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Big Brother 15, June 27 – An Early Beginning

What's with Big Brother starting so early? It's alwaysthe week after the 4th of July holiday. It has me completely unprepared. Were you caught unprepared as well? If so, here's some facts for you of the season premiere. Before you get started, though, peruse this gallery to learn about the cast. Not that it's any different than usual, as there's even a Riley onboard, just in case we couldn't stand to go a season without any smattering at all of Rachel.


Five Facts of the Cast Introduction

1. David has too much hair.

2. Did we need to see Rachel again?

3. “I love to be better than anyone else.” Really?

4. I have always wanted to live on a boat.

5. Did we need to see Rachel again?

Five Facts of Houseguests Entering House

1. It doesn't look like the outside of a house for a change.

2. It's a problem when u choose the bathroom instead of a bedroom.

3. Elissa looks too much like her sister to get by among superfans.

4. Ginamarie could not be more annoying.

5. dazed and confused about covers it for David.

Five Facts of Champagne Intros

1. I am already tired of hearing Staten Island

2. Judd is explaining why the beach bum is dumber than hicks. Really?

3. It will be interesting too see if Helen can carry the stay-at-home mom thing really far.

4. When did bartending become just bartending again?

5. Why does everyone assume pizza boys can't be smart?

Five Facts of the Twist

1. There will be three nominees each week, not just two.

2. The Head of Household will still nominate two, as usual.

3. Julie refuses to divulge the secret right away, but warns the floaters to grab a life vest.

4. It even silenced Staten Island.

5. There will be an audience-chosen MVP each week who will get to choose the third nominee.

Five Facts of the Popsicle Factory HoH Competition

1. Judd had to throw it. Howard too. Way too obvious.

2. Jeremy wishes he could be a Popsicle with the way girls are humping them.

3. Judd figures out Elissa's identity with his extra time.

4. David and Jeremy drop to get Have Not Pass for whole summer. Jeremy gets it.

5. McCrae and Nick are left, and McCrae promises Nick he's safe, leaving McCrae as HoH.

Howard has the line of summer at the end. “It's gonna be a crazy summer.” He's right, but don't they all end up crazy? This twist is too boring. There has to be more ahead.


Big Brother 14, Sept. 6 – Make Tough Decisions, and Always Play Hard

The big question on everyone's mind tonight is if this will finally be the week for Frank to go home. This is their shot. He finally didn't win Power of Veto. Get him out of there, or he'll be sitting there against them in final 2.

After Dan took Jenn off the block and Ian put Joe up in his place, Joe is hoping Ian is being truthful about him just being a pawn and that at the end of the week it will be, “Bye-bye Frankie.” Jenn is relieved, saying it's like getting that dream apartment in NYC without it costing you an arm and a leg. Her closest ally is on the block though, so it's still go time.

Frank just needs three votes to stay and notes he's been working with Dan, Danielle, and Jenn since right after Dan's funeral, so he should have the votes. Dan thinks it's been a good week for him, as he added Jenn as an ally, and Frank remains clueless that he's the real target. As long as he stays clueless, Dan is going to get a lot closer to the half million dollars.

Frank asks Dan about being golden, and he assures him he is. Frank says it's all great for him then, as Joe goes home, and it's something he's been worried about anyway. Dan just thinks it sucks, because they can't plan the next win. Frank doesn't think it will be bad, as Danielle has already said she'll put up Ian and Jenn. Dan asks what happens if Joe pulls off a miracle and ends up staying. Frank points out the obvious, that that would mean Frank is going home.

Dan realizes he let something big slip and tries to cover while he's peeling a potato. Frank doesn't want history repeating himself of the last time he was on the block with Joe. He wants assurance that Dan still wants to take him to the end. Dan just tries to bury himself in the potato. Frank brings up how many times he's gotten burned, trusting someone new, only for him to end up on the block the next week.

Joe goes out to talk to Ian on his hammock, because he wants to make sure Frank is still the target and he's just the pawn. He asks if he should go on a campaign to Jenn, but Ian thinks if he just lays low for a week, he'll be golden. Ian tells the DR he wants to assure Joe that he's not going anywhere if he keeps his mouth shut this week. If he speaks up too much, he could turn the others against him. If anyone could screw it up, it would be him.

Ian and Joe compare Frank to Houdini with his number of escapes, but Ian points out that Houdini ended up dying young. Joe knows they can't let it slip by to have Frank in this position again. They bring up how great it would be for a tie, and Ian says he'd love to have that kill and have Frank's blood on his hands. Last time he misfired and shot a girl (Ashley). This time he'd have the twelve-point buck.

Dan explains to the DR that he plays this game like football. He always has to be a few steps quicker and smarter. Looking at the memory wall, he realizes his margin for error in the game is pretty tight. He's in good shape, unless Joe wins HoH. He needs to check in with him to see where his head's at. Joe, already in bed, tells him he would put up Shane and Danielle, as he knows he can't go to final two with them. Joe just threw out names, though, telling the DR the only person he really cares about putting up is Dan.

Dan walks back into the bedroom thirty minutes later and climbs into bed. Joe perks up and tells him that Dan followed him in there once he went to bed. Dan asks, “Who did?” Joe replies, “Dan.” “This is Dan.” Joe's response? “Whassup?” Oops. Dan tells the DR that he knows Joe thought he was Shane. In his head he was thinking “Am I talking to Barney Rubble? Because all that's upstairs is a box of rocks.” He's now worried that he can't trust Joe not to repeat all their conversations and wonders if the Quack Pack should just vote him out this week. Oops.

Julie Chen goes live to the houseguests tonight. She tells them that it's another double eviction and that two will be evicted tonight.

Frank gets the shot first to plead his case and tells everyone he's figuratively pouring one out for Mike Boogie. He wishes he were still there and figuratively makes a toast to the others still there. Everyone knows he's not competing in the next HoH, so he sees it as a reason for keeping him, as it means he might be on the block next instead of them. Most importantly, when you're down in the game like him, you're very vulnerable. If they reach their hand out and pull him up, he won't forget it.

Joe says he knows he's the single biggest threat in the kitchen, but he loves Frank to death and can't wait to hang with him on the outside. It's been an honor to meet everyone, and he cherishes every bit of time he's had with them. They have to vote with their heart, and he thanks them for what they do right now.

Dan is up first to vote. He votes to evict Frank and gives a shoutout to his website. Danielle votes the same, and Jenn votes out Joe with a heavy heart. Shane votes to evict Frank. No chance for a tie. The beast is out.

Julie reveals the vote. By a vote of 3-1, Frank is evicted. Dan says sorry to him and tells him he's a great competitor. Frank appreciates it very non-sincerely and only hugs Jenn on the way out. Frank gathers up Ted and walks out the door to many cheers. Ian hugs Jenn and apologizes.

