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Project Runway 9, Episode 10 – Return of the Me Decade

Last week on Project Runway, the designers faced the dreaded menswear challenge when they had to design a suitably retro look for the Sheepdogs, a 70’s inspired rock band. Olivier was thrown for a major loop when he had to design for the lead singer, who stood over six feet tall. His experience with menswear had apparently not prepared him for men who shop in the Big and Tall department. Consequently, Olivier was sent home, while Viktor won by making a fantastic jacket for his client.

For a change of pace, Lifetime catches up with the designers right after the challenge. They’re at their apartment getting ready for bed and discussing the challenge.

The next morning, the designers meet up with Heidi, who tells them to “look to the past.” She then sends them to the workroom to meet Tim and a “special guest,” who turns out to be Heather Archibald from According to her, the 70’s are due for a revival, and she wants the designers to make a 70’s inspired outfit, which has to be separates. The winner of the challenge will be able to sell their look on

The designers will have thirty minutes to sketch plus a budget of $100.00 to spend at Mood. Bert promptly grabs a some glittery gold platform shoes that look something that might have been worn at a disco and decides to build his look around them. Josh, who is the youngest of the remaining designers, apparently doesn’t know anything about the 70’s and is consequently feeling rather lost. (Um, Josh, you’re a fan of the Village People, right? They did get their start in the 70’s…) Kimberly tells us that her mother had been a secretary during the 70’s. She will therefore make a sexier version of her mom’s clothes.

At Mood, Kimberly, Bert, and several other designers seek out prints. Anya wants burgundy and/or brown as those are colors she associates with the 1970’s. Unfortunately, her dress has no pockets, which means she has no real place to put her money envelope, which she tucks in one of her dress’ straps. Unfortunately, she loses the money. After frantic searching, she turns to Tim for help, and he spells out her options: 1) use muslin and/or 2) beg money from her fellows. Unfortunately, her fellow designers have all spent their share– except for Anthony who has 11.00 left over. He gives it to her, and she buys some fabric, plus a few buttons and a zipper.

Back at the workshop, some of the other designers, after some prodding from Tim, who reminds them that Anya has often shared her fabrics with them, give her materials they’re not using. (Tim’s right, by the way, Anya gave Kimberly some fabric just last episode.) Viktor doesn’t, though. He DR’s that he’d like to help, but this is a competition, so he won’t.

At 57, Bert has lived through the 70’s. Viktor takes advantage of this to ask him which of the shoes on the accessory wall are patterned after 70’s shoes. Josh tells us that he has some familiarity with the glam, disco 1970’s, but he needs something salable. Laura is enjoying this challenge because she likes vintage clothing. Viktor suspects Josh is stealing ideas from other designers but decides to keep his opinion to himself. He assures himself that he’s a better designer and tailor than Josh, so it doesn’t matter if Josh steals his ideas or not.

Anya decides to dye her muslin, and the result is a sort of rusty orange. While Kimberly is making pants, Anya talks about how the three women had made a pact to help each other. Bert is using gold lame. He talks about how he used to go to Study 54 and hang out with people like Halston and Dianna Ross. It’s then time to go home.

The following morning, Tim tells the designers that there’s a twist to the challenge. They have to make a second look, and it has to be a one-piece of some kind. They have a $50.00 budget and 15 minutes to sketch, starting now. Kimberly decides not to sketch, but continues working on her first look, hoping that she’ll get an idea while working. When the gang goes to Mood, Anya pins her money to her shirt, so she won’t lose it again.

After the designers return from Mood and start working, Tim comes in to make his rounds. He starts with Anthony, who is making a “midi-skirt.” In other words, it will be about knee-length. Tim thinks it looks old. He then checks in with Anya, who has started her second look, a jumpsuit. Tim stops by Bert, and thinks Bert’s look might actually be too vintage. Kimberly is working on a fitted jumper, while Viktor is making a safari jacket for his first look. Josh is making a hot pink top and tells Tim he’s shooting for an androgynous look. Laura is making a jumpsuit for her second look, and Tim warns her to mind her taste, as Nina has questioned her taste level.

The models then come in for their fitting and Bert’s model comments that his outfit reminds her of Charlie’s Angels. If she’s talking about the 70’s show, that’s good, but if she’s talking about the more recent movie, Bert could have problems. Anthony asks Anya her opinion about something; he tells us that she’s the girl he would dress. Having a muse for inspiration for can be helpful, but I’m not sure if Anya’s look is vintage enough for this challenge. After the models leave, it’s time for the designers to go back home.

On the day of the runway show, the designers get back to work. Tim sends in the models for hair and make-up. Kimberly now discovers that her waistband doesn’t fit the model, so she has to cut and make a new one. Anya is also running behind and tells us that just once she would like to truly finish on time. Then it’s off to the runway, where the designers meet Olivia Palermo, a “guest editor” for

Q and A with Eddie McClintock of Syfy’s “Warehouse 13”

“Warehouse 13” is one of Syfy’s most successful series ever and is about a top-secret storage facility in South Dakota that houses every odd artifact, strange relic, outrageous object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government. Artie (Saul Rubinkek) is the warehouse’s caretaker along with Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly). The team winds up chasing down more paranormal activity and new objects to house in the warehouse. The season finale titled “Emily Lake” also starred CCH Pounder (Mrs. Frederic), Allison Scagliotti (Claudia Donovan), and Genelle Williams (Leena). The show is action packed with a side of romance, mystery and a lot of guessing. As the series winds down Eddie McClintock and his sense of humor took part in a conference call to chat about the season.

Eddie McClintock’s character Pete is doing his best “Scarface” impersonation in the season finale clip. His sense of humor in real life and on the show is what makes viewers tune in. He joked he could not really discuss the season finale, but would be happy to discuss the renovations being done to his home. Viewers will have to wait anxiously to see how the story plays out. He does promise viewers will not be disappointed.

The ratings have done very well, and Eddie is not sure what else they could possibly do to get more ratings except throw in Captain Kirk and Spock. He is incredibly talented and funny. He goes with the flow and takes what the writers put on paper and turns it into greatness.

Eddie said he would like to see his character change naturally the way human beings do in general life. He can be very serious, brave and strong, but also loves that he can be childish and silly. There are so many aspects for him personally that he gets to do drama, comedy, action and romance. It has become the perfect combination for a television character. He is never bored.

