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Big Brother 5: Four Horsemen No More! – August 5

This week’s live episode of Big Brother begins with Adria’s big confrontation with the house over her paranoia. This leads to even her own alliance being unsure of whether they should trust her anymore or not.

Soon after, Diane’s twin Lindsey and Drew’s twin Ben interview about their respective siblings’ lives in the house. Lindsey went as far as to say that Diane is the “evil” twin, and not Drew’s type at all. Next, Julie interviews Diane in the HOH room. Diane tells Julie that she would like to see anyone win Head of Household except for Jase and Cowboy, the puppet.

Back in the living room, Scott and Marvin give their final words to their fellow houseguests. Marvin’s last words lead one to think that he is definitely going this week. Let’s see if that really happens. Julie opens up the envelope, pauses, and lets the houseguests sweat a little more. She then announces that by a vote of 4-3, Scott is evicted from the Big Brother House! Yay! The four idiots are finally broken up!

In the cut scene between Scott’s eviction interview, Jase goes back to the bedroom, rips off his shirt, obviously for camera time, and then proceeds to lift weights while stating, “The ultimate betrayal.” I thought this was Big Brother, not a modeling contest, and even if it was a modeling contest, Jase would not even come close to winning.

In Scott’s eviction interview, Julie informs Scott that Holly’s vote would have saved him from eviction. Scott and his already deflating ego will not admit to that reality. Julie also asks Scott about all of his lies about his wealth, and why he said certain things. Scott tells her that it was his strategy to make himself seem wealthy, so that everyone would not target him as needy. However that is remotely a good strategy, I’ll never know. I know if I was in the house, and I saw someone who didn’t need the money, I would vote them out before anyone else. Anyhow, Adria and Natalie then leave their goodbye message for Scott, and he is shocked, but says that he knew something strange was going on with Adria. He also says that Jase is not going to like this. Oh, we know he won’t like it, Scott, and I can’t wait to see his reaction either.

Back into the living room, it’s time for the big twin reveal. Julie asks Diane how many houseguests have played the game so far. Diane responds 13, and is confused when Julie tells her that she is incorrect. Actually, Diane, that number is 14. Julie then informs the houseguests that someone has been playing the game with a twin, but as one person. Cowboy yells out, “Holly! It’s got to be Holly!” Jase believes that Scott has a twin and gets excited. The boys all think they have an ally reentering the house, but are shocked when Natalie, Adria’s twin, walks in from the Diary Room. Everyone is cheering, hugging Natalie and Adria, while Jase sits on the couch and sulks.

The houseguests are now rushed into the backyard where they encounter the pivotal Head of Household competition. This week’s competition is based on the house’s decor. The questions asked were all true or false. On the second question, all four guys, Cowboy, Jase, Drew, and Marvin got out. I cheered so loud when that happened I’m surprised that my neighbors didn’t try to final a noise complaint. Soon enough, it got down to Will, Karen, Adria, and Jennifer. Jennifer answered the next question correctly, and was the only person to do so, so she was crowned the new Head of Household! As all the girls, plus Will, cheered Jennifer on her win, the boys all sat on the sidelines and moped about their second loss in a row.

Tune in Saturday night to find out Jennifer’s nominations and to see the food competition.

Interview With Dave Kerpen of Paradise Hotel

by aurora

Dave Kerpen is a busy guy! He’s always been in the news in one way or another, but his role in the FOX summer hit show ‘Paradise Hotel’ has made him a household name. He graciously agreed to take some time out of his hectic schedule to answer some questions for us. I must say that he seemed much more laid back outside of the petri-dish that was PH! It was a pleasure to speak with him, and he gave some very honest answers.

[b]What made you decide to try out for the show?[/b]

Well, I’ve always enjoyed being in the spotlight, and I thought that being on a reality show would combine that with my desire to work on my interpersonal and relationship skills. I believe I did accomplish that goal.

[b]After you were chosen to join the hotel guests, what were you thinking on your way there? Had you been watching the show?[/b]

I was excited! I couldn’t wait to meet everyone. The show hadn’t actually aired yet, so I didn’t know what to expect.

[b]What was host Amanda Byram like?[/b]

She was great! We didn’t really spend a lot of time with her, but she was really sweet.

[b]Was your strategy planned out in advance, or did you just make it up as you went along?[/b]

Both, really. I planned for the long term situations, but the rules changed so much that I had to think on my feet an awful lot. The concept of the show was a bit different, in that it was meant to be a reality soap-opera. So the rules and twists were put in place accordingly.

[b]A number of people blame editing for the way they are shown on television. In your case, do you feel that you were edited fairly? Was that the real you that we saw?[/b]

It was me in the context of playing a game to the best of my ability. Obviously it wasn’t me in my day to day life, because the situation was so different. They really did develop my character though. In real life I’m honest and a good person! But I’d never blame editing for what was shown on television.

[b]Besides some new friends, what else are you taking away from your experience on Paradise Hotel?[/b]

I learned a lot about the way people relate to one another, and I learned quite a bit about how the reality tv industry works! I also learned a lot about who I am as a person, and who my true friends are.

[b]If there is a Paradise Hotel 2, would you participate if asked?[/b]

I’m sorry, I can’t comment on that.

[b]What was your gut reaction when you learned that Charla had the option of splitting her winnings with you? Did you think, like the rest of us, that it would be a no-brainer, or did you have a feeling she’d keep the money to herself?[/b]

I wasn’t confident that she would split the money. I really got to know Charla very well during our time there, but I just wasn’t sure.

[b]Watching your reaction to Charla’s decision, I got the impression you were simply confused by it. Was that the case?[/b]

Yes, I was mostly confused and hurt, but I tried to keep my game face on. I was also angry that she had challenged my loyalty to her.

[b]How did you manage to survive the constant insults and negativity that came your way?[/b]

That was truly one of the greatest challenges of my life. What got me through it was knowing who I was, and knowing that I wasn’t the person they were making me out to be. It was hard not to retaliate, but I just didn’t want to sink to their level of hostility.

[b]You landed in positions of power on more than one occasion – was that a result of manoeuvring, or was it luck?[/b]

It was both. The King and Queen thing was a result of manoeuvring and campaigning, but the others were basically luck.

[b]Looking back now, is there anything you would have done differently?[/b]

As far as the overall experience, the only thing I would have changed is the amount of vulnerability I showed in my feelings for Charla. It was such a strange situation to be in, but I would have kept my feelings to myself a lot more.

