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This One’s For Will – Big Brother 5, August 21st

by aurora

Just to catch us up to speed, we get a review of what happened last week. Adria demolished any ties left to the pinky-swear alliance by casting the deciding vote to evict Will. Nakomis comments that Will leaving added 100 tons of oil into her already-raging bonfire.

In the diary room, Adria says that she feels that she took out a mojor player in the game. She commends herself for having the strength to do it. Marvin likens himself to David Copperfield, having escaped eviction three weeks in a row. Diane is upset for having lost Will, and resigns herself to stick with Nakomis and Marvin. Drew comments that seeing Will leave reminded him that this is a game, and any one of them could go at any time.

Marvin was positive that he was the pawn last week, and tells Cowboy that he’s surprised to still be there.

Drew and Diane are feeling a bit of tension. Diane is upset that Drew voted for Will last week, but knows that Drew is his own person and will play the game the way he feels he needs to. They both realize that one of the twins will be gone this week.

Adria and Natalie talk about Will’s parting comment, “If Karma is a boomerang, I’ll see you sooner than later.” Adria questions what karma refers to. “Did he mean Karma Electra? She can throw down some dance moves!” They can’t decide if Will’s comment was positive or negative. (side note – surely this is some creative editing! No one can be that dumb!)

Nakomis confesses in the diary room that it feels great to have won HoH. She’s proud to be the first person to win it more than once, and now she’s gunning for the twins. She mentions the pinky-swear, and says that someone owes her a finger. Diane’s next, and says that although she really wanted HoH, she’s glad Nakomis got it because Nak is more upset with the twins than anyone else.

Adria’s turn in the diary room now, and she speculates on who the nominations might be. She thinks one of the twins could go up, but thinks that maybe Drew or Marvin are also at risk. Drew thinks that Cowboy will be put up.

Now we come to a little segment on the way the twins speak to each other. Diane calls it Twinglish, and says that twins just have a connection. Drew agrees, and says that sometimes they don’t even have to speak to understand exactly what the other is thinking. We get to see lots of clips of Adriatalie speaking to each other in what sounds like a foreign language.

Diane and Nakomis huddle in the HoH room talking about the twins and the nominations. There’s a clip of the pinky-swear (which, as we all know, does indeed include Will). Nakomis again says that someone owes her a finger. She adds that she hasn’t talked to Marvin, Cowboy or Drew at all. Diane says that this one is for Will.

Nakomis calls the houseguests to gather for the food competition. They head out to the backyard and find a couple of fancy-schmancy dining tables set up. Their plates are already served, covered, and waiting for them. Nakomis reads that each houseguest has, under the cover, their favourite meal. Each houseguest will now have to eat their meal in under three minutes. Each one is playing for a different day of the week – if the houseguest finishes their meal successfully, they get food for that day. If not, they’er on PB&J for that day.

Cowboy is up first, and he has sweet and sour chicken, rice, fortune cookies, and Dr. Pepper. He brings his plate up to the front and is ready to go, but Nakomis tells him to wait. There’s a twist – this challenge is called “Smoothies From Hell”! She pulls out a blender and tells everyone that they won’t be eating their meals, they will be drinking them.

Cowboy’s food is dumped into the blender, and Nakomis makes him a nice beige-coloured shake out of it. He gulps it down while doing some kind of dance (which Marvin impersonates rather well later in the DR), and ends up completing the task. They get real food on Friday.

Marvin’s up next, and he has deep-fried lobster, shrimp, oysters, lemon wedges, and a Corona with lime. Nakomis makes him a chunky shake, and Marvin has serious troubles getting it down. In the DR, Marvin says it was like trying to drink battery acid mixed with dog vomit. Marvin fails, and a red ‘x’ is added to the chart for Saturday.

Natalie has fettucine alfredo, chocolate cake, and a nice big glass of red wine. She finishes hers with no problems. Drew gets spinach artichoke dip, filet mignon, a baked potato, broccoli, and a Corona with lime. He has some troubles (Nakomis comments in the DR that he vomited a little bit in his mouth), but gets it down.

Karen finally gets her Taco Bell – a big bean burrito, a taco, a choco-taco for dessert, and of course, a Diet Coke. She drinks her shake without incident, and comments in the DR that she’s tough; “Don’t mess with this! Of course when I stub my toe I cry…”

Adria has filet mignon, a sweet potato, and some kind of coffee ‘my style’. She drinks it down and gets food for everyone. Diane is up last, and she has spinach pizza, chicken, a potato, veggies, and water. She drinks her shake as well, commenting that she just has to pretend that she’s at the bar. Marvin quips, “Someone might actually get lucky tonight!” Diane finishes her shake, and the houseguests end up with food every day but Saturday.

Back in the house, the storage closet is stocked with food and the houseguests give a cheer.

Nakomis gets the key to the HoH room and announces that it’s ready. They all file in to see the usual basket of treats, and pictures of her boyfriend Donald. Nakomis gets letters from home, and a CD that Donald made for her of songs that remind him of her. She gets very emotional over the cover art for the CD – which features a dead and bleeding bird. Marvin says in the DR that a bleeding bird wouldn’t be the first thing that came to mind if he were thinking of someone he loves. Donald has also sent a picture of himself with the lyrics to Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ written on the back.

Nakomis sits with Diane and reads a letter from her younger sister out loud. Her sister says it’s neat to see her clothes on television (guess Nak raided her closet before leaving!), and that she’s happy to see that Nakomis is being true to herself and not acting like a different person on the show. She also says that it’s cool to find out they have an older brother, and now Nakomis isn’t the oldest anymore.

In the bathroom, Cowboy tells Drew that he’s been watching Drew and Diane kiss, and attempts to give Drew some pointers. How creepy is that? Drew thinks he’s doing just fine thankyouverymuch, and Cowboy tells him to practice some more and then he’ll see how Drew has improved. This leads to a segment on Drew and Diane both complaining how the other kisses.

Adria and Natalie invite the rest of the houseguests to do some stretches and aerobics with them, but Cowboy is the only taker. He follows them around looking like a clumsy toddler, and Adria comments privately that Cowboy isn’t quite in touch with his co-ordination skills. Diane can’t even watch.

The houseguests return inside to find that their table has been replaced with a much smaller one. Marvin seems to notice first, saying “Does anyone notice anything different in here?” Cowboy picks up on the smaller table, which leads to reflections on how far into the game they all are, and they’re grateful to still be there.

Natalie enters the HoH room and tells Nakomis that she doesn’t have anything against her personally. She says that she’s always available to her and that she would love to stay in the house. Nakomis asks Natalie if she voted for Will last week, and Natalie admits she did. But only because Will couldn’t assure her safety for the following week. (uh, right.) Nakomis says whatever she does, she’s doing for a reason.

Next up is a segment on Marvin’s funky feet. No, not because he dances so much, but because his tootsies smell atrocious. Diane and Karen say the smell makes them physically ill, and Diane says that she doesn’t understand how Marvin gets women to stay with him after he brings them home and takes off his shoes.

Adria takes her opportunity to kiss Nakomis’ butt in the HoH room. She says that she’s never had a problem with Nakomis and that she respects her. Nakomis asks why Adria chose Will to put up and to evict. Adria says that it was the safest thing for her, because she knew Will would come after her. Nakomis says that she hasn’t made up her mind completely. In the diary room, Nakomis says that Adria is going up regardless, but she’s not sure whether to put her up with Natalie, Cowboy, or Marvin.