Pete is a Secret Service agent, but that does not mean he has to be serious twenty-four seven. He pulls Artie and Myka’s strings and likes to get everyone riled up, but it keeps them on their toes. The viewers seem to agree with Eddie’s Marx Brothers approach to his character. He would not change a thing, and credits Jack Kenny for writing such a stable series with all of the genres blended together so well.

As for welcoming the guest-stars, Eddie compared it to walking into a random person’s home and breaking out a sleeping bag, telling them that you are going to sleep right there on their floor. So instead of having awkward moments, Eddie welcomes them with open arms. He likes to make people laugh.

The series has had a parade of talented guest-stars including Kate Mulgrew, Lindsay Wagner, Jeri Ryan and Sasha Roiz. The guest stars for the finale include Anthony Michael Hall (“Weird Science”), who will play Walter Sykes, and Jaime Murray (“Dexter”). There has been talk of giving Murray her own spinoff series. Eddie hopes to be able to continue working with her if she ventures into spinoff territory.

It has been announced that there will be a season four of Warehouse. Eddie was not sure what the plots will be yet, but he hopes they work out, because he just purchased a helicopter and a Lamborghini. (See the perfect sense of humor!). The writers have not ventured that far forward just yet, still focusing on the third season finale. In all honestly, no one knows what will happen in the next season.

Eddie would be willing to guest-star on any of Syfy’s fellow shows. “Sanctuary” would be his first choice, though, because he knows Robin Dunne pretty well. He likes the idea of Sanctuarym because they film with green screen, and he would be able to rely mainly on imagination. He would also like to do an episode of the WWE, but that is an entirely different story, and it involves tights, a cod piece and a latex mask.

The cast did film a special Christmas episode for this year but he was not able to go into details. He did say that it is not your “Charlie Brown Christmas,” but more of a true “Warehouse 13” episode. The Christmas episode will be a little “Pete-centric” and it’s been tied to a beloved classic movie so stay on the Syfy lookout.

The warehouse team feels like a family so it genuinely comes off as a television show that anyone can watch and relate to or escape from everyday life. McClintock loves his fanbase. They do vary from scientists to the folks who work at NASA. The fact he has an intelligent fan base and afun loving fanbase makes him very happy. He is part of the social networks and it is very flattering for him to have such supportive fans.

Viewers continue to tune in because the show has heart. He said he feels that the whole family can sit and watch Warehouse. There are not a lot of shows that the entire family can sit and watch together. There is also the fascination with Syfy and what they have been able to do with television over the years. Syfy continues to reinvent itself with shows like Warehouse 13.

McClintock will be around for a long time, and if he ever needs a second career he could rely on his artistic talents or maybe head to the WWE. But we love him on “Warehouse 13” The first ever two-hour season finale aired on on Monday, October 3 at 9/8c on the Syfy channel.

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“Paranormal Witness,” September 26 – The Mansfield Mansion

Tonight’s episode of Syfy’s series “Paranormal Witness” takes hauntings to the next level. It is an intense episode as “Paranormal Witness” takes on The Mansfield Mansion for Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween. The episode this week is intense. The series dives head first into the extreme paranormal. The show covers everything from possession to poltergeist.

The people who have lived through the experiences tell the stories first hand, and then reenactments are provided for added affect. Tonight there are quite a few moments where you want to cover your eyes and peek through your fingers while watching. I was informed of this information, but being a lifelong horror, science-fiction mystery fan, I love it, and the scarier the better. This show also provides survival instinct. If human beings can accept that there may be more out there than just us, Syfy has made a big accomplishment.

From 1994 to 2011, The Mansfield Mansion, located in Connecticut, was abandoned. Amy Moore and her daughter Alyssa had discovered the old dilapidated home, which wasn’t being taken care of. Amy fell in love with the house, but her daughter was immediately hesitant. They finally moved in after Amy won it in an auction. She did a walkthrough and the house was a mess, with dead animals on the land and a sign that said Mansfield Training Board School. Amy asked the property manager about it, but he said all of the records were lost. How convenient. She had so much excitement, and there was so much potential for the house. Amy called her it her future Picasso. She had so many possibilities and wanted to make it a place of her own.

Amy was working during the day and doing renovations at night. She heard strange sounds and did not even bother to investigate, but ran out of the house and got in her car and took off like a bat out of hell. She returned the next morning in search of anything out of the ordinary and to check to make sure no one was in the house. She dismissed it as a freak accident and had no clue what it was. Fast forward to three months later, the day Amy and Alyssa moved in. Amy was just ecstatic and so excited. Alyssa’s gut feeling was that they should not have moved in the house. She felt a negative experience right away.

She finally got the courage to explore the large home and headed to the attic, of course, where everyone goes when exploring a creepy old house. She opened the old latch and was hit with a gust of wind, but wanted to explore the attic. She had some kind of urge and took her video camera with her to look around and see if she could find anything. She took one step at a time and each step got worse.

Alyssa became paralyzed for several seconds, and something or someone was standing behind her breathing. She felt it was evil. Alyssa continued to explore the attic and in a frenzy she took off and ran down the stairs and burst through the door like her life was at stake. She told her mom, who suggested she might be just imagining it.

Amy and Alyssa began to cook dinner, and suddenly began to hear loud, heavy footsteps. Amy went off to check what it was, with Alyssa following and holding onto her Mom’s shirt. Amy started to go upstairs, and Alyssa ran out the front door. Amy had a hammer in her hand and made it upstairs, then turned and looked down the hall.

Amy ventured down the hall and checked the bedrooms one by one. She never felt terror like this in her life. She slowly walked down the hallway exploring each room, and finally opened the last door, but there was nothing there. Alyssa was disturbed and wanted to move out, but she had no say. Amy continued working on the house with the noises escalating and getting progressively worse. She noticed the door going to the third floor was open each time she walked by.

Amy took a metal rod and wedged it to the door so it would stay shut, then heard the rod fall. She did not believe it could be supernatural and did not want to believe it. Alyssa knew her mom was keeping things from her, but Alyssa could see and feel the stress. She was waiting for something horrific to happen.

