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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Ep 10 – Idols, Idols Everywhere

Finally, San Juan Del Sur has produced a top notch, borderline classic episode. And yet, it is the type of great episode that only this season can produce – where the victors following the madness get there by sheer luck and moronic game play. Meanwhile, one of the two people who actually showed good Survivor game skills got burned in the end.

The Accidental Power Couple now has MORE power as a result of this madness, and they got it by, wait for it, ACCIDENT! I would love to see Other Jon play with an all-star season because he would be eaten alive. And yet, here he is following that crazy Tribal Council with a more consolidated position and a seemingly strong path to the Final Five when, presumably, Natalie will punch her ticket to the Final Three with Baylor and Missy by turning on Other Jon and Jaclyn and getting her Namesake revenge.

At least that’s what I suspect will happen – with these people, who the heck knows!

Also, typical of this season that the best episode takes place on the day before Thanksgiving when many people – including intrepid bloggers – have travelled and were unable to watch for several days.

Let’s talk about Tribal and what happened.

Reed really brought it this week. He got overshadowed by Josh in all of the early episodes and didn’t have much to say or do. This week, that all changed. Reed had a good plan – work both sides and pull off a grand blindside. The first part – convince the APC and Missy/Baylor that he and Alec were with them. And get them to split votes between Keith and Fartman to account for that idol. However, secretly he would have Keith, Fartman and Alec vote for Other Jon. That would take out the biggest physical threat in the game and splinter the other alliance. It would be chaos after that.

Great plan. The problem? He had to have get Keith, Alec and Fartman to not screw up. Alec is a horrible liar and amazingly Other Jon didn’t get spooked by his overly enthusiastic declarations of loyalty. But much worse, Keith had to keep his mouth shut to speaking rather than spitting. Of course he failed.

Reed was responding to a Probstian question about hidden idols. He said that Keith and Fartman had an idol – which everyone already knew. Keith strangely felt compelled to say that it was easy and that idols were everywhere. They should just stick to the plan. He said that. Out loud. Really. In Season 29, someone actually spoke a secret plan aloud.

What I found incredulous was that despite this massively slip up, Other Jon seemed to actually be convinced by Reed’s assurances that they were still on board with the Keith/Fartman plan. How crazy is that? The fact that Keith knew of a secret plan was not enough for him. It took Natalie to read the writing on the wall and convince him that now was the time to play his idol. She realized something was up and that Other Jon did not want a special souvenier. Plus, she had a better chance with him in the game instead of a Reed/Keith based power structure.