Nomination day finally rolls around. Nakomis goes to get the keys to place in the box, and says that some of the black and white pictures of the evicted houseguests are simply ashes of past victories, while others are oil for her raging fire. She says that she is nominating the ones who have wronged her the most, and she’s not going to let the dog bite her twice.

The houseguests gather around their new, smaller table. Nakomis brings the box out and explains the process. She pulls the first key – Marvin. Drew is the next safe one, followed by Diane, Karen, and Cowboy.

Nakomis explains the obvious – that she’s nominated Natalie and Adria for eviction. She tells them that they are the only ones who have broken a direct promise to her. She says it’s the same reason for both of them, so she only has to make the speech once.

Adria confesses in the diary room that she’s not surprised, and now she has to just focus on the veto. Cowboy says that the two strongest, most competitive women are now on the block. Diane says the twins will now both be fighting to save themselves, but she doesn’t care which one of them goes as long as it’s one of them. (This sentiment seems to be shared by most of the houseguests.)

As the show closes, Nakomis says that “One of them will pay.”

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Pinky Swears, Karma, and a Mental Coin Toss – Big Brother 5, August 19th

by aurora

Thursday night means live evictions, and this week is a bit of a nail-biter. After nominating Marvin (again) and ally Will, Adria won the Power of Veto and decided not to use it because no one kissed her butt enough to be taken off the block. She then threw a fit and asked the house to make it a tie vote so she could make the decision herself. So basically we have the twins and their allies (Cowboy and Drew), and, well, everyone else.

Diane kicks things off with her worries about being caught in the middle of two alliances. She loves and trusts Will, and is uncomfortable with the twins. Will reveals that the main reason he’s upset with Adria is because they pinky-swore the first week that they wouldn’t vote for each other, and now she’s gone and put him up.

In the DR, Diane says that Drew was in the HoH room with Adriatalie for 45 minutes the other night, and that ‘paranoys’ her. She doesn’t know who to trust, and she certainly doesn’t know which way Drew will vote.

We then see a clip of Diane walking into the kitchen at 2am, where she catches Marvin and Natalie in conversation. She says that as soon as they saw her, Marvin scurried off like a cockroach. What Natalie said to Marvin was something about not throwing a book away because it’s torn and weathered, because what’s on the pages could still be valuable. I suppose that was some kind of hint that he needn’t worry about leaving, but frankly it went over my head just as well as Marvin’s. Anyway, Diane asks Natalie if that was Marvin she just saw, and Natalie confirms it was, and that he was just getting something to eat.

The following day Diane tells Will and Nakomis what she saw, and Will gets very angry. He wants to confront her – Natalie and Marvin are supposed to hate each other! Diane calms Will down though, reminding him that the twins think she’s on their side and calling Natalie out would expose her.

Diane heads inside to see where Marvin is, and asks him what the deal is with Natalie. He says he doesn’t really know, and that Adria is sure on a power trip this week. Diane is feeling awful – she doesn’t know who to vote for and doesn’t want to see either one of them leave. That’s exactly how the viewers feel, Di.

Drew and Cowboy are talking about Diane, and Drew is wondering whether he can trust her. If she ever betrays him in the house, he won’t be attracted to her afterwards. Huh? Drew honey, you’re pretty – don’t ruin it by speaking. Cowboy says that Diane needs to go next week, and then tells Drew that if he saves her again, “I’ll kick your freakin’ ass!” Note to CBS editors – this is when we need a commercial break, because I had to pause the damn show while I collected myself off the floor and wiped the tears of laughter out of my eyes.

Back to Diane, who is sitting with Drew. She wants to know how he did it when he was in the middle of alliances; how did he get through it? He says nothing, and she asks him who he’s going to vote for. He doesn’t know (anyone surprised?), and Diane agrees that she doesn’t either. Adria comes in the room, and Diane says, “Put me up next week. Put me up and vote me out.” Diane leaves as Adria says, “It’s not up to me!” Adria wonders what she just walked into, and Drew tells her that Diane is stuck between the two sides.

Now Julie joins the houseguests live (via the television screen) to ask them a few questions. Karen says the house is “clean and not sticky” without Jase, Diane hates PB&J and will never eat it again once she leaves the house, and Cowboy says that the best fashion tips he’s learned from the people in the house are to be clean-shaven and spike his hair. He says this as he’s primped himself for the live show by growing some stubble and wearing his cowboy hat.

Julie asks Nakomis what she’d do for a day out of the house, and she says she’d cut off her right arm for a ride in a car. Not just any ride in a car, she’d even go so far as to be hand-cuffed, blindfolded, and thrown in the trunk of any random car. This is what’s known as extreme cabin fever, and it looks like most of the other houseguests agree with her.

Well, Julie has a surprise for them! One lucky houseguest will have the opportunity to get out of the house for a day, and get a walk-on role on The Young and the Restless. That’s right, it’s America’s Choice (hey, how about making it North America’s choice – us Canucks get to vote too y’know!)

Of course we get to see some diary room thoughts on the eviction. Karen says this is the most psychologically difficult week with Marvin and Will on the block. She is tormented. She could carry on in the house without Will, but she doesn’t want to. Drew thinks that Marvin is a good player and therefore a threat, but he’s also scared of Will’s alliance. On the other hand, if he votes to evict Marvin, he would win the trust of Will and the alliance. Natalie doesn’t trust Will as much as she once did, but Marvin is hard to read.

Last week we met Marvin’s very sweet mother, so this week we get to take a peek into Will’s life. His friends in New York (wait, who knew he lived in New York?) fully support him, and gather together to watch the show each week and cheer on ‘their boy’. They love Marvin, the hate the twins, and they say that normally Will stands up for himself and lays things on the line with people. They love the fact that Will can get along with everyone, from the black dude, to the alternative chick, to the Cowboy.

Off to talk live with Adria in the HoH room. As I get the puke bucket ready, Julie asks how difficult the nominations were this week. Adria spouts off some nonsense about thinking that she had a strong team behind her, and then finding out that the alliance wasn’t as strong as she thought. (This of course has nothing to do with the fact that she nominated one of her supposed allies and then turned into a whiny spoiled drama queen, I’m sure.) Adria also feels that Natalie has suffered this week because of the fallout from the nominations.

More diary room confessions; Nakomis likes Marvin, and says that Will is always willing to make sacrifices for the good of the cause. Diane would love to see Marvin stay and put the twins up next week (why do they always assume who is going to win the HoH competition? I mean, ALWAYS!?) Cowboy says that Will has a huge alliance and voting him out would be good for him (CB) personally.

The nominees get a chance to say something, and Will makes a heart-felt speech. He thanks his friends and family because he can feel their support, and then thanks all of the houseguests for what he says has been an enlightening experience. He will live a more fulfilling life now because of what they’ve all been through together.

Marvin, who has already done this twice, says a quick thank you to everyone and then promises to act gay one day a week if Will is evicted. He then breaks into his ‘vote for me’ dance. Where’s a twist when you really need one? You know, the twist that goes “we’ve decided to borrow a page from The Amazing Race, and this week is actually a non-eviction week! Sorry for the undue stress!”

