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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – America’s Switch-Up

DWTS041816This is always an interesting week on Dancing with the Stars when the celebrities and their professional partners do a switch-up so that everyone dances with someone they are much less comfortable with. Sometimes it’s disastrous, and sometimes it works out for the better. But always it gives the celebrities a different perspective on dancing. And for some added fun? Maks Chmerkovskiy is here to guest judge.

First up is Wanya Morris who is being paired up with Witney Carson. She plans to make him better this week as they work on the tango. He hopes to be able to keep up the momentum. He seems to do just that as he looks very sharp in the dance. Len Goodman found it to be hectic with too many moving parts. Maks feels like it was falling apart a little bit. Bruno Tonioli, however, felt like there was no holding back. Carrie Ann Inaba missed the natural chemistry that he has with Lindsay Arnold. Their scores are 8, 7, 7, 8.

Kim Fields is being paired up with Keo Motsepe for this week. They’ll be taking on the Viennese Waltz. She finds him to be really fantastic but misses Sasha, her partner and friend. However, this is one of her best dances so far. Maks liked it but felt it wasn’t really the Viennese Waltz. Bruno compares it to a series of beautiful pictures in a romantic novel. Carrie Ann thinks Keo brought out a more sensual side of her. Len is glad Maks is there to back him up with the lack of hold in this waltz. Their scores are 8, 6, 6, 8.

America has chosen to pair up Doug Flutie and Peta Murgatroyd, Maks’s financée. She thinks Doug’s number one challenge is the memory of the dance. He says he needs to repeat things several times for them to stick. They’re doing the tango, and he doesn’t seem to be struggling with the memory of it as much as the steps themselves. Bruno could see his determination trying to get the steps right. Carrie Ann saw a new air about him with this new partner. Len thought it was his best so far. Maks says it was very hard, but he did it. His scores are all 7s.

Ginger Zee is now being paired up with Mark Ballas, and they’ll be doing the salsa. It requires personality, and he knows that she has a face that lights up. Her husband comes in to monitor the whole thing. This seems to be her dance. Carrie Ann says she is still someone to watch, no matter the partner. Len felt like he was in the club. Maks thinks it was totally her thing. Bruno says she got him going in a frenzy of excitement. They get all 8s.

Next up is Antonio Brown who has been partnered with Karina Smirnoff. They’ll be taking on the cha cha. She needs to figure out how he learns to get him the best scores. He shows up late to his rehearsals, which won’t help. They light up the dance floor together really well. Len says it was long on performance and short on technique. Maks found there was no actual content. Bruno think he’s got the moves, package, and charisma. Carrie Ann says he’s a natural, but he’s a wildcard. His scores are 7, 6, 6, 7.

Paige VanZant is paired up with Sasha Farber this week. They will be doing the Rumba. He wants her to show the emotion, and she’s trying to channel her inner-sexy whle learning to trust. While looking great together, you can tell she still hasn’t let her guard down. Maks complains that there was only one rumba step in the whole thing. Bruno loved her extended lines. Carrie Ann thinks her quality of movement is multi-dimensional. Len says she needs to work more on selling it. This leads to scores of 8, 8, 7, 8.

Von Miller will be dancing tonight with Lindsay Arnold. She wants him to bring some of his country swagger into the dance and be like he’s going nuts coming into a club as they do the jive. It seems as if his timing might be off. Bruno says all the swagger sometimes masks the style. Carrie Ann thinks it was clever for LIndsay to try and work with his style. Len think he came out and gave it his all. Maks wants a little bit more. Their scores are 8, 7, 7, 7.

Nyle DiMarco got put together with Sharna Burgess, and they’ll be doing the Vinennese Waltz. She has a difficult time working with the interpreter. Tyra Banks visits to remind him how great he is. They dance beautifully together. Carrie Ann gets emotional and says they took her breath away. Len calls it a total eclipse as it doesn’t happen often, but it was fantastic. Maks calls it the bet dance of the night. Bruno says the magic of dance is alive within him. His scores are 9, 10, 9, 9.

Jodie Sweetin is the last dancer of the night and gets paired up with Val Chmerkovskiy. They will be dancing a paso doble. He says she was his first crush in America. She notes that his teaching style is more intense than Keo’s. It’s danced well, but she could stand to be a little more fierce. Len says last week was lemonade, this week champagne. Maks said she reminds him of Sabrina Bryant. Bruno thanks them for the Flamenco lines. Carrie Ann feels it was by far her best dance. Her scores are 9, 8, 9, 9.

Because it’s switch-up week there is no elimination, and clearly that benefits someone like Jodie Sweetin who did much better this week than last, as now she’ll have some better scores averaged in with her bad scores to possibly keep her in the competition next week, but it’s definitely bad news for some of the others who did worse this week than last.

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Survivor Kaôh Rōng, Season 32 – A Little Disappointed in Tai

Survivor041316So far this season I’ve been so impressed by Tai. Her’s just such a likable guy. But this episode he walked over to the bad side, and it just isn’t an endearing quality on him. Yet at the same time, I’m always surprised that he’s still there. The others just don’t seem to get it yet that if he makes it to the end, he will win easily.

After the Blindside

After the blindside last week where the women grouped together and voted out Nick, Jason and Scot become hellbent on sabotage and want Tai to join them. They believe that they have no other hope of surviving to the end, so they decide to sabotage the others to make them weaker.

It’s like Russel Hantz times two. They get up early and hide the machete and the axe, limiting the others’ ability to find food. Then Scot dumps the entire water reserve on the fire to kill their chances of boiling water or eating. But Joe and the women in the group figure out how to do without..

Later out of desperation, Tai joins them and dumps water on the rebuilt fire. I get immediately disappointed in him for falling so far down to the level of Jason and Scot. But it doesn’t even affect his likability with the others, as the others just believe that Scot did it again, and the guys still like him because they know he helped their cause. Besides, they need his idol.

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst announces to the survivors at the Reward Challenge that they are gong to split into two teams of four each, and the remaining person won’t play, will get to choose which team they believe will win, and if they’re right, will join in the reward. Realizing how divided the group is, he lets them just choose their own teams instead of doing a schoolyard pick.