During the night Alyssa began to hear explicit moaning as if her mom was having sex. Alyssa walked to her door and began knocking and said, “Mom, I can hear you.” Alyssa felt nauseous and heard the door behind her click, then took off running. This house has a rather stifling darkness about it; I feel like I can’t breathe and I am not even in the house.

Alyssa was still home alone and realized her mom was not even home, so there was no way the moaning sounds she heard were from her mother. As Alyssa was tearing out the front door, she ran right into her Mother’s arms. Alyssa decided to move in with her boyfriend. She was not ready, but needed to leave. The stress of the house was getting to her. She was concerned about her mother living by herself, but it was an opportunity for her to move.

Q and A with Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne of Syfy’s “Sanctuary”

We can expect an exciting new season of Syfy’s “Sanctuary” as it ventures into the fourth season. The show follows Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping), a scientist who holds the secrets to a group of frightening beings that live amongst human beings. Her forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) and her tech expert Henry (Ryan Robbins) and her daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), Magnus must protect this secret phenomenon. The series also stars Christopher Heyerdahl as villainous John Druitt. The show is created by Damien Kindler (“Stargate SG-1,” “Stargate Atlantis”) and produced in association with Syfy.

“Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween” kicks off this month, and Sanctuary will be part of this infamous line-up. The season opener “Tempus” finds Dr. Magnus pursuing Adam Worth (Ian Tracey) back to 1898 London as he attempts to save his daughter. Magnus knows if he is successful this will destroy the natural order of history. This series is unique as we are taken to an entirely different world. It’s the first show to shoot on green screen, and there are extraordinary visual effects and amazing virtual sets.

Two of the stars, Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne, took part in a conference call to discuss the series as it delves into the fourth season. Dunne and Magnus are both veterans to the science-fiction genre. Their characters add an extra kick to the show. Dunne and Tapping were tight-lipped about any of Magnus’ secrets. We will find out what makes her tick and why she has made some of the point choices she made in the last two seasons. Magnus has surrounded herself with an elite group. There are quite a few confusing moments that will indeed make sense in the end. Some of the storyline continues from the third season, so Sanctuary fans will not be disappointed.

There is a parade of guest-stars appearing this season. Ian Tracey (Adam Worth), Jonathan Young (Tesla), Peter Wingfield (James Watson), Carlo Rota and Brian Markinson will play a new villain, and Al Sapienza (“The Sopranos”) returns playing Will’s father. Robert Lawrenson also makes a return. Tapping and Dunne describe their guest-stars as being part of their Syfy dysfunctional “Brady Bunch.” They are the awesome version and much bigger, although they look to much better stars than sitcom veterans to play them in flash forwards and flashbacks. Dunne would love for George Clooney to play him in the flash forward scenes, and Tapping would like Dame Helen Mirren to play her mother in the flashback scenes.

There is already talk of season five, and the optimism from Tapping and Dunne is there. The most anticipated episode will be the musical-inspired episode airing Thanksgiving weekend on Friday, November 25th at 10PM ET/PT. The episode finds the two in quite a predicament; they must communicate with a mysterious Abnormal. The only way they can communicate with this unusual villain is through music. Series creator Damien Kindler jumped in with music and lyrics, and composer Andrew Lockington worked his magic.

This episode was a lot of fun for the cast. They were provided with phonics so they could actually hear the songs and sing along with the tracks, but nobody else could hear the song. Dunne said it was fun to be a rock star for just a little bit. They also had to rehearse in the studio for the episode. Tapping was excited, with a real sense of anticipation for her.

The cast does not ever expect anything to stay the same; they are always dealing with something new and fresh. The writers will always toss them a curve ball to mix it up. This is one show that everything from wardrobe to scenery changes. They do not think outside the box, as the box does not exist.

Tapping and Dunne are also part of the Once Upon a Cure gala, working to raise funds for Hunter Syndrome. They have good hearts and their characters reflect that. Dunne believes his character is a lot more involved and jokes that Tapping is at least three feet taller than him, so he would like a “little credit” having to deal with the smart and savvy Dr. Magnus.

Despite her strong demeanor, Tapping does have a little bit of sadness to her character and some loneliness. She is incredibly focused and there is no room for error. If you’re wondering whether Dr. Magnus would have referred to President Kennedy as “Honey,” Tapping said “yes, she would.”

Both Tapping and Dunne credit the social networks and the support of the fans and viewers for the success of “Sanctuary.” They are involved in the social networks and describe it as a weird blessing. They are able to connect with fans and also spread the word about the charities they hold near and dear to their hearts. They have the best fans and feel that they can send out great messages to their fans. Dunne says the fans are incredibly respectful, and it is a great way to keep in touch.

As for who they would both like to see as an Abnormal on “Sanctuary,” Dunne said Hemmingway would be very cool or maybe Elvis Presley, imagine the science-fiction king of Rock-N-Roll. Tapping would like to have Dorothy Parker as an Abnormal. Dunne added David Lee Roth and The Beatles. They weren’t done with the “let’s pretend” aspect, though, as Tapping admitted her superpower of choice would be to be invisible, and Dunne’s choice would be to have “slinky hands.” They are both incredibly interesting choices.

The series mainly follows Dr. Magnus and her crazy adventures she winds up on. With Halloween just around the corner, the series is a perfect Segway for Syfy to add some extra mystery and effects. There is still that intensity that surrounds the show. “Sanctuary” may have gone rogue, but viewers do not have to worry that the series is taking a “Glee” turn. The science-fiction genre is one of the most versatile topics to work with. The new season is alive even more so. Insane creatures, deep dark secrets and a musical or two, what more could you ask for in a show.
Don’t miss out. Make sure to enjoy Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween as season four of “Sanctuary” returns with thirteen new episodes on Friday, October 7 at 10PM ET/PT.

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The Amazing Race, Oct. 2 – We're Not Toast Yet

Last week’s season premiere of The Amazing Race shows they’re trying to keep it interesting, as they have added more to the game. They have kept the Express Pass and added in the Hazard. Additionally, they are going with a double elimination this week following a non-elimination last week. And they’ve also kept up with CBS’ current reality show ploy of having past contestants come back, even if it means bringing them over from a different CBS reality show. Let’s hope it stays new and exciting all season.