As far as my game plan, I’m not sure if there is much I could have done differently. Maybe I would have tried to put Keith and Charla in more positions of power and decision-making.

[b]Okay Dave, what the heck happened near the end of the game with Scott & Holly and Keith & Tara? Was that strategy, or did you just make too many promises and ended up getting caught?[/b]

Ahhhhh. I was trying to use strategy to put me and Charla in the best position to stay in the game. If Scott and Holly ended up with the power to choose who stayed, I wanted them to choose us. Did I overplay it? Absolutely. Keith and Scott were definitely smart to call me out on it. It had been a rough day, and I was ultimately put in a position where whatever I said would have been the wrong thing anyway.

If things had turned out differently, the four of us (me, Charla, Keith and Tara) would have split the prize anyway. But I really was shocked and upset that Keith felt betrayed by what I had done.

[b]Before you learned of the booted hotel guests returning to vote, how did you think the game would end?[/b]

I never once thought it would end the way it did. I thought it might have been a challenge or competition, like who knew their roommate best or something.

[b]Speaking of the bootees, do you think they were encouraged to act like bullies when they returned, or was that real bitterness? Beau has suggested that there was some creative editing going on there.[/b]

What you saw was real bitterness. I trust Beau though, so I do believe that in his case things were taken out of context. I wasn’t there, so I can’t confirm or deny it. But I was there for much of it. For example, that situation with Zack and Andon coming down on me about Charla was much harsher than it was portrayed on television.

[b]Let’s talk about you outside of the show now! You mentioned that you enjoy being in the spotlight, and you have been for much of your life. You were the Crunch ‘N Munch guy, you did the Disney gig, and most recently Paradise Hotel. What’s in your future? Will you continue to be in the spotlight?[/b]

Good question! Well, I’m hard at work on my book now, and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with Paradise Hotel fans and non-fans alike. I’ve also caught the entertainment bug, so we’ll see where that takes me. If it’s not in the cards, I’ll gladly go back to marketing and consulting, and public speaking as well.

[b]Will you continue touring with other PH personalities?[/b]

Sure! Touring is a great way to get out and meet the fans of the show.

[b]What’s your book about?[/b]

It’s about me! It’s basically made up of stories about me and about my life, and the stories of people I have met. It has a motivational spin to it. I want the readers to learn from my life’s lessons.

[b]Finally Dave, is there anything about yourself that didn’t come out on the show that you’d like your fans to know about you?[/b]

I love mint-chocolate-chip ice cream!

[b]I want to thank Dave Kerpen for being so open and friendly, and for taking the time to talk to me! If you want to keep up with what Dave is doing, check out his website at [/b]

LCS – The Final Finalists Are Chosen

LCS has had its share of finalists this season, haven’t they. It’s like get over it already. I am enjoying the comedy, don’t get me wrong, but can’t they find a new name for these comedians other than finalists. They were finalists when they got in the house. They were finalists before they made the final six and now there’s the final three. My goodness, is nothing ever final on LCS?

Well, Jay Mohr’s hair has certainly made a departure. Ouch! Even I know when I’ve gone too far for a mediocre joke.

Each of the final six were placed in three pairs to determine the final three. Each pair consisted of one grand finalists and one finalist who wouldn’t be going to the finales. (Geez this is tough to follow. My head’s spinning like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist – where’s my medication?)

The first pair was Gary Gulman and Tammy Pescatelli. Gary was so cutans and a red t-shirt. It’s rare that we get an attractive male comedian, so let me ruminate on Gary for just a minute longer. Ah. Okay, I’m done now.

He was funny but not as funny as he was Tuesday night, which is fine. He got in. Tammy had a great set. She should have done it WHEN IT COUNTED! Tammy, you are one of the three weakest links, good-bye. (I still love you, though. Smooches!)

John Heffron and Kathleen Madigan were the next pair. John is so cute, but he’s married. He’s just likable. He talked about snowsuits and elementary school. He’s always pretty good, so it’s not a surprise when Jay announced that John was the second grand finalist.

Kathleen Madigan is an amazing talent who has had moderate success as a comedian. She is a comedian’s comedian and will continue to be a trailblazer. I would have liked to have seen a woman in the grand finale, but that’s just me.

Finally, the final pair to determine the grand finalists out of thex finalists was up. Jay London went before Alonzo Bodden. Jay is probably going to benefit more than anyone else from his appearances on this show. He is popular and kind and deserves all good things that come his way. He didn’t get a slot in the finale, however.

Alonzo was just too good. Alonzo is really the sleeper, here. He’s silent and you don’t know what to think of him sometimes, but man, he could take this title.

Good luck, John Heffron, Gary Gulman and Alonzo Bodden. Y’all deserve to be where you’re at!

The finales will be held on Tuesday night starting at 8pm EST/7 pm CST and they’ll be on for 2 hours instead of one. Look for some of last year’s finalists and surprise performances.

Hasta la Tuesday, babies.

Country Roads, Take Me Home….

The Simple Life 2 – Episode 10, The Season finale

Driving forever…crazy screams when the girls encounter a large moth in the cab of their truck. Nicole tries to brutally murder it with her Channel purse…then chases it out the window. After all they have done so far, a moth still has the ability to bring the entire trip to a stand still – but I must be honest here, though my life is NOTHING like Paris and Nicole’s, finding no matter how small a spider in my car, forces me to throw the vehicle into park in the middle of the street as I leap out into traffic! J

The final leg of the trip! One more job and they’re home! But, slight problem…they’re out of gas! Paris attempts to look under the hood, for who knows what. Can’t get the hood open, and too many bugs, stuck in the middle of no-where, late at night!

Fortunately, a nice family, large family, pull up in their minivan, and rescue Nicole and Paris from the street. The family owns the ranch that they are in the middle of, in Kerville Texas. Missy, Tourism Director at the YAO Ranch, takes the girls back to their truck to fill it up with gas. She puts them in the back of a pick-up and off they go…until the girls go crazy because they think they’ve seen a bug! Missy implies they need to toughen up, or they will not survive this job. (she’s a very serious young lady…I think she needs to lighten up, just a smidge!)

Breakfast first, Missy tricks Paris and Nicole into thinking they are going to be served breakfast of their choice….Naw, not on a working ranch.