Right away Joe plays Switzerland and says he’ll be the person who doesn’t play. This makes it five women against the other three men. One of the women need to join the men, so Julia volunteers. Right away the other women resent her realizing she’s trying to play both sides. Joe sticks with the women and chooses their team.

In the challenge the teams need to unbraid some ropes while they are attached to them, then throw bean bags to knock down bottles. The women nearly come from behind with Debby’s astounding ability, but it’s not enough as the guys and Julia win. Their reward is Chinese food.

After the Reward<.h2>

The women have a disagreement over who needs to be voted out. They know that there’s a good chance that the guys have two idols and want to flush them out, so Debby wants to vote out one of the guys, but they need to make sure Julia isn’t now siding with the guys.

Aubry is the one who is most upset with Julia and doesn’t feel they can trust her. She wants to vote her out over one of the guys, and Cydney has the exact same idea. But Debby is relentless and won’t listen to that and demands they split the votes between the two guys.

Immunity and Aftermath

For the immunity challenge the survivors need to line up large dominos without knocking them over and get them to all fall down. If they fall too soon or they mess up, they have to start over. Against what Aubry and Cydney want, Julia wins immunity

Deb wants to split the votes between Scot and Tai, figuring they’ll be surprised thinking they’ll go for Jason and figuring they’re guaranteed of getting one of them out. She will not listen to reason, and it’s worrying Aubry, making her realize Debby has become a liability.

Cydney and Aubry then decide they need to get Debby out. Michelle is on board, but Joe refuses to go against a former alliance member, just as he always does. This means they have to trust Julia to vote the way they want. Julia has already gone and told the guys that they are planning to split the votes. Scot figures they just need to play the super idol if it doesn’t go their way.

Tribal Council

When Jeff Probst brings up the Idols, Scot announces that they will tell everyone what is going to happen. Tai shows his idol, and Jason shows his. Tai says he will play his idol, and Jason says he and Scot will play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets the other one and let fate play out.

The ladies start whispering and saying “Original.” But what plan is that? That sounds like they want to vote out the guys. They then talk openly and so do the guys, and they all decide they are ready to vote and know exactly what they are going to do..

Tai fools them all and doesn’t play his idol. Scot and Jason do their rock, paper, scissors, and Jason loses, but then they decide just to give the idol to Tai. This is because if one of them gets voted out, they will play it as a Super Idol and save themselves.

The votes come back two for Scot, three for Cydney, and four for Debby. She is definitely blindsided. The guys are elated. Nick whispers that the guys are safe for awhile. The three guys voted for Cydney, Debby and Joe voted for Scot, and all four of the other women voted for Debby.


So where do they go from here? Like Nick pointed out, it would seem the guys are safe now that everyone knows they have the Super Idol. and the previews show them feeling they are invincible. But their elation almost seems like there is some foreshadowing thrown in that something will go wrong.

Then we see Aubry trying to lure Tai away from the evil clutches of Scot and Jason, telling him he’s not like them. He then tells the camera he doesn’t know what to do. We know he is a good person and playing evil does’t sit right with him. But will he ruin what he has gong for him if he switches alliances? Switching this late in the game usually doesn’t bode well.

Yet still … no one is discussing voting him out. His idol keeps him safe if they decide to, but they don’t seem to be. If they’re smart, they won’t take him that much further. He’s a risk to win immunities close to the end to make it. And about the only person left who might be able to beat him is Aubry. This could be an exciting end of the game.

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The Voice, Season 10 – Live Playoffs, Night 2 and Wednesday’s Results

TheVoice041316It’s night two of the Live Playoffs on The Voice. Tonight we’ll hear from Team Pharrell and Team Adam. Once again each coach will be allowed to bring back one comeback artist from any team. Then on Wednesday night two artists will be voted in from each team, and the judges will decide which one artist of the remaining three on their teams will come back next week to make up the top 12.

Right off the bat, Pharrell Williams is opening with his comeback artist Daniel Passino who was previously on Team Christina. He’s singing “When I Was Your Man,” and he not only sings it but sets up the production of the number. This is the perfect song for him, and he proves he was a wise choice as a comeback artist. Adam Levine is really impressed by him. Blake Shelton tells him he put himself right back in the mix. Christina’s Aguilera loved his tenderness. Pharrell is so proud of of him and says he just wrote his future.

Team Pharrell is up again with Emily Keener. She’s singing and playing the keyboard to “Still Crazy After All These Years.” He tells her she just takes people on a ride and says her growth is not about technique but revealing what she has. To sing this song she just seems wise beyond her 17 years. Adam tells her she got him with that song. Christina especially loved the verses. Pharrell felt like she took them all to a ’70s coffee shop in New York or San Francisco.

Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam is up and singing “With a Little Help from My Friends.” This song means a lot to him because he thinks we all rely on our friends to get by. Adam begs him to do some shredding with his guitar. This is how this song is meant to be played and sung, on full blast and with full emotion. Blake notes it’s cool to know there were more verses to the song, as he only knew the one from The Wonder Years. Christina felt he let loose more tonight. Pharrell pleads with classic rock fans to vote for Laith. Adam is just happy that he represents something that sometimes goes unappreciated.

Moushumi will take the stage next for Team Pharrell, and she’s singing “Love Yourself” to show people what they can look forward to when she is able to sing her original music. Her coach wants to ramp up the song a little bit as it’s all just on one singular level. As she sings the song, you can tell what Pharrell meant, as there really isn’t anywhere for the song to go. Adam found himself wanting to hear more of her voice and less production. Christina disagrees and loves what they did with the song production-wise. Pharrell says it’s clear this is what she’s supposed ;to be doing, as she has a following all the way to India..

Pharrell stole Lacy Mandigo from Blake in the Knockouts, and he had stolen her from Christina in the Battle Rounds. She’s singing “Love Is a Battlefield,” introduced to Pat Benatar’s music through her dad. Pharrell tells her she’s too busy worrying about her hair while she’s performing, and as a rocker she shouldn’t be. She doesn’t pay any attention at all to her hair tonight as she performs. Blake still knows there’s something special about her. Christina tells her she rocked it tonight and gave her all. Pharrell tells her this proved she was never meant to go home..

