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The Amazing Race, Mar. 9 – Raft-Building 101

After the heartbreak of last week’s episode, it was good to see them get back to business again this week. Sure, no one wanted to say goodbye to Joey and Meghan, but their elimination just wasn’t nearly as heartbreaking as Mark and Mallory’s. Yet they still had a big looming mistake hovering over them at elimination.

Joey and Meghan started in the back of the pack and never moved from that spot. This was aided somewhat by the flights. There were two flights to carry the teams to Malaysia, and they were three hours apart. Only the first six teams got the earlier flight, leaving the remaining three for the later flight.

As Rachel rightfully predicted, this meant they weren’t racing for first place, but were racing to not be eliminated. Along with Joey and Meghan and Brendon and Rachel, John and Jessica were also in the back of the pack. Three hours is just too much time to overcome. Making it worse, Joey and Meghan didn’t ask a cab driver to wait for them after the Roadblock and had to walk quite a distance, putting them assuredly in the back of the pack, right where they started, and right where they ended.

Luke and Margie had some difficulty, but still did well. As she pointed out on the raft challenge, they were at a disadvantage. They converse with each other with their hands. So when she’s steering the raft in the front, and he’s in the back, they had no way of communicating with each other. Not surprisingly, after three seasons of TAR, Luke calls this Detour the most difficult that he and his mother have faced.

Flight Time and Big Easy, aka the Harlem Globetrotters, are doing well too. Fight Time did yet another Roadblock, knowing it was easier because of his size. He’s done all three so far. Big Easy needs to get in there and do some.

Jet and Cord are up near the lead again. While they came in sixth last week, this week they’re in second place after coming in first the first week. They still have their Express Pass and are glad the second one has been taken out of play after they gave it to the Country Singers who used it right away last week.

Brendon and Rachel had a big FAIL on this leg. They started out in first place, but will start the next leg in last place. Their cab hit some bad traffic on the way to the airport, and they got there in seventh place, just a few minutes too late to catch the earlier flight. They also struggled in the raft challenge. Their raft got stuck and so did Rachel.

Caroline and Jennifer came in sixth place after starting out in third. They were in ninth place the first week. Jennifer hit the bird right away on the Detour. It almost seemed like it wasn’t her first time with a large pea-shooter.

Dave and Connor came in first on this leg, despite making a big mistake. They overshot their destination on their raft. Rather than try to raft back there, they reached their destination on foot, losing valuable time, yet still came in first. This shows what they can do when he has two good ankles.

Jessica and John continue to do nothing special. On the first two legs they came in eighth, and on this one they came in seventh. They’re just barely squeaking by and don’t have the benefit of an Express Pass to not use.

Leo and Jamal must have gotten a lot of flak after their first season on the Race. They have decided to help people this time instead of lying to them. Gee, what a concept. Jet and Cord asked where they were to make the delivery and the Afghanimals gave them the correct answer.

After flying to Malaysia, the teams were presented with a Roadblock. One person from each team had to rappel down a waterfall and grab a club halfway down. No one had any big problems, although Cord missed the clue originally. This Roadblock didn’t alter the lineup much at all.

The next clue sent them to a raging river for a Detour. Teams had to build their own raft of long bamboo polls, make their way down the river that at some times was raging, then go to their chosen Detour, either the delivery of food or shooting fake birds out of trees with a huge pea shooter. Again, this didn’t do much to change the lineup, although some teams definitely struggled in the river. Many rafts came apart because of badly tied knots.

Joey and Meghan, already at the back of the pack, just didn’t have a chance after the mistake of not having the cab stick around and wait for them. No one else made a big enough mistake to allow the You-Tubers to catch up. John and Jessica might not be too far behind them.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think it was smart of the Afghanimals to help the Cowboys? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments below.