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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Finale – Twinnie Coronation

Shame on you, Reed. You actually played well and got screwed over when Keith had diarrhea of the mouth. You could have had that as your moment. Instead, you will forever be in Survivor lore as the dude that ripped into an actual stepmother for being an evil stepmother because she beat you at Survivor. Bravo.

Treemail Top 20
1 – If you thought the Other Jon/Jaclyn fight earlier in the season was dumb, I present to you the Game vs. Real Life fight between Natalie and Jaclyn. Sigh.
2 – Natalie – “Survivor is a lot of work, but there’s a big prize at the end.” What a great way to sum up what it takes to actually win this game.
3 – We have a new Dumb Fight contender – the BayMiss Final Three vs. Winning debate.
4 – Challenge 1 – We have rope unspooling, bridge assembly, sandbag tossing and the promise of an Immunity Challenge advantage to the winner. Missy is not competing because of the foot and I still really HATE that she was allowed to continue.
5 – Boring challenge, but Probst overdramatizing the injuries – “That. Will. Leave. A. Mark” was kind of fun. Keith wins. Yawn. He does spit again. So we have that. Jaclyn goes to Exile and he is damn lucky that there wasn’t a newly re-hidden idol.
6 – Not sure about the cut ins with Probst. I liked the Survivor daily meal vs. regular American daily meal. I liked the Make-A-Wish kid being anything but humble. But I didn’t need Probst continuing to publicly mourn the death of his talk show by recreating it during every reunion show. And I really didn’t need the dude that chose watching Survivor over getting laid.
7 – Was I imagining things or did it look like Jaclyn was trying to make a fake idol?
8 – I liked how the challenge advantage was the ability to practice on the next apparatus for as long as they wanted to. It is easily the reason Keith won Immunity. The Giant Spoon Transfer of Balls Game seemed rather tricky and the others really were at a disadvantage. At least Missy got to do this one, thanks to the Rocker Shoe. But it wasn’t even close – Keith wins again. It seems he is good with balls. Oh my.
9 – Final Five Tribal – I love how Jaclyn narrowed down that she thought Missy, Baylor or Natalie had the idol. Good job there, Sherlock. Other than that this one was pretty dumb – Keith confusing alignment was alliance, Baylor forgetting how to use an adverb, etc. But then, Natalie had a surprise. She asks Jaclyn if she voted the way she told her to, and then she played the idol for Jaclyn. Three votes down the tubes, and two for Miss…er, wait, Baylor! Even Missy thought she was doomed. It was really a great move. Missy gives her a death stare but that was great.
10 – I love how Baylor and Other Jon both got blindsided and both exited the game with class and no hard feelings towards the ones who got them out.
11 – Natalie explains how if she voted out Jaclyn, her fate was in Missy and Baylor’s hands. Missy amazingly said she was ok with the move because now she wouldn’t have to vote for her kid. Why did she think she had to vote for her kid? Unless they had a plan that only one of them would face the jury.
12 – Giant Immunity Challenge – Big tower. Fire poles. Obstacles. Puzzle pieces. Combination Lock. The works. Missy is out again. Sigh. Natalie has tons of energy, Keith does not. Jaclyn is a step behind throughout, despite Probst saying otherwise. But she comes back and aces the puzzle to win.
13 – Keith did what he could but really, he had no chance. Jaclyn believed that Other Jon would have taken out Natalie. That would have been a good move. However, I think the best move would have been for her to take out Missy. Natalie and Keith might have split votes on the jury and Jaclyn could have had a big move of her own under her belt. In that vote of Keith vs. Natalie vs. Jaclyn – we have one each (Wes, Namesake, Other Jon). That puts Alec, Josh/Reed, BayMiss as the deciding votes. Is it feasible that those five votes get spread out and she squeaks out a win or a tie? Yep.
14 – I kind of wish that vote happened and we had Natalie with three (Namesake, Bay/Miss), Jaclyn with three (Other Jon, Josh/Reed), and Keith with the other two so we could see what the show would do with a 3-3-2 tie. I wonder if Wes and Alec would revote right there on the spot in the live show. And what if they split 1-1? Fascinating.
15 – Natalie really dropped the ball at the Final Four Tribal as she made her winning pitch WAAAAAAAY too early. The others should have been spooked right there and taken her out.
16 – Keith – “I can barely handle one woman at the house, much less three of them out here.” HA! We need Keith and Rudy on the Amazing Race. Or Keith and his wife, Dana, who seems just as awesome.
17 – I forgot the season started with 10 men and 8 women thanks to a last minute change. Impressive to see three women at the end.
18 – Keith’s Hawaiian shirt also needs its own show. Perhaps it goes into the Survivor Apparel Hall of Fame with Russell’s hat, Savage’s suit, Philip’s underwear and Amanda’s bikini.
19 – Missy should have lost simply because she compared the Final Jury vote to a murder trial. Sigh. She went with loyalty as her pitch, Jaclyn went with her life story and Natalie owned her game. In addition to Reed’s embarrassing acid-laced speech, Other Jon and Baylor served up big softballs for their loved ones. Keith was surprisingly bitter about the last vote and Natalie’s lie. Alec was this season’s narcissist who wanted to hear how he mattered. Josh asked Other Jon’s question again. Wes farted – or something. Actually he asked what it was like playing with a loved one, forgetting it seems that Nadiya was out first. Namesake took the Spencer route by telling the others to vote for the best player.
20 – Reunion. Missy looks like a different person and Jaclyn is this year’s entry of person who looked hotter on the island. Not that she isn’t easy on the eyes now. Probst read tweets and omitted the Twinnie insult on one of them. Natalie blacks out a lot. Keith learns he would have won if Natalie went out in the F4 vote. Jaclyn is apparently a giant. Keith gets mocked for “stick with the plan.” Rocker babbled about Barry Bonds. Josh and Reed are helping gay Christians – but Reed is not sorry that he lit into Missy. The awkward silence that ensued when she was asked if they talk anymore was palpable. And we spend way too much time talking about Season 30. We hear nothing from Dale, Kelley, Alec, Drew, Val, Wes and Julie. This is despite Julie’s tiny yellow dress screaming for attention.

Vote 1 – Jaclyn 3 (Keith, Baylor, Missy) Negated by the idol, Baylor 2 (Natalie, Jaclyn)

Vote 2 – Keith 3 (Natalie, Missy, Jaclyn), Missy 1 (Keith)

Final Vote – Natalie 5 (Namesake, Josh, Alec, Wes, Keith), Jaclyn 2 (Other Jon, Reed), Missy 1 (Baylor)

Next season – White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar. Survivor: Worlds Apart. Interesting concept. It could rock like Cook Islands did, or it could be horrible like Fiji and Nicaragua were with similar concepts. We shall see.

Until then!

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