Owen Danoff from Team Adam is next up, and he’s feeling like everything is clicking. He’s singing “Hero” and thinks this allows him to introduce himself to everyone as he’s only been doing older music. His coach has seen a tremendous shift in his confidence. While it’s a newer song, his style kind of makes it sound like one of his older songs. Blake says he made that seem like his song and not a cover. Pharrell says his unique tone with something so folk was a magical moment. Adam thinks making a song your own is the only real mark of a good singer.

Adam’s team is up again with Shalyah Fearing who he stole from Pharrell who stole her from Christina. She’s singing “Listen,” and Adam calls it not a typical Beyoncé song. He warns her to not undersing and not lose power and realizes she’s perfect for this song. It’s not easy to sing a Beyoncé song, but she does amazing. After a standing O, Blake notes someone that no one was thinking that strongly about just became a frontrunner. Christina is excited to hear this from her. Pharrell is honored to have been a part of her journey. Adam says we feel the message she is trying to convey.

Adam’s comeback artist is Nate Butler who he sent home in the Knockouts. He’s singing “Sara Smile,” and Adam thinks it’s good for him because his voice is really smooth with a great tone. He advises him to lay back in it since it’s a soul/R&B-type song. Nerves are affecting him a little in the beginning, but he completely hits his stride in the middle. Blake notes that just when you think you’ve heard everything from Nate, he throws in a run and then the falsetto at the end. Adam says the subtleties and nuances to what he does are amazing.

Caity Peters of Team Pharrell is singing Adele’s “I’ll Be Waiting.” She usually sings ballads, so he thinks this is a good uptempo song for her. He gets her to sing high notes when she’s used to singing low. After the other explosive performances, this one seems to fall a little flat. Christina felt like everything was brought to life. Pharrell is happy for her because she reminds him you’re in your own jail until you let loose and have fun.

It’s back to Team Adam for a performance by Caroline Burns. Her friends have been asking her if Adam smells good. He wants her to challenge herself as the competition goes on, and she will tonight with “All I Want.” He thinks her goal now is to find the confidence. I can only think every time I watch her how incredibly young she looks. Blake says she reminds him of Danielle Bradbury. Pharrell notes this is a total different level for her. Adam still thinks there is something more and another level she hasn’t reached yet.

It’s Team Adam again with Brian Nhira who is already singing uplifting messages for fans. He’s performing “Alive” tonight, and Adam wants to hear more pain in it. He needs to be as vulnerable here as he’s ever been. He does a good job getting that emotion into it tonight. Christina says he has a crazy range. Pharrell doesn’t understand how he hits the high notes and doesn’t waver. Adam is nicknaming him “Game Time.”

Last up for the night is Team Pharrell’s Hannah Huston. She’ll be singing “Ain’t No Way,” and she knows she needs to stretch her voice. He thinks she can go all the way and wants her to show that. Listening to her sing, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that she’s a preschool teacher. Blake says she does a combination of frustration and desperation when she sings. Pharrell tells her that her students are right that she is super colorful when she sings.

Skipping ahead to the results on Wednesday night, Team Pharrell sings “Don’t You Worry Child.” America has saved Hannah Huston and Daniel Passino. Pharrell needs to decide who to save among Emily Keener, Moushumi, Caity Peters, and Lacy Mandigo. He saves Emily, sending the other three home.

Team Blake is up next with “Hey Brother.” America saves Adam Wakefield, which is no surprise, and Mary Sarah, which is also not a surprise. Blake needs to decide who to save among Paxton Ingram, Katie Basden, Joe Maye, and Justin Whisnant. He chooses to save Paxton, saying he’s believed in him since the beginning.

Next up is Team Christina to sing as a group. America’s votes have saved Alisan Porter, which is also non-surprising, and Nick Hagelin, which is a bit surprising. Between Tamar Davis, Bryan Bautista, Kata Hay, and Ryan Quinn, Christina, after much hemming and hawing, saves Bryan, sending the others home.

And finally Team Adam takes the stage and sings “Your Song.” The last two contestants America has saved are Shalyah Fearing and Laith Al-Saadi, neither of which are a surprise. Between Owen Danoff, Brian Nhira, Caroline Burns, and Nate Butler, Adam is saving Owen, making him the final member of the top 12.

There is a lot of great talent in this top 12. Christina has been angling all season for it to be a year where a female coach can win, and with her team, she has a good chance of it. But that’s not counting the others out, as they could just as easily win, but Pharrell seems to have the weakest team this season.

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The Voice, Season 10 – Live Playoffs, Night 1

TheVoice041116For the first night of the live playoffs on this season of The Voice, it will be Team Blake and Team Christina facing off. All contestants on their teams will perform. In addition they are each being allowed to bring back one “comeback artist.”

Paxton Ingram of Blake Shelton’s team is up first. He is singing “How Deep Is Your Love” and wants to get the whole audience involved. But first, he teaches his coach how to do the Nae Nae. He has some great infectious energy. Christina Aguilera says that’s what she came for – to be entertained, Pharrell Williams thinks he had his moment, and Adam Levine says it looked like his was having the time of his life. Blake doesn’t think we’ve ever seen anything like that on the show before.

Team Christina’s Ryan Quinn, whom she stole from Team Adam, is up next. He’s singing “I’m Not the Only One,” and she wants him to not be afraid to be a little vulnerable, encouraging him to feel a time he was cheated on. The advice works. After a standing O by the judges, Pharrell says it was a performance where you have to give it up. Adam is so happy because he saw what he wanted to before. Christina notes that vocally he can do anything.

Katie Basden of Team Blake is singing “Georgia Rain,” and it has her coach making comparisons to Carrie Underwood. He wants her to end on a big note because she’s the rangiest singer in the competition. She seems like she’s rushing the music a little bit. Pharrell asks if she feels she was born to do this, and she says she wants to stand up there and tell a story. It feels to Adam like she’s already a big country star. Blake notes if her voice is any indication of the future of country music, it looks really good.

