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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 9 – What The Heck Is Going On?

Wait…what just happened?

I have to say, this season has claimed the title of Craziest Survivor Season Ever. And really, it’s not even all that close. Some past seasons have been a bit wacky – borderline crazy. Cook Islands, Amazon, Heroes vs. Villains, etc. They have all had strange things going on, odd decisions, and huge power shifts. This season has it all and then some. One thing it has that other seasons lack…giant moves that make no sense to the viewer.

First Kass blew up her majority alliance, even though she was in the majority of the majority. And now, Pitbull has done the same thing. And I have no idea what the majority of the Final 9 is at this point. They might as well just randomly vote from now on – or break out the Season 1 Sean Alphabet system.

I will admit though…it’s been fun to watch.

Pitbull was front and center this week and he is acting like a man who hasn’t slept much or eaten much in three weeks. Paranoia is starting to get to the man. I am really unsure how to properly describe what went down because it really made no sense. If I followed correctly, Pitbull’s team was up 6-3 in numbers after taking down Morganna at Tribal. He seemed afraid of the fact that the minority alliance voted for him, despite the fact that he had six votes to drown that out. He went from this into a new plan to take down LJ.

I don’t get it. I mean, I understand wanting to eliminate a threat. Pitbull HAD to get LJ at some point soon. But was it wise to do it now? He had other threats to worry about first – Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah. The path ahead for him was clear – Pagong the three of them. Then take your strong trio (Trish, Wooooooo!) and rope in Kass. Boom – take out LJ and Jefra (Kass too if there is immunity madness), and run to the finish with Trish and Wooooooo! And a strong likelihood of a win.

Instead, he has damage control to take care of, as Trish, Kass and Jefra were clearly not in the loop with this move. Pitbull is walking a very dangerous line at this stage of the game – can you envision those three ladies teaming up, and linking up with Jeremiah and The Brains, to take out Pitbull and Wooooooo!, two very serious physical threats? I sure can. And in fact, if they don’t, then shame on them.

Pitbull is on a Hantzian path right now – a rather charismatic scorched earth ride through a season of Survivor. To his credit, he is much less evil than Russell, but he is a whole lot more erratic. The amazing thing is that everything he has been doing has worked! I mean, the plan to take out LJ is to suggest a WooVote because he may have an idol. Have LJ agree with him, really in a humoring sort of way. Then tell Wooooooo! that LJ is after him. And then take join the two with the bottom three and oust your ally. How did that work?

Kass and Pitbull have forgotten about these names – Natalie, Amber, Fabio, Sandra. While all played well, all of them won their seasons because they played it nice alongside other players who played it hard and hurt feelings. It is an art to play this hard and win. Often times, the person playing that hard and moving the pieces on the chess board without remembering that this is not chess, or Monopoly, or any other game. This is Survivor. With real tired and hungry humans with real feelings to hurt. And those people will decide to either give you the money, or to the person sitting next to you who didn’t piss them off.

The funny thing for Pitbull….he can still win this whole thing. If he mends things with his now 5-3 majority, he can run to the end with Woooooo! and Jefra and very likely take every jury vote. That can easily happen.