The first team to leave Taipei, Taiwan, are Ernie and Cindy at 9:28 PM. Their clue tells them to fly to Jakarta,, Indonesia. One there, they’ll take an overnight train to Yogyakarta. Cindy is nervous about the double elimination, not because of a fear of their own safety, but because this new twist means it might be one of many.

Jeremy and Sandy leave at 9:35 PM, and she’s worried about it as well, as it means they have to make sure they beat two teams, not just one. Justin and Jennifer leave four minutes later, and ask their cab driver if they can borrow his phone to get flight information. He notes sibling rivaly is a real thing, and they both may get angry, but they’ll keep moving. She tries getting the flight info. He asks her if she wants him to do it instead. Her reply? No.

Ethan and Jennifer leave at 10:07 PM. He was okay with coming in fourth place, as if they were first it would have put an even bigger target on their backs, as being the Survivor winners already makes for a big enough target. This is “kinda cool,” as it allows the others to see that they make mistakes and bicker.

Amani and Marcus leave at 10:15 PM, and Laurence and Zac leave seven minutes later. Zac tries to explain what the double elimination could mean for them, but Laurence is only interested in pointing out he has a banana. Andy and Tommy leave at 10:23 PM, and joke that Indonesia is the ultimate place for a snowboarder to go. It’s just the first few minutes, and I think I’ve already heard “Dude” about ten times. Andy even tells Tommy, “Don’t ‘Dude’ me, Dude.”

The teams begin arriving at the airport. Ernie and Cindy ask around for flights, and find the next available flight is at 9:45 AM, as she pints out, “It looks like a night at the airport.” Ron and Bill leave at 10:48 PM, with Bill noting they’re not on a mission to change the way people think about gay couples. but they have a thirteen-year relationship with truth and honesty, and are truly in love with each other and best friends. Kaylani and Lisa leave at 11:09 PM and Kaylani hits her head on the way into the taxi, making the driver crack up. LizMarie leave at 11:31 PM, and one of them admits she’s being negative, then agrees not to be anymore.

Ethan and Jenna arrive at the airport, with Sandy knowing they have a pretty good shot at doing well in this game like they did on Survivor. Justin figures Ethan and Jenna are expecting to be top competitors because of their time on Survivor. Ernie thinks Jenna seems nice, but mentions her Medusa eye thing she has going on, where you can’t really trust them too much.

The big talk among the racers is what happened to Bill and Cathi, or “Ma and Pa,” as Andy refers to them. No one has seen them, and they thought they were eliminated, but now with the double elimination, they wonder if they’re still in the game. They leave at 3:57 AM, with her admitting to their shock at the non-elimination. He notes it’s only making them step up their game, as they have to worry about the speed bump now, as well as the double elimination. They know the other races won’t be so happy to see they’re still in the game, “We’t not toast yet.” Instead, the others are happy to see them, with Andy noting Mom and Pa have a good energy about them.

All the teams make the same flight for Jakarta. Once the flight lands, they all take off looking for the overnight train. Ron and Bill are told the earliest train will be 5:30. Justin wants a phone to find out more about the area, but Jennifer asks if he’d rather take the train now or talk on the phone. This breaks out into a brother vs. sister argument, and the other racers are definitely noticing. The irritating thing is they both continue to try and talk over the other, and neither stops. But they both think the other is the bad communicator. She leaves to go wait it out on the train.

The train takes off with everyone being a little upset that they’re still all bunched together. Once they arrive in the morning, they will travel by taxi to Goa Jomblang Cave to get their next clue. One the train arrives, they all race to the taxis, with Cathi being excited that their driver has them in the lead. Amani and Marcus oddly try to push the car from inside to get them into the lead. It works to get them past Laurence and Zac.

Bill of Bill and Cathi is worried about the speed bump, and it’s making him anxious. The others are all worried about the double elimination. Additionally, LizMarie are worried about being driven in a foreign country and cling to each other in the back seat of the taxi. The other racers are worried as well, with Ernie noting their driver is driving like a bat out of hell. Bill knows it’s making Ron tense.

What's Hot on TV Tonight – House Season Premiere

It’s October 3, and the networks are still rolling out the premieres, although not the same amount as the last few weeks. Tonight, House premieres on Fox. Catch up on other TV you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. The Talks. Carnie Wilson, Molly Shannon, and Sheryl Underwood are guest cohosts, and Lily Tomlin and Ellie Kemper are the guests. 1:00 PM CT CBS

2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Hugh Laurie, Cheryl HInes, Marc Martel, and Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are today’s guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

3. MLB Playoffs. American Leagues Division playoff between New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers. 4:00 PM CT TBS

4. How I Met Your Mother. After assaulting a woman trying to ruin Barney’s relationship, Robin is forced by the court to attend therapy sessions, and Ted gets too involved in Lily’s pregnancy. 7:00 PM CT CBS

5. Sing Off. The remaining groups perform both a current song and memorable one from the 1960s. 7:00 PM CT NBC

6. Dancing with the Stars. The stars dance to a song that is representative of a memorable time in their lives. 7:00 PM CT ABC

7. Gossip Girl. Nate reconnects with Diana, then gets an exciting opportunity. Serena forces a decision on Charlie, and Blair’s future sister-in-law arrives for a visit. Elizabeth Hurley guest stars. 7:00 PM CT CW

8. Terra Nova. Jim and Taylor try to protect the colony from a Pterosaur attack, Elisabeth wonders if her recruitment came about because of a past love, and Syke attempts helping Josh. 7:00 PM CT Fox

9. The Lying Game. Emma’s foster brother’s visit throws her into a tailspin, Travis uses his knowledge of Emma’s situation to help himself out, and Sutton is forced into Emma’s life when she has to return to Las Vegas. 7:00 PM CT ABC Family

10. House Crashers. Season premiere. Ambush renovation at its best. Host and licensed contractor Josh Temple stalks a big-box home improvement store looking for unsuspecting weekend warriors and then follows them home with a large crew of experts in tow. 7:00 PM CT DIY

11. Basketball Wives LA. An MMA outing brings Laura’s issues to a head, and Jackie and Laura delve into Draya’s past. 7:00 PM CT VH1

12. 2 Broke Girls. Max introduces Caroline to thrift stores, only to end up fighting over a shirt. A sarcastic street artist flirts with Max. 7:30 PM CT CBS