Katy Hay is up next for Team Christina. She’s singing “(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman.” Her coach hears a Janis Joplin vibe in her. She wants to eliminate the vibrato, but it’s hard as she’s a yodeling champion. Even with the first few lines of her performance, the vibrato is still there. Pharrell says it was almost like she had a barometer reading the room. Adam compares it to an exorcism. Christina finds the way she builds up a song so amazing.

Christina’s comeback artist is Nick Hagelin who had previously been on Team Pharrell. She was the first one to turn for him in the Blinds. He’s singing “Stay.” He knows it’s his turn to earn his place here. He debuts a freshly-shaved head for his performance. Pharrell says he deserves to be on the show, and he ended up on the right team. Adam says they are all fans of his as a human being and artist. Christina believes he proved why she brought him back.

Joe Maye was originally on Team Christina, but Blake stole him for his own team. He’s singing “Long Train Runnin’.” Blake feels he can fit into that Bruno Mars space. He instructs him to hold out the notes in the chorus at least one time so people know he can do it. He’s on fire singing this song. Christina says she hadn’t seen that fire in them since their duet. Blake was thrilled to get him to begin with, and now he’s feeling like he has a shot to win this thing.

Team Blake is up again with Adam Wakefield. He’s singing “Seven Spanish Angels.” Blake wanted him to have a song that could capitalize on his sound. He wants him to stop throwing away words while he’s singing. Adam is a performer that can really draw you in. Adam Levine says he is his favorite right now in the competition. Blake can only think of three singers in country music that have that same soulful blend that he has.

Tamar Davis is next up with her coach, Christina. She’s singing “Rise Up,” and her coach thinks it plays to the type of artist she needs to become. Tamar is refusing to go home at this point. She’s a little pitchy in parts but hits some great notes. Pharrell says she had a rainbow of range. Blake tells her that it’s the best performance of hers so far. Christina calls it a super-challenging performance.

It’s back to Team Blake for a performance by Mary Sarah. She’s singing “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” and notes that it’s her grandma’s very favorite song. She wants to make some changes to it which Blake tells her is risky. The changes she has made to the song manage to update it a bit. Christina thinks there were some nice notes there towards the end. Adam thinks she came to life even more in her upper register. Blake notes that of his team she’s definitely one of the fan favorites.

Bryan Bautista of Team Christina is the next contestant to sing. He’s taking on “Pillowtalk” and struggles with it in rehearsals. Christina thinks it’s a bit too high for him. His confidence is off because he’s getting overwhelmed. He manages to pull it together for his live performance tonight. After a judges’ standing O Pharrell asks “Who knew?” Adam was completely blown away. Blake adds, “This guy’s smooth, too.” Christina says she is not surprised.

For Blake’s comeback artist, he chose Justin Whisnant who he eliminated in the Battle Rounds. He’s singing “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares),” and Blake notes it’s the first song he played electric guitar on. Justin makes the most of this second chance opportunity. Pharrell says he sang with a lot of passion and feeling. Blake feels he did the song justice and says Oklahoma is proud of him tonight.

Closing out the night is Alisan Porter of Team Christina. She’s singing “Crybaby” and says it’s the one song she did that went viral on YouTube before being on The Voice. Her coach wants her to tap into the grit she has for the song. It’s clear why they left this song for the end. It’s the best of the night. Adam is not surprised by how miraculous it was. Christina says she murdered the song.

Tune in Tuesday night for the remainder of the live playoffs with Team Adam and Team Pharrell.

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – It’s Disney Night

DWTS041116Who doesn’t like Disney? Dancing with the Stars, which airs on ABC, a Disney company, is honoring Disney tonight with all couples dancing to a Disney theme and Disney star Zendaya, who was the runner-up in season 16, coming back as a guest judge..

First up are Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess, taking on jazz and Aladdin. She notes that the judges still aren’t happy with their performances, so she knows they need to change something. With four male pro dancers behind him, Antonio blends right in and keeps up just great. Len Goodman feels like the dancer finally came out. Zendaya says she was smiling the whole time. Bruno Tonioli thinks Antonio could have been a rockette, while Carrie Ann Inaba calls him a smooth operator. They gets scores of 9, 8, 9, 9.

Marla Maples discusses how tough it was after last week’s jive because she’s suffered a lot of loss in the past few years. She and Tony Dovolani are doing a Little Mermaid version of a waltz. This could be her dance; she seems very elegant. Zendaya thought it was fluid, soft, and sweet, and Bruno also calls her elegant. Carrie Ann thinks she has the most elegance and grace of all the women. Len calls it another solid performance. Her scores are all 7s.

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd will be doing Tarzan to the delight of women everywhere and will being doing samba as a genre. He notes that when Tarzan and Jane met they couldn’t understand each other like he and Peta. Shirtless, he does a back bend to start it off. Bruno declares that the Lord of the Jungle is now Lord of the Dance. Carrie Ann compares him to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. Len jokes that he and Nyle are alike in their bodies. Zendaya notes that everyone had fun watching them. The scores are 8, 8, 9, 9.

Last week Doug Flutie was at the bottom of the leaderboard. This week he and Karina Smirnoff are doing a jazz routine to Mary Poppins. He gets frustrated in rehearsals and breaks his cane. He’s no Dick Van Dyke, but he does well considering he was at the bottom last week, but the routine seems a bit manic. Carrie Ann doesn’t think they delivered on a good routine. Len likes that he got into the character of the dance. Zendaya says yes there were mistakes, but he needs to move on. Bruno thinks the medicine kicked in halfway through. HIs scores are all 6s, and he finds out that he’s safe this week, surprisingly.

Kim Fields and Sasha Farber are doing The Jungle Book this week in the style of the quickstep. For trying to get the quick stepsin, he tells her to imagine they are in the jungle escaping. I think it would look more elegant if she wasn’t wearing what looks like combat boots. Len calls it zippity-doo-dah. Zendaya thought it looked like they were having a lot of fun. Bruno calls her the fastest girl in the jungle. Carrie Ann says the two of them bring magic to every routine with the way they work so well together. Their scores reflect this: all 8s.