Julie tells Frank he looks shell-shocked. He admits he was. He was a little worried, as it was deja vu for him depending on Danielle and Dan, and once again they lied to him. It was expected, but he's bummed. It's tough. Dan put his hand on the Bible and swore his allegiance to him. He's kicking himself for even trusting him a little. but he lost the POV so there wasn't much he could do anyway. He doesn't think the alliance was ever legitimate, and on the block for the sixth time, they weren't going to let him off the hook.

Julie wonders if being too trusting was Frank's downfall. He believes it was, but after the double eviction, he didn't have anyone else other than Jenn, and he knew he had to trust others to make it further in the game. Julie points out Frank spent years trying to get in the house, then spent weeks trying to stay in. Frank says it's been tough, having been on the block since week one and fighting every time. He fought just as hard to stay as to make it there. He wouldn't have changed anything but a few things at the end.

Big Brother 14, Aug. 30 – Still a Judas …

Dan is playing a very dangerous game. He did what he had to to save his butt this week, but is that really a game move that will get him to the end? Last time he got there by just being the guy everyone forgot about, but that's not going to happen this time. He needs a different game, and I'm not sure if playing the a-hole card is going to get him there.

After Frank replaced Dan on the block with Britney, she tells the DR she's shocked, as she thought she was at Dan's funeral the night before, but then a giant carrot put her on the block right next to her best friend in the house. It's interesting, to say the least. Ian asks the DR what just happened, and now has a strong suspicion that Frank knows he's been playing both sides since the reset. This is bad.

Britney asks Danielle if she knew this was going to happen. Danielle says she didn't, but she's just acting like she didn't, because if people know she's still working with Dan, they'll evict her, because they all want him out.

Jenn and Frank celebrate in the HoH, and Dan celebrates in the arcade room … alone. He asks the DR if they understand what just happened with Jenn using the veto on him. His crazy plan worked, and he's in the house to stay. He's back stronger than ever. He considers getting the veto necklace from Jenn his finest hour in the house. He's not sure how he would ever top it.

Ian heads up to the HoH and tells Frank he's not too pleased. He doesn't know what Frank is doing. Frank believes Ian thought he was covered by all bases, but now Frank is going to send Britney home, and Ian will be by himself. Frank tells him he should have never gone against him. Ian pleads that he was working with him when he didn't use the veto. Frank knows, though, that the reason he didn't use it was because he he thought Britney was going up. Shane enters as Frank tells Ian if he's going to raise his voice to step outside. Britney stops him and hugs him and tells him it's okay, but he argues it's not.

Britney joins Dan in the arcade room. He tells her it's nothing personal, and she asks if she's the new target. He suggests she discuss it with the HoH. She pleads with him to be honest, saying she's been nothing but honest. He refuses, and she tells him he's being so cold. It's just a game and to her, yet it matters how you treat people. She wants him to know she'll remember that on the jury. He promises he's not treating her differently.

Ian is walking around promising to avenge this. Shane asks where Jenn came from, then gives Danielle sympathy, telling her now she'll have to deal with Dan in the house for another week. If she stays, as she tells him she's about to have a real nervous breakdown. He tells the DR he's in a real spot, as he has to either now vote out his coach who has been with him since the beginning, or his best friend in the house.

Britney heads up to the HoH to talk with Frank and Jenn. She tells them it is what it is. Its a game, and she understands. Jenn explains to “Snowflake” that she wanted to keep a bigger target in the house for her personal game. Frank tells her that if he gets her out, Ian will be alone and not covered. She pleads that Ashley was closer to Ian, but he argues not so close that he couldn't put her on the block with him, and he can't help think she had something to do with it. She argues she's not responsible for everyone's nominations, then cries that she's going to just lay down and die, and if they're looking for someone to protect them, she can do that.

Shane, Ian, Britney, and Joe are sitting downstairs talking, and when Frank comes down, Shane tells him he knows he was in a tough position. Ian jumps in and says it was a tough decision that Frank had several days to think about. Frank yells back that Ian had several days to know about voting out Boogie. Frank wants everyone to know what Ian is really like. He thought the others were taking advantage of him because he's just a kid, but it turns out he was really being sneaky. Ian argues it wasn't easy to vote out Boogie. He cried all day.

As Dan sits in the arcade room laughing at what he created, Ian and Frank continue to argue. Frank points out Ian voted out Boogie who gave him a key and $3000 that Frank passed up. Ian announces to everyone that if they let Frank get to the final two, he will win 7-0. Frank just loves that he's having a “fricking toe-to-toe” in a carrot costume. Ian flips him off … several times.

Britney tells Frank she's not even mad at him, because if anyone showed they were only out for number one, it was the guy who elbowed her in the face during the claw machine looking for quarters. She just doesn't want anyone to be under the misinterpretation that Dan is willing to do anything for anybody if it isn't the best thing for them.

During Dan's funeral, she was passing out tissues, and she only wishes it really had been his funeral. She is the biggest idiot. Ian argues she's not. Britney begs everyone to not forget that Dan has already won half a million dollars but is willing to slit everyone else's throat. Frank says the best thing about all this is the heat is on Dan, not him.

Britney keeps going, mocking Dan for asking people to be in an alliance, preaching death or dishonor … but death for you. Have an apple pie … but made of arsenic. Oh Danielle, the first night I saw you, I knew you wanted to be be on my team … you're dead to me. Britney knows in the rational part of her brain he's just really good at this game, but she hates him. She asks Dan inside if he has anything to say to her and wonders if maybe sorry is the word he's looking for. She realizes her biggest mistake was ever believing anything he said.

Joe hits up Shane and tells him he's the only one he trusts now. Shane shares his dilemma of voting out his coach or his best friend in the house. Joe tells him he'll have to make that call himself. Last week Joe promised Shane he would stick with him, and he had his back until the end, and he's still sticking with him. Shane knows he has the final decision on who's walking out the door.

Julie Chen goes live to the houseguests, and everyone is wearing endurance comp clothes, except Britney who is wearing a pink dress, so this one might have already been decided, and she's smart enough to know the score. Julie mentions to Ian about the explosion between him and Frank and asks what the mood of the house is right now. Ian thinks it's gotten better, but it's more tense than a few weeks ago.

Big Brother 14, Aug. 23 – The Best 2 Moments of the Season So Far

Will the houseguests be successful in getting Mike Boogie out of the house tonight? And if they do, can one of that group win Head of Household to make it a double whammy and get Frank out as well in the double eviction? No matter the outcome, it's going to be an exciting hour.

After Shane put Jenn up on the block as a replacement nominee, Dan tries to shake hands with Boogie, only for Boogie totell him to “save it.” He admits in a DR session that he was heated and knew Dan was just trying to look like a nice guy, when in reality he was trying to say “Gotcha Sucker.” Jenn is on fire on the block as she leans back and likes to chill, but at this pint she plans to be a force to be reckoned with.

While it's a relief for Frank to not be on the block anymore, at the same time it's bittersweet. Mike is still up there with Jenn as a pawn, and he knows the others want Mike out of the house. He knows they need to figure out how to get the votes and “keep my boy in this house.”