Missy starts to tell the girls about their next job, an overnight job! They’re going to have to ride horses to their destination, and Paris has a bit of a panic attack about having to ride again She flashes back to the ‘accident’ earlier in their trip. Whatever! Missy quickly tells Paris that she should get back up and try again. You can’t NOT get back on the horse. She seems to have little sympathy, even when Paris recounts being flown out to the hospital in a helicopter. Hi, you’re Paris Hilton…you could have skinned your knee and gotten the same result!

Before they leave, they have to first ‘brand’ the cows. Paris, being the animal activist that she is, refuses to hurt the cow, and instead they opt to brand the cows with lipstick…which of course leads to some makeup on the cows faces! Their favourite is Bill the cow!

Now, time to get on the horse. Paris is having a moment, when finally she ‘cowboys up’, and climbs aboard. She’s ok! Off on their first trail ride. Nicole, of course, mouthing off to the cows to get them moving. Paris praises them with a singsong ‘gooood cows’.

Not far along, the girls start complaining…whining…wanting to take a nap or eat. They even discuss a breakout, and actually find a hiding spot to take a break. Murph is calling, and Missy finds them behind the trees. She gives them CRAP, and somehow manages to smarten them up. Back to the cows they go, to round up the cows, and get them all behind the fence! Success!! And praise from tough Missy if you can believe that!!

Campfire and s’mores after a long day on the ranch. Paris and Nicole try to comprehend the ranchers’ way of life. How could someone NOT want to see LA, Miami and New York? And, I must give Nicole credit, she actually scores a point for saying ‘we came out here to see’. For a millisecond, Nicole is wise and bigger than anyone else in the area. But we all know that will fade!! Yes, the minute a bug flies by and the girls start flailing and screaming again!

Daybreak the next morning, Missy wakes the sleeping beauties from their tent. Back on the trail. Paris rides up front with Murph, and starts asking him about where they are going and why. They’re off to ‘slaughter’. Emotional moment for Paris and Nicole.

Pay for 1 day instead of 2, because they slacked. The girls try to give the money back to Murph, and buy their favourite cow and save his life. They offer to pay double in fact, and Bill the cow is saved! And Missy is glad to see the girls go…they’ve cost the ranch more money than they should have. As they borrow $20 from Murph for gas!

But, next stop, HOME! Paris and Nicole are on their way to their final destination. ‘Highlight Flashbacks’ as the girls reminisce.

Arriving home, press everywhere, Paris greets the cameras with ‘hi everyone, we’re home’. Small clips with Paris’s sister suggesting Paris would have missed her cell phone the most…and then showing Paris’s mom and dad the home away from home.

To all of you who said we couldn’t do it, we did it!

Sunning by the pool, the butler brings Bill the cow into the yard – happily delivered by UPS. Bill’s first move in his rich backyard, nailing Paris in the stomach with his horn! She loves those animals, but the ones big enough to fight back, seem to hate her!

Welcome home girls!

Stacey 😯

Bad Girls, Bad Girls…Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

The Simple Life 2 – Episode 9

Paris and Nicole are driving through South Central Texas, on their way to meet the next family – The Click Family, on their ranch. Horses, cows, a couple of dogs. A friendly retired couple, discovering their peace and quiet with their son Elton. Serenity on the Click Ranch, the family discusses their calm lives, when what on the horizon does appear? A pink pick up truck tearing up the dirty road, Paris and Nicole squealing all the way!

Bob (Papa Click) meets the girls at the front door, does general introductions, and breaks into his speech about peace and quiet on the Ranch… when Paris and Nicole’s dogs break into an all out cat fight on the couch – of course breaking the girls into giggles.

Papa Click wants to take the girls on a tour of the property in his jeep. Who wants to drive next? Nicole! Wasn’t she the one who wasn’t allowed to drive? Fortunately, Nicole cannot drive a stick shift, and after a brief attempt, gives up and hands the wheel back to Bob. On their drive home, Nicole and Paris drill Bob about his relationship with his wife Gayle; how they met, does he love her, do they *!$#*?

Gayle (Mama Click), is going to teach the girls how to cook…cheese dip! The girls would rather know about Gayle’s interpretation of her marriage. She talks openly with them, and admits, with a military man, there is NO romance. It’s actually rather sad. But, there’s a Cookout to get to….

Family Cookout – a strange man at the cookout, breaks out a guitar and starts singing a love song. Bad slow down editing, drifting between Bob and Gayle, Nicole and Paris want to help the Clicks, rediscover their love. They trap Bob in the kitchen, and tell him the details to winning a girl’s heart; how to dress, what many, many things he needs to buy her, and perhaps some furry handcuffs! Naw, a poem! Shucks! And, to make matters worse, the girls feel that he should ‘practice’ the poem, in front of the mirror and a picture of them together. They even suggest trying to squeeze out a few tears. Bob, ex-military man, doesn’t feel he can do that. BUT, he will read the poem, bad, bad poem, that the girls have written! Brought tears to my eyes!

The next morning, off to their next job!! Some stupid town, is about to make Paris and Nicole, ‘Deputies’ at the local sheriff station!! After far too quickly going through their equipment (less guns, thank god!), the girls change (barely modifying their uniforms), and are deputized…followed by a quick improv dance to the theme from Cops, sung by a dancing gopher. Strange little town!

Quick make-up touch up, the girls are going into the jail to serve food to the criminals. Hmmmmmm, interesting! No fear…. Paris singsongs ‘Lunch is here’. The girls chat with the prisoners, I think trying to make them feel better…and Nicole even breaks bread with one of the inmates, and invites one back to their home if he happens to get out tonight – after having been instructed NOT to speak to the inmates.

Next duty, writing parking tickets. They are actually given a CAR (and told not to touch anything, AS they actually touch everything), and off they go, Nicole hollering and belching over the loud speaker! They of course, stop for donuts! They also stop 3 men from drinking on the street, by making them ‘chug’. Then off for an ice cream, and a quick shopping spree, ‘because we’re cops, we don’t have to pay’.

Then they get back in the car, and believe it or not, they are actually pulling people over!!!! Totally out of hand….IF it wasn’t staged!

Back to the ‘office’, their badges are taken away! But, they do get paid for a day’s work, while Chief Deputy Matt King just hopes HE still has a job.

Back at the Ranch, Bob decks the house out with candles, gets all dappered up, and greets his wife at the door. A romantic meal together, Bob tries to share his feelings with Gayle…. Oh, he recites the poem! Gayle actually looks like she might cry at points….. she’s totally drained of romance! Bob ends by telling us, he thinks Gayle might actually get lucky tonight! Well, lucky, lucky Gayle!

