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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 10 – I Gotta Wash Up. I Gotta Wash Up

The Reward Challenge couldn’t have been set up better for the bottom dwellers. They were teamed up with Jefra and had the perfect opportunity to woo her. Not Woooooo! her. You know what I mean. And what a cool location for a BBQ lunch. I was surprised that there was no Super Idol clue hidden in anything, or at least nothing that was found. I thought it was hysterical when Probst said the Orange Team was “all over the place” in the boat challenge. My instant thought was – just like Pitbull and Kass in the overall game. Meanwhile, once again, Kass is beaten in a puzzle challenge. Tasha/Spencer continue to impress with the challenges.

Who knew that two “Brains” would be the biggest challenge monsters of the season. Later on at the Elimination Challenge, the two of them were the last two standing. Again. I liked the challenge – balance a ball on a handheld platform while standing on a balance beam. You start on the easy level on both the beam and handle and at intervals have to hold the handle lower and stand on a steeper and narrower spot. The wind added an interesting aspect to the challenge too. Jefra went out quickly, with Trish, Pitbull and Kass next. Jeremiah survived the first level, but was out at the second. Woooooo! got to the third and final level but failed, while Tasha outlasted Spencer for her second straight win.

Treemail Top 10
1 – Was I imagining things or did the score seem to have the word “reward” spoken before the Reward challenge? Or am I experiencing some sort of psychotic break?
2 – I loved Jefra getting whacked in the head with a paddle. Because I am that kind of TV viewer.
3 – Kass’ philosophy is to keep the annoying people and get rid of the threats. I wonder if she realizes that that’s exactly what others are doing with her. I also want to call her out on her line to Jefra about how getting rid of someone who is annoying to you is a mistake. Um…isn’t that the EXACT thing she did with Sarah?
4 – I praised Trish before, but I need to give her a hit on one thing. Why is she questioning the need to strategize after their weakest link was spending the afternoon with the enemy alliance? C’mon Trish, you’re better than that.
5 – Have we ever seen a person on TV make a big decision and instead of reaching for a drink, reach for a BBQ rib? That would have been a curious episode of “Dallas.”
6 – Woooooo! falling from the tree looking important during the previews, but just like Woooooo!, turned into a non-event. Even his reaction to falling out of a tree was boring – “ooooh, my butt.”
7 – Although, I will give him credit for a great out-of-context line – “I’d break my ass for papayas any day.”
8 – I wonder if the Jeremiah/Jefra shaking hands two-time betrayal comes into play later on. It seems to have gotten a lot attention already.
9 – Classic Probst Lines if interpreted by a 12-year-old boy – “Place your balls back on the platform,” and “You now have more pole to hold onto.” Snerk.
10 – Lastly, I want everyone to be just as happy and react in such fun ways as Pitbull does when he finds hidden idols. I was amused as he repeatedly had to tell himself, out loud, that he had to wash up after digging this idol out of the mud. I also wonder why there never any clues to the Super Idol, and why it seemed as if no one was searching for it.
EXTRA – I need to have more Survivors have a “bag of tricks” from this point on. This is such a great cast.

Votes – Jeremiah 5 (Pitbull, Kass, Trish, Jefra, Woooooo!), Wooooooo! 3 (Spencer, Tasha, Jeremiah). And I appreciate my name making an unexpected appearance at Tribal Council.

Next Week – Auction time! And Spencer tries to play on Pitbull’s paranoia. It is literally his last hope.

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