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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 9 – What The Heck Is Going On?

Meanwhile, while Pitbull has been entertaining and is one of my favorites on the season, Spencer and Tasha are easily the others. Both are true hard core fans of the game and are playing it just as hard as Pitbull, but in a much subtler manner. Both came off one of the worst tribes in show history and had a brief stint in power. Now both are in tight spots, but are still managing to hang in there. It is just as likely that they plow through the majority alliance now that Pitbull fractured it and form a brand new coalition.

Oooh – new crazy idea. With so much betrayals, how about this as a first. Alliances get blown up. Spencer and Tasha reach out to Jefra and Trish and say, hey, let’s do this. We form a new four person alliance and bring in Kass and take out the big strong dudes.

Anyway, Spencer played Pitbull very subtly. He saw that Pitbull’s ego was running away with him and he fed into it. It was a sign of respect to vote for him at Tribal. Ego stroking. The quote about how everyone is just pawns in the game for Pitbull. Ego. Excellent job in making that happen.

And Tasha also saw an opening – the one I mentioned last week – the two Beauties who would clearly be taken out at the Final Five. Gamble that they would be interested in a new Final Five with another Beauty and two Brains. Unfortunately for her, LJ was nestled rather nicely into his false shield of comfort to even remotely consider another idea.

I said it once, I’ll say it again – amazing casting this season. There are so many people that would be breakout stars on any other season.

I also want to chat a bit about the challenges. I love the return of Reward Challenges. Redemption Island has its charms, but seasons featuring that element really lack the fun of rewards. This one was another wacky mashup of several tasks where the luck of the draw placed three dudes on one side of a challenge that required some physical prowess. But still fun.

Meanwhile, the Elimination Challenge was a memory game. Specifically, it was Simon. Without the beeps. Amazingly, Trish and Wooooooo! were out at the second and third tiles, a performance which is actually worse than what pre-schoolers would have accomplished. Jefra, Kas, Spencer and Jeremiah all lost deep into the second series, at the same time. And LJ’s fate was sealed at the end of that sequence when he, Pitbull and Tasha each chose a different color, and despite his confidence, he was wrong, out, and eventually eliminated. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if LJ won that challenge. Would Pitbull have just gone after one of the three on the bottom? Would Spencer have played the idol? We will never know.

So, I can try to predict what will happen next week, but really, I have no clue at this point. For all I know, Boston Rob and Coach are going to show up and take over the tribe. It’s been fun so far, let’s see if the season winds down in such a way where Cagayan takes its place near the top of the best seasons.

Treemail Top 10
1 – So, they hid two idols? Because Spencer’s did not have the special powers. Was this a replanted idol after Pitbull and LJ played theirs? Interesting.
2 – Possibly the best moment of the episode – Pitbull casually knocking over all of the torches and then walking away. Symbolic much?
3 – That Boston Connection between Trish and LJ came back as we saw that they have grown tight. I wonder what happens with her and Pitbull now. Could the Sam Malone/Ben Affleck/David Ortiz/Tom Brady factor come into play?
4 – Pitbull looks at LJ and sees himself. That’s one wacky mirror he’s got.
5 – Jefra thinks the “funk has started to set in.” And now I really, really want to see them singing some George Clinton tunes.
6 – Reward Challenge – Rope toss, sandbags, tunnel toss, trampoline bounce. Jefra/Trish/LJ vs. Tasha/Kass/WoooooO! vs. Pitbull/Spencer/Jeremiah. It was never close.
7 – Spencer knows he’s been down and got back up again. And other Chumbawumba lyrics.
8 – I must say this – she was on the Brains tribe, but Tasha may be the hottest CPA in the nation. And I mean no offense to other CPAs, but come on.
9 – Pitbull mentioned before tribal about how there will be hard feelings. I wonder if he was counting votes here for the end. He should have been. And it was what made me think he’d stick with the alliance. But, as we know, not what went down.
10 – Did Probst really ask LJ what loyalty meant in his line of work? Horse training! And, Pitbull, why are you still lying about your job when half the room already knows you’re a cop? That may be the strangest lie this show has ever seen.

Votes – LJ 5 (Spencer, Tasha, Jeremiah, Pitbull, Wooooooo!), Jeremiah 3 (Trish, Jefra, Kass), Spencer 1 (LJ)

Next week – Woooooo! Whoooooaaaa!

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