Dancing the cha cha to Zootopia are Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe. They’ll be dancing with animation, and she calls it difficult, but her kids get to come in and watch her which she loves. She reminds me a lot of Bindi Iriwn with her energy. Zendaya notes there were some mistakes, but she did it with a smile on her face. Bruno believes she covered it to the best of her ability. Carrie Ann asks what happened, and Jodie says she couldn’t hear the music. Len says it was not underwhelming. Their scores are 7, 6, 7, 7.

Von Miller and Witney Carson wants to get back in a football mindset to come back from his low score. They’ll be doing Cinderella and the Viennese Waltz. He definitely dances like Prince Charming. Bruno is totally enchanted with his improvements over last week. Carrie Ann says he was like a champion and adorable. Len thought he was fab this week, and Zendaya found him really graceful. The scores are all 8s.

Ginger Zee wants to improve the scores this week, but Val Chmerkovskiy wants more to get to the top of the leaderboard. They’ll be doing Beauty and the Beast in the style of the foxtrot. There’s a lot of story here and not as much dancing until one third of the way through. Carrie Ann calls it ridiculously good. Len compares it to a tasty dish, while Zendaya compares it to watching a Broadway musical. Bruno thinks Ginger was playing the part to perfection. They get scores of all 9s.

Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold will be taking on the Lion King, and he has a fire under him to do this samba after not being at the top of the leaderboard last week. It’s a really cool routine, and he deserves the top of the leaderboard. Len says the competition is now really owning up. Zendaya thinks they did the Lion King justice. Bruno calls him a magnificent beast. Carrie Ann thinks he over-danced it in the beginning. His scores are 8, 9, 9, 9.

Last up are Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas who are doing Toy Story and the quickstep. She feels the song is perfect for them. This is complete with green Army men as their backup dancers. It’s the third dance in a row that is done extremely well. Zendaya says it was really clean. Bruno says it was so unexpected creatively. Carrie Ann thinks Paige’s athleticism carried her through, and Len explains this ended with a happy note just like a Disney movie. Their scores are all 9s.

The bottom two couples are Marla and Tony and Jodie and Keo. Everyone else is safe. The couple going home are Marla and Tony. She says this has been the most incredible experience and of course gives props to Tony. At least she’s leaving on a good note.

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 22 – Latin Night

DWTS032816It was an interesting start to season of Dancing with the Stars last week. There were some celebrities that seemed very promising as dancers, but there were also some that didn’t seem like they had a prayer. Let’s see if they improve on that for Latin Night.

Up first are Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe. She’s starting to feel the pressure of the competition and storms off into the Ladies Room while learning the dance. They’re dong the samba, and she seems like she worked through whatever problems she was having. Len Goodman tells her she didn’t need the flames as the dance was hot enough. Bruno Tonioli likes what he sees and notes she’s getting the taste of it. Carrie Ann Inaba thought she was in the zone and way more relaxed than last week. They get three 7s.

Marla Maples and Tony Dovolani are taking on the Argentine Tango. She has a very specific diet and does yoga as well and feels the diet is helping her flexibility. However, she seems a little too stiff, even for the Tango, but she pulls it off. Bruno says her bodywork is maintained to perfection. Carrie Ann things it suited her really well. Len felt it was lacking the intimacy and seduction that the dance needs. She gets scores of 7, 6, 7.

It’s Geraldo Rivera and Edyta Sliwinska dong a parody of “President” Donald Trump and his wife who doesn’t seem to necessarily be Melania. He has a wig, orange face, and everything. They take on the salsa, and he just has nothing to show for being a Latino. Carrie Ann says he did not make dance great again, but he did make her laugh. Len says if there’s a word to describe this it’s Trumpery. Bruno is not sure what the content of the dance was, but it was impressive for all the wrong reasons. His scores are 5, 4, 4, the same as last week.

Mark Ballas was injured during rehearsals, so Paige VanZant will be working with Allan from the dance troupe. It might be good for her, as she was worried that Mark won’t be able to do a lift with her since they’re basically the same size, but Allan is bigger. She does well on the salsa considering it’s with a new partner, and he only had two hours to learn the dance. Len gives kudos to Mark for the choreography. Bruno thinks it was great energy combined with ease of movement. Carrie Ann says Paige destroyed that number. Her scores reflect the good comments: three 8s.

Up now are Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess, and they’ll be taking on the Rumba. She tells him the moves are kind of like Dirty Dancing and asks if he’s seen it. He says he’s seeing it right now. They pull off the chemistry that’s needed for this. Bruno says he really is blessed and gifted with all the right equipment, but he needs to apply it more. Carrie Ann saw a lift and will have to dock the score. Len says there is a dancer inside of him, but it’s not quite coming out yet. The scores are 6, 6, 7.

Kim Fields and Sasha Farber are doing the salsa, and she says it has a lot of footwork and turns, and it’s making her really frustrated with herself. He surprises her with a FaceTime with Gloria Estafan since they’re dancing to Conga. She definitely has the spirit for it. Carrie Ann is bummed that Kim lost her place when the camera went around her. Len sees great promise and potential. Bruno says she moves her tushy like the best. Her scores are 7, 6, 6.

Last week’s favorite, Nyle DiMarco, is up next with partner Peta Murgatroyd. His family comes to visit, and they’re all deaf as well. It’s his world. They take on the rumba, and it’s just so hard to believe he can’t hear the music. They’re fantastic. Len notes there was a massive lift, and it was all too hectic. Bruno talks about being turned on with spine-tingling intensity. Carrie Ann thought it was stunning, but he lacks the tone of the musicality. He gets scores of 7, 6, 7.

Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev are up and will be doing the cha cha this week. He feels like she is being her own enemy and says it’s really hard for him to make her do it. She needs an attitude adjustment, is what she needs. She messes up in the very beginning, and has a big tell. She’s not having the fun that this dance needs. Bruno appreciates that she tried to get into character, but it didn’t fit to the music. Carrie Ann loved seeing more of her personality this week, and Len says there was much more dance content in there this week. Her scores are three 5s.

