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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Ep 13 – The Red Wedding of Season 29

OK – Congrats to Blood vs. Water 2. You have now officially avoided the bottom of the barrel when it comes to seasons of Survivor. Between the idol madness that led to Fartman’s ouster and this episode – you now have a couple of big moments to cling to and it is actually possible that you may produce a worthy winner.

I said last week that Natalie had won me over despite my poor memories of her Amazing Race days. Well, now I can add that I am truly rooting for her to win this whole shooting match. And if not her, then I want Keith to be the most accidental winner this side of Fabio. At least Fabio made a couple of moves at the end. Keith is just hanging in there while the others around him make bizarre decisions and eat each other whole.

The big news this week – the APC is no more. It’s about time. Never can I recall a player who did so well in placement, came so close to winning, and had no idea what they were doing. And then came Other Jon.

He managed to survive each week and I have yet to truly understand how that happened – other than that others simply kept screwing up all around him. The APC has been a swing vote so often, and that was baffling to the APC. However, this is Survivor – being a swing vote is fairly common. How they wound up in that position week in and week out was because they were never actually in a strong alliance. They were never really trusted even if they were liked. As a result, no one felt true loyalty to them. When you are ready to flip your allegiance on fart-related reasons, you just can’t be taken seriously.

Other Jon made hjs big move by betraying Namesake, and the reason he chose to make that move was because he screwed up with the idol and Exile Island. That failure led to him making a secret enemy in Natalie who learned the old lesson that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This week she turned into Michael Corleone mixed with Walder Frey, or anyone else in pop culture you can think of who waited patiently to obliterate their grudges.

This was the Red Wedding of Survivor – with less bloodshed. I bet Reed wishes he pulled it off, as do I because The Reed Wedding would have been a much better title to the episode.

Some props to Jaclyn who did sense that something was up. Other Jon was so very clueless to the plot around him that he did not listen to her. Maybe he’s still busy trying to make sure he got credit for all the moves. Not playing the idol now was doubly confounding when you consider that there was only one more tribal left for him to play it. Now John and Other Jon get to go home with an idol in their pockets.

Natalie played him like a harp from hell and orchestrated a truly brilliant blindside. It was compounded by the unexpected complication of Missy failing to see the logic to it. She claimed to have given Other Jon her word and would not move against him even though her daughter – Her DAUGHTER – was telling her this was the move to make. I found it ironic that Baylor had to literally carry her mother on her back at one point in the episode since she’s been doing it figuratively for quite some time. The worst part of that? Baylor isn’t even very good at this!

Let’s talk for a minute about the other Missy news from the episode. She badly hurt her ankle during the Reward Challenge. She hurt it so badly that it swelled up and she was unable to put pressure on it. At the Reward spa day, Keith and Baylor must have whipped up some makeshift healing sock or something but it was clearly not sufficient. She was in great pain and needed medical attention. I think the Survivor medical rules are so squishy they are becoming super frustrating. On the early seasons, they wouldn’t give them anything to help with small injuries. I cannot recall any time in the past when a contestant was given a cast or rudimentary crutches. Why was Missy allowed to stay in the game if she needed these devices? It seems totally against the concept of the game. I can only guess that they didn’t want to remove a Final Six contestant unless she was in danger of death.