forward to the finale in Mexico. So, no elimination during the Elimination Challenge, and the winner earns a bye next week. That’s a pretty cool twist. It also means that no one was there to take on Adam and Zaphod on LCK. That meant two of my favorites had to battle head-to-head to determine who was going to be the LCK placeholder in Mexico.

Presumably, the three remaining chefs cook next week with one of them sent packing to LCK. That puts three chefs in the Finals and two in LCK. That probably means that the Finals in Mexico will feature four chefs to start with – although the show has been known to take out an extraneous chef during an initial Quickfire Challenge.

Anyway, why all of the sudden easing up on our intrepid chefs? Because this week features family visits and the producers have some fun and merriment planned for them. I believe they realized that it would have been pretty cruel to send one of them home in front of their mom, dad or sibling.

I have to say…the four relatives that joined Gumby, George, Melissa and Fish Bitch were all bringing their A Games to the competition. We got to see some really cool family dynamics shake out on national television. Honestly, I said it last week; I am very disappointed that the show failed to do more with the M&M Girls and their burgeoning relationship. The two women both battled parental disappointment and cultural prejudices as they embarked upon becoming chefs. When you also factor in the male dominance of this profession you really have to have mad respect for both of them. They have earned their success and the fact that they have just one parent between them that sees this is heartbreaking.

Melissa’s mom was, and is, a very impressive woman for being as supportive of her baby girl as she has been over the years. Alice raised her daughter and picked up the pieces after Melissa’s dad could not get over his daughter being both a chef and a gay person. As a father, that sentence is just baffling to me. There is nothing my boy could do that would lead me to disowning him. Nothing. If he went to prison, I’d visit him every month. If he became a meth addict, I’d track him down and bring him to rehab. If he became a Republican, I’d try to use smaller words to make him understand things.

But, a chef? Um, I’d eat his amazing food and tell him how proud I was of him. A gay person? I’d tell him his boyfriends better be good to him or they’d have to answer to me.

And poor Fish Bitch! BOTH of her parents don’t approve of her profession and she is now estranged from them. And, they are in the restaurant business! Seriously?!? When she said that she was ok with this – she’s lying. She may believe that she’s ok with it and may have completely convinced herself of the being ok-ness of the whole thing. But…in her heart of hearts, and probably after some intensive therapy sessions…it ain’t ok. Nor should it be. That’s effed up. I feel for Fish Bitch and would adopt her into my family if she’s willing.

Top Chef: Boston – Ep 10 – The One Where I Forgot The Show Was Back


Crap! Crap! crap! Double crap! Crap on a cracker! Crap on a cracker with a half jar or crusty salsa!

I totally forgot Top Chef was back last week. I got too used to holiday schedule and zoned on it until I saw a spoiler on Twitter. Crap.

The interesting thing is that if I hadn’t been spoiled I would have been thrown off by the show’s editing. Melissa has gotten such little air time this season – so few that I haven’t even discovered a fun nickname for her – that when she got ample airtime this week, I thought got she was doomed. Plus, her dish was a scorched short rib. If you ever had a scorched short rib you know how unfortunate that is to the diner.

But instead, the show threw me a curveball and took out poor little Zaphod for his wildly undercooked foie gras. Such a shame. I like Zaphod. He really seemed like a threat to win it all. And it’s always a shame to waste good foie gras. It was a deserved elimination as his culinary violation was a pretty big one, but it was still sad for me, and many viewers, who dug the little guy.

As for the challenges, we will lead with the elimination challenge since it was the better one and it was the only one that the Top Chef website included on the site. I would really need to review the 12 seasons of the show to see if they have ever actually done a Julia Child-centric episode before. It seems like something they should have done before Season 12. I would do that, but as I have already established…I FORGOT THE DAMN SHOW WAS ON!!!

Anyway, so, Julia Child. I kept expecting to see the show cut to brand new scenes featuring the beautiful Amy Adams that sadly just distracted from the cool Julia Child scenes. However, that didn’t happen. But it did enable me to think about my unhealthy crush on Amy Adams. Granted, it is not as unhealthy as the one on Padma – but that just isn’t fair to Amy to compare her to Padma. I mean, just check out her white boots on loving display during the Quickfire.