Frank and Boogie gather after the PoV ceremony, and Boogie talks about how much he hates Dan. He thinks he was a piece of [expletive] to try and extend his hand to him. He asks why Dan is jerking them around like that and wonders if he just gets off on it. Again, let's remember that this is Mike Boogie saying all this.

Ian enters the room and asks Boogie if he's alright. Ian tells them it's going to be tough for him to have to choose between two teammates. Boogie and Frank can't believe he would say that and that he would actually consider throwing his vote to Jenn. Boogie asks, “You're not [expletive] kidding me?” Ian covers, telling him he's sure he's voting for Boogie, but it's just not easy to do that to Jenn. Ian tells the DR he can't blow his cover and let Boogie know he's been working against him. It will be safer for everybody, especially him.

With tension in the house that a knife could cut, Britney talks to Ashley and Danielle in the Billiards room and says “it's so frickin' quiet out there.” Boogie calls out Shane in the kitchen, asking him why he gave them the runaround just to make that decision. Shane defends himself, saying he honestly went through all his options. Frank mentions they feel like yo-yos, and Shane apologizes for them feeling this way. Frank tells him, “Stuff your sorries in a sack, Man.” Must be a Southern saying.

Boogie keeps hammering away, telling Shane he's just “looking like Dan's bitch right now.” The girls in the billiards room are incredulous. Britney notes it's not right, because if Shane doesn't do what Boogie and Frank want, then he's a bitch. Danielle is upset that they're terrorizing the house. Boogie tells Shane he should be worried, as he'll be sitting on the sidelines at the next HoH competition with the key dangling around his neck. “You're in a lot of trouble, Son.” He hopes Shane's “boss” wins HoH. Shane asks if this is a threat. Frank promises it's the truth. Boogie tells the DR that Dan is like Satan, though he likes to pretend like he's a Catholic schoolboy.

Boogie goes out to Dan and asks if he's just going to ignore him all week, as it would be much more fun if they got to have some laughs about the whole thing. Dan claims to not be ignoring him, but Boogie continues, saying he tips his cap. Frank and Ian are there too, and Jenn joins. Boogie mentions that he wonders why she was put up and not Joe or Ashley and wonders if she thought about that at all. He encourages her to ask Dan who's right there, but she doesn't want to interrupt his reading.

Dan explains to the DR that while Boogie is bullying him, he's not one to crack under pressure. The interesting thing is Ian is sitting there watching the whole thing, and Dan wants him to realize how much heat he's taking for him. Boogie keeps going as Danielle walks through, saying he's trying to think down the road for her and Dan. It would be great for them to keep the others so that when it's final three, Dan can throw the last HoH and won't have to slash Danielle's throat on national TV. Dan claims to have not thought that far ahead. Boogie disagrees, but begs him to please not do Ian wrong. Frank's a big boy and will go to battle, but he doesn't want Dan to do Ian wrong. If Boogie only knew.

Jenn tells Ian later that she's so pissed off and is just going to raise hell. It makes her sick. She's fired up. On the block, they're going to have to meet a new Jenn City, as she's just arrived. She promises Ian, “If I'm going out, I'm going out kamikaze style, Kid.” She goes up to talk to Shane who tells her anyone who is put up in Frank's spot doesn't have to worry about going home, but she knows pawns go home too. She later tells Dan that she feels like Shane opened up Pandora's Box the minute he said her name. Dan could tell she was pissed. Ya think? She promises him that she'll be out for blood.

Jenn next finds Danielle and tells her Shane should have thought this through before he made a new enemy. She's such a friggin' wild card that anything could happen. Jenn just keeps going, telling some of the others that Shane is stupid. If she does stay, that means she's going to jury, and she won't be forgetting this. Ian recognizes that she is completely overreacting, as she couldn't be a bigger pawn right now against a legend in the game. She needs to chill out or will get herself voted out, and the plan will blow up in his face.

Julie Chen goes live and tells the houseguests about the double eviction plan. She warns them the second person eliminated will be the first jury member. Jenn pleads her case first. It's one of the last places she would have imagined herself this summer, but she is extremely grateful to do it with all of them. This week was stressful for her to be up against one of the biggest players in history and a former teammate. She feels her play in the game speaks for itself. She doesn't want pity, but wants them to keep their loyal and trustworthy homey Jenn City.

Boogie thanks his business partner and sends hugs and kisses to his little boy, telling him “Hopefully Daddy won't be home in an hour.” He knows people speak in generalities at this point, but it's down to brass tacks, and he needs a vote. He turns to Joe and tells him he came to him every day last week as they shifted the target to Wil. He promised him he'd be safe, and someone else voted against him, Jenn. His family and friends are watching, so he wants him to go in there and do the smart thing to help his game. “Let's go New England Patriots. Mike, check 1 and 2, I'm out.” Someone backstage is laughing through this.

Ashley is up to vote first. She votes to evict Jenn. Britney, by no surprise, votes to evict Mike Boogie, as does Joe. Frank of course votes to evict Jenn, or Gin, as he says it. Dan votes to evict Mike for Janelle. I'm sure she appreciates it. Ian completes his blindside and votes sadly to evict Mike Boogie. Danielle votes to evict Mike.

Julie announces a vote of 5-2, and Boogie is evicted. He hugs Ian who whispers to him, but Boogie only says that ain't cool. He tells everyone it's a good game and even hugs Dan on the way out. Frank is the last one, and Boogie tells him Ian is not to be trusted. He again tells Ian it wasn't cool. He walks out to cheers, and poses.

Julie asks Boogie what Ian whispered to him. He explains Ian had said Boogie would see some things he didn't like, apparently he didn't get his vote, and referenced something he said to an evicted houseguest in All Stars, “Get to Steppin'.” He said it with a bit of conviction, leading Boogie to think he might be playing for the other side. Boogie thought he had enough people against him, but now he realizes he might have another.

Boogie knows when you come out to the live evictions you haven't seen anything and you don't know what was going on behind your back. No one is to be trusted. He loved “the kid” and looked out for him every step of the way. If Ian did him wrong, it will only reflect on him, and he's not ashamed of anything he did wrong.

Big Brother, Aug. 5 & 8 – “Nasty Southern Belles in Hell”

If you don't have the Big Brother live feeds, and if you don't follow spoilers, you were of course dying to know who won the Head of Household competition last Thursday. Emotions were definitely running high from everyone after the non-unanimous decision to let the coaches back into the game. But that's not the only big news. The other side of that is how the new HoH will decide who to nominate, and what was decided after the power of veto competition.

Boogie remarks that after the twist that allowed him back into the game, it was almost like starting a brand new season. In his three seasons on the show, he's never been more unsure on what outcome he would like for the HoH competition. Ian calls this the biggest twist in Big Brother history. Numbers-wise, he went from a 1-in-7 shot to a 1-in-12 shot. His stomach feels sick, and it's not the listing of the fake boat he's standing on that's doing it.