Each houseguest is called into the diary room, one by one, to vote. The votes go like this:

Cowboy: Will
Karen: Marvin
Nakomis: Marvin
Natalie: Will
Drew: Will
Diane: Marvin

Well there we have it folks, the tie that power-hungry Adria pleaded for. So now she gets to cast the deciding vote. Rats, things aren’t looking good for our boy Will.

Adria babbles about how she’s come to love both guys, and now she can’t believe that she has to choose between them. Where’s that bucket? She says she ‘tossed a coin in her head’ and is voting to evict Will. (A coin? In your HEAD? Can you hear it rattling around in there when you walk Adria, ‘cause there ain’t anything else in there to keep it company!)

As Will is walking to the door, Natalie opens her arms to hug him. He brushes her off and keeps walking. At the door, he hugs the others and tells them he loves them. Adria approaches him with her arms raised as well, and Will physically puts her arms down for her and asks her to just listen. He then says, “If Karma is a boomerang, I’ll see you sooner than later.” You go Will! We love you!! Of course Adria is stunned and asks him to repeat it, which he does, slowly, while walking out the door.

As Will joins Julie, Adria tells everyone that she’s glad none of them had to go through what she went through this week, and she thinks that things will be easier now. No one answers her, and she stands looking depressed and alone.

Julie asks Will about Adria, and he says that her true personality is finally showing. He went to bat for her when she was up for eviction, and then she not only put him up, but ensured him he was safe only to cast the deciding vote to evict him. He’s really angry, and rightfully so. He says that the other houseguests will see that she is untrustworthy.

Will is also angry that Adria couldn’t take responsibility for her actions and had to use the excuse that Jesus came to her in the night and showed her who to nominate. He then gets to see the video messages from the others, saying goodbye in the event he was evicted. Drew admits that the vote was strategy on his part, and says “no hard feelings”. Diane hopes he’s not seeing this, because if he is that means he’s not sitting on her lap in the house where he should be. When Adria’s face appears on the screen, Will reacts like she’s the unholy spawn of Satan and holds his hand up and looks away. Karen’s message is last, and it brings Will to tears. He’s going to miss the very real friendships he made in the house. Julie asks him who was worse – Adria or Jase? Adria, hands down.

It’s time for the HoH competition, and it’s yet another quiz thing. The remaining houseguests line up outside at their little cubicles, with a wheel in front of them that has the faces of all of the evicted houseguests except Will on it. Julie will ask them questions based on the questionnaires they all answered before the show premiered. Whoever is the last person standing, wins HoH.

Cowboy and Natalie are eliminated after the first question (woot!). They are followed by Marvin, Drew, and Karen, leaving Nakomis and Diane in the game. A slew of wrong answers leaves things tied up, and Julie breaks out the tie-breaker question. The girls get out their chalkboards, and as usual, whoever answers closest to the correct number without going over wins. The question is, how many pound of M&M’s were used in the movie night luxury competition? Nakomis answers 500, and Diane answers 400. The correct answer is 900, and Nakomis is crowned Head of Household! Yippee!

As the show closes, the houseguests are standing in the backyard talking about the challenge. We hear Diane say that she answered Holly as the person who doesn’t like to read because she thought Holly was too dumb to read. Holly, are you watching? The reunion show is gonna be fun!! Adria and Natalie stand together, silently, as the rest of the group talks around them.

Will Nakomis nominate the twins? Is there another six-finger plan to be made? Tune in on Saturday for the nominations.

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Meet The Wimpeater – The Amazing Race, Episode 7

[i]by Atarus[/i]

So the show starts out on good ol’ Crocodile Island, the pit stop of the last leg of the race. Colin and Christie are the first to head out, and they open their clue. The teams have to take a flight to Cairo, and then in Cairo they have to find a flight to Nairobi, Kenya, where then they must take a charter flight to a mystery location. That’s a lot of flying in one clue if you ask me. Anyway, Colin and Christie are off, still concerned about keeping their lead over the other teams. Chip and Kim are next, and they talk about how they’re working together now, and that more brainpower than brawn will help them succeed in the race. The twins follow Chip and Kim, and then Brandon and Nicole follow them, spouting off something or other about putting their trust in the Lord.

Next we see Mirna and Schmirna trying desperately to open their clue. It takes them at least a minute just to open the darn thing, and you have to wonder just how they made it this far in the race. Linda and Karen are the last to leave, and both Mirna and Schmirna and the bowling moms think that they may miss the 7 AM flight because both leave around 6:30-6:40ish. But they arrive, and lo and behold, the flight has been delayed. So all teams are now on the same flight to Cairo.

They reach the Old Airport, and then it’s a race to get to the New Airport. Mirna and Schmirna get the crazy driver this time instead of Chip and Kim. Kami and Karli are the first to reach the airport, followed by Christie and Colin and Mirna and Schmirna. While Colin pays the driver, Christie stands in front of the entrance to the terminal to block Mirna and Schmirna from getting in. Words and expletives are exchanged, and then both teams race to the terminal to find that it’s closed.

Colin and Christie get Chip and Kim, Kami and Karli, and Brandon and Nicole together and say that they just want to beat Mirna and Schmirna. Brandon and Nicole say they don’t really feel that way against them, but they’re just going along with the group…thank God they aren’t on Survivor. (Pun intended.) Chip and Kim make the observation that there’s a Colin camp and a Mirna camp, and they’re hoping the groups will end up taking each other out. And while I like the dooflebag that is Colin a bit more than I do Mirna, the bowling moms are absolutely right when they say that the cousins are smarter. Sadly.

Colin almost makes a huge mistake on getting on a Swiss flight to Nairobi which would put them way behind Mirna and Schmirna and Linda and Karen. Mirna and Schmirna make faces at the camera and brag, but eventually Colin scores tickets for the flight too, and all six teams are yet again equal. When they reach the layover stop, Mirna/Schmirna and the bowling moms take a gamble on a flight that would get them a half-hour ahead of the other teams. However, their flight is delayed so they are instead behind the other two teams.

There are three times for the charter flights in Nairobi. Colin and Chip score the first times, and Kami and Brandon score the second flight. Mirna and the moms end up on the third flight. The teams get to see Mt. Kilamanjaro on their flight, which is kinda cool. Brandon and Nicole talk more about God. God, they’re starting to annoy me. The flights land in Tanzania. Colin and Chip grab clues at nearly the same time, and they find they have to take a bus to Mto Wa Mbu. Hurray for African names! Kim and Chip are excited to be in Africa because it’s their heritage and stuff.

Brandon/Nicole and the twins arrive next, and for some reason they end up with the Bus Nazis, who are expecting $200 for their services, while the first two teams only paid $5 for their ride. Eventually they get going, but they aren’t happy with their driver. Colin and Chip both arrive at the next clue at the same time yet again, and they find it’s a Detour. Buzzing or Busy. Buzzing, you have to be covered in bees, but in a beekeeper’s suit, and harvest 2 kilograms (I think? Maybe just grams) of honey. Busy, you have to carry two chairs to an address that could be far away, and then bring the receipt back to the furniture store.