Up next are Von Miller and Witney Carson. They’re doing the cha cha this week, and it has to be better than Mischa’s. She’s making him pay her $100 for every minute he’s late, then starts fining him for farting, too. He seems to really get into the dance. Carrie Ann thought he was dancing too small. Len said it was tasty in places, but there were some funny bits going on. Bruno says the cha cha got lost in translation. The scores are 7, 6, 7.

Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold are taking on the salsa, but they’re having to move all around the country because he’s on tour right now with Boyz II Men. He moves well, but he needs to get the moves a little better. Len says it’s a dance full of everything, and he’s full of praise. Bruno adds this is how you salsa. Carrie Ann says tonight they don’t know him form Boyz II Men but as the king of the ballroom. They reward him with scores of three 8s.

Doug Flutie and partner Karina Smirnoff are taking on the paso doble. He’s compares the fight to the fight his family has had with his son’s autism. He does surprisingly well with this, so much better than last week. Bruno says it was like watching Spartacus and the dancing gladiators. Carrie Ann says it was very basic and simple, but sometimes you need to play by your strengths. Len says it had attack and purpose and was better than last week. His scores are 7, 6, 7.

It’s Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy taking the stage next. They’ll be doing the samba, and he says she lacks in the swag department. She’s cute, but he wants her to be sexy. She’s still cute, no sexy … then again they’re dancing to Justin Bieber. Carrie Ann says sexiness is about owning your own beauty which she thinks she did. Len demands to see steps that he recognizes, and he did. Bruno says with Ginger it’s always fair weather. Their scores are three 7s.

The couples in jeopardy of elimination are Mischa and Artem, Geraldo and Edyta, and Doug and Karina. The team going home is Geraldo and Edyta. Apparently viewer votes just couldn’t save him after those 4s he received last week. He says he learned that Edyta is fabulous, patient, talented, and charismatic, and if he didn’t get eliminated, he would have demanded a recount.

Mischa and Artem will most definitely be in the bottom three again next week, but who will join them? It seems Doug saved himself and Karina possibly for next week, so it will be interesting to see who else lands in the bottom three.

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The Voice, Season 10 – Battle Rounds #4

TheVoice032216It’s the last night of the Battle Rounds tonight. There is one Steal left, and that’s for Christina Aguilera, meaning she has her choice of three artists, and she has to take one of them.

The first battle up tonight is Laith Al-Saadi vs. Matt Tedder for Team Adam with Tori Kelly as mentor. They’ll be singing “Honky Tonk Women.”Tori notes that as both are guitar players, they really connect with their instruments. Laith believes it’s forcing them both to up their game. They do a really interesting bluesy version of the song, but Matt’s singing definitely pales. Blake Shelton says Laith sang his face off. Adam notes Laith is more established and Matt ready to learn. He keeps Laith. As Matt walks off, Pharrell Williams tells him to go make a record.

Up for Team Pharrell is Caity Peters vs. Joe Vivona along with Sean “Diddy” Combs as mentor. They’re singing “Honesty.” Pharrell likes Caity’s rasp and says Joe’s voice is getting eclipsed right now by his nerves. Diddy hugs Joe before the last rehearsal to give him a little confidence. The battle starts off with the nerves, but Joe works to lose that throughout the song. Blake thinks Caity has the more unique voice, but Joe also has a few things in there. Pharrell heard a moment where Caity really dug in, but Joe got to a point finally of having no fear. He goes with his heart and picks Caity.

Team Blake with his mentor Gwen Stefani work with their last battle paring, Brittany Kennell and Trey O’Dell. They’ll be singing “The Chain.” Blake says Brittany is born sounding like nobody else, and Gwen thinks she’s a little too happy. She tells Trey it looks like he’s really in it, and Blake tells him he’s singing so much better than he did in the Blinds. Both improve even more by their battle. Christina thinks there’s some vibrato in Caity similar to Gwen’s and has no comparison for Trey. Blake calls it a tough one and goes with his gut, Brittany. Despite it seeming like she was angling more towards Brittany, Christina steals him.

The teams are now all set, and Monday they will start with the Knockout Rounds with Miley Cyrus as mentor. That’s going to be an interesting round.

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American Idol, Season 15 – Top 4 with Steven Van Zandt and Sia

Idol032416Tonight not only do we have our final four revealed, but we’re also getting Steven Van Zandt and Sia as mentors, and Katherine McPlee and David Cook will perform. Sia will also perform. Each Idol sings a classic rock song and a Sia song. The show starts out somewhat slow, but it picks up momentum toward the end.

The first one up tonight to work with Steven is La’Porsha Renae. She’s singing “Wanted: Dead or Alive.” Steven thinks it works because it’s so unexpected, and she says she really feels it when she sings the song. She definitely has the attitude down for this, and she has a new dreadlocks hairstyle that looks great on her. Keith Urban says it was cool that she brought out the blues undertones of the song. Jennifer Lopez feels she could sing the phone book, and it wouldn’t matter. Harry Connick Jr. notices that she slowed down her vibrato for the song.

MacKenzie Bourg is up next, and he’ll be singing “I Want You to Want Me.” He realizes it’s out of his wheelhouse. Steven isn’t thrilled with it until he takes it in a completely different way, but he warns him not to change the melody too much. He does manage to take it to a singer/songwriter place, and it’s good, but I am left wishing for the original. JLo doesn’t know that she loves how he MacKenzie’d it. Harry wishes he would have sang a version with more energy. Keith comes right out and says he hated the arrangement.

David Cook, the winner of season seven of American Idol, comes back for a visit to sing his song “Heartbeat,” and behind him we see play out the winning moments of the other Idols to come before and after him, all of them, the ones we liked and the ones we didn’t.

The remaining singers are up waiting for the results: Trent Harmon, Sonika Vaid, and Dalton Rappatoni. One is safe, and the other are the bottom two. Trent is safe, surprisingly leaving Dalton in the bottom two.