Wait a minute, I digressed again. So, Julia Child. The chefs are brought into the Stew Room following the Quickfire and presented with a tiny sign telling them to Press Play. I was half expecting to see Lawrence Fishburne show up to tell them their whole lives were an machine-fabricated dream world. That didn’t happen. They were shown an old Julia Child episode featuring the immortal Jacques Pepin. Clearly, they knew what was coming, even if Zaphod falsely guessed they would just be making rabbit. He probably should have made that rabbit as it turns out.

The chefs get the pleasure, and I mean, seriously, the pleasure, of making a Julia Child inspired dish. If Julia Child did not exist there would be no Top Chef. Or any of the 5,593 cooking shows on 18 different networks. Not to mention…they are all cooked in butter, spilled wine and occasional drops of blood (as seen here in the classic SNL sketch). Thanks to my girlfriend moving in, I now own her class French cooking book and I look forward to mangling her many dishes in the years to come.

Top Chef: Boston – Ep 9 – They’re All Gonna Laugh At You!

This very quirky and very entertaining season of Top Chef motors along with one excellent challenge and one not so much. And we shall see how the show finishes up after having its two most charismatic contestants eliminated in back-to-back weeks.

Let’s talk first about the bad challenge because it severely affected the good one. It’s all well and good when the show brings in a celebrity to spice up challenges. It’s when that celebrity seems to be very involved that risks are taken. Some celebrities are surprisingly knowledgeable about food – think about recent appearances from Shaileen Woodley and P!nk. Their input during the judging process is quite welcome. However, it’s when the celebrity really seems to bring nothing to the table (pun intended), that we have problems. Especially during the Quickfire challenges where that celebrity and Padma are the only voices that matter.

What makes it worse? That celebrity has a huge say in immunity. And at the Final Six…this is HUGE.


Did I say huge?

I repeat this because huge is what describes Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots’ star tight end is the guest this week because he plays in New England and likes to eat. That’s all I was able to discern from this. He was also there to make Padma hot, and for that…I will always thank him and hate him. It’s not every week we get to see Padma swoon – she’s always the swoon-worthy. And it’s also not every week that we get to see Padma make jokes about wanting big sausages. That one still comes to me in my dreams.

Padma’s libido not withstanding, the problem with the Gronk challenge is that he had a big say in awarding George the Final Six immunity. George’s sausage burger may have been delicious but the skill level attached to it was so low compared to those – such as Zaphod – who actually made link sausage in the casing. This should have accounted for a lot in this challenge where the crux of the whole thing was to make something tasty and to actually try and make sausage in a short amount of time. True sausage. Kudos to George for nailing the first part but I believe he was the beneficiary of a judge who liked eating burgers that tasted like sausage.

Why did this matter? Because George took immunity and sat on it. Some chefs take big risks when they have immunity and often score Elimination Challenge wins with immunity in their pocket. George did not. I believe – based on the judges’ comments – that if he was exposed to elimination that he would have been sent to LCK. So, the bottom line – they wanted a football player on the show and as a result, had a key elimination influenced by his presence.
And it is quite the shame. Because I really liked the challenge. The chefs were presented with six famous writers who supposedly have a connection with New England. They had to select one and create a dish inspired by that writer. So cool. I love these interpretative challenges because they just open up these very creative chefs to the fullest levels of imagination. They had fun with this challenge – too much fun when you think about how the elimination unfolded.

Top Chef: Boston – Ep 8 – How’s that for a plot twist!

It’s a 75-minute jam-packed episode so you know some wacky stuff is going down. The chefs look haggard after the grueling Restaurant Wars and are then dragged to the kitchen the next day for a Sudden Death Quickfire where they have to make a chowder. That’s rough!

What makes this even rougher and perhaps a bit unfair – the losing chef will not get to pick an opponent from the other remaining chefs. Instead, all of the eliminated chefs file in and pick one from their ranks to go against the doomed one. Only Blondie had to endure the fatigue from Restaurant Wars, and some of them have been rested for a while. Is this an unfair advantage? Does the experience of doing eight Quickfires vs. only one or a few equal the difference in physical capability? It’s a hard one to sort out. I like that twist that this produced, but I wonder about just how fair it is overall.