Both teams choose Busy, and while Chip and Kim’s guide gets confused at first, both teams toddle off towards their respective delivery points. The Bus Nazis go on a rampage, and expect full payment before they arrive at their destination. However Brandon stands up to them and says that he wants to get to the destination first, and then they’d pay. The Bus Nazis agree to this and leave Brandon alone. In a contrast, Chip and Kim are treated very nicely, get watermelon and hospitality from the people they delivered the chairs to. Then we go back to Brandon and Nicole and the twins, where the bus has broken down and they’re out of gas. Mirna and Schmirna and the moms pass the bus while it’s out of gas, and Brandon and the twins are frustrated with their drivers. Eventually the bus gets gas, but Brandon has to pay for the gas for some reason. (Extortionist, anyone?) But the bus ends up passing the Mirna bus, so all is well for Brandon.

Colin and Christie finish their errand first, and they have to travel to the town of Kibaoni and find the Kavishe Hotel for their next clue. They trod off, and then the Bus Nazi bus arrives. Brandon and Nicole get into an argument with the Bus Nazis, Bus Nazi hits Nicole, Nicole says some very un-Christian like things, and Brandon is a nice guy, but the Bus Nazi is, well, a Bus Nazi. Eventually they got away from him, though, and headed to the Detour, where both the twins and Brandon and Nicole also choose Busy. (I just have to point out, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Brandon, Nicole, and the twins this entire time…those Bus Nazis were just rude and evil.)

Colin and Christie arrive at the Hotel, where they discover a Road Block! They have to eat a whole ostrich egg, after cooking of course. Colin says he’ll do it since Christie did the caviar, but he has a very sensitive gag reflex for anything other than McDonald’s food. Colin is also egg-breaking-handicapped, because he goes through three eggs before correctly filling the bowl. Meanwhile, Mirna, Schmirna, and the bowling moms arrive and they both also choose Busy for the Detour. Schmirna says that they’ll get stuck in a puddle so they have to go around, and then the bowling moms trudge right through it.

Chip and Kim arrive at the Road Block, and Chip obviously again chooses to do the eating. He breaks his egg and fills the bowl in one try, and you can see the fuses in Colin’s brain exploding as he watches Chip. Chip says he was the “Michael Jordan of eating caviar” but the eggs are harder because you can’t just swallow them. Chip and Colin are having an eat-off, but Chip is a champion, while Colin is the wimpiest eater I’ve ever seen. He decides that cooking the eggs more will make it easier on him, so Chip gets a major lead on him, and finishes first.

The next clue is that they have to travel to the valley’s edge, and use a Flying Fox to travel down to the gorge, where then they must go by foot to the Lake Manyara Lookout, which is the next Pit Stop of the race. While Colin the Wimpeater is struggling with eggs, everyone catches up to him. As Mirna and Schmirna arrive, Christie whispers “Charla and Mirna are here” and Colin looks up with fire in his eyes. At this point I expect the Rocky theme to start playing, and Colin to tear through the eggs, but instead, he just chokes and vomits some more. Le sigh.

Chip and Kim tear off down the zipline, excited as always. They get first place, and win a trip to Latin America! Go Chip and Kim! Colin finishes his eggs first out of the group, and Colin and Christie get a respectable second place. Linda and Karen are the third to finish the eggs and end up third (way to come from behind, bowling moms!). Brandon finishes the eggs next, and he and Nicole wind up fourth place for this leg.

So it’s down to the twins and Mirna and Schmirna as to who’s going to be last. Neither are heavyweight eaters, but they’re both trudging through the egg. However, the twins finish theirs first, and they’re off to the zipline, where they fly in and finish fifth.

So Mirna and Schmirna are the last team to arrive. Through tricky editing, we think that it’s going to be a non-elimination leg, but unfortunately for the cousins, it is not, and Mirna and Schmirna are eliminated. And now a word from my heart on their elimination.


Ahem. Charla (yes, I called her by her real name, I’m a nice guy, really.) gives a heartfelt speech on how she was just out to prove that she could do things, and that it’s much harder for her, but she still does them. Honestly, I could stand her the entire time…she should have picked a less whiny and annoying partner for the race though.

Again, my tape cut off before the preview for next week’s episode (I need to get my VCR timer fixed) but I’m sure we’ll be treated to an exciting non-elimination leg next episode! As for my predictions on who the final 3 will be, I say Colin/Christie, Chip/Kim, and Brandon/Nicole. I’ve thought those three would be the final three since Bob and Joyce were eliminated, and I still hold fast to that. If you are a fellow Chip and Kim fan, and want them to beat the other teams horribly, my e-mail is, feel free to drop me a line. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear from you. Just kidding, all e-mails are welcome. Seriously. Well, until next time!

“Wonder Twin Powers. . . Nauseate!” Big Brother 5, August 17th

Well well well it’s day 43 and Adria has nominated Marvin and Will. She gave some completely asinine speech which leaves a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. Both nominees are completely shocked. They retreat to the backyard. They are understandably pissed, saying she nominated “the black and the gay”.
[i]Marvin:”I fought to keep Adria in the game. Oh I see why, so you can brang yo twin devil up in here”.[/i]
They’re not the only ones pissed though. Nokomis and Karen are pissed as well. They feel very betrayed, and are worried what the twins are going to do next. There was no talk of who the nominations would be, so everyone was caught off guard.

Adria tried to explain herself to Will in the kitchen. Will says he’s gone to bat for the team and that it was total surprise to him. They go into the HOH room where Adria teases him by saying that someone (*cough Diane cough*) wants him out of the house.
[i]Will:” If I’m still in this house, and I walk away with the HOH, Adria, watch your back bitches!”[/i]
The girl power alliance meets in the backyard. They all discuss the twins and how they feel threatened by the bond the twins have. Nokomis decides to confront Adria. Adria says that Will is the safest person and was best to go up against Marvin. Of course Adria gets mad. Adria wants to sit on it but Nokomis is adamant about talking now.

Diane tells of a visit to the psychic. Apparently Miss Cleo told her that the man that she marries will have dark hair, olive skin, and an obsession with making out, because these two are going at it. We are treated to every damn kiss these two have shared. On the couch, on the hammock, in the HOH room in front of everyone! Someone needs to get the water hose!

Next, Marvin confronts Adria about her nominations. He says that he has no allies in the house, he doesn’t even have anyone to talk to. He defended her when Jase was attacking her, and she repays him by nominating him. He asks her if the Bible told her to nominate them. She says no, but then she admits that it did because she follows her faith (wtf?).
[i]Marvin: “Don’t even go there with me. Jesus told you to nominate the black dude and the gay dude? Get the hell outta here!”[/i]

We then get treated to Drew’s fetish. His shaving fetish! He shaves everything, all the time. And I mean EVERYTHING. The other houseguests are a little freaked out by his obsession, but Diane likes it. She says she likes a clean cut, clean shaven man. No chest hair for her!.