The coaches start to discuss amongst themselves who pressed the button. Britney explains her choice of hitting the button. She only had one player left and a small chance of making it to the end, so she had to go for it. Dan remarks if he's tempted to reenter the game, he will be there any time, any place, anywhere. Janelle wanted to hit the button because “Duh, I wanted to win Big Brother!” Boogie knew he was running this game and about to win $100,000.

While they're walking outside to start the competition, Dan whispers to Boogie that the plan in the house was to boot out Frank, which is news to Boogie. What screwed him more was that Dan was in on it and didn't tell him. Dan figured it was eventually going to come out anyway, so he told Boogie to start to build a little trust. He thinks he'll get further playing with Boogie than against him.

Janelle lies about setting the reset button, because she wants the image that she just wanted to be a coach, when in fact she's going to use everything she has to win Big Brother this year.

Shane had HoH last week, and it put lots of blood on his hands, yet no one was evicted. He figures Janelle and Boogie are both mad at him for nominating their players. His only silver lining is that he gets to compete because of the reset. Jenn (who? yeah, that's right. She IS on the show.) knows this is starting over for her. She felt expendable because Frank and Boogie are so tight.

The worst part of the competition for Ashley is the cold water that was blasting them while they were on the planks. Boogie isn't enjoying it either and yells out, “I hate you, Dan!” He asks why he thinks he hit the reset button, and Boogie tells him he knows he hit it. Danielle's arms, back, and shoulders are starting to hurt her and it's just a matter of hanging on. She knows she can last, but wonders when the others will start to fall. Britney calls it brutal, horrible, and a living nightmare.

When it's not raining on them, they get fake sea gull poop splashed on them. Boogie remarks that fifteen minutes before, he was sitting with three players and on cruise control to $100,000, and the next thing you know he's hanging on for dear life having sea gulls defecate on him on the side of a pirate ship. He's not a happy camper. Everything is bothering him, and he wants to send the message that he's not as big of a threat as they think he is. He jumps, and that makes Shane very happy. Jenn's muscles are starting to give out, as she's Puerto Rican and not used to being so cold. She follows Boogie, and Joe follows her.

Joe admits to Boogie that he knew 100% that he was staying if the vote would have gone through. Meanwhile, Frank tells Shane that if he gets HoH, Shane is safe, as he plans to nominate two coaches. Ashley falls off while looking around, and Dan followws her. It's just under two hours. Dan admits not much has changed for for his strategy between coach and player. He's still going to try and build a weak persona in the game, much like he did the last time when he ended up winning. Frank isn't fooled, though, saying it's the same thing Dan did last time.

Frank is the last person Shane wants to win HoH since he blindsided him. As tall as Frank is, he's having to haul a lot of his body weight up in his arms and his biceps and forearms are giving way quick. Frank eventually falls at two hours and thirteen minutes. Boogie wants to let him know there may be some people there they thought they could trust that they can't. Frank can't believe it and feels Boogie is the only person he can trust 100%. Oh boy. That says a lot.

Shane is grunting and screaming while he's on the plank, and Wil sees this, thinking he can still go another fifteen minutes. Then he looks over and sees Danielle hanging on with her hands in her pockets, getting ready to whistle or pull out a cigarette and a martinini and sing a song about how happy life is. He asks her if he's safe, and she promises he is. He and Shane make a deal to jump together and both hold up their end.

It's Danielle, Janelle, Britney, and Ian still hanging on. Janelle doesn't know how much more her body can take, and Britney looks solid. She's back in an alliance with Britney, so thinks if she can pull it off, she's good. She jumps. Danielle is fighting for Shane, Dan, and Britney.

Boogie remarks that two weeks ago, he was teaching Ian how to Mack on chicks, set up a date with Ashley, and dressed him up in one of his bowties, but suddenly he's another player in the game, and he's a huge target right out of the gate. He's hoping he wins HoH to keep him safe. Britney knows it's life or death for her, and she has to secure a place for herself.

Shane does not want Ian to win and says Danielle is impressing him. He promises her another kiss if she wins. Britney feels like she is hanging in midair above the water. She didn't expect to make it this far, but now she can almost taste it. She's not going anywhere. Ian isn't feeling good and notices Britney struggling, but Danielle looks like a rock. If he can arrange a deal with them, he hopes they feel safe enough to jump off. He tells them they won't go up.

Coach Dan tells Danielle he picked her for a reason, because he knows she has it in her. She doesn't take a deal, she sets the deal. Whatever happens from this point forward, this is her shot. If she wants to win the game, it starts right now. His life is on the line with the country girl from Alabama, so he's coaching his tail off like he never has before. He tells her if she wants to give up seeing her family and the Alabama flag, she should jump. She knows now he's still there for her. Joe wants him to stop coaching already.

Big Brother 14, Aug. 2 – As Willie Says ‘I Told You So’

We have two exciting things to be decided tonight on Big Brother. Of course the first is who will be eliminated, Frank or Joe. The second is if the coaches will be let into the game or not. I'd love to see it to shake things up a bit, but I just hope it wouldn't become too predictable. And if it happens, Willie is going to be sitting there at home saying, “I told you so.”

After Shane took Ashley off the block and replaced her with Frank, Boogie talks about his concrete deal with Shane to put two of Janelle's players on the block. He felt they were good to go until tonight, but not only did he remove Ashley from the block, he put up Frank. Boogie is a little perturbed that they're going to make him go back to work this week. Ashley is happy and doesn't think it could have worked out any better.

Frank isn't happy, and is pretty sure he has two votes against him, Wil and Ashley, but knows he'll have two votes, Jenn and Ian, and he figures Danielle is a swing vote. Shane tells him he's good, but it's not true, as he's his number one target this week. Danielle thinks this is the best move to date in the game, and promises to work close with Shane. Shane apologizes to Joe, who then says being on the block is not for kids, but he's feeling a little bit better being on the block with Frank. I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean because they're such good buddies.

Frank finds Boogie and tells him “they” don't want him out. Boogie asks if he knew he was going to be nominated, and he didn't, but he did have a feeling that if it changed, it would be him. Shane promised him he's safe, but it worries Frank only because it's just going to make the others think about taking him out. Boogie wishes Frank would have told him, saying he kind of needs to be on the inside.

Boogie has a DR session, saying “Big Brother Coaches Frustration 101. If one of my players knows there's going to be a big shakeup in the game, you may want to tell me!” Boogie tells Frank he doesn't like the lack of trust thing and wonders what he has to do to show them they're down.

Britney enters to talk to Boogie telling him she's knows he's pissed. He tells her he doesn't know what's going on, but Frank just told him to relax. Britney explains when she asked Ian if he was going to put up Shane next week, his words were, “It's not in the foreseeable plans.” Boogie just thinks Ian needs to be more careful with his words, but Britney doesn't like finicky word choices.

Britney knows Boogie is freaking out thinking Frank is a target, which he is, but she doesn't think he needs to know that. Boggie isn't mad, but is worried others will try to get him out. Britney says they have Danielle, so he's safe. She loves Ian, so she doesn't want him to be in trouble with Boogie, who just wants to shake that kid.

