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Survivor: Cagayan – Ep 6 – Quitters Never Win…Obviously

I know you’ve heard this song and dance before – but really, I mean it this time. I am mostly caught up on a lot of the backlog I have been working through at home and at work and am crossing my fingers that I will reset my schedule and routine to enable a more timely post to you folks. Especially next week when the merge comes and the game begins to take shape for the later episodes.

This week we had two Survivors depart for the price of one – and they couldn’t have been framed as more diametrically opposite as possible. We had a quit and a vote out. Normally, when there’s a quit – Probst has no use for them. Remember the double-quit from NaOnka and Purple Kelly? Probst was livid. Remember Osten? That torch may still be laying in the Pearl Islands because Probst wants to prove a point. And Colton got verbally abused by the host last season for what was likely his second quit.

So why did Lindsay get off so easily? Probst essentially praised her for choosing to quit rather than risk doing something she would regret with Trish. This all stemmed from the pitch black/night vision argument between the two women following the Cliff blindside. After their verbal venom exchange, Lindsay felt like she would potentially do harm to Trish. So instead of having her daughter see that immortalized on television – she quit.

I guess when described that way it seems noble. However, it seems she doesn’t mind that her daughter witnessed her insulting Trish’s appearance, mannerisms and age on television. Mocking is fine for parental guidance, I guess. It’s ok to have her daughter learn that giving up rather than controlling your own outburst and emotions is preferable. I get that walking away is a good way to avert a situation – but not getting fired up to the point where you feel you may get physical is a bigger lesson to learn.

Perhaps if Lindsay didn’t time this noble gesture for the moment where her game got blown up. She was fine sitting back and mocking Trish from a position of power – but in the face of some gloating she fell completely apart. Perhaps a lesson she could have taught was that in the face of adversity, you find inner strength and power through and do your best. And who knows – maybe a merge is about to come and the game is going to be blown up all over again. Oh well.

Meanwhile, Alexis played hard and felt as if she was in a good spot, but the tribe elected to trust Jeremiah and Sarah over her and sent her packing in tears. She really wanted to stay – and part of me wished the show had a provision where in the event someone quits AND they keep a scheduled elimination in place that the person is given the choice if they want to join the other tribe. Not sure how feasible that is – but at least it would offset losing someone who truly, truly wants to be there.

And as for her ouster – I think the Brains made a big mistake here. They were fearful of her allegiance to LJ and Jefra – and they are likely correct that this would be a big concern. However, that’s only three people. And why would Alexis join up with them as the bottom rung of a Beauty/Brawn alliance? The Brains are also putting an awful lot of trust into Sarah who DOES have strong allegiance to the three Brawns on the other side. She can flip and be in the majority of the majority. Alexis couldn’t unless she took Jeremiah – who she was flipping on – or Morganna, who she was not aligned with. The Brains have taken a bit risk in believing Sarah is with them.

The only way Sarah doesn’t flip – in my opinion – is if she has been given a solid Final Four alliance with the Brains. And even then, I think she’s still about 50-50 with her chances. I will also add that Sarah is now in a horrible position – she will piss off the Brains if she flips and likely lose their votes. She will piss off her old alliance if she stays and likely lose their votes. She is the swing vote and there is really few worse positions to be in on Survivor.

A little bit about Pitbull and then we can wrap up. He is really playing hard. But oftentimes with someone playing very hard, he makes one move too many. I didn’t think it would work, but his gambit with Jeremiah worked almost perfectly. After winning the reward, he and Woooooooo! got a chance to raid the other camp (I loved the return of the raiding). They also got a clue to the idol. They chose to pretend that they were told to give it to a member of the other tribe. They targeted Jeremiah as someone strong and hoped the other tribe would go after him because of the clue and because of friendliness from the other side. He even thought to have Jeremiah read it in private and to get it back from him afterwards. Nice creative move. Jeremiah knew it was a clue to the idol from the old Beauty camp – so he wasn’t tricked. But the rest of the tribe seemed to buy it hook, line and sinker – even if their fishing gear was just raided.

Nice move – but then Pitbull gave it right back in his giddiness by telling his whole tribe that he was going to be totally honest with them…and revealed he was a cop. LJ said it best – “To solidify his trustworthiness, Tony admitted that he lied….Different.” HA! LJ just jumped about 20 points in my imaginary scorecard.

I think Pitbull is going too hard – and has some math issues (five is not more than half of 11). Unless he is counting Sarah as in the fold, but then why chant “Final Five!?” I wonder if that will be a major unforced error if it prevents Sarah from flipping back to his side. We will find out very, very soon.

Treemail Top 10
1 – Lindsay didn’t want to “stick around Trish’s mouth.” She could have just stayed arms length away. Unless she was looking for a smooch.
2 – Spencer after learning of the Cliff/Lindsay twofer – “Two people are out of the game…and I didn’t have to do anything.” Yup. Sure helps.
3 – Reward Challenge – I like this one. Survivors go one-on-one holding a small platform with an idol balanced on it. They must knock the other person’s idol to the ground to win. First tribe to four wins. The right play is sort of what Spencer did – toss you own up in the air and lunge at the other. However, I think Spencer did it by accident and didn’t realize it, because he didn’t do it the second time. The Spencer/Woo battles were the best ones as they eyed each other over and over. The funniest one was Jefra just dropping hers as Sarah approached her.
4 – Look in the eyes, Pitbull. If you look to close at Morganna’s…assets…you will become hypnotized.
5 – The Shame on You Lindsay message in the sand would have been so much more clever if they spelled her name correctly.
6 – Did Trish admit that she is really a man….baby.
7 – Alexis on Jeremiah – “He’s so dumb, he wouldn’t know how to lie.” Next up – your mamma jokes.
8 – Why was Spencer doing a confessional from between three trees? Was he, er, relieving himself?
9 – Elimination Challenge – The editing of the show was so heavy handed this week that you knew Aparri was going to lose. This was a mixed bag of about 15 challenges in one. All you need to know is you had to do an obstacle course and end with a puzzle. Sarah and Spencer struggled on the second number in the puzzle and allowed LJ and Woo, with some Pitbull verbal clues, to come from behind and win. Another Brain loss on the puzzles.
10 – Tribal – meh – not all that interesting other than Alexis’ tears. Kass’ quote about how the Brains needed a body to rule the game was kind of cool. She claims to have found their zombies. And the Survivor/Walking Dead crossover begins.

Votes – Alexis 6 (Spencer, Tasha, Kass, Jeremiah, Sarah, Morganna), Jeremiah 1 (Alexis)

Next episode – We merge. And Sarah is, of course, in the middle.

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