Next up is the veto competition. Adria chose Drew, Marvin chose Cowboy, and Will chose Diane. Adria then chose her sister to read the competition.
[i]Will: “Adria chose Rosemary’s baby to lead the competition”.[/i]
They enter the backyard to find that is has been turned into a winter wonderland, or a really bad mall setup, whichever you prefer. For the competition, one-by-one, the housguests were to choose two gifts from underneath the tree. Every gift contained a specific veto amount. The houseguests had to reveal one of the amounts to the other players, and then the others could either pick their own gifts or steal from another houseguest. In the end, the person with the most veto points won veto. After everyone had their gifts, they then had the chance to choose a stocking. Two stockings had 10 more veto points, 2 stockings had a “loose all veto points” card, and 2 stockings allowed you to pick a “golden gift” from underneath the tree. Drew and Will got a golden gift. They got and MP3player and a digital camera! Cowboy and Diane lost all their veto points, and Adria and Marvin won the 10 more veto points. This wasn’t enough for Marvin, and Adria won with a seemingly perfect score.

This veto gives her even more power to feed her ever-growing ego. She wants to go to each nominee and basically give them a chance to kiss her ass. She approaches Marvin and tries to get him to convince her to take him off the block. Marvin, however, wasn’t having any of this. He shoots her efforts down. He tells her exactly how he feels.
[i]Marvin:”When Jase jumped on yo ass with both feet, who defended you? Who pulled the dog off? Me!”[/i]
Adria then throws a tempur tantrum in the kitchen. She decides that she’s going to make the rest of the house make the vote a tie, so she can be the one to break it. She busts up in the bedroom and tells the others that both of them wants to go, so the vote should be a tie.

In the backyard Marvin and Will discuss Adria’s actions. They are both super pissed, and are offended by Adria. Marvin says if he’s around next week he’s going after them.
[i]Marvin:”You will be gone with the wind like Scarlet O’hara.”[/i]
Marvin and Will both agree they are going to sweat blood to get HOH and get one of the wonder twins out of the house.
[i]Marvin: “You hear me in there hillbilly girl?!”[/i]

Next, the houseguests get a luxury competition. The winners (aka the losers) will face some of the sickest psychological torturing since Vietnam. That’s right! They are forced to watch “Without a Paddle”. They houseguests are divided into three groups of three. Will, Drew and Diane; Karen, Marvin, and Cowboy; and Adria, Natalie and Nokomis are our teams. Two of the teammates must put together a puzzle that forms a red carpet. Once they’ve assembled the red carpet, they tag in their last teammate, who must run down the carpet and dig through I GIANT bowl of M&M’s to find a giant, golden M&M. Diane, Drew and Will kick complete butt, no other team was even remotely close, so they will be subjected to the torture.

They enter the HOH room to find that it has been transformed into a theater. They are more excited about the popcorn, M&M’s, and drinks than the actual movie itself. Drew and Diane were happy to have their first date, complete with chaperon. All three were happy to have a night to get away from the game and have fun.

Next up is the Veto Ceremony.
[i]Will: “In a perfect world, she would take one of us off the block and put her evil spawn up.”[/i]
She gives them one last chance to kiss her ass. Neither of them take the chance, and basically spit it back in her face.
[i]Marvin: “Since the lord came to you in a prayer and told you to put me up, then I don’t want to tempt fate.”[/i]
She doesn’t get her kiss, so she leaves the nominations as they are.

Who will go? Will or Marvin? Either way, we (the viewers) lose.

Spa Day – Clip Away!

This show is so scripted that it’s not even funny. I mean why do all of the jobs these kids have to do go so horribly awry.

The show starts with a morning wake-up from Andy. The assistants scramble to get on in there ‘cuz of the way Stefani was eliminated last week…just for being the last one in. These poor people walk on egg shells constantly. I bet Tom Cruise doesn’t treat his assistants so poorly. (Now, that’s a show I’d try to be on…Tom, call me?)

They find Andy cuddling in bed with Jen. Yes, Jen. The psycho who threw a drink at him during his ‘birthday’ party. He made the assistants get her out of the restaurant and now he wants her back. Ugh! Jen, in a nutshell, is a *itch. A real major one.

She’s jealous of Melissa right off the bat ‘cuz Andy called her the ‘cute one.’ She wants Melissa to be clipped as a show of love from Andy. Somehow, Andy skirts that issue. Melissa’s safe – for now.

Andy makes the Assistants hop to it and get him & Jen a romantic spa day so he can have the all-important ‘make-up sex’. Nice, huh?

They hire a limo and get him a reservation at a swanky hotel. The limo comes and it’s pink. Pink with no air-conditioning. Yup. Jen accuses Melissa of hiring a pink limo ‘cuz she’s wearing pink.

C’mon, Jen. That’s so weak. Melissa was wearing Coral. Please. Don’t you own a box of Crayolas? Coral and Pink are sooooooooooo very different. Geez.

They get to the hotel & the lady at the front desk tells Colin that he never made a reservation. We saw him. Now, the hotel is overbooked for some “POW WOW” Convention. They can’t get in.

They have to call around and try to get a hotel toot sweet. Too bad that they end up at the Carriage House Inn. Jen hates it. Apparently, it’s beneath her delicate sensibilities. (At least it’s not pink!)

She complains about everything. I really wish that Andy would clip her. Andy decides to save the day by calling in some designer friends of his. They are the Terrific Trio…hmmm….I smell a Fab Five send off….

These guys give the assistant’s some interesting advice. They try to use a ‘bubble’ machine to turn the tub into a jacuzzi. Puh-lease. They fix up the room a little bit…and Jen, of course, hates it.

Colin tries giving Jen a massage with a paint roller. It goes well until he rolls over her butt. That’s a big no-no. Then, they end up in the ‘jacuzzi’. No bubbles so Colin tries blowing some for them. It’s a no-go and Jen storms off.

Fade back to Andy’s house. It’s set up like American Idol complete with his maid wearing a Paula Abdul hat and the butler in a black, Simon Cowell-black turtleneck.

The four have to sing. None of ’em can really sing. Andy just wanted to embarrass them. Then, he has them perform two tasks. One is to pitch a show on the fly and the other is to call a producer and make a plausible excuse for why he’s 3 hours late to set.

The girls totally rocked the assignments and the guys, well, they got clipped. The finale is next week (I hope) and it’s Tanika vs. Melissa.

Tanika is being painted as the ‘evil’ one who’s more cunning than she appears. Don’t you just love the foreshadowing?

Interview With Mike Deatly of For Love or Money 4

by aurora

Mike wasn’t the guy that Rachel chose in the end, but he left an impression on viewers nonetheless. He has a unique style and presence that comes across as well in his writing as it did on the show.

Hi Mike! How did you get on the show? Did you audition, and did you think at the time it was a regular dating show?

Russell, my brother from a different mother, and I were out on the town one weekend in Denver. I was approached by a beautiful woman who simply said: “Have you ever thought about being on television?” I simply remarked I will try anything once…hell, twice if it awakens any part of me. We scheduled an interview but Russell, my transportation for the weekend, woke up in another town with another woman and I missed the appointment. I followed up and e-mailed the casting agent upon return to Los Angeles and asked her to feel free to contact me if they have not found what they were looking for on their trip. She called, I interviewed, I passed the psych evaluation…barely, and I could not find one overriding excuse not to try. My curiosity yearned to experience something beyond my comfort zone. For all I knew this was Joe Schmo and I was the schmuck but who gives a damn.

When Jordan Murphy came out in the first episode to greet you, most of the men didn’t seem to recognize him. Did you, and when did it sink in that the show was about love and money?