I’d give you the dishes made during the Quickfire, but the Bravo website seems to have decided that they were not all that important. I can’t find them. Basically, Fish Bitch steals all of the little neck clams and then gets pissed when the other chefs steal them back. Zaphod doesn’t care for chowder and is worried about getting enough clam flavor in such a short time. Gumby is using razor clams to make a Japanese dish, but gets called out by a passive-aggressive Zaphod for making a coconut curry again. Adam is trying to prove that Manhattan clam chowder doesn’t suck…in New England. Interesting. Katie is using tea, because, I guess, Boston? Kats is going Mexican. Of course. And it’s green. Happy St. Patty’s Day, says Adam. Zaphod and Kats make some bowls/balls jokes.

Fish Bitch doesn’t get good looks from hers. Kats admits to using oysters. Gumby’s sweet potato is given a shout out. Adam used tomato water, not tomato. Melissa must be a Yankees fan for using red. Zaphod used the clam juice for flavor. Katie thickened hers with sourdough bread.

Guest judge Jasper White – awesome name – puts Adam, Gumby and Melissa on top. Gumby wins and earns immunity – Adam is a close second. This bit of footage will sadly become rather important later on in the episode. Zaphod’s salty chowder, Kats’ tasteless oyster and Katie’s gummy sourdough land on the bottom. Katie loses and watches all of the eliminated chefs and Tom enter the room.

The fallen chefs vote for who will face off against Katie for the chance to re-enter the competition. Wow. Rebecca votes for George – remember him? The DC-chef, apprentice of Isabella, who lost in the first Sudden Death Quickfire in episode 1. Stacy votes for Joy. Blondie for James. Rorschack gives George another vote, as does Aa-Hole. Joy repays Stacy. George repays Aa-Hole. James votes for George and boom! George is back.

Katie and George have 45 minutes to cook rabbit. She made it once in culinary school, so she feels ok. The remaining chefs are all trying to help her out – they know her and are not threatened, but are all threatened by the unknown factor in George. Adam wonders about George’s retro glazed carrots and thus helps Katie with the butchering by giving some advice. George is worried about the legs so he makes a backup plan with the loins. Melissa is banking on George not knowing how to manage the clock – but they both plate with just seconds to spare.

George – Roasted Rabbit Loin, Barley Risotto, Glazed Carrots, and Mustard Rabbit Jus

Katie – Braised Rabbit Leg With Moroccan Tomato Sauce

Top Chef: Boston – Episode 7 – It’s Time For Restaurant Wars

It wasn’t exactly the “Wars” that made the biggest pop culture impact of the week. That would be the one with the funky new lightsaber. However, for Top Chef fans and contestants, this is the signature episode of every season – Restaurant Wars. At times, I think that some chefs go on the show just to experience this challenge. And for the chefs, it is the moment that marks the endgame of the season – similar to the Merge in Survivor.

The chefs love this challenge and it shows. The enthusiasm they all show each season is infectious. That’s why it’s such a fun episode. You can see it and hear it when the challenge is revealed. The chefs are excited. Padma is insanely giddy. The show cuts out all extraneous footage and jam packs the hour with the creation of the start ups.

We get a knife draw for captains – Melissa and Katie get the honors. Surprisingly, Melissa takes Zaphod over Gumby. As it turns out, that was more brilliant than any of us realized. Katie took Gumby, Mel went with Fish Bitch and Katie took Kats. Also a surprise. Adam was the final pick, with Blondie being the last one standing.

Adam and Blondie are either volunteers (Adam) or volunteered (Blondie) to work the front of the house. Adam embraced the job – pure and simple. He loved doing it and it showed. Blondie got picked primarily because she would look good in heels. Really, that’s what was implied. Actually, the others really did not trust her in the kitchen, or respect her as a chef.

