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The Amazing Race, Mar. 9 – Mixing It Up

These are the challenges I like to see – not necessarily physically demanding, but difficult to accomplish so that it has an impact on the game. Neither the Roadblock or the Detour was a slam dunk for anyone. It made the hours much more exciting.

Also leading to some excitement were the flights to Kuala Lumpur. There were only three. The first flight could carry three teams and the second only two, placing the remaining three teams on the next flight. However, the second flight carrying the Globetrotters and Luke and Margie was delayed. It arrived just about the same time as the third flight.

The Brenchel haters almost got what they were waiting for as the reality show veterans came in last place, but the luck of the Irish was wish them so close to St. Patrick’s Day. It was a non-elimination leg of the Race. They will have a speed bump to contend with on the next leg.

Flight Time and Big Easy, aka the Harlem Globetrotters, continue to stay middle of the road. Big Easy finally did a Roadblock. Since it was jumping up to grab a flag, this was something his size was finally meant for.

Jet and Cord took over the lead for the second time in the Race. This is despite struggling a little in the Detour and the Roadblock. Certainly height played a difference for Cord on the Roadblock. Nonetheless, the Cowboys always find a way to stay near or at the top.

Brendon and Rachel should be thanking their lucky stars for the non-elimination leg. Despite being known as a whiner and a cryer, it was Rachel who insisted they not quit the Detour. She insisted they stick with it until they got it, even though they were far behind and in last place. Oddly though, we found out she wears pantyhose under her racing clothes. I’m not sure why. He coined the phrase smarter not harder on this leg.

Caroline and Jennifer did well on this leg, not depending on anyone to help them out. They did well on the Detour as well as the Roadblock and went from sixth place to fourth place.

Dave and Connor struggled a bit on the Detour, yet still came in second place. They went from first place to second.

Margie and Luke – Luke had a near breakdown during the Detour. Who calmed him down? It wasn’t Margie, but Rachel. She and Brendon left their own struggles at the Detour to come over and encourage Luke. Margie and Luke also talked about when he came out to her. She had already guessed it.

Jessica and John continue to do nothing special. They did well on the Detour, though. However, they’re only in fifth place.

Leo and Jamal stayed the same. They are racing well, but they can’t seem to displace the Cowboys or Dave and Connor to take first place.

The racers were met with a Roadblock right out of the gate. One person from each team had to jump on a bamboo trampoline being held by several locals. The goal was to grab a flag they would hand in for the clue. Cord, not the tallest of guys, struggled a little, but eventually got it. He tried forty-seven times before he got it.

The clue received after the Roadblock sent the teams to the airport to fly to Kuala Lumpur. Here they found a Detour that provided two tough choices. Either pour drinks or scratch a record mimicking what they hear to the beat. Most teams that tried the scratching did okay, but the Globetrotters had to try three times before they got it.

It was the pouring of drinks that stymied the racers, even the bartender and waitress in the bunch. Martini glasses were arranged in a two-level pyramid. Tumblers were then stacked and yellow and red liquid poured in them alternating between the colors. Picking up that whole stack, teams had to the pour this into the glasses without mixing the colors. Everyone who tried it struggled, mostly Margie and Luke and Brenchel.

What did you think of the episode? Were you happy or unhappy to see the non-elimination with Brendon and Rachel standing there? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments below.