13. MLB Playoffs. American Leagues Division playoff between Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays. 7:30 PM CT TBS

14. NFL Football. Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 7:30 PM CT ESPN

15. Two and a Half Men. Alan helps Walden prepare for a date with Bridget, and Jake wants to drop out of school to be like Walden. 8:00 PM CT CBS

16. Hart of Dixie. Zoe participates in the Founder’s Day parade to win over the Bluebell residents, but only ends up making matters worse. 8:00 PM CT CW

17. House. House finds strange symptoms in a fellow inmate at the correctional facility, and a clinic doctor decides whether or not to put her job on the line to help House. 8:00 PM CT CW

18. American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. In the first hour, Senior keeps trying to reach out to Mikey, PJD has the Cepheid build reveal, and OCC shows Beck’s Hybrids’ bike and reverse trike. In the second hour, the heated moments from past shows are remembered. 8:00 PM CT Discovery

19. Warehouse 13. Season finale. There is something transmitting from within the Warehouse, and Pete and Myka are racing through the multitude of sections trying to find out who or what it is while Artie and Claudia try to track it from back in the office. It turns out that it’s Sykes using his own cache of artifacts to try and destroy them and the Warehouse. They realize the transmitting is coming from near the art gallery and the entire team heads to meet up there to bring a stop to the chaos. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

20. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Adrienne hosts a big barbecue. 8:00 PM CT Bravo

21. The Bad Girls Club. Cheyenne alienates herself, and Judi’s antics bring about a truce between Nastasia and Shelly. 8:00 PM CT Oxygen

22. Mike & Molly. Peggy celebrates her boyfriend’s birthday, but ends up as the one with the big surprise. 8:30 PM CT CBS

23. Hawaii Five-0. McGarrett’s mentor requests that the team look into a Navy SEAL’s supposed suicide, Chin Ho becomes worried when Kono starts spending time with a group of dirty ex-cops. 9:00 PM CT CBS

24. The Playboy Club. A new bunny has a hidden agenda, Nick’s campaign manager is set up with a socialite, and Maureen gets close to John Bianchi to keep herself safe. 9:00 PM CT NBC

25. Castle. Castle and BEcket investigate a potential crime scene that shows a large pool of blood, yet no victim. Alexis gets news about Stanford. 9:00 PM CT TNT

26. Most Eligible Dallas. Courtney takes on an awkward invite for a double date, and the whole group goes to a concert together. 9:00 PM CT Bravo

27. The Joy Behar Show. The guests tonight include Rita Wilson and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. 9:00 PM CT HLN

28. Cake Boss. In the first half hour, the cakes include one celebrating the 25th anniversary oft he State Fair Meadowlands and an SU-themed cake. In the second half hour, Buddy helps celebrate a new Rolls Royce dealership in Chicago an
d makes a cake for a special Long Island couple. 9:00 PM CT TLC

29. Hair Battle Spectacular. The final three are required to created looks for guest judge Teyana Taylor’s dancers. 9:00 PM CT Oxygen

30. Mega Dens. Season premiere. Host and interior designer Anitra Mecadon creates over-the-top rec-room sanctuaries while giving you the skills to renovate your own family space. These unbelievable room renovations feature incredible home theaters, innovative gaming areas, clever storage solutions and more. Anitra’s rock-and-roll approach to design transforms these rooms beyond the homeowners’ wildest imaginations. 9:00 PM CT DIY

31. Late Show with David Letterman. The guests tonight include Brian Williams and Sting. 10:35 PM CT CBS

Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 6 – Fight For Your Right To Gravy Foam

In a sentence I never thought I would say – this week we get to have a Beastie Boys themed cooking competition show. And if that wasn’t weird enough, both challenges involved non-dessert foods. Because nothing sounds more delicious than desserts made out of baked beans and ravioli. Heck, you wouldn’t even eat those things together normally! I will admit, I like these wacky Top Chef challenges – sure, it doesn’t prove anything about a chef’s marketability or talents to do what they will eventually sell to the public, but it is a fun twist on the competition and does show the adaptability of these chefs.

Even if none of them will ever make another dessert containing falafel again.

Kudos to Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys for being a good sport and doing this show. I can’t imagine doing a Bravo Junior Varsity cooking show is high on the cool street cred meter, but nevertheless, here he is being a very good sport. Of course their recently released album – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two – may have something to do with the appearance.

The chefs lose their ever-lovin’ minds when Ad-Rock enters the room, especially Rebecca. It almost gets to the point where Ad-Rock may want to consider a restraining order. Later on, he signs her cast and her internal monologue becomes external, as tends to happen with Rebecca. She tells him she will keep it forever. Her sweaty, germ-infused forearm cast. Yeah, I think there may be legal action coming.

Another unfortunate side effect of the Beastie Boy’s appearance – waaaay too much rapping. Matt and Megan – how do I put it, um, just don’t do that again. You can’t make exotic foods with Wonder Bread.

The other non-food aspect of this episode is the budding Macho-Katzie rivalry. And yet again, it seems Bravo is manufacturing a rivalry for the sake of having one. I am sure the two of them clashed, but it seems a bit gratuitous. Katzie got offended because Macho implied that putting a chainsaw in Katzie’s hands would be scary? Um, it would. It would be scary in the hands of any of these people. When Katzie went back into the other room with Rebecca to complain about Macho’s teasing, she uttered this, “You think you’re so gangster in the hood?” At first I was baffled – Macho? Gangster? When did she become a John Singleton movie character?

However, my answer presented itself during the Elimination Challenge. Our old friend Marcel randomly showed up and shared an enthusiastic hug with Macho. It seems they are long time buds. Ahhh. That’s where her bitchiness and cattiness comes from. That would explain the strange attempts at street cred – I remember Marcel rapping on the roof. Boy, I really want to stay very far away from that circle of friends. Marcel’s extreme douchiness qualities came out to play in his limited exposure this week when he told Hammer he didn’t plan on finishing his dish. No offense, of course. You’re a dick, Marcel, no offense, of course.