As they plan, Team Melissa discovers four decorative pigs and choose them as the restaurant’s name. Four Pigs. I love it. They also select a family style serving style which Adam freaks out a bit about – it is a difficult style with months to plan. Their aggressive nature is bold and it pays off.

Meanwhile, Team Katie probably didn’t realize the irony they were courting when they elected to name their world cuisine restaurant “Magellan.” I am certain none of them realized that Magellan didn’t survive his famous voyage. Instantly, they are set up to fail as Gumby elects to cook rather than lead. Katie is reluctantly put in as executive chef and she is not suited for it. Meanwhile, Zaphod has never done the job but he does a heck of a good job leading his team in the kitchen. Zaphod is a natural leader – he may only now be realizing this talent.

Top Chef: Boston – Ep 6 – An Authentic Top Chef Thanksgiving

Yay Top Chef! A great Immunity Challenge. A decent Quickfire with a bonus Survivor-like physical challenge, despite a typical Product Placement Bonanza. A dramatic elimination moment – even if it resulted in an inevitable one instead of a shocking one.

But one thing I need to harp on again before getting into the episode. The stupid double elimination from earlier in the season. As I said then, if you are going to have one of these, use it right. Use it to make up for any Sudden Death Quickfire saves that happen. Or…use it when it is fair. This week, none of the chefs deserved to go home. The judges even said it to them when they were at Judges Table – they all made good dishes. If you can avoid it – and there are stages at the end of the season where it becomes much more difficult to do this – then don’t eliminate someone for succeeding in the basic set up of the show.

Top Chef is about successfully cooking gourmet quality dishes under extreme or bizarre circumstances. If the chef does this – then they don’t deserve to lose. When the judges are forced to nitpick – like this week – then keep them all and take out two the next time you can. All you have to do is tell them that they are all safe and that at some point in the near future they will take out two chefs when they feel there are two dishes that were subpar. If there are none going forward, then two get taken out at the Final Six even if there were none deserving of elimination.

If I were Stacy, I’d be pissed that I was out this week when Blondie continues to skate by. There have been several dishes that Blondie could have gotten axed for so far – and she has gotten very, very lucky. Stacy made a good clam dish and was taken out…why? Because they think she got some dirt in the dish? All we get is that there is an unidentified ingredient. How do they know it was dirt? Sure, Stacy plated it on the ground, but maybe these experts just couldn’t figure it out. And…AND…they liked it even with the dirt! That should be a bonus rather than a penalty – the dish was so good, they’d eat it even with a little bit of soil included.

Oh well, I liked Boston Stacy. She was good for a fun confessional and she has a perfect Good Will Hunting accent. I’ll gladly get thrown of Cheers with her someday. I loved her interaction with her Marine boyfriend after she struggled during another Quickfire. He asked her if she stabbed anyone yet. No. But LCK is still on the horizon. In tears, she yells at him, “This is me…being a GIRL! I didn’t have feelings until I met you. A-hole!” HAHAHAHA! Someone make a Boston Stacy and Marine Boy sitcom. Now. Bravo is doing scripted shows now – we have seen quite enough promos for that horrible Divorce show with the Seinfeld risotto lady. Make me my sitcom, Andy Cohen!

Anyway, I’ll get into the Quickfire in the notes at the end – but the main takeaway from it is that Katie earns the immunity win. For someone who made salads off the bat and lost a head-to-head to Aa-Hole, Katie is on a little mini roll here. Good for her.

The Immunity Challenge is really the best part of this episode, even if it is flawed at the core. I love the concept of having these gourmet chefs be forced to use 1620 technology to cook a Thanksgiving meal using the foodstuffs that was used at that fateful meal in Plymouth almost 400 years ago. Great idea.

However, by having descendants from the colonists and the Native Americans present, it makes it just a bit uncomfortable for those of us who have studied more than fourth grade level social studies. The history of Thanksgiving is not a pleasant tale as told by Linus in the Peanuts’ specials. European colonists traveled across the sea for a new home – except they found a place already occupied by others. Starving and falling apart, they were on the brink of destruction before the native population came to help them – and that was the day we honor with Thanksgiving. However, after the feast? Well, I think we all know what happened to the Native Americans. We all speak English after all.

