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The Amazing Race, Mar. 23 – Risky Choices

This is what makes The Amazing Race such a joy to watch. There are so many things possible to eliminate you. One tiny slip-up, and you’re done. This week, however, it wasn’t a slip-up so much as chance and risks.

Margie and Luke and Brendan and Rachel, after the difficult time they had on the Detour last week, were at the back of the pack. They missed out on getting tickets on the non-stop flight to Sri Lanka. There was a flight with a connection, but only a thirty-minute layover, and little chance of making it. Or they could try to get on the flight via standby.

Brenchel pleaded with the ticketing agents to allow them on the flight with the connection, while mother and son chose to try standby. That was there undoing as they couldn’t get on the flight, and the flight with the connection had already left, meaning they were stuck taking a flight several hours later. It worked out better for Brenchel, as they ran to catch their flight and just made it after hearing the Final Boarding announcement.

Not that Margie and Luke chose wrong. Both of the options carried risks, and it just happened that the one they chose was the one that didn’t work. During a difficult Roadblock, it almost seemed like they might catch up, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Flight Time and Big Easy, aka the Harlem Globetrotters, had a challenge custom-made for them. They lucked out having a challenge that involved spinning an instrument on top of a stick as they danced. It was similar to the tricks they do when playing basketball. Flight Time then entertained the seamstresses during the Roadblock with a basketball he pulled out of nowhere.

Jet and Cord took lost their lead on this leg, mostly because of their fishing skills. And their lack of seamstress skills did nothing to help them out.

Brendon and Rachel’s flight actually ended up landing before the non-stop flight carrying the others, but they lost the lead while waiting for the Temple to open up. They also had a speed bump to perform yet still came in second to last.

Caroline and Jennifer are trying hard to pair up with the Cowboys. While the guys had given them their Express Pass a few weeks ago, now they have found a reason to glom onto them as Caroline excitedly said, “We like to be near the Cowboys because they’re magical,” then reminded them of her stalker/fan status.

Dave and Connor continue to do extremely well. They were the first ones done with the Detour, then Connor did well with the Roadblock. Of course he was helped out by the fact that he’d taken a sewing class in junior high. He also teamed up with Jennifer as sticking close to the Cowboys was apparently forgotten.

Jessica and John struggled in the Detour. They were having such a hard time catching fish that they switched Detours and got the spinning and dancing done fairly quickly, although they’re still at the back of the pack with only Brenchel and the Globetrotters behind them.

Leo and Jamal stayed the same. The Afghanimals were relatively quiet on this leg of the Race. It’s odd for them. They fell out of third place into fourth.

The racers were sent to Sri Lanka via three separate flights. Once there they had to enter a temple for some meditation. When they were finished they were sent to the Detour. They had a choice of sitting on top of stilts in the water and fishing or doing a choreographed dance while spinning circular instruments on top of sticks. Both of them carried a degree of difficulty.

Brendon and Rachel had to complete a Speed Bump after this before continuing on to the Roadblock. They were required to screenprint a number of t-shirts to perfection. They weren’t allowed to be sloppy at all. Rachel had a slight advantage with this as she had experience with screenprinting.

The Roadblock was a sewing challenge. One member of each team had to sew together a button-down shirt with a sewing machine. When it was approved, they would then get their next clue imprinted on the shirt. Rachel insisted that Brendon do it, while the other females in mixed teams did the challenge. Big Easy regretted saying he would do it, but he’s been having problems with his height on some challenges, so it was good for him to do this one where his height wouldn’t cause a problem.

We didn’t even get to see Margie and Luke compete in the Detour and Roadblock. For a few seconds it almost seemed like they might catch up, but that wasn’t to be. We did get to see their elimination. They had the right attitude here, thankful for being able to participate in The Amazing Race three times.