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American Idol, Mar. 19 – Top Ten Hits


I always hate this theme on American Idol. To do top ten hits over the past few years … well that’s what they’ve been doing so far in the competition. We need something else, something different. We need to see what happens when these artists step outside of their comfort zone. Motown, Big Band, 70s, etc. Sure, they had movie hits, but some of them still picked more recent tunes. Until then, here’s how the idols did with this week’s theme.

Dexter RobertsCruise He continues to pick the perfect songs for himself. However, he didn’t connect with the audience enough. He may have strutted out there and stuck his hand out to the crowd, but he should be able to connect without even having to do that.

Malaya WatsonWhen I Was Your Man She did really well on this. I think it was an interesting decision to not try and change up the lyrics to make it “woman” instead of “man.” I just wish we would have heard why, if it was too hard to remember, if it was to match what she was used to singing in the car, whatever.

C.J. HarrisInvisibile He always sounds great when he’s dialed down and always seems to pack the emotion into his songs. Thats how we get that singing from the side of his mouth thing. He did it all tonight.

MK NobilettePerfect MK’s heart is in the right place, and I really love her for that. She had mentioned she was doing this song to help people. But the performance just didn’t do it for me this week, and I love Pink. MK seemed to be off the entire time.

Majesty RoseWake Me Up She does great with the folk-sounding songs. it seemed she was running out of breath at the end of some of her phrasing though. I hope it’s enough to keep her out of the bottom three this week. But as the judges pointed out, she seemed to be fearing a reappearance while performing

Jena IreneClarity She did well, but definitely didn’t make me forget the original. And the forced bit with the glow sticks was just too much. So were the pink socks. If it wasn’t a song I’d heard a thousand times and I had nothing to compare it to, I probably would have liked it more.

Alex PrestonStory of My Life I’ll admit, I’m not too familiar with One Direction songs. I don’t recall hearing this before. Of course maybe Alex just made it so much his that it’s not reminiscent of the original. Regardless, I think Alex did really well on it. I’m betting I would like this version more than One Direction’s.

Jessica MeusePumped Up Kicks I like this song a lot. I never paid enough attention to the lyrics to find out how dark it was. She said she changed some words to make it less so, but my research says she didn’t. Regardless, she did well with it, except like harry Connick Jr. pointed out, she wasn’t emoting too much with lyrics that clearly required it.

Sam WoolfWe Are Young He succeeded in putting his own take on this song. I wasn’t even sure what song it was at first. The chorus is a dead giveaway though. As he fits more and more into that Kris Allen type of mold, I’m liking him more and more. It’s also the first song tonight that makes me want to download it from iTunes.

Caleb JohnsonEdge of Glory He did well taking this pop song and turning it into a rock tune. He did what he was supposed to and made us forget it was a Gaga tune. Although after last week, I’m yearning to hear that side of him again.

This is a pivotal week. The judges have been saying the same thing each week to bring more of a performance, stay in tune, own the stage, etc. If the idols are still not doing it, will they in the eventual weeks?