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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water 2 – Season 29 Premiere – “Off Their Rockers”

You know what time it is, folks? It’s Survivor Time! Do you want to know what you’re playing for? Survivors ready! The tribe has spoken. Do you want to knock your husband to the ground?

Wait, what was that last one?

That’s right, we are back with more Blood vs. Water (for our new fans – it is a season where family members compete. Will blood be thicker than water? Will people vote out their mothers in the hope of willing a million bucks? What say you, Ciera?) just a mere 12 months since Tyson earned redemption for voting himself out of Heroes vs. Villains. Because when Survivor finds something that works, they do it again and again and again.

Except when for no particular reason they retire a feature that worked well in the past. Or so we thought! Hey, welcome back Exile Island! We had good times in the past. I remember Terry and Yul finding idols that gave them power in those seasons. I remember Janu being sent to the first Exile Island and becoming fierce. I remember Exile Island being used as sweet revenge against Candice for her mutiny. And then, for no apparent reason, Exile was gone. Replaced by its uglier cousin Redemption Island.

Hopefully the Outcast Tribe and the Medallion of Power stay retired.

I say – welcome back to fold, Exile. Let’s see if you stick around this time. The return of Exile brings a new twist on the concept. It is similar to the version used on Micronesia where one person from each tribe heads on over to Exile and has the choice to work together, or separately, to find the idol clues. This time, the idol is going to be back at camp – so they don’t have to worry about searching together. The big twist? It combines the Exile concept with the Blood vs. Water element. Each week, two family members (not sure how they decide which ones) will square off with each other in a duel. The loser goes to Exile and the winner earns a reward. The winner also assigns another person to accompany his or her loved one on Exile – one assumes it is a person not from the loved one’s tribe.

This new version certainly adds some drama to the show and does it in a different way than Redemption Island did in the first Blood vs. Water – the one and only time Redemption has worked really well. I am assuming you cannot send yourself to Exile with your loved one. This is a shame because we could have finally gotten some Survivor: After Hours segments with some alone time for couples on Exile. With cameramen and the home viewers, but still.

The new Blood vs. Water family pairs are all new contestants. No returning members this season. Although there are some stunt casting elements – including a former Amazing Race team and a hate-spewing former baseball player. Let’s meet the new Survivors, shall we?