Wil, Britney, Shane, Ashley, and Janelle are in the HoH, and Shane tells them how hard it was, saying his heart was pounding. Ashley believes it takes balls. Britney mentions it's a big move in the game that so rarely happens, as people always take the safe route. Ashley mentions the spiritual road you're taught to go through an awkward feeling to get good results. She furthers this explanation, but the others are trying to hold in their laughter. Shane feels it will either be the biggest or the stupidest move and thinks it will dictate everything from now on. Britney tells him if he doesn't want him to win the half million dolars, it's the only thing.

Ian paces around the Have Not room, talking to himself saying he doesn't know what just happened. Frank is probably his strongest ally there, so it's bad news. Boogie tells Frank they just need to chill for four days, because you never know in this game. Ian enters, and Boogie and Frank ask him about what was said to Britney. His words are a little different than what she said happened, as he uses the words “definitely not,” instead of “not in the foreseeable plans.”

Frank tells Ian he needs to be direct, yes or no, and Ian explains he didn't want to write a check he couldn't cash. Boogie explains that in the BB house, you can bounce checks! Calming down, he says that Shane and Britney have a lot of power over Danielle, and she is all they need, and it's done.

Britney talks about her menstrual cramps, and says if labor is more painful than this, she can't deal with it. Janelle explains labor is the worst pain ever. Britney asks if she cried, but Janelle answers, “I don't cry.” Britney doubts this, asking if she really didn't cry when she got evicted in third place twice. Janelle says she didn't. Britney asks if she were at a stranger's funeral would she cry, and Janelle doesn't think she would. Britney just thinks she doesn't have a lot of emotions, and sees it as a definite advantage in the game. If Janelle starts to get said, she just changes her emotion. Okay.

Janelle, Joe, and Wil talk outside, and she says she is excited for Thursday to come. Despite being on the block, Joe feels it's been a good day. Janelle tells them Frank is a liar and that she doesn't believe anything he says. Wil doesn't think Frank is vindictive, but Janelle sees him as pure evil. She tells Wil that Frank leaving is the best case scenario and a huge move for him.

Janelle talks about her Operation Kickass this week to save him Wil weeks in a row. He doesn't believe this. He doesn't think he's safe only because of her. She asks if it's an endurance comp and is down to him and Ian if he would offer him a deal. She tells him it's not just physical and is concnetration as well. He's starting to get fed up with her, as he thinks she's being condescending. He gets up and goes to bed, and Joe wonders what his deal is. Janelle thinks he's just a bitchy guy.

The next morning, Wil asks Joe what he thinks about Janelle right now. Joe doesn't understand what went down between the two of them the night before, but does say that Janelle was nervous about Wil. Wil mentions that she had said the only reason he was still in the game is because she was keeping him there. Joe is now worried because one of his sure votes this week is in a fight with their coach. Wil says they didn't come there to win her $100,000. Joe doesn't think she meant it that way at all.

Joe talks to Ashley and tells her what is going down between Janelle and Wil. She is astonished. He's worried that Wil has already joined the other side. They bring Janelle into the conversation. She doesn't understand why Wil is mad at her and doesn't understand how Wil took it that way. Joe tells her they're in serious jeopardy. Ashley just doesn't get it. Janelle knows it means the end for her if Wil votes out Joe, as she'd be losing two players. And, well, that leaves her with just Ashley.

Big Brother 14, July 26 – The Game Is “Shaping Up”

Right now Chill Town 2 is sitting pretty up in the HoH. But if they don't win HoH this time, they could be targeted in a big way. It's likely to be a physical competition this week, and if that's the case, it paints favorably for Shane or Wil to win. Chill Town 2 might want to hold down their laughing from the DR.

After Frank nominates Danielle to replace Shane on the block, she remarks that Dan's abandoning her. She doesn't think she'll even get Shane's vote. Things haven't been going well for her, but even with everyone's backs turned towards her, she thinks she'll still stay. Frank notes he and Boogie are working with Janelle's team, so Danielle was the only choice. The group is too tight to start making waves this early. JoJo thinks it's a good thing she's up against Danielle, because if she goes, Dan goes too. She wants to make sure the house knows that, along with all the other reasons she should stay over Danielle.

Dan finds Danielle and tells her he abandoned her for a reason. She hopes it's a very good reason. He explains in the DR that he told her she'd be alone to motivate her and and light a fire under her to get her going. His intention wasn't to make her upset, and he realizes now he might have gone too far. It's his job as coach to reel her back in and get her to focus. He tries to explain that to her and apologizes, then promises to help her get out of this mess. She tells the DR his plan hurt her feelings, but she knows he had good intentions.

In the Have Not room, Shane tells JoJo to remember there's always a way back into the game and he vows to keep her in it. Ian enters and they abandon their discussion. He turns the light off and Shane announces that it's roasting in there and that he's down to his thong. JoJo says she's about to take her pants off as well. Shane tells her to come over there with him, but she doesn't want him to tempt her like that. Ian is “skeeved out by it.”

JoJo asks to make out, and Shane tells her he doesn't kiss smokers, but she promises that she brushed her teeth. Ian jokes that he's stuck in the room while Shane is trying to board the Staten Island Ferry. Shane and JoJo start talking about kissing abilities, and Ian adds that he's been told he's heavy on the tongue. Umm, TMI.

Danielle tells Ian the next day that she heard all of them talking the night before, and he tells her JoJo and Shane were joking about climbing on top of each other. Danielle looks shocked, because of all the flirting Shane has been doing with her. She gets upset and says “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Danielle enters a room with Janelle and Ashley and asks if they want to lay out. They're thinking about it, but Janelle says she's a lazy bitch. Danielle suggest they go back to when Janelle was single. And if that's the case, Janelle says the guys have to be tall. Ashley says Shane is too little, and she's afraid she'd crush him in bed. She thinks he's becoming “emancipated,” explaining it's when you're so skinny you start to get introverted and your insides get stuck in your shoulders. Sigh. They all agree if they weighed what Britney does they wouldn't care about small guys. Janelle says her breast implants alone weigh about 8-1/2 pounds.

Danielle tells the other two girls what Ian had told her about Shane and JoJo. Danielle admits it hurts that she lost to Staten Island. Janelle knows how dangerous a showmance can be, because she's been in them before. They'll take each other to the end and vote together. This is making her want to get JoJo out. Pretty smart Danielle, she gets revenge against this girl moving in on her guy in more than a couple ways.

JoJo enters the HoH room and finds Britney. She tells JoJo she's not sure if she's staying. She definitely doesn't want to lose two players in one week, though, after Wille's removal from the game. Britney tells her to stay quiet and not to tallk crap about anyone. It has to be all pink roses and rainbows coming out of her mouth. It's also bad news for JoJo that Danielle and Janelle are now buddy-buddy. Britney goes down to the DR and does her impression of JoJo, “Yeah. No. I know. I know. No. No. Yeah. Yeah. I know,” then utters the obvious, “Obviously you don't freaking know.”