Trent and Steven are trying to make “Sharp Dressed Man” unique, and they find this part in the middle that makes it what Trent explains is “not a cover.” And sure, it’s unique, but this jazzy version just isn’t the same. I’d rather listen to MacKenzie’s Cheap Trick. Harry was content with the groove but says he could have stretched the slower part out for ten minutes in a concert. Keith says he needs a performance that stands out at this point. Jen has been waiting for him to have this performance.

It’s now between Sonika and Dalton as to who is moving on. And everyone I know is ready to say goodbye to Sonika, so we’ll see if the voters feel the same way. The final person moving on into the final four is Dalton. We say goodbye to Sonika.

Dalton says it was hard to choose a song this week and was dead set on “Seven Nation Army,” and they start brainstorming on his other choice “God Only Knows.” This is my favorite Beach Boys song, and he does Brian Wilson proud. He does have a few pitchy moments, but you couldn’t be any more tender. Keith was impressed by him saying earlier he only had 90 seconds to impress America. Jen is glad he took the advice to change up his song. Harry says this was the most complex song he’s done so far, and the arrangement showed his vulnerabilities.

Katherine McPhee comes back to sing the song that probably cemented her as final two in season five, “Over the Rainbow.”

Sia meets up with the Idols to have them sing her songs. Up first is La’Porsha. She admits to fangirling when she met Sia, who returns the favor by saying she heard La’Porsha’s version of “Diamonds,” and she was totally blown away. This time she’s singing “Elastic Heart,” and she makes Sia cry. Tonight she sings it and sounds very powerful,but it’s not my favorite of hers. JLo feels like she’s not even doing her job anymore when she’s watching her. Harry feels like he’s in the passenger seat of a NASCAR car when she sings. Keith feels like he’s at an awards show watching her.

MacKenzie is the next to meet with Sia. He’s singing “Titanium” and admits it’s out of his comfort zone. She works with him on trying to hit the high note and advises him to trust himself. He MacKenzies this song much better than his first song. Harry is irritated by everyone looking for the “triple axle” at this point. Keith thought it was really beautiful to hear it as a singer/songwriter song. Jen thinks it’s great that Sia made him go there with it.

Sia takes a break in mentoring the Idols to sing her own song, singing “Cheap Thrills.” She performs on a pedestal behind her wig while others dance to her music as is her usual.

Trent gets a chance to work with Sia and says seeing her in the flesh is like seeing a unicorn. He’s singing “Chandelier.” She’s happy that he’s making it his own but would love to hear it in the normal octave with the first verse. This is a song that works with Trent and his style extremely well. Keith says it played to everything he has that’s so special to him. Jen points out it’s so different than what he sang earlier, so he can do anything. Harry thought it was phenomenal.

Last up is Dalton who is singing “Bird Set Free.” She notes he has the most restrained voice of everyone, and when he lets go it brings a sense of relief. He tells her he absolutely adores the words to this song, and they bond over both being bipolar. Singing this song tonight, he brings tears to my eyes. He breaks just like La’Porsha did last week. Jen tells him everyone is cheering for his bravery. Harry says it was the most powerful for him when he sang there’s a scream inside that he tries to hide. Keith loves that he’s up against some insane singers, but he goes right through and pushes through his limitations.

I believe Dalton just got through to the final three, and we know La”Porsha has to be there. I think the third spot is between Trent and MacKenzie. We’ll see next week. Until then, I’ll be playing tonight’s music which will finally be available on iTunes.

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Survivor Kaôh Rōng, Season 32 – A Need for a Richard Hatch School of Alliances

Survivor032316There seems to be an overall ineptitude among this season’s group of survivors. Neither of the original Brains and original Brawn tribes seem to get it. They don’t seem to understand how to work with people to get to a common goal: surviving. The only ones who seem to get it are the Beauty tribe, and they were decimated after Caleb was evacuated and Anna was voted out. However, it seems like Scot is finally getting it now that he’s working with Tai.


Debbie continues to be disillusioned. She makes multiple remarks about how hot she thinks Nick is and says he should be a model, and she knows as she’s done modeling in the past. Frankly I, I have to ask, is there anything she hasn’t done or anything she doesn’t know?

Reward Challenge

The producers set Scot up for this one pretty well. For the challenge the teams have to untie some underwater buoys, then push them all to the shore and stack them in a rack where two players will shoot them into a basket.

Obviously the former NBA player has an extreme advantage here. It’s like, well … a doing anything challenge with Debbie since she’s an expert at everything. I have to give to to Nick for making it close and staging a comeback after Michele got them in a hole not being able to untie the buoys, but that seemed custom-made for Scot.

New Addition

After Anna, a former Beauty tribe member, was voted out of the Gondol tribe last week, it left an opening in the tribe for Julia, another former beauty tribe member, who was without a tribe after the tribal shakeup. This kept the vote balance as two from Beauty, one from Brawn, and three from Brains.

Peter obviously didn’t learn anything after Liz was voted out after the two of them had figured everyone would bow to their voting desires. Now he decides he once again wants Joe out, and he confronts Julia suggesting they band together and vote out Joe. Then he talks to Scot to share his plan.

Aubry and Joe are intending on keeping their majority intact so plan on keeping Peter around and dumping the new addition, Julia. Joe catches wind of Peter’s plan and confronts him, but Peter denies it. Joe actually starts to threaten him to vote his way. Well, if Peter joins with Julia, Scot, and Tai, they’ll have the majority, and there isn’t anything Joe can do about it.

On the other tribe Debbie and Michelle talk, and the older woman takes the younger one under her wing. Debbie is angling to get Jason out as he doesn’t do anything around camp. But then Nick tries to be protective of Michelle, and she gets offended. She says she’ll just play dumb to go along with him but she doesn’t “need to be carried, Bro.”

Immunity Challenge

The tribes need to fight through an obstacle course and then build a tower of blocks that was taller than any of them, including Scot. But clearly this was another challenge that would benefit Scot yet again. However, Gondol tries Peter’s strategy of building in the middle, picking up the top and inserting sections in the middle. It doesn’t go well, and they lose.

