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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 11 – The Opposite of Bland

That title has a double meaning. And it is sure sign of what you think of my writing – because if you like cheap jokes about contestants’ names…then you probably will track me down and ask me to autograph your laptop. Computer. Not your…oh ok, I’ll stop.

This season is the opposite of bland. It is exciting, spicy, unpredictable and full of insanity. In addition, the show is now the opposite of a show featuring Jefra Bland. It is now Jefra-free. And yes, Jefra’s actual last name is Bland. This is one woman who one day will not be hyphenating her married and maiden last names. I kind of want her to marry someone with a food-based last name so she can be Bland-Coffee, Bland-Burger, Bland-Stroganoff. But I doubt I can arrange that. My good friend Arnold Stroganoff just got engaged.

But yes, this is the week that Jefra’s improbable run to the Final Seven ended. Interestingly, her departure also marked the end of the Beauty tribe – four of which are have been eliminated in succession and sit on the jury. Remember when that tribe was unexpectedly impressive in challenges? And now they are all gone. That could be a very interesting voting bloc on the jury.

Speaking of the jury, with the announcement that the finale will take place on May 21 that means we have two weeks before the finale episode. I haven’t heard if May 14 will have an episode or not, but let’s just assume for a moment that it will feature an ep. There is no holiday to speak of, but I guess it is possible CBS has some sort of special to preempt it. But I haven’t heard of one.

So two episodes before the finale. If the last episode is true to form, we have two eliminations before the Final Tribal. This means, that barring an unexpected two-part episode, or a non-elimination Tribal, we have an elimination on May 7 and May 14, followed by two more on May 21. Doing my math…that gives us a Final Two this season. Very interesting. And it will really mess up some strategies. All of a sudden, Kass is a really good ally to have, as she is the one among the Final Six that I see as not getting any votes in a final vote. Wooooooo! is next, but he’s at least been very social.

Now, based on this week’s episode, I am wondering if we have a majority alliance anymore, or if we have three alliances of two – Pitbull/Woooooo!, Kass/Trish and Spencer/Tasha. Which two will join forces in this next installment? Will the first two pairs reform the majority alliance and take out the former leaders of the Brain-led majority? Will the ladies decide that Pitbull’s moves were too much and flip to ally with the Brains? Will the Brawn Boys take the next step from this week and go forward without their female counterparts? Personally, I think the majority reforms and takes out Tasha this week, with Spencer serving as the swing vote in the Final Five breaking of the majority.

Judging by the editing this season, Pitbull and Spencer will be playing huge roles in the end game. Despite being really good players, Tasha and Trish have not gotten hero, villain or fan fave types of edits. It makes me wonder if they will be the sixth and fifth place finishers as a result. Here is my prediction – Tasha loses immunity this week and gets taken out 4-2. Spencer wins the next immunity and Trish goes 3-2. Spencer wins another immunity and Kass goes 3-1. In the Final Immunity, Spencer makes three in a row and chooses to take Pitbull to the end over Woooooo! And to be honest, I am not sure how that vote goes – but I suspect Spencer would win it.

Now watch he gets voted out this week.