As for the nuts and bolts of the episode, it was bizarre foods challenge day. First the chefs had to use random root vegetables to make a dessert in the Quickfire. Then, using foods and drinks mentioned in Beastie Boys songs; they had to make a dessert out of that. Needless to say, they didn’t have much in the way of chocolate, fruits or whipped creams. We are talking about pizza, beer and various vegetables. Chefs pick two items for themselves, and then get to pick one item for another chef as sabotage (my favorite Beastie song, and coolest video).

Honestly, these challenges are fun, but I would have a hard time going home because I couldn’t make a cake out of a falafel. But it is part of the goofiness that this show brings to cooking. Macho and Matt really excelled this week for some reason, oh wait, there is a reason. It seems both have actually cooking experience and were thus able to correctly prepare the foods and manage the flavors well. Macho edged him in the Quickfire by going Asian with a mango pudding to go with her vegetable. Nice job in using your strengths to power through a weird challenge. Matt also made a wise choice in making a parsnip cake. As we know, carrots translate well to cakes and parsnips are at least a distant cousin of the carrot.

JWoWW, WonderWoman: Jersey Shore, S4, Ep9

You know what ruins a hangover? Work. RonRon, SloppyDeena, and DJP are up way too early after a night of drinking, carousing, and wailing. I assume they’re going to work; otherwise, where the hell are they going that early, complaining about how tired they are?

SloppySnooki climbs out of bed, not being able to deal with this. “This” is not apparent, but I assume she’s talking to herself about Jianni leaving the country to get away from her pulling-up-her-dress antics. She attempts to call him but gets his voicemail several times.

At work, SloppyDeena is sweating and RonRon is maniacally laughing at himself. DJP throws things on the floor, yells, and basically creates a ruckus to irritate the other two who are hung over. He never seems hung over himself.

SloppySnooki goes back to bed and then decides she can’t sleep so she keeps telling JWoWW she needs to leave and she should wake up to talk to her and go somewhere. JWoWW wants to sleep because (a) she chased Jianni down for several miles to no avail and got home way too late and (b) SloppySnooki cursed her out last night and treated her like crap. SloppySnooki thinks JWoWW should get up to be a good friend. Maybe she would if SloppySnooki hadn’t gotten so sloppy drunk last night. SloppySnooki gets dressed and goes out alone until the sun goes down.

Of course, to go out, she must first get through the door. She battles with the lock, yells at the door, and finally pulls it open. Hil. Air. Eee. Us.

SloppySnooki goes to Astor during the day to get a beer. She dances to the music and tells a bunch of random women how she’s miserable and heartbroken because her boyfriend left her. She dances by herself. I’m embarrassed for her.

At work, the boss wants SloppyDeena to clean the bathroom. She won’t clean the toilet. He tells her to clean everything and then mop. She kind of cleans the bathroom, using a brush and then a mop to clean the toilet. DJP comments, Yuck. Then the three of them leave with a pizza.

SloppySnooki leaves the bar and walks home, half-crying, and talking to herself. This is the worst day of her life. She calls her dad and yells that Jianni left and asks her dad why Jianni left. So her dad asks her why he left and says that if he knew this was going to happen he should not have gone there in the first place. How would Jianni know that SloppySnooki was going to pull her dress up? Oh, wait, he could have watched all three previous seasons of Jersey Shore. Point taken.

While SloppySnooki talks on the phone and SamSam and SloppyDeena look on, JWoWW comes in and asks who’s on the phone. SamSam answers but SloppySnooki yells over her, I needed you and then I think calls her an asshole. JWoWW says she was so exhausted after last night that she couldn’t have gotten out of bed. SloppySnooki doesn’t care and keeps saying she needed her. JWoWW apologizes and decides to help her. Really? Sure her boyfriend left but that doesn’t mean she gets to curse at her closest friend.

SloppySnooki cries some more. She loves Jianni. Why did he leave? This sucks. This is the worst day of her life. Still.

SloppySnooki goes out onto the pigeon porch. She cries and smokes. JWoWW apologizes for screaming at her last night and SloppySnooki needs her and needed her this morning. JWoWW thinks she herself is an asshole for not helping her friend today and last night because SloppySnooki was just being SloppySnooki. Umm, no. That doesn’t excuse that behavior.

SloppySnooki worries about how she looks. SamSam comes out to the porch and says, who cares? SloppySnooki asks again how she looks and SamSam says it doesn’t matter if she looks messy. SloppySnooki then asks if she really looks messy and SamSam, I’m not joking, says, “You have a little eye makeup over here but….” HIL. AIR. EEE. US!!!!!! And then she says, who cares.

JWoWW calls Jianni from the house phone and he actually picks up. She asks if he’s still in Florence and he says no and he has to go. She asks him to listen to her for a moment, saying if there’s any chance of making it work with SloppySnooki, he should please come back and talk to her. JWoWW has never seen her this way and then JWoWW cries and asks him to talk to her for two minutes. Awwww. JWoWW calls for SloppySnooki to go to the phone to talk to Jianni.

SloppySnooki has an almost-panic-attack, huffing and crying as she gets on the phone. She asks to see him. He says he can’t. She asks why he left. He starts to explain about what she promised him but she doesn’t let him finish. She just says she understands and she doesn’t like that he left. She needs him. He keeps saying he can’t do it and she doesn’t know what she did to him and he already left. He took a train to Rome. She answers, Whatever.

JWoWW says, No, not whatever. Then she takes the phone and tells Jianni that his girlfriend is devastated and he needs to come back if he loves her. SloppySnooki, slugging back a beer, says that it’s done and she doesn’t care right now, so JWoWW scolds her to not say that because in ten minutes she’s going to change her mind. God, this friendship is a lot of work. She then offers to pay for his trip to come back. Jianni says that he will talk to her if JWoWW walks her to the train station. She agrees while SloppySnooki cries into SloppyDeena’s boobs.

Now, JWoWW storms through the house pissed, knowing that Jianni hadn’t left for Rome. SloppyDeena asks why he’s such a prick. SloppySnooki gets pissed that he sounded like he was at a bar. SamSam thinks she’s having a Sam moment, meaning she’s making up shit to be mad at.

On the street, JWoWW yells out, Anyone speak English? Train station? Someone answers as they rush through the streets. Of course, there’s time for SloppySnooki and JWoWW to check each other’s eye lashes. She spots the station and then spots Jianni.