Britney talks to Boogie while eating beef jerky, and tells him not to send JoJo home after Danielle. She wants him to know Danielle is smarter than he thinks she is. Boogie just smiles. She can't have JoJo running around in circles and laughing and saying I know to everyone. She wants to force her to let her do all the talking. He knows the only reason to keep Danielle is if the coaches do come into the game.

Boogie knows it sounds weird to want to keep Dan, but he thinks everyone else's automatic instinct will be to target the coaches. She asks if he could convince Ian to work with him, and he's pretty sure he could. He believes she just rested her case. She points out he has the numbers in the house, and he's fully aware he has all the power. They don't have anything against Dan, but they wouldn't mind seeing him pack a bag and leave on Thursday.

After another look at the moments right before Willie left the house, Julie Chen talks to the houseguests live. She asks Joe what was going through his mind when things with Willie were escalating. He wanted to protect himself, and to also tell Willie if he can't handle the heat to stay out of the kitchen Julie figures he means the bathroom. Ian was in the bathroom in his towel and tells Julie he was extremely worried for his safely, but from working as an R.A. at Tulane, he wanted to step in and break it up.

The houseguests get treated to the video of the BB Cantina competition for the first time. Britney explains she thought it was incredible and she was so happy and proud of Shane winning. It was well worth her jumping into a giant bowl of guacamole.

Britney mentions to Boogie that some people thought Wil would be back, and Boogie adds an “I wish,” because he's fun, smart, and saracastic. Dr. Will speaks from his Dr. Tattoof office. As soon as he and Boogie met, he knew they'd be good friends. Some alliances stab you in the back, but Chill Town stabs you in the front. This is Boogie's first time in the house without him, and he thinks he's doing a good job with his team. He's coaching Frank to be his new Frankenstein. He thinks he's trying to build a bigger Chill Town member. Boogie's ego got to him though in the Coaches Comp.

Big Brother 14, July 25 – “It’s Happy Hour, Baby!”

Well Sunday's Big Brother was sure a surprise, wasn't it? We knew Willie was probably on the volatile side, but it seemed like that was planned, like he got thrown out on purpose, either because he thought it would save face for him, or because he wanted to save his team. It was hard to tell which was the real reason, and we'll probably never know.

After it was announced that Willie was removed from the game, Ian does the classy thing and makes sure Britney is okay and gives her a hug. When it all went down, he'd been standing there in just a towel while two large men got in each other's faces. He wanted to break it up, but he was extremely scared. As she nervously chews on her own face, Britney knows that by the end of the week, she's down to two players by no fault of hers or the other players. Their backs are against the wall, and everyone else hates them because of Willie.

As soon as Shane heard Willie left the house, he was frustrated and petrified, because he was loyal to him and did what he wanted. and now he's the biggest target there. Dan explains Willie was the biggest target, and now that he's gone, Frank needs to target the people who voted against him last week, JoJo, Shane, and Danielle. Dan hopes he doesn't pick Danielle, because if she's evicted, he goes home too.

While those people are worried about their fate in the game, Boogie, Janelle, and Frank go celebrate up in the HoH. Boogie thinks of this week as a two-for-one deal for his team. “It's happy hour, Baby!” Jenn joins the group. Boogie mentions a backdoor idea of his to nominate Danielle and one of his and Janelle's people. When one of their people win PoV, they can put up Shane.

Even though Janelle is working with Boogie right now, she still doesn't fully trust him and doesn't want any of her players up, not even as a plan. Jenn isn't interested in this plan, because in Big Brother, the pawns always go home, and she isn't interested in going home. Janelle tells Boogie she'd rather see JoJo and Shane up, as one of them will go home for sure, and Frank would rather make sure Shane goes home.

JoJo tells the DR that she knows she and Shane are the obvious targets because they were with Willie and voted to evict Frank. Shane tells her that at least with Willie in the game, he knew he had votes, but now he screwed him. JoJo wants Frank to give her a chance to talk to him. She goes in and apologizes for interrupting the HoH meeting and steals him away.

JoJo swears on her grandmother's life that she was going to have Frank's back, and she's loyal to the people she aligns herself with. He reminds her that he told her the night after the blowup to vote for him, and he'd know he could trust her. But she still stuck with Willie. She points out Danielle did too, but he counters, telling her that was so that she could keep someone on her own team, but no one else on JoJo's team was on the block. She blames it on Willie putting it in her head that Frank couldn't be trusted. Frank knows the only reason she's trusting him now is because he's HoH. He gave her a chance, but she stuck with a cancer in the house. She was just being loyal though, the same as all the other players and coaches. He tells her a lot of it is Willie's fault, but some of it is her fault too.

In the end, Frank decides to make the nominations that will help him. Ashley is already safe because Janelle kept her safe after the coach's comp. The keys pulled as being safe are, in order, Jenn, Ian, Joe, Wil, and Danielle. JoJo and Shane are nominated because they were aligned with Willie, but he is giving them a chance to win the Power of Veto this week.

Frank tells the DR they didn't heed his advice last week, and now Shane is his number one target. Shane explains as soon as Willie left the house, he knew he was going up on the block, and that really sucks. All he was trying to do was be loyal. Danielle feels great to not be nominated, but believes she'll be the replacement nominee if JoJo or Shane comes off. JoJo knows Frank did what he said he was going to do, and now she just needs to win the PoV to take herself off the block.

Shane and Britney group in the Have Not Room, and he asks for her advice. She tells him it's going to be a long week, and he just needs to try and reintegrate himself as their whole team is on the outs. They're all having to go down because of Willie. They made the decisions they did out of sincerity and followed Willie to be loyal. As a coach, she feels bad and doesn't know what to do with them. She feels like she is taking on all the guilt. She didn't plan on having to deal with this. JoJo joins them and complains that a lot of the others didn't give her a hug after the nominations, and she says they're lucky she has self-control. If she goes out, it won't be like Willie; she'll go out with class. Shane just plans to fight for PoV.

Boogie tells Frank that what happened is amazing. Danielle got a free ride this week. She didn't get Have Not and didn't get nominated. Boogie explains in the DR that JoJo and Shane were the obvious choices as Willie's alliance. If one of them wins PoV, they have to take one off and probably put up Danielle. No matter what, one of them is staying, so planning ahead is never a bad thing. He tells Frank to nurture his relationships with Shane and JoJo, as the one who stays will be alone. They want to get that person to go after Janelle's or Dan's players.

Frank gathers everyone together to pick players for the power of veto competition. Danielle is hoping to play, knowing if Shane or JoJo win, she's going up. Frank goes first and picks Ian. Shane doesn't really care who is picked, knowing he just has to win it for himself, otherwise he's going home. He picks Ashley. Dan really wants Danielle to play to at least defend herself, but JoJo picks Wil. As host, Frank chooses Joe. Danielle is frustrated to see her fate determined by everyone else that is getting to play.

