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Survivor Cagayan – Ep 3 – Cops R’ Us Is The Talk Of The Town

Also came to play? Pitbull. In fact, he may be my early favorite this season. He is working his way into being a Survivor Super Villain, but at least he is doing it with some real Survivor skills. He not only found the idol, but he’s searching every reward package for the ensuing clues and whatever other surprises may exist. He gets that Survivor ain’t real life and that lies are encouraged. Not only is he cool with lying – he’s good at it.

He finally chose to go back on the ridiculous lie he told to Sarah The Other Cop and admitted that he was in fact on the force. Now they are aligned in the Cops R Us Alliance. The Specialist just started paying a lot closer attention to this season. And are we now going to get a new “R Us” from this point going forward each season? That will get very tiresome. In this one, I am not sure how effective it will be since the name itself limits the membership screening process. At least the Stealths had more of an liberal definition.

Meanwhile, the founding members of the Cops R Us Alliance clearly have different takes on things. Pitbull is using Sarah to further his game and turn the tribe dynamic around. He has Trish but knows that CliffWoo is basically in charge. He needs Sarah to work with him and potentially get the hairdresser and her vanished toenail to join them. He creates a detailed and elaborate lie about how Sarah is being targeted. It was rather impressive in how naturally he delivered it and how detailed, but simple it was. Kudos to him – now let’s see if it works.

Treemail Top 10

1 – Brice clearly isn’t familiar with his Ashton Kutcher filmography as he thinks the Butterfly Effect is the cocoon metamorphosis process. He needs to brush up on his science fiction theories.

2 – Spencer summed up the second episode rather well – “Garrett was bad enough at this game for the girls to choose the person who left us with no food.” Yep. That’s about that. It was the impromptu camp counsel that did in the Genius, as Tasha confirms that’s when she decided to get the ladies together and take him out.

3 – I’m glad Sarah has copdar, but I am worried that this skill is taking the place of the more important cop skill of knowing when someone is lying to you. She does “know” that Pitbull gave the most sincere handshake she’s ever experienced. She also seems to have read Jeff Kent’s Handshake Nuance Handbook.

4 – Pitbull all but told her he was lying to her – “I trust nobody…and neither should you.”

5 – Jefra’s last name is actually “Bland.” Really, that’s her name. I wish all Survivors had last names that adequately described their screen presence. Russell D-Bag. Amanda Buttblur. Yau-Man Endearing. Richard Naked. Parvati Shallow. Wait.

6 – I want Survivor to make them have to do a meditation challenge. Which one of these idiots can sit still and concentrate the longest. That would be compelling TV.

7 – They should just have a staff member follow Morganna around and douse her with water for the duration of her stay on the island. Ratings gold.

8 – Anyone else rewind and replay Sarah The Cop breaking the hammock? Just me? You’re too nice.

9 – I am worried about those baby birds – I think that lizard is getting way too close.

10 – What has no one talked strategics with Brice? Oh, because nobody has discussed blargness or floopity flurg with him either, because none of those things are actual English words.

Vote 1 – Brice 2 (LJ, Jeremiah), Morganna 2 (Alexis, Jefra), Alexis 2 (Morganna, Brice)

Vote 2 – Brice 3 (LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra), Morganna and Alexis 0

Next week – Is there a Brawn blindside coming? And we have some blindfolded challenge injuries and laughs coming our way.

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