Good-byes at the door, and Nicole leaves the Click’s with a pair of stolen handcuffs!

1299 miles to go….

Stacey 😯

From Snow to Sand – The Amazing Race 5, Episode 5

by aurora

As we catch up with the teams this week, they’re at their latest pit stop – Catherine’s Palace in chilly Russia. Chip and Kim are the first to depart, heading for St. Petersburg by train to the famous Hermitage museum. Once there, they must find a painting by Rembrandt called ‘The Prodigal Son’ – no small feat in the giant museum.

Chip and Kim make it to the first train to St. Petersburg, followed by Colin and Christie on the second train. Lance and Marshall leave third, but Marshall is concerned over his aching knees. He hobbles to a taxi and wonders how he’s going to make it through the race.

Once on the train, the brothers comment on how miserable everyone in Russia is. The weather is miserable, and so are they people they decide. Someone give these guys a quarter so they can buy a better attitude.

The rest of the teams follow to the Hermitage, with the twins and the bowling moms bringing up the rear.

Meanwhile, Chip and Kim are at the museum, confident that they will find the painting because they are familiar with what it should look like. They do indeed find it, and are given their next clue. They now must travel over 2000 miles to Cairo, Egypt to find the Tower of Cairo, a 600-foot observation tower. They exit the museum and head for the international airport.

Close behind, Colin and Christie also find the painting, but decide to go to a nearby travel agency before going to the airport. Chip and Kim are told that the best flight they can get will arrive in Cairo at 3:15pm the following day, while Colin and Christie find a flight that will arrive almost an hour earlier. Lance and Marshall, Charla and Mirna, and Brandon and Nicole also book the same flights as Chip and Kim.

At the airport, Lance (or Marshall – can’t tell which one’s which sometimes) runs into Colin, and discovers that there was indeed an earlier flight. He tells Colin that it seems they have the best flight, and Colin is very pleased.

Back at the Hermitage, the race is once again on between Kami and Karli and Karen and Linda. They both rush into the museum to find the painting. Kami and Karli luck out by finding a local who leads them right to the work of art, then to a travel agency so that they can book tickets on the same flight as the others.

Karen and Linda struggle to find the painting, and when they get their clue and head out, their taxi driver takes them to the domestic airport. This blunder causes them to miss the flight that most of the group is on, and they’re devastated. A quick visit to the Lufthansa office cheers them up though – they can catch a flight the next morning to Frankfurt, where they will meet up with the other racers and connect on the same flight. Lucky moms!

Colin and Christie, already ahead of the pack, find an even faster flight in Paris where they make their connection to Cairo. Now they will arrive over 12 hours ahead of everyone else.

In Frankfurt, Charla and Mirna also head to the ticket counter to see if they can find a faster flight. They do, and book tickets that would bring them to Cairo at 2:25 – 50 minutes ahead of the others. They sneak back to the group and wait until everyone is asleep before creeping off to their departure gate.

Already in Cairo now, Colin and Christie find the Tower of Cairo and discover that it doesn’t open until 9am. They find a quiet spot and sleep until then. Once up the tower, they find one of only two Fast Forwards in the race. They decide to use it, and must complete a task before heading directly to the pit stop.

Their task is to find a sarcophagus and deliver it by ferry to a waiting priest, who will then give them instructions to get to their pit stop. They walk right by the sarcophagus twice, take the ferry without it, and then must go back to get it. They argue a bit, but their lead is so great that they could have taken hours to find the thing and still come in first place for this leg.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is The Sphinx, and Colin marvels at the pyramids along the way. The view is breathtaking. As they arrive, Phil tells them they are the first team to arrive, and Christie prays that they can hold on to their amazing lead on the next leg.

In second place, Charla and Mirna arrive at the Tower of Cairo to find a route marker, instructing them to travel to the Giza Plateau. Once they arrive there, they must follow the yellow rocks to their next task. They find a Road Block, which calls on one of them to climb down a series of ladders into the Osiris Shaft – an underground tunnel full of water. Once down there, they must retrieve a satchel full of ‘artifacts’ and bring them back up.

Mirna again passed the task off to Charla, who didn’t give it a second thought. She donned the gear and made her way down into the shaft, got the satchel and climbed back up. That woman is fearless! Inside the satchel was a puzzle, which they had to put together over a map to find where they had to go for their next clue.

Meanwhile, the next plane carrying the rest of the teams has landed and everyone is on their way to the Giza Plateau (or as Chip called it, The Giza Plaza). Each team completes the Road Block and gets their map, as the twins and the bowling moms continue to duke it out for last place. Linda falls and twists her ankle, causing another setback for the moms.

As most of the teams put their maps together and the last two teams struggle along, Charla and Mirna find their clue – a Detour. They have a choice between ‘Rock and Roll’, or ‘Hump and Ride’. In Rock and Roll, team must drag 600 pounds of solid rock across a sand-covered stretch the size of a football field, using an ancient pulley system used by Egyptians to build the pyramids. In Hump and Ride, teams must ride horses that are hooked up to camels carrying stacks of carpets, for one mile across the desert.

Charla and Mirna note that the Hump and Ride option closes at 5:30pm – it is now 5:27. They race to the horses and camels, and make it there just in time. The men looking after the animals give Charla hugs and praise her, as she dons her jockey gear and gets on the horse. The pair then take their leisurely ride across the desert, stopping to marvel at the sites and appreciate the view.

As night falls, the rest of the teams lose out on the Hump and Ride option and now must all complete the Rock and Roll detour. Chip and Kim make short work of it, as Brandon and Nicole argue and have trouble with their pulley. When Brandon and Nicole’s cart becomes dislodged, they call out to Chip to give them a hand. He obliges, and says that he’s just a nice guy at heart. Lance and Marshal are having a difficult time getting the rocks across, but keep at it.

Meanwhile, the twins get their satchel from the shaft and discard the puzzle pieces, thinking they aren’t important. They head off with no clue as to where they are going. As Kami and Karli take off, the moms arrive at the shaft and get their satchel. They put the puzzle together and head for the Rock and Roll detour.

Kami and Karli meet up with Chip and Kim, and Chip tells them where they need to go. He apologizes for the earlier tension between them, and hopes that things are good between the two teams now. Sure, they’ll be good until they both need a cab at the same time again!