Ashley talks about wanting to get “wifed up.” She wants to be Suzy Homemaker, and have her babies, and have her little hubby. Her ideal man is roughly five years older than her and has his own business, but looks aren't huge for her. She's dated her share of frogs, but she knows she wants a guy who loves gong out to eat, loves snacks, love gong to the movies, a super family guy who loves playing games like Monopoly all night, etc. She goes on and on with this. Dan cracks “I think what you're describing is very realistic.”

Big Brother 14, July 22 – “Please Find Peace, Brother.”

Things went from bad to worse for Willie on Thursday night's live Big Brother show. He was aiming to keep Frank all along, but once his alliance with him fell through, Frank stayed anyway, and he became Head of Household on top of it. This can't be good for Willie or anyone who stuck with him on the vote, mostly Britney's other two players.

Frank is counting his blessings that he stayed, knowing that if it had been one less vote, Willie would have voted him out. Willie knows it's not good for him, but while he's made some mistakes in the game, he's just going to have to deal with them. Janelle explains that her players wanted Frank out, but after Willie had his blowup with Frank, he started thinking it would be better to keep Frank, as he and Willie will go after each other, and that keeps her players safe a little longer.

Ashley voted to evict Kara, because she felt she would have slipped under the radar the rest of the game, and that's the game she wants to play. Dan hugs Danielle and tells her he's not going to let her down the way he let Kara down. Although he's down to just one player, he thinks it's like poker. As long as you have just one chip, you have a shot at winning the whole thing. He's still okay in the game.

Frank and Boogie celebrate after the vote and HoH win, as Boogie explains in the DR that it wasn't so much Kara vs. Frank, but the House vs. Willie. The House decided the best chance they had at getting Willie out was to keep Frank in the game. Kara probably wouldn't have dared go after him, but Frank will, and Boogie plans to be beside him. He then resurrects the old Chill Town DR sessions with everything minus the fake phone. Boogie tells him he's confused as he was pretty much out the door, then had a huge fight and he doesn't remember what came next, but it was crazy. Frank clears up the confusion and says they got all of Janelle's players to keep him, then went outside and won HoH. Then they laugh and celebrate again.

Willie doesn't really want to talk to anybody at this point. The worst person possible won HoH. It changes week to week here. He's going to stay fighting and not give up and hopefully win Power of Veto followed by another HoH. Being his teammate while he was in HoH was a great thing for Shane, and winning PoV helped, but he's considering breaking his alliance with him this week, because he's such a hothead and doesn't treat people with respect.

Janelle tells Britney that Willie really needs to go. She understands and admits he needs to go. Janelle tells the DR she had an alliance with Britney, but Willie's antics made it impossible to keep that together. She tells Britney it was just one thing after another, and he's such a bully. Britney explains to the DR. that Willie went on a terror spree, everybody hates him, and it's embarrassing. She wholeheartedly regrets choosing him and will now pay the ultimate price for his behavior and bad attitude. She doesn't even want to speak to him.

Dan tells his sole player, Danielle, that what she needs to do is get closer to Janelle's team as that is their safest play. He thinks most coaches would be panicking right now, but he's a very positive thinker. There's always a way out of every situation if you can believe you can get out. He still believes Janelle's team has one more week of safety. He tells Danielle they will start to go to war and will need her. Danielle knows that's true, and just hopes to be able to survive and float.

JoJo corners Frank in the storage room and tells him she's a very loyal person and it was nothing personal against him. Her team just wanted that little alliance going. She tells the DR she wants to stay loyal to Willie, but she has to look out for number one, which is herself. She tells Frank she knows Willie is a lot of things, and she's sorry for that. He just played too hard too fast. Frank could care less. Back in the DR, she says she tried to work her magic with him, and she thinks she can convince him to stay away from her … in a good way.

Frank invites everyone up to his HoH room. This is the last thing Willie wants to do, and he's not a fake person, so it's really hard for him. Frank gets Velveeta and a t-shirt that says “Julie Chen is my homegirl.” There's a picture of him as a young boy with a mullet, and Wil thinks he pulls it off fairly well, as he has the right bone structure for it. Frank calls this all surreal. He's happy because he was on the block for awhile, but pulled it off.

Boogie gets to move into the Coach's area of the HoH suite, and for him there is a picture of his son Brady waiting for him. Danielle oohs and aahs over him. For Boogie it helps him get his mind off the game for a little bit. He promises his baby he'll be seeing him soon, but not too soon.

Watching Willie walk around the HoH room, Ian remarks that he's feasting on a plate of crow served cold. You could cut the awkwardness with a knife. Willie's not here to be comfortable, though; he's here to win a half million dollars. So as long as he's in the game, he's happy no matter where he's at.

Willie goes in to talk to Britney and she asks what's up. Obviously pissed, she tells him nothing good and asks why he's so egotistical. She just wants him to see what he's done. She made herself look bad going around saying he's a nice guy and really trustworthy, and that he just let it all get to him. She rhetorically asks who looks like the fool now. He interrupts her, and she asks him to be quiet. As much as she tried to control him, he's the raging lunatic in the house. No one wants to be attached to a sinking ship, and unfortunately, that's Willie in this game right now.

Willie only thinks about himself. He's hurting Shane and JoJo. Willie tells her he came here to pay by himself, not to play with a coach. If he stays he's not going to listen to her anymore. He doesn't know why she's treating him like a piece of crap and can't forgive him. She reminds him it's only been a day, and that he just can't keep his mouth shut. He tells her if she thinks the problem is him, then she needs to just get rid of him.

Sitting around outside later, Shane asks if anyone knows what a wenis is, then explains it's a certain part of the elbow. Believe it or not, I learned that during a destination wedding this spring, compliments of my mom. Danielle soaks it up and flirts back with him as they tickle each other. Jenn thinks it's adorable and thinks with all the craziness in the house, it's nice to see a little love blossoming. Danielle tells the DR Shane is very attractive, and his body and personality are definitely her type. He's the one chasing her, but she doesn't mind being chased. He likes the Southern belle charm, sweetness, long brown hair and accent. She's a sweetheart and it gets him every time. She thinks it things keep on going this way, it's possible.

Britney sits down to chat with Dan and Boogie and they approach the trade idea. She admits she doesn't think anyone would be willing to trade except her. Whoever wins the coaches comp can either keep a player safe, or make a trade for a player from another team. Boogie asks who she'd want in a trade. She's non-committal. Boogie wonders if she'd be willing to cut her losses with Willie and not consider a trade, noting that with him out, Shane then becomes the target. She tells him it's ridiculous to suggest that she should just sit back and know one of her players is going home and not do anything about it. She promises she's not an idiot.

Dan works on Janelle a bit and tells her he bets she's a good mom, and he knows she has to miss her husband. She admits the last time she was in the house, she just had a boyfriend, and they weren't that serious. Does that mean Dr. Will or someone pre-show? She tells him it's different when you're 25 and single. She tells the DR it's hard to be trying to think about the game, then start having thoughts of her baby girl. Dan says he's not an emotional guy, but he just wants to be a better husband to his wife. He tells the DR thinking about her is a Catch-22, as she wants him to play well. But when he thinks about her is when it's hard.