SloppySnooki runs over to him. And now this is awkward. She stops in front of him and puts her hands up but doesn’t touch him. He grabs her face and wipes her lips. Then she’s like, no just hug me and very much makes him hug her. He tells her that he has to go and then cleans off her teeth. She doesn’t understand. He already paid to go to Rome. She begs him to go back with her. His mom already paid for the ticket so he can’t stay. He snapped when she picked up her skirt on stage; he called his family to get him a new flight.

They walk back to the house so they can hug. He can’t miss another train. He says it was all his fault and he fucked up and then says he loves her and then leaves. This is all very strange. And yet again, SloppySnooki is sobbing uncontrollably. She goes inside to sob on the steps.

Now it’s time for antics. Vincenzo and DJP put a couch on SloppyDeena’s bed. Then they put a chair on top of it. Then they take all of her belongings and pile them on top. Vincenzo, btw, is wearing purple pants. SloppyDeena goes into the room to get ready and sees all her stuff and then finds Vincenzo in the shower to laugh and yell at him and then Vincenzo climbs out of the shower and hugs her while he’s naked and she’s shouting ew ew ew. Then she needs to clean it all up because she got punked and that’s the rule. When she lifts up the couch, she gets stuck under it. The boys don’t help her so JWoWW comes to the rescue. This girl is WonderWoman. This is the best day of DJP’s life—it’s still SloppySnooki’s worst I think.

Everyone gets ready to go out. SloppySnooki is drinking in her bed, planning to not go out, but then decides to go. That was difficult. In the cab on the way there, SloppyDeena is really hot. She’s been really emotional and she missed her period, so now she thinks she’s pregnant. So, you know, when you think you’re pregnant, you should drink and smoke every night. At the club, SloppySnooki attacks a guy, dancing with him and choking him all at once.
On a random couch in the middle of the club, SloppyDeena explains to JWoWW that right before Italy, she had sex and now she’s nervous that she’s pregnant. SamSam is at the end of the couch, singing to herself. JWoWW can’t believe she’s having another night with drama. SloppyDeena continues that she gets dizzy every day and that’s why she’s been freaking out. JWoWW takes her to get a pregnancy test right away because she doesn’t want to put up with this. SloppyDeena is freaking out because her parents are going to be mad. JWoWW rings a bell for the pharmacy and says she has an emergency and needs a pregnancy test. SloppyDeena is walking in circles and crying.

What the hell is up with the pharmacy in Italy? JWoWW is crouching down to talk to someone through a hole in the door. No joke.

The two girls walk back home and Sitch lets them in, asking them where they went. They say, To get a food. What the hell is a food? Then JWoWW opens the test for her and hands it to her, explaining positive and negative. Seriously, this girl needs a vacation from her vacation if things keep going like this. They wait for the longest five minutes ever and then SloppyDeena asks, One’s no, right? The results are negative! I’m sure SloppyDeena is not the only person elated by that news.

The next day is rainy so SloppySnooki is wearing a large striped hat indoors. She calls Jianni to ask how his way back was. He explains he had to walk out and she needs to accept that. He says that she was acting like a pig. She says she was drunk and wanted to have sex. He says that she made a decision to embarrass him, which is what boyfriends and girlfriends don’t do to each other if they care about each other.

She is irritated. He’s hurting her feelings. She deserves better. He deserves better. She doesn’t want to talk. He wants to. She’s depressed because of him and isn’t being herself. Neither of them knows why she’s with him. He asks, You get drunk, you make out with girls, and you’re dancing in your underwear and that’s not you? He’s got a point. But if he knows that’s her and he doesn’t like those things, he shouldn’t be with her.

She thinks that’s mean. He doesn’t get it. She isn’t going to call him for a few days and hangs up because she needs a break. The phone rings as soon as she hangs up. She walks away from it. Oh, and she’s drinking again. She lets the phone ring.

The girls are proud that SloppySnooki stood up to him. RonRon says, Number One: I wouldn’t let Sam leave the house in the outfit that you wore. SamSam goes, Her outfit was hot! RonRon says, He didn’t think it was hot. SloppySnooki thinks that looking like slut is fine when she wants to have sex with him. JWoWW, voice of reason, says, you change your man, find someone to accept you. SamSam looks on and quiets down, just now realizing RonRon’s first comment about letting her out of the house, or at least I’m hoping she is realizing what he said. SloppyDeena thinks that Jianni shouldn’t have come to Italy after he came to Jersey house and saw what he was getting into .

SloppySnooki needs to go to Karma. In Jersey. To feel better. She’s in Italy, but needs to be in Jersey. So she tells DJP to get his DJ equipment out so they can drink and pretend it’s Karma. Everyone starts moving furniture, finding garbage on the floor. They decide to leave it because that’s like the club. Everyone gets dressed up as if they are going to Karma. Vincenzo and DJP dress up in their guido outfits. the girls are wearing animal print dresses.

RonRon describes Sitch doing the same thing he does in Jersey: He sits in the corner with his glasses on and looks like the biggest creep ever. I still don’t forgive him for his previous comments, but RonRon gets points for this very accurate observation.

Somehow the house lights turn into strobe lights. It’s as if the house were expecting a dance club to happen. SloppyDeena falls as if she would in a club. SloppySnooki falls into a chair near Sitch and asks him to take her shoe off. JWoWW has her eye on them, but really, that was not Sitch and all SloppySnooki. Then the two of them dance against a wall. JWoWW grabs them to go smoke. Sitch walks behind SloppySnooki and she says, Don’t touch.

He wants her to let him rock that world—very charming—now that she has no boyfriend. Does she? Did they break up? Unclear. Stich thinks he can take care of her better than anyone else, including Jianni. JWoWW thinks he’s just trying to break up a relationship and he’s not in love with her. Sitch is very happy when she calls him. SloppySnooki tells him he’s a crazy person and she loves him like a friend. Sitch says that they used to talk all the time. He says that he loves her.

Then they get into the stupid conversation about whether or not they’ve hooked up. She admits to hooking up in LA. He says, LA, too. He wants to date her and doesn’t like how Jianni treats her. Sitch says everyone told him to kick Jianni in the head; he says RonRon told him to protect himself and do what he needs to do. Well, that’s Sitch’s interpretation of it. All that happened when Sitch was being a kung-fu panda.