Charla and Mirna reach the Sphinx and check in in second place, followed by Brandon and Nicole, Chip and Kim, and Lance and Marshall.

Kami and Karli struggle with the pulleys, as Karen and Linda arrive to start with theirs. The editing makes it look like there was only seconds between the teams finishing, but I think the twins ended up with a good lead on the moms. Kami and Karli finally arrive at the Sphinx to learn they are the sixth team to arrive.

Karen and Linda bring up the rear, arriving last at the pit stop. Phil had good news and bad news for them – the good news is that this is one of four pre-determined non-elimination legs (say that five times fast!). The bad news is that they have to hand over all of their money right now, and will not receive any cash at the start of the next leg of the race. Karen realizes how tough this is going to be, but proclaims that they’re not going to give up.

Next week, Colin and Christie butt heads with Charla and Mirna, as the moms beg for cash from the poor Egyptian people. Oh, and someone drools over Brandon with his shirt off. Ick!

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I Love Myself Sometimes! Big Brother 5, August 3rd

The episode picks up right after Diane made her nominations of Jase and Scott. Scott was completely blind sided by the nomination after being so sure that the nominations would be Marvin and Jase.

Scott takes Diane to the HOH where she tells him that she wants him around, and that she nominated him to make sure Jase was evicted. She didn’t want Scott winning POV and taking Jase off. She assures him that he will be staying, and that Jase is going to be leaving Thursday. Scott then starts trying to convince her to nominate Marvin if the POV is used. He says that he is a really strong player and they need to get rid of him. He also says that Marvin would nominate her if he had the chance.

After this, The Horsemen gather in the cloud room to discuss nominations. Scott tells them “we win veto, Marvin’s gone”. He “convinced her”. They are happy about this, and they plan on getting Adria on their side. They think she owes them after they “saved her” last week.

Diane, Nokomis, and Will are discussing nominations. Saying that “if Marvin is the strongest player, why didn’t they put him up last week?”. They must break up the 4H.

Drew and Scott in the cloud room discussing the upcoming veto competition. Scott says that Drew needs to convince Diane to nominate Marvin if the POV is used.

Cowboy and Will are in the Head of Household room. Cowboy spills his emotions to Will. He wants his future stepson, “Chasen”, to enter to house. His birthday is in 12 days and Cowboy really wants to see him. He is incredibly homesick, and wants to see his fiancé and his son badly.

The HG’s go out back to find that an army of ceramic pigs had invaded the backyard. They were to paint the pigs any way they wanted for tomorrow’s Power of Veto competition. Karen was obviously the most excited, saying that it was “like Karen porn”. Will’s pig is going on a date with Drew’s pig, but Will’s pig is slutty so “she may take advantage of him”. Cowboy’s pig comes to us straight from Chernobyl, whereas Scott’s pig is the spawn of satin. It has the words “sellout” and “freak” painted on it.

Will enters the hot tub.
[i]Will: “Yes, I’m so fat! Honestly, I can’t even stand it anymore.”.[/i]
He then begins making “come hither” sexual gestures behind Cowboy’s back.
[i]Will: “ We find Cowboy to be the most unsexual creature in the house, and maybe that we’ve even ever met.” Too funny![/i]

Next up is the Power of Veto Competiton. Scott chose Drew, Jase chose Cowboy, and Diane chose Will.
The comp. Is called “This Little Piggy Won the Veto”. The House guests were sequestered in different parts of the house. One by one they must place coins into the piggy banks of their fellow competitors. They can put any number of coins in any bank they choose. If you get more that 20 coins in your bank, you are out. In the end, the person closest to 20, without going over, wins the POV.

Will is up first. He logically places 12 coins into Jase’s pig, and one into his own. Next up is Scott.
“I love myself sometimes, I’m like MacGyver.”. That’s right! He’s proud of himself for giving Diane 12 of the coins! Cowboy, Drew, and Diane apparently have no strategy, as they give the coins out equally. After this, they must bust their beloved pigs and count their coins. In the end Jase won with a score of 18. He then proceeds to loose his mind on national tv. He stands on the podium and begins making neighing noises and pretends he’s riding a horse. He begins yelling and screaming about how he’s staying, and that Diane should enjoy her last week here.
[i]Jase: “The only way I wouldn’t use the POV on myself is if I were to fall down doing victory laps around the pool, crack my head on the concrete, and for some reason go insane”[/i]… too late.

They then corner Diane in the Head of Household room. They say that they won’t nominate her next week. Scott says “I guarantee on the angel on my back” that he won’t nominate her… Ah yes, nothing spells honor like a tattoo.

The girl alliance then begin discussing the painting on the Head of Household wall (The spy screen). Diane puts on her robe, stands in front of it, and says: “Open Says-a-me”, with surprising little luck. Nokomis discovers the remote in the drawer and Diane reads the instructions.
[i]Karen: “They would never keep that secret, they’re too stupid!”.[/i]
They then begin watching an enthralling game of chess going on between the guys. They can’t believe the guys have been watching them for the past 4 weeks.

Will and Jase begin scheming in the Head of Household room. Will makes up a complete lie for the reason he gave Jase so many coins. He says that he dropped one in and thought it was empty, so he put the rest of his coins in to help Jase out. Jase actually believes it, and the two make some sort of unholy alliance.
[i]Will: “Is this alliance truth or is it false? If the girls come into power, the alliance is false. But if he comes into power, you better believe I’m going to keep playing him like a fiddle!”[/i]

The girls begin discussing the pros and cons of nominating Marvin and Cowboy.
[i]Adria: “If you put up Marvin and get him out, you’re doing exactly what they want, and now you’re their puppet.”[/i]
They actually think that Scott is secretly smart… Oh the laughs just keep on rolling!

Marvin needs a haircut and he gets Drew to shave the back of his head. Scott did a bad job cutting it before.
[i]Marvin: “His head look like a rooster’s ass.”[/i]
Diane begins shaving too.
[i]Marvin: “Go head and do it girl, I just knock the hell outcha if ya cut me.”[/i]
He looks at himself and proclaims “I look like a black super hero.”
Marvin wants to spend time with Diane to bond with her. He hopes that she may not nominate him if Jase saves himself.

Adria and Natalie then make, what they hope to be, their final switch. They discuss recent events and go on their merry way. Adria is going to prepare herself to go all out for the HOH.