Big Brother 14, July 19 – When Froot Loops Decide the Game

Usually people aren't playing the game so early on Big Brother. The first person to leave is usually the most annoying. But with Willie taking Coach Britney's advice, he put up two players who aren't the most annoying in the house. No matter who leaves tonight, it will be someone who had the wherewithal to go far, although if Frank leaves, it will be someone who was also somewhat annoying. But if Kara leaves, it will just be because she she was attractive, smart, and likable, so a very big threat to Britney's game.

Julie Chen opens the show by explaining the coaches may think they're controlling the game, but they should know more than anyone that “its' the players who control this game.” After Shane decided not to use the veto, he explains he doesn't want any blood on his hands. He hopes this shows Willie that they can go far in this game together. Kara says it sucks, but she's all cried out. She needs at least five votes to stay, and if it's a tie at four and four, Willie will be breaking the tie.

Frank feels as though Willie is the key for him getting the votes to stay this week. Smart one, isn't he? He goes up to the HoH to talk to Willie and tells him he doesn't trust anyone else in the house as much as Willie. Willie promises him he'll get him the votes to stay, and tells him the only way it won't work is if he goes around and starts talking to people. If he turns on Willie, he'll vomit. Vomit? I can't possibly be hearing that right. If he does get the votes for Frank, it will prove to him that Willie wants to work with him. He promises he can trust him.

Willie wants Frank to stay in the house, because later on down the road he might help him. He has an alliance, so just has to convince them they need to keep Frank. He thinks he can work them any direction he wants. This group includes Britney's and Janelle's teams. He holds a meeting with them to talk about sticking together and who to keep. Wil sees Kara as the better choice for a team game, while Kara is the better choice for a single game. Britney wants to eliminate all of Dan's players, because then he'll go home too. She thinks Dan has magic power, and that when he talks you hear an angel's chorus. Willie thinks Kara would definitely put some of them up next week, as Dan would make her. Joe's on board with getting rid of Kara, and everyone else agrees to it as well.

Janelle talks to Dan, because she's worried he'll be mad at her if Kara goes. She tells him she's not sure why, but the others really want to keep Frank. Dan tells her it's stupid, as they'll never get Frank out. Janelle explains these people are stupid, and it sucks, as keeping Kara would allow them run of the house. Britney notices the conversation going on and thinks Janelle is thinking the grass is greener over on the other side with the other coach.

Britney realizes looking at the memory wall that her picture has a hole for a key next to it, as do the other coaches. She wonders if they'll be entering the game as players in a big twist. She discusses it with Willie and tells him not to discus it with anybody. With the numbers, there aren't enough people in the game right now. It leaves two missing weeks. She thinks Janelle knows this and this is why she wants to work with Dan. Willie knows this means the coaches won't be looking out for their best interests, He doesn't want them controlling the way he thinks, explaining he's nobody's pawn.

When several houseguests are sitting around later, Britney asks Joe how he's doing. He says he's happy the game's on. Britney doesn't want the game to be on and just wants everyone to live harmoniously. Willie takes the opportunity to call a house meeting, and Britney starts to freak out about what he's going to talk about, seeing her entire game going down in flames. Janelle tries to go in for the meeting and is told Willie just wants the players and not the coaches.

Dan tells Britney if that was one of his players, he would have nixed that. Britney tries to act cool, saying she just just wants to let them have their meeting. Willie tells the others he thinks they're being pitted against each other by their coaches, and he thinks it's the dumbest thing in the world when they're in the there to win the money for themselves. They could change the game and play like they don't have coaches. He encourages the others to not let the coaches make their decisions for them. They could play like they don't have coaches.

Danielle is tired of feeling awkward because people are supposedly going to the coaches and the coaches are going to people. She's tired of people not talking to her. Janelle, Dan, and Britney begin to wonder where Boogie is, and Dan says he could be leading the meeting for all they know. Nope. He's inside sleeping.

Willie also tells everyone there's a good possibility the coaches might be coming back into the game. He points out the key slots by their names. Ian, the Big Brother trivia expert, explains the game is meant for fourteen now and hasn't been played with twelve in the past ten years. Kara thinks the coaches will band together, while Joe thinks Willie is playing too fast by guessing at what will happen. Wil just wants to take a 24-hour break from game talk.

Frank felt better about his chances before Willie called the meeting. He needs to go talk to Willie privately to see where his head's at. They start talking about staying legit with each other, and Britney walks in to interrupt the pow wow. Willie does a pretty good impression of Wil, repeating the line about the 24-hour break. Frank remarks that Willie made everyone paranoid with his town meeting, and now he believes he's mocking Wil. It just rubs him the wrong way. It really didn't appear like he was mocking him though, just a really good impression.

Frank goes down to talk to Jenn and Joe and tells theme he's worried the meeting might have hurt him more than helped him. We hear from Joe at this point, because of course we never hear from Jenn. He adds that Willie already told them he wants them to split the votes. This makes Frank a little hot, because Willie has told him he will fight hard to get him the votes that he needs to stay. He doesn't think he can trust him anymore. Duh.

Frank tells Joe about Willie repeating Wil's comment about the 24-hour break, and says he was mocking him. Joe is not happy at all and says that's not part of the game. Joe then corners Wil in the Storage Room and tells him what Frank said. Wil tells the DR he doesn't tolerate one ounce of anyone mocking anyone. He guarantees this will come back to bite Willie in the ass. He notes he's making gay slurs, and whether it's sectionist, racist, or homophobic, it's not right.

Wil goes and talks to Frank and Britney about it, but she still thinks Willie is a good person and a loyal guy. However, Britney goes to talk to Willie who is up in HoH with Ashley. She says this is because she loves him, but he's screwed. She explains the whole story about mocking Wil, and he says “I never done that!” Britney tells him Frank is turning the whole house against him. Willlie says it's crazy news, because he had Frank's back. He doesn't know what his agenda is, but it's pissing him off.

Willie goes outside to find Frank and tells him he's been tring to save him all week. Frank asks fires back at him, seemingly as if he was outside lying in wait for him. Willie mentions that now Frank is slinging his name in the dirt trying to make him look like an idiot. Frank points out he was promised he wouldn't be put up on the block, and now he's up on the block. This goes back and forth until Willie shouts that he hopes Frank goes home this week, because he's a shady [bleep].

Willie says he's a grown ass man, and when he wants to eat, he's going to go in and eat some Froot Loops, because that's what he wants to do. Frank isn't worried about him eating his Froot Loops. Willie tells everyone listening to vote for Kara to stay, because he hopes Frank goes home. Boogie jumps into it and asks why Willie is the boss of everyone and gets to tell them what to do. He then wanders off mocking Willie for eating Froot Loops. He asks everyone if they're willing to get bullied by willie, and Willie turns around and tells them not to follow Boogie until the end so he can cut their neck off. “Unreal, dude.”