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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 12 – The Razor Thin Margin Of Error

Sometimes I hate being correct.

Now, one thing to tell you. I had a crazy work week coupled with a trip to New York to spend time with some people very dear to me. Plus a Billy Joel concert. And a Broadway show – who could have predicted that a Bridges of Madison County Musical would be so amazing? So that’s why we have a super late post this week.

Sadly, the part where I am correct and a man with solid predictions is where it concerns Miss Tasha. I think she was a really good player who had her fate decided by the unfortunate choices of others, especially the poor decision several weeks ago by Kass. Tasha played this game hard and well and made the Final Six. She almost, by one digit, scored four consecutive immunity wins. But her screen time was not frequent enough for someone who got to the end. I just knew this week was going to be her end.

Dear Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst – please put this woman on a future season and let’s see how good of a player she really is.

Honestly, this was a really strange episode. There were unexpected and pretty pointless arguments between Kass and Pitbull. There were obviously “Never Gonna Happen” alliances with Wooooooo! and the Brains. And as the whole episode unfolded, the obvious outcome was the eventual outcome. It came down to Spencer going home if he lost immunity, and Tasha in his place if he did. We knew that going in and that’s what we got.

It made no sense for anyone to team up with those two at this stage of the game. Earlier, yes, but not now. The jury is populated with people who would vote for either one of them in, what I assume, will be a Final Two. There is no way any of the others want to be sitting next to those guys in the Finals. No friggin way. And now, the only way this happens is if Spencer does what Tasha was unable to do – win four consecutive immunity challenges.

The first one was a fun one – and shows just how narrow the margin of victory and defeat can be on this show. I have already been on record in saying that I love memory challenges, especially this late in the game. After no food and water for so long…these brains are fried. They ain’t got nothing left. And to make them run and have to count things…simple and brilliant.

And as I mentioned before, it came down to one number. All of the Survivors had trouble remembering everything and were collapsing from the exhaustion and frustration. Finally, Spencer managed to get it done and fell to the ground in one of his patented Spencer displays of emotion. I will definitely miss watching that after this season – it’s like peering inside the mind of a nine-year-old boy. I wonder if he’s thinking of toys, candy and nine-year-old girls. Boy, I hope he is not. I mean, there’s a cop right there!

And speaking of the cop. Sometimes I think Pitbull has just forgotten some of the lies he has told. I still don’t understand what he is playing at with the cop stories. Is he lying, is he not lying? Is he pretending to be a cop or a contractor? Is he going to shift gears and be a pirate next? Or a blacksmith? Or a private eye? Or maybe I was typing this while watching “Once Upon A Time.”

I keep getting distracted – blogging about TV while watching TV. It is interesting. May I add, I really want to see this new Godzilla movie. I am hoping Walter White is in this movie to use some ricin on the big guy.

Anyway, so this episode. Meh. I have nothing really left to say. I liked seeing Wooooooo! showing some personality. He is such a showman, especially with the children. He showed more personality in those five minutes on screen than he has in the entire season. The dude has been sort of a surfer stoner dude all season long – something which worked for Fabio back in the Season Which Must Not Be Named. However, it is almost impossible to play the game with the Fabio Plan. Right now, I can’t see how anyone sees Woooooo! as anything more than Pitbull’s lapdog.

Immunity not withstanding, if the folks on the season are paying attention, then Spencer is next, and then Trish. The other three need each other to win. Boy, can I can really see this season as shaping up to have one heck of a horrible, bitter jury coming up. No question about it.

So next week we cut to four, and I wonder if we see an attempt on Pitbull and the reveal of an idol. I doubt it because, it makes no sense whatsoever. But who knows. I think Pitbull is walking out of this game with two souveniers. I also wonder if we get a reaction from the contestants once they realize it is a Final Two. Or perhaps…some sort of twist this week as we have to have something happen with two eps left. Unless the finale is not the usual format.

Anyway, we will soon find out. I may not have loved this episode – but I am really digging this season.