The Power of Veto meeting is next.
Scott and Jase are dressed in Will’s clothing. Jase has devil horns and Scott has blacked out his front teeth.
[i]Will: “This man’s ego will just not stop. He thinks he’s this comical, sexy guy. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s about as sexy as a wet t-shirt contest at a nursing home.[/i]
Scott and Jase make a complete joke out of the meeting. They think they’re funny, but NOBODY shows any sign of amusement. Jase saves himself by saying [i]“I would just like to say to all of those who conspired against me, to vote me out. I’ve got two words- Kiss my ass! And in the spirit of all the ass kissing, maybe some of you should start kiss your own assess goodbye, because I’m coming back next week with a vengeance.” [/i] Diane is forced to put Marvin up in his place. The 4H are very confident that they will all stay this week.
[i]Scott: “Look at me, I’m smiling. I’m stoked. Marvin’s out of this house, and the 4 horsemen are safe.”[/i]


LCS – Final Six Bring it

The finals were tonight. Jay London went up first. He seems really touched and a little bit overwhelmed by all of the love and attention he’s receiving as a result of the show. He did his usual one-liners. Here are some of the highlights:

=You look at me like I’m on the Discovery Channel
=Pardon my appearance. I’m under renovation.
=May is mental health month, but I got an extension.
=I don’t have to worry about identity theft. No one wants to be me.

Gary Gulman was up next. He still looked hot, despite the taupe suite he must have left over from his accountant days in Boston. He was also very funny and I’m not just saying that ‘cuz he’s cute. I would never do that. Never. Besides, Gary said that winning LCS would be “the coolest thing that ever happened to him in his whole life.” Here are some of his highlights:

=The worst part of the 9-5 is the 9.
=Nine minutes is not a snooze. 90 minutes is a snooze.
=Remember the brown paper towels from Elementary School? You’d start out with a runny nose and end up with a bloody one.
=Why are there so many ads for milk? Who are they targeting? People unaware of milk?
=Every cookie is a sugar cookie. A cookie without the sugar is a cracker.

Third was John Heffron. I didn’t feel that he gave us his best set. I’ve seen him funnier. Much. He did mention that winning LCS would be so cool “because you’d have bragging rights.” Ain’t that the truth, Mr. Heffron. I loved it when he talked about bars for people his (and my) age. Roller rinks with alcohol. Remember the 80s and roller rinks.
Instead of the ‘all-skate’ you could have the recently divorced and bitter skate. Hmmm…Been there…

“When women go out to bars, they’re like the Marines. No one gets left behind… Men are different. They’re like, ‘hey buddy, I might be getting laid tonight, you’re walking…”

Kathleen Madigan was the only comic not to be challenged throughout the competition so she finally got a chance to perform in front of the audience. She said that highlight of winning would be a chance to get on the “Today Show ‘cuz I’ve always wanted to meet Willard Scott.”

Highlights include:
=her analogy of Canada as the US’ attic. Yup. She went there.
=discussion of how kids today NEED to take the SATs.
=Her brother, the stockbroker, asking her how she’s planning for her future and her reply of “Well, I’m learning to write with my other hand in case I have a stroke.”

She also compared alien abduction to fishing and mentioned that John Kerry’s secret weapon is his wife, Teresa “because she controls all the ketchup.” That may be a good strategy. She should phone it in to the Kerry camp.

Tammy Pescatelli had a good set. She did mention that she wants the LCS title so that she can take her ‘career to the next level to help out her family.’ Tammy is all about family and her heritage. She talked about why there are no Sicilians on Survivor. (If I have to explain it, then you don’t know Sicilian stereotypes, k?)

She mentioned that her dad was concerned her sister-in-law would sue her for calling her a “whore”. Then, Tammy pointed out that well, ‘her sister-in-law would have to prove she wasn’t one and that ain’t gonna happen.’ I bet seating arrangements are fun during the holiday season. Makes me think of a family dinner at my house (or Victoria Gotti’s)

She also capped on Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl “wardrobe malfunction”. I did love these two jokes the most, though:

1) I’m a female comedian. How good-looking do I have to be? Who set the bar? Roseanne and Paula Poundstone. (She’s got a point!)
2) Paris Hilton. I’m so proud of her. She’s breaking down barriers. She proves you don’t have to be poor to be “white trash.” (No comment here!)

The final finalist was Alonzo Bodden. He was sharp, quick and dead-on. His writing is crisp, clear and very, very funny. He wants to win this because “it’s validation of his career.” He wanted to own the room, destroy the room. I think he came pretty gosh darn close.

On Iraqi oil: You don’t take over something and NOT use it. Ever seen a carjacker walk?

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out against immigration. Hey, Arnold! You’re not exactly from around here.

Anyway, that’s the recap. Make sure you vote, vote and vote for your favorite comedian and watch Last Comic Standing on Thursday for the results show @ 9pm EST/8pm CST. Or, just read my next recap here!

For Love or Money 4 – How Will it End?

by aurora

For Love or Money is a show based on twists. Of course the main twist involves deception – the woman at the helm of it all, Rachel, knows what’s going on. She knows the whole shebang, since she’s been in the same position as the guys who are left. But the men think she’s unaware that the game involves money.

Rachel also has a bit of an upper hand in that she knows the value of the check that Mike holds. But this bit of information has proven problematic for her – she’s not sure if Mike is into her or into puffing up his bank account with his hefty $250,000 check. The other two guys, David and Caleb, hold checks worth one measly buck. But Rachel doesn’t know this. She even commented that David was saying all the right things on their last date, which made her wonder if he was trying to get her to fall for him because of the money.

So far Rachel has made excellent decisions regarding which guys to send home. She got rid of money-hungry Josh, wimpy Chris, and most recently the arrogant Morgan. All three of these guys had trouble parting with the money, and two of them had trouble keeping their egos in check.

The men that are left, Caleb, Mike, and David, all seem to be great guys. These are men that can offer Rachel some kind of substantiality in a relationship. They’re sweet, they’re romantic, they’re fun, and they seem to be genuine. Mike has stated several times that he’s there for Rachel, and since the other two guys only have a dollar, the chances that they’d take their check over the girl are minimal.

Of course, this is For Love or Money. Would the producers of the show give us three men who would obviously choose love in the finale on a silver platter? Of course not – which brings us back to the subject of twists.

