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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 12 – The Razor Thin Margin Of Error

Treemail Top 10
1 – If looks could kill…the look Jefra gave these guys would have done the job.
2 – I liked how Trish used her buff as a sleep mask. Is there nothing a buff can’t be used for?
3 – I also love how Pitbull was dinged by Kass for a lie…but this time he wasn’t even lying. In one of the dumbest arguments ever, Kass thought Pitbull was calling her a lazy bitch when all he was doing was telling the boys cop stories. Strange, strange episode.
4 – Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see. Pitbull’s cop motto which might as well be printed on all of the buffs for Survivor.
5 – Is it me or was Pitbull eating a secret coconut? Was that left over from Tyson and Gervase last season?
6 – Trish again showing why she’s the secret star of the season – “Please, if you can, then let it go.”
7 – Reward Challenge – three on three – knock down a wall of blocks and then build it back up again. Meh. Woooooo!/Spencer/Kass beat Pitbull/Trish/Tasha. The winners get to deliver supplies to local kids and eat burgers and hot dogs. Trish wanted it so badly, but Spencer’s puzzle skills were just a bit better than Tasha’s.
8 – Spencer hates kids. Makes sense since he is basically one himself
9 – Did they arrive at the village in The Partridge Family bus?
10 – Woooooo! may have a place on the Globetrotters, or at least on their Amazing Race team. Or on Gilligan’s Island (that’s back to back 60s TV references)

Votes – Tasha 4 (Pitbull, Trish, Wooooo!, Kass), Pitbull 1 (Spencer), Trish 1 (Tasha)

Next week – Kass vs. Trish. Yawn.

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