I was too surprised upon pulling up to the mansion to soak anything else in but my environment and those sharing that space and time with me. It was like being poured into a fish bowl with 14 other energies and searching for anything rational or comfortable. Jordan and the game was the least of my worries.

You almost gave away your entire check bidding on the first private date, but Rachel never knew about it. Do you think that if Rachel had known she would have had more confidence in your motivations?

Rachel being kept in the dark about the occurrences in the auction was a good thing. At no point should a man be given the upper hand as a result of gossip. If hearsay is a part of your game to win another’s affection you have no game.

Do you feel that you were edited fairly? Were there aspects of your personality that were overlooked?

The perception of being edited fairly is purely based upon one’s self-perception. Please ask ten people if they would like to be depicted as a positive light exuding nothing but love in a public venue. The only control that was afforded to me was the ability to self-edit and just be aware. What you leave behind on film is ultimately you with all the good and all of the bad. What is displayed to the public is out of your hands. The intensity that does burn within me was reflected, however there is a much softer side. The side that was raised by a single mother and learned from first-hand experience how to respect a woman and make her feel appreciated and loved, not intimidated.

How did you get along with the other guys? Will you continue any friendships that you made there?

There were some that irked me but I may have irked them first. Who knows? On the other hand there were some dudes who were really easy to be around. Morgan and I have must have been separated at birth except the old man was born far before I was…just kidding dogg. We play in a hoops league together and he is one of the guys that can roll with anything and never punks out. We are the last two partying when everybody else quits. Mama didn’t raise no quitter.

One of the funniest comments on the show was the one you made about being ‘relationship retarded’. Do you really feel that way, or do you think you just haven’t met the right woman yet?

Bottom line is I am not ready. We are all relationship retarded in our own unique way. If you say you are not, I’m calling you out. Have you met a genuinely wonderful lover, friend, and confidant? If you have met him/her and are currently single go ahead and accept the obvious…you are relationship retarded too.

If Rachel had chosen you in the end, would you have chosen love or money? Why?

Good question. Should I really share this comment right now? Why not? I truly did not plan on winning and having to make that horrible decision. The way Rachel and Caleb acted throughout the final lunch prompted a revelation. They are not good at fronting. I knew then and there that Caleb was conflicted because he knew he had something growing with Rachel and she felt it too. He sincerely did not want me to get hurt. I truly believe that. He is a good man. If I had to make that choice it would be a no-brainer. Only Halle Berry, Logan Tom, and Eva Mendez could stray me from a million. Oh, and Tiffany Villarreal.

What did you guys do in the house when you weren’t going on dates or having meetings with Jordan? All we ever saw you do is sit around and talk about the money or Rachel.

Quite on the contrary. We played basketball overlooking all of Los Angeles in a $40 million mansion with a pool, keg, pool table, poker table, pancakes and grapes…like we were Rick James (Peace be unto him). The only stress was asking ourselves: “How in the hell can we get more women up here?”

If you had the chance to do it all over again, would you do anything differently?

No regrets, ever.

Why did you choose Rachel over Andrea in the first episode?

I am attracted to what is exotic to me and right now it is latinas and sisters. I live in the capital of beautiful blondes and the mid-western girl next-door thing had me.

What’s next for you? Will you go back to life as usual, or are you pursuing something different now?

I am on a non-stop flight back to REALITY without baggage.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Mike! All the best to you.

Comments are welcome! Contact me at

GUG – Episode 4

The boys have a week off from school. They’re driving Victoria nuts. So, she decides to take them, a few of their friends and an entourage to Miami. Mama “hires” a family friend Brian aka QUACK QUACK Orsini and a Rain-man type of dude — Henry to be the boys’ chaperones. Beautiful!

They get to the hotel and hijinks inevitably ensue. They ‘pants’ a guest as he’s trying to check in. Yup. They pants a guest as he’s trying to check in. (Pantsing, for those of you unfamiliar with the terms, is when someone pulls your pants down.) All I can say is it’s a good thing the guy’s in Miami ‘cuz he needs some sun. Okay.

Then, they do some crazy high diving off of the hotel ‘bridge’ and land in the pool. Other guests complain. Mama Victoria gets wind of this and busts some heads. She yells at the chaperones first. Then, she’s off to give the boys an ultimatum…I wonder if it works ———Um, no. It doesn’t.

That night, the guys use Henry to get in to the chaperone’s room – at 4 am mind you. They proceed to shave off Quack Quack’s eyebrows.

Someone calls hotel security and the boys are on “Hotel Security Guard Watch”… WOW! The only thing more powerful than hotel security guards are those mall cops, right?

The next night, Victoria takes Carmine and Quack Quack out with her and the girls. Quack Quack starts a rumor that Carmine got drunk. He didn’t….That pissed Victoria off when John John and Frankie told her about the ‘rumor.’

Mama Victoria decides to turn the tables on Quack Quack. She pretends to call her brother, Peter Gotti. The guys are afraid of Peter Gotti. Very afraid. She has Quack Quack shaking in his robe….He’s so scared. He thought he was gonna be ‘whacked’ or something.

Eventually, Mama Victoria tells Quack Quack he’s been scammed. Wow! Where’s Ashton Kutcher and the Punk’D Crew when you need ’em?

Vacation’s over & so is the show for this week.

I Could Smell The Power Trip A-Brewing – Big Brother, August 14th

[i]by Atarus[/i]

We start off the episode with the results of the eviction on Thursday. Everyone seems excited that Jase has left, and someone remarks that it’s definitely a different mood than previous evictions. In the Diary Room, Drew confesses that it was in his best interest to vote for Jase in order to keep himself safe in the house, even though he thought of Jase as like a brother. Diane says that she was brought up differently than Jase, and she was taught to “kill with kindess” so she walked him to the door. Kind of reminds me of how they give you that nice ol’ alcohol swab on your arm right before they stick the needle in you for a lethal injection. Doesn’t that just pull at your heart strings?

Michael then comments that it’s hard on him because with Jase gone it’s another of his brothers leaving the house. Will says that everyone had been living under this egomaniac, and with him out of the house it was pure elation. We then see Drew and Michael talking to each other in the bath area, and Drew was explaining to Michael why he had to vote for Jase. Michael says that he is a man of honor, a man of his words, and he felt betrayed by Drew, now he was the only true horseman left, and that it would be sweet revenge to be able to put Drew up on the block and see him evicted.

We then go to the HOH winner, lucky Adria. She feels happy and this is the safest she’s ever felt in the house. Nakomis says this is good, as A is HOH, she will get a chance to feel her out. Diane remarks that she was watching the facial expressions of Will, Karen, and Nakomis, and they didn’t look happy that Adria had won HOH. Will says “With Adria, you never know what she’s going to do.” Karen is starting to realize that there are more negatives than positives to keeping the twins in the house now. Adria gets her HOH room, gets a picture of her mother and her husband, and gets an Usher CD, which causes both Will and Marvin to squeal like little girls. Michael then confronts Adria and again says that he’s a man of his word (wonder what word it is? Banana?) and that he doesn’t want to vote out the twins, he wants the final 4 to be the two twins, him and Nakomis.

