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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 10 – I Gotta Wash Up. I Gotta Wash Up

The hits just keep on coming this season, which I have now officially dubbed the craziest Survivor season of them all. Just think about this – which played out at the Tribal Council. Spencer played his idol as he gambled that the Majority Alliance would target him instead of Jeremiah. I totally get that – it was a 50/50 situation and in that case you protect yourself. He guessed wrong. Nothing he can do about that, he survives for three more days, but he has burned his idol. Normally that would burn you up if you were Spencer – if he guessed the other way, the votes on Jeremiah would not count and their three votes for Woooooooo! would have sent him home.

Meanwhile, Pitbull wasn’t sure who would get the three votes, so he slyly took out his recently found Super Idol – the Terry/Yul Classic Idol can be played after votes are read. Just in case. As the Woooooo! votes popped up, Pitbull knew he wouldn’t need it – he can’t hand it over to anyone – so he casually mentioned that he had a fake idol to throw off the opposition. So, if they all believe him, he can still secretly play the Super Idol without anyone suspecting he has it. I have said it before and will keep saying it – Pitbull is playing a great game. A hard played game. A crazy, great, hard played game. But it is working.

That said – if, well, seriously, when he is asked back, he will be an early boot. There is no way anyone who has watched him play this game will want to keep him around. But for this season – the one that matters – he is positioned extremely well to finish things. And win things. Spencer and Tasha have each played extremely well, and if they manage to salvage their game and get to the end they can win. However, it bodes really poorly for them right now.

So who can beat Pitbull? Can you see Woooooo!, Jefra or Kass earning any jury votes? Wooooo! and Jefra have played a very passive game. No chance. And Spencer, Tasha, Sarah, Morgan and Jeremiah are all no way votes for Kass who betrayed them. That leaves just one person.


And she may actually deserve it the most.

While Pitbull has made big moves – and noisy ones, at that – Trish has made subtle moves, often to clean up the mess after his big moves. In this episode, Jefra was ready to bail on the alliance after the LJ blindside. And to be honest, it would have been a bad move for her since she needed to bring someone with her. Otherwise, she votes with the minority and she forces a 4-4 tie. In that scenario, and assuming the Woooo!/Jeremiah votes remain the targets and Spencer wisely plays his idol, that means the other five have to draw rocks. That includes Jefra. Her flipped vote would have resulted in her having a 20% chance at elimination thanks to random luck. The interesting twist here is that I don’t think Pitbull’s Super Idol could have been used in a rock draw.

Sensing a chance in Jefra after her return from the Reward, Trish got to work. She got Jefra to open up about her feelings about the alliance and LJ. Trish played her perfectly. She reminded her that she and Kass were also surprised – thus placing blame squarely on Pitbull. She then publicly “called out” Pitbull in front of Jefra in an attempt to appease her. I am certain that Trish warned him ahead of time, and Pitbull played along perfectly.

Trish got Kass to flip. She got Lindsay to quit. She kept Jefra in the fold. She is not going to take the heat that Pitbull will get from the jury. She is a very real threat to win – and to some fans will be an Amber/Natalie type of winner. I disagree. I think she is played a very solid game and is not riding coattails. If anything, she is cleaning the coattails as they keep getting dirty.

I mocked Pitbull a little for the Spy Shack in camp. I like the idea, but having it in camp seemed a bit silly and obvious. However, constructing one by the Treemail location was brilliant. That’s where so many strategy sessions have taken place over the years and a perfect location to spy if you are able to. I wonder about the logistics of having the camera guy around there as well. It seems as if hiding would be difficult with the camera as a potential giveaway. That said, the concept was outstanding. And I expect others will try and replicate it in the future.