SloppySnooki goes inside to ask RonRon if he told Sitch to kick Jianni in the head. JWoWW comes in and says Yes. RonRon says that he did say, Do what you gotta do. SloppySnooki is mad that RonRon said that. RonRon doesn’t want to deal with this anymore; he wants to work on himself and stay out of all that other stuff. Except for when he was chasing Jianni down the street, trying to make out with him. He forces SloppySnooki to hug him and walks out. SloppySnooki goes to bed. She always goes to bed in her club clothes. How is that comfortable?

In the living room, everyone asks Sitch why he had to bring all that up. He says he was having a drunk conversation. JWoWW says he’s going to lose SloppySnooki as a friend. He says no. She says SloppySnooki will choose Jianni over anyone. So Sitch poses: So when she was f**king me and watching her girlfriend get f**ked while she was with Jianni…but SamSam and JWoWW stop him. They don’t understand why he would say that and want to be her friend. He explains he’s bringing it up only because they said she would choose Jianni over anyone and obviously that didn’t happen in that situation.

Bedtime! SloppyDeena wants DJP to cuddle. SloppySnooki climbs into bed with him first but then goes to snuggle with Vincenzo so SloppyDeena can cuddle. Vincenzo tells SloppySnooki not to be a wingwoman for SloppyDeena. She asks him if he can cuddle without being a freak.

When the lights go out, DJP (who looks like Vincenzo in night vision and it got me very confused for a few moments) wants to sleep so he tells SloppyDeena she needs to go into her own bed. She insists on cuddling but he thinks that means smushing and he’s not into that with her so he kicks her out of his bed.

Meanwhile, SloppySnooki and Vincenzo get it on. While DJP is now wide awake, watching, and for some strange reason, I do not find that creepy. Am I becoming immune?


X-Factor, Sept. 29 – Boot Camp Ahead

It seems like the X-Factor just started, but already tonight is the last of the auditions. Unlike American Idol, we don’t have to sit through weeks on end of this. We don’t have to have a whole night of “Best of the Worst” or “Worst of the Best.” This is the best way to go out, to leave us wanting more.

With Cheryl Cole permanently removed from the situation, our judges tonight are Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and L.A. Reid. Our first city tonight is Newark, New Jersey. No sight of anyone from Jersey Shore in the audience.

First up tonight is Brian Bradley, 14, a student. His mom and step dad are both huge supporters of him. He has an insane love of music, and feels it’s in his blood. He’d like to be bigger than Jay-Z or Kanye West. He figures he’ll be better than Jay-Z in five years, and tells Simon he hasn’t had a record deal yet because of politics. He yo-yo-yos Simon and asks him what his problem is and if he’s serious. He takes his hat off and leads into his audition. He’s pretty good and definitely has “it.” He gets the crowd on their feet and Paula raps with him … as Simon smiles.

Nicole tells Brian she’s scared of him and isn’t going to look at his mom. Simon tells him he’s arrogant, obnoxious, and argumentative, but one of the most talented young people he’s heard in a long, long time. This is why the show is in New Jersey. Paula sees Brian as very unique, operating in that place that is just fantastic. L.A. tells him he used to run the Def Jam label, and all those years he was looking for Brian, but he never walked in. He’s the luckiest man in the world that he walked in today. He gets four yeses, as Simon says he’s never seen anything like that.

Kelly Warner, 22, a hairdresser in a nursing home, takes the stage with much bounciness.

She sings Hallelujah, and does quite well. L.A. likes her beautiful voice, as do the others. She gets four yeses. Aaron Surgeon, 27, a store manager, wants to be a pop star with an R&B/rock edge. He sings I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,, and is better than average, but wasn’t knocking my socks off. Nicole felt it was genuine, and Simon thought it was average. He says no. L.A. thinks he has what it takes and puts him through. I guess my opinion falls somewhere between Simon’s and L.A.’s

Liliana Rose Andreano, 26, works in an office and sings in her cubicle. She sings Your Are My Sunshine quite uniquely. Simon tells her she doesn’t look like a pop star until she starts singing. She surprised him, and he likes her a lot. She’s one of his favorites on the day, and an easy, easy yes.

Andy Silikovitz, 43, wants to get a recording contact, a nice house, and maybe even be on an episode of MTV Cribs. He wants to be an opening act for Billy Joel. Another interesting tidbit is that he hasn’t ever kissed a girl, but thinks he’ll have lots of that if he wins. L.A. promises him if he gets real far, he’ll get a girlfriend. He sings Hero, and probably won’t be making it very far based on this audition. L.A. says no, but applauds him for having a great time. Nicole also says no, as do Paula and Simon. He does think he’ll find it easier with the chicks, and offers him Paula’s number. Awfully nice of him. She hugs him, but I don’t see any exchanging of numbers.

Josh Katzman, 22, a college graduate sings House of the Rising Sun with the same note throughout. While he does this, Simon is hand-feeding Paula. Josh gets four noes.

Clarissa “Kashmir” Cheatham, 27, an office clerk, spends her time at work daydreaming about being onstage and being famous. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She likes singing karaoke, and people that don’t even know her yell and scream her name. This gives Simon the giggles. Her first album would be self-titled. She sings Always Be My Baby, is off with the first “ooh,” and it goes downhill from there. Simon laughs and says when people screamed during her karaoke, he doesn’t think it was a compliment. He apologizes, saying it’s just one of those days. She gets four noes.

Nouf Taraman, 21, a bartender, says she’s in it to win it. She gets booed and stops, telling the crowd if they keep booing her, “how am I supposed to do anything?” Jean Loup Wolfman, 42, a life coach, takes the stage while dancing in a hula hoop. Asked why, he explains because no one is doing it. Simon points out no one is sitting there with a dog on their head either, but there’s a reason why not. He sings Think, and you would “think” a life coach would know better than to try this ill-advised audition. He thinks he sounds good, but L.A. corrects him. Simon points out for someone who does therapy, he’s really uptight.

Paula gives a round of applause to hear that Maya Lehmann, a teacher, is 58, as she doesn’t look it. She sings We Are the Champions, and there’s just really no way to describe it. Nicole tells her it’s hard, as she really likes the song, but she says no, as do the others. Maya feels her voice is very beautiful and powerful, despite failing in this pursuit.