So to me…it was a bit odd to see the descendants of these groups of people sitting around the table on a reality cooking show. That’s all, just…odd.

The challenge was a good one at the core – and educational. It’s very interesting to know what was served on that day – and how one of the items was not a turkey. Next thing you know we’ll learn that they didn’t play football or have massive sales on the next day.

Gumby decided to stretch (see what I did there?) and use the good will stemming from his recent winning streak and try to do something fairly difficult. He decided to go for the gold with a goose dish to ensure a bird made its way onto the table. It seems a goose is a very tough bird to cook – it can be, well, tough. And it’s probably a lot harder to make it using only an open fire pit.

Gumby’s goose was almost cooked. Sorry. I had to.

Top Chef: Boston – Ep 5 – You Don’t Bring Scallop Noodles To War

For those of you who missed Top Chef: Duels, well, do we have the episode for you. For those of us who watched a little bit of that experiment and came away from it longing for another season of Just Desserts…well, the elimination was satisfying.

This whole episode was all about the duels. About the duels. Oh, and also about the foil. Aluminum foil. And about messing with Revolutionary War history.

Honestly, this one felt a bit like a placeholder as the inevitable finally came true. Aa-Hole finally bit the dust. I guess when you make the exact same dish twice – this time with scallops rather than shrimp – and drop a vital ingredient on the ground, you are going to be in trouble.

But we all knew that he was not going to get too deep in this contest. How often have untrained, self-made chefs become Top Chef? You’d have to be special, Jedi-like in your talents to be able to take down the highly-trained and accomplished chefs that are next to you in the Top Chef kitchen. Aa-Hole scraped by up until this point – but it was going to happen soon. He should be proud that he got this far.

Also something for him to hang his hat on…he went out with class. He didn’t compete with class, but he lost with class and dignity. There may be hope for him yet.

By the way, before getting into the challenges, all of a sudden we are down to single digits on chefs! How did that happen? And speaking of that, who do you have confidence in as a potential Top Chef? Gumby. Mei. Maybe Adam and Zaphod. That’s it. Am I right? This is based on performance and editing. Stacy and Kats are getting the loveable weirdo edits – not winners. Blondie is getting an edit that implies she may be next out. Melissa is getting a zero edit and Katie is a bit of a wild card.

Oh well, we will soon see.

Top Chef: Boston – Ep 4 – Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I know, that was easy. So what. It’s Cheers! I do want to bust out some clips about Albania. Or about Kelly Kelly Kelly. Or about groin injuries. Or maybe just a good old fashioned Thanksgiving food fight.

Anyway, apologies for being late. As I said in my other show column – life gets in the way. For me, it has often got in the way in the last couple of years. But that’s ok. You don’t want to shed a tear for your friendly neighborhood blogger. You want to hear about food. And drama. And George Wendt. Needless to say, I’ll keep trying to hit that deadline.

This week we get a random double elimination. I can only assume we have it because Aa-Hole managed to avoid getting knifed at the Sudden Death Quickfire last week. I wonder if that’s going to be the pattern going forward. I am not a fan of the double eliminations in any show. One of the core constants in these shows is that each week, the worst goes. The worst dish. The worst dress. The slowest Racing team. The worst at the Survivor numbers game. The worst. When someone goes home for being the second worst? It is inherently not fair in my mind.

I do not know who get screwed more this week between James and Rebecca. I think Rebecca was second to last, but that’s just me. I honestly don’t know. But anyway, it is also not very surprising to me that the two did not advance much further in the competition because of the nature of the Bravo editing team. When the chefs get very little airtime in the early episodes it usually does not bode well for them going forward. These two got some moments, but mostly it was not a whole lot.

I can’t say that either didn’t deserve it for a bad dish. They both seem to have produced something substandard. I just don’t like the concept. Especially with someone having immunity – and that dish was arguably the worst of the night. Using my earlier assumption, how much more does suck for Rebecca? She was the THIRD worst dish of the night and got eliminated!

If you are going to do a double elimination, at least make it so there is no immunity and/or you have them divided in teams of two. I can see more fairness in that dynamic.