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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Finale – Twinnie Coronation

Season 29 ends and you can tell it is not the best one when my favorite parts of the finale were seeing Keith break the fourth wall and do multiple takes on a confessional, and seeing Slackjaw Alec show up a couple of more times. Good times.

Anyway, it’s over. We move on to Season 30 after a rather subpar Season 29. But before we can move our attention to this new season, we need to wrap up Blood vs. Water 2. It was not a good season, but it wasn’t the worst. Things that this season had over bad seasons of the past – a number of likable players making the end, a lot of big moves, some great humor and a good winner.

We had five options, but only two of them would have been satisfying winners. Natalie was the one playing the hardest and playing the smartest. Keith was one of the most interesting and amusing Survivors in quite some time. BayMiss were playing, but it surely wasn’t all that interesting or likable. Jaclyn’s really hot. That’s about it. If Keith won, it would have been fun, but he would have simply been an older version of Fabio. He did ok with some aspects of the game – he won challenges, he charmed, and he managed to survive. But none of it was really due to his moves. He was never the master of his own destiny, except when he won challenges.

But he didn’t win. Natalie won. And I still can’t get over that I wound up rooting for a Twinnie this season. It is fascinating how she actually brought her A game to the show after losing her twin. They bookended the season – coming in first and last. I truly believe, and I think Natalie would agree, she would not have won if her twin didn’t get booted first. It’s almost as if that move snapped her into Game Mode.

I think she had already won the game with the moves made up to the Final Five, but she wasn’t done with making big moves. Natalie had an idol in her pocket and she wasn’t about to go home with a souviener. The question was going to be…how. Keith won immunity, so that option was gone. Jaclyn seemed the logical choice for the next vote, and the blonde beauty didn’t seem like she either had the ability to make it or the opportunity.

That was until Natalie chose an odd and somewhat brilliant move. If she took out Jaclyn, and Keith won immunity in the Final Four…she was done. Or at bare minimum, she had a fire challenge in her future. She realized that despite having her close alliance with BayMiss, her only move here was to break up that pair. She could have gathered up Keith and Jaclyn and told them to vote Baylor, but instead she chose a more dramatic move.

By playing her idol for Jaclyn and using just the two women’s votes as the deciding votes, she eliminated the Keith Wild Card. She remembered what happened to Reed. Plus, a dramatic idol play is one way to make a big show for the jury. It was an excellent move. It also made more sense to take out Baylor here because she may have had some votes on the jury and she was an immunity threat.