The finale next week is two hours long – plenty of time for final dates, a final elimination to get us down to two men, the ultimate choices of Rachel and her chosen man, and…wait for it…twists. There could be another check swap, but that would be lame since two guys only have a dollar. I’m thinking that the guys will have the option to choose new checks, much like their predecessors in FLOM3. That would throw everything off kilter – maybe Caleb or David would have a change of heart if they ended up with a possible million. Maybe Rachel would feel differently about one of the guys if she knew the value of their check. Maybe even Mike would have second thoughts if he faced the possibility of earning a million bucks for rejecting Rachel.

This is all conjecture at this point – my hunch that the final two guys would be Morgan and Mike was obviously wrong, so I may be way off base here. Anything could happen! I’m sure at some point the men will find out that Rachel knows this is FLOM, and that she was in the final two with Preston choosing PJ over her on the previous series. Will that change their opinions of her?

For now though, let’s take a look at the remaining men, and how they might end up as Rachel’s final choice.

Mike was willing to blow the entire bank in bidding on the first private date with Rachel. He lost his bid, but continued to insist he was there for the right reasons – to find love.

Mike is a sentimental favourite among viewers. He’s quirky enough to be different, romantic enough to seem worthy of the show, and cute enough to be the guy that Rachel has the strongest physical attraction to. The only thing holding Rachel back is the amount of money Mike stands to gain if she chooses him and he rejects her. Mike stands an excellent chance at being in the final two, and a good chance of being the last bachelor standing.

Caleb has kept his game fresh in his pursuit of Rachel. He steps things up every time he sees her, opening up to her and making her feel that he’s interested. Caleb started out with a million dollar check, which he lost to Morgan in the check swap two weeks ago. It must have really burned him to see Morgan get cut, and his check toasted on the open fire this week.

He’s also confident enough to know that he has what it takes to woo a woman, but he’s not so over-confident that he’s completely delusional. Morgan could learn a few lessons from this guy.

Rachel is constantly impressed by Caleb, and let’s face it, she should be. He’s adorable, in a boy-next-door kind of way. If I weren’t married, I’d be sending him letters that start out with, “I’ve never done this before, but I felt the need to contact you…” Okay, that’s a lie. I did send a letter like that once, to John Taylor of Duran Duran, back in the 80’s. My poor young heart was crushed when he didn’t reply. But let’s get back to Caleb, shall we?

Caleb has said many times that he trusts no one, including Rachel. But with a $1 check waiting for him, why would he ever refuse her if she chose him in the end? Rachel is clearly falling for the guy – she gushes about him every time they’re together. I’d say he’s a shoo-in for final two, and has a better-than-average chance at being ‘the one’. If Rachel lets this guy go, she needs her head examined.

Finally, David. David is too cute to be true. He has that little-boy, wide-eyed look about him that most women find irresistible. Personally I wouldn’t know whether to kiss him or feed him cookies and milk, but Rachel seems to like him. He’s fun, he has a relaxed manner about him that puts people at ease, and he’s not afraid to show affection. Rachel is certainly attracted to him, but it seems to be a crush rather than something deeper. My guess is that David will be the first guy eliminated on finale night.

Rachel herself is no idiot. Remember Rob Campos, from the original series? No personality, made completely wrong choices, and walked away with nothing – twice. Rachel is as far removed from that as she could possibly be. She’s smart, she constantly reminds herself that this is a game, and has kept her options as open as she could throughout the whole thing. She speaks her mind, and isn’t afraid to ask questions when she needs to. She’ll do alright no matter the outcome of the show.

So now we sit and wait. What will the FLOM4 finale bring? The summer is still young – could there possibly be another installment coming up? FLOM5, starring Caleb or Morgan or David or Mike or…who knows? Expect twists, surprises, and hopefully a couple who can walk away happy with the choices they’ve made.

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Bowling For Kisses – For Love or Money 4, Episode 4

by aurora

First, let me say that I’m enjoying this season of FLOM more than any of the ones before it. But I have to ask – what is up with the intro? Is it necessary to recap the entire premise of the show (and the previous season), THEN play the theme song and THEN get us up to date with what’s happened so far? Yes, the new theme song is pretty good, and yes, a short recap is inevitable, but maybe they ought to keep it to under ten minutes. I’m just saying…

So this week the guys get together with Jordan to find out about the next session of single dates. Jordan is saying something about alone time, but I’m distracted by his sweater. It’s a beige and black striped knit number, but the collar is either stretched out so it hangs in a bit of a scoop right under his neck, or it was designed to do that. I can’t decide if I like it or not.

Anyway, there are four single dates today. The catch is that Rachel will be deciding which man she spends each date with by choosing their picture on her cell phone. The guys will gather in the event room every three hours to find out who’s going on the next date. Rachel can date each one of them, or she can choose the same guy more than once.

Caleb and Morgan are both very enthused about the idea of taking time away from one of the other guys. David just wants to get at least one of the dates since he’s had relatively little alone time with Rachel thus far. Mike really wants to be the first guy Rachel picks, since that will show him that she’s thinking about him first thing in the morning.

The men go to the event room where a large-screen television is set up with a countdown clock. At precisely 9am, Rachel will select the picture of the guy she wants to start her day off with. The screen shows a picture of Mike, and he goes out to meet Rachel in the limo.

Rachel picked Mike because she wants to get to the bottom of his motives. As soon as he gets in the car, she starts in with questions. She wants to have a serious discussion, but Mike just wants to relax and have a good time. Is this Mike’s strategy to get more than one date out of Rachel? We’ll see!

The two of them head out for some lawn bowling. They don white outfits provided to them, and each thinks the other looks smashing. Rachel asks what they’re playing for, and Mike says ‘kisses’. Sounds good to Rachel! Mike throws his first ball, and Rachel then knocks it out of the way with hers. He calls her a hustler, and this catches Rachel off guard. I’m not sure if she’s concerned because he might think she’s really a hustler, or if the term made her think that he might be a hustler. Either way, she’s back to worrying that Mike has a $250,000 check and she’s not sure if he’d choose her over that much money.

The game ends and Rachel and Mike head off for some cuddle time. While they’re sitting together, Rachel reaches for her cell phone. It’s time to pick the guy she wants to spend the next three hours with. Caleb, David, and Morgan are all huddled together in front of the TV when David’s face comes flashing across the screen. He’s excited, and heads for the limo.