Diane then says in her confession that she didn’t want to be the first brownnoser of the house to Adria..but….we see her scamper in as quickly as possible. She tells Adria what she saw in facial expressions, and Adria says that she noticed too. Diane remarks she wants Marvin out, that’s who she’d put up if she was HOH, and then says that she was talking to Nakomis and Nakomis said “Who do you think they’ll put up?” Adria then goes into a little fit about how all her life, her and Natalie have never been separate entities, and no matter what they do in the how they’ll be seen as one. (Well….duh, you’re sisters, and you’ve been playing the same game for five weeks. People know you won’t vote her out, get over it.)

Then Karen and Adria have a strategy session. Karen delivers my favorite quote of the episode “I could smell the power trip a-brewing.” Adria kept asking Karen what her thoughts were, and Karen said that she thought Adria should make her own decision, and Karen said that she didn’t want Adria going around the house saying “well Karen said, well Karen said.” It then goes to Karen, Will, and Nakomis, where Karen echoes the same sentiments to them, not to give Adria any names. Next, Adria and Natalie are talking in bed, first about people being rude with food-smacking, and then about nominations, Adria stating that Karen is a threat to her.

Next up is a nice little conversation between Nakomis and Diane, where we learn that Nakomis has an intellectual mind under her tattoos, and Diane thinks that Nakomis is weird and loads her comments up with dripping sarcasm. Drew is complaining about PB&J, and then it’s time for the food competition. It ends up being Natalie-Marvin-Drew-Diane vs. Will-Karen-Nakomis-Michael. The houseguests have to compete in the Backyard Burger Bonanza, where people will be throwing ingredients of a cheeseburger to a person who has to catch them in buns. (Insert your own bun joke here.) The competition is off, Natalie drops lettuce twice and stands off the mat once, thereby disqualifying three of their burgers. Karen makes the comment, if I heard it right, “Cowboy is a bit doofy.” But in the end, Cowboy is a better burger wrangler than Natalie, and that foursome gets food for the week, and then we see Drew complain some more about PB&J.

Then we see just how starved for things to do the Big Brother houseguests are. They begin to instigate dares via spy screen. First Diane has to squeeze Cowboy’s nipple, which then Cowboy bows for the spy screen and then moons them. Then Will decides to dance in Natalie’s thong with Adria and Natalie (I think?). On a side note, what is Natalie, a married woman, doing with a thong in the house? Just curious there. Anyway, then Nakomis comments that “Then guys got involved, and if guys get involved it usually means my brother is running naked through the house.” So we see Cowboy running around with nothing but his cowboy hat on, and Drew running through the house in front of him as well, and I think Diane was trying to sneak a peek at Drew. Finally Diane says she has to top that, so she….dresses up in a flag and a bikini? Sorry girl, but I don’t think that qualifies.

Will comments that Diane is suffering from “tanorexia,” which she is. Will and Marvin then talk about nominations, Will is thinking he’s gonna be put up, while Marvin says it’ll be him and Cowboy. Will says that maybe he wants to be voted out, and Marvin tells him “You can’t leave, then I won’t have anyone to talk to, unless I talk crochet with those women!” Adria then talks about how she needs to work both houses, and she knows if Marvin goes to the Jury House, he can start working people’s minds against her if by chance she makes it to the final 2. Will talks about how before, when Adria was on the block, it was all about the team, and suddenly when she gets HOH, it’s just about her and Natalie, and Will feels that the next Jase is brewing with Adria as HOH.

It’s nomination ceremony time! Marvin comments beforehand that he never worries, because he expects people to lie to him and he always expects that this is the week he’ll be evicted. Adria then says it’s time for nominations, and she gives a speech about how she’s been privileged and blessed and yadda yadda and not an easy decision, etc. In the end, it’s Will and Marvin nominated. Now for a brief opinion on the nominations:


Now back to your regularly scheduled recap.

Adria talks about how Marvin is an awesome guy, and now it’s time for the true Marvin to shine through, and how she knows there’s a competitor in Will and it’s time for him to come out. Translation: BS, no real reason as to why I put you two up other than I want to see both of you gone. Marvin says that Adria is stabbing him in the back and she’s a spineless, gutless woman. Will thinks that Will needs to talk in third person, and if Will survives then Will will have his knife sharp and ready. Karen states that she doesn’t trust Adria as far as she can throw her, Nakomis says it’s a complete surprise to her that Will is put on the block, and then Adria says something about something that doesn’t make any sense to me, and then that’s that!

*Will and Marvin are the two most entertaining people in the house to me, and are my favorites, and seeing them on the block makes me want to hurt Adria.

Comments, questions, complaints? I’ll take comments and questions at, but complaints keep to yourself. Just kidding. Anyway, that’s all from me, catch you peeps later!

Interview With PJ Spillman and Preston Mercer of For Love or Money 3

by aurora

Preston, the eligible bachelor of For Love or Money 3, chose PJ as the woman he wanted to be with. They each then chose the other over a potential million bucks. They’re still together, and still going strong!

Hi you two! I just want to say congrats first of all!

PJ: Thanks!

How did you both get on the show?

PJ: Actually a co-worker printed out the application and brought it in to me. People have told me I should go on a show like that, and I always kinda thought I should try it out. Then when I got home that afternoon the casting call was literally right across the street from my house. I figured what the heck – they came to me, I may as well give it a shot! I clicked really well with the producers, and then the callback came on my birthday, so I flew out to LA.

Preston was nominated by a friend, who had actually been on Dog Eat Dog. They had asked her if she knew any attractive young bachelors for the show, and she suggested Preston.

When did it sink in for you that you were on For Love or Money?

I had watched the show last summer with my mom, so I was thinking something was going on when we pulled up to that house. I thought there was going to be a weird twist and they’d take us out back for some type of Survivor dating show or something! Then the door opened and out came Jordan Murphy, the host, and we all knew!

Did either of you ever seriously consider taking the cash?

PJ: Before I actually met Preston, yeah. Then I met him and really liked him. After that the money was never really a factor.

Preston: Maybe the first day, but it was just a non-issue after that. Then the mystery checks took the money issue right out of it completely. Who would want to take a mystery check that could be worth a dollar? You’d look like a complete idiot on national tv.

How did you feel about the way you were edited? No offense Preston, but they didn’t exactly show much of your personality!

Preston: Oh they completely missed my presonality! It was so dry, I almost fell asleep watching myself. Each week I kept thinking they’d show more of what I’m like, but they never did. They cut out all of the fun, goofy moments.

There was one funny situation with PJ that I thought for sure would make it on the show. We were on that date, remember the one in Tahoe? Well we were on the inner tubes and the producers wanted the three of us (Andrea, PJ, and myself) to go down the hill in the tubes holding onto each other. I knew it wasn’t going to work – I grew up with snow, you know? Anyway, Andrea was ready to cry because she wasn’t used to snow and tubing. But we gave it a shot anyway. We went down the hill, and ended up going up into the side rails. PJ flipped over and out of her tube, but she was still hanging on to my tube – I kept telling her to let go! She did eventually, and her and I were laughing about it. Andrea was freaking out and crying, but PJ and I thought it was really funny. They didn’t show any of that stuff; they were more focused on the whole drama thing I guess.

PJ: I have no complaints about my editing! I used my head though and didn’t give them a whole lot to work with. I kept my family and friends in mind the whole time and didn’t want to embarass them either. My mom’s a school teacher, and I’d be thinking “Is this something I want my mom’s students to hear me say?” I tried to be smart about it the whole time.

