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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Ep 11 & 12 – Two Pagongings For the Price Of One

Nice try, Survivor. First you give me the one and only great episode of San Juan Del Sur. Nice way to try and soften me up for being excited about back-to-back episodes of Survivor the next week. And putting two episodes on the same night? That may fool some fans. Not me. I know when you are trying to burn off a couple of obvious drama-free episodes. I’m on to your tricks.

I am not going to give a two full column treatment to these two episodes – mainly because I don’t want to, but partially due to the fact that the show didn’t deem each individual episode to warrant its own spotlight. However, I’ll give a few extra notes at the end to account for the two hours.

In the end, the show tried to make us think that things were in question, but really, there wasn’t much drama at all. The only real drama was which one of the minority alliance was going home in the second hour. Anyone who has watched Survivor over the years knew this was a trap night of entertainment – two episodes of really predictable results.

So, we are down to the Final Six and Keith is the last man standing not a part of the majority. However, the main takeaway I had from this night of Survivor was that we have an unexpected power player and a woman who is all of a sudden playing an outstanding game of Survivor. And for me, I am stunned at how well she is playing and that I am enjoying her game so much.

Many Amazing Race fans loved the Twinnies. For me, they were nails on the chalkboard. I was dreading their appearance on Survivor for fear of more shrieking and endless “twinnie” yammerings. But lo and behold, Nadiya went out first and Natalie didn’t have her foil. And what do you know, she has turned out to be an excellent player. At first she was in Namesake’s shadow but in the last couple of weeks she has burst on the scene in grand fashion. So much so that I now believe that she is poised to win the whole damn thing – and would be a very deserving winner.

Last week, she was on to the fact that Other Jon was about to go home and talked him into playing his idol. He claims after the fact that he was on to it as well, but that was not what we saw. Natalie was ready to blindside Other Jon in the second hour but his immunity win saved him. Seriously, Other Jon has been the luckiest effing player I think ever to appear on this show. He and his lady have stumbled and bumbled into good situations. The APC is still around, but might have played themselves into a corner thanks to the one move made in this episode that was brilliantly orchestrated.

With two couples out there, presumably voting together to the end, Natalie was going to be in a situation where she was either going to be a swing vote or an obvious elimination. She knew it. The APC and BayMiss could lobby her at the Final Five to go with them, or they could join together to take her out, knowing she had good will on the jury and they did not. Natalie needed an ally in the Final Six and potentially beyond. And now, she has one.