David arrives at a park, where Rachel is waiting for him. They go rollerblading, and Rachel is charmed by how much fun David is. They end up at a little picnic which has been set up just for them, complete with luxurious blankets and pillows, and of course a bottle of wine. They talk and laugh and drink, and they’re both really impressed with each other. Even I have to admit that they look adorable together.

While the lovebirds are boozing and flirting, Mike has arrived back at the mansion. Caleb confronts him, asking about the last group date they went on with Rachel. Apparently Mike bragged to Morgan that he and Rachel “made out for like ten minutes” on that date. Caleb had no idea, and questions Mike about it. Mike responds that he “wouldn’t exactly call it ‘making out’”, while clips are shown of him and Rachel in a tight liplock. Caleb is nervous – he realizes that if he gets a chance to have a date with Rachel today he’s going to have to step up his game.

Back at the park, Rachel tells David she has to do her cell phone thing. David tries to gently convince her to pick him again. Back at the house, the three men are waiting once again on the couch for the picture of the next lucky guy. Caleb admits privately that this is the first time he’s been truly nervous, and he really wants that date. Morgan, meanwhile, is starting to stress that he might not get a date. He can’t figure it out – he’s the champ here, and the other guys should be trying to knock him out of the running. How is he not getting a date here? He then rationalizes that Rachel must have had SUCH a good time last week with him, that she doesn’t need to see him again to know she’s keeping him around.

The television countdown hits 3pm, and Caleb’s mug comes up. He’s off to the waiting limo, which takes him out to Malibu for a little wine-tasting with Rachel. Seems that half a bottle of red with lunch didn’t quite hit the spot for our bachelorette.

They sit together and taste some wine, and Caleb makes the most of an opportunity to give Rachel a small, quick kiss on the lips. Rachel is impressed with how much he’s continuing to open up to her. As the date progresses they get closer and ‘cuddlier’, holding hands and talking. They come across a couple of chairs chaped like giant hands, and since the chairs are so far apart from each other Caleb suggests she sit on his lap.

Rachel really wants a deep, passionate kiss from Caleb, but he’s holding out. He knows she’s kissed the other guys, and tells her he doesn’t want to kiss her like that when she’s going to eventually be kissing his roommate. They go to the limo, and Rachel makes it her mission to seduce Caleb into giving her what she wants. After a bit more protesting, Caleb gives in and they kiss passionately. Rachel is blown away by the kiss, and Caleb is glad he relented. Rachel is definitely falling hard for Caleb, but he still has his guard up. He doesn’t trust anyone, including her.

It’s time for the final date, and Morgan is beside himself. He can’t fathom that he won’t be the one. Mike and David are also sure that Rachel is wanting to spend time with each of them, and will choose Morgan for the last date. They’re all surprised, however, when Mike’s face appears on the screen.

Rachel doesn’t feel that her questions were answered on her first date with Mike, so she wants to spend some more time with him. Looks like his plan, if it was indeed a plan, worked! Morgan is totally dejected. It doesn’t make sense to him that Rachel would ‘make out’ with him on one date, then leave him out in the cold the next time. And he certainly can’t get his head around the possibility that he might be eliminated.

Mike goes out to meet Rachel in front of the mansion. They go ‘round back and find a nice dinner set up for them. During the meal, Mike notices that Rachel’s demeanour has changed and she’s acting guarded with him. He asks her, and she says that she felt he was being guarded with her earlier in the day. He asks her if verbal confirmation is what she’s looking for, and then says that he’s very attracted to her. She’s all smiles again, having heard exactly what she wanted to hear from Mike. Privately she says that on a physical level Mike is exactly her type, but that scares her because she doesn’t want to let herself go with him only to have him choose the money in the end.

After dinner, Rachel invites Mike to join her in the hot tub. Mike has to go back up to the bedroom to change, and the other guys get a few jabs in while he’s there. Mike thinks they’re jealous, and he’d be correct. When he leaves, Morgan figures it’s game over for the rest of them. David is more optimistic, saying that there’s a possibility that Rachel picked Mike a second time because she’s unsure of him.

In the jacuzzi, Rachel and Mike get very physical. Seems that Rachel is much more comfortable with him now that he’s cleared the air about his feelings for her.

The next night is Elimination Night. The men once again don their tuxedos and stand out on the balcony waiting to go downstairs. Morgan says there’s a 25% chance he’s leaving, and David responds with “but there’s a 75% chance you’re staying”.

The guys head outside to resume their spots on the stairs. As Rachel comes out, Caleb, David, and Mike all seem captivated by her and smile broadly. Morgan, however, looks like he has roaches crawling under his tux. Rachel says that she had a wonderful time on the dates yesterday, and thanks them for taking the time to get to know her better, since she really enjoyed getting to know all of them.

David is called down first, and Rachel wants him to stay. She had so much fun with him on their date, and wants to explore things further. He smiles like someone just gave him a lifetime supply of candy and heads up the stairs. Next is Caleb, who Rachel is even more impressed with than she was last week. She wants him to stay too.

Mike and Morgan are still waiting to find out who’s staying and who’s going. Mike is starting to look a bit uncomfortable, but Morgan looks like his socks are on fire. Rachel ends the misery and calls Morgan down first. She says she had a wonderful time with him on their last date, and Mike winces in the background. However…since Rachel has had the chance to go on single dates with the others, she realizes that the chemistry she shared with Morgan just wasn’t as strong as she thought it was. Unfortunately, with that, she has to ask for the ring back.

Mike is the last one called down, and of course Rachel wants him to stay. He’s very happy and relieved as he joins David and Caleb on the landing. Rachel thanks them, and says goodnight.

Morgan goes to burn his check, and tells the camera that he’s disgusted with Rachel. If she’s going to make out with him like that then send him packing because there’s no chemistry, then she’s not the kind of girl he’d want to date anyway.

Next week is the two-hour finale of FLOM4. I’m sure there will be a few more twists before the final decisions are made.

The three guys that remain, Caleb, Mike, and David, are all quality guys. Since two of them have only a dollar, I have no doubt they’d choose Rachel over the money. Mike still seems genuine, although he did hint a few times last night about his check and how he can’t even think about it when he’s with Rachel. My hunch last week, that Mike and Morgan would be the last two standing, was obviously wrong! Rachel has made excellent decisions thus far, and is now left with men that can truly offer her something substantial in a relationship. This is rare and refreshing!

I’ll leave you with two final words this week: GO CALEB!!

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