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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 13 – Llama Llama Mad At Mama Kass

Well, that was certainly an interesting episode. Any Survivor episode that includes references to Skeletor, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Pauly Shore, an interesting pitch for a retro 80s teen movie, llama sounds, and, of course, a late season blindside is certainly an episode worth viewing. And I didn’t even mention one of my favorite challenges – the Cake The Survivors Full Of Mud Challenge.

Great episode, Survivor. And it leaves a fascinating Final Four out there. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I start with Pitbull and his interesting vote. I still think that with a two-hour finale, we are going to have a Final Two. Otherwise, we have a LOT of screen time to account for next week. I still think that, regardless what Probst is saying, only Pitbull or Spencer can win this thing. With one very unlikely exception – if Wooooooo! is against Kass in a Final Two. I think Spencer beats any of the three. I think Pitbull beats Wooooo! or Kass, as the bitter jury holds its nose and votes for the guy that played the hardest despite screwing them over. Wooooo! is a nice guy, but they all have to know that he did very little beyond Globetrotter tricks to win this game.

But that’s how hated I think Kass is right now. She would lose to the dude who made an Encino Man reference and did zero strategizing. She did tons of strategizing – but so much of it was counter productive. Woooooo! may actually sweep the jury against her. Think about it? Who votes for her? Definitely not Sarah, Trish, Tasha, Spencer, Jeremiah, Pitbull. In fact, if it is Kass vs. Pitbull in the Finals, this may in fact be the ugliest jury response to the Final Tribal we have ever seen. Worse than Rat vs. Snake. Worse than Big Tom and Lex with Boston Rob. Worse than the anti-Hantz backlash in Samoa. Worse than the personal attacks thrown at Lill and Twila.

At least that’s my thoughts. Who knows.

The big question that will arise coming out of the aftermath of this episode is the fallout for Pitbull after turning on one of his closest allies. Why did he vote for Trish? What we saw was Kass and Spencer finally convincing Wooooooo! to make a move that would benefit him – even if it really doesn’t help much. As I said, no one should want to sit next to Spencer at the end.

Was Wooooooo!’s move his own, or part of Pitbull’s move, edited for us to believe Woooooo! had switched over? Did Pitbull just go along with the plan when he realized that it was happening so he wouldn’t stand out with his vote? Trish seemed awfully surprised when she learned about his vote at Ponderosa (not sure how, it seemed the others just guessed it from his body language and tone). If Pitbull is really playing this game as hard as we all believe he is, he must be counting votes. He cannot lose Trish’s jury vote if he wants to win.

I just love this season – so many hard core players. I wish every season had so many people who came to play and who came to win. I mean, just look at the jury – so many of them played well enough to win too.

And the season had a player pretending to speak like a llama. And really, how amazing is that? Why Pitbull chose a llama as his animal to use to mock Kass is something I want to know. I also want that to be my new ring tone.

As for Kass, I get that she is working hard and making moves and trying to stir things up, but she seems to have done too much of it. She has gotten to the end, but probably more than anyone else outside of a man named Hantz or a Special Agent named Phillip, she has alienated her jury to the point of no return.

I also just want to again mention that references to the He-Man universe are always welcome on my television screen – so thanks, Kass. And the expansion into new characters – such as the Wild Skeleton Blue Eyed Banchee – is even better. Keep it up.

And someone instantly start work on the movie plot with Pitbull and Kass as Mom and Dad, Spencer as the son, Trish as the aunt and Woooooo! as the goofy foreign exchange student who is given Molly Ringwald’s panties. Please.

Now, as it stands, immunity is going to be important because if we go to a Final Two, both Kass and Pitbull know they need each other. Spencer and Woooooo! will be the F4 vote out, and the F3 vote out unless they win. Anything otherwise would surprise me – and the best part of that…this season has been so surprising so often that you never know.

Treemail Top 10
1 – I really hope all of the editing clues are setting us up for a Pitbull vs. Spencer Final TWO matchup. It would be the best final choice in a long time. I would say the best one since Parvati vs. Amanda in what is arguably the best season of the show post-Hatch.
2 – If Spencer really thinks he was in Misery, he clearly has never given Kathy Bates a sledgehammer. I mercifully will not be linking to THAT scene.
3 – I love, love, love all the variations of the slather yourself in mud challenges this show has had. What surprised me in this one is that Pitbull won it. He has no hair. Usually those that can pile the mud in their hair and head win it. Pitbull actually crushed the others. Didn’t see that coming. I only wish Morganna and Jefra had made it to this point. Amirite guys?
4 – “Anorexia, come on over.” HA! Funniest use of anorexia in reality TV ever.
5 – Woooooo! felt like “Encino Man” after the mud challenge. He actually made a 1992 Pauly Shore movie reference in 2014. I wonder if the endless well of one-liners that came from Pitbull, Spencer, Kass, Trish, etc. made Woooooo! simply get lost in the shuffle. Bud-dy.
6 – I wish I could unsee Pitbull eating generic Survivor pizza. Alas.
7 – What was with all of the teeth cleaning in the scene where Kass and Spencer worked on Woooooo!?
8 – I also noted a really large amount of Final Three references, which makes me really think my intuition on a Final Two is correct.
9 – Immunity challenge – untwist a rope, get a key, build a ladder puzzle and then a stairs puzzle, and then solve a slide puzzle. Love the complicated ones. Pitbull crushed it on the first three stages and then went loopy on the slide. He moved the tiles around randomly for about 10 minutes and let Spencer come in and dust him. Pitbull was so bad at it, it made me wonder if he was throwing it so he could get some cover for a Trish vote out. With no other choices, he HAD to vote out an ally, right?
10 – I think Spencer went to the Bull Durham School for Sports Cliches.
Bonus – Trish said she never had a confrontation with anyone on the show? Has she forgotten about Lindsay already?

Votes – Trish 4 (Kass, Pitbull, Woooooo!, Spencer), Kass 1 (Trish)

Next week – The finale of Season 28

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