Preston, I’m sure you’re aware of the little article in ‘US Weekly’ that claims you and Rachel spent the night together in Chicago. Want to clear up what really happened?

Preston: Oh, that whole thing was blown out of proportion. Rachel and I were at the same event in Chicago. That’s it. Nothing happened.

How weird is it to see yourself in the tabloids like that?

Preston: It’s tough. Really, it’s hard. I have so much sympathy for real movie stars, you know? You don’t realize how something like that can affect you. It’s gotten so bad that I just don’t like even doing interviews or anything any more.

The other thing is the internet message boards. People can log on under a fake name and say anything they want. They can claim they know you, and no one knows any different. They don’t realize that you have a life. You can’t defend yourself in that situation.

Rachel was portrayed as a money-hungry vixen – what did you think of her? Was she edited unfairly?

PJ: You know, Rachel kept to herself a lot of the time. I really didn’t get to know her until the last two days. I never saw her as a threat because she isolated herself. When I did get to talk her at the end there, I thought she was a great girl.

A lot of the other girls didn’t like her, I know that. Rachel was big drama for them – she pouted a lot and needed attention. It worked out okay for me though, because most of the stuff with Rachel happened when I was out on dates with Preston. I’m surprised this didn’t make it onto the show, but Rebekah pulled me aside when I came back from a date one time. She dragged me away from the others and we hid under the piano! She was whispering to me about how Rachel was causing drama and that I shouldn’t tell anyone anything about my date.

Preston: Some of the other girls seem to think that they were too nice to Rachel in the way they edited her!

PJ, if Preston had chosen Rachel at the end, would you have considered going back for FLOM4?

PJ: Ooh, that’s a good question! Hmm. You know, I don’t think they would have asked me. I was never about the money, it was never a big motivator for me. But if they had asked me?

Preston: Yeah, you would have!

PJ: Yeah, I think I would have. I like to keep an open mind about these things.

PJ, how do you feel now about doing the show? Would you do it again?

PJ: I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Everything worked very much in my favour, and now I focus on the positive. I have no regrets, and it’s a good feeling to walk away from it all with.

I’m a lucky girl! Preston’s a great guy! I’m moving to Denver so we can spend more time together. I’ve got an apartment and a job there. Preston is buying a house too, so things are going well! We’ll see how the relationship goes when we’re living in the same city!

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to speak with me – I wish you the best of luck!

PJ: Thanks!

Interviewer’s note: PJ and Preston gave me the impression that they truly are a great match for one another – their banter on the phone was fun and playful, and it does seem that a ‘love connection’ was made on FLOM3. Also, Preston does indeed have a personality – and a good one at that! A side chat about hockey and lacrosse showed me that viewers missed out on a lot as far as Preston is concerned. They even made fun of me for saying ‘eh’ (being Canadian and all), and called me a hoser! 😆 These are good, funny people, and I enjoyed speaking with them.

Comments are welcome! Contact me at

'He Lies, He Cheats, He Pees on Stuff – Big Brother 5, August 12th

We’ve finally reached the halfway mark in the Big Brother house and this episode picks up right after the veto ceremony. Drew and Nokomis carried out her “six-finger” plan by saving Diane and nominating the house pest Jase.

After the veto ceremony, Jase and Cowboy confront Drew about his actions. They both feel very betrayed and try to make Drew feel like crap. Cowboy rambles about loyalty, and Jase just stands around, looking dumb. They then focus their attention to the kitchen, where Diane is. Jase tries putting her down, saying that Drew could have any girl he wanted, and that he could do so much better than Diane.
[i]Diane: “You’re not human, the rest of us are. You’re in the position you’re in for a reason.”[/i]
Diane puts on a strong face, but breaks down and expresses her feelings in the backyard. She says that no one ever sticks up for her, and that Karen was sitting right there in the kitchen and didn’t say a thing.

Cowboy confronts Drew again. He wants to know where Drew stands and he wants to know if Drew cut a deal with them. Drew denies making a deal with the girls.
[i]Cowboy: “You and I are a splittin image of each other”.[/i]

Next Jase tries another ludicrous plan. This time it’s reverse psychology. He thinks that if he tells people to vote him out, that they will instead vote for him to stay. He tries this plan on Karen and Will. He asks them to vote him out, but they both just try to avoid him.

Next Julie talks to the houseguests. Drew says that this week was hard for him. He had to save Diane, but he hopes that Jase will stay. Natalie is happy to finally be in the house, and play as herself. A cleanly shaven Cowboy says it’s quiet without Scott, and he knows there will be time for friendship outside the house.

Next up, we get the unfortunate pleasure of catching up with some of last season’s most forgettable house mates. Erika and Robert are now “friends”, Justin graduated, Alison is still a bitch, and, on a sad note, Jun’s father went into a coma and passed away a month ago.
Jun liked the brother/sister twist, Robert would rather have an ex in the house, and Alison is concerned with being able to stab a twin in the back (of course).

We’re back, and Nokomis is in the Head of Household room. She was happy that she got to win HOH this week. She was happy that Cowboy finally was able to see his father. She says that she doesn’t think she could ever nominate him, but does feel that she could vote him out in certain situations. Nokomis defends her six finger plan.
[i]Nokomis: “He lies, he cheats, he pees on stuff.”[/i]
She says he’s annoying, he intimidates people and he plays way too strong. He’s not the type of person she wants in the house.

Next up, we meet Marvin’s mom. She thinks Marvin’s doing really well, but she doesn’t approve of some of the comments he’s made towards the women. She was upset that the 4 horsemen stabbed him in the back. She says it breaks her heart to see Marvin on the block.

Marvin and Jase then get a chance to say something to their fellow house mates. Jase gives his rehearsed speech. He says he holds no hard feelings with anyone. He even gives Diane Holly’s ceramic cat. He then goes around the couch, and blows smoke up everyone’s ass.

The results are in! And the words America had been waiting for.
Julie: “By a vote of 6 to 1. . . Jase, you ARE evicted from the Big Brother house”.
Everyone walks him to the door, trying to keep a straight face. He closes the door, and everyone breaks into applause, and celebrates. Outside, Jase tries to defend his actions in the evictions interview. He blames the downfall of the horsemen on Scott wanting Holly out (Yeah , I’m sure that’s it). But the surprises just keep on rolling! Julie finally puts the “Holly’s twin” rumor to rest and announces that Jase’s little cuddle kitten (No, not Scott!) is here! And out pops Holly!
[i]Jase: “Was she here last week for Scott?”.[/i]
Of course this is the first thought that crosses his mind!

Next up, the head of household competition. The houseguests must push a puck down a shuffleboard. The puck must bounce off a rubberband, and bounce completely on the blue area. The houseguest who gets their puck closest to the lines wins. Adria is up first, and sets an almost unbeatable mark. Diane comes within a few centimeters, but Adria wins it! She is our new Head of Household.

Back inside, Adria thanks her softball career for giving her the skills to win. As the show goes off, we get to eavesdrop on the house guests.
[i]Adria: “No one’s going to sleep in Jase’s bed until the sheets are washed”[/i] 😆

And with that, it’s over!