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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Finale – Twinnie Coronation

The big risk remained at the Final Four. Losing immunity could put Natalie out of the game. In fact, if the remaining other three were smart, they would have taken her out right away. It was clear that Missy and Jaclyn were not playing the game here. How did they not see this outcome? All they had to do is count votes to know that Natalie had a strong group of dudes sitting on the jury. Their best chance to win would have been to take Keith to the end and out talk him. Keith probably would have won too, but the argument against him was much stronger. But for Jaclyn, her move should have been to do something else. I’ll get into that later.

I will say that for a moment, I got a bit fearful that Jaclyn was about to win this thing when they showed Reed writing her name down. I was getting really nervous that this jury would actually vote for her despite the fact that she really did nothing all season long. I have said repeatedly that the APC found themselves in the middle of the action simply because they were so malleable. They were never truly in an alliance because they kept being so flip-worthy.

Jaclyn had a good moment, probably her best, in the Final Four challenge. I will call Probst out for some bizarre commentary during this giant challenge. He kept calling Jaclyn out for being so very behind. Except she really wasn’t. She was always just one stage behind the others and was building the puzzle at the same time as Natalie and Keith. Yes, she was exhausted, but she was never out of it. And then she took the lead and took a huge fall on the fire pole. That didn’t stop her at all. It was a great job getting them done. Other than all of the truly incredible bikini shots – it was her highlight of the season.

I honestly believe that Reed’s vendetta against Missy was so strong that he cast his vote for Jaclyn because he knew full well that Natalie had everyone else’s vote other than Baylor’s and Other Jon’s. This way, his vote gave Jaclyn the second place prize money. He was that petty about things.

I know that Tribal – more than almost anything else on the show – is a tribute to the editors, but Reed did deliver his wicked stepmother speech. Those words came out of his mouth and he delivered them with the skill of a stage actor. And they were horrible. If you’ve been reading this column all season long you know that I am not a fan of Missy. I think she played a terrible game. I think she manipulated her daughter. I think she talked waaaaay too much about God having a say in a reality show outcome. I just didn’t care for her much. Not on the same level as other “villains” in show history – but still, not really too much fun watching her.

What Reed did made me feel bad for Missy. That’s how horrible it was. Regular readers know that I hate bitter jury speeches. Hate. I see it as an excuse for this loser to have one final grand moment in the spotlight before fading into TV oblivion. I always feel badly for the target – even when they are not someone I was rooting for during the season. Think about all of the so-called famous bitter jury speeches – I felt bad for Kelly, Boston Rob, Twila, Lil, you name it. They didn’t deserve it – all they did was do better at not getting eliminated.