Aubry wants to get rid of Peter but is afraid to lose the number for Brains in the tribe. Joe refuses to consider bending and going against him. So he makes amends with Peter who is deciding he’s not going to go against the Brains either and that he’ll just vote out Julia.

Scot talks to Peter and realizes he just wants to vote Julia out. He talks with Julia and Tai, and they realize it’s a tie vote of three against three. They start discussing voting Peter out and know Joe isn’t going to bend, so they go to Aubry and tell her that Peter was talking about voting her out. However, they aren’t sure whether Aubry is going to join with them, making Scot say that he and Tai just might have to vote out Julia.

Tribal Council

At Tribal Council Julia puts it out there that the tribe is split. Aubry, though, then starts talking about seeing sides of Peter that is making them question him, and Julia and Scot talk about Peter going to them and throwing the others under the bus.

Tai and Scot whisper and nod with each and decide to do the “original plan.” Scot then openly says “original plan” to Julia. This makes Aubry and Joe whisper with each other as well.

Aubry is shown as stalled when she goes to write down her vote. She then writes Julia, but stares at it for awhile. When the votes are read, her vote says Julia, but is crossed off and now says Pete. Peter is voted out four to two.

That guy had no idea how to play this game. He is most probably an excellent ER Doctor, but he doesn’t understand how to strategize with people. He kept thinking if he conceived an idea, he could get the others to go along with him, never giving anyone else an ounce of credit to possibly make a decision on their own. And that’s the sole reason he is no longer there. It happened on the Brains tribe when Liz was voted out, and it now happened again with him. Had he not been talking to Julia and Scot who had no reason to be loyal to him, he would still be there and Julia would have been voted out.

Next Up

So now the tribes will merge next week. This gives the Brains, Brawn, and Beauty a chance to group back together again. For Brawn, they’re still down with only three people left: Cydney, Jason, and Scott. Brains now have four left: Debbie, Neal, Joe, and Aubry. And Beauty now has four as well: Tai, Julia, Nick, and Michelle.

Much of this will depend on the other alliances that were created outside of their original tribes once they made the tribal switch. Perhaps the strongest one we saw is between Scot and Tai. Scot was without his partner Jason, and Tai had just lost Caleb. Scot, Tai, and Jason could now form together for a great alliance.

And if they brought Cydney in, they’d have another group of four. And now they’ve grouped with Julia who just lost her alliance member Anna. If they bring Julia in they have five. If they bring Julia’s old alliance member Michele in they have six. Or they could combine Brawn and Beauty against Brains.

It doesn’t seem like Brains have done much to create alliances past their original tribe, so if Scot and Tai are smart, which they appear to be, they will start heading in that direction. And let’s not forget that Scot knows that both Tai and Jason have idols and could form the super idol. It could get exciting!

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The Voice, Season 10 – Battle Rounds #3

TheVoice032116The Battle Rounds are continuing on The Voice this week, and we’re right in the thick of it. There have already been a fair number of steals, so the coaches are starting to get a little stingy with them. They aren’t as likely to hit their button for everyone they wish didn’t have to leave the show.

Up first tonight is Team Blake Shelton with his advisor Gwen Stefani. It’s Adam Wakefield taking on Jared Harder. Gwen notes that Adam already comes across as such a natural, while Blake thinks Jared is still learning who he is. They have a great back and forth battle with Adam on keyboard and Jared on guitar. Adam Levine can see Adam Wakefield going out on tour with the Allman Brothers tomorrow. Adam makes Blake Shelton think of the word character, both in voice and because he looks like one. The difference is experience, so the winner is Adam.

Pharrell Williams is working with Sean “Diddy” Combs as an advisor. This battle will be between Emily Keener and Jonathan Bach. Diddy tells Jonathan not to be premeditated with the emotions and tells Emily that her emotion has to match her performance. They sing “Explosions,” and he has a nice falsetto while she has a nice tone. While Blake Shelton thought Jonathan made it more theatrical, he connected more with Emily. Pharrell explains that while it wasn’t in Emily’s wheelhouse, she continues to push, so he chooses to move forward with her.

Daniel Passino and Kristen Marie will be battling it out for Christina Aguilera and her advisor Patti LaBelle. They’ll be singing Adele’s “Turning Tables” which is interesting because Kristen sounds so much like her. Patti thinks she has a beautiful tone but loves Daniel’s range. In their battle, they are as promised. All the judges lean towards keeping Daniel. Christina decides to go with the singer who is more sure of themselves and what they want to be, and that’s Daniel.

Up next for Team Pharrell are Abby Celso and Brian Hnira. They’re singing Maroon 5’s “Sugar.” Diddy notes that the way they deliver it will make the song more impactful. Both he and Pharrell want them to bring more emotion into it. They do better with that in the battle, but their version still pales compared to Adam’s. All the judges think Brian should be the winner. Pharrell believes they both should stay in the competition. He mentions putting his faith in others and chooses Abby.

It seems like Pharrell picked Abby because he knew one of the others would pick up Brian and felt if he reversed it that Abby would go home. Sure enough. Adam and Christina both push their buttons for Brian. Adam says he’d be on a pedestal on his team, while she says she knows what to do with him. He picks Adam.

Adam and his mentor Tori Kelly work with the next pairing, Caroline Burns and Mick Schiavo. Adam knows he has great instincts from when he played with him at his audition. He wants Caroline to have more confidence. They sing “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” and she seems nervous and a little immature in her emotions. The judges differ on who had the better performance. In the end Adam goes with the one who he sees more potential from, and that’s Caroline.

The last pairing of the night is between Alisan “Curly Sue” Porter and Lacy Mandigo for Team Christina. They’ll be singing “California Dreamin’.” Patti says Alisan has a powerful voice while Lacy can be a hot mama vocally. In the Battle, both are incredible, but you have to give it to Alisan in the end. Blake thinks they’re two different types of vocalists, so they’re hard to compare, but he thinks Lacy needs more time. While Christina is moved by both of them, the winner is Alisan. And just when Lacy starts to walk off, Blake steals her.

There are just a few more Battle Rounds left and one steal